3 hours ago

Today's mystery for people who know about #Linux and #LinuxAudio or #snapcast or #pipewire and there has to be some #networking involved here too.

On the ground situation:

I have two machines on my desk.

One has a #wireplumber window up showing all the audio devices and such. That machine has snapclient running and it's in the graph but not connected.

I'm on #Mastodon right now on the other machine, which does NOT have snapcast installed.

Phenomenological description in reply to this.

5 hours ago
Butt Pat Coach
6 hours ago

Interesting #Linux problem caused by migrating from #PulseAudio to #PipeWire as part of the upgrade to #Debian 12

I could no longer connect my laptop over #Bluetooth to a speaker, until I followed the instructions at

Posting here in case others have the same problem.

1 day ago
2 days ago

After updae to Lunar 23.04 GQRX gone, Pulseaudio DUMMY audio Gone, DSD-FME fails #pulseaudio #pipewire

PSA : The #pipewire #rust `pw_init` function was renamed to `pipewire_init` on #FreeBSD due to some naming conflict. Have fun patching all your software 🎉 !

3 days ago

Linux is getting better for audio. Had a pleasant experience today fooling around with Bitwig and PipeWire. Much better than dealing with ALSA/PulseAudio/JACK. There was virtually no latency as well.

With yabridge and wine I was able to use Windows VSTs seamlessly. I still prefer the macOS and don’t have a strong enough desire to leave that platform at the moment, but I am happy to see the Linux world improving for when the day comes.

#linux #pipewire #bitwig #yabridge #wine

(((o))) Acoustic Mirror
4 days ago

And hey-ho, @ubuntustudio 23.10 Beta has been released.

As per the release notes, there are improvements to #Pipewire's #JACK support and the #UbuntuStudio Installer.

Get that thread rollin'.


Ubuntu Studio 23.10 Beta announcement banner. We see the Ubuntu Studio logo on a wallpaper in the line of the official Mantic Minotaur wallpaper, and the text:

"Ubuntu Studio
23.10 Beta
Mantic Minotaur"

@rmader Wait, #PipeWire is not only audio, but also video?

1 week ago

I was reading a little bit what kind of problem this #PipeWire tries to solve, went rabbit hole with various polkits, etc. and that all this nonsense exists to accommodate #Flatpak (which is nonsense that imo breaks the whole idea of Linux distribution). When #Linux became such pile of dump? I prefer things simple, rbac handled by simply adding users to groups.

1 week ago

#PulseAudio was starting to work somewhat reliably, so the fd.o people decided it was time to break everybody's setups again by moving over to #PipeWire which is a drop-in replacement except when it's not, for example for everybody using pacmd.

On an unrelated note, I just finished adapting my #AwesomeWM audio widget to use pactl (which requires multple popen calls to get the current state) instead of pacmd (that allowed the entire state to be retrieved with a single popen).

Denzil Ferreira 🌳🍄
1 week ago

Best hack I've done: place one of these on your desk. Spotify shows up here. And... Pipewire and you can have 2.1 Bluetooth audio on Fedora!

#pipewire #fedora #googleNest

Juan Pablo Paredes
1 week ago

📺 ¡Noche de cine con mi esposa arruinada! Conecté mi laptop a la TV, pero el sonido #HDMI no quería colaborar 😒. Ya me pasó antes, reinstalé #Pipewire y se arregló, pero esta vez decidí investigar. Resultó que mi tarjeta de video estaba integrada en la #CPU y requería ajustes en /etc y grub. ¡Funciona perfecto ahora! 🎉 Ser fan de Linux tiene sus desafíos, ¿verdad? 💻🔊 #LinuxIssues #ConfiguraciónDeSonido 🤓🔧

Robert Mader
2 weeks ago

#Firefox with the #postmarketOS #LinuxMobile patches will now use #PipeWire (and thus #libcamera ) by default, allowing cameras to work out-of-the-box on distros shipping that patchset (well, assuming the camera works with libcamera of course).

Amadeus Paulussen
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

No output sound on LG Gram 2023 i7-1360p #sound #alsa #pipewire

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

#bluetooth #linux #pulseaudio #pipewire

Uninstalled Pipewire, installed Pulseaudio, purged old configs...

