Sara Teinturier
3 days ago

ENGLISH toot @photography These days, #photographers often use #sociofinancing campaigns to launch their #books. And the work is often of superb quality... A great opportunity to support photographers, while surrounding yourself with photo books that make you think, stimulate, amaze... In the next few days, I'll be publishing some of these campaigns...

Bee :verified:
4 days ago

“After a long day of rain, the sky is finally clear and the sun is setting in a blaze of glory. It's the perfect reminder that even after the storm, there's always beauty to be found."

#photography #photographers #nikon #sunset #sky #Colours

Leslie Burns
4 days ago

I wrote a little something for the Architectural Photography Almanac on value in the photo world, although it applies to all artists, IMO:
#photographers #artists

Cleo of Topless Topics
4 days ago

is anyone on my corner of the fediverse a fan of or themselves a #contentCreator (#youtube #twitch #tiktok #instagram #peertube #pixelfed etc-anything, really)? if so, please connect with me!

i know it's gauche to ask for boosts on the fediverse, and normally I never do. but every time I search for #contentcreator on my own instance I get NOTHING, and I don't want to have to make a half dozen accounts on other instances to find other creators either. if I could just establish a network of fellow #creators (preferably #videoCreators, but #artists, #writers, #photographers etc are fine also) here on my home account, that would be wonderful.

maybe I could even find some creators to say hello to at #anaheim #vidcon in three weeks 😁

Tim Nolte
4 days ago

@nathan hmm, image generation is a sticky subject. I sort of understand the draw, however, having done some graphic design in the past and having a sibling that is an artist, I have too much respect for those that do that as a profession to really be OK with promoting the image generation tools. #AI #art #artists #photography #photographers #WordPress

4 days ago

A spectacular good morning to the Fediverse and all the #writers and #photographers and #artists that grace this space.

And, yes, this is a sunrise, a quiet beginning of a very hot day in August.

#WritingCommunity #photography

The top edge of the sun, bright red, emerges on the horizon of the Atlantic ocean, portending a hot day in August. A few gulls dot the pale orange sky, a lobster boat far in the distance on the right. Relatively calm sea.
Steve Heller
6 days ago

Fellow #photographers on the #fediverse. Talk to me about where you are sharing your photos, how you are growing a following, and more importantly, how are you getting engagement on your shots?

I want to join a community that is supportive, and filled with people looking to better each other's skills. Instagram is filled with people trying to curate the perfect life. Reddit is filled with gear snobs and pixel peeping.

I personally like to do minimal editing to my shots, mainly because I have always been interested in presenting a real scene. I don't like removing or replacing things in the shot to present a moment of perfection that just didn't exist.

Finding a community of photographers who can appreciate that seems to be hard. I want to learn, grow, and discuss, but more often than not the response is "buy this $8,000 lens and then it might be good", which is not helpful at all.

1 week ago

#Amateur #photographers - keep taking photos whenever you feel the spark to create. Never let anyone tell you that your photo art isn't good enough - don't let anyone rob you of the joys of #photography ❤ We all see worlds with different eyes. That's the beauty of it - different perspectives of possibly same subjects.
If it helps - my first photos sold weren't professional but had content that was highly sought after. Your content matters a lot. I sold many non-pro photos for multiple usages.

Peak District Artisans
1 week ago

New week and some new artists showing at Haddon Gatehouse Gallery. From now until Friday 26th May you can see and buy work by #ceramicists Rebecca Perry, Kathryn Wstson & Claire Allam, #photographers Terry Baker and @highstonegallery , Sandra Orme #pastels), @pamsmartstudio #painting) and @cognissart #textileart
#haddonhall #peakdistrictartisans #northernpottersassociation #buyoriginalart #inspiredbythepeakdistrict

Collage of images by exhibiting artists and text: PEAK DISTRICT ARTISANS
15th MAY - 9th JULY
10 am - 4:30 pm every day
Haddon Hall, Bakewell, DE45 1LA
Artist Marcia X
1 week ago

which of you has a #pentax 67 and do you recommend it?

Andy Marfia 📸
1 week ago

A note for other #photographers: though I don't post technical details here, such as camera, etc, you can always find that info by clicking over to the Flickr link.

Houman Katoozi
1 week ago

Second YouTube video is up and ready for those #photographers feeling a bit lost on how to grow their audience and find the right crowd for their work.

I hope you enjoy it.

