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Author, and researcher Rupert Sheldrake has amassed a collection of anecdotal stories from owners of pets who died.

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Monday was hectic, but today I get to start the day slowly with cats and iced coffee. :blobcatjoyboxhero:

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Close shot of my tuxedo cat Tiffie outside on a wooden table on the balcony, leaning on her little pot of cat grass and looking towards something at a distance. To her left there's a large mason jar full of iced coffee.
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#AnimalHour Live streaming PUPPY DINNER TIME! (not puppies for dinner, dinners for puppies). #dog #pets #animals #puppies

Black and white labrador puppies having dinner with mommy
6 hours ago

Ask not for whom the bathwater flows,
It flows for thee, Chilindrina.

(apologies to John Donne)

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Closeup color photo of a small black dog being given a bath in a kitchen sink.  The dog does not look too happy about the situation.
Closeup color photo of a small black dog being given a bath in a kitchen sink.  The dog does not look too happy about the situation.
Closeup color photo of a small black dog being given a bath in a kitchen sink.  The dog is rapidly twisting its body to shake off the water.
Closeup color photo of a small black dog being given a bath in a kitchen sink. There is a kitchen faucet hose being held next to it with water flowing. The dog does not look too happy about the situation.
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Dingoes in Australia are mostly known as a pest species that are killed with pesticides, bullets or hung as a 'strange fruit from the poplar trees'.
Contemporary research has found that “Most dingoes in Australia are pure dingoes rather than hybrids”

“..This study encourages us to reckon with a colonial mindset and the way it influences human-wildlife conflict in this country. We need to better appreciate Australia’s amazing wildlife that precedes European colonisation, and to make better use of new and innovative tools that can allow for dingoes and livestock production to coexist more harmoniously." Prof Euan Ritchie

New DNA testing shatters ‘wild dog’ myth: most #dingoes are pure

Dingo genes not diluted by roaming #Bellingen poodles

The original study
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Delta Sierra
11 hours ago

After a five mile hike, she was easy prey for the turtle!

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Black German Shepherd mix laying on the floor. Her favorite toy (a stuffed turtle) is resting halfway on her head and face. It looks like the turtle somehow tackled her to the floor.

Guess fixing the loose thread from that shirt is gonna have to wait.

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My tuxedo cat Tiffie curled up and deeply asleep, using a crumpled shirt of mine as a pillow.
Chris Fletch
15 hours ago

Went for a walk with one of my parents #Dogs today, this is Hugo. #DogsOfMastodon #Mondog #Pets

Suzanne Rent
16 hours ago

On Facebook, there's a page dedicated to people who can't find their pets and people who are finding other people's pets in their yards. Some pets have been reunited with their owners. Here's the page:

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George Penney
22 hours ago

I am currently drinking my 5th cup of tea of the morning.

Some time around 2am last night, our current #housesitting overlord #dog Aka the hairy potato-who-only-turns-right decided he was going to have a dream.

It was an epic dream. That we are positive included chasing woolly mammoths over ancient steppes and getting a good nibble on their hind parts before triumphantly woofing, barking and generally telling all the other proto-potatoes that he was the mightiest potato in the world.

How do we know this? Because we were woken by a 20 minute performance that involved a small brick-shaped dog laying on his back, his little legs running in the air as he emitted continuous tiny woop woop noises before howling majestically.

20 minutes. We tried to wake him up but he wasn't having it. That mammoth was going to be caught and he was going to eat it.

He is not a beastie that normally makes noise. Usually relying on long mind-control stares and the odd huff, long groan or sigh to express emotion. But last night we discovered what we now believe to be the source of all his eccentricity.

He's really a reincarnated sabre toothed potato, which undoubtedly only turned right and smelled alluringly horrendous for all the other potatoes on the plains. After spending 3 weeks in this dog's company, it honestly is the only rational explanation.

The saga continues.

