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4 hours ago

#followerpower #ulm Wer kennt einen Arzt möglichst in oder in der Nähe von Ulm, der willens (vor allem willens!) und in der Lage ist, #Paxlovid zu verschreiben? Zeitfenster schließt sich gerade. Geht um einen nahen Angehörigen von mir mit diversen Vorerkrankungen.

Sebastian Müller
7 hours ago

Letzte Portion genommen.
Hatte Eindruck es hilft.

Bitte lasst euch impfen:
Dr. Thoden: / 07 61 - 59 41 41 24

#Paxlovid #corona #coronaIstNichtVorbei

Violet Blue
1 day ago

New: Paxlovid effectiveness now 37% (began at 88%), Molnupiravir is creating mutations, data showing covid leads to Parkinson’s disease, BA.2.86 Pirola picks up a “class 1” escape mutation, Huge breakthrough to distinguish people with vs. without long covid, “Horrific” covid situation in Beijing, and many more important items.


#Covid #Covidisntover #MaskUp #LongCovid #Paxlovid #Novavax #Community #Beijing #Spain #Italy #Hawaii #Pfizer #Equity

Illustration of holding hands, just the hands in a close shot, the people holding hands are Black. Caption reads: Vaccines for All: No one is safe until we are all safe
Dr. Clare
2 days ago


Does she have a doctor who will order #paxlovid for her?

Eric Scott
4 days ago

While I am very grateful for being prescribed #paxlovid, I am NOT loving this bitter taste in my mouth it's causing. Gum seems to help, but any other suggestions are welcome!

#CovidIsNotOver #COVID

Chris Stevenson
4 days ago

Paxlovid is really really bitter. It tastes terrible. But it struck me that bitter ingredients like Amaro are a staple of many cocktails, like the Negroni. So I figured, what if I make a non-alcoholic cocktail but leave out the Amaro, and have it with the Paxlovid?

I give you the Paxloni- Paxlovid,1oz Ritual NA Rum, 1oz pathfinder Hemp and Root, stirred. And IT WORKS! #NACocktails #Covid #Paxlovid

Technically a Negroni is Gin but I don’t have any NA gin handy. That’ll be tonight’s experiment

A cocktail next to a small bowl containing the three pills constituting  a dose of Paxlovid
A bottle of non alcoholic rum, a bottle of pathfinder Hemp and Root, a herbal non alcoholic liqueur, and a blister pack of Paxlovid antiviral medicine
Muro deGrizeco :toad:
4 days ago


Paxlovid is on an EAU for age 12+, per what my spouse recalls.

We got her and our 13y kid a script after a video appt from Carbon Health, a follow up to using them for a Covid PCR test (More accurate than a RAT)

The point of the Paxlovid was to stop the virus replication, lessen chance of the acute phase being really bad, and lessen chance of long covid.

#Covid #Paxlovid #LongCovid

Geoff Berner
4 days ago

This article is about Molnupiravir. But does anybody else remember when some people floated the idea that Omicron might have been accidentally "bred" by early Paxlovid trials in Southern Africa? Is that notion just an insane conspiracy theory? Anybody know anything solid? #CovidIsNotOver #Paxlovid #omicron #LongCOVID #COVIDisAirborne

mivox :ri:
1 week ago

Looking at my last pack of #Paxlovid… They really cut things close, don’t they?

A close up photo of a blister pack of Paxlovid, with the expiration date circled in red. It express the same month it was prescribed (9/23).
Boots Chantilly
1 week ago

So it was a 10-day reprieve from pain thanks to #Paxlovid , not a permanent one. #AnkylosingSpondylitis

RS, Author, Novelist
1 week ago

So day 3 of #covid taking #Paxlovid for #COVID19 and I realize there's different color foils on the back. The dusky bronze for the morning dose, grey for evening. I realized suddenly I never saw this. My splitting headache at the time made me keep the lights low and I was too fogged to notice.

Did it matter!?

