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November 28, 2023 - Day 331 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 351

Game: Pinball FX

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Apr 13, 2023
Installation Date: Aug 22, 2023
Unplayed: 98d (3m6d)
Playtime: 17m

Pinball FX is a pinball simulator, and is a sequel to Pinball FX3.

Bit of an odd game to be reviewing, but it's literally the only thing I played yesterday, and is my only review option.

Pinball FX uses the razor business model of giving the game away for free, and selling the tables as DLC.

Over time I'd collected quite a few tables in Pinball FX3 (14 hours playtime), but I'd specifically downloaded it for one specific table - The Getaway: High Speed II.

This pinball table is a core memory for me. I spent countless hours and dollars playing the real-world version of The Getaway. Any arcade I entered (or still enter!), I will scan for this machine. Given that it was released in 1992, I'm usually disappointed.

When Pinball FX3 presented the opportunity to be able to play it again, whenever I wanted, I jumped on the opportunity. For what it is, it's great. It's not the same though.

In 2021 the dev team behind Zen Studios announced that they were going to reboot the Pinball FX series in Unreal Engine 4 (with a now-expired exclusivity deal with the Epic Store), and that all future tables would be released on Pinball FX, not Pinball FX3.

Of course, existing tables that were purchased for FX3 do not transfer to Pinball FX, meaning if you want to play your tables in FX, buy them all again, sunshine.

However, they've since made concessions, and you can buy a "bundle" for any owned DLC that provides the FX version of the table at 50% off.

For the Black Friday sales, they heavily discounted all of the DLC, which meant that I was able to upgrade my Getaway table for $2.64.

As for Pinball FX itself? It's good. The interface is a lot cleaner that FX3. The flippers seem feel a little bit... off, but I need to investigate more.

However, what it DOES do properly is ultrawide portrait mode, which was broken in FX3.

Playing Pinball FX3 on a QHD monitor in portrait mode was a revelation (thank you again, @atomicpoet), but it was miserable on an ultrawide in portrait mode.

Pinball FX, however? Being able to see the whole playfield AND part of the cabinet brings a whole new sense of immersion, and enjoyment, and feels as close as I'll get to owning The Getaway (real table? AUD$5500) which makes that $2.64 worth it.

The thing which takes the edge off is the seemingly ever-present microtransactions built into the game. They don't seem to be necessary, and I'll likely continue to ignore them.

Even so, I'm more than happy to declare Pinball FX:

5: Excellent

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2 months ago

Zen Studios, die Macher der gefeierten Pinball FX-Serie, haben die South Park Pinball-Tische zu Pinball FX zurückgebracht.
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Alex Kidman
3 months ago

New review time -- as I drop some coin into the Pinball FX version of the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball table. It's a great table, that's mostly flawlessly recreated.


#pinball #pinballfx #retrogaming #ZenPinball #Startrek

Star Trek The Next Generation Pinball FX table
ausretrogamer ☑️
3 months ago

Looks like our weekend (playing video games) is sorted!

We have the Star Trek™: The Next Generation table & the Marvel Pinball Collection 1 tables on PinballFX that will keep us entertained! 🥳

#PinballFX #Pinball #StarTrek #Marvel #NintendoSwitch

3 months ago

Exploração Intergaláctica Chega ao Pinball FX com a Tabela Williams Pinball: Star Trek: The Next Generation!
Zen Studios lança emocionante tabela de pinball baseada em Star Trek para Pinball FX. Aventura cósmica e efeitos 3D incríveis!
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Ok Mastodon... Have a Classic

Funhouse. With Ray Tracing. This, is Awesome

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4 months ago

Prepare for immediate purchase!
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Alex Kidman
4 months ago

New review time, as I take on the Godzilla vs Kong pinball pack for Pinball FX on the Nintendo Switch. I'm a noted Godzilla fiend, so this will easily win me over, right?

Well... not quite.
#Pinball #Nintendo #Switch #PinballFX

Godzilla vs Kong Pinball Nintendo Switch
5 months ago

New free game!

#PinballFX available in the #Nintendo EShop.

You get three free tables 🔥🎉

Will you be playing? Have you played this one on another console?

#Gaming #NintendoSwitch #GamingNews

Zelda Edition OLED Nintendo Switch showing Pinball FX and my other recently played games on the Home Screen
Nindie Spotlight
5 months ago

#Switch Review: #PinballFX - There’s no doubt that this version of the digital pinball series performs more smoothly than its predecessor, but it paid a clear visual price...

Nindie Spotlight
5 months ago

#Switch Video: #PinballFX - With a new and more performance-focused engine on Switch, smooth pinball play has arrived

Jason Bergman
5 months ago

Haven't had time to work on the cabinet in weeks! Pleased to report that the latest @PinballFX update is a giant improvement. Still some funkiness to navigate, but it's come a long way.

Feedback device and button remapping are still missing, but hopefully that comes soon.

#pinballfx #virtualpinball

Twilight Zone on Pinball FX
Spider-Man on Pinball FX
Addams Family on Pinball FX
Borderlands on Pinball FX
6 months ago

Novas Aventuras de Pinball Aguardam! Três novas mesas agora disponíveis no Pinball FX!
Experimente a emoção do pinball com três mesas novas empolgantes no Pinball FX! Williams Pinball: Whirlwind™️, Samurai’s Vengeance e Verne’s Mysterious Island venha conheçer essas novas mesas!
#PinballFX #WilliamsPinball #HonorAndLegacy #Gamerscore

Jason Bergman
7 months ago

Sunday morning pinball on the cabinet: played a bit of the stellar new Total Nuclear Annihilation for VPX, as well as the new remastered Fantastic Four in Pinball FX (my favorite FX3 table!).

