Raphaël Lévy
5 hours ago

Would you like to do a PhD with Giulia Fadda and me? Or do you know anyone who might? Contact us ASAP (deadline 04/06/2023) Please share. #phd

Dylan Van Assche
6 hours ago

IDLab is like everywhere! Mathijs van Noort is now presenting his #PhD on stream reasoning!

#ESWC2023 #SemanticWeb #Decentralized #KnowledgeGraph #Reasoning #RDF @eswc_conf @pietercolpaert

Mathijs van Noort presenting his PhD about decentralized stream reasoning
Dylan Van Assche
8 hours ago

Sitt Min Oo, another IDLab colleague, is also presenting their #PhD at the #ESWC2023 PhD symposium! He is working on integrating streaming data with #RML and any-to-any data format #mapping!

#RDF #SemanticWeb #LinkedData #KnowledgeGraph @eswc_conf @pietercolpaert

Sitt Min Oo presenting his PhD around multiple views of Linked Data
Jan Tobias Muehlberg
9 hours ago

About two weeks left (deadline: 2023-06-09) to apply for this #PhD or #Postdoc position in #embedded #security and #dependability at Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles, Université libre de Bruxelles:

Dylan Van Assche
11 hours ago

My colleague at IDLab Jonni Hanski is presenting his #PhD at the #ESWC2023 PhD symposium! He mainly focusses on optimizing link traversal #query processing over #distristributed #LinkedData like #Solid

@eswc_conf @pietercolpaert
#RDF #decentralized #SemanticWeb #LinkTraversal

Colleague Jonni Hanksi presenting his work for the upcoming years at the PhD symposium
Harald Sack
12 hours ago

„Stay curiuos, stay playful, evaluate rationally“ - priceless tips for your career as a #PhD from John Domingue in the #eswc2023 PhD symposium. @eswc_conf #KnowledgeGraphs #generativeAI #semanticweb

Final Slide from John Domingue‘s keynote at the eswc2023 phd symposium
Lieke Dreijerink
12 hours ago

Interesting vacancy for a PhD researcher on climate activism behavior, at the Universiteit van Amsterdam #Phd #SocialPsychology #Climate #EnvironmentalPsychology

Dylan Van Assche
12 hours ago

PhD symposium at @eswc_conf started with a keynote about academic careers!

#ESWC2023 #SemanticWeb #PhD #career #academia

Keynote PhD symposium at ESWC 2023 about academic career
Harald Sack
13 hours ago

Good morning #eswc2023! Looking forward to an exciting day of workshops & the #PhD symposium. Also, don’t miss our paper From Floppy Disks to 5-Star LOD: FAIR Research Infrastructure for NFDI4Culture at the DaMaLos Workshop this morning! @fizise @tabea @sashabruns @nfdi4culture #KnowledgeGraphs #damalos2023

Jade Embers
2 days ago

When I accepted being trans, I came out at work right away: I both deserve to live as myself and am also privileged with relative safety in transitioning openly.

Now, as I consider an #InformationScience #PhD, it’s important to me to remain visible.

My research interests are not directly related to queerness, but l hope visibility will help other trans folks feel safer in academia.

More queerness in academia means more trans research will be funded in medicine, neuroscience, and sexology.

Ruth Mottram
3 days ago

I'm up early to read a PhD thesis before the family awakes. It's such a privilege to be able to assess these. I always learn something, and the passion and pride our colleagues pour into their work is always impressive.
If you're a PhD student who is struggling, just a little message to #KeepGoing. One day someone like me will really enjoy reading your thesis.💪

#PhD #PhDSupport

Niels Doorn
3 days ago

Yes!!! Our Journal paper titled "Towards understanding students' sensemaking of test case design" has been accepted!!!

The pre-print can be found here:

#phd @phdstudents

Screen shot of the pre-print of the accepted journal paper.
Sara Passmore
3 days ago

One of my supervisors wants to publish an article together based on my research topic. I guess that’ll be a big motivator to actually write more stuff to get my proposal done.#PhD

Mike Madden
3 days ago

Researchers who still collaborate with abusive PIs and advisors...


