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7 (Position 408634) #pi

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7 (Position 751903) #pi

a child mkOption inherits their default from a parent mkOption
reading default values from neighbouring mkOption(s) for conditional defaults
passing in the config, to read the hostName from a submodule (email system)
setting default values from attrset (email system)
generating documentation for custom modules (outside of #nixpkgs )
test your module out, you can run the following from a local checkout of #nixpkgs with a copy of a configuration.nix #vm

nixos-rebuild build-vm --fast -I nixos-config=./configuration.nix -I nixpkgs=.
git checkout -b mymodule upstream/nixos-unstable

nix-shell and non #flake commands use the nixpkgs offered in the NIX_PATH environment variable, which should be set to a directory managed by nix-channel, but the channels are obsoleted by flakes...
Fortunately, in the same way we synchronized the system flakes with the commands flakes, you can add this code to use the system nixpkgs with your nix-shell
This requires your user to logout from your current session to be effective. You can then check nix-shell and nix shell use the same nixpkgs source with this snippet. This asks the full path of the test program named "hello" and compares both results, they should match if they use the same nixpkgs.

Use cases

#Pi is slow and it doesn’t have a lot of memory. Just evaluating the configuration with #nixos -rebuild takes about a minute even when there haven’t been any changes, and compiling anything substantial is usually a recipe for Death By Swap.
lots of services defined in the NixOS options will have an "escape hatch" option named something like extraConfig. this usually lets you append verbose text to a complex config file, like in the case of Postfix where the options couldn't conceivably cover everything.

you can also always just write a static file to /etc if you want or need to(pfa)
few configurations, you can manage them directly through home manager - programs.emacs.extraConfig).

If there are many configurations, it is recommended to use home manager - home.file..source for management.
as well as running one-off #systemd services declaratively:

Jocelyn Etienne
6 days ago

@cyclotopie @cyrilpedia @academicchatter

These graphs show the increased scarcity of #PI and other (possibly) stable #academic jobs. #PostDoc jobs cover a good part of the difference.

Charts of employment role 1-13 years after PhD defense for cohorts PhDs at 8 years interval.
Prevalence of non-postdoc academic jobs for those 9 years after PhD are a good 10 points lower in 2021 than in 2013.

Color code, see other picture
Current role, top to bottom:

Non-science-related (NonSci)
science-related non-research
Industry research
Academia: Postdoc
 Academia: Other research / teaching / service role 
Academia: Principal investigator 

Plus same chart as before in another presentation
RMCretro (Neil)
1 week ago

How is this possible? Vintage NES and SNES pads on a #Nintendo Switch?
Our Super CTRLDock is a low latency USB dock for up to 7 Nintendo pads on PC, Pi, MiSTer and now Switch!
Available now at

#retrogaming #switch #gaming #pi #misterfpga

Fun fact: some people are unironicly trying to replace decimal with doudeci-‽ sorry I mean dozenal
So 10 = 12... 🤔... one zero = twelve
I'm using words because þey never managed to agree on a standard set of symbols & how/if to disambiguate from decimal:

Personally, I prefer base 10(10 in base 10(in base ...🤔))

Anyways, remember τ is ðe true circle constant 😎

#math #linguistics #cursed #pi #reform #dozenal #BeÐeChaŋeYouWantToSee

Hieronymous Smash
2 weeks ago

(#BlackFriday 2/2)

- if you enjoy bargain-shopping, remember that the sales are fake, but if you're feeling spendy, today is a great day to make donations!
- tell a Black friend that you appreciate them. They didn't ask to be associated with this corporate bullshit :P
- set up a #pi-hole while eating leftover pie, and gift yourself an ad-free holidays!

Knowledge Zone
2 weeks ago

Why the #LifeExpectancy Gap between #Men and #Women Is Growing : Sci Am

A #Beautiful #Expression for #Pi : Medium

#Algae: What it is, why algae #Blooms can be toxic and how it differs to plants : Discover

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

Graham Downs
2 weeks ago

It's actually quite weird this whole shift towards personal information and deletion of it, visa vis #POPI, #GDPR, and others. It's a big paradigm shift when you think about it. One of things I grew up with was the idea that you had to keep all financial documents and records for a minimum period of five years. And not just your personal tax documents (although definitely those too), but client records. And in the case of client records, that's five years /after/ they've ceased being a client.

But now they say you have to delete all data no more than 60 days after you terminate the relationship.

