4 days ago

Cross-posting (I guess, cross-platforming?) this from one of the hellsites.

"Are you exhibiting at PAX Aus? Want to connect with our team for interviews or chats? We want to know!

Hit us up on


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1 week ago

Cole Wehrle should make a #boardgame about the politics of cottage cheese in curries called #Pax Paneer

Dave Dawkins
2 weeks ago

All cut out, tested and ready to go to PAX! A couple for the Collaboratory, and a couple more for testing over the course of the weekend.

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Some plastic boxes and file folders, A4 in size. They are transparent so you can see the colourful bits of some board games inside.
2 weeks ago

Video of “Games You Can’t Play” from #PAX West is on youtube! Full video plus slides!

Wing / Sevenish Magpies
3 weeks ago

I went to PAX for about 4.5 hours (picked up badge and arrived around 1:00, left around 5:45) and it was the right amount of PAX! Mostly I went to shop both for myself and for Outsider Comics but also I got to see a bunch of things so here's a thread! #PAX

(Apologies in advance that not every image will have alt text.)

3 weeks ago

So apparently the Tabletop area at #PaxWest is kind of hidden, making it hard for casual con-goers to discover. 😭
But today is the last day to peruse the tabletop games and find your new favorite game, that even grandma and your little nephew can enjoy!

Seek out the treasures hidden in Summit Hall, across from the Paramount Theater, where you can find the Tabletop Co-op at Booth 89, and get your grubby hands on your very own copy of FlapJack Flipout!

#Tabletop #pax #IndieGame #TabletopGames

Game cover w/pancakes, menu, & skillet
Tim Ellis 🦝
3 weeks ago

Finally got my @playdate. It's a little bigger than I expected though! 😏 #PAX #PAXWest #playdate

Photo of a man using a giant playdate game console (it's really just a TV inside a mock playdate). The console has a crank on the side.

Yes ! Ma mère nous a avancé l’argent pour le dressing, on avait encore les fringues en vrac dans des cartons ! 🎉

Le weekend prochain je me farcis le montage (:blob_lurk:) vu que TaskRabbit m’annonçait environ 270€ d’après leur outil d’estimation (et “seulement” 160 d’après le devis reçu post-commande Ikea mais qui ne liste qu’une infime partie des équipements concernés donc j’ai un doute)

J’espère que je vais pas regretter. Si vous avez déjà monté du PAX et que vous assez des astuces pour que ça se passe bien je suis preneur :D

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Tim Ellis 🦝
3 weeks ago

Some liminal spaces at the new Seattle Convention Center "Summit" building. #liminalspaces #Seattle #PAX #PAXWest

A large empty stairwell inside a convention center.
A large, featureless hallway, devoid of any people. Concrete floor. White wall on the left, concrete wall on the right.
A set of three escalators in a large convention center, without any people. To the right are large floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on the city at night.
3 weeks ago

It was the recipient of the Major Fun Award (which is kind of a Big Deal) and featured in…Popular Mechanics??!! (I don’t know; I wasn’t really paying attention on that one.)

I have it on good authority that there are limited copies available, so get it before it’s sold out!

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3 weeks ago

So #PaxWest is nearly halfway over. Have you had a chance to visit the Tabletop games in Summit Hall, across from the Paramount Theater?
It’s where my favorite game, FlapJack Flipout is available to play and buy, in the Tabletop Co-op Booth 89.

You’re a short order cook vying for a job at the local diner. Best your opponents with your superior pancake-flipping skills and ability to keep all your orders straight. It’s fast-paced & perfect for parties.

#TabletopGames #Tabletop #PAX #PartyGames

Art design showing pancakes, skillet & menu
3 weeks ago

If anyone is at #PAX /knows someone who is, @nikatine is running one-shot games in her new system, Issliss! Hit her up to play!

#PAX a chu.

Giant inflatable Pikachu!
Alphastream :verified:
4 weeks ago

Non-stop day organizing #DnD at #PAX! Tons of fun from learn-to-play to level 16 play!

Banners announcing DnD outside the room
“Baldman D&D, Cast Magic Missile at the Darkness”
4 weeks ago

@LoadingReadyRun If you're at #PAXWest this weekend, LoadingReadyRun has a bunch of this new hoodie design on hand, in a huge range of sizes, and they will happily engage in commerce to get one into your hands.

If you're ordering online, and your size is sold out, leave your email for a restock alert. After #PAX, the unsold merch will get shipped back to the warehouse, and within a couple weeks, it should be added back into stock for the webstore.

If you care about making #TTRPG gathering spaces safer for ALL gamers, please sign this petition asking #PAX to bring back mask and vax requirements for #PAXUnplugged. The decision is not yet made, so now is the best time to make our voices heard.

David Chartier
6 months ago

Got a question about #PAX on my gaming account. If anyone has insight, can you reply over there?

Daniel Solis
10 months ago

Four #Marvel games I've been working on as art director/graphic designer will be appearing at #PAXUnplugged this weekend. I'm really proud of how different we were able to make each of them look, even with the same IP across them all.

While you're at the WizKids booth, give Marvel: Remix a try and receive a Squirrel Girl card when you purchase the game!

Hope you enjoy all these games!

#pax #BoardGame #tabletop #CardGame

Squirrel Girl promo card for Marvel Remix
PAX Unplugged: Dec 2-4 | Philadelphia, PA

Try and buy Marvel Remix or Marvel Rock Paper Heroes

Try Marvel Age of Heroes and Marvel Damage Control