Oh, I really hope not! #aDayInTheLife

Back of Paxlovid dual dose foil pack in ambient light.  Hard to see difference in low illumination.
Denis - The COVID info guy -
1 week ago

Both Paxlovid, molnupiravir lower COVID Omicron deaths, hospitalizations, studies conclude.

Two new studies describe the benefits of the antiviral drugs nirmatrelvir-ritonavir (Paxlovid) and molnupiravir in reducing SARS-CoV-2 Omicron hospitalizations and death, with one finding that the former is more effective than the latter at lowering death rates.

Paxlovid and molnupiravir are used to treat nonhospitalized COVID-19 patients at high risk for severe illness within 5 days after symptom onset.

#COVID19 #Paxlovid #Molnupiravir #Omicron @auscovid19


1 week ago

Short version, still worth taking to prevent death

Pfizer's #Covid Drug #Paxlovid Found to Be Less Effective - Bloomberg

" In a real-world study of people with Covid-19, Pfizer Inc.’s antiviral Paxlovid was less effective at preventing the infection’s most serious cases than it was in initial trials.

The pill was just 37% effective at preventing hospitalization or death in high-risk patients when compared to no Covid treatment at all, according to an observational study published Thursday in JAMA Network Open. In earlier studies, it cut the risk of hospitalization or death by as much as 89%.

Paxlovid is still an important drug for Covid’s worst outcome: The new study showed it was 84% effective against death alone."

1 week ago

It's like I licked a pipe to see what it was made out of and I still don't know. #Paxlovid #covid

2 weeks ago

#Paxlovid makes my mouth taste weird. Over an hour after taking it, the taste is still there. I guess this is how everything tastes for the next 5 days. Gonna be hard to tell if #COVID is affecting my taste or smell. In other news I'm feeling much better. Still tired and sore, but not "can't get out of bed" bad.

RS, Author, Novelist
2 weeks ago

Well, I went 3 years and 8 months after having a #cold or #flu late December 2019 / early January 2020. Since the outbreak probably came through LAX near where I work, it was probably early #COVID-19 and it was horrible, with carry-on symptoms lasting almost a month.

Last week, I needed to attend a tech conference in Las Vegas for work. I saw masks a total of 5 times, besides my own. I aways wore my mask, but then there was this young guy in a black baseball cap, coughing and hacking in a gift shop, sounding almost like whooping cough, not masking, not even covering his mouth. Just shopping with his female friend without a care.

/You know who you are./

Is it too much to ask that you wear a mask when you are sick and have to go out of the house? Everyone is Asia does this...

Even a KN95 mask with a good seal can't keep that kind of dose of virus out, however.

#covid #isolating #mask #masking #maskup #covid19 #Paxlovid

A positive COVID-19 test.

Friend in Alaska
Caretaker now with COVID
Still not over yet
#Haiku #COVID @rchusid Her client has ALS and working wife brought COVID home for hubby and my friend who has not caught it before. All triple vaxxed. all high risk factors. #Monday #Today #Eris #Mask #Paxlovid

Rocky Lhotka 🌲 🤘🖖
2 weeks ago

The current strain of #covid seems to present as allergies or a head cold. Runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, followed by coughing. In my case a fever, but not my wife's.

Fortunately, #paxlovid works just as well as from a year ago!

John Cormier
2 weeks ago

My dad enquired about getting paxlovid for he (80) and my mom (79). He was told my mom doesn’t qualify because she is “low risk”, and he was told he doesn’t qualify because he is “high risk”. At that point, I think my brain just broke because absolutely nothing makes any sense anymore. #Paxlovid #COVID

mivox :ri:
2 weeks ago

Welp, I’m retracting my previous wholehearted recommendation of #Teladoc, because when I called them today after my positive test (boo!) I got a different doctor, and was told I couldn’t get #Paxlovid because I hadn’t had a recent kidney function test.