#AcademicChatter #phdlife #phd #scicomm #academicmastodon #highered #highereducation

3 days ago
3 days ago

Engineer with PhD in embedded systems

Elvesys - Elveflow

Do you have a #PhD and have skills in #EmbeddedSystems? Come join us in #Paris to build together the future of #microfluidics!

See the full job description on jobRxiv:

#ScienceJobs #hiring #research #EngineeringJobs @elveflow #PhDjobs ...

IMPRS Physics of Light
3 days ago

Proud to share our brand new IMPRS #Physics of #Light film with you!

Don’t forget to submit your #application until 31st of May!

More information about our #graduate #program with #MSc stipends and #PhD #positions:

3 days ago

Engineer with PhD in electronics, robotics, or mechatronics

Elvesys - Elveflow

Do you have a #PhD and have skills in #electronics? Come join us in #Paris to build together the future of #microfluidics!

See the full job description on jobRxiv:


Sara Passmore
4 days ago

I have less than a week to tidy up my #PhD research proposal to submit it to my supervisors, which seems like the right time to crack open the 1000 piece puzzle.

A table full of puzzle pieces
Moses Newton - Online Tutor
4 days ago

Still available this summer to offer research and assignment help. You can reach me using +1 (213) 973-4036
#College #PhD #Essay

4 days ago

[Job] PhD project: Structural and functional characterization of the ubiquinone biosynthetic complex from Escherichia coli, in Grenoble
#PhD #Grenoble

Jan Tobias Muehlberg
4 days ago

Registrations are open: #SICT2023, #interdisciplinary #PhD Summer School on #sustainable #ICT at Université Grenoble Alpes in #Grenoble, #France, 2023-07-03 until 2023-07-07. Radical changes for sustainable and equitable ICT in times of compounding crises!

Programme summary of SICT2023, info is available in an accessible format on the website.
European Research Council (ERC
5 days ago

Are you a researcher looking for a job? 💼

Find a perfect fit among dozens of #PhD and #PostDoc vacancies in ERC-funded teams by clicking the link below. 👇


Dan Stowell
5 days ago

New #AI #PhD opportunity with us! "PhD in Artificial Intelligence for power load and renewable energy forecasting in electricity grids" Details here: #Netherlands #Curaçao #Tilburg #deeplearning #sustainability #climatechange

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
5 days ago

I'm a very proud PhD advisor today - we got a new Dr in the house! 🎉🎉🎉 With a proper German PhD hat!

#academia #astrodon #PhD #PhDone

A German (ie made by other ppl from the institute) PhD hat, looked from the top: there are several things on top, most prominently a toy clock where each time is tea time. One can see that the other parts of the hat are also very creative.
Simon Waldman
5 days ago

A #PhD recruiting that I'll be informally involved with:

"Developing strategies to improve outcomes in a cluttered seascape"

Closing date 30th June.

Vivienne Dunstan
5 days ago

Musing possible journal paper re private library and other possessions of a #ScottishBorders laird ancestor died 1761. His testament convinced me Scottish testaments might be a good source for #books owned. Which I studied as a Research Assistant and my #PhD. I had expressed some doubts re these sources in my RA job interview. But then I remembered my ancestor’s inventory. And I found masses of relevant records when I searched more broadly. #Genealogy #FamilyHistory #BookHistory #ScottishHistory

Niels Doorn
5 days ago

Presentation went fine yesterday, three minutes is so short! Today open air oster presentation. #RCIS2023 #phd @phdstudents

6 days ago

PhD positions in Population Genetics

Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics

#Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics is looking for
bright #PhD students with a love for #evolution.

