1 hour ago

Das #photoshop feature #generativeFill ist für mich weiter erstaunlich! Dennoch werde ich bereits pingelig 😂
- ich möchte als 1024*1024 pixel
- Sensorrauschen (minimal ist immer etwas da) wird nicht reproduziert. Wenn auch bei naher Betrachtung überzeugen soll, muss man selbst noch ein Rauschen drüberlegen. Ts, wie so ein wildes Tier 🤭

1 hour ago

Mother Kali is slaying the demon Raktabeej. One drop of Raktabeej’s blood will create a clone of him. So Kali will drink the blood to stop cloning.

Stay tuned for our UPCOMING Youtube video

#art #video #film #story #2d #2danimation #animated #youtube #storytelling #funny #demon #photoshop

Patrick Curry (GameDev)
15 hours ago

How is it that in 2023 there are 2D image formats that web browsers can display but Photoshop can't open without a plug-in? Even Photopea can open AVIF and WEBP files, and Photoshop can't?! #photoshop #photopea

17 hours ago


Never forget
May 35th, 1989,
What happened in
Tiananmen Square, China.

#midjourneyv51 #Midjourneyart #AI #AIGC #AIart #AIartwork #Photoshop

18 hours ago

@Kai_Jansson Gibt's das Foto auch mit mehr als 3 Pixeln oder fällt dann die #Photoshop-Nachbearbeitung auf? 🤔

20 hours ago

Enhance Your Photos with the Prismatic Photo Effect Mockup by Pixelbuddha: #photoshop

Hees Daman
22 hours ago

Photoshop is altijd al een smaakmakend programma geweest, waarmee ik in het verleden graag heb gewerkt.

Maar de functie ‘generative fill’ zet het programma weer op eenzame hoogte - zolang de tijd duurt natuurlijk.


Clarissa C. S. Ryan
1 day ago

[Adobe is Problematic disclaimer]

Is there an official statement by Adobe somewhere about whether the generative fill feature in Photoshop CC Beta can be used for commercial work? I was just discussing with someone else and I thought no, they thought yes. If you've seen one, please link it! #photoshop

taste of taboo 📸 🦝
1 day ago

Unveiling my tantalizing transformation! ✨ Thanks to Photoshop's generative fill, I've added a touch of SFW elegance to keep you intrigued. 😉 But for the unfiltered truth, head to my exclusive Patreon realm. 🔐🔍💃 Don't miss the original set:
💫📸✨ Let's unleash the uncensored magic together! ✨🚀💥

#photoshop #generativefill
#portrait #nsfw #gothgirls #goth

2 days ago

I have noted the rapid growth of AI Artwork and I recognise some of the great work that is being produced.
However, I wish to assure all my Friends, Followers and Purchasers of my Photographic Artwork that I am staying devoted purely to work produced through my cameras and some limited Digital enhancements.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #photography #PhotographyIsArt #photographyart #photo #photos #photoshop #mastoart #artwork #fediart #fedigiftshop #wallart #art #artist

I have noted the rapid growth of AI Artwork and I recognise some of the great work that is being produced.
However, I wish to assure all my Friends, Followers and Purchasers of my Photographic Artwork that I am staying devoted purely to work produced through my cameras and some limited Digital enhancements.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #photography #PhotographyIsArt #photographyart #photo #photos #photoshop #mastoart #artwork #fediart #fedigiftshop #wallart  #art #artist
Wolfgang Arnold
2 days ago

Fun with PS beta - prompts used:
"two white spaceships circling around a black hole",
"a photographer sitting on the rocks, head down in his hands, a camera beside him"
"infinite jest" (well, that's - very much to my disillusionment - just the blob in the upper right hand corner....)
"a pole dance in colourful dress"
#AI #photoshop

📷 #Photography Question:

Hey, y'all. I'm trying to open images in #Photoshop from my Google #Pixel7a, but no files are found when I FILE > OPEN and click on the "Pixel 7a" icon in the drive list.

I vaguely remember having this problem when I first used my Samsung A11, and I had to change a phone permission setting to make it work.

