14 hours ago

Whats nice to look at on #Pinterest at the moment?

2 days ago

Ya lo que me faltaba. Como #Pixelfed tome características de #Pinterest ya sí que no salimos de ahí nunca. Demasiado hype.

2 days ago

Pixelfed Collections [v3]

- remove (only-public) and (only-self) constraints - allow items to be anything, even a url

- make collections followable (w/ #activityPub)

- add "Collect" button to add items to one of your collections

- public "collections directory" w/ search

The refreshed Collections feature will be quite similar to #pinterest 😉

Geek Updated
3 days ago

In an updated Pinterest Chrome extension, you will no longer find the option to hide the button when you hover over images. So irritating! #Pinterest #image #Chrome

5 days ago

#youtube #tiktok #twitter #bluesky #pinterest #facebook #instagram

Der französische Komiker Remy Gaillard hat ein neues Video "Epilogue" veröffentlicht:

Danke, für 16 Jahre beste Unterhaltung! Ich habe mich über seine Prank-Videos köstlich amüsiert…émi_Gaillard

copymanLE :verified:
1 week ago

Oops, it did it again.
#Pinterest si rifà vivo per comunicarmi che ha disattivato un pin postato 8/9 anni fa. L'immagine, presa dal web, ritrae una giovane coppia che dorme abbracciata.
A loro giudizio tale foto viola le regole perché "contiene individui parzialmente esposti/sessualizzati".🤦‍♂️
Sarà un caso che quando Pinterest mi comunica una censura, in mail ricompaiono i messaggi che mi invitano a postare o condividere immagini, benché abbia abbandonato la piattaforma da anni? 😉

Hika/Tam | HK★TMK
2 weeks ago

Do any of you post your #art to #Pinterest?
Has it helped you in any way? 🤨 Lmk

Kijk, een Vogel!
2 weeks ago

Ik open voor het eerst sinds tijden weer eens de Pinterest-app. Allereerst: ik vind het idee van deze app helemaal geweldig! Je kunt er handige #moodboards mee maken en inspiratie opdoen voor nieuwe designs, foto’s enzovoorts. Het concept van #pinterest is dus enorm handig en ik zou ‘m heel graag vaker willen gebruiken. Maar omg, wat staat die app toch vol met reclamevideo’s! Op elke pagina eisen 2 of 3 filmpjes de aandacht volledig op. Zo is het maken van een #pinboard gewoon niet leuk meer 😭

An uncensored / unbigotted alternative to #pinterest would be awesome. I'm trying to pin female anatomy to my related board and keep getting blocked. Dick pics are fine though; they are everywhere on Pinterest.

#Mastodon #mastoart #AlternativeTo #socialmedia

3 weeks ago

Because almost everyone I know are depressed and coping, so many people have expressed to me that they want to die, and at times that feeling of helpless despair resonates.

Surely there are better ways to encourage these kids than by being condescending and hostile.

I will defend to the death my younger siblings’ (and their peers, etc) use of #TikTok, #Pinterest, #instagram, #discord etc. because guess what? Surveillance/bad moderation/data abuse/ads aren’t THEIR fault.


3 weeks ago

My newest #Pinterest board- 19th century dresses with nary a sweet little muted floral in sight.

Matthias Drexel
3 weeks ago

Gibt es eigentlich auch eine #Fediverse Alternative zu #pinterest
Verwende #Pinterest doch ab und an als Inspiration für so manches Projekt

3 weeks ago

As one example, #pinterest just suspended one of my accounts for nudity and sexual reasons.

There is one problem: I dont post sexual activity or nudity. I post pages from my webcomic, and outfits I designed.

These were in secret boards, moderators should not even have access to these.

3 weeks ago

Also I wont be using any #pinterest alternative on #activitypub if they have access to secret boards and pins the way Pinterest seems to.

People should see that for the breach of privacy that that is.

Architecture News
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

El último post normalmente iría a nuestro #Pinterest pero he querido probar a compartir el mismo post de #ofertas de #videojuegos en #Mastodon para ver qué permitía y qué no. Por lo que parece, la descripción de imágenes para accesibilidad Pinterest a través de #Buffer no la traga.