See the full job description on jobRxiv:

Harald Sack
6 days ago

The moment we've been waiting for is here! The program for the International #SemantiWeb Research #SummerSchool #ISWS2023 is online. Brace yourselves for a week of incredible experiences:

@fizise @KIT_Karlsruhe @tabea @sashabruns @albertmeronyo #knowledgegraphs #creativeAI #languagemodels #ai #phd @nfdi4culture @nfdi4ds @NFDI

Screenshot of the new program of the International Semantic Web Research Summer School ISWS 2023, which will take place in June 2023 in Bertinoro, Italy, organized by University of Bologna and FIZ Karlsruhe
Niels Doorn
6 days ago

The weather is great, people are nice, what could possibly go wrong 🤞🤞🤞 #RSIC2023 #phd

De auteur van deze toot at the Corfu RSIC conference.
Ingo Frommholz
6 days ago

Fancy working with me? The Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton offers, among others, a PhD studentship on Large Language Models for Academic Search. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested. Look for the LASER project at

#phd #ai #informationRetrieval #studentship #largeLanguageModels #chatgpt #chatgpt4 #bard #nlp #computationalLinguistics #search #academicSearch #recommendersystems #university #research

Scott Matter
6 days ago

Would be great if you could sign this petition to increase research scholarship rates for PhD students in Australia, so that they’re paid minimum wage.

This is a small step towards properly funding and compensating the people who make massive contributions to Australian research outputs.

#academia #universities #auspol #researchFunding #PhD #Australia

José A. Alonso
1 week ago

#MULCIA: Postdoctoral position at Université de Montpellier: Verified data structures for term indexing. #PhD #PostDoc #CompSci

Niels Doorn
1 week ago

Today I will pitch our paper! One slide, four minutes... Wish me luck! I will need it! #RCIS2023 #phd

Uli Schwarz-Linek
1 week ago

About to finish #PhD in molecular microbiology/virology? Join us as #postdoc at the BSRC in St Andrews and work with Michael Nevels and me to study mechanisms underlying the devastating synergy of #GroupAStrep and #ChickenPox co-infections. Full details:

Colour photograph of the sunny West Sands Beach at St Andrews and small false-colour electron micrograph by Manfred Rohde showing bacteria adhering to a host cell. Overlaid black text reading:
12-month position, Streptococcus pyogenes, HCMV, VZV, Molecular virology and microbiology, Bacterial adhesion and host cell invasion, Excellent research facilities, Highly collaborative environment, 5 minutes from bench to beach.
Nurse Mich
1 week ago

What is this predatory journal mess? :blobcatthinkOwO:
Equivalent of $2200 US dollars and “we may potentially provide a 10% discount if we receive positive feedback from the reviewers”

Reviewer 2: :blobcateyes:

#Research #Writing #PhD

In order to provide free access to readers and cover the costs of peer review, copyediting, typesetting, and journal management, the journal applies an article processing charge (APC) of 2000 CHF (Swiss Francs) to each paper accepted after peer review. However, we may potentially provide a 10% discount if we receive positive feedback from the reviewers. Please note that for papers submitted after 30 June 2023, an APC of 2700 CHF will apply. The discount is available from now on before 30 September 2023.
Søren Sjøgren
1 week ago

🎉 I am exited to learn that my article on command has found its way onto the popular articles list with the Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies. It great to know that it is read while I am working to finish the rest of the #PhD thesis. It’s free #OA / #OpenAccess here: #phdlife

Freya Blekman
2 weeks ago

There is another #PhD position on the @CMSexperiment available in my #team at @DESYnews Fancy doing innovative direct searches at the LHC that are not just re-running someone else's code, and with the amazing Andreas Hinzmann and me (and loads of others, we're good and fun!)

Then have a look:

#Academicjobs #physics #jobs #hamburg

Ruth Mottram
2 weeks ago

If you are struggling with a #PhD or any other task may I present this wonderful cartoon by Liz Fosslien

A cartoon showing a figure carrying a large and ball a small ball and empty handed underneath the caption says how it feels right now, how it will feel in a few months and how it will feel in a few years.
Erinn Acland, PhD
2 weeks ago

In Canada, about 50% of PhD students do not finish their degree in the Humanities.

For those that stick it out, it takes on average 7 years to complete. Of those that do finish, ~20-30% find jobs at colleges/universities.

"The evidence tells us that there is a systemic impossibility of achieving anything close to reasonable rates of permanent academic employment for humanities PhDs."


