Democracy Spot
5 hours ago

🎧 50 Years Ago Tonight, #TheOJays had the top song on the #Billboard #Hot100 with "Love Train." The song hit #1 on the #RnB chart the month before.

#music #soul #classic #disco #YesDisco #GambleAndHuff #TSOP #PhiladephiaIntlRecords #Philly #SoulTrain

Nicole M. Wolverton
2 days ago

Heads up: Bookers in Philly just had a change of ownership; until they transfer the liquor license or whatever, they can't serve booze in the outdoor seating section. Yeah, that's me without a Bloody Mary this morning. Alas!

#Philly #Philadelphia

Rick Turoczy
3 days ago

Philadelphia love - Tracy Levesque on Philly and Gritty - Mildly Interesting People

#philly #philadelphia #gritty #mildlyinteresting

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
3 days ago

#FollowFriday recommendations for the #Philadelphia area:

- @stumblewyk - GM running #TTRPGs, #Philly sports, cute dog
- @joni - brand design, #SVG, #bees, weight lifting, the tippy top of DE
- @stephstephking - education and children, #writer, #publicTransit
- @nicolewolverton - Horror, #elections, globetrotting

3 days ago

Sadly can't use my ticket to see #YoLaTengo tonite in #philly. Any one want it? If ya can't make it, please give this toot a boost!

Joe Cotellese
4 days ago

Kinda bummed that the boygenius tour isn't stopping in #philly

#music #concerts

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
5 days ago

For #ThrowbackThursday, #OnThisDay in 2019 I discovered these virtual reality swing sets inside the Kimmel Center. I tried swinging on one with the headset, it was weird, you moved forward through the virtual space by swinging IIRC. #VR #Philly

A person sits on a swing, adjusting virtual reality goggles on their head while their companion watches. In the background a security guard and a cop loiter suspiciously.
DM Tales
6 days ago

Steve’s got some issues. #ttrpg #Philly #SouthJersey

Screw SVB. |
Hey Tech Founders, time for that side hustle. I hear door dash is hiring. #pearlmania500 #itsgettingworse #tech #silitconvalley #philly #rant I guess the bootstraps where in the breakroom with the ping pong table.

Rachel Cholst
1 week ago

REVIEW: Philly "bummer rock" band Booze Radly are veterans of the scene and they bring that experience to bear on their new album Lose, Badly. It's a swirling cacophony of isolation and sadness that finds power in the eye of the hurricane and liberation in saying "fuck it."

Read more!

#IndieRock #Emo #Philly #PhillyMusic #QueerMusic #LGBTQMusic #NonBinary #music #AlbumReview

Album cover with a white border intended to look like a Polaroid photo. The image shows an old CRT tv with a static screen and a sad face in red graffiti spray painted on it. It appears to be in the front yard of a white brick house. The title text of the album says Lose, Badly in distorted red, white, and blue letters. Underneath in a lightning-style font reads "Booze Radly"
1 week ago

@AmishSuperModel The wonderful Wissahickon! #Philly

1 week ago

Also checked out Orions Belte at Johnny Brenda’s last night. Wow, these guys are really good at their instruments. And they have a TON of fun on the stage. #philly #LiveMusic

Orions Belte on stage at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly
Matt Atkins
1 week ago

🚀🚀 Off to a good start this morning seeing my first #lucid on Bainbridge St in #philly

1 week ago

Thanks to the #PhiladelphiaInquirer for the 'design a new flag for #Philly" tool! I want red, white, and blue and the cracked Liberty Bell - to remind us that our "more perfect union" always needs mending. "America, America, God mend thine every flaw..."

1 week ago

Jazz Kitchen, 24 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA

#Photo #photography #Philly #Philadelphia #blackandwhitephotography #jazz

Black and white photograph of the word "jazz" in an abandoned storefront.

@malwarejake You mention Aerosmith, this is my first thought. #philly

Jesse F Ballenger
1 week ago

My spouse, pastor of an Episcopal church in Greater Philadelphia: "As part of her Lenten observance this season, Rev. Barb has set aside Thursdays from noon to 1 p.m. to fast for an end to gun violence, pray for those who have died or been injured in our community, and write a brief reflection on the issue."

"3.9.23 -This is the Fast I Want: Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living."