I've spent 2 hours searching for an answer, and bupkis!

Any suggestions/answers would be most appreciated.

Thanks. — Eddie

Kevin B. ⛵️
2 days ago

Speaking of HP Lovecraft, I made this amusing little thing last summer.

#photoshop #flickr

3 days ago

Adobe Photoshopin uudet tekoälytyökalut ovat taikuutta. Eivät vain "kuin taikuutta", vaan taikuutta.

Etenkin "generative fill" on saanut netin riemastumaan aivan täysin. Keräsimme kasan ikonisia meemejä ja klassisia tauluja joilla nettikansa on ehtinyt leikkimään. Oletko koskaan halunnut tietää miltä vaikka "talon 'ehkä' sytyttänyt pahanilkinen tyttö" -meemin taustalla näkyy?

#photoshop #generativefill #tekoäly #uutiset #teknologia

3 days ago

Lazy public holiday here in Singapore, so what better way to spend the day than to play around with the new #Photoshop beta generative fill? I’ve added a box with a drop shadow to indicate the original photo size.

Photo of a car, extended using Photoshop's New Generative fill tool.

Well I've been messing with the latest #Photoshop Beta and it's pretty disturbing for people whose livelihoods depend on their PS skills. Select an area on your subject's head, type 'hat' in a dialog box and -hey presto!- your subject now wears a reasonable facsimile of a hat. Want a ghost hovering behind them? Lasso tool, type Ghost in the prompt and there's a mashed up ghost. Want the subject gone? Lasso, no prompt, gone but the background looks a bit off.

4 days ago
Mike McCaffrey
4 days ago

Fourth challenge for #generativeAI to try to create a better #photoshop:

"A lawn gnome in Iraq wearing tan desert fatigues and holding an automatic assault rifle while standing next to a human squad mate."

Okay, I guess #dalle can't generate guns, which is actually a good thing in retrospect. However, in the only photo where it managed to dress the gnome in fatigues, it is taller than a human (who seems very casually dressed for a battlefield).

My photoshop of a lawn gnome wearing desert fatigues and holding an assault rifle with a human squad mate kneeling next to him. Sorry for the low resolution, but I did this in 2004.
A kinda janky looking gnome in greenish tan fatigues with a white beard, who is taller than the woman standing next to him who is wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans.
A gnome wearing a green jacket and bright blue hat holding a stick in front of a burly dude who actually looks like he was stationed in a desert battlefield.
Mike McCaffrey
4 days ago

Third challenge for #generativeAI to try to create a better #photoshop:

"Photo of an astronaut standing on the moon holding a red plastic shovel and yellow plastic pail in front of a grey sandcastle with a small American flag on top of the highest tower."

Okay, #dalle may have won this round. One image actually looks like a historical photo, one looks like an adorable children's book, and in one the sandcastle is in the shape of the lunar lander which is so much funnier than my original idea.

My photoshop of a historical photo from a moon mission, but with the astronaut holding plastic shovel and bucket with a grey castle made out of lunar dust next to them.
Dall-e image showing a Claymation astronaut holding a yellow shovel and a red bucket in front of a lunar lander made of sand.
Dall-e image that actually looks like a black and white historical photo of an astronaut making a sandcastle.
Dall-e image that looks like a childrens book of an astronaut who built a sandcastle on the moon. The shovel looks weird and the castle looks more like a fort, but it got the red bucket and american flag on top right. Also, it is adorable.
4 days ago

This is both hilarious and a pretty cool illustration of the flattening, us-centric, normative nature of generative models.

Especially enlightening:
- Michelangelo's David ( )
- Portrait of Frida Kahlo ( ).

#photoshop #ai

Mike McCaffrey
4 days ago

Second #photoshop prompt: "Ad for a new vacuum cleaner by Apple in the style of the original ipod, complete with a small black and white screen and wheel navigation."

I have a bit of an unfair advantage over #dalle because I speak english, but it only managed to make one image that looks kind of like an apple vacuum and one that looks kind of like an apple ad.