#PhD #AcademicChatter @academicchatter @academicsunite #Canada #Science

Clément Canonne
2 weeks ago

🇦🇺 An official #AustralianGovernment petition asking to increase the stipend of #PhD students to match the minimum wage: #academia

Please sign and share!

Javed Ali
4 weeks ago

I’m glad and thankful to share that I’ve successfully passed my #PhD candidacy exam today, bringing me one step closer to earning my doctoral degree!

As I advance to the next stage of my research, I’m eager to delve deeper into the intricate dynamics of #climate & #weather-related #risks and their implications for #socioeconomic risk management.

Eternally grateful to my advisor for his support & guidance. Thanks to my dissertation committee for their valuable insights & constructive feedback.

I’m standing in front of a big monitor showing PowerPoint presentation in the background.
Helen Czerski
4 weeks ago

To anyone who knows **UK** students looking for a PhD studentship and who might be interested in any of these topics, UEA has some going so please pass on the advert below:

Wild fires, Coastal cliff instability, Near-real time fossil fuel emissions, Extreme weather, Ozone depletion events in the polar Arctic atmosphere, Sea-ice carbon pump, Ocean-atmosphere-ice interactions, Leaky ocean eddies, Zinc in polar diatoms, Zooplankton carbon pumps

#PhD #Research #student

Martin W. Angler
1 month ago

How Academic Bullying Led This Data Scientist to Open Science.

In her insightful article, @pcmasuzzo shares how she was bullied into producing bad science, how she became fed up with academic culture and what she had to do to rediscover her love for science.

Read the full article here:

#science #publishing #academia #bullying #quality #research #phd #postdoc #datascience #openscience #opendata #openaccess

"A magazine to hug, a library full of books, and the Lego Seinfeld set - quintessential me", says author Masuzzo, who is pictured in front of a bookshelf. - Picture by Tom Bruyneel
Kathy Reid
1 month ago

ICYMI: Do you work with #voice or #speech #data?

You might be a #linguist, or an #ML #engineer, doing things like data specifications, filtering or pre-processing or training #ASR, #STT or #TTS models, or you might work in #fairness or #bias evaluation.

If so, I’d love your help to understand current #dataset #documentation practices, and what we can do to make them better as part of my #PhD #research

The #survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete, and you can opt in to win one of 3 gift cards valued at $AUD 50 each

Research Protocol 2021/427 approved by #ANU Human Research Ethics Committee

Do you work with voice or speech datasets like Common Voice or Librispeech? You could help us understand and improve dataset documentation practices by completing this survey.
Kathy Reid
1 month ago

Do you work with #voice or #speech #data? You might contribute data, write data specifications for collection, perform filtering or pre-processing, train #ASR or #TTS models, or design or perform evaluations on #ML speech models.

If so, I’d love your help to understand current #dataset #documentation practices, and what we can do to make them better as part of my #PhD #research

The #survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete, and you can opt in to win one of 3 gift cards valued at $AUD 50 each

Research Protocol 2021/427 approved by #ANU Human Research Ethics Committee

Kathy Reid
1 month ago

Do you work with #voice or #speech #data? You might contribute data, write data specifications for collection, perform filtering or pre-processing, train #ASR or #TTS models, or design or perform evaluations on #ML speech models.

If so, I’d love your help to understand current #dataset #documentation practices, and what we can do to make them better as part of my #PhD #research

The #survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete, and you can opt in to win one of 3 gift cards valued at $AUD 50 each.

Research Protocol 2021/427 approved by #ANU Human Research Ethics Committee

Promotional poster for my PhD survey research.