Now my Bluetooth headset works again!

Anyway, I got my USB headset, and it works out of the box!

3 weeks ago

How times change… bought a pair of #Bluetooth ear buds, and they work out of the box on a plain #Debian Linux system with #PipeWire, whereas my #Android #LineageOS phone refuses to connect to them. A few years ago it would have been the opposite.

3 weeks ago

Sound input devices not detected in Ubuntu 22.04 #2204 #pulseaudio #alsa #microphone #pipewire

Robert Mader
3 weeks ago

Other projects using #libwebrtc will pick it automatically one they land/enable #PipeWire camera support. I.e. Chromium/Electron and hopefully soon #gnomeweb

3 weeks ago

USB headset microphone not usable in settings, but still detected by alsa #sound #pulseaudio #alsa #pipewire

3 weeks ago

How do I combine left and right channel into mono channel with pipewire #gnome #2304 #pipewire

3 weeks ago

Ugh. Shit. After a dist-upgrade my #bluetooth headset no longer works with #Pulseaudio / #Pipewire.


Kludge Guru
3 weeks ago

Uhh, is it normal that my Firefox has 412988 file descriptors open?

A more interesting question would be, is this why pipewire crashes all the time, or is this _because_ pipewire crashes all the time?

Edit: ok, turns out lsof lists files for each thread... this explains a small part of what's going on, I guess.

Ah screw it, I'll just add another zero to the nofile ulimit and deal with it some other day.

#pipewire #firefox #linux

Simon B
3 weeks ago

I've used #Linux exclusively for about 20 years and the only area that I've felt like a second class citizen is making music with midi keyboards and drumpads etc. Setting this up in the past has been fraught with issues, and I have usually just given up after much gnashing of teeth. Until now: @ubuntustudio 23.04 has #pipewire and low latency kernel. lmms just worked out of the box without faffing. Things are looking up! #audio

Sean Davis
3 weeks ago

Color emoji have made their way into @xubuntu! Bluetooth headphones now work under #PipeWire! Lots of packages have been updated too. Here's your September 2023 #Xubuntu development update!

3 weeks ago

pacmd: No #PulseAudio daemon running, or not running as session daemon.

Of course, it's not PA anymore… so how do I use the loopback module now? 🤔


3 weeks ago

In may (thanks, git!), I switched from pulse to #pipewire for wayland and xdg portals.
#NixOS required me to enable rtkit back then.

Some time after the 23.05 release, I kept experiencing weird hangs, where the whole system just didn't respond at all anymore, with nothing in the logs.

I blamed nvidia/wayland for this first, but then I disabled rtkit basically on intuition; turns out it isn't required anymore, and I haven't had any crashes in a week now!

average linux experience I guess

Alien BOB
4 weeks ago

Some recent package updates: chromium (-ungoogled), ffmpeg, handbrake, pipewire-jack

Chromium, regular and un-googled.

Google is speeding up its Chromium release cycle. Let's see if I can keep up since I also build the -ungoogled variant. The latest update is 116.0.5845.140 and addresses a vuln

#Slackware #Software #av1 #chrome #chromium #ffmpeg #google #jack #pipewire #ungoogled

4 weeks ago

"If you fancy freeing yourself from tethered speakers or uncomfortable headphones and have a spare Raspberry Pi, Frédéric Danis‘ step-by-step tutorial will show you how to turn any pair of speakers into a high-quality Bluetooth audio system."

#OpenSource #Bluetooth #PipeWire

4 weeks ago

GNOME is shaping up really nicely for privacy

• Background App indicator
• App permissions
• Device Security Settings
• Mic / Camera* indicators
• Screen Sharing indicator
• Remote Desktop indicator
• Location indicator
• Incrementally better app sandboxing
• VPN (incl Wireguard) support
• Quick Network Toggles

Made possible by #Flatpak #Wayland #PipeWire and our talented community.

#Linux #privacy #WireGuard #VPN #GNOME #freedesktop

* Available in the upcoming GNOME 45 release

A screen of GNOME privacy indicators and quick toggles.