#virtualpinball #vpx #pinballfx

Total Nuclear Annihilation (VPX) running on a virtual pinball cabinet
Fantastic Four (Pinball FX 2023) running on a virtual pinball cabinet
Chess Checker
7 months ago

I was a bit occupied yesterday and didn't give myself much of an opportunity to share this when it went up, but here it is – my personal best #MyLittlePony #PinballFX play as of May 1st!


Chess Checker
7 months ago

Decided to take a couple of weeks off producing #YouTube content. It’s surprisingly difficult for me to keep up with a consistent 3-video-a-week schedule.

The next video goes up on Monday; I’m gonna show off one of my #MyLittlePony #PinballFX high score runs; at the time of recording, and as of this writing, my personal best!

I have some mild complaints about this #Pinball game, however. Sometimes it appears to take a cheap shot at me and roll the ball in such a way that I can’t actually catch it with the flippers in the first seconds of a launch, even after a saved ball. Making matters worse, nudges are particularly risky on this table, as I get a warning on the first nudge, and a tilt if I nudge a second time within a certain window of time.

Besides that, however, I’ve been having a blast with the My Little Pony table. I’m gonna be aiming for THE high score, eventually!

7 months ago

A little Pinball FX on my Switch before bed and I had about the best game of Tale of the Arabian Knights I’ve ever had. Got all the gems and battled the Genie but couldn’t save the Princess. #Pinball #VirtualPinball #PinballFX

My new high score on Tales of the Arabian Knights: 42 million.
I’ve cracked the top 500. Currently #415 on this table. I did six times better this game than my previous best!
trinux ۞
8 months ago

#PinballFX podría ser un juego divertido y entretenido (casi como está planteado ahora). Pero está tan empeñado en sacarte los cuartos que es asqueroso. 🤮

Paul Semel
8 months ago

Though not based on their best movies, or even all of the new ones, the virtual pinball tables in the ""Godzilla Vs. Kong Pack" for "Pinball FX" are still as fun as a barrel of monkeys ... fighting a barrel of lizards. Here's the link to my review.
. . . . . . . . . . .
#GodzillaVsKongPack #GodzillaVsKongPackReview #ZenPinball #ZenPinballReview #gaming #games #VideoGames #KingKong #Godzilla #GodzillaVsKong #pinball #PinballFX

Bjoern Means Bear
8 months ago

Crypt of the Necrodancer AND Pinball?!?
The best of two worlds, awww yeah!
RT @zen_studios
Dance your way to the top of the leaderboards on Crypt of the NecroDancer Pinball! Experience the ultimate fusion of rhythm and pinball on our new table inspired by a beautiful classic from Brace Yourself Games.

Coming to Pinball FX on April 13!

#pinballfx @BYG_Vancouver

9 months ago

Nun wollte ich das Spiel loben, weil man einen 1-Tages-Pass freischalten kann, wenn man sich durch 8 Challenges gequält hat. Der Pass hätte dazu berechtigt, fast alle Tische spielen zu können. Schade nur, das mit der letzten Challenge das Event irgendwie wechselt, ohne dass der 1-Tages-Pass freigeschaltet wird. Top! 👍🏻
#PS5 #PinballFX

9 months ago

Puh, also mit dem neuen #PinballFX für #PS5 ist aus meiner Sicht kein großer Wurf gelungen. Völlig unübersichtliche und verwirrende Menüführung. Dazu als Gratis-Tisch der schlechte Wild West Rampage, der irgendwie noch schlechter (weil unfair) geworden ist. Sehr schade. Hab ZEN Pinball stets gefeiert. 😢

Ebenfalls schade aber nachvollziehbar: Dieses Mal kann man keine gekauften Tische aus dem Vorgänger mitnehmen. 😢

Vincent Leeuw
9 months ago

So the new #PinballFX is out and… dear lord. Someone thought buying pinball tables wasn’t monetization enough and now it’s filled with useless virtual collectible tat as well. *And* it features a virtual currency.

Yeah. Just no.

Chris Adamson
10 months ago

Update: I introduced the day nurse to #PinballFX. He sounds like he’s a huge pinball fan, part of the #VFWPinball community here in Ann Arbor, and able to recite all four previous locations of Pinball Pete’s in the city.
10 months ago

Pinball FX: Borderlands und Brothers in Arms-Pinball-Tische erscheinen im Februar für Xbox – Trailer
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #PinballFX #Repost
10 months ago

Zen Studios wird Tische basierend auf Borderlands, Brothers in Arms und Homeworld veröffentlichen, wenn Pinball FX im Februar auf den Markt kommt.
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #PinballFX #Repost

Jason Bergman
11 months ago

Sunday morning pinball on the cabinet: played a bunch of PinballFX today. Cabinet support is still spotty, but I get by.

I love the Homeworld table. It's really fun to see those game models flying around. Also checked out the new Grimm Tales table. It's absolutely gorgeous.

#virtualpinball #pinball #pinballfx

Homeworld Pinball
Grimm Tales
1 year ago

Zen Studios bringen Pinball FX im Februar 2023 zusammen mit dem The Addams Family-Tisch auf die Xbox und PlayStation!
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #PinballFX #Trailer