I also remember applying for jobs, and getting, "We don't have anything suitable right now, but we'll keep your CV on file."

And once or twice, I did get a job months later, *because* the company kept my CV on file. But now you're not allowed to do that anymore, because CV's contain personal information (and personally IDENTIFIABLE information, at that), so you need to destroy them as soon as you're done with the application process for that position.

It's a total about-turn!

#PII #PI #Privacy

Trent Johnson 🦍
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Quite à en être aux #questions tech à la communauté :mastodon: , en v'la une autre car j'ai un doute : est-ce qu'un soft #armhf peut tourner avec des librairies #arm64 ?

Je suis en pleine bagarre avec #steamlink pour tenter de pouvoir jouer aux #jeux du laptop depuis le #pi #mediacenter, et il n'est dispo qu'en 32 bits.
Bien sûr, toute mon install est en 64.

türmchenbauer tom
3 weeks ago

wenn jemand #pi5 sucht
hat noch 4gig varianten und bundels
- 1 bundel jetzt weniger

#raspberry #pi

Summen mit unendlich vielen Termen können tückisch sein: Für sie gelten andere Rechenregeln. Das kann man aber nutzen, um die Kreiszahl Pi zu finden.#FabelhafteMathematik #Mathematik #Unendlich #Unendlichkeit #Pi #KreiszahlPi #UmordnungunendlicherReihen #Riemann #RiemannscherUmordnungssatz #Analysis
Die fabelhafte Welt der Mathematik: Wie man Pi zwischen zwei Unendlichkeiten findet

Darnit, Leo.
What else could go wrong?

#ai #brave #leo #pi

Leo tells me the last four digits of pi, darnit. But it's quick to admit it's wrong. What else could go wrong?
3 weeks ago

SO, #ArgonONE cases.

Ngl, kiiiiiinda overrated imo. Sure they look cool and seem uber durable, but you lose out on easy HAT mount points and if you don't have means to cool them, be it internally or externally, then the #Pi4 likes to malfunction/overheat in my experience. This is made worse when the thing needs a special driver which has a 50/50 shot of working on your system, or the alternative custom script which has yet to work for my purposes.

The #DeskPi Lite case on the other hand works fantastically! least until I tried experimenting on the heatsink it came with. Considering selling off the Argon ONE case and buying the NEO with its compatible fan HAT for the sake of making prototyping much easier, and so I can FINALLY use some HAT's on the 4 B.

Project Black-fire is not dead yet, only dormant.

#Tech #Linux #Pi

3 weeks ago

I had to get a silly thing out of my head

Dialling 100 digits of #pi on a GPO 748 telephone from 1971

#telephone #phone #telecoms #telecomHistory #telephoneHistory #phoneHistory #pointless #GPO #BritishTelecom

Big MathsJam
3 weeks ago

Kicking us off on our first session of the morning was Matt Parker @standupmaths who shared how he's planning to break the world record for the most digits of π calculated by hand, for next π day (see his other attempts here: We also heard from Bob Huxley, who has also been thinking about π day, but this time on Mars where it turns out it's actually tomorrow! Annette Margolis then talked about her class' favourite (and least favourite) way to solve quadratic equations. John Hoskinson discussed Diffy Squares ( and adapted them to generalised diffy N-gons - for odd N, you get repeating cycles! Nobody has ever said the word 'diffy' more times in the space of 5 minutes. Alistair Bird @outofthenorm shared about a mathematician who got inspired in the bath (but not that one), and what his discovery meant (turns out, not much, but it did inspire some nice results around Fermat's Last Theorem). Read more here: Adam Atkinson talked about Misère Games, leading to his discovery of just how many semigroups of order 8 there are, inducting us all into membership of DOCTIAL (the Department of 'Crikey! That Is A Lot!'); and finally Harlan Connor got LOUD about signal processing - it's possible to have peaks in audio volume that are higher than the maximum value the system can store! #mathsjam #maths #pi #worldrecords #mars #piday #quadraticequations #classwork #teaching #diffysquares #baths #inspiration #misèregames #doctial #loud #signalprocessing #groups #monoids #semigroups #combinatorialgametheory