Calling on all #photographers….

What’s your advice when taken your #camera abroad?

In a month I’m heading on holiday to #Menorca and while I’ll just be chilling I’ve managed to convince my partner to spend a day at the island’s #nature reserve. Would you advise taking my new camera (Lumix G9)? It is insured but how is it best to travel with expensive gear? Should I play it safe and just take the FZ330?

Any advice welcome and thanks in advance!!

#photography #wildlifephotography #advice #macrophotography #travel #travelphotography

« #Britain's #PrinceHarry, his wife, #Meghan, and her mother were involved in a "near catastrophic car chase" involving #paparazzi #photographers, a spokesperson for the prince said on Wednesday.

It occurred after the couple had attended an awards ceremony held in #NewYork by the #MsFoundationForWomen, where Meghan was honoured for her work.»

Hmmm, just had a thought...
#Charleslll was not on good terms with died.

#Royals #CBC

NGL, I will be copying a lot of the #photographers you all have responded with :P

-Curator Marcia


Who are your photographic inspirations?

-Curator Marcia

The Kiosk... 📸

un símbolo de las viejas tradiciones en los pueblos, hay miles de estilos y tamaños.
Éste situado en Tequisquiapan Querétaro.

#kiosk #photography #structures #village #magicvillages #tequisquiapan #photographers #fotografía #travel

A traditional kiosk located in Tequisquiapan, a little village in Querétaro México. This kind of structures are abundant in every village and they are still used for public reunions with the family.
Eugene McParland
3 weeks ago

The Associated Press was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography in recognition of 15 searing images that rendered in real-time the devastating human toll of the war in Ukraine.

AP #photographers stood witness to the profound courage of soldiers and ordinary people.

(WARNING - Contains Disturbing Scenes)

Read more here and see the images🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState
#СлаваУкраїні! #StandWithUkraine #photography

Dead bodies lying on the ground
A woman grieving over a coffin
people hiding under a destroyed bridge
An injured woman on a stretcher
Ken Yeung
4 weeks ago

#Photographers: What cloud-based backup service do you use for your photos/videos? I'm looking for an affordable one to replace Amazon Cloud Drive.

#photography #datastorage #tech #cloud

Déjà vu of warm hugs on the carousel... 🎠 🐴 ✨ 📸

#photography #blackandwhite #photographers #carousel #dejavu #life #photograph #artphoto

The "Venetian carousel" located in Val'Quirico
Mike Blazer 🇺🇦
1 month ago

Some of you smile at the thought of #AI taking over content #writers, #developers, #designers, #musicians, #photographers, #video content #creators...

Should you be worried?

Who knows

All these people, once they lose their current works, will come to #SEO & #marketing to compete with YOU!

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

@entsocamerica ⬆️ You'd reach more people with hashtags, the "glue" in the Fediverse (many have subscribed their favourite ones). f.e. #insects #arthropods, #NaturePhotography #Photographers #challenge

I looked around for some good #photographers last week and now my #Pixelfed feed is full of amazing photos!

Cocoa bean for a sweet & cold beverage... 🍫 🥃 📸

#cocoa #photography #fruit #chocolate #photograph #photographers #nature

Franz Graf
1 month ago

@Mrfunkedude #Today I want to thank nature #photographers here, who mention in their posts species names of animals in their photos. If I want to draw some of these animals I know what to search for when I need some references.

1 month ago

#Waterfallwednesday The fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, #Scotland. Located at Glenbrittle. Beautiful rock pools of translucent mountain spring water fed by a series of waterfalls from the Cuillin Mountains. Many tributaries of the River Brittle run down from the Cuillin into the glen including a stream with waterfalls known as the Fairy Pools,
#landscape #mountains #Photography #Photographie #Fotografie #Photographers
#NaturePhotography #photo #waterfall

Background of snowy mountains with the foreground of waterfalls. The fairy pools on Skye, Scotland.
Tommy Kavanagh
1 month ago

Some #photographers I know who also tinker with SBCs will be interested.

Raspberry Pi Camera Conversion Leads To Philosophical Question | Hackaday

taste of taboo 📸 🦝
1 month ago

Dear Mastodonnnnnnner;

I would love to follow more photographers here, especially one doing people stuff or kinky, fetish photos.

I am looking for suggestions on who to follow.

Unfortunately, I am really not into nature stuff - animals, flowers etc.

