Annd account purged and deleted, sorry to future people that might not find a solution they needed because I posted it there. On the other hand totally looking for #RSS feeds about #technology #radio and #selfHosting, maybe #solarpunk #permaculture and #cyberdeck s also

J blue
10 hours ago

#ClimateChangeGardening #ClimateDiary #ClimateChange #FoodSecurity #Gardening #permaculture #NativePlants #food #cooking #foraging #organic #sustainability #hurricane #Tropicalstorm


This thread is about plants that I tried this year and won’t try again next year as well as ones that did really well.

East coast North America, zone 8/9

(It’s going to take hours to complete this thread.)

A very dark pink to red Jamaican cherry being held over a very green citrus leaf (red pomelo). Both the berry and citrus leaf are covered in water droplets bc it was raining.
Looks like a pic taken from outer space. Bright yellow, petals frame the pic and the circle around a center that is dark maroon. There is a fuzzy staminal column that ends with a dark fuzzy stigma bordered with brilliant yellow anthers. The stigma is so dark red it is almost black. 

The flower is a Nkruma Tenten okra.
A purple curry leaf berry surrounded by native physalis still in yellow, papery, husks, katuk leaves, and huazontle leaves.
On a wooden cutting board is an assortment of leaves, peas, seed pods, cucumbers, radish, peppers and flowers.
Les Agribains
13 hours ago

Garder le lien avec la nature, en ville pour nos plus petits ! 🌳 👨‍🌾 👶 🥗 👶 👩‍🌾 🌳 🐓 🌼

C’est possible avec les Agribains !✌️
On anime des ateliers et rend les espaces plus vert dans les crèches, multi-accueils et relais petites enfances.

Il nous reste encore de la place pour cette année ! =>

#LesAgribains #JardinPedagogique #Toulouse #crèche #Permaculture #relaipetiteenfance #mairedetoulouse

One in six UK species threatened with extinction

Let's teach forest gardening practices in folks gardens, stopping use of herbicides, insecticides & other poisons/chemicals

We need wildlife ponds, planting for pollinators & predators with nitrogen fixing & nutrient mining species to support plants & trees. Then we're supporting the soil food web, the foundation for all life on the land


23 hours ago

👉Cet automne, je vais animer une formation courte auprès de jardinier.ère.s d'une maison de quartier de Saint-Nazaire sur les pratiques de #jardinagenaturel.

👉Le samedi 14 Octobre, j'animerais également un atelier pédagogique autour de la #permaculture, du #jardinage naturel et de la sélection massale de semences auprès d'habitant.e.s de Brains (44) et des alentours, en lien avec l'ouverture de la grainothèque de la bibliothèque municipale.

Samedi 14 Octobre à partir de 14h30, atelier pédagogique et échanges autour du jardinage naturel, de la biodiversité, de la sélection massale de semences et de la permaculture, en lien avec l'ouverture de la grainothèque de la bibliothèque de Brains

Gratuit et ouvert à tous.tes sans inscriptions

Informations complémentaires auprès de la bibliothèque de Brains :
Keith D Johnson
1 day ago

For your #permaculture teaching files; ECOnomics
The embodied energy of Corn Flakes breakfast cereal, and
an industrial egg vs a permaculture egg.

Graphic chart showing the oil, gas, and electrical energy pathway of Corn Flakes.
Starts with plowing, seeding, fertilizing (which takes a massive amount of energy to produce), pesticide spraying (and production), then harvesting. It then is transported to a grain mill where energy is used to dry it, then transported to a cereal factory where it is milled, cooked, flavored, and packaged. It is then transported to warehouses for stocking / loading. It then travels to markets where it is transported to people's homes. There are MANY other energy inputs that are not illustrated.
Illustration showing the costly production of an industrial egg and the intensive energy pathway required, as compared to a home- or locally-produced egg from a polyculture system where most of the chickens needs are met by surpluses from the home system without the need for massive energy consumption. By producing more of what we need, we reduce the need to earn and commute.
Keith D Johnson
1 day ago

@permaculturemagazine #Permaculture Magazine, UK. I just found out my UK colleagues joined Mastodon about the same time I did. They're not very active here, so give them a follow to encourage further engagement. (Hi Maddy, or whomever opened this account.)
FYI, y'all, their website is

Erin Whalen
1 day ago

Love this article on how urban Indians are finding purpose in permaculture farming. I too want to live in a food forest!