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1 day ago

#Sawtell gone to the dogs
Illiterate dog owners walking their dogs illegally on the "No dogs beach" when the "Dog Beach" is just next to it.
The beauty is that there is no enforcement and no one cares...
Regular #DogsOnBeach #Wildlife #Shorebirds #Lawless #Pets owners

Sawtell "No dogs beach"
"No Dogs" beach sign, Sawtell
1 day ago

Australian shelters and pounds kill 50,000 mostly healthy cats and kittens in a year. There’s a way to prevent this pointless killing
"Despite the scale of this killing, Australia’s stray cat numbers are not decreasing. The evidence shows an urgent need for proactive community cat programs offering free #desexing of cats in targeted problem areas.
At least 50% of cats entering pounds and shelters are kittens less than six months old. These figures highlight why community cat programs are urgently needed across Australia to protect cats, native wildlife and people."
#Roaming #Cats native #Wildlife #CatContainment #Trauma #Staff #StrayCats #DomesticCats #Consuming #Pets #Overproduction

Desex your pet poster
1 day ago

Abuse towards #Vets by #Pet owners is "on the rise"
"Negative feedback and negative #interactions with clients when they bring patients into our hospitals is [also] a very real factor contributing to poor mental health."
#Clients #Interactions #Pets #Work #Violence #OneHealth

Dogs poster, Coffs Harbour

That's what you get for being cheap with your pets OMQ! 🐶😩

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為小失大 Penny wise, dollar foolish

OMQ's dog comes to him with an injured bleeding paw. OMQ takes him to the vet. The vet estimates it will cost $30. OMQ thinks it's too much and leaves with the poor pup. Back at home OMQ tries to treat and disinfect the paw. But it hurts and the dog bites OMQ's hand. OMQ ends up going to a doctor to get his hand stitched up. It costs him $80.
1 day ago

#BREAKING. Emergency Alerts have been issued to evacuate homes in the Tantallon Area due to massive out-of-control wild fires. I saw this offer, and wanted to be sure pet owners know. #Tantallon #Halifax #Fire #Evacuation #Pets #EmergencyShelter #Free

if you are evacuating Tantallon, Uptown Tails Pet Resort would like to extend an offer of FREE emergency boarding to any family with dogs and nowhere to go.
Please text 902-818-8339 to make arrangements. We are located at 195 Wentworth Drive off Dunbrack Ave, Halifax
Regina Granat
2 days ago

Pressure washing the rat cage today. This is the epitome of disgusting. But the kids are freaked out so all is well!

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Empty rat cage outside while Jason takes the pressure washer to it.
Pile of four pink eyed white rats in their travel condo while we deep clean their house.

На автомате почесал чью-то собаку пока выходил на улицу.


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Harvest Malletus
2 days ago

Zelda is always just so cute. She's having a nice comfy time on the couch!

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German Shepherd girl settled in her favorite spot on a gray couch, her chin on the armrest, legs dangling over the edge of the seat.

15 years verses 4 month. My older girl is the the right and the puppy to the left. They are coming to an agreement to share the sofa. I told them we need a third dog, so no human can possibly use the sofa. I got this look.

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Our two dogs on the sofa right next to each other. The Australian kelpie mix to the right is 15 and the lab mix to the left only 4 month. The older one at first did not let the puppy this close to her.  Artist Iris Richardson
! Quite Interesting
2 days ago

France’s TGV (high speed train) network has the following rule:

Without a valid ticket for the route, pet snails cannot escargot.

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Chris Fletch
2 days ago

Whilst I was out yesterday @GothicHippi sent me this picture of our boy Charlie. Look at that lean 😍 #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #dog #pet #pets

Picture of our dog Charlie leaning on a cushion, tongue sticking out.
Andrew Linke
2 days ago

My cat just told me that if I can’t be bothered to hug and pet him while not touch him, make only fleeting eye contact, and let him gnaw excitedly on my chin, then by god I don’t deserve his affection.

Fuck off human! I’m going to go glare at the rabbits.

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2 days ago

He wouldn't let me have my tea in peace. Immediately forgiven.

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This brings back all my memories of the furball buddies for whom I've had to "do the right thing." I remember each one for the trust in their eyes as the vet injected them.


Peggy Collins
3 days ago
Colorful artwork of a green-eyed Calico cat with a stained glass effect, by artist Peggy Collins.
3 days ago
adorable calico kitten sits on a laptop keyboard, "If not for sits, why is it made of warm?"