My photoshop of an Apple vacuum called iSuc that is the white curved body of a modern looking vacuum with old ipod controls on top and the apple logo on the wheels.

Text says: Welcome to the digital cleaning revolution. Hold over 10,000 billion particles in your vacuum. Now for both suck and blow."
Dall-e image with a closeup of a canister vaccum with a black and white screen and a round wheel looking thing below it, but the text is gibberish and the wheel just looks like a big button.
Dall-e image that looks more like an old Apple ad with a product in front of a white background, and while the item looks kinda like a digital device with a screen and wheel, it is not slick like an Apple product, and its vacuum hoses look more like earphone cables.
Emanuele :spiderman:
4 days ago

RIP fotografi
RIP designer
#Adobe ha rilasciato la versione beta di #Photoshop potenziata dall'intelligenza artificiale.

Mike McCaffrey
4 days ago

I'm curious whether my #photoshop skills have been rendered completely obsolete by #generativeAI tools, so I am going to challenge #dalle to recreate some of my better contest submissions from 20 years ago.

First prompt: "Computer showing an MC Escher tessellation with lizards climbing out the screen walking on the desk and climbing back in."

I think I won the first round.

My photoshop showing an old-style desktop computer in a dark room with Escher's lizard tessellation on the screen with lizards climbing out of the left side, dropping into a coffee cup, climbing along the keyboard, up the tower, and back into the right side of the screen.
Dall-e rendering showing a tessellation of vague lizard-like shapes on a computer screen with four vague lizard-like creatures sitting on a keyboard that is missing half of its keys.
5 days ago

I tried that new #AI thingy in #Photoshop where you can expand the edges of an image, like people having been doing with memes and album covers. Absolutely mind-blowing how good it is. #design

Metallica's black album, but with the cover art expanded beyond the edges
The Beatles' white album, but with the cover art expanded beyond the edges
5 days ago

Ich habe es getan. Adobe bot mir eben den DL von #Photoshop #Beta mit #AI an. Bisher habe ich da einen großen Bogen drum gemacht.

Hier das Ergebnis eines ersten schnellen Versuchs. Eine Drohnenaufnahme von der Abholzung eines Nachbargrundstücks.

Sie wurde von der AI rechts um einen ganzen Teil ergänzt. Kaum zu sehen. Es sei denn, man beachtet das Wasserzeichen, das nun an der falschen Stelle steht.

Ich schwanke zwischen #Entsetzen und #Faszination. Ich werde nie wieder einem Bild glauben.

Original einer Drohnenaufnahme von einem abgeholzten Waldstück.
Fake einer von AI verlängerten Drohnenaufnahme von einem abgeholzten Waldstück.

I was playing around a bit with the new #Adobe #Photoshop beta this past weekend. It has the new AI Generative fill feature which basically lets you describe what you want, and then add and remove from the photo.

I am assuming they are using my #Photography to train the model. And that they'll use my photo to add things to other peoples photos.

This stuff is moving way too fast. Are they using my photo to train the model with the new #Lightroom denoise feature too? Probably.

5 days ago

Unleash Your Creativity with Pixelbuddha’s Mesmerizing Printed Text Effects for Adobe Photoshop: #adobe #photoshop

5 days ago

First wave of unpublished (until now...) drawings !

Left : a poster which I'm pretty proud of it. However, I was puzzled about the special effect I've added, so, I did a version without them... But I've probably deleted it for unknown reasons, because I can't find it anymore !

Right : an unofficial cover I did for a book written by Georges Simenon named "Les Gens d'en face". Believe me, this drawing is mostly inspired by... Iron Maiden !