We are moving to Boston for my job & my significant other is #lookingforajob in the greater #boston area. He has a #PhD in #math with experience doing #graphtheory as well as #quantumcomputing #quantumcompilation. Several yrs of post phd experience doing research in govt group & he is looking to continue doing #research. Open to #postdoc #StaffScientist or other roles in #academia or #industry. Plz share & dm if you’re willing to chat with him or have a lead

Kathy Reid
1 month ago

With the Bird Site implementing New Features*, it's time for another #ConnectionList #Introduction #FollowFriday #JoinMastodon #TwitterMigration post, where I use my large follower count to more richly connect the #Fediverse :fediverse:

@sarahmei is Head of #Engineering at #BackerKit 👋

@vukosi is Chair of #DataScience at the University of #Pretoria, and works with Deep Learning #Indaba and #Masakhane #NLP to aid African language technologies 👋

@TomHoneyman leads work at #ARDC - the Australian Research Data Commons - to increase the recognition of #ResearchSoftware as a #research output 👋

@trao is Tanushree and she is doing a #PhD at #Stockholm #University where she works on #aid, #migration, #inequality and #institutions. She's into #rstats and #dataviz 👋

@KohaILS is the account for the #OpenSource integrated #Library system developed in #Aotearoa, and used around the world #GLAM 👋

@verena_distler is a #PostDoc at #UniBw ain #Munich who works on #HCI in #Security and #Privacy #UsableSecurity 👋

@wikidata is the #Mastodon account for the #Wikidata project, which aims to create #ontologies of #OpenData that can be re-used openly across the world 👋 ⌨️

Don't forget to post your own #ConnectionList so we can more richly connect the #Fediverse ❤️

Charles Pence
1 month ago

I sent out a formal message to all of the mailing lists, but for here, something more informal:

Are you looking to do a 4-year funded PhD in philosophy of (developmental) biology, or do you know someone who is? Do you know some molecular or developmental biology? Come work with me and other cool people like @oliviodare, funded for four years! Start date flexible any time between this September and the year following!

#philosophy #philbio #phd @philbio :boost_requested:

Jane Adams
1 month ago

ICYMI: On Friday, a huge crowd gathered for a rally on campus to demand that #Northeastern stop delaying our graduate workers' union election. This fight has been going on for nearly a decade, with generations of #PhD students in and out of court while stipends lag well behind cost of living in #Boston.

#SomervilleMA City Council has also unanimously passed a resolution calling on #NEU to cease its anti-union campaign.

RT @ nugradunion:

Chalk writing on a metal bridge on northeastern campus which reads "your student depends on grad labor"
A large crowd holding signs demanding a vote and supporting the GENU-UAW union
A large group of students marching through campus holding signs demanding a union election
A resolution from the city council of Somerville, unanimously passed, in support of the graduate workers of northeastern union struggle and calling on Northeastern to cease its anti-union campaign. Full text here:
Eva Amsen
2 months ago

JTM: Nature News is recruiting interns again. You don't need a lot of #journalism experience yet, so it's great for recent or almost #PhD students or other #STEM people with an interest in #sciencewriting

2 months ago

Ok, I have created an outline for my comprehensive exam research paper. Tomorrow will be the beginning of 72 hours of intensive writing on emotion regulation for queer people. The first of three comps I am required to do for my program before I can pass on to my thesis proposal + proposal defence so I can become a PhD candidate. Wish me luck!

#PhD #GradSchool #phdStudent #Psychology #EmotionResearch #LGBT #QueerPsychology #EmotionRegulation

Via @UW_ischool on the bird:
"iSchool Ph.D. candidate
@carolinerpitt collaborated with researchers at #foundry10Ed and #GametoGrow on a study using #DungeonsandDragons as an educational tool. The team published a new white paper on their findings:

#DnD #PhD #TTRPG #digitalwellbeing "

Ned Cooper
2 months ago

An #introduction from me!

Hi, I'm Ned. I'm a #PhD candidate at the ANU, though I'm based on Gadigal country (Sydney). I'm also a student researcher at Google Research AU.

For my PhD, I conduct research into the ways users participate in dev and deployment of AI systems.

Before that, I was a strategy consultant (fully recovered) and a human rights lawyer in AU, UK, and Guatemala.

Signed up to Mastodon a year ago but only recently switched. So far, finding it very welcoming and interesting!