#Caturday plans after a week that seemingly lasted a month: take 15 naps, continue replaying Mass Effect trilogy, maybe watch a movie, nap again.

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Close shot of my calico cat Carrie standing on the desk, making a cute face, looking slightly to the right and wearing a bright pink collar with a little id tag on it.
3 days ago

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🎶 Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening me
Galimeow , Galimeow
Galimeow, Galimeow
Galimeow, Figaro - magnificoo 🎶

3 kitties, 2 grays, one calico
3 days ago


This is the first fish cave I bought recommended for my new Blood Parrot fish and the nexus of Crystal Fish Caves. Aint it oooooogly? and dont those two deserve better? #FishFriday #pets #animals #aquarium #fishofmastodon

two blood parrot fish huddled together peeking out of a really ugly fish cave. That thing is why I started my business. and covid : )
Claudia Zahn
5 days ago

Just a tiny prehensile-tailed #porcupine called #Wilbur eating a slice of #banana 😂🍌🙌
He lived in the #OutOfAfricaWildlifePark in #Arizona and he was very loved for his kind and gentle nature and for his love of snacks. At 12 years old, he passed peacefully and will be missed dearly and he will never be forgotten.
📷-Sarah Fredrickson
#OutofAfrica #Nature #NatureLovers #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer #Pet #Pets #PetsAreFamily #AdoptDontShop

Harshad Sharma
5 days ago
Close up of an orange cat sleeping with her head/cheek on a paw. Warm light is on her face, while rest of her body is dimly lit.
6 days ago
A terrier with a light brown head and white body is tickled by his owner. Only the head of the dog which has its eyes closed and also the hand and the dark blue sweater of the owner can be seen.

Ein Terrier mit einem hellbraunen Kopf und weißem Körper wird von seinem Besitzer gekitzelt. Nur der Kopf des Hundes, der die Augen geschlossen hat, sowie die Hand und der dunkelblaue Pullover des Besitzers sind zu sehen.
Schmutzie 🦉
6 days ago

I was suddenly sad about my old cat Onion, and then my calendar alerted me that he died 2 years ago tomorrow. I still miss him terribly. He was the most beautiful. #Blog #BlogPost #Pets #Cats

A very closeup photo of a tabby cat’s face. The cat appears to be lying down with his face angled to the lower left from the top right.
6 days ago

My first post on a new server. Spent the last 3 hours weeding while being faced with this every 10 seconds. You own a shepherd, you better know how to multi-task 😊 #DogsOfMastodon #Pets

White shepherd with ball in mouth

'Do not disturb' mode has been enabled.

#caturday #CatsOfMastodon #cats #cat #pets #floof #catstodon #MastoCats

My Calico cat Carrie, peacefully asleep on a large dog mattress pillow. Her front paw is curled next to her face and her belly is slightly exposed.
Si Fuller
2 weeks ago

I have stacked my pets for optimum storage.
#pets #dogs #cat #sandwich #peaceful

A cat cuddled up to a dog, which is cuddled up to another dog, all sleeping peacefully.

Just two months into its existence, #Bluesky has seen the ironclad laws of social media in action. First: you must be able to use a social platform to attack your enemies. Second: you must be able to post and share #nudes. Third: when attacks and nudes inevitably get banned and there’s nothing left to do, everyone starts sharing photos of their #pets.

Charlotte Walker
2 weeks ago

Just had a lovely cuddle with Miss Cinnamon where we took turns giving the “kisses” - she would lick my nose then I would kiss her head. Tom thinks it’s disgusting when I let her lick my face and I say it’s just letting her show her love. So I’ll put it to the public vote! Is it disgusting to let your pet lick your face? #pets #cats

Random #caturday fact, Tiffie is actually named after Tiffany Aching, who is one of my all time favourite characters from the Discworld books, and the name also turned out quite fitting too.