No esperéis a ver muchas de esas ofertas por aquí porque no tengo claro que mucha gente de Mastodon esté interesada o no vaya a malintepretarlo.

DigiDavidex :kde:
4 weeks ago
Resolviendo la incógnita
4 weeks ago

Con el desastre de #Twitter, #Pinterest borrando imágenes y silenciando vídeos y ahora #Facebook pidiendo que pague o vea publicidad, tengo menos redes de la que preocuparme 👍 .

Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
1 month ago

Is this mic on? #Pinterest

Pinterest error message: 'It looks like we are having trouble connecting.'
ferrie = differentieel :mfrl:
1 month ago

@joukjebroier ah OK - ook die is uit mijn omgeving gezet vanwege dataroof - #Pinterest rooft alles wat los en vast zit van je #slimfoon en #computer - dat weet je hoop ik toch?

1 month ago

I guess you can't have a board from kinky japanese photographers (Araki) in the US.

Yes, I have a #pinterest account. I just remembered. Haven't used it in years. Wouldn't that be a fun #fediverse app? Doesn't it exist yet ?

Pinterest removed a picture from a board because it's "adult content".
1 month ago

Another pin removed from #Pinterest for "mature and explicit content" : #EdvardMunch's The Kiss:

I'm wondering when pins of classical Greco-Roman white marble statues won't make the cut for censoring nudity…

Larry O'Brien
2 months ago

Is there a #Fediverse equivalent to #Pinterest? That was a pretty helpful site for, like, the first six months it existed.

Tim Gatewood
2 months ago

My 6th #tattoo is an image I saw on #Pinterest and really liked it. It works as both a stand-alone image that connects with my love of SFF and as an update to the symbolic statements below it in my 3rd tattoo.

Astronaut helmet with space scene reflected on the face glass and a note with "EXPLORE" taped to it
2 months ago

#VivaldiSocial はよくも悪くも初期の Twitter みたいな感じ。

自分がフォローしてる他の #Mastodon サーバーもそんな雰囲気のところが多い印象。一部サーバーはノリが #2ch っぽいところもあるけど。

#Threads は by #Meta であり #Instagram みたいなものなので、なんか #Pinterest 見てるみたいな気持ちになる。なんかかっこいいものとかキラキラしたものがたくさん出てくる。

#X は広告とスパムと口喧嘩の間に善良な人の声が挟まってるみたいなイメージ。

#SNS #Fediverse

2 months ago

Es muy probable que elimine #Xitter de #Buffer y en su lugar deje #Pinterest para publicar imágenes o vídeos muy concretos.
Sintiéndolo mucho nuestros (y vuestros) días en #Twitter están contados, y con ello se perderá contacto un tiempo con gente muy querida que no usa nada más.

Ik heb zo’n bord op Pinterest,…gewoon voor de lol, van die dingen dat je denkt “Waarom máken mensen dit ??”. Maar #pinterest neemt het heel serieus 🤣🤣

so i get to the point of this thread:

Google has corrupted all web search

#DuckDuckGo, the "best" alternative has huge SEO corruption problems from companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay.

it's worse if you are looking for images:

#Pinterest is the #herpes of image search.

it just keeps on and on spreading itself thru every single TLD they can get their hands on: .com .org. .net. ca. fr. .es .de. jp. .au.

it's absolutely awful...


What could be considered an alternative to #Pinterest in the #Fediverse? #Pixelfed @pixelfed ?

My Pinterest is old, and it's mostly (99%) automated via #RSS, for both of my blogs, but look at these stats for the last 90 days, with less than 350 followers!

Statistics and graph for my Pinterest profile

Comissão Europeia lança Base de dados sobre Transparência das entidades digitais
#amazon #apple #facebook #google #instagram #internet #linkedin #pinterest #snapchat #tiktok #twitter #youtube #noticias #tech #tugatech

Comissão Europeia lança Base de dados sobre Transparência das entidades digitais
2 months ago

Nuestro #Pinterest debería tener un perrocornio de icono por la cantidad de veces que planta esto en el feed.