Big MathsJam
3 weeks ago

In session three, we heard from Hugh Hunt (live from the engineering lab at Cambridge), who demonstrated Pi Pong - calculating pi by counting the number of collisions between unequal masses. The theory has been discussed, but has anyone done the experiment for real? We gave it a try and got 4π = 12 - good enough for an engineer! We heard from @robinhouston who talked about the new aperiodic 'Spectre' monotiles and gave a simpler breakdown of how this works, with plenty of pictures. @luna then took to the stage to talk about Fizz Buzz, what it is, some variations and where it came from. Donald Bell taked about tiling squares with rectangles and we saw an example of a tiling of a 11 by 11 square by rectangles that had all the edge lengths from 1-10 - but can you find another? David Hartburn discussed how tricky it can be to avoid colliding with people when out walking even when there should be plenty of room, and Nessa Carson showed us some physical representations of molecules and talked about how some of them shouldn't exist... #mathsjam #maths #pi #pipong #aperiodicmonotiles #fizz #buzz #fizzbuzz #tiling #rectanglingrectangles #zombies #walking #chemistry #reactions #molecules

4 weeks ago

I was worried about A.I. taking over, but it seems they’re just as flaky as humans when it comes to texting back.

#Ghosted #Dating #OpenAI #GPT4 #AI #Pi #HumansSuck #AIsSuck #DatingSucks

IT News
1 month ago

50-Year-Old Program Gets Speed Boost - At first glance, getting a computer program to run faster than the first electroni... - #retrocomputing #optimization #mathematics #algorithm #assembly #bellard #eniac #intel #speed #pi

Raspberry Pi 5 在 shutdown 狀態時的電力消耗過高問題

在「Reducing Raspberry Pi 5's power consumption by 140x」這邊看到的,講 Raspberry Pi 5 在 shutdown 狀態下電力消耗過高的問題。

具 Jeff Geerling 提到,在 shutdown 狀態下仍然會

#Computer #Hardware #Murmuring #5 #consumption #pi #power #raspberry #saving #shutdown

John Wilson
1 month ago

After hours of babysitting and moving photos and videos (I used to use this pi as my only computer in 2019 when a fluke took out both my PC and my Mac, and I couldn’t afford to replace either of them, so I used this pi for video editing)I got it upgraded.

Then came the 40 minute search for how to hook up a #MIDI keyboard to the #pi (so many options, so confusing) followed by the 20 minute search for a USB cable.

1 month ago

Bueno, hoy no voy a dar un #hackonsejo , simplemente comento por aquí por si a alguien más le ha pasado.

Soy usuario de #GoogleMusic, tiene la ventaja de que no tienes los odiosos/asquerosos anuncios y banners de #youtube.

Pues bien, con el tema de la lucha contra los #adblocks por parte de #youtube, recientemente me encontraba de nuevo con los anuncios y banners. No podía con tanto anuncio para hacerme rico pidiéndome dinero. Espero que algún día los chavales lo entiendan...

En fin, cuál era el "problema"? Pues que me conecto siempre a través de una VPN donde también uso #Pi-Hole, y éste estaba bloqueando las DNSs llamadas por las cookies que permiten que no salgan los anuncios.

Tan simple como añadir la expresión regular


En la whitelist de Pi-Hole para poder volver a disfrutar de YouTube.

Un saludo!

David Bombal
1 month ago
1 month ago

Friends low-ish cost fullduplex "SDR #raspberrypi hat now properly receives #DMR

Now we just need to learn how to actually configure the #MMDVM side of things.
As it is not like an SDR of which there are less than 10pcs in existence is supported in #Pi-Star or #WPSD.
Not yet anyway.

David Bombal
1 month ago
Starry Starry Knight
1 month ago

Mathematicians who round #pi to 3.1 as a foregone conclusion... 🤩

π-digit every hour
1 month ago

0 (Position 72030) #pi

Kenneth Freeman :linux: :tor:
1 month ago

All I want is a #Perl script which displays matching hexadecimal sequences of #pi and #phi. Viz.

3.2434 6A88 85A3 08D3...
1.9E37 79B9 7F4A 7C15...


💡 Arduino presenta il Portenta Hat Carrier
Il carrier per espandere le capacità della famiglia Portenta con i HAT di Raspberry Pi

#5g #arduino #bluetooth #portenta #hatcarrier #Raspberry #Pi #WiFi #wifi7 #RaspberryPI

Paysages Mathématiques
1 month ago

Why does Vegas have its own value of pi?
Source : Youtube / Stand-up Maths
#mathematics #maths #math #pi

Matemático fã do Euler
1 month ago

Que delícia de vídeo, brincando com a #irracionalidade de #pi:
Recomendo mesmo pra quem não curte #matemática, ficou muito bem feito.

