Ma dove vado? :verified:
5 days ago

Un concentrato di ignoranza, incompetenza, pochezza, arretratezza culturale come non s'era mai visto prima.
Un vero schifo.

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Rupert Brackenbury
3 weeks ago

There are, as far as I am aware, only 2 #humans in all of #PeppaPig: #QueenElizibeth & #SantaClaus but the implications of this are never explored.
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Ashwin Nanjappa 👨‍💻
1 month ago

I must admit that both Bluey and Peppa Pig are wholesome entertainment to watch for our young children. Really impressed with the creators.

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2 months ago

Katy Perry y Orlando Bloom prestarán su voz a dos personajes de #PeppaPig en un especial para conmemorar el 20º aniversario del personaje

2 months ago

Going through some old photos and found this; my sister and her family was moving into a new house and didn't yet have the #TV in the first night they stayed there. Her partner and I came up with the idea to "make" on for the kids. As I live in the #UK now (they are in #AU) he suggested it be UK themed. 😅 #DoctorWho #PeppaPig #Daleks #FirstDoctor @guide

A "tv" my sister's partner and I made when they moved to a new house, featuring a meeting between the First Doctor and Peppa Pig
3 months ago

In the #peppapig universe, we only ever meet one family of every species in their town. Danny dog, Peppa Pig, Pedro Pony, etc. This raises some serious genetic diversity questions which are somewhat answered by Uncle Pig, whose town suggests an almost duplicate town elsewhere in the UK.

My concern is that in the important episode “Daddy Pig Gets a Playgroup Star”, we see that Mommy and Daddy Pig were in the same playgroup as children. We have never seen more of the same species move to the town or anyone leave, suggesting that the children in the playgroup are the only potential future partners for the animal people. Since there is no cross-species breeding evident, we are left with the uncomfortable conclusion that Peppa and George, her brother, will be forced to breed to continue the Pig species.

Now I know what you are saying, “what about Chloe Pig?” The eldest child Pig is the child of Aunt and Uncle Pig. Alarmingly, she also appears to be related to Grandma and Grandpa Pig, who we know raised Mommy Pig. Uncle Pig is the brother of Daddy Pig, confirming the devastating inbreeding conclusion.

The exception to this problem appears to be the infinite clones of Miss Rabbit. Crucially, a different creature from Mommy Rabbit, Miss Rabbit fulfills every necessary function in society across different countries.

This is what happens when I am forced to watch dozens of hours of Peppa Pig. I ask the hard questions.

3 months ago

Some thanks for my egg cracking, has to go to the production team of #PeppaPig. Congratulations guys, by making Daddy Pig the most pitiful example of exactly what I never wanted to end up as, you nudged me closer.

Kinder representations of fathers please.

Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig.
3 months ago

This 'Peppa Pig' Episode Was Pulled in Australia for Child Safety Concerns
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Chris Rory
4 months ago

Take that #sagaftra - we’ve made the new Peppa Pig movie WITHOUT YOU by scanning her likeness.

Nothing can stop the unbeatable march of progress
#AI #AIgenerated #SAGAFTRAstrike #tech #PeppaPig

4 months ago

@drbuttocks Grisly - but kinda appropriate ending for a celebrity who's been planting subtle feminist propaganda in young minds for two generations haha 😆 #peppapig
5 months ago

🎧 #hoerspielfreitag – ab heute gibt's bei den unterschiedlichen Anbietern neue Hörspiele von #Dracula und der Zirkel der Sieben, Faith – The Van Helsing Chronicles, PLAYMOBIL, Oliver Dörings Phantastische Geschichten, #PeppaPig, #Teufelskicker, #Macabros Classics u.v.a. – sowie der bereits gestern veröffentlichten Jubiläumsfolge von Geisterjäger #JohnSinclair zum 50-jährigen Bestehen der Serie von Jason Dark.

Zur Übersicht 👉

#Hörspiele #AudioFiction

Arne Focke
5 months ago

Darn, @PlaystationPixy gave Mastodon an idea and now everywhere #PeppaPig is popping up and I kinda want to try it now and hand it over to my youngest after. 😂
5 months ago

Der letzte #hoerspielfreitag im Juni 2023 brachte neue Hörspiele von #JohnSinclair, Welt am Abgrund, Professor #vanDusen, Korgy 80, #PeppaPig, #PAWPatrol, Löwenzahn Classics mit Peter Lustig u.a.

Zur Übersicht geht's hier 👉

#Hörspiele #AudioFiction

#ShareYourGames :lgbt_boost:
5 months ago

So this morning, I saw #PeppaPig and tooted I was gonna try it. This made @replay play it as well, as their kids had downloaded the game to the Playstation for fun.
Here is the #review!