Perrocornio con bebecornio subidos al unicarro.

No surprise that #Twitter is ranking so low, but #Pinterest coming out top was a surprise. I wish the report had included #Mastodon or even #Vero so it looks less like a beat-up of the big players. The article includes a link to the actual report.

#Privacy #ClimateDebate #SocialMedia

Twitter ranks worst in climate change misinformation report

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"The report looked at #Meta [#Facebook and #Instagram], #Pinterest, #YouTube, #TikTok and #Twitter for their content moderation policies and efforts to mitigate inaccurate information such as #ClimateDenialism.

Twitter received its only point in the report for [having] an easily accessible and readable #PrivacyPolicy." #Privacy is important because fossil fuel companies, like other advertisers, can use personal data to sway public opinion.

Blake Patterson
3 months ago

Vintage IBM PC / clones pinboard. Mindset-heavy at the top. I'd never seen a Mindset II before this recent eBay auction.

#IBM #PC #DOS #IBMPC #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #vintagecomputers #MSDOS #PCDOS #8088 #photos #pics #album #pinterest

(Ich mag dieses Meme echt gerne!)

Einen habe ich noch ... 😏

Mein Titelbild, so als Einstimmung, wenn ich das mache:

Mütter, die zum Elternabend gehen:
Friedliche hingehende Elben

Mütter, die vom Elternabend, zurück kehren:
Eine Horde Orks stürmt davon!


Stimmt 😅



Bingo, Bingo …. 😳

Bingofelder - viele Bingofelder …

... Schweigen ...
(nach der Frage, wer Protokoll führen möchte)
Ich finde es ungerecht, dass...
Meiner Meinung nach bekommen die Kinder zu viele/zu
Hausaufgaben auf.
Lisa möchte nicht neben Martin sitzen!
Es könnte ja mal jemand ...
Die Hausaufgaben bei Herrn/Frau XY
sind viel zu schwer!
Bei Herrn/Frau XY
haben wir das immer so gemacht: ...
Wer hat die Läuse denn in die Klasse gebracht?
Das Essen in der Schulkantine ist zu
teuer/keine Bio-Qualität
Wissen Sie, dass die 6b schon fast zwei Kapitel weiter ist?
Können wir darüber abstimmen?
Müssen die Kinder in der Pause wirklich nach draußen, wenn es zu kalt/nass/ heiß/windig ist?
Wir machen uns
Sorgen, dass ...
Sie versuchen
Helfende für das nächste Schulevent
zu finden
... Schweigen ...
(nach der Frage, wer sich zum
Elternvertreter wählen
lassen möchte)
Eine Frage hätte ich da noch ...


Kein Shice - sowas wird wirklich gefragt!

«Können Sie meiner Tochter mal sagen, dass sie früher ins Bett gehen soll?
Auf mich hört sie ja nicht.»


Jedes Mal, wenn ich manche Eltern vor mir habe …

Die immer wiederkehrende Strafe für ungeschützten Sex.
3 months ago

What kind of a threat is this? #Pinterest tells me they were wrong to flag a pin by me, and instead of apologizing for that, they threaten to delete my account?!

Best part: The violation was supposedly on "adult content". I have a board with workout videos for the gym, maybe one of those? But none of that is adult content.

Screenshot contains an email. Text reads:

Hi Wenzel,
We recently removed one of your Pins due to violation of our guidelines on adult content. After a review of our decision, we've decided to reinstate your Pin, but please take some time to go through your Pins and remove any that may be in violation of our Community Guidelines.

These rules apply to all Pins, including Pins on your secret boards. If we notice more Pins that conflict with our Community Guidelines, we may take additional action on your account.

The Pinterest team
Pratik Patel
3 months ago

This is excelllent work to start.

In a novel move, #Pinterest updates its content algorithm to surface diverse body types, powered by an #AI system trained on 5B+ images of bodies of all sizes.