(Bonus points if it also comes with a bear that hibernates in the compost every winter.)

#sustainability #permaculture #urbanism #farming

Keith D Johnson
1 day ago

@michael @plants Another good source for info on these kinds of systems. Our #permaculture friend and colleague, Jerome Osentowski at Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, uses these kinds of greenhouses at 7000 ft. in Basalt CO and also offers design consultation.

Rayne Hall Author
2 days ago

Pyracantha (firethorn) berries in my garden. They're not edible for humans, but delicious for many wild birds.
In the winter months, they add bright colours to the garden.

#gardening #permaculture #Bulgaria

Clusters of bright orange berries in  a green-leafed shrub.
J blue
2 days ago

This is your seasonal reminder that all acorns are edible. Some need processing, others do not.

In October, I will do a thread on Southern Live Oak, Quercus virginiana. These don’t need processing but do need to be steamed in their shells to remove the nut. Last year, house moths ate most of mine so they need to be well-sealed and frozen after shelling.

#foraging #NativePlants #gardening #jardin #cooking #FoodPorn #trees #arbol #acorns #plants @plants #FoodSecurity #Permaculture

Black plate, white roundish square plate turned so the ends pointing to each side of the pic. Vegetables are arranged in an organized colorful cluster on the plate.  On the left are steamed dashi-infused daylily roots that look like dark yellow bowling pins and are pointing to the left of the plate. Flecks of culantro is sprinkled on top. Next are steamed dashi-infused thin slices of carrots with thin slices of ginger laying on top. Next are near black noodle squares of live oak acorn noodles with black sesame seeds and to the right are daylily leaves curled into ribbons. Above and below are rosebud flowers.
Colorful sprigs of herbs and greens arranged artfully on a black speckled plate. In the middle is a broiled rectangle of tofu with acorn dengaku paste. 

Acorn dengaku with yuzu zest aromatic. Adapted from “dengaku.” Tsuji 192. 

Garden veg: Mexican tarragon (reserved), Okinawa spinach, red Hopi amaranth, summer savory, willow oak acorns, yuzu zest
Black background, black plate with darker black speckles. An upside down pyramid of 6 caramel colored mini acorn pancakes with a red paste dollop on top each pancake. A green sauce is drizzled overtop the pancakes in diagonal lines. Three camelia flowers adorn the plate to the left, too and right. 

Mini acorn okonomiyaki with madhatter/queen of minalco tomatillo/strawberry and yuzu sauce, sissoo-ezu and yuzu zest. Adapted from “Okonomiyaki.“ Sakai, p.261. 

Garden veg: camellia flower (not eaten) madhatter, queen of minalco tomatillo, sissoo, strawberry (Ozark beauty, maybe), willow oak acorns, yuzu (not my tree)
Black speckled plate on black background. Willow oak Acorn soba noodles are arranged vertically on the plate with a few curved on the right towards the left for dramatic effect. A sprig of moringa and borage flower lays on top of the noodles. A pink candy stripe camelia is on the top right. 

Acorn soba. Adapted from “soba,” Sakai, p.81. 

Garden veg: borage flower, camellia (not eaten), moringa, willow oak acorns
3 days ago

Autonome en électricité, je stocke 300m3 de flotte sous forme de retenues collinaire, installé en #Permaculture.
Tu en es où toi?
#TeamDuCon, mou du genou.
J'ai 65 samedis #GiletsJaunes en reportage, qui auraient pu faire basculer ce régime #neoliberale Tu as des tofs? Des vidéos perso de ces moments??? De tes moments? Nan : canapé je suppose...
(Tout est disponible sur demande de mon coté, toi, faire voir au lieu de raisonner!).

Envoie tes photos.