Dave Mark
1 month ago

Click the link below, type in any date (like 4/19/1922) and the site will find that date in the digits of #pi.

I ❤️ #math 🙌🏻

This is nifty - find your "pi" birthday!

#pi #math #birthday #nerd

2 months ago

Encuentra la fecha de tu cumpleaños dentro del número Pi con visto en @microsiervos

#matematicas #pi #math

SciPost Physics
2 months ago

New #openaccess publication #SciPost #Physics

Concentration of quantum equilibration and an estimate of the recurrence time

Jonathon Riddell, Nathan J. Pagliaroli, Álvaro M. Alhambra
SciPost Phys. 15, 165 (2023)


hansamann 🔥❄️🚀
2 months ago

I think #pi5 will be great for #xmas. Available from end of October on. Which German vendor can you recommend for pre-order? #raspberrypi #raspberry #pi

Josh Burke
2 months ago

I've been thinking about getting a #RaspberryPi4 for ages but decided to hold out for a #RaspberryPi5 instead. I had a whole plan for what case and SSD to buy etc. but now that the #Pi5 is around the corner, it looks like most of the stuff I would've gotten isn't compatible with the new board.

Can anyone more experienced in the #Pi world give me a general idea of how long I'll be waiting before things like the #ArgonOne case get a Pi5 variant?


#RaspberryPi #Technology #SBC

James Scholes
2 months ago

Sometimes I decide to blame #Windows for something, only to check and realise that I haven't rebooted for two weeks and hence should give it the benefit of the doubt. Then I remember that #Linux on my #RaspberryPi can go years without restarting and I'm right back to blaiming Windows again. Then I start to think that the #Pi doesn't run a #GUI so that's maybe not a fair comparison and... I should probably just stop thinking and reboot.

Mel Campbell
3 months ago

I loved this experiment with asking different #LLM variants, "How can I take ducks home from the park?"

Interestingly, asking in Hindi and German seemed to get useful replies, which might tell you about how the models were trained.

But the most useful info across the board came from a prompt in which you tell the model that these are your own cherished ducks which have escaped into the park and you need to bring them home

#AI #generativeAI #ChatGPT #GPT4 #Claude2 #Llama2 #PaLM #Pi

@neil with #NixOS on a #Raspberry #Pi sounds like fun.

It would be even more fun if you could have multiple pies that would play neatly synchronized.

3 months ago

@hackernews since the production isn’t in EU an/or UK (anymore) I don’t really care (anymore) about the #PI

3 months ago

Been sitting here thinking about how much I want a Raspberry Pi to do many things, like fun hacky stuff.

What stuff do the people of the #Fediverse and #Mastodon use their Raspberry Pi’s for?

#RaspberryPi #Pi

New Episode: hpr3937 :: Adventures in Pi-Hole

Hosted by Noodlez on 2023-09-05 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.

Tags: #pi-hole, #linux, #networking, #self-hosting.

The Coding Beard
3 months ago
Bob Jamieson
3 months ago

‘I hope I’m wrong’: the co-founder of DeepMind on how AI threatens to reshape life as we know it
From synthetic organisms to killer drones, Mustafa Suleyman talks about the mind-blowing potential of artificial intelligence, and how we can still avoid catastrophe.
Halfway through my interview with the co-founder of DeepMind, the most advanced AI research outfit in the world, I mention that I asked #ChatGPT to come up with some questions for him.

#AI #DeepMind #Pi

3 months ago

@metin #Pi is an error we have to accept when we use orthogonal coordinates. #CMV

@anniethebruce most stuff like calculators literally had #Pi saved as a constant since noone's gonna need accuracy beyond the 64th digit....

Or rather the things that need that absurd level of accuracy won't be done with a pocket calculator...

Über Air Quality
4 months ago

@augieray If you haven't been concerned about #COVID for the last 3.5 years, you haven't been paying attention.

A new, worse-for-humanity variant is not only a plausible outcome of largely uncontrolled transmission, it's a fantastic reason to have not degraded your immune response during the recent abandonment of public health in favour of short-term personal convenience.


Even if #PI is less bad, it's still not good.

4 months ago

InflectionAI updated the prompt templates. #InflectionAI #Pi

4 months ago

It’s been interesting watching the #AIChatBot and #LLMLandscape evolve over time.