Art is by Paul Kidby for the book cover of 'The Shepherd's Crown'.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #floof #pets #catstodon #Discworld #TiffanyAching

My Tuxedo cat Tiffie, standing on her cat tree, wearing a burgundy collar with an id saying 'Tiff' and a safety buckle, and striking a pose.
Tiffany Aching on the book cover of The Shepherd's Crown, as drawn by Paul Kidby
3 weeks ago
a very happy and exceptionally beautiful dog carries a stick in his mouth while very clearly inviting the photographer to put down their camera and engage in a game of fetch
3 weeks ago

"Too often in the West, dogs are seen through the prism of pedigree, and connected to their owner via collars and leashes. All too often, the realities of how dogs and humans live together in the Global South are overlooked."

Krithika Srinivasan for #AeonMagazine:

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Nonfiction #Dogs #Animals #Pets #India #Coexistence

Dave Mackey
3 weeks ago

I have a very clear policy on #pets: "It's till death do us part." You can bring it home but then I'm going to become attached to it and there is no going back. You've been warned.

George Penney
3 weeks ago

Today, Kiwi the diva right-hand-only-turning furry potato #dog we are pet sitting in Berlin decided to take on a pigeon in the local park.

What he failed to factor in was that he wasn't dealing with any old pigeon. Nein! He was dealing with a fine example of German pigeonhood, raised on character-building, constipation-curing brot, prosecco from abandoned bottles near the train tracks, in-season white asparagus left overs, and schnitzel crumbs.

The furry potato advanced, the Germanic pigeon flexed, showing its mighty chesticles.

The furry potato retreated, making only right hand turns the entire way home, vowing to cadge some wonderbrot off the humans over dinner so he too can build up his chesticles to defeat his foe another day!

#dogs #Birds #pets

Beverly Bambury
3 weeks ago

This will always make me laugh

#tarot #strength #cat #pets

the Strength tarot card from the Rider Waite deck. It has captions that say: "An alternative interpretation of the Strength card:" Then you see the robed figure trying to close the mouth of a lion which looks up in submission. There are little bits of text around the image that say "give it back u little shit" and "spit that out" and "u can't eat that tf"
3 weeks ago

#Iowa Mayor Didn’t Want to Sign #Pride Month Proclamation. Residents Changed His Mind

- #farmers market season is back, here are some cool ones
- sine die, which is political speak for "the state leg is over"
- #wildflowers, shelter #pets & more #news you can use

John Doe #1
3 weeks ago

Last night when Inda the gecko came out to eat she came right to my finger and climbed up the glass a little and just stared at me, so I snapped a picture. I think she’s pretty cute when she looks in the camera and does things like that. #pets #pet #PetsOfMastodon

A very cute crested gecko looking in the camera with front feet on glass
Karen Kaspar
3 weeks ago

A cute little cat is sitting in a meadow, looking out curiously between the green blades of grass. Is she watching butterflies or is she waiting for a nice person to share a few cuddles with her?

Find my soft pastels painting here:

#MastoArt #art #AYearForArt #painting #FediArt #FediGiftShop #cats #CatsOfMastodon #caturday #cat #CatLovers #pets #cute #animals #catstodon #WhiskersWednesday #furry #kitten #kitty #kittens #katze #meow #AnimalArt #PetPortrait #BuyIntoArt

Curious Cat in the Green Meadow is a pastel painting in landscape format painted by the artist Karen Kaspar. A cute little cat is sitting in a meadow, looking out attentively and curiously between the green blades of grass. The kitten has a white coat, the ears and the upper part of the head are brown mackerel. The green eyes reflect the lush green of the grasses.
4 weeks ago

Happy Fish Friday!!! My Blood Parrots are such hams. #fish #fishofmastodon #FishFriday #pets #animals #nature #aquarium

Universal Hub
4 weeks ago

Dog owners will no longer have to flee to the suburbs just to drink beer outside
#Boston #beer #pets #dogs

John Doe #1
4 weeks ago

My little cuddle bug in the palm of my hand. She’s started wanting to do this quite often now. It’s hard to catch on camera with one hand in use but I tried anyway. #pets #PetsOfMastodon #bird

Blue parrotlet cuddles in palm of hand.
Primadonna Boy🏳️‍⚧️✨
1 month ago

What are the best pets for approximating the feeling of having a baby or toddler that never grows up?

#pets #pet #baby #babies #toddler #toddlers #question