#photography #photographers #photographyisart #portrait #kink #fetishart

portrait of alice
portrait of mondsmädchen super sexy soft feet
Timothy Andrew
1 month ago

I can’t tell if this is cringe or awesome. I’m going with both.

Any other #photographers take a lot of graveyard photos when you were first starting out?

I think I was just being edgy since I had no better ideas. My #Vampiresona was short lived.

I cranked the contrast up to L99 on this one. It made me look much older. I was only 23!


#MastoArt #Photography #Monochrome
#HashtagGames #HashItOut#mastodon #saturday

High contrast, sepia-toned photo of me standing stoically behind an angel statue 20 years ago. Most of me is hidden in deep black shadow. I’ve got spiky 2004 hair and I look like the bad guy in a movie.
Itamar Medeiros
2 months ago

Now in its 8th year, #AllAboutPhotoAwards – The Mind’s Eye has become a reference for discovering new talents and celebrating outstanding #photographers. The jurors selected 39 winners who come from 18 different countries and across 5 continents. #Photography #Awards #PhotographyAwards

Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

#ChatGPT and #AI #image tools make unrestrained and legally unregulated use of material that is subject to #copyright. #Plagiarism will be harder to detect. Before politicians finally wake up, scientists take action. #Glaze, the cloak for #artwork, was developed at the University of Chicago. It is free of charge and serves research purposes. Because the protection must develop just as quickly as the attackers. #artists #writers #writing #journalism #art #photographers

ayo, GS.S! thank you for your existence! there was NO WAY I was gonna join a New York instance! :D

my artsy account was getting a lil too shitposty for my liking, and I may have thoughts I'd like to share w/o posting them from my 18+ account, lel

here to revel in #NewJersey memery, connect w locals [esp. fellow #artists #writers #musicians #photographers for collabs?], maybe model some #streetwear, definitely grumble about nonsense

¡también hablo español! dímelo 🇨🇺


Carl T. Bergstrom
2 months ago

Below, a fledgling Anna's hummingbird that left the nest only hours before. My shots were taken with an 800mm lens from a distant concealed location.

But then other birders arrived, standing 2 meters away from the bird, using loud mechanical shutters. The mother panicked and stopped feeding.

I protested. One argued "they eat from my hand in my yard!" and stepped back to 3 meters. Useless.

#Photographers, respect your subjects. Learn their behavior. Your shots are not worth a bird's life.

Fledgling Anna's hummingbird
Fledgling Anna's hummingbird
Fledgling Anna's hummingbird
Fledgling Anna's hummingbird
2 months ago

#Photographers - are the new phone cameras starting to replace a good digital SLR?
My iPhone camera isn't great, but some of the newer ones seem phenomenal. What do you think?

2 months ago

A golden-mantled ground squirrel (Callospermophilus lateralis) in a bed of wildflowers in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.
PHOTO:G F Mobley

#Photography #Photographie #Fotografie #Photographers #WildlifeWednesday
#NaturePhotography #MastoArt #WildlifePhotography #flowers #squirrel

see full description on post

small animal eating bright colored flowers
Karen E. Lund 💙💛
2 months ago

@blurrybitsphoto I just confirmed (by translating a post with lots of hashtags) that, which my instance uses to translate posts, also translates hashtags. So it is NOT necessary to include #birds or #NaturePhotography or such in two or three different languages. One will suffice.

#Hashtags #Photographers #AltText

2 months ago

RIP #DPReview--which was one of the most useful sites for #photographers. Killed by #Amazon (which bought the site in 2007)

taste of taboo 📸 🦝
2 months ago

Dear other #photographers doing photos americans would describe as #nsfw what is a good alternative to patreon? With a membership area?

I currently use #Patreon and #WordPress connecting the Patreon API with the Patreon pro plugin from #codebard.

I am also managing another non photo membership site with the Simple WordPress Membership Plugin #swmp.

I also looked into #Ghost cms but their image galleries are limited to 12 photos a block and the integration would be more expensive in the end …

Sharon Cummings Art
3 months ago


Search hashtag #AYearForArt
See some great art and photography!!

FOLLOW those using the hashtag to support independent artists all over the World!

Artists and photographers: JOIN IN in using this hashtag and get more exposure. :) We LOVE supporting other artists!!