Rayne Hall Author
3 days ago

Aronia berries in my organic 'food forest' garden. They're almost ripe now.

The plants are still young and aren't bearing many berries yet, but I can expect a bountiful harvest in future years.

#permaculture #bulgaria #gardening

Close-up of a cluster of round black berries in a green-leaved shrub.
J blue
3 days ago

Update on rosebud tree after being felled by tropical storm Ophelia: The arborist says that the root ball is too far out and the taproot looks a bit torn. He also said that it is already near the end of its lifespan judging by its size. I checked online and apparently they only live 20-30 years.

Really disappointing. I used the flowers for food.

#trees #arbol #gardening #permaculture #cooking #GrowYourOwn #NativePlants #foraging

Rosebud tree ripped over from tropical storm Ophelia. Part of its root is torn off and others are submerged. It is leaning down towards the ground facing towards the top of the pic.
Pic of rosebud tree at different angle with the tree trunk pointing towards the right side of the pic. You can see some tearing of the roots and roots the the side.
A pic of food on a black plate with a turquoise circle center with the turquoise bordered with yellow. Top left is a rice onigiri ball with seaweed pearls lain overtop. Top right is redbud flowers and daylily leaves curled like ribbons. Bottom right is agar agar jelly that has rosebud flowers and lemon suspended in the jelly. Bottom left are live oak acorn noodle squares and in the center is a vivid dark orange nasturtium flower.
Black background, black plate with shiny dots. Three large white southern magnolia flower petals arranged opposite each other with the smallest point upwards. An Aralia racemosa stem that has three leaves is under and between the flower petals and three red rats tails radish point outward also in between the flower petals. On top of the flower petals using the petals as a bowl is pickled rosebud flowers. The pickle juice and the flowers are carnation pink.
Rayne Hall Author
3 days ago
large white flower with red centre
Keith D Johnson
4 days ago

Can mushrooms save the world?
“Mycorrhizal fungi represent a blind spot in carbon modeling, conservation, & restoration — the numbers we’ve uncovered are jaw-dropping, & when thinking about solutions for climate we should be thinking about what we can harness that exists already
To maximize important benefits of fungi in handling climate change, we can stop clear cutting forests, & transition fully to regenerative agriculture methods including #Fukuoka style, #agroforestry, #agroecology, #permaculture approaches, and #syntropic ag.
Incorporating #fungi into our climate strategies has numerous side benefits including biodiversity, modifying temperatures & water flows, & many more. Beneficial fungi are an essential and healthy part of farming approaches & it helps our crops be more resilient to drought, flood, disease and pests. Adding fungi to trees when planting in a harsh environment enables a higher survival rate.
#climatesolutions #permaculture

Keith D Johnson
4 days ago

An image for your #permaculture files.

Poster showing the multifunctional yields of chickens" The Power of Chickens in Regenerative Agriculture: Chickens connect all cultures and communities. 
They provide, nitrogen-rich poop, restore soil fertility, eliminate pests and diseases, eat weeds, distribute nutrients, relieve soil compaction, aerate soil, eggs, replace biocides and fertilizers, fit into every system of regen ag, have the shortest economic cycle and lowest up-front investment costs, are accessible to small farms / gardens.
4 days ago

Is this another permaculture resource now lost?

In this glimpse into permaculture’s history we look at a set of illustrated permaculture gardening cards that may no longer be available.

#permaculture #permaculturedesign #gardening #educationalresources #art

Rayne Hall Author
4 days ago

This little frog (a tree frog, I believe) hopped onto my hand and didn't want to leave. 😍
Eventually, I set it down in one of my flower beds.
My garden is a chemical-free zone, and harmless creatures like this sweet little guy are safe and welcome.
#permaculture #bulgaria #wildlife #gardening

J blue
4 days ago

Bunchosia argentea, peanut butter fruit

This plant gets a lot of hype bc of its dense nutrition, novel flavor and continuous fruiting during warm seasons. But before you consider getting one, most flowers don’t produce fruit and there is scant flesh.

Keep above 45F, fruits from seed in 3 years. Tastes like sweet peanut butter+berry. Will fruit/grow in a large pot.