I was also surprised that #InflectionAI the makers of #Pi, personal AI weren’t at #DEFCON31 for the red team #HackAThon when the other big players were there. #Google, #Meta, #Anthropic, and #HuggingFace.

So, about four weeks ago now, #Inflection quietly updated #Pi to have enough internet access to brief and discuss current events. At that time, #Pi was not able to tell you the date and time. #Pi was updated again last week and testing shows that it can tell the date and time. #Pi also reports being able to access resources on the internet. We will be testing to see if this is another hallucination as experienced in the past.

Augie Ray
4 months ago

You're going to hear a lot about a new #COVID19 variant, known as #Pi, formerly BA.6 and now formally designated BA.2.86.

WHY YOU SHOULDN'T WORRY YET: So far, it's only been seen in 4 sequences globally. We don't yet know if it is more infectious or causes severe outcomes.

WHY EXPERTS ARE ON ALERT: The 4 sequences come from 3 nations (most recently the US), which implies spread. And it contains a huge number of mutations, raising the risk of significant changes from prior variants. (1/2🧵 )

Denis - The COVID info guy -
4 months ago

Scientists raise alarm over new COVID variant Pi and call for return of face masks.

"Early tests show Pi, also known as BA.6, carries more than 30 mutations in its spike protein, the part of the virus that latches onto human cells and causes an infection."

"Denmark and Israel are among the countries who have recorded cases this week."

#COVID19 #Pi #BA6 @auscovid19


Daniel Axtens
4 months ago

Encode your data as offsets into π!

(Or don't, it takes forever and it isn't smaller.) - a toy project I will probably never update.

I saw a post about encoding your data as an offset into pi and I wondered about how practical it would be to actually do that. Turns out - as could be entirely foretold - not very.

#rust #programming #pi

Thoth Makes
4 months ago

The comprehension of that to which one commits in life - not based on illusion shows of versions of oneself one can contemplate in multiple and many manifestations drawn - then perhaps are an indication of the weight of one's heart pointing to a journey on in perpetual ones that die to become. The power of art then should not be subestimated with science in mind to study and understand it's psychological implications in collective grounds floating in waters where serenity is not yet found.


"12:45, restate my assumptions:

1. Mathematics is the language of nature.
2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers.
3. If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge.
Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature."

Maximillian Cohen in Darren Aronofsky’s #Pi
#movies #mathematics #language #patterns

spaceman 🐈‍⬛🚀
4 months ago

An idea - DIY voice assistant with a #pi 0 (custom PCB? LCD screen? segmented display?)

4 months ago

Those of us in the US who start our 3/14 #Pi day celebration at 1:59 win (admittedly a small minority - I can't get anyone at work to go along with it). Still I will happily celebrate World Pi Day.

Rhett Allain
4 months ago

Happy #PiDay to most of the world (22/7/23) - because 22/7 is actually closer to #pi than 3.14.

Stefan Müller :verified:
5 months ago

1/ Wisst Ihr, was die coolste Web-Adresse ist? (Na, gut, die drittcoolste.)

Nicht alle können diese Web-Adresse fehlerfrei im Browser einzugeben.

Und wusstet Ihr, dass es Menschen gibt, die #Pi bis auf 60.000 Stellen aufsagen können?


The Coding Beard
6 months ago

@aoristdual nothing specific to be honest but I’ve got a lot of #Raspberry #PI type applications that #Micro #Python 🐍 seems to be a good choice for.

Extreme Electronics
8 months ago

9 picos , 1 display...

Some issues with missing data still, I suspect a race condition, details in the git

#pi #pico #pipico #cray #multiprocessors #WhyWouldYou. #microcomputer #display

9 picos 8 in an octogon 1 controlling with a small display showing a mandlebrot plot with missing lines. 

Multi processing is hard. Especially if you are using hardware designed for flashing leds on breadboard.
Erika Hammerschmidt
8 months ago

I would like to reiterate my perennial position on #AprilFools which is that this day, due to its position approximately midway between 3/14 and 4/20, should be devoted entirely to celebrating pot pies.

any kind. chicken pot pie. vegetable pot pie. even a #pot pot pie, or a #pi pot pie, if you figure out how to make such a thing. April 1 is no longer about fooling, it is #PotPieDay.