It shows the Screen Sharing, Microhpone and Camera indicators active and in orange. 

There is also quick toggles for VPN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ...

And Background App indicator.
1 month ago

Wenn man herausgefunden hat, an welche Stellen man wieviel Hühnerblut sprengen muss, ist der Rest erstaunlich einfach...

#pipewire #avb #tsn #linux

Zwei verbundene MILAN-Streams in Hive
1 month ago

Kernel upgrade has killed pipewire. No sound anywhere #kde #pipewire

1 month ago

this issue still occurs across reboots. it's one of those issues that will happen, but once i manage to somehow "work around it", it's fine - until a reboot. the weirdest #Linux #bug i've encountered for sure.

the previous update of mine saying that it was fixed by removing one of my capture card then reconnecting it wasn't reliable, and likely not the cause - as the issue does still happen without the logs i mentioned.

the only thing i've pinpointed which is reliably indicated every time the issue happens is that upon checking
#ksysguard (system/activity monitor), the highest CPU usage would be #wireplumber - which i assume has to do with #pipewire or something.

this time, i managed to "work around it" (no confirmation yet) by just restarting
pipewire.service. the issue also did start this time when i was using the custom #discord client (#discord-screenaudio) to stream audio from #firefox/#plex. but it's happened before with the official #discord client too, and something else entirely.


1 month ago
Giovanni Crisalfi
1 month ago

It seems that it was possible to use #pipewire as well, why isn't it written anywhere? sigh 😔

I would have saved some time.

Christian HB9HOX
1 month ago

@b4ux1t3 #FLRIG for controlling your transceiver through CAT control. #PulseAudio or #pipewire to route your computer audio to and from your transceiver. Maybe will be of help.

1 month ago

#QEMU 8.1 Released with New #PipeWire Audio Backend, Multi-Touch Support for the GTK GUI, and Many Improvements for #ARM and #RISCV

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #KVM #virtualization

Screenshot of the QEMU terminal output
1 month ago

ICYMI: Ashok Sidipotu's talk "WirePlumber: Propelling PipeWire for embedded", recorded at #EmbeddedOSSummit in Prague, explores #WirePlumber, the modular session manager for #PipeWire? :

Scott Ellis
1 month ago

I could barely understand ALSA, hated everything when I had to deal with #pulseaudio , and never tried #pipewire .

Today was the day I installed Pipewire on my #gentoo laptop, simple. Love it. It's nice that it's graph based, but nicer that it seems to Just Work.

1 month ago

Estic molt sorprès, gratament de les facilitats que trobo a la wiki de #opensuse per fer el que em fa falta, com per exemple, instałlar #pipewire. Un punt a favor

Does anyone else experience pipewire playing audio from a previous audio source when you start audio from a new source? Its just a short burst from the previous audio source. #fedora #pipewire

Jeff Fortin T.
1 month ago

On #Fedora 38, #PipeWire (or #WirePlumber ?) randomly stops outputting sound (to my #Behringer USB DAC) frequently enough (once a week or so?) that I now have to put this in my #Linux workstation's ~/.bashrc because I'll never remember this type of magic incantation:

alias restart_pipewire="systemctl --user restart wireplumber pipewire pipewire-pulse"

Jeff Fortin T.
1 month ago

OMFG I didn't know I needed this in my life, but I absolutely do.

Please someone grab @juni's code and make a #GNOME Shell plugin out of this to interface with #PipeWire / Amberol / Rhythmbox / @mixxx and make our app windows wobble around with the musical beats (with Mutter / GNOME Shell providing tearing-free shaking thanks to #Wayland of course):

2 months ago

Interested in learning more about #WirePlumber, the modular session manager for #PipeWire? Ashok Sidipotu presents "WirePlumber: Propelling PipeWire for embedded", recorded at #EmbeddedOSSummit in Prague: @pipewire

Maxwell Volume
2 months ago
In just under an hour I've gone from an empty, freshly formatted drive, to an installed #Gnome on #ArchLinux & a fully functional #Bitwig installation, with all the modern conveniences of #pipewire etc. Ten, even five years ago, I'd be tinkering for days to get everything working the way I want - and even then I'd not have things working satisfactorily & most likely finally limp back to #Cubase. I've been hoping for this moment since I first struggled to get #Ardour to compile back somewhere around 2006 or so. I'd say the time for #Linux #music #AudioProduction has finally arrived.
A computer screen in a darkened room proudly displaying a functional copy of the Bitwig DAW running on Linux.