#gardening #fruit #organic #plants #plantas @plants #permaculture #GrowYourOwn #organic

A plump red berry that is speckled orange to the left side. It has a slightly pointy end facing towards the top right of the pic. It is sitting on top of a bright green beet leaf. There are small viola leaves around the beet leaf. It was raining really hard when I took this pic and didn’t want to get my phone wet, so I set it down on a leaf after plucking and sheltered the phone to take the pic.  
The berry and leaves have water droplets. 

Inside is a large seed. The berries take a long time to ripen and they are orange/red for a couple weeks before they are ready to pick. They are ripe when the fruit is squishy.
Keith D Johnson
5 days ago

A new, FREE social media platform just for permaculturists, the #Permaculture Crossing (PcX)! PcX is a virtual commons designed for for dialogue and connection among Permaculturists and our allies. Come to learn, to share, to connect with colleagues and opportunities. Make an offer, an ask, an exchange. As we connect and support one another, we weave our networks and grow our movement.

5 days ago

#TinyEcosystems #ecology #azolla #permaculture #gardening #plants @plants

today's tiny ecosystem is a towering azolla forest that lives in a bucket of water.

azolla is an aquatic fern. on the #farm, it can be used as green mulch & as supplemental animal feed.

it can take over a pond, so i keep dedicated azolla buckets where it can form a 3D mat that can even climb the sides of the bucket!

it can multiply very quickly from even a few pieces. it seems to prefer shade.

closeup on one of my azolla buckets where the azolla has gone vertical
same azolla bucket, but from farther away.
J blue
5 days ago

Tropical storm Ophelia knocked down our native redbud tree, Cercis canadensis. Really disappointing. 😔 I called a arborist to see if it can be reset.

It also looks like there is a large root that is rotten. Is that terminate damage? I poked around and didn’t see any.

#ophelia #Tropicalstorm #hurricane #trees #tree #NativePlants #permaculture #gardening #jardin #plantas #arbol

The trunk of the red bud tree that is leaning down towards the ground. The trunk is pointed upwards in the photograph and the roots are in the middle and the bottom. some of the large roots are still submerged in the ground and look OK whereas one root that is rotted is pulled away from the tree. 
The trunk of the red bud tree that is leaning down towards the ground. This is at a different angle where the trunk is pointing right and the damage is towards the left. Some of the large roots are still submerged in the ground and look OK whereas one root that is rotted is pulled away from the tree.
A closer image of the rotted root that is pulled away from the tree. There are some holes in the top part of the root. 
Je ferais bien du #woofing dans une #ferme en #permaculture quelques semaines au printemps...
6 days ago

#12octobre : #voteznon ! C'est pas ce que prône le ministre ... à quoi ça sert m. Fesneau de faire de la politique si c'est pour voter les lois des plus forts ?

#stopglyphosate et toute cette chimie qui tue la #terre
#agriculturebio ou #agriculturedurable (🚜 #permaculture en #transition 🌱) du moins, sinon plus d' #agriculture du tout

✊🌈 #ecologie #maintenant ! #pachamama 🌏🌍🌎🥰

Doux lendemains d'équinoxe 🌚🍁

J blue
6 days ago

Pawpaw pie

All those pawpaws, had to do something with them…

Loosely adapted from this recipe, see AltText for details.

#vegan #cooking #pie #foraging #gardening #cooking #GrowYourOwn #foodporn #ClimateChangeGardening #NativePlants #permaculture #rewilding

A pie is centered on a black background. The pie has an orangey hue and has a cracked surface that looks artful and rustic. The surface reflects light. 

I bought a pie crust instead of making my own bc I only get organic bread flour and didn’t want to waste it on a pie crust. 

I used half the recipe’s tofu and added one cup of pawpaw. Pawpaws are intensely flavored and sweet so I only had 2-3 Tb of maple syrup. I used one Tb of dark sesame oil and two TB veg oil and half the lemon juice, 45mL. 

I pressed the tofu bc the pawpaws are very juicy.