#FatPhobia #Fat #MachineLearning #Diversity

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago

Not sure about #pinterest ‘s search engine behavior, but perhaps as an old guy on the internet I still find it very useful and fun.

Damon Outlaw
3 months ago

Please boost/repost for reach!

I’ve come across some cool
#Fediverse projects. I personally would love to know what else is out there but I imagine many of you would as well.
Please share any
#Fedi projects that you are working on and or know of.
I’ve seen an
#Etsy like project, #Pinterest alternative
#Goldfish which seemed like a #Tiktok like project
I’ve come across awesome client apps like
I can’t get enough of
#Beanapp for #Lemmy and #Artemisapp for #Kbin
#Friendica beta client #Relatica #Mastodon #Fediverse #Firefish #Calckey #Misskey #iOS #buildinpublic #devs #AndroidOS

Hello #mastodon game developers 🧐

Do you use pinterest to promote your game?

⭐ Please write in the comments more details

#gamedev #indiedev #poll #polls #gamedeveloper #gamedevelopment #videogames #gaming #pinterest #Marketing #promotion #promo

3 months ago

Meet Pacer – #Pinterest’s next-generation asynchronous computing platform:

The new architecture leverages #Kubernetes for scheduling job-execution workers and #ApacheHelix for cluster management.

#SoftwareArchitecture #AsynchronousArchitecture

4 months ago


#Pinterest のプライベートボードとか Eagle みたいなアプリ(サービス?)使えばいいんだろうけど、なんかもうちょっとシンプルにしたいんだよな…

#Vivaldi のノートに画像貼るという手もあるんだけど、Vivaldi のノートはテキスト情報だけで添付された画像とか URL は同期・エクスポートされないのでバックアップとしてはちょっと弱いし、 UI としても一覧性があまり良くない…

Vivaldi ノートの中に #Markdown で書いては画像は URL で参照すればいいのかな?


#Notion とかかな…


Scott Williams 🐧
4 months ago

Looks like #Pinterest posted their own #opensource secrets management tool called #knox.

4 months ago

Finally I can uninstall #Pinterest 😭

...for this week.

4 months ago

New rug who dis 😍 #finally #pinterest #addiction

I can finally retire my Pinterest addication! 

..for this week 🥲

Those are interesting metrics! The #Kagi leaderboards of most blocked/lowered/raised/pinned domains

#search #searchengine #pinterest #wikipedia #stackoverflow #w3schools

Most blocked: pinterest, w3schools, facebook, quora, foxnews, tiktok
Most lowered: w3schools, quora, pinterest, facebook, medium, foxnews, amazon, instagram, tiktok, reddit
Most raised: stackoverflow, github, wikipedia, reddit, hackernews,,,, wikipedia,
Most pinned: wikipedia,, stackoverflow, reddit, hackernews, github,,, wikipedia,
Tim Chambers
5 months ago

If I were #Tumblr or #Flickr or #Substack or #Post I’d quadruple the tech staff building out #ActivityPub support stat! And follow the lead of pioneers like @coachtony @Flipboard and @mozilla … if I were #Linkedin, #Pinterest or the like, I’d hire an ActivityPub team fast!

5 months ago

“Hot take, but Pinterest is several orders of magnitude better than Dribbble for design inspiration.” — Aleks Bahdanovich

“Pinterest is the #1 place for visual design inspiration.” — Dann Petty
#Inspiration #Pinterest #Dribbble #DribbbleAlternative #Design #VisualDesign #ProductDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Quote

Discover more, connect deeper! Join us on our other channels for incredible content and community. Découvrez plus, connectez-vous plus profondément ! Rejoignez-nous sur nos autres chaînes pour un contenu et une communauté incroyables.

#J2DW #Facebook #Twitter #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Telegram #Instagram #Snapchat #Pinterest #LinkedIn #Barrie #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

ArtBear on Mastodon
5 months ago

Friends & family, plugged in to corporate social & largely unaware of effects on society. I have to accept that implications for democracy & data may never really interest many.