#Cover #Poster #Book #Drawing #Photoshop #Indie

A creepy demon face with fire and skulls in its mouth...
A couple argument. On the background : the opposite neighbours are watching the scene...
Erwachsenenbildung EKHN
5 days ago

Dank künstlicher Intelligenz sind nun Arbeitsschritte in Photoshop möglich, die zumindest unsere Kompetenzen bei Weitem überschritten haben. Ein absoluter Mehrwert für die Erstellung von Gemeindebriefen, Social-Media Grafiken, Fotocollagen etc. #firefly #photoshop #bildbearbeitung #adobe

5 days ago

#Photoshop - the new contextual task bar is the most useless thing. But they spent ages lovingly coding it, made you download it in the latest update, and now you must have it on by default. Unless you turn it off because it's stupid.

ms_xenophora 🐚
5 days ago
Fat horizontal rectangle with blue Lapis Lazuli background. Center has a three-section Medieval arched gold frame with a carved 1980s pearl-and-diamond mermaid figure with a curved gold tail. She faces right with one upraised arm. At upper right corner: the upside-down half-head of a young 1950s man looks at her. Behind the frame: a thin pink curved line resembling a cat’s or fox’s head and shoulders.  Several segments of opaque text inset against it. Trim: several scattered diamond balls, three gold nuggets, and two swimming sardines. Main text below in white: “The big one that got away.”
Felix Bernoully
5 days ago

Over on Twatter @bendfulcher made a funny with a (fake) demonstration of Photoshop’s new AI assisted image generation features by having it „improve correlation“ in a scatterplot. I thought the *actual* output was at least as funny — Corerccriccio Remnpeeis FTW!

Mind you I’ll be careful not to laugh too loud — the capabilities of the Adobe AI currently appears to be on the level of Midjourney ca. 10 months ago, so…

#dataviz #photoshop #AI

#Photoshop ベータ版の「ジェネレーティブ塗りつぶし」の優れた点はプロンプトなしでそれっぽい結果になることだと思います。1枚目のように写真の左下を削除してジェネレーティブ塗りつぶしした結果の例が2枚目です。
#StableDiffusion で同じ事をすると、3枚目のようにおかしな結果になっていました。Psに追いつくのは時間がかかるかと思っていたのですが、拡張機能のアプデで4枚目のようにプロンプトなしでも自然な結果になるよう改善されました。

taste of taboo 📸 🦝
5 days ago

#photoshop new #generativefill is really wild!

Now there should be a new law:

If there is a body of water, there should be at least one #capybara.

A smiling blonde model standing in water, pulling her shirt up to expose underboob. She's wearing animal-print tights and black panties, as well as black workout gloves. Her glasses are perched on her head, and she has a cowrie necklace and a navel piercing. I would also be remiss if I did not mention the owl, hippo, and capybara menacing her.
Tampa Dan
5 days ago

Extraterrestrial tourists having their photos taken.

#Adobefirefly #aiart #digitalart #photoshop #GenerativeArt

Two alien beings posing for a photo, city street in the background.
Two alien beings posing for a photo, city street in the background.
Two alien beings posing for a photo, city street in the background.

Je suis plus convaincu par les #IA génératives d‘images que celles de texte. Car comment corriger #ChatGPT si on ne connait pas par cœur un sujet ? Alors qu‘une image ayant un doigt de trop peu se corriger facilement, si on est équipé de #Photoshop beta, par exemple.

John Hood
6 days ago

Photoshop with generative artificial intelligence (AI)! A creative co-pilot or replacement? This’ll be interesting… #Photoshop #AI

6 days ago

In the near future, #cameras will getting cheaper or some manufacturers will vanish. This is crazy: #photography #photoshop #ai

chikorita157 🐰
6 days ago

I just notice this “Upgrade your plan" button in Photoshop. Obviously, Adobe is trying to entice users to spend more money on apps one doesn't need.

Unless I didn't notice this before.


Photoshop UI with Update your plan button
6 days ago

Ich bin immer noch fasziniert, was die #Photoshop Beta mit #Firefly zu leisten vermag.

Links das Original, rechts die Ergänzung durch die Bilder-KI im ersten Versuch.

Bei jeder Generierung durch die Software werden jeweils drei Varianten erzeugt, von denen man eine anwenden oder sich drei neue generieren lassen kann.