Who the fuck is out here getting routine kidney function tests? Nobody gets their kidneys tested unless there’s a problem with them. 🤬

Anyhow, the upside I guess is that I don’t have to bother masking in the house anymore. 🙃

A woman’s hand holding a very strongly positive COVID test.
Boots Chantilly
2 weeks ago

When I came down with #COVID 2 wks ago, my doc took me off a couple of my meds so that I could do a course of Paxlovid--Rinvoq was one of them. Even tho Rinvoq only HELPS with my AS symptoms (for me, it's about 50% effective) I was worried about putting it on hold--the thought of having to deal with the horrid symptoms of COVID aaand the full pain of AS was pretty daunting. But that's not what happened. I stopped taking Rinvoq, I started taking #Paxlovid (which is NASTY but works like a fcking +

PKPs Powerfromspace1
2 weeks ago

@cschafer this one ☝️ most of us with means will survive easily (#paxlovid access to best health care) those without not so much

mivox :ri:
2 weeks ago

If you get #covid and your regular doc doesn’t want to give you #Paxlovid for some reason, but your insurance company or employer contracts with #Teladoc, call them instead.

I’m picking up Paxlovid & a cough suppressant for my husband this afternoon, no hassle whatsoever (this is after his PCP refused to prescribe anything this morning).

2 weeks ago

My co-worker doctor didn't prescribed him Paxlovid for #Covid. Based on infectious disease doctor Danielle Griffin, #Paxlovid works and safe life.

This is his youtube channel with other infection disease scientist.

Swapnil Hiremath :renal: MD
2 weeks ago

Ontario public health data

Propensity score matched study

In people with mild #COVID, but at risk for severe disease, benefit with #paxlovid in @cmaj

2 weeks ago

We missed out on seeing family in #BC this summer due to #covid, #ableism and #exclusion.

Just days after arriving from England they all came down with covid, cancelling our imminent trip up north to see them.

The caravan then came to town a week later, led by my #ableist sister and #RightWing father fresh off #paxlovid.

My #immunocompromised wife and I were asked how we felt about spending two entire days at the PNE. My sister already knew we were opposed, this query was simply to demonstrate to visiting family how difficult we were due to our covid concerns.

We again respectfully declined, explaining this excursion was well beyond our daily risk level. We suggested a covid safe meetup outside the fair instead.

The group of 8, who had shared covid just ten days prior, then told us that this “would be difficult”.

It was explained by my sister that “unfortunately they only had 1.5 days” to spend at a crowded, wildfire smoke filled fair for what she called “A once in a lifetime experience for the kids”.

In response, she offered us a mere hour long breakfast at 8am on Sunday morning before they all returned to the fair for another 12 hours without masks.

I turned down this awkward meetup as we would have ended up driving longer than we would have seen them, and I was quite upset at being treated like we were being difficult simply because we wanted a family only visit outdoors in an unmitigated pandemic.

I suggested lunch, dinner or evening drinks on a porch; we would meet them anywhere in the city. I received no further response.

Family members I hadn’t seen in over five years chose to exclude and ignore us for their 2 days in the city due to our “paranoid” covid conscious mentality.

They came and left. No apologies or acknowledgement of what had happened, just silence and exclusion. We both felt beyond insulted and angry.

Weeks later (days ago) the phone rings. It’s my ableist right wing father who has only called me twice this whole pandemic.

He insinuates that it was disrespectful and selfish for us to miss their city visit, he’s let down that we didn’t join them at a pricey two day event with thousands of screaming strangers.

I am told that I can make it up to them by going out to the airport tomorrow morning at 8am to “spend a couple hours and see them off”.

I point out that the only reason we missed seeing everyone is because THEY all refused to put aside a moment for a covid safe visit with us.

I then explain that sitting on a covid skytrain tube for an hour to briefly meet family at an busy international airport terminal for a 2 hour long visit is once again, a risk that far exceeds my comfort level.

Dad scoffs, laughs at me and hands off the phone. “They never do anything anymore, a bunch of lazy disrespectful idiots.”

So ultimately, we the #vulnerable, not wanting to take unwarranted risks became the issue, rather than the ever-present virus itself.

All but two of the eight (including the kids who have had covid multiple times now) contracted covid on their extended vacation from reality.

My wife and I are still covid free but this time it came at a real cost. Anger, sadness, exclusion and disrespect.