It was nice but I think I would not use the sesame oil again and only use a quarter of the lemon juice and add still more pawpaw. Even with half the lemon of the recipe, the lemon overpowered the pawpaw. 

The consistency was good and smooth. I don’t think it was supposed to have cracks in it, but I liked them and they added more surface area to brown. Also not too sweet so I would do this again since it’s high in protein and low in added sugar.
Rayne Hall Author
6 days ago

In my garden: a honey bee visits a tagetes (french marigold) flower.

I don’t use pesticides in my garden, so bees can visit and enjoy my flowers safely.

#flowers #permaculture #bees #flowergardening #bulgaria

A bee sits on a flower. The flower has frilly petals in shades of orange. Green leaves surround the flower. The bee has its head in the flower and is feeding.
Rayne Hall Author
6 days ago

Jasmine flowers in my garden.

#permaculture #flowers #Bulgaria #flowergardening

White flowers with five or six petals each, and green leaves, and a hand pointing at them.
Simon Forman
1 week ago

One of the things I learned in my #Permaculture certification is that if you have a car you have a generator and a heater (but be very careful how you vent the exhaust, poisonous you know.)

In fact, when we were up on the land last we used the car as an air-conditioned internet cafe: a 12v inverter in the cigarette lighter socket to run the satellite internet uplink and a laptop!

If you convert to use home-grown alcohol fuel then it's even green!

Rubha Phoil
1 week ago

Interesting to watch this summery of the Global Food situation and what it means for us in the near future.
We're going to be focussing on our garden a lot more!
#climatechange #permaculture #ecovillage #natureconnection #foodsecurity

Angus Wallace
1 week ago

How to spot a Permie
(written by me without LLM assistance)

If wanting to know how a permie looks,
you must study the #permaculture books.
There's a well-known example there:
mended knees, hugging trees,
dirty nails, beards a-wagging,
seeds in pockets, woollen jumper,
smudge on cheek, and front-yard jungle

But, what about the #preserving type,
with canning jars arranged by height
in one direction, and in the other
jars grouped by food-type, flavour, or colour?
#Brewers and #fermenters are in the mix too,
with vinegar, yeasts, hops, and more,
building up a strong gut flora,
they know what scoby stands for!

The social permaculturist
makes gardens of a different gist:
instead of growing forests tall,
they grow connections 'tween us all.
With myth and lore and love and song
they gift us strength to carry on
lacking their help we'd find ourselves
a fractured rabble, without direction

The mender is another breed,
whether bikes, washing machines, or jeans,
with screwdriver, plier, fabric, and glue
they give tired goods a life anew.
Converting waste back into use,
recovering resources we'd otherwise lose.
They might not get down in the soil,
but they make the world better for all

A permie is, it seems to me,
a state of mind, not a generality.
There is no badge with which to mark
the ardent permaculture heart
The permie systems that yield fruit
don't care if you wear a suit
don't care if your hair is combed, parted,
teased, plaited, or flower-garlanded

Seeking Permaculture, mapless,
the path meanders, in mystery shrouded.
With many a fork, blind alley, and trap,
awaiting the unwary or distracted.
We need all the skills, above, and more,
to arrive at Permanent Culture's door,
and can't know, in advance, which skill
will tip the scales, for good or ill.


Wild #arugula aka wild rocket is a perennial that comes back year after year. It is much more spicy that regular annual arugula. It is very prolific in spring and fall, but looks pretty dead in the hot dry summer. Flea beetles attacks it during the summer. But it survives. It needs a lot of good afternoon shade in the summer just like some biennial brassicas. #permaculture #naturalfarming #homestead

#WorldWildDay coming up - such a good idea

Find something out there in the world and send it a tendril of love...

#RegenerativeLiving #Permaculture

Pinning by way of an #INtroduction

How can we heal our relationship with the earth, heal ourselves and feed the world good, nutrient-dense food?