Szene aus der Batman-Fernsehserie aus den 1960er-Jahren. Adam West als Batman klettert mit der Hilfe eines Seiles zusammen mit seinem Sidekick Robin eine Gebäudefassade hoch. Im Originalbild sind der rechte Fuss von Batman sowie das Ende seines Umhanges ausserhalb des Bildausschnittes. Im durch die Bilder-KI ergänzten Bild ist beides zu sehen. Die Fassade wurde entsprechend nach verlängert. Das Ende vom Umhang fällt realistisch nach unten und berührt den Boden, welcher etwa einen halben Meter unter Batman von der KI eingefügt wurde.
Ray Newman
1 week ago

I'm not an illustrator but I'm doing my best, for a project currently underway. I did this using photo collage + some Photoshop techniques to mimic paint. Not filters; more manual and time consuming than that. (No AI.) #Illustration #Design #Photoshop

An illustration of the Brandenburg Gate with the face of a man in shades in front of it, and a red target.
1 week ago

I see surprised trees EVERYWHERE in the woods.

Maybe they see me too.

That might be why they look so surprised.

#silly #tree #photography #PhotoShop

A photo of a tree trunk, near ground level, with a pronounced tree hollow. I have added eyes (round ones, from an owl) above so the hollow looks like a mouth. Well, it already looked like a mouth to me, obviously.  For the avoidance of doubt, no owls were harmed during the creation of this silliness.
Metin Seven
1 week ago

Next to creating artwork I love touching up photos. Here's a picture of me, cropped from a group photo.

My mood here was: "A large pint of beer is on its way!" 🍺😁

More touch-ups here:

#photo #photos #photography #restoration #editing #portrait #photoshop

Horizontal comparison of the same photo. At the left side is the noisy original, at the right side a touched-up version.
Cyris :birdsite:
1 week ago

Completely changing where we got married. Just because I can now.

#Photoshop #Ai

Wedding Portrait
Wedding Portrait expanded using AI.
Droid Boy :coolified:
1 week ago

Aus einem hochkant-Foto, dass ich vor zwei Wochen in Köln gemacht habe ein sehr breites Foto gemacht. Das ist toll! Die Vorlagen war natürlich auch sehr geil. :-) #Photoshop #GenerativeAI #KI

Cyris :birdsite:
1 week ago

Using Photoshop's generative AI to expand Pokémon card art.

#photoshop #Ai #pokemon

Pokemon Card - Bulbasaur
Bulbasaur art
Jacob Tender
1 week ago

Playing around with #Adobe #Photoshop's generative fill features this evening. This is a seriously powerful tool.

Video showing various items being generatively removed from a scene in front of a man at a bar. Then The background is entirely replaced by a forrest and the table replaced with a fallen log.
Artistic Norma
1 week ago

I’m struggling with printing today, despite using icc profiles and all the things I usually do. Anyone out there got any tips? #learning #photoshop #canonpro200

1 week ago
A green & brown mottled pear has been turned into a squirrel. Sort of. It has a bushy tail behind, and squirrel ears, eyes, nose and feet, and sits on a tree branch. It's a little odd but I think it sort of works. Sort of.
Jerry Weyer 🗳
1 week ago

Gleew kengem Insta-Food-Pic wats de net selwer manipuléiert hues!

#Adobe #Firefly an der #Photoshop beta geet erstaunlech gutt. Bei méi “busy” Szenen muss een awer wéi fréier villes selwer rotoscopen.

De Schokola mat Avocado-Toast ze ersätzen ass easy, aus enger Foto d’Autoen mat Beem ersätze war awer net sënnvoll méiglech. AI kann och net alles ;)

Stephen Shankland
1 week ago

The Photoshop Firefly generative AI rules say nothing about a ban on ostriches or emus, but I can't get either into my photo for some reason. I suspect fowl play. OK that was a bad old joke, but I really can't get them in!
#AI #Photoshop #generative #Adobe #Birds #PromptEngineering

Adobe Firefly warning about generated images violating guidelines
David O'Brien
2 weeks ago

So, #generativeAI has landed in #Photoshop beta.