Yet corp silo media falls apart, because it serves shareholders & not users. Who wants to keep starting over from scratch again and again?

#MySpace #Digg #Google+

Trashposts Decline Scandals
#Facebook #Instagram #Pinterest #LinkedIn

+Binfire management

+Actual Nazis

Leave that loop.

Neo looks over the vast numbers of humans wired in to their Matrix pods in the farming towers.

Follow us on your favourite social channels. Please leave a comment! These days it's so easy to stay in touch with those we care about.

#J2DW #Facebook #Twitter #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Telegram #Instagram #Snapchat #Pinterest #LinkedIn #Barrie #onpoli @onpoli

6 months ago

Friends & family, are just plugged in to corporate social & largely unaware of the wider effects. Many of them aren't ready to leave The Matrix. They don't mind their data being farmed. I have to accept that the social implications may never interest many of them. However some of them can be made curious about the fragility of their time investment when their efforts are owned by corporate sites.

#MySpace dead.
#Digg dead.
#Google+ dead.
#Facebook, scandals, trashposts & decline.
#Instagram, trashposts, decline.
#Pinterest, trashposts, decline.
#LinkedIn, trashposts, decline.
#Twitter binfire management, trashposts, actual Nazis, decline.
#Reddit binfire management, decline.

As each of these corporate platforms 1 by 1, get overwhelmed by bad decisions, ads, destructive farming, that's a lot of lost hours.

#Fediverse #FediFriday #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus #SocialMedia #Kbin #RedditMigration #Lemmy

Neo looks over the vast numbers of humans wired in to their Matrix pods in the farming towers.
6 months ago

This week, the #Pinetta team has been busy on multiple fronts! Our #Codeberg repos have been popping, with one feature branch (user model) closed and a new one (user avatars) opened, and progress made on a number of issues. We've also gathered feedback from #askFedi to help us learn about people's experience with #Pinterest, which will help us set goals properly. Finally, our #Matrix channels have been busy as we collaborate both on the technical and community frameworks—and as we prepare to produce the first of several documents to express our collective vision and principles for the project.

6 months ago

I just logged into #Pinterest for the first time in a while. Within the first few clicks it told me that a feature that I'd never used was going away, offered to help me shop for items similar to the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, and suggested I pin sandwiches to a board about English literacy. 🙄

...also, apparently my profile says my gender is non-binary :thonking:

6 months ago

Question for black women, indigenous women, or women of other marginalized identities who've used #Pinterest: Is your experience of Pinterest overall positive, negative, or somewhere in between? Have you ever felt targeted for harrassment or other forms of harm while using it?

Please feel free to answer in direct messages if you prefer.


6 months ago

What's the thing that you hate or dislike the most about #Pinterest?

Asking for a friend.


6 months ago

There's lots of talk right now about how #Reddit alternatives such as #Lemmy, #kbin and #Lotide fit into the overall picture of the #Fediverse, with some calling these link-aggregation sites collectively the "Threadiverse". But how does #Pinetta fit into the mix?

Much like a link aggregator, Pinetta allows users to collect and comment on various things like links, text, images, video, and so on. In that sense, it will interact almost seamlessly with federated link aggregators. The main difference, of course, is in the user interface. Pinetta will have a number of modes that users can choose to display content:

- As a "feed" chronologically or ranked based on most engaging posts (based on favourites and boosts);
- As a "grid" similar to how
#Pixelfed displays images in profiles;
- As a "masonry" layout - much like how
#Pinterest displays pins by default;
- As a "mood board", which will allow users to arrange pins visually to their liking in a freeform 2D layout.

Like what you're reading? So do we. Give us a follow and star our repos on Codeberg to keep up with development!

Shaula Evans
6 months ago

As of today, there no longer seems to be a field for Alt Text on Pinterest when uploading new pins. I tested after posting just now and there doesn't seem to be a a way to go back in and edit to add alt text after a Pin has posted, either.