We are now the black sheep of the family. Deemed selfish for not sacrificing ourselves. This is our new #covid19bc reality. Alienated, discriminated against, sacrificed and forgotten.

Can’t help but think how all this could’ve been avoided if my family had selflessly worn #masks and taken preventative measures to ensure a safe visit rather than doubling down on lies spun by #BonnieHenry and this soulless #BCndp govt.

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #COVIDisNotOver #CovidIsNotMild

Boots Chantilly
3 weeks ago

I just took my last dose of #Paxlovid & I think I'm gonna survive this sht. Is that good or bad? I guess we shall see. 😉 #COVID #COVID2023

Violet Blue
3 weeks ago


-FDA: updated vax “not intended for everyone”
-Whoopi Goldberg on 3rd infection
-CDC: long covid in 38+ million US adults
-CVS ends Medicaid Paxlovid
-Biden mocks masking, US ER visits at winter levels
-Large, bad Biobot correction
-How to support friends w/long covid
-Resources galore!

Link, never paywalled:

#MaskUp #Covid #LongCovid #Biden #Paxlovid #Booster #Novavax #WhoopiGoldberg #CovidIsntOver #CDC #Pirola #LongCovidKids #Metallica #JamesHetfield #USOpen

Eric H
3 weeks ago

I have been silent on here for a short while, just dealing with some stuff. I did attend #DragonCon where I caught #covid for the first time. I am on #Paxlovid and am isolating, so that's fun. Dealing with catching back up with work today.

3 weeks ago

@lindamarie Great information! Thank you. 🙏🏼❤️🕊️#paxlovid #covid19

Tobias 🪴
3 weeks ago

Hat hier jemand Erfahrungen, wie die aktuelle #Paxlovid-Lage ist? 60-jährige Person hat #Covid, Hausärztin die in der Vergangenheit schon mal Paxlovid verschrieben hat ist im Urlaub, Vertretung möchte es nicht verschreiben, „unsere einzige Packung ist abgelaufen, das ist aber eh nur für Risikopatienten und das hat eh niemand da“. Wie komme ich da jetzt dran?

Upol Ehsan
4 weeks ago

#LongCovid, #Covid19 experts:

is the full dose for #Paxlovid only for 5 days or is it 10 days (5, one day gap, and then 5)?

I'm getting conflicting information from providers, so any pointers to trusted sources will be helpful.

#mastodon #healthcare #Covid

Michael Reeder LCPC
4 weeks ago

Private, vetted email list for mental health professionals:
Open LEMMY instance for all mental health workers:

Healthy adults not dying, but the elderly and immune compromised are.

(Later edit: It's been pointed out that "healthy" people who get COVID even once are now at an unknown level of immune compromise going forwards.)

Sobering stats and a huge study from the VA on why healthy adults want to avoid long COVID -- and how long COVID may be more common than you think.

Paxlovid -- Not only reduces complications and death, but according to one study reduces risk of long COVID by 26% over a six month period.

On masks: "If you gave the average healthy adult in America a button they could push once per day that would miraculously save the life of a random terminal patient they don't know, I figure like 60% of people wouldn't even bother to push the button on the way out the door to work each morning."

Study: Why You Should Avoid COVID Even if You're "Healthy"

#COVID #longCOVID #covidisnotover #masks #research #publichealth #paxlovid #VeteransAffairs #immunocompromised

NYU Information for Practice puts out 400-500 good quality health-related research posts per week but its too much for many people, so that bot is limited to just subscribers. You can subscribe at @PsychResearchBot

4 weeks ago
First thoughts on #Paxlovid for #covid . Its actually a 2 drug combo you take over a 5 day period morning and evening. The bitter metallic taste it generates in your mouth is very unpleasant, only thing that can drown it out are cough drops which I know I shouldn't as they are mostly sugar which wont help me recover but its hard not to do. Apparently the evening pill is stronger than the morning pill as the taste is way stronger at night. Sadly after sleeping a day and a half I couldn't fall asleep so I had to face most of the worst of the evening pill. Otherwise I don't feel better or worse but if it reduces my chance of long covid its worth it.
Tim Reed
4 weeks ago

@upol Hopping on this to boost that if you get covid, have no doc, and live in #NewYorkState, you can get a #Paxlovid prescription and home delivery at no cost: call 212-268-4319 or surf to

Thank you for the info (and for being the best web site for NYC weirdo culture).