#GunViolence #Philly #Prayer

2 weeks ago

Exciting news from the #TUGSAStrike! This still needs to be approved by vote of our union members - but unlike the last tentative agreement that #TempleUniversity forced on us, our #union negotiating team and union board are actually recommending this tentative agreement.

Thank you all for your support in getting us this far!

#Temple #Strike #Philly

2 weeks ago

I feel like I should mention on here that I wrote a pamphlet/zine about the #ToynbeeTiles as #streetart last week. It’s 16 pages with black and white photos. I’ve got a few copies left, drop me a line if you’re interested, I can ship from #Philly

#art #urban #urbanart #publicart #graffiti #graff #graffart #journalism #artjournalism #writing

ts thank you ☕
2 weeks ago

#DC friends, anybody have a place where I could stay for 1-2 nights the week of 3/20? Or know of a great AirBnb? My DM is open. I’m trying not to spend too much on lodging.
EDIT: I could also use a couch between DC and #Philly on 3/16

Dr. Samuel Wein
2 weeks ago

Hey #Philly friends - this is a fun, interactive piece in the Inquirer. You can #design a new #flag for our city!

Democracy Spot
2 weeks ago

🎧 I'm in my 1973 (at 14) memories on Saturday afternoon watching #SoulTrain, enjoying Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes perform "The Love I Lost." Released by #Philadelphia #International #Records—the home of #TSOP has a #YT page.

#philly #soul #rnb #songs #GambleAndHuff #70s #TeddyPendergrass #DonCornelius #disco #music #mastomusic #dancemusic

Christopher Neitzert
2 weeks ago

I'd really like to see those weirdos in the republican party try to ban #philly's #mummersparade for being a #dragshow....

seen in the wild in #philly

if anyone (gay?) wants to hang, send me a DM :)

Three stickers on an electrical pole. First on top reads "Beast Feast"; below is " Blue Lives Murder" in marker on a USPS label; at the bottom is a sticker for the Briar messaging app.
Aaron Silvers
2 weeks ago

Very seriously considering buying an e-bike, thinking about RadPower Bikes… I'd welcome any thoughts/reviews/first-hand experiences/recommendations for a ~6', 220lb disc golfer who will commute 3-4x a week, ~20 miles daily in mixed hilly Philly traffic (with occasional mid-day disc golf lunch breaks @ sedgley)

#ebike #recommendations #reviews #commuting #philly

Emory L.
2 weeks ago

@socketwench @thegibson i took this photo because i saw it when i needed to see it.

my photo:

tattoo attached <4

#AmberellaXOXO #tattoo #heart #phl #philly

a tattoo of a heart that reads KEEP GOING
Aaron Silvers
2 weeks ago

For real… Harden & Embiid were so :fire: last night against the Bucks. What a finish. Why no #sixers love #philly?

David Todd McCarty
2 weeks ago

From what I’ve seen, all signs point to a stellar Phillies season this year. We have talent galore. Unless we are beset by injuries, I don’t see any reason why we don’t make it back to the WS this year. I don’t care what the national media says. They always short shrift us. #Phillies #Philly #Baseball

Phillies’ Alec Bohm.
Sarah McLaughlin
2 weeks ago

#philly people, grab dinner at Mawn sometime. it was a delight.

TLDR: We really could use any donation you can afford (even $5!) to our strike fund to help 250+ striking grad students (and their children) get their healthcare reinstated. #TempleUniversity out here trying to kill us for striking.

#TUGSAStrike #Temple #Philly

Donate here:

Mitch! :debian:
2 weeks ago

Checking out M Night's new flick, "Knock at the Cabin." Filmed around #philly!

3 weeks ago

Countdown to Philly Flowershow 2023. The preview is tomorrow.

This clip is from Philly Flowershow 2018 "Wonders of Water"

Not sure when I became a flower show gay but here we are. 😁
#PHS #PhillyFlowerShow #Philly #Philadelphia #Philly #Flowers #Gardens #water #WondersOfWater #PhillyFlowerShow2023 #GardenElectric #TheGardenElectric #nature #FlowerShow

aburka 🫣
3 weeks ago

The PPA actually went around the neighborhood around my work putting paper slips saying "avoid a ticket, street cleaning resumes soon!" under folks' windshield wipers. (a) Not cool to make folks think they got a ticket for parking in a legal spot (b) This is #Philly. There's absolutely zero chance they actually follow through on the street cleaning.