#art #artwork #arte #artist #artists #artistsofmastodon #ArtistsOfMastadon #mastoart #fediart #ArtMatters #supportart #supportartists #photography #photographer #photographers #photo #painting #paintings #follow

A Year For Art logo in bright colors by artist Sharon Cummings.  Follow friday suggestion.
3 months ago

Howdy recreational #photographers
Anyone using or considering a #Smartphone slip-over #zoom #lens? I'm researching something to capture my #BackyardCritters and wonder if they're worth the money and durable.

Ideas? Opinions?
#Photograhy #NaturePhotography

Photo of #Smartphone slip-over #zoom #lens
3 months ago

Are there professionnel #artists , #photographers , #designers who are 100% on #Linux? #Ubuntu Studio, #Darktable, #Rawtherapee, #DisplayCAL, etc?

I really would like to get in touch and chat about your experience and approach, gotchas, pros, cons... And compare to mine. 😁

Hello #Photography #Mastodon users and professional #Photographers - when you want prints of some of your work, where do you typically get them from? Ideally with the options of adding frames too but just quality photography printing services are acceptable. I've looked at a few out there. I heard Costco was good but... RIP to that service.

I want to start hanging some of my photography around the house 📷 🙂

Heron&Fox Photo
3 months ago

#Floral #photography is also an interest of both Heron and Fox (the #photographers), for example, this light pink #camellia #flower.
Camellias are native to #China and #Japan and other parts of #EastAsia. They have been spread around the world, including #Florida, by #gardeners. #CamelliaJaponica is a widely-spread #ornamental Camellia, and is related to #CamelliaSinesis, from which #tea is made.

A close-up photograph of a light pink camellia flower surrounded by green leaves.
Heron&Fox Photo
3 months ago

#introduction: #Heron and #Fox are a pair of #CentralFlorida #photographers who specialize in #Naturephotography, #LandscapePhotography, #WildlifePhotography, #Launch Photography, as well as #Floral, #Technological, and #Architecture #photography
You can buy #prints and other #merchandise with our work at
We also post at #Cohost at
We want to share our #passion for our subjects and relate their #artistic sides, as well as the unexpected, awkward, elegant, hi-tech, antique, and dramatic.

John Conway
4 months ago

#Artists, #Photographers, #Illustrators and #Designers, what features do you want from your website?

Is it about showing your work to its best advantage, or are some of the commercial aspects more important to you? If so, what things?

I'm building something partly to scratch my own itch, but I want to know what other people want, because I'm going to open-source it if it's any good.

Shawn King
4 months ago

Hey Mastodon #Photographers - I teach a photo class and need an app that does ONE thing. Can you help?

I need to be able to tether my camera to an app that shows me/the students the actual screen of the camera's viewfinder. I know Capture One can do it but I ain't paying $ 34/month for this *one* feature.

I have a Nikon Z fc but Lightroom doesn't support that camera yet via tethering. :(

Any ideas?

Hello #portland professional #photographers. ASMP of Oregon is holding our Start of the Year Social at the Pro Photo Supply Event Space on 2/15. Meet the board, the pro desk at Pro Photo Supply, and socialize with fellow professionals. Join us and build community with us! #photography #pdx

4 months ago

Non-day tags

#Photographers of Mastodon!
Hashtags are the best way for people to find and enjoy our photography. If you like to share #artistic photos, here are some that might make yours easier to find. Discovery works best if we cluster our work under common hashtags. I am collecting the most useful tags for my artistic photos and would like to share them.

Please reply to this post with any I missed that you like, I’ll add to my list if i’ll use them. Please copy and edit this list for you and post it, we can keep boosting these around.

#ChasingIce - anything frozen
#Artifacts - ancient sites, industrial, anything manmade and decaying

We’re freelance digital media workers building community, raising standards, uniting freelancers & staffers throughout an industry that has failed to put people before profit.

We are #writers, #editors, #illustrators, #photographers, #videographers, #socialMediaProducers, #graphicDesigners, #audioProducers, and more.

The Freelance Solidarity Project began independently in 2018 and joined the National Writers Union in 2019.

Join us!

Artist Marcia X
4 months ago

how many cameras is too many?

5 months ago

#Photographers of Mastodon
In my post on hashtags, I was called out (by a few) as elitist, and for denigrating (or downgrading) photos by using the term Snapshot. It was not my intent to offend so I reached out to several pro photographers looking for a better term. There isn’t one, it’s the proper term.