Keith Devlin
4 weeks ago

@upol I gave up trying to get #paxlovid. Short of going to the ER it seems impossible. For me that requires driving. Luckily for me, the first time I did not have COVID, the second time it was fairly mild. I am 75. Not sure why it is so hard to get

Upol Ehsan
4 weeks ago

#LongCovid #Covid19 friends, I need urgent help:

wife tested positive for covid. It's bad. Online Doc is refusing to prescribe #Paxlovid citing she's <50yrs. Said LongCovid isn't real and pretty much gaslit the entire thing as a hoax.

PCP offices are closed.

CVS w/o prescription requires labwork that we don't have handy.

The blockers in the US #healthcare are systemic.

In GA, how might we get Paxlovid? Any ideas/suggestions?

#covid #mastodon #medicine

Mike McCaffrey
1 month ago

This seems kinda obvious, but if every single time someone finishes taking #paxlovid their #covid infection rebounds, then MAYBE PEOPLE SHOULD BE GIVEN PAXLOVID LONG ENOUGH TO GET RID OF THE INFECTION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Pseudo Nym
1 month ago

Was recovering nicely from my first #covid infection, last few days of "rebound" after #paxlovid, and woke up this morning with almost no sense of smell. Overnight. Wham.

Not happy.

Reading suggests smell loss is still common with current variants, and more often than not, comes back in weeks to months. But it's idiosyncratic , and may never come back.

We were careful and avoided it for 3.5 years, and one unmasked indoor party.


Any advice on getting smell back that worked for others?

Tyler Cohen
1 month ago

@paninid #paxlovidRebound is when, after taking a course of #paxlovid and feeling improved & finally testing negative, there is a rebound of symptoms & testing positive again. Can happen anywhere between 2-10 days after. For me, it was testing negative for 2 days, then the rebound for a second round of symptoms & positive tests that lasted 5 additional days (it felt like being sick twice).

Doc told me it was more common than they wished. But the med still kept my symptoms from being worse

Tyler Cohen
1 month ago

Does anyone know whether it’s still a good idea to take #Paxlovid if one had #paxlovidRebound the first time around? #MedMastodon #CovidIsNotOver #COVID19

1 month ago

From Dr Ruth Ann Crystal's #COVID newsletter

"Across the United States #hospital admissions with COVID are up 22%. More disturbingly, hospital admissions for #children under the age of one with COVID are increasing

"If you are exposed to a person who has COVID, you should #test every 48 hours x 3 (i.e. day 1, 3, 5, 7) if you have no symptoms. If you have any symptoms, test every 48 hours at least two times (day 1, 3, 5). It is best to wear an #N95 or #KN95 mask for 10 days after exposure to protect others and to isolate if you feel sick. #Paxlovid and/or #Metformin may be appropriate for some people."


Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 month ago

Paxlovid is a combination of two medications called nirmatrelvir and ritonavir.

#Paxlovid works best when taken as soon as possible after getting a positive #COVID-19 test and within 5 days of symptoms starting. It is important to take Paxlovid as prescribed by a healthcare professional to give it the best chance of working. In clinical trials, Paxlovid reduced the risk of severe disease by 88%.

Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 month ago

Only took calls to 4 pharmacies to get a scrip for #Paxlovid

And remember you can always share your personal stories with us, and tell the Ministry of Health why we need to #MasksIKeepMasksInHealthCare, have better access to #paxlovid, #CleanAir (just look outside!), and #SafeSchools!

aburka 🫣
1 month ago

How do you get #Paxlovid in #Philly? Telehealth won't prescribe it.

1 month ago

As I mentioned in my mastodon alt, whole family came down with #Covid and are currently recovering, me included.