My Friend Peppa Pig

>I rate this game as OKAY.

#ShareYourGames #Gaming

Edit: fixed a typo

My friend Peppa Pig, with a simple (but not accurate haha) drawing of a pig with a red shirt on the left side of the image. In the background there's a yellow house on top of a hill.
:playstation: Pixy 🏳️‍🌈
5 months ago

Here I go!
It's too early to have a drink with this, isn't it? 😂 (keep riding Cynni... Keep riding 😂).

#ShareYourGames #Gaming #PS5 #Playstation #PS4 #PeppaPig

The character I made. A pink cap with a skull and bones, red heart shaped glasses, purple belly and brown sheep face and tale. Character made in the Peppa Pig game for PS4/PS5.
LEGOLAND in Florida
5 months ago Come and join Peppa Pig for an exciting new breakfast experience at LEGOLAND Florida! Enjoy a meet and greet with Peppa, delicious food, and special activities. #LEGOLAND #LEGOLANDFlorida # #LEGOLANDFL #LLF #PeppaPig

5 months ago

Child B is ill at home. So they get to lie on the sofa and watch #PeppaPig while I hang the laundry. TBF Peppa Pig has jokes for parents as well, so it could be much worse. #parenting

Queer Lit Cats
6 months ago

Pink News: Peppa Pig celebrated Pride Month and anti-LGBTQ+ bigots are losing their minds #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Pridemonth #Community #PeppaPig #Culture #Pride #TV

Trenton Matthews
7 months ago

#PeppaPig US Clips anyone?
This playlist,contains the ‘only found’ clips of said program found among the interwebs. Said #LostMedia, is from #CartoonNetwork and their #TickleU block, aired from 2005 to 2007.

7 months ago

Yay. My favourite thing at 6:30 on a Saturday morning
#Monopoly #PeppaPig #NoLieIn #Saturday

It's a Peppa Pig version of popular boardgame Monopoly Junior. It's on a table, mid-game. I'm playing a 4 year old and it's a challenge to say the least. Honestly I must have played this with her 20 times and we've never finished a game. It has one major flaw compared to proper Monopoly - you buy properties by placing a token on them. So everytime your 4 year old shakes the board or rolls the die on it the tokens all move. But she loves it so idk
I want to go back to bed so badly.
7 months ago

🎧 #hoerspielfreitag mit „Freizeichen“, „Woodwalkers“, „TKKG“, „Zum Wohle der Menschheit“, „Dark Holmes“, „Der kleine Major Tom“ u.v.a.

Die Gesamtliste mit Direktlinks zur Anbieterauswahl findet ihr hier:

#Hörspiele #AudioFiction #Thriller #Kinderhörspiele #Fantasy #Jugendkrimis #Mystery #PeppaPig #PawPatrol #TKKG #SherlockHolmes #NYPDead #BenjaminBlümchen #VanDusen #MajorTom

Dom | TheHellfridge :v_bi:
8 months ago

The 4-year-old just played the new #PeppaPig game and the story is just wild.

So, you're the new kid in town and you can create your character and parents and get your own house, it's really cute.

Then the door bell rings. It's Peppa and her family, and she NEEDS you to go to daycare RIGHT NOW. No, I don't care that you just moved here, it's hecking INTERNATIONAL DAY, and you're coming.

Okay, fine. A little pushy Peppa, but I appreciate that you wanna involve the new kid immediately.

Anyway, you go to daycare, and it's international day, and the kids talk about all of the different countries and cities like the US, Germany, UK/London, Japan and you're like: "Cool, guess I'm gonna learn some stuff about these countries."

"Hahaha, no, this is friggin INTERNATIONAL DAY!", Madame Gazelle cackles. Of course, there just so HAPPENS to be a goshdarn CRUISER in the Peppa Town of Bumblefudge nowhere, that will BRING YOU TO ALL THESE PLACES.

So... definitely an A+ for a banger of a setup for a preschoolers came.

But also an F for setting very disappointing expectations for how world travel works.
9 months ago

Lust auf ein #Hörspiel? Von Produktionen für Erwachsene wie "GIALLO" (ja, ist 'ne Hörspielreihe) über „DAS SCHWARZE AUGE", Grusel & Horror mit "JOHN SINCLAIR" und "TENEBRIS", fantasy-ishe Serien wie "FRANKENSTEIN UND DER ZIRKEL DER SIEBEN" hin zu Jugendhörspielen wie #FCBayern TEAM CAMPUS und #Kinderhörspiele|n wie "BARBIE", #PawPatrol , "KIRA KOLUMNA", #PeppaPig & Co.