Alex Hillman ⚡️
3 weeks ago

Really pleased to share a new #philly #election resource, the 10k Independents curated event calendar:

Most of the events we list are free. And whenever possible, we've partnered with paid events so we can include a discount code for 10k community members.

joy larkin 🌺
3 weeks ago

@steventdennis I wonder if #Philly Mastodon has the backstory to this house. The decor is a choice but it’s super close to Philly and is in a great school district. I wonder if an athlete or other public personality owned it most recently. Also the listing realtor is Michael Smerconish’s wife.

Francis Bass
4 weeks ago

Attention #philly people, esp. those who are into #photography or just lookin at cool sunrises:
Next Wednesday, March 1st, is Phillyhenge! That is, the day when the rising sun will align perfectly with the east-west streets in Philadelphia (at least all the ones parallel to Market street)
link to Photo Ephemeris, which lets you see the sightlines where the sunrise will be visible:
article about Phillyhenge from 2012:

Alex Hillman ⚡️
1 month ago

For #philly's upcoming election, all candidates need valid signatures from registered voters in order to have their names added to the official ballot on May 16th.

Billy Penn (as always) has a great explainer here:

For our part, we're inviting local voters and candidates to join us for a "Last Minute Petition Party” to hang out at the Indy Hall Skyroom on Sunday March 5th, just a couple of days before petitions are due.

More info & RSVP here:

Karen C
1 month ago

Kinda bummed that more WHYY/NPR folks aren't on fedi, you'd think it would be a good fit for public-radio nerds.

Anyways, #Philly public-radio person needs to renew an H1B, go fund it so I don't need to yell about broken visa/immigration systems.

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
1 month ago

#FollowFriday recommendations in the #Philly area:
- @win32dotgruel - #AntiFascist printmaker & programmer, joined Jawns at my recent Mastodon 101 talk. Welcome!
- @phillytru - Philly Transit Riders Union, expanding and maintaining public #transit access
- @emma - Assistant Prof of #Philosophy teaching computer #ethics (seems important!), #musician, Philly suburbs
- @silverseams - Mastodon admin, crafts, South Jersey.

Careful mentioning people's employers in #ff posts, especially with tags!

1 month ago

I just don’t understand how we could go to three championship games/series in the space of six months and lose them all. What kind of Fuckery is that? #Philly #Eagles # Union #phillies

It's not just potential students #TempleUniversity is losing though it's unprecedentedly brutal union-busting tactics, it's losing potential facility and administrators.

(#Temple took away healthcare from striking workers and reversed tuition remissions, saddling grad workers with more in tuition this semester than they were even getting paid to begin with.)

#TUGSAStrike #TempleUnionMade #Philly

Toot by Sherman Don: 

"Sent to an academic search form this morning: 

"Thank you for the invitation to consider the Temple deanship. The same day that you contacted me, Temple took away the health insurance and tuition remissions of striking graduate workers.

'This week, I am not inclined to assist the union-busting Temple administratiom in any way."
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

@11thJeff @xenophora @aral I’m glad you like it! That’s journeyman #Philly #LapSteel ace Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner, who recently added #NYC #IndieRock roots darlings #WildPink’s latest record to his mile-long résumé. You can watch a video of him sitting in with them at their recent #LincolnCenter show:

We mixed him into a few more tracks on The Phoenix Trap back then, see if you can spot ’em.

#music #indie #IndieMusic #LiveMusic #NewMusic #RockMusic #guitar

My letter to #TempleUniversity "leadership" regarding their harmful retaliatory actions towards striking grad workers and our fight for equity in academia.

#TUGSAStrike #TempleUnionMade #Temple #Philly

Dear Jason, Gregory, and Susan,

I am writing to make sure you know I'm on strike from my employment at Temple University. No matter what current/new threats or retaliatory actions Temple's leadership (continue to) take against me, I am not afraid and I will not return to work until you negotiate a fair contract with my representative union, TUGSA. Your decisions and actions regarding union-member treatment during this strike have already done irreparable harm to our intstitution in the eyes of workers, students, parents, donors, politicians, the Philadelphia community, and the world at large, and as such have damaged the value of the degree I came here to pursue - as well as the degrees of every student Temple has ever or will ever graduate.