We are all fully vaxxed, and avoided this plague for 3.5 years. But it only took one indoor, unmasked birthday party with only about a dozen people to finally catch us.

#masks work. We had traveled multiple times on airlines, and trains, and in crowded public spaces.

Glad for vax, and
#paxlovid for minimizing symptoms. So far, not much worse than a bad chest cold, but that's bad enough.

Appears we are all on the mend, but you do not want this bug, and it is worth it to keep masking.

Still can't comprehend how many of the world's governments are collectively shrugging on mitigation measures that are cheap and effective, like masks and ventilation.

Anita Y Cheng
2 months ago

From listener q re: vaccine efficacy w/ variants & not being able to get Paxlovid: Vaccines continue to protect against severe disease and hospitalizations even w/ current #variants. Evidence coming in that being vaxxed also protects against #LongCOVID. But if you’re at risk and can’t get #Paxlovid, Dr. Griffin suggests to talk to your doctor about other treatments like metformin. (Although he also points out that it’s not officially recommended by any society anywhere...)


Anita Y Cheng
2 months ago

Real world data about Paxlovid - it reduces hospitalization by 69%. The effect is greater in people who didn’t finish the primary vaccine series, while it didn’t help as much for people who finished the primary #vaccine series. (Although, #Paxlovid definitely helped people severely immunocompromised or over 70, when their last shot was more than 6 months ago.)


Andrea (CuriousCat)
2 months ago

Und wie so oft kriegt man auf Englisch erheblich detailliertere Infos als auf Deutsch. Falls ihr das selber mal braucht: Interaktions-Checker für #Paxlovid mit allem anderen (Wirkstoffname eingeben, nicht Medikamentenname):

So weiß ich jetzt, dass doch nur eins meiner Medis besondere Sorgfalt bei einer Kurzzeitbehandlung braucht (und das ist unkompliziert fürs kurze Absetzen). Immerhin!

Schlimmstenfalls hab ich umsonst recherchiert, aber besser so als planlos positiv!

Anita Y Cheng
2 months ago

From a listener question: Some people are still having trouble getting #Paxlovid before traveling. Dr. Griffin says now that Paxlovid is fully licensed, doctors are able to prescribe Paxlovid “off-label” so that they have more flexibility and use their discretion. But of course, rich people are able to do that more easily than poor people. Dr. Griffin says he hopes the #COVID inequities will start to lessen.

#TWiVTLDR 16/16

Anita Y Cheng
2 months ago

Dr. Griffin joked #metformin (an inexpensive diabetes drug) is now considered a “poor man’s #Paxlovid,” which goes into the next paper: metformin reduced #COVID viral load (aka RNA copy number), but only by a teeny bit. The hosts were NOT impressed by the impact, and Dr. Racaniello wanted them to look at infectious virus. Dr. Griffin wryly observed that he wouldn’t be surprised if eventually, rich people got Paxlovid and poor people got the crappier metformin. 😅


Anita Y Cheng
2 months ago

Two blood cancer patients who were sick with #COVID for 6 months (including testing positive the whole time) were successfully treated with Paxlovid over 2 weeks. Both cases finally tested negative after this extended #Paxlovid treatment.


Jeff Hollister
2 months ago

@smach Thanks, Sharon! Feeling much better now. Still dragging a bit but worst of it appears to be behind. #paxlovid

Jessica Kant
2 months ago

Having surgery again in 10 days and watching as #paxlovid scripts run out and wastwater levels rise. But at least cases are do-- oh.

Wild that while everyone rightfully thrashed Trump for suggesting we were "testing too much", Biden took it as a policy suggestion. FML.