Good old times, where are you? Todays topic: #sound

My laptop, now on #Debian #bookworm, (and #PipeWire "just works". That is, music plays either via the local speaker, a USB Audio device, a Headphone, a USB headphone (one of those used for video calls), one or two bluetooth connected speakers or, now also, via HDMI. Without a hassle. It even remembers things when I plug/unplug. It lets me easily (KDE, something in the task bar) change stuff around, and it also has no problem to have one source push to multiple of the targets - at home music usually goes to two at the same time. You can even easily adjust the delay that one of them needs.

No long fiddling with any setup, magic or tools, it just works.

(Compared to the customer laptop that runs a recent copy of the #Windows fuckup that #microsoft dares to name "Operating system" - that one is overburdened just dealing with local speaker and usb headphones and breaks on that often enough). No idea why anyone uses that crap system.

Robert Mader
2 months ago

3. A simple API. If your app has its own #v4l2 handling code, switching to #PipeWire gives you a much nicer API to work with. This is especially true if your app already support screen sharing on #Wayland - in that case you already have both #PipeWire and portal support and can reuse a lot of that. That's for example done in #libwebrtc for #Firefox and #Chromium.

Robert Mader
2 months ago

2. If you use #GStreamer for cameras #PipeWire support in turn comes for free via the PW GST plugin. Additionally supporting proper #Flatpak sandboxing via the camera portal is possible with little work using #libportal or #ashpd and the `GstPipeWireDeviceProvider`. Feel free to ping me if you need help with this - there'll also be a new example in #workbench for this soon.

Robert Mader
2 months ago

(this thread is written in real-time and on satellite inet, so please bear with me :P).

While "complex" cameras have been common for phones and professional cameras for a long time now, the linux ecosystem more or less got away with only supporting UVC cameras via V4L2.

By now more and more laptops using non-UVC cameras are entering the market on one hand and new use-cases like #LinuxMobile become more common on the other.

Switching to #PipeWire gives you support for #libcamera for free.

Robert Mader
2 months ago

So we'll have a neat little camera indicator in #gnome45.

It will only show up for apps that use #PipeWire for camera access so we depend on more apps switching to that.

During the #GUADEC2023 "State of the Shell" talk I was asked what incentives there are for app developers to do so and unfortunately I messed up to make the probably most convincing ones, so short 🧵

1. support for modern cameras via #libcamera (as opposed to only #v4l2 / UVC cameras).


The new Gnome-Shell camera indicator - a orange camera symbol - next to the microphone indicator which has the same color.
Robert Mader
2 months ago

#PipeWire 0.3.75 is pretty important for #libcamera and thus #LinuxMobile. It allows #wireplumber to ensure to advertise cameras only once, even if both the libcamera and the v4l2 backends are active. This opens the door for distros to install/enable the libcamera backend by default everywhere, using it only for devices that are not supported by the v4l2 backend alone - avoiding possible regressions.

Apart from that the release closes a nasty camera portal issue.

Robert Mader
2 months ago

@capyloon Here are the patches:

We can hopefully upstream the #webrtc patches so all variants of #Firefox and #Chromium have good camera support on #LinuxMobile

#PipeWire #libcamera

Islamic Audiobooks Central
2 months ago

@omgubuntu JamesDSP (audio effects processor for #Pipewire) from #Flathub.

Graphic equaliser and bass boost working great for fixing sound of YT and #Odysee videos.

Robert Mader
3 months ago

@dino 0.4.3 just got released with some exciting improvements for #LinuxMobile

1. Several fixes for touch input, making audio/video calls actually usable on phones
2. Fixes for video support so devices with #libcamera / #pipewire support like the #PinePhonePro work now
3. The app is now recognized as mobile friendly on #Phosh
4. Stricter #Flatpak sandbox - no device/all any more

The new version is available on #Flathub and lots of distro repos.