I am not willing to allow myself or my fellow graduate workers to be exploited by an upper administration whose actions demonstrate you're out of touch, anti-worker, and anti-education. The sooner you do the right thing by returning to the negotiating table with reasonable expectations for fair compensation of graduate workers - living through an adverse economic climate unlike any other since the great depression nearly a century ago (with an 18.14% cost-of-living increase in Philadelphia since our last contract was finalized in 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) - the sooner our community can begin to heal from the consequences of your choices to date. 

I am beyond eager to return to the classroom and help guide
Stephanie King
1 month ago

I'm sorry to link to Twitter but I still haven't figured out video here and I don't know where else to find this, the greatest #Philly sports video of all time

Go Birds

1 month ago

I love how in the middle of a montage about #Philly sports fans, they just casually cut in footage of lampposts getting greased up.

News coverage of our ongoing graduate student worker #strike at #TempleUniversity and the unethical union-busting tactics #Temple administration has taken to try to break us, including cutting off our access to healthcare:

#TUGSAStrike #TempleUnionMade #Philly #GoBirds

Aaron Silvers
1 month ago

On this blessed day of days, I wish to share the good news that I have been, and ever shall be, #GoBirds


The Original Series GIF by Star Trek

Hey #TempleUniversity, is this what you were hoping your #UnionBusting tactics against graduate workers asking for a living wage would result in? Cuz if so, it's working!

#TUGSAStrike #TempleUnionMade #Temple #Philly

Tweet #1:
Christopher Fowler: "I doubt @TempleUniv realised this would hit at the same time as their mailers to prospective undergrads. It was the first thing we thought of when our son picked up the glossy brochure that arrived in the mail yesterday. He got an earful and tossed it directly in the recycling."

Tweet #2:
Desiree Middleton: "This school was on my list of potential grad schools. Not anymore."
Alex Hillman ⚡️
1 month ago

Working on our recap and clips last night’s “State of the Race” and still think it’s really cool that we had three surprise cameos from #philly #mayoral candiates!

Excited to share later today, stay tuned.

Stephanie King
1 month ago

The ghouls at #Temple who are justifying this (illegal) retaliation against graduate students for their (legally protected right to) strike are senior vice president and chief operating officer Ken Kaiser and vice president of human resources Sharon Boyle.

Their emails are and if you'd like to send them a few words letting them know how you feel.
#TUGSAstrike #Philly #PhillyIsAUnionTown

Stephanie King
1 month ago

ICYMI, #Temple University is retaliating against its graduate students for striking by canceling their health insurance and tuition remission. Donate to their strike fund if you can:

#TUGSAstrike #Philly #PhillyIsAUnionTown

TEMPLE UNIVERSITY® Dear Temple Student: As aresult of your participation in the TUGSA strike, your tuition remission has been removed for the spring semester. You now owe the full balance listed in TUpay, which is due by Thursday, March 9. If your balance is not paid-in-full by the due date, you will be assessed a $100 late payment fee and a financial hold will be placed on your student account. This hold will prevent your future registration.
 For your convenience, you can make payment online by clicking TUpay Student Account. Thank you, The Bursar’s Office


 Your health plan benefits are termed per the date shown. From this date, you have access to view a history of your plans benefits and claims information only. If you believe this information is incorrect or should you have any questions regarding your termination date, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.


Are there any #philly #laravel (or #php) folks out there? I’ve been missing local meetups and have been wondering if there’s anything happening regularly in the Philly area, or if there’s anyone out there that would be interested in starting a monthly or quarterly gathering of some sort…

Alex Hillman ⚡️
1 month ago

Yo #philly! I just added some more spots to this event since it filled up over the weekend.

Overwhelmed trying to make sense of the mayor’s race, and how to figure out which candidates best represent you? Let us help you get your bearings at our next State of the Race, THIS WEDNESDAY.

It's 100% online and free with an RSVP:

Alex Hillman ⚡️
2 months ago

Another great piece about the #philly mayor's race from's advocacy advisor, @AGemm:

"the worst types of politicians have motivations rooted in ego and external reward. This person is a manager of ego, career, ambition and brand. The best types of politicians have motivations rooted in a higher purpose and service to the common good. This person is a leader who chooses the common good even when a tough decision threatens their career."

Alex Hillman ⚡️
2 months ago

Just added a new resource to our growing collection of #philly voter education!

