@Shinyraptor interesting...

I really should push @fuchsiii to make more awesome #Pizza but I guess her #ADHD went towards #Espresso as she seemingly maxed out her Pizza skills without investing 4+ digits in equipment.

Immanuel Zirkler
3 hours ago

Ich glaube fest daran, dass uns #Pizza retten kann.

🍕 🍕 🍕

#Grüne #Revolution #Bild #Aiwanger

Matthias Drexel
5 hours ago

Wie versprochen:

#Pizza Formaggio Griggio

Geschmacklich ganz gut.

Problem: im warmen Zustand legt sich der #Graukas über alle Zähne die mit ihm in Berührung kommen, quasi Gebissschutz.

Pizza auf einem Holzbrett. Zwei verschiedene Beläge: eine Seite Graukas mit Zwiebelringen, andere Seite: Artischocken, Oliven, Sardellen und Kapern
Sus Andersson
7 hours ago

Jag blev så glad när jag upptäckte att #snabbmat - ställen måste erbjuda flergångsförpackningar från 1 januari.

Nu upptäckte jag att #pizza - kartonger verkar vara bland undantagen

Åtminstone förr innehöll pizzalådor ofta #PFAS. Är det nån som vet hur det ligger till nuförtiden? Måste vi dras med PFAS-engångslådorna eller är PFAS:en redan utfasad?

8 hours ago

Only the good #pizza for #Brooklyn pigeons.

Pigeons enjoying a slice of pizza
1 day ago

Couldn't even last till the 1st, ehh? Can't blame the guy with tankers that large. In the end it was all the rumbling of those empty stomachs and the churning of the full ones that caused the dams to burst. Ahh well, there's always next year, right?

This is the finale of my first NNN sequence, by the awesome So glad I finally got the opportunity to commission ya!

#randsom #villam #farm #chimera #gut #big #boy #dog #horse #sheep #pig #boar #rooster #bull #chub #muscle #pecs #abs #superchub #vore #pizza #stuffing #hyper #nnn #no #nut #november #pre #puddle #bigger #continuous #orgasm

Furry. Farm chimera stuffing, continuous orgasm
Dubs! 🌩️
1 day ago

what can I say I love crust on my #pizza #food 😋

Db1H! Wahnsinn ist hörbar.
2 days ago

Geheimplan der Grünen aufgedeckt! Wacht endlich auf!!!
#BDK23 #Pizza

starfrosch :mastodon:
2 days ago

Klimaerwärmung verursacht durch #Pizza. (Symbolbild)

KI-Bild „Evolution Freie Wähler Bayern“ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🔈On🔊

#Pizza #Sellerieschnitzel #Aiwanger

brad m
2 days ago

“The dxb #delivery #bike is built on a somewhat conventional-looking #ebike frame but quickly throws that convention to the curb when you see the #bike’s rear. That’s where the company has installed a fan-forced #pizza oven that has been “expertly engineered to provide the hottest, smoothest and safest ride for precious #pizza cargo” 🚲⚡️🍕

Marc Hurwitz
2 days ago

News -- Charlie's on Main, which lost its home in Wakefield due to a fire last year, is opening back up in a new location in Stoneham.

#restaurant #pizza #stoneham #wakefield

Twra Sun
2 days ago


#Pizza #BDK23

2 days ago

#food #foodporn #foodpr0n #cooking #pizza #pizzaporn
Sheet pan pizza with cheese in the crust edges

Twra Sun
2 days ago

Gestern: "Eine zweite #Pizza mit Salami ist soeben auf der #BDK23 der Grünen eingetroffen!"

Best Pizza in Town
2 days ago

Moved into a new house with a pizza oven, fired it up for the first time last night and this is what we got :)


Moved into a new house with a pizza oven, fired it up for the first time last night and this is what we got :)
Les Amis Causent Podcast
3 days ago

🆕 Nouvel épisode du podcast Les Amis Causent !