#GNOME #xmpp #Jabber

A screenshot of Dino running a video call on a PinePhonePro.
Robert Mader
3 months ago

One of the issue preventing #LinuxMobile distros from shipping a #PipeWire / #libcamera camera stack is the fact that it requires #wireplumber as session manager, which again does not always play nicely with #pulseaudio, if that is still used as sound server.

Unfortunately switching to PW for sound is not always possible yet because some mobile-specific packages depend on PA. So if you want to help with camera enablement, please consider helping with issues such as :)

3 months ago

This is @halfmexican; GNOME Outreachy student excited that their effort to make a modern and sandboxed Camera demo for Workbench has paid off 🛠️

Well done! 🎉

Thanks @philn and @slomo for your help!

#GNOME #Outreachy #development #students #GStreamer #PipeWire #Flatpak #freedesktop #libcamera #GTK

A screenshot of Workbench with a Camera demo loaded showing José with a big smile and a 👍
Ténno Seremél
3 months ago


Set media role (default Music)

А остальные значения какие? 🤔

#lang_ru #вопросы #linux #pipewire

A cool little technical detail from #KDE that I noticed:

It uses #PipeWire to get the window contents when you hover over its icon in the tray!

It's little stuff like this that shows just how great PipeWire is for the #Linux desktop.

Helvum, a PipeWire patchbay, showing how video is linked between some processes.

There are four standalone devices:

Freewheel Driver, Dummy-Driver, Blue Snowball Mono (with a capture_MONO source) and Live Camera (V4L2) (with a capture_1 source).

There are two linked devices:

kwin_wayland, with an output_1 source, linked to plasmashell, with an input_1 source. 

At the bottom of the screen is a tray containing some applications:

Obsidian, Upscaler, Spotify, Lutris, Element, Helvum, and Spectacle.

Helvum is being hovered over, and the window contents as described above are being shown.
Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
4 months ago

Just used Helvum from Flathub to watch a show on my laptop through my wife’s and my Bluetooth buds simultaneously, and it worked flawlessly! Someone should make a GNOME extension for choosing multiple outputs, or something.

As nice as it was to be able to do what I wanted, it was definitely intimidating at a glance. But it was as simple as connecting both headphones over Bluetooth, then dragging the app to the headphones in Helvum.

#Linux #GNOME #OpenSource #PipeWire

Say hi to @Podman_io and @pipewire! Check them out if you want more details on those projects. #Fedora #Podman #Pipewire

Robert Mader
5 months ago

Hacking at #LAS2023: first video call using @dino between two #PinePhonePro s

Using the modern video stack #libcamera #PipeWire

#LinuxMobile #gnome #LinuxAppSummit

Two people holding smartphones doing a video call.

Babe wake up new Oro #introduction post just dropped
Hi! I'm Oro, sometimes "orowith2os" or "orowwith2os". My name is Dallas, but I prefer Oro - might change my name in the future.

I'm an #American from southeast #Texas.

My gender and sexuality are unknown right now, but they both tend to bend towards femme(s).
My pronouns change from time to time, if you don't wanna check, use they/them.

I'm a beginner #rustlang programmer, #Linux nerd, and #GNOME+#Flatpak enjoyer. I also use #Fedora Silverblue normally and #NixOS.

I maintain several Flatpaks on #Flathub, taught by @TheEvilSkeleton. Right now I have:

- vpuppr, standing for "Virtual Puppet Project" (3D vtubers)

- #Inochi2D's Inochi Creator (2D vtubers)

- ArmCord, a custom #Discord web client

I love to read about tech, especially #Wayland, #PipeWire, and low level details about computers.

Major #a11y advocate. I usually won't boost content without alt texts.

Cryptobros, suckless fans and X11 supremacists can fuck right off. AI too.

6 months ago

#PulseAudio a toujours été un enfer, ce truc n'a jamais marché correctement. Dernier truc rigolo : il plante s'il n'y a plus rien qui joue du son, au bout de 20 secondes.

Je tente de remplacer par #PipeWire sur #Debian, pour l'instant ça marche bien. Il y a des paquets à jour dans bullseye-backports.