#COVID #COVID19 #Pandemic

6 month wastewater plot showing virtually no linear relationship between actual cases as measured by wastewater copies of the virus and reported cases.
6 week plot showing reported cases at 0 since July started, but  wastewater levels steadily rising, up ~50% since July 1.
Anita Y Cheng
3 months ago

Both #Paxlovid and #molnupiravir reduce death in the short-term (1 month) and longer-term (6 months) for high-risk veterans (VA cohort). Paxlovid also showed a reduction in hospitalization rates.


matsuko (they/she)
3 months ago

Soo having diabetes qualifies you for paxlovid in BC but not asthma. For treating a respiratory illness. That makes sense. /s

#COVID #Paxlovid #Canada #BC

Anita Y Cheng
3 months ago

Pfizer received full FDA approval for #Paxlovid for adults at high risk for severe #COVID. The FDA estimated back in March 2023 that more than 1,500 lives could be saved (and 13,000 hospitalizations avoided) each week with Paxlovid given to eligible patients. 🙌


4 months ago

#FDA grants full approval to Pfizer #Covid treatment #Paxlovid for high-risk adults

COVID still kills 1 person every 4 minutes despite the global emergency being officially over

Two boxes of Paxlovid.

Jennifer Lorenzini | Reuters
4 months ago
Ron Chusid :verified:
4 months ago

The best way to prevent Long Covid is to avoid getting Covid but if you do get Covid studies do show that vaccines and Paxlovid both reduce (but do not eliminate) the risk of Long Covid.
#Covid #LongCovid #vaccines #Paxlovid

Anita Y Cheng
4 months ago

Dr. Griffin says that once #Paxlovid is fully licensed by the FDA in a few weeks, that it should be possible to get it before you #travel, just in case you get #COVID on your trip. (Or at least it will be for high-risk people.)

But a full course is $800-900, so… 🫠 17/17


Anita Y Cheng
4 months ago

Small study saw #COVID patients who took longer to clear viral RNA (rtPCR-measured) were more likely to experience #LongCOVID brain fog and muscle pain. Dr. Racaniello reminds us that viral RNA =/= infectious virus. And if there’s a reservoir of infectious virus still in the body, that might mean a later course of #Paxlovid should clear it. They’d love to see more studies using Paxlovid beyond the first 5 days - instead of preventing disease, it would be to prevent long COVID. 13/


5 months ago

This Week In Virology #TWIV podcast episode 1002 (April 29/23), Dr. Griffin, minute 2, "Still seeing thousands of people being hospitalized each day in the US because of covid, not just with covid, about 60% are 70 or over, meaning about 40% are under age 70, still seeing over a thousand deaths each week narrowly defined as due to covid . . . Hospitalizations: a common denominator is most people are either vaccinated or infected or both. Common denominator here is, they're not being offered antiviral treatment in the first week. People are just saying "I hope you do well" . . . . Story: I'm at a nursing station in one of the hospitals and one of the physicians: "I don't even understand why people are giving out this #Paxlovid. No one really gets sick from covid any more and no one dies or ends up in the hospital from covid." I looked at him and said, "If you'd like, you can walk 10 feet and look in the window of the gentleman who just got covid who is now on a non-rebreather and we're now having Goals of Care discussions cuz I don't think he's gonna survive. You could explain that to his wife, and you could even talk to the doctor who did not offer him treatment in the first week." #CovidIsNotOver

Anita Y Cheng
5 months ago

The FDA now only authorizing the bivalent #booster, no more monovalent. This means unvaccinated people will now get one bivalent dose and be considered vaccinated. (We’re assuming all of them have already had COVID, so single dose is considered a boost.)

Dr. Racaniello says he’s not getting another booster (he’s had 3 doses, one natural infection after, and is >65) since he doesn’t see a clear benefit for getting another dose. He’d just take #Paxlovid if he got #COVID again. 8/


Rita Portela (parody)
5 months ago

Patients walk out of a @StanfordMed #LongCovid trial after medical staff stop masking while tending to LC participants. 1/

Thread Reader:

#covid #sarscov2 #paxlovid #masking #Stanford #KeepMasksInHealthcare

Large amount of extremely small text in a reddit screenshot. Very sorry I can't capture it with automated services or type it. I am low vision myself. Follow the link for more info or better access.
Caryl Shaw
5 months ago

Covid finally caught up with me - I steered clear for 3 years. Was able to get #Paxlovid, which seems to be helping my symptoms, but urgh #PaxlovidMouth is nasty.