🎧 Ep 111 - Des giroles phares


💖 C'est le début de la saison 3 de notre podcast et on vous a réservé de nombreuses surprises avec toujours des news insolites et des jeux fous fous fous !

#podcast #Musique #Culture #bar #blindtest #chine #Ikea #serviette #pizza #serpent #Incendie #perroquet #balenciaga #LesAmisCausent #gyrophare #pizzahut #suie

3 days ago

I could not resist. #ffxiv #ff14 #gposers #pizza

Rav sitting at the Last Stand swooning over a slice of Supreme pizza in hand.
3 days ago

For some reason, this cracked me up.
But then I think pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza! ;)
What do you think?
#Pizza #PineappleOnPizza

A picture of ham and pineapple pizza with the caption: Hawaiian pizza was invented in Ontario, Canada, in the 1960s by a Greek immigrant who was inspired by the mix of sweet and savory flavors found in Chinese food. It went on to become the most popular pizza.
Michael E. Pilarczyk
3 days ago

War doch irgendwie klar, dass der arg verpeilte "MöchtegernNAZI" #Aiwanger in's selbe Horn bläst wie das Schmuddelblatt #Bild ... 🤮👎🤬

#FreieWaehler #CSU #FCKCSU #Soeder #Bayern #Pizza #Gruene #GrueneBPT #FCKNZS #NoNAZIS #Sellerieschnitzel

David Zaslavsky
4 days ago

@techphotoguy @LilahTovMoon I cannot help but endorse this statement


5 days ago

#Mineralölbestandteile in #Pizza – BfR-Forscher Dr. Thomas Tietz empfiehlt im MDR-Beitrag: Pizzakartons besser nur zum Transport verwenden, aber nicht zum Aufwärmen oder längeren Aufbewahren.

➡️ FAQ zum Thema:

➡️ Zum MDR-Beitrag:

1 week ago

Haven't had #pizza for a while, so made a mountain of dough yesterday. The teenager is having friends over, and I hear this is acceptable food. What a happy coincidence. 😂

Pizza dough in mixer.
Steffani Cameron
2 weeks ago

I have to report two significant improvements to my pizza!

1) I now remove the parchment paper after about 4-5 minutes — it makes a big difference to the colour and crunch on the crust. (I bake directly on a pizza steel preheated to 550° F for 45 min or so.)

2) I now make tomato sauce with Mutti crushed tomatoes, and STRAIN it over a bowl for 15 min or so before I top the pizza. This stops the “orange soupy sauce” form when cheese melts. Much better!

(Italian sausage #sourdough #pizza.)

Sourdough crust pizza with dark leoparding/spotting on the crust, golden cheese and tomato sauce that’s still deep red. It’s an uncut Neapolitan style pizza on a semolina dusted bamboo cutting board.
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Am gestrigen #MakerFriday wurde viel geschafft.
In der weißen Werkstatt wurde Blinkerbunt zusammengebaut. Mit etlichen #WLED Netzwerken gab es lustiges Chaos.
Eine Uhr wurde durch eine LED-Matrix ersetzt. 32x32 Pixel können nun Zeitverschiebungen darstellen.
Zwischendurch gab es #pizza in verschiedenen Variationen.
Zur späten Stunde wurde noch #Assembler auf den Beamer geworfen und unser Schaufenster einen Schritt näher an die #automatisierung gebracht.

Assembler Code per Beamer auf einer Leinwand.
Frisch gebackenen selbst belegte Pizza.
Verschwommene LED-Matrix im Hintergrund stellt eine Uhr dar. Im Vordergrund ein Handy, welches diese Uhr fotografiert.
In der Werkstatt mit Werkzeug zum Löten wird gearbeitet.
2 weeks ago

Cast iron pizza is where it’s at. #pizza

A cast iron pizza with cheese on it right out of the oven, sitting on a pizza paddle with some smaller pieces of the thin crust. Pizza pushed to the side a Reese’s peanut butter cup is accidentally in frame.
2 weeks ago

Gentlemen, start your ovens.


An oven with 4 cast iron pans in it.