#AccidentalGods 200th Episode with André Tranquilini of Waltham Place Farm

#OrganicSeptember #Biodynamic #RegenerativeFarming #Wendesdaymorning
#Permaculture #HealingTheWorld

1 week ago

The excellent **RetroSurburbia** website has a free download on bushfire resilience - contains some really useful information that may help you plan for the coming summer. Worth taking a look at.

#permaculture #australia #bushfire #bushfires #climatechange #cliamtemergency

#Permaculture: a route to total systemic change - healing our relationships with ourselves, each other and the living web.

#AccidentalGods #Podcast w Maddy Harland of @PermacultureMagazine

#TuesdayFeeling #amreading #RegenerativeFarming #Podcasts

#Lovage seeds were used in many ancient Roman cuisines. People now only use celery seeds. But lovage seeds have more intense flavor. One mature lovage plant can easily give you a couple of months or even a year of good #spice in your kitchen. The entire lovage plant is edible, including its leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and seeds. #homestead #permaculture

J blue
2 weeks ago

FREE SEEDS for native edible plants; eastern North America, zones 9-6

I’m near my goal of sending tree seeds to at least 20 people this fall and I still have many seeds left.

Besides the ones stated below, also added
Celtis occidentalis
Passiflora lutea
Passiflora incarnata (limited and only to zone 7)

#gardening #rewilding #NativePlants #FoodSecurity #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDiary #permaculture

From: @jblue

2 weeks ago

Now its the time in Germany to go for your free apples

find some trees nobody cares about and best, bring a picker

my own trees did not do well, whereas the last 2 years have been massive

#abundance #permaculture #FreeFood #garten

storage room with small crates, lots of different kinds of apples on display
guerrilla fruit picking set, bags full of apples, fruit picker, telescop handle from painting
bicycle on the edge of a abandoned apple plantation, the ground is covered with apples, no place to put your feet without smashing apples
2 weeks ago

it is possible I have maxed out the tree planting capability of our yard at this point, but now we have a range of fruit/berry options that ripen at different times, herbs, vegetables, nuts for protein and olives and avocado for fats plus medicinals (witch hazel, chaste tree, etc.) which is not bad for urban neighborhood agriculture. It'll be interesting when things really start to mature and produce! #gardening #permaculture

Bread and Circuses
2 weeks ago

Very cool thread 🧵 here from J blue (@jblue) about #rewilding and #permaculture. If you're into that stuff, as almost everyone should be, this is a terrific resource. 👏

SEE --

J blue
2 weeks ago

I am just a person, gazing into a phone, asking pocket friends on mastodon if they would like to grow edible native plants.

#ClimateChangeGardening #gardening #NativePlants #rewilding #foraging @plants #plants #trees #food #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDiary #FoodSecurity #permaculture

From: @jblue

J blue
2 weeks ago

Celtis occidentalis 1/🧵

Ecologically important native tree, produces berries that when steamed and ground taste like raisins+figs+dates+nut. The fruit is scant and all the nutrition is in the seed.

Not pest resistant. Everything eats it but it persists. The trees I collect from don’t seem susceptible to witches broom, none seen on any trees. And there are many. They are mast year type of tree.

Anyone want seeds?
#NativePlants #rewilding #permaculture #GrowYourOwn #gardening #trees

A pic facing upward showing the towering branches of the hackberry tree. It’s about 50ft high and full of leaves. The sky is blue in the background. 

Most of the hackberry trees are not producing many berries this year except one. Last year’s crop was intensely prolific.
Close up of leaves and branches of the tree showing unripe fruits that are orangish yellow but are reflecting light so they appear light brown. Most of the leaves are healthy but you can see a few leaf galls. This tree is an entire ecosystem. Many species produce galls on this tree but it does ok. There are many trees that are over 50ft tall and are robust. Birds, squirrels and other creatures eat the galls too. This is the host species to many butterflies and moths. Even deer forage on the leaves.
Map of Celtis occidentalis from dark green squares mean the species is present in county and native, light green means species is present and not rare, yellow means species is present but rare, and blue means the species is native, but adventive in state. 