This time, a breezy 9 minute explainer to help folks learn some of the subtle and weird things about our local elections, many of which I did not know myself until this election cycle.

Zooming out from election day to understand more of the process has really painted a different picture of this race for me than I had before.

joy larkin 🌺
2 months ago

OH MY GOD, I just realized how bonkers the Super Bowl posts will be on Mastodon with all of the Eagles fans already at home here.

We may be the largest NFL fanbase in the fediverse. 💚

#FlyEaglesFly #GoBirds #Eagles #Philly #SuperBowl

aburka 🫣
2 months ago

Some pretty good sky colors in #Philly today.

Sunset from balcony. Orange tinted clouds are visible above the buildings.
Nelson Chu Pavlosky
2 months ago

#FollowFriday recommendations from the #Philly area:
- @pixouls - #solarpunk student experimenting with Solar Protocol and sun-powered musical instruments, tracks free & cheap stuff to do in #Philadelphia:
- @FrancisBass - cool #bicycle art and photos, writer, #PublicDomain enthusiast
- @thecorodon - #TTRPG writing and editing, cat photos
- @ehkopin - librarian/archivist at #Swarthmore College, shitposter


Alex Hillman ⚡️
2 months ago

I really want to start hosting a PowerPoint Karaoke Night in #Philly. Maybe a once a quarter thing?

2 months ago

Anyone know who’s been gluing these keys around #philly ? Attached photos are from rittenhouse/graduate hospital area.

#graffiti #streetart #art #philadelphia

House key with “LOVE” stamped into it spray painted orange and green and glued to a utility box
House key with “LOVE” stamped into it spray painted green and glued to a light pole

👁️ Artist: #MyDogSighs in City: #Philadelphia "Tattooed Moms Bar", USA 🇺🇸 - (📷 by catscoffeecreavity) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Philly #Artwork

Streetartwall. In a bar is sprayed this Mural of an eye. On a wall in the staircase, which is completely covered with colorful graffiti, posters and stickers, the eye is partially sprayed over it. In the colors gray, white, brown and black, it is very realistically depicted with reflection in the eye center. One discovers two figures sitting side by side in it.

Gotta love #Philly.


Left, a building-scale mural of the Phillies baseball team

Right, a close up of the Phillies mascot from the bottom of the mural, it's a fuzzy green monster in a 'what are you gonna do about it' stance, in front of a pile of gravel, with 'FTP' spray painted accross the crotch

#FTP #Philly

2 months ago

The #Philly Free Library reinstates Kanopy streaming service for all library users

2 months ago

It appears that we’re doing #introduction toots here in the jawn-o-sphere:
I’m bancks, moved up here after college for work doing software.
In my free time I like to check out #toynbeetiles and other #streetart & graffiti around #philly
I majored in #classics which is surprisingly applicable to lots of #street #art displays: analyzing a piece involves aspects of #arthistory #archaeology and even #anthropology
Here are some of my recent favorites:

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
2 months ago

Hey Jawns, let's do another round of #introduction toots! Lots of new members joined in the last few months. Maybe pin your intro to your profile if it feels good :)

I'm Nelson, an admin on, your local #Philly Mastodon instance. I love:

- hot looseleaf #tea with raw, unfiltered #honey (yes I'm a honey snob and collector)

- typing on my #typewriter while sitting on my porch, catching some vitamin D and avoiding distractions from #writing

- #zeroWaste, eliminating packaging

An old glass honey jar I filled with peanut oil from the bulk section at Weaver's Way Co-op
Matt McManus
2 months ago

Hey #philly folks, do you have any recommendations for dinner spots in the city? I’m looking for something that’s more hole-in-the-wall but authentic.

Aaron Silvers
2 months ago

My wife texted me a picture and I can’t unsee this. It might be the most frightening thing that’s ever existed. It’s far worse than Malort. It must be. Why #philly? Why Dear Lord does this exist? THE HORROR…

A photo of “Off the Hoof” scrapple-flavored vodka
Patrick McHugh :toad:
2 months ago

@black_intellect Loosing jobs and being in jail five days!! She needs to sue because this bureaucratic mess up won't get fixed without a huge stink being made.

Also I smell use of very flawed facial recognition software. #facialrecognition #racism #Krasner #Police #Philly #PA #TX