Did you know about the pizza-ghetti? It’s a typical Québec dish where spaghetti is served next to pizza. But there’s an even better kind where the spaghetti is baked ON the pizza, UNDER the cheese.

We got an XL of the latter at a place famous for it and it was glorious. Look at it! #pizza #pizzaghetti

A large very cheesy pizza in a pizza box.
A large very cheesy pizza with a slice removed showing all the spaghetti falling out.
A slice of pizza-ghetti that is very cheesy and has a lot of spaghetti underneath that cheese.
2 weeks ago

I mean, I know that I will always prefer #pizza and #Nutella and #beer and #wine buuut I also wanna lose like 10kg 😐

Ordered some Sbarro #pizza earlier because I wanted to see what that famous #NY style of pizza is about.

There's exactly one Sbarro in the city, and I don't expect there to be more, judging from this one. It tastes like... nothing really. Bland. Boring.

I assume it's a bad representation of even mediocre NY pizza.

Of course then I checked their wiki page and it turns out they went bankrupt twice and are still doing business in Russia.

Although: maybe it's a psy-op to demoralize the Russians?

Pepperoni pizza
Richard Eriksson :thinkerguns:
2 weeks ago

I will be at @Techpizzamondays this upcoming Monday. I’ll bring the daring and charming hardware I bought principally because it was daring and charming and not because it solved any real problems for me. #Toronto #Pizza

2 weeks ago

I'm not fantastic at #homemade #pizza but this isn't too bad

Home made pizza with black olives, tomato, ham and bell pepper
2 weeks ago

@blinry Looks familiar 😅 #pizza

Brian Gettler
2 weeks ago

Also, and this is very much armchair theorizing, I am convinced that the novelty of the dish in Canada, allowed for the creation of Hawaiian pizza in the early 60s. Very few people knew what pizza was supposed to be, so why not add an easily accessible postwar commodity - canned pineapple - to pizza? 3/

#history #pizza #Canada #CdnHist

Brian Gettler
2 weeks ago

For a good, if very academic intro, see: Alex Hughes, "Lake Effect Pizza: The Commodification and Culture of Pizza in Toronto, Ontario and Buffalo, New York 1950-1990" 2/

#history #pizza #Canada #CdnHist

Brian Gettler
2 weeks ago

Since many seem to have only just discovered Mrs. Brady (who we now know is named Kathy!), a bit of historical context. When she filmed this pilot for the CBC in 1957, pizza was anything but commonplace in Canada. It's easy to chuckle at Kathy Brady's pronunciation and what would be the several faux pas in her recipe if she were preparing it today, but the fact is pizza was entirely novel in the country in the 1950s. 1/

#history #pizza #Canada #CdnHist

Tech Pizza Mondays
2 weeks ago

Mondays mean friends, pizza, and intellectual curiosity are back on the menu! (*no cannibalism)

Join us at 6pm at Victory Cafe 🍕

We welcome all fediverse enjoyers, technology developers, and the literati to share thoughts and slices every week :)

See you tonight!

#Toronto #tech #pizza #Mondays #techpizzamondays #fediverse #FUGTO

2 weeks ago

Alles nochmal gut gegangen. Unser Tisch war nur für vier Personen reserviert, es konnte allerdings keiner wissen, dass unbedingt Riesenhasi mit musste. Er hat jedoch ohne Probleme einen eigenen Tripp Trapp bekommen und konnte mit am Tisch sitzen :o)

#pizza #restaurant #kuscheltier #kinder #eltern

Ein großer Kuscheltier-Hase mit einem roten Pullover sitzt in einem Restaurant am Tisch. Davor ein Holzbrett mit etwas Pizza.
2 weeks ago

Heute wird wieder Pizza gebacken! 🥳🤤

#Food #Pizza

Nahaufnahme einer Pizza auf einem weißen Teller. Darauf sind rote Zwiebel, Käse, Basilikum-Blätter, Tomatenscheiben und ein grüner Pfefferoni zu sehen.
3 weeks ago

I made pizza! 😋 #pizza #saturday

Mandu 🥟
3 weeks ago

won't find a pizza-making tutorial eddie vedder than this.