Luisa N. Borrell
2 months ago

Accurate 💯💯 #academia @PostdocVoice @TressAcademic
@PhDVoice @PhD_Genie
@PhDspeaks @PhD_Balance
RT @monayousefalza1
Studying for PhD.. 😅

#PhD #phdchat #phdvoice #phdlife #البحث_العلمي #الدكتوراه #phdstudent #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #phd

Hi all! I'm Joseph Szymborski, a #PhD student at McGill university studying #deeplearning models as applied to molecular biology.

Specifically, I'm working on predicting the interaction of proteins based solely on their amino acid sequence.

Follow for upcoming blog posts on topics related to #bioinformatics , molecular biology, and other generally nerdy things.

Eager to meet and share ideas with #compbio #netbio and #deeplearning people here!

#introductions #ai #phdlife

Dave Vanness
2 months ago

I'd be very grateful if anyone knows of good online resources for junior faculty negotiating their first academic positions (salary, startup, buyouts, etc). Bonus if the material has advice for women and underrepresented minorities. Thank you! #PhD #Academia

@phdlife @academicchatter

Bibiana Prinoth
2 months ago

Better sharing this late than never 🤭

I'm happy to announce that I've been awarded a one-year #ESO studentship to work with Elyar Sedaghati and @JuliaVSeidel on #ESPRESSO 🔭

See you in August, #Chile! 🇨🇱❤️

#phd #phdjourney #studentship #chile #observation #telescope #spectrograph #news #project #thesis

2 months ago

🚨🚨 New instance!! Same #introduction !!! 🚨🚨 Hi! I’m wren! One of many! I’m a #nerdy #genx #trans woman in #Atlanta. I have a #PhD in #quantum #physics but these days I mostly do #deep #learning. I’m a #songwriter + #musician! I do #weird #noisy solo projects and have played in weird noisy bands. Loud! Fun!

I started #HRT in 2021, and i hope to come out in 2023. I'm working on my voice rn and it's hard!!

Good to meet you!! Feel free to boost my posts, sweet friends, and I’ll do likewise! ❤️​

Behold a sweet Wren making her "tell me more face" for it is true!  I enjoy being here even if sometimes i seem very sad, and I enjoy reading all your posts and interacting as best i can <3  

Oh!  in this pic is a woman sitting on the floor for some reason. She has shoulder-length blond hair, light make-up, and an interested expression(?).  She's wearing a black hoodie and also black tights, tho that's hard to see here.  I think that's the gist.  Why do i get 4x as many words for text description than i do for the actual post
Vincent Mousseau, MSc RSW
2 months ago

Hi friends! I’m a #Black queer #PhD student living in #NovaScotia who is going to be in #London and #Glasgow for the #SWSexuality23 conference this summer, and would love to meet and hang out with some local #queer folks interested in exploring the city together! My dates are:
- London from 13-16 July
- Glasgow from 16-20 July

Prof. Julia Leyda
3 months ago

This programme offering 4-year fully-funded PhD studentships to support Black British researchers has been established by philanthropic donations from University of Exeter alumni - you can read more about the donors here.

The aim of these scholarships is to help improve access and participation in PhD study for talented Black British students. Each studentship offers a comprehensive funding and support package designed to enable students to succeed in their PhD programme and beyond, including:
• 4 years of stipend funding at the UKRI rate (currently £17,668 for 2022/23)
• Funding for tuition fees the Home fee rate
• A research training support grant (to cover project costs; ranging from £2,000 minimum up to maximum of £10,000 for higher cost projects)

and more (see link)

:mastodance: ✊🏿 ✊🏾 ✊🏽

#AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon #PhD #AcademicFunding
#Humanities #SocialSciences

Rebekka Artz
3 months ago

A new PhD studentship opportunity with Dr Tom Parker, Prof Jens Arne Subke, Dr Renee Kerkvliet-Hermans and me, on Investigating the resilience of peatland carbon cycling to new climate extremes. UK-based. 3.5 Years fully funded. Deadline 14/4. For more info, please see: #peat #peatland #phd #climate

Charlotte Walker
3 months ago

That’s my third and final #PhD application submitted! Now back to the day job until my first interview on Wednesday