Snaphots are a technical term for a type of photography. A subset of Vernacular photography, an umbrella term used to distinguish artistic photographs from those made for a huge range of other purposes, including commercial, scientific, forensic, governmental, and personal. Snapshots capturing everyday life and subjects are a major form of vernacular photography (1).

Photos of a moment in time, person, place or thing, that aren’t journalistic, are snapshots. No judgment of quality, ability, or merit is implied. It is assumed by many that snapshots not edited for appearance (that would still make them vernacular, but many would consider them no longer snapshots). Snapshots often do not have relevance outside of the purpose of their capture, but are highly relevant within it.

Snapshots can also be (or become) artistic, can also be high quality photos (think candids by a wedding photographer). A more refined form of snapshots is Reportage (2).

Vernacular Photography (snapshots) are the subject of many museum exhibitions (3)

Universally the photographers I talked to say they frequently take snapshots, and none of them consider it a derogatory term.

Richard Hull
5 months ago

@iBlame Thank you, and what a great #AltText description of this lovely photo.

#Photographers on Mastodon, it is so easy and so important to do this - see here

billy joe bowers (black heart)
5 months ago

Officials are tracking bobcats in #Tucson to study how we can coexist and some people have killed them, but some #wildlife #photographers are upset because the collars ruin their pictures?

Do we really need people?

–“They have basically ruined the photo ops at Sweetwater,” ... He doesn’t think the collars look very good in photographs, either. “It’s nothing I’d hang on my wall or be able to sell,” he said.–

5 months ago

#Photographers of Mastodon!
Hashtags are the best way for people to find and enjoy our photography. If you like to share #artistic photos, here are some that might make yours easier to find. Discovery works best if we cluster our work under common hashtags. I am collecting the most useful tags for my artistic photos and would like to share them.

Please reply to this post with any I missed that you like, I’ll add to my list if i’ll use them. Please copy and edit this list for you and post it, we can keep boosting these around.

#SilentSunday - Images that stand alone without descriptive text
#StandingStoneSunday - manmade prehistoric, usually neolithic sites
#PhotoMonday - Photographic aspirations should be recognizable, Add a media description, include link to originator: @norberteder
#ThermalThursday - Geysers, hot springs, steam vents
#WindowFriday - Windows and wall openings

Non-day tags moved to:

D. O. Engelstad
5 months ago

#Introduction #Pinned

Hello! As an introduction, I'm a writer with a day-job. I independently published my first fantasy novel listed in the labels and am currently working on a historical fantasy. The photography is mostly of the travel variety and I ride regularly.

I'm a proud liberal who spends too much time looking at political posts, so hoping to follow more #writers & #photographers, #cooks & #bakers, and #musicians of all sorts.

5 months ago

Introductory hashtags. 🙂

I’ve lived in #Galway #Ireland
I live in #Seattle

I was Director of Sales at #Wizards #WotC for #MagicTheGathering starting in 1993

I am a friend of Phil & Kaja #Foglio and make appearances in #GirlGenius

I know much about #crowdfunding and #smallbusiness

I wanted to be an #actor and have studied - 2 years of #Meisner + lots of #voiceacting workshops

I love #costuming

I have been a #model for #photographers and #painters

Still vain, but now #middleaged 😁

Rubinia Soulsinger, art by Rob Alexander. The image was originally titled Titania, Queen of the Fairies. She is depicted against a background of green leaves. She wears a light silver-blue silken strapless gown that flutters behind her, as she glides to the left of the picture. She has a suggestion of deep-blue butterfly wings folded behind her. She gazes at the viewer. This image appeared on a Magic: The Gathering card in the Legends expansion of 1994.
Cover art of the Cheapass Game, Stuff and Nonsense. Depicted in a cartoon style, a red-headed woman in steampunk style carries a satchel of curios down a Victorian city street. From behind a corner, she is observed disapprovingly by Professor Elemental, in his signature pith helmet.
A woman in an 18th century gown, tall stylized wig and a gold carnevale half-mask stands in the Piazza San Marco in Venice. Behind her can be seen the gondolas parked in the Bacino. The sky is grey and misty, and Santa Maria della Salute is visible only as a shadowy silhouette in the distance.
A portrait of a woman with a cloth draped around her head and shoulders. With her right hand she holds the fabric closed at her throat, and with her left hand she holds the fabric delicately by the side of her head. The picture is rendered in stippling - tiny dots made with an ink pen.