Devin Prater :blind:
6 months ago

Oh no what if it was Pipewire all along? Replaced Pipewire with Pulseaudio in my Fedora WSL, and locking and unlocking the computer seems to no longer mess with Emacs audio. *sigh*

#accessibility #pipewire #pulseaudio #linux #wsl #fedora

David Wilson
7 months ago

🔴 On today's #SystemCrafters stream we'll strip a Guix system configuration down to the bare essentials to achieve a minimal desktop environment based on Sway and Pipewire!

I'll also discuss the components needed to accomplish a minimal Wayland configuration like this so the information here may be useful even if you don't use Guix!

Join us LIVE at 4PM UTC on YouTube or Twitch:


#gnu #guix #sway #pipewire #scheme #lisp #freesoftware

7 months ago

My experience with #pipewire so far has been quite bad: I'm using it in 3 computers, one with Ubuntu 22.10 and two with Arch, and every time I have to update my systems I fear audio will break in some way or another, because it happens almost monthly.

This really sucks but I'm too old and tired to try to understand wtf is wrong with yet another piece of audio software; I've already spent too much time with OSS, ALSA, PulseAudio, JACK 1&2, and what not for the last two and a half decades :/

Jason Evangelho
8 months ago

The "State of #Pipewire" talk was PACKED, and no room to even stand around the sides of the room.

I'll stream it later, but I think that's a good sign.


Robert Mader
8 months ago

@libcamera v0.0.4 "The FOSDEM Release" was just tagged with Pinephone Pro support.
This includes support for both cameras and rotations \o/

#LinuxMobile #PipeWire #FOSDEM

8 months ago

New @pipewire dropped with @sanchayan's work to support compress offload. 🎉

On devices that allow it, decoding and rendering audio will happen on a more efficient DSP, meaning better 🔋 life.

This is mostly useful in devices like phones, portable speakers, etc. but perhaps one day your laptop too.

#PipeWire #ALSA #linuxaudio #linux

Robert Mader
9 months ago

Insight of the day: xdg-desktop-portal dialogs - at least on #gnome - require an app window to be open and focussed. So apps like #Cheese or Camera that currently initialize their camera backends before opening the window will need to delay that step, making camera portal implementation a bit more tedious.

This does not apply when launching the app from a command line, though, as access will get granted without a dialog in that case.


Matthew Jardine
9 months ago

I am legitimately choosing between #ubuntu and #fedora for my next daily driver. I have really enjoyed using #zorinos, but want the modern #gnome 43 workflow, #pipewire and #wayland.

P.S. I know there are a ton of excellent distros out there. I have used many of them. These are my front runners. #pop_os and #zorinos have been disqualified due to their Gnome version.

Which do you recommend?

9 months ago

For any #wayland users out there stuggling with #screensharing over #WebRTC services and #pipewire (e.g. and others)...

Firefox will crash until this bug is squished:

However, in #chromium (and presumably #chrome too if you like giving data to google), you can set this flag:

And then it works! Without that flag, Chromium works but only allows sharing a limited choice of windows.

#linux #ubuntu

Jake Hamilton
10 months ago

Oh dear, it looks like my #NixOS upgrade has one fatal flaw: opening Discord completely breaks my #Pipewire virtual audio devices for the rest of the session. I have to log out and back in to have them work again...

I'd try moving to #Wireplumber, but I don't want to do a bunch of work desperately debugging Lua scripts when they plan to switch to declarative JSON anyway. Guess I'm just out of luck at the moment.

@WinstonSmith @shawnhooper @wisearts my main complain on music players on Linux is how they initialize sound. For #pipewire I would benefit if they do like games, regular pulseaudio initialized at the beginning that doesn't change even when stopped.

Most players change my system volume when I try to lower volume, and they also reconnect to pipe wire every track.

Jake Hamilton
10 months ago

Dreading the conversion of my #Pipewire media-session configs to #wireplumber once #NixOS 21.11 is fully released 😢

I've had some custom nodes wired up so I could manage #Discord audio specially and pass desktop audio through a second account. I'll have to play with wireplumber next month, there might be a better way to do it using the #Lua configs but I'm concerned about my ability to debug it 😅