The map shows that this tree species is native in almost every state except California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana and Florida. It is also present in large swathes of Canada.
3 weeks ago

#wordpress mon ami avait eu des soucis, et on ne peut se permettre de passer énormément de temps à configurer la sécurité. #odoo ? ou #prestashop ? #magento ? d'autres solutions ? #openbazar ? Que conseilleriez-vous à mon ami #pépiniériste #bio en #permaculture pour un #CMS #opensource #libre (ou autre solution qu'un #CMS du genre site #lowtech ou #lowtechnum ) ou l'on peut ajouter des champs et filtrer faire des pages n'affichant que certaines pages selon certains tags + ecommerce ? merci !

3 weeks ago

Salut à tous,

Pour aider un ami #pépiniériste #bio en #permaculture quel #CMS #opensource #libre vous conseilleriez ? Voici les principaux besoins : - pour créer des fiches / formulaires sur les variétés - disposer de filtres (ex. afficher seulement les arbres persistants) - pouvoir réaliser de la vente en ligne - facile à mettre en œuvre / pas exigeant côté serveur (pouvoir le mettre sur un serveur mutualisé. Pouet suivant la veille réalisée. #drupal #odoo #magento #prestashop #wordpress

J blue
3 weeks ago


Eastern North America, zones 9-6

for easy native edible pest resistant plants whose crop is not sensitive to freak seasonal weather.

Asimina triloba
Boehmeria cylindrica
Diospyros virginiana
Physalis grisea

Please read whole thread and all the AltText.
#FoodSecurity #NativePlants #rewilding #ClimateChangeGardening #gardening

4 large Asimina triloba “pawpaw” fruits hanging in a cluster off a tree. The background is a forest landscape. 

I have the most seeds of this plant and it is the most pest resistant. It has a natural pesticide in its leaves, bark, roots, seeds and trace amounts in the skin of the fruit. It is the only plant that the zebra swallowtail caterpillars feed so if you do see a caterpillar, leave it alone bc destruction of these trees has decimated this butterfly’s population. 

The skin peels away easily like paper and you can eat it like a burrito. Or you can just cut it in half and spoon out the fruit. The seeds are very large and woody and slide away easily from the fruit.
Little yellow berries of Physalis grisea, sliced in half in a blue bowl with vibrant green sissoo leaves. There is a pale white dressing on the salad. 

When physalis berries’ husks turn papery or fall off the stem, the berries might still be a little green. They will ripen to bright yellow on the counter. Leave the husks on until ready to eat.
Boehmeria cylindrica leaves. The leaves are lanceolate with serrated edges. It is a leafy green that tastes spinach-y. This grows in shade or mostly shade. The plant is host to many beautiful butterflies but produces enough leaves to share.
Sorry for this underwhelming pic. The background is blue sky and the pic shows high-up branches of the American persimmon with hundreds of fruit still hanging on its branches. This is the tree I collect fruit from and this pic was taken in late October last year after the leaves had mostly fallen for the season. Frost does not hurt persimmon harvest. Some people say the fruit is better after a frost but our frosts are very late (December).
Keith D Johnson
3 weeks ago

@bethsawin I'm fond of the word 'benestrophe', which echoes the aims of #permaculture.

Hippy Steve
3 weeks ago


This reminds me of two excellent old pieces by the #permaculture expertToby Hemenway (author of Gaia's Garden and Permaculture Cities) nearly 2 decades ago about what a post oil future means for cities vs rural areas

and the follow up article

to my #gardening and #permaculture peepz around here. Do you use any software or digital resources for your gardening endeavours, and if so, which ones and why?

This is meant pretty broadly, if you sell seeds and use a google sheets to manage your business, I want to hear about it.

Light bulbs
1 month ago

“I believe that in the long run, permaculture can feed more people than our current agricultural system. The concept reduces crop failures and promotes diversity. So even if one crop fails, there are plenty of other plants that provide yields. Furthermore, the integration of fruit and nut trees implies that we do not only use the surface of a field to produce food, but we grow food on different levels. As a result, the overall yields per acre are higher.” #Permaculture

Hippy Steve
1 month ago

Still hoping to touch base with someone that has knowledge or experience with small #septic systems and leach fields.