:youtube: @officialrollingblue


parody of even flow by pearl jam. bearded man in kitchen making pizza dough and pizza.
Sarah Stierch
3 weeks ago

Loved my first visit to Azzip Pizza in Indy/Greenwood. You build your own personal sized pizza (deep dish or thin crust) – I had marinara, cheese, pepperoni and hot honey deep dish - divine! The chocolate chip cookie is indeed amazing. I wish we had this Evansville-based chain in NorCal!

#pizza #Indiana

Photo of the interior of an area to order food in a restaurant.
A photo of a four-piece square deep dish pizza with cheese and pepperoni.
A photo of a chocolate chip cookie.
A photo of a wall at a restaurant with a mural of an stylized Indy Car.
Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
3 weeks ago

Pizza Night™! Every Thursday in this house (usually), with fresh dough from a local Italian bakery. This week it’s Spanish-style: chorizo ibérico de bellota, Manchego, bit of Cabrales, mushrooms. Sauce is passata with crushed Calabrese chiles, pepper, oregano and a little MSG. Crust was brushed with Calabrese Chile oil. ¡Fantástico! #pizza #food

The above-described pizza before baking, in a cast iron pizza pan, then into a 500°F oven.
After baking!

Pizza with tiny tomatoes and oregano from the garden. Wont’t be able to do that much longer. It was delicious 😀 🍕

#Pizza #Food

A pizza fresh out of the oven. It has tomatoes, red pepper chunks, cheese, and oregano on top.
3 weeks ago

I don’t know how other #parents handle it, but when the kids start chanting “#pizza for dinner!” It’s really hard to resist. It’s even hard to not join in the chant

#parenting #dinnerPlans #theKidsAreRight

John Leach
3 weeks ago

Bonus 2016 photo of me wearing an extremely limited edition Pizza Pieces staff t-shirt. @louisa_ happened to be in there as they took delivery of the first ten ever made and was cheeky enough to tell them how I'd been going there for decades and would love one and they gave her it! #bradford #pizza

A bearded man with bulging eyes having just finished an offensive Italian hand gesture wears a white t-shirt emblazoned with the words Pizza Pieces.
John Leach
3 weeks ago

Had a Pizza Pieces in Bradford for lunch. Been going there for 25+ years or so now. As good as it ever was! Enjoyed it too much to stop and take any photos so here's one from 2018 instead #bradford #pizza

a photo of a large slice of ham and mushroom pizza with a side of chips.
4 weeks ago

Heute hab ich mal ganz schamlos die vegane Kebap-Pizza plagiiert. Grüße gehen raus an @ralphruthe 😉

Teig: 150g Dinkelmehl, 125 ml Wasser, Hefe, Salz, etwas Honig und Olivenöl

Belag: Veganes Kebap, Tomaten, Zwiebeln, Knoblauch, Paprika, etwas Olivenöl, Salz, Pfeffer, Paprikapulver

Topping: Eisbergsalat, vegane Soße aus veganem Joghurt mit Zitrone, Olivenöl, Salz, Pfeffer und Curry

#kochen #vegan #pizza

Das Bild zeigt eine vegane Pizza mit Tomaten, veganem Kebap, Zwiebeln und Paprika, daneben eine Schale mit Eissalat und vegane Joghurtsoße.
Das Bild zeigt ein Stück veganer Kebap-Pizza, als Topping Eissalat und Joghurtsoße.

If you think the #Halloween #Pizza with #BarbecuedPork rice noodle rolls and #ChickenFeet from #PizzaHut #Taiwan that I posted before was nuts, just look at what Pizza Hut in my hometown of #HongKong just launched:

#Snake pizza topped with snake meat, wood ear mushroom, dried tangerine peel, ham, shiitake mushroom, ginger, bamboo shoot, cheese, chicken, abalone sauce, chrysanthemum, and lemongrass

On sale for just HK$