Bei über 35 Veröffentlichungen gestern dürfte für jede:n was dabei sein - mit Anbieterauswahl:
9 months ago

🎧 #Hoerspielfreitag - mit über 35 neuen Audio Fictions, darunter #Giallo , Das schwarze Auge, Oliver Dörings „Der Vampir“, FC Bayern Team Campus, John Sinclair Classics, Frankenstein und der Zirkel der Sieben, die neue Reihe Küstenmorde, sowie für jüngere Hörer:innen PAW Patrol, Barbie, Der schlaue Puck, Caillou, Droners, #PeppaPig , #HuiBuh u.v.a.

Liste der heutigen Veröffentlichungen + Vorschau und Direktlinks zu den Anbietern:

#Hörspiele #AudioFiction
9 months ago
Emmanuel Wald
9 months ago

Maybe Jack Crusher just watched #PeppaPig too much as a kid?

#StarTrek #Picard #StarTrekPicard

Screenshot of a “Guardian” article: “US parents say Peppa Pig is giving their kids British accents”
9 months ago

Im brandneuen Trailer von Peppa Pig: Eine Welt voller Abenteuer wird erstmals das Gameplay gezeigt.
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #PeppaPig #Repost

Universo Nintendo
9 months ago

Peppa Pig: Um Mundo de Aventuras ganha novo trailer de jogabilidade

#Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #OutrightGames #PeppaPig


Universo Nintendo
9 months ago

Peppa Pig: Um Mundo de Aventuras ganha data final de lançamento em março

#Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #OutrightGames #PeppaPig


Keith Wilson
10 months ago

“Look at the #animation characters that we’ve created in this country—#PeppaPig, #Teletubbies, #BobTheBuilder. None of them are owned by British companies now. Peppa Pig is owned by [US toy company] #Hasbro. It is one of the most successful preschool characters of all time. So you have tens of millions of pounds of value leaving the UK.” #UKAnimation #BrexitReality

Once Upon a Coaster
10 months ago

Here for the hard-hitting coaster coverage you expect from this podcast. #peppaPig

A sign for Peppa Pig Theme Park
Graphic Policy
11 months ago

Hasbro Launches “Learn with Peppa” To Help Preschoolers Learn with Peppa Pig All Year Long #peppapig

11 months ago

The new season of #PeppaPig has changed SOOOOO many voice actors that it really doesn’t feel like an official PP anymore. Feels like one of those YouTube fan-made knockoffs. Quite disconcerting.

I’m not sure you can get away with changing so many at once, given how long it’s been around and how familiar/iconic the cast were.

#parentlife 😏

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
11 months ago

Parents furious as rusty knife falls out of daughter's Peppa Pig Christmas gift - Mirror Online

Martin Sexton and fiancée Kelly Francis were unwrapping presents with their two young children when the knife fell out of the box in front of their two-year-old daughter, Maggie
11 months ago
11 months ago

@JustineSmithies ooooh nooo I thought I just got away from #peppapig 😂

11 months ago

#peppapig ia starting to get on my nerves
I need to take the confrontation with baby3 now (just stopped the oinking nightmare)

Tall Story Games
1 year ago

Thank you
@SQHistorian for this incredible souvenir of our livestreams together! 😂

Scottish Lass
1 year ago

Warning to any grannies without their glasses buying the #Aldi #PeppaPig #AdventCalendar. It's full of *books* 📚 not chocolate🍫 Feeding their minds though.

1 year ago

Morning run 🏃🏽coming up in an hour or so (give and take 60 mins 😜). Waking up with the little guy to #peppapig first though 😀

I think I’ll go for a long run today … #trail style likely. Hope my knee injury will behave 🤕🤠

Later on tonight we’ll be having the family drop by for dinner … as we will be celebrating our 12.5 years anniversary together with the little guys' 4 year birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

#running #longrun

2 years ago

Man, Captain Dog in #PeppaPig sounds so miserable evry time he mentions he can never sail the seas anymore... :(

2 years ago

Earlier today I literally laughed out loud at something in #PeppaPig while #BeardGrabber was watching it.

The family was looking at old family pictures:

Mummy Pig:

"and that's the lovely flower garden Grandpa Pig made for us"

Peppa Pig (the daughter of the family):

"where is the flower garden now?"

Mummy Pig:

"Daddy Pig looked after it"

#parenting #funny #KidsTV

3 years ago

Peppa hangs up on Suzie. From Season 3, Episode 28. It's not great art but the best I can do today apparently.
#tlgart #mastoart #peppapig

Peppa Pig has her finger on the disconnect button on the phone.