The immediate question is depth of the trenches. Our nonprofit has community members coming today and tomorrow to dig by hand while soil still moist from Hilary.

I’m leaning towards 18-24” & 40’ of leach pipe. Bad idea?

#permaculture #offgrid #greywater #design #homestead

1 month ago

the garden is doing good, there is always something to eat but my veggies are in constant struggle for survival

the slugs took out my second round of salad, the kale leaves were full of yellow and white eggs

also there are white flies when i water the kale and the white butterfly responsible for the other eggs is also just too nice to watch :)

my favorite kale, brussel sprouts is not really affected, so fuck it

#permaculture #gardening

kale plant heavily liked by insects, remaining leaves full of holes
mulched garden beds with chard, chimes, brussels sprouts, beans among others
Cara Bruar
1 month ago

Healthy self-seeded herbs from last year's plantings that I left to go to seed.
The idea was that if that patch was hard to maintain and grew weeds, it might as well grow a wider variety of plants that support insects.
It worked! I'm surprised, we've had a very frosty winter and where they grow is quite exposed.
Now all I need is recipes for using up all that fresh dill and coriander. Or I can just leave them there to seed again. #herbs #permaculture

Healthy green dill plant about knee high, growing in partial shade and poor soil underneath a bottle brush (callistemon) shrub.
Messy self-seeded herbs and meadow flowers from last year. Plants include erigeron, a small white daisy, also many leafy coriander plants, some white corn flowers on long stems, and some dill. A tree grows in the middle of the bed, a callistemon with rough bark.
1 month ago

Hi! This is my #introduction post. I'm new to mastodon and currently #adhd hyperfixating on #gardening and #permaculture. I have a lot of revolving interests, though!

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#Permaculture is more than simply a way to connect people to the land and growing food: it’s a way we can bring all of ourselves to the project of total systemic change: our minds, bodies, spirits, hearts.

This week's #Accidentalgods #podcast guest is Maddy Harland, editor of @permaculturemagazine

Join us for an exploration of all that is real in the world.

#PermacultureForPeople #regenerativefutures #Regenerativefarming

1 month ago

friends, do not wonder why there always seem to be people willing to work at these jobs that are doing the actual global biocide. there is no mystery: the jobs pay extremely well!

here's one: if you don't mind moving to nebraska (a major agricultural state) and buying and selling pesticide (for a company that's apparently so ashamed they won't even reveal their name in the job listing), you can make $120,000-$150,000! in rural nebraska, you will live like royalty at that salary.

and this isn't even "that evil" of a job. it's not being a lawyer for a gas company or being the one actually chopping down the rainforest for cattle. it's just a "normal evil" job - and it pays very well!

#work #antiwork #crabitalism #ecology #environment #agriculture #food #nature #permaculture #sustainability #ClimateChange

Brian Gettler
1 month ago

I spent a few minutes today wandering around the campus #farm at the University of #Toronto #Scarborough. It's a wonderful place dedicated to teaching and research. #BloomScrolling #gardening #permaculture #AcademicChatter

100+ anise hyssop plants featuring long purple flowers (that are a huge hit with bees).
A wide angle shot of one part of the farm featuring all sorts of different colored flowers and many fruit and vegetable plants growing in raised beds. The farm is surrounded by a wooded area under a cloud-dappled blue sky.
An overripe yellow cucumber bearing the word "seeds" written in black sharpie. A few cherry tomatoes on a the plant are in the background.
A black swallowtail butterfly perched on a pink and yellow flower.
2 months ago

Over a 1kg of Tumeric (including tubers for replanting) from a 5 or 6 plants in a self watering pot. If your climate is warm enough there is no reason to buy tumeric, it requires almost no care. #plants #gardening #permaculture

Newly harvested tumeric bulbs
2 months ago

On Thursday, August 17th (day 3) at 6PM I will give a lightning talk @opensourcegardens area about "Composting: What is it? How does it work? And why do we do it?" I'd be happy to meet everyone interested in #composting, #gardening, #permaculture and #RealLifeSolarPunk there. #cccamp23