Tarah Wheeler
8 months ago

We at Red Queen Dynamics have an opening for a #Django/#Python web application #developer (full time, contract, 100% #remote/flexible, emphasis on front end and SaaS applications). Reports directly to me, and you get to work with a great and fun team! Either respond to the JD as requested in the URL or email me at with the 18th and 34th post-decimal digits of #pi as the first two characters in the subject line and I'll review your resume/#Github first 😉

#infosec #infosecjobs #cybersecurity #hiring

Ben Patterson
9 months ago

I’ve ordered a M.2 #SSD to install inside for hosting a permanent #Ubuntu partition and fast copy of music library.

Planning to run some #containers for #homeAutomation too (migrating off the underpowered #Pi currently running it).

The best bit: this PC fits perfectly on a 10” #SOHO shelf.
I recently made my own network rack! #homenetworking

Wooden box mounted under my desk filled with mini rack gear, patch cables running between shelves
Close up of network gear; two panels of RJ45 connectors, a small network switch connects most of these followed by a router
View of the back of the rack, a power cable plugs in and several empty keystone slots. A few network cables are plugged in to the jack panel at the bottom
Closeup looking through the last empty shelves showing a bundle of network cables punch-down terminated and a power distribution terminal block
Cenobyte :abunhdowohop:
9 months ago

Skye figured out what day it is and is wishing everyone the hoppiest Pi day!
#Rabbit #SkyeLove #MastoBun :skyeface3: :skyeloaf: :abunhdowohop: :skyeface3 #Pi #PiDay #PiDay2023

Skye bunny is standing near a pi plate with the number pi around the rim and the pi symbol in the middle
Andrew Woods
9 months ago

Happy Pi(e) Day nerds!

You know what’s great about pizza, and pie in general?! Of course it’s delicious, but it’s also a chart that updates in real time, that shows you how much is left

May you all partake of some pie today 🥧😄 #pi #piday

Cindy Weinstein
9 months ago

Honoring some texts with #Pi in the title. #Martel's Life of Pi, obviously. #Melville's Pierre, #Poe's, Pit and the Pendulum, #Foucault's, This is not a Pipe. Add yours?

Daniela Schreiter
9 months ago

Happy #PiDay everyone! 🐭

#MastoArt #PiDay #Maths #Pi

A colorful Cartoon. Two rats in pirat outfits are standing on an Island, one rat has a shovel in his hand, the other one a map. The rat with the map says: "According to the map we have to go 3,1415926... steps from here to find the treasure!" The title says Pi-Rats, Pi is written like the mathematical sign.
Daniela Schreiter
9 months ago

Schönen #PiDay euch allen! 🐭

#Mastoart #Comic #Pi #maths

Cartoon in bunten Farben. Zwei Ratten im Piraten-Outfit stehen auf einer Insel im Meer. Die linke Ratte hat eine Schaufel in der Hand, die rechte eine Karte. Die rechte Ratte mit der Karte in der Hand sagt: Laut Karte müssen wir von hier 3.1415926... Schritte laufen, um den Schatz zu finden. Über dem Cartoon steht als Titel „Pi-Ratten“, wobei Pi wie das mathematische Symbol geschrieben ist.
mary beth ☑️
9 months ago

#pi #piday “Pi Time” is 3/14 at 1593/2400 hours. 1593 converted to H:M is 16:33. I need to start a countdown… #happyPiDay

Homemade blueberry pie with lattice top
Lars Fischer
9 months ago

Heute ist π-Day! Deswegen jetzt ein paar Artikel, wo sich #Pi so alles versteckt. Zum Beispiel beim Billard.

9 months ago

And here is a short video of what odd/even digits of #pi looks like in realtime

Video with realtime visualizations of whether digits of pi are odd or even.
Kim Possible
9 months ago

And the Lord said "Let there be #Pi" and the people willfully misinterpreted it, as people tend to do, and there was much rejoicing. #PiDay

A big ol' Georgia Peach Pie I made a while back. It had fresh peaches, a double crust, and I didn't even care if it was fattening. (It was.)
Jona lendering
9 months ago

Het is #pi-dag. Hier is een oud blogje over historische benaderingen van π.

Simon Zerafa :donor: :verified:
9 months ago

Happy #Pi Day, if you're celebrating! 🙂🥧

See you all on 28th June to celebrate Tau Day 😉

9 months ago

Have a happy #Pi day everyone! Don't forget to start your celebrations at 1:59pm.