This is a huge leap backward for accessibility. I'm angry and frustrated right now.

#Pinterest #AltText #Accessibility

Kent Brewster
7 months ago

A year and a half post Pinterest I still feel a happy rush when I find a page full of embedded Pins. #nerd #javascript #pinterest

Chris Trottier
7 months ago

Insider reviewed #Lemon8, Bytedance's #Instagram/#Pinterest clone. In case you're wondering, Bytedance is the company behind #TikTok.

Months ago, I looked through Lemon8's site, fooled around, and came to the same conclusion as the reviewer. But I'm also nowhere near Bytedance's targeted demographic for this, so reading from someone who is bring clarity.

That said, I am a big fan of the Instagram and Pinterest experience, but those apps have been enshittified long ago, and I've been hoping for good Fediverse contenders for awhile. This is why I can continue to run my
#Pixelfed server since this is such a critical app.

I hope can all collectively build something more compelling than Lemon8.

I tried using Lemon8, TikTok's new buzzy sister app, to see if it would entertain me as much as TikTok. It didn't come close.
Charissa Cheong
May 15, 2023, 9:49 AM PDT
A picture of the author holding up the Lemon8 app on her phone.
I found Lemon8 tedious to post on and tough to build a community through. Author's own.

    Lemon8 was billed as TikTok's buzzy new sister app when it was launched in February by ByteDance.
    It's been described as "Pinterest meets Instagram" for its focus on aesthetically pleasing images.
    The app promises "fresh discoveries everyday," but I simply didn't see the point.
Shaula Evans
7 months ago

By the way, this is what Satan and I got up to the other night, as it were: a little promo for The Trouble With Angels that's up on Pinterest & now also here.

How the mighty have fallen, etc., etc. 😂

#BookMarketing #BookPromotions #Pinterest

A statue of a sexy, muscular winged angel against a pink background. A heavenly chorus sings an angelic "ah". Text slides into view: "The Trouble With Angels. Bestselling Author Maggie Adams." As a woman giggles, confetti and pink hearts decorate the statue. A yellow banner stomps into the bottom right corner that says: "Now in Audio". The effect is light, silly and fun, appropriate for a light-hearted (but hot) romantic comedy.
BT (Binary Tango)
7 months ago

If you're a #Pinterest user, looks like someone has started the early prototyping of an #ActivityPub powered clone.

Give them a follow if you're interested at @pinetta

More info over on their Codeberg:


7 months ago

#Business #Findings
Some major social networks obfuscate their referred traffic

“Website owners and marketers should expect that a large portion of traffic marked as ‘direct’ in their analytics was likely sent by these networks.” — Rand Fishkin

#SocialMedia #Marketing #DigitalAnalystics #WebAnalytics #DarkSocial #Referrals #Obfuscation #Traffic #Discord #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #Mastodon #Pinterest #Reddit #Slack #TikTok #Twitter #WhatsApp #Youtube

Good #Monday my lovely #mastodon #people .
howdy to all my #dmvcommunty #dmv #virginiana #maryland and #washingtondc peeps!!!!

#birthday #weekend rounding up with today being my birthday!

Give me a birthday gift by following me on my new business this year. We have two store opening and many ways to follow.
I am selling anything today I just want #followers. That all……
#IG FB page
and many more later this year. Bookmark or follow us on our open road

Jennifer Morency :verified:
10 months ago

@deilann @miramarco Mercifully, #DuckDuckGo image search results link directly to #Pinterest pictures, which can be viewed and downloaded without an account.

Shaula Evans
10 months ago

I have to admit, while laughing at myself, that I'm struggling to get the hang of Pinterest. The predominant aesthetic there is not my vibe, but I'm trying to find my way nonetheless.

If you have a book- or audiobook- themed Pinterest board, especially about romance, or if you follow authors on Pinterest who do a good job with it, I'd love it if you'd share your favourite links!


#Pinterest : Where your search for the original source for an image goes to die

Everybody's stoked that #Tumblr is getting #ActivityPub support, but #Pinterest is the one that *really* needs it