I fed it an image of cherry tree blossom and gave it the prompt: Add a golden eagle perched in this tree

This was the result.

Looking up through the boughs of a cherry tree, dripping with pink blossom, to a clear blue sky.
The same image, altered by Photoshop generative AI. There is indeed something that looks very much like a golden eagle perched in the tree. What's more, the AI has reorganise the background so that flowers that would have been in the way or have been made to appear behind the bird.

It also seemed to understand that this was a scene shot from below, and the appearance of the eagle reflects that.
Mandu 🥟
2 weeks ago

this is mind blowing stuff. what even is a photo now?

#adobe #photoshop #GenerativeFill

Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 weeks ago

@The_Tim I applied your prompt to the photo in this post, in Photoshop and came up with some interesting backgrounds..


A woman enters the water at a beach while flames reach for the sky in the background.
A woman enters the water at a beach while flames reach for the sky in the background.
A woman enters the water at a beach while flames reach for the sky in the background.
Aaron Hockley
2 weeks ago

Terry White has a great dive into the new #GenerativeAI Fill feature in the beta of #Photoshop:

Jeff Carlson
2 weeks ago

Photoshop now has built-in generative-AI features (in the public beta), and I actually said "holy f&%k” out loud in my office the first time I used them. I write about that and more in the latest installment of my Photo AI newsletter:

#photography #genAI #GenerativeAI #Photoshop #AdobeFirefly #PhotoEditing #HolyExpletive

2 weeks ago

@stshank Another quick test just to show what works well with the new #GenerativeFill in #Photoshop Beta.
In an image of a castle yard several parts were added:
A woman on the balcony, a fountain and a wooden gate.
The manhole covers on the paved square are eliminated.
Perspective, colors and light are really convincing.
(It took me longer to write the description than to do the image editing).

Before and after images of a yard of a medieval castle yard. AI parts are added: a woman, a fountain and a gate.

The new Photoshop 24.5 "Generative Fill" feature means that all photo contests that value photographic integrity will have to implement raw/source file verification from now on. Or just go 🤷🏻‍♂️ and say "screw it, anything goes". 😆

#Photoshop #GenerativeAI #GenerativeFill

Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

A before-and-after comparison with a delivery van I added with Phtoshop's AI tool, called generative fill, to a photo of San Francisco by night. 5/

#Generative #AI #Photoshop #Photography #Adobe

Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

The Firefly tool in Photoshop sometimes bungled geometry and made other compositing mistakes. But check out how well it handled lighting on the hippo photo at the top of the thread and where its feet are on the gravel. Generally pretty convincing. A friend asked me if it was a sculpture. 4/ #AI #Photoshop #Generative #Adobe #hippo

2 weeks ago

@stshank Tried to put a person with #AdobeFirefly #GenerativeFill on a bench with mixed results.
Good: Perspective, light and colors.
Not so good: Distorted face, missing/double feet.
Several tests, none was perfect.
But the technology is very promising.

Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

And of course there are trust issues. A lot of what Firefly can be used for is fanciful fun, and Adobe prohibits its use for porn, violence, and fakes that can harm people. But inevitably this technology, whether in Photoshop or somewhere else, will be used to create images that fool people. So: don't believe everything you see on the internet. 3/ #AI #Adobe #Photoshop

Iris Luckhaus
2 weeks ago

Weil ich seit Monaten eine Großbaustelle direkt vor dem Bürofenster habe, die Kopfhörer nicht immer ausreichen und das Umziehen meines Arbeitsplatzes größere Umkabeleien erfordert, habe ich mich gefragt, was Lily Lux da wohl tun würde bzw. wie es wohl aussehen könnte, das Beste daraus zu machen?


@Curator #illustration #procreate #illustratorin #superheldin #photoshop #superheldin #superillustrator #lilylux #superheroine #supergirl

Illustration einer Superheldin bzw. Superillustratorin, die ein bisschen wie @Lily_Lux aussieht, mit einem großen iPad und von einer Schwalbe begleitet über eine Stadt mit riesigen Baukränen fliegt und ganz eventuell ein klitzekleines bisschen selbstironisch gemeint ist.
Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

It took me 20 seconds to plop a hippopotamus next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Adobe has built its Firefly generative AI tool straight into Photoshop, and it's a big deal. The beta is out today.

#AI #Adobe #Photoshop #Generative #hippo

An AI-generated hippo stands next to two actual people photographed on an overlook above the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.

So sieht das Ende von #Photoshop bzw. den Profis aus, die damit so ziemlich jedes Photo passend gestalten konnten!

Nennt sich #DragGAN & macht euch alle in Sekunden zu absoluten Bildmanipulationsprofis. Ich finds erschreckend!


Ein AI Tool zeigt wie man ganz schnell Bilder manipulieren kann. Einfach eine Ecke eines Hundes packen und anstatt dass er steht, zieht man ihn einfach in den Sitz.

Oder es wird Model gezeigt, deren Beine mit wenigen Klicks zusammengeschoben werden oder ein Auge geschlossen wird, als wuerde sie es zukneifen

Of course I'm doing #WayFinding improvements as my final project for my color theory class at #CCSF. I have only done minimum research, mainly getting inspiration from the Paris subway system. What do y'all think?
Those renders are made by me in #Photoshop without any collaboration with #BART. Just out of my my head.
#SFBA #Transit #SF

16th and mission BART station photoshoped with an additional sign above the fare gates that reads "16th St & Mission" and has four icons of different colors representing the four lines that go through the station.
16th and mission BART station concourse photoshoped with two additional signs above the concourse: "Elevators to train on the left"  and a train arrival time information display above the escalator going down to the trains.
2 weeks ago

Heard a weird alarm-like noise.

Prowled the house staring at each electronic device working out which one had made it.

Anyhow. Aye.


Turns out someone just phoned us.

#silly #PhotoShop

An old, grey, rotary phone. I have edited eyes on to the handset, a smiling mouth at its base and a nose into the centre of the dial. It's a bit odd, but looks happy.
Luminous Works
3 weeks ago

Lead instructor Steve Laskevitch, with publisher Rocky Nook, Inc., will be presenting a 2 hour short course at 10am PDT, Wednesday, 24 May.

Now in its twelfth version, Lightroom Classic has accumulated many capabilities that we need to manage and process images. But in that time, Photoshop has grown, too. Learn how integrate #Photoshop into your #Lightroom #photography #workflow

Aaron Hockley
3 weeks ago

The reason why #Luminar never stuck with me previously is that I was thinking about editing like I do in #Photoshop.

Turns out if you flip your mindset around, it's pretty nifty.

Alastair Temple
1 month ago

Finishing off my weekend with an abstract. Used the Kitbash3D "Treasure Island" kit as the base starting point and then went from there.

#Cinema4D and #OctaneRender plus #photoshop

#ArtOnMastodon #MastoArt #3d #ArtByAlastairTemple #abstract

3D abstract illustration with a "treasure island" theme.
Jeff Starr
1 month ago

I've been using #Affinity Photo as a replacement for #Photoshop for years now. It's great but has a giant Achilles' heel: blurry export images. It's almost enough to make me go back to Photoshop. There are literally hundreds of tickets in the Affinity forums about this, more than I've ever seen for any bug/issue, and for any software. Either they can't fix it or won't fix it, either way many users are frustrated.

1 month ago

A short #video for a visual treat while listening. It also appears when you listen to the song on your smartphone on #Spotify.

I did this in #AfterEffects by exporting my #Photoshop layout and animating the individual layers.

1 month ago

車内のディスプレイ広告に #Adobe#Photoshop の CM が流れたんだけど「あなたも Photoshop で白黒写真を(AI)でカラーにできる!」みたいな CM で、いや、たしかにそうかもしれないけど、その用途なら年間数万払わなくてもそういうサービスが他にもあるし、そもそも Photoshop だとそれ以外の玄人向けの機能が多すぎて逆にそういうライトな用途で使いたい人にとっては使いづらくて too much なのに、結局ユーザーのニーズにマッチするかどうかよりもとりあえずあんまりよくわからないライトな層にも今のうちにネームバリューを使って根こそぎサブスクに加入させちゃえばこっちのモン!みたいな、情報弱者を狙ったビジネスと似たものを感じてウゲーとなってしまった…(めんどくさいやつという自覚はある :tony_normal:

Paisley P. Peinforte 🚫👑
1 month ago

Hah so I realise it's been just about a year almost to the day that I first joined #mastodon and at the time I thought I would never leave for anything else, despite everyone pointing out the general pattern of migration from it once one has become sufficiently accustomed to the Fediverse.

But thanks to
@dr_xadium finally jumping from Twitter (after totally vowing he would never do so and seeing how fancy the Calckey instance he joined was (you can quote posts and there's no drama!) now here I am.

By way of
#reintroduction, I am a #Photoshop #Artist and self-published #author who works far too slowly for her own liking and who is horribly introverted.

Twitter was my one social network of choice and I had cultivated an amazing milieu of people to follow and learn from, and then that irritant techbro just completely ruined it all. Thus, to the Fediverse I came.

Where I go from here is anyone's guess. I look forward to engaging with all you fantastic people!

Christian Alder 🌱
2 months ago

I know I said I'd never go back to Adobe but damn it I think I might have to.

It's so damn expensive though 😭

#Adobe #AdobeIllustrator #Photoshop

Amarie 🦋
2 months ago
Rock wall with vines crawling up. Window in the center where a girl with long wavy brown hair sits.
3 months ago



"...#Adobe #Photoshop,
or altering AI-generated #audio by using guitar pedals, the guidance says.

It’s clear, though, that the #CopyrightOffice is only in the earliest stages of navigating these complex cases, and guidance remains somewhat vague..."

Western Exposure
3 months ago

Getting fed up with the rain and mud and gray skies. My thoughts turn southward to #Portugal.

🖼️ Full resolution preview at 👉

#mastoart #photoshop

DescriptionOn our 2019 trip we came through the beautiful village of Odeceixe in the northern part of the municipality of Aljezur, in the Portuguese Algarve. The village is located on the south bank of the river Ribeira de Seixe and is part of the Nature Park of the Southwest Alentejo and Vincentine Coast with its rocky coast and marvelous sandy beaches. The Seixe river forms the border between the Algarve and Alentejo regions. The image shows part of the picturesque village from a road above. This roofscape perspective revealed not only a number of satellite dishes but also an abundance of solar panels - an interesting mix of traditional architecture and modern technology. The image is a painterly digital render of on one of my photographs.
Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
3 months ago

Holy crap, this is a fascinating look at a true pro in their field doing amazing work.

#StarWars #Photoshop #ToyPhotography

Megan Fox
3 months ago

So #photoshop wizards / #techartist types, how do you get metallic glows in 2D without a lighting effect?

I've always used the "lights" system in Photoshop for this, but they're deprecating that, which makes me think there's some other way people pull it off now?

I mean this kinda thing. Not the glow/blur around it, that's easy, I mean turning the pink bird into looking golden and metallic.

Cute bird art, normal illustration
Cute bird art as shiny trophy

#introduction ٩( ᐛ )و

Hi hi! My name's Thalia and I go by teebeeart or teebeebirb depending on the online space. I'm a #digitalartist and #animator. I love listening to #music and cool sounds and I like to dabble in writing songs. :)

Art Tools - #ClipStudioPaint, #Photoshop, #Illustrator, #AfterEffects, #Premiere, #Harmony

Music Tools - #Auxy, #AbletonLive + Push controller

I work on projects with my husband from our home studio and we live with 2 cats, a Komondor, a Timneh AG and 2 budgies.

Christian Grobmeier
3 months ago

I have been using Pixelmator Classic for a long time on my mac and recently upgraded to Pro for working with SVG. That was the best decision ever. It's beautiful and fast, and even /me can create simple, useful graphics quickly. Thanks, @pixelmator

#svg #graphic #pixelmator #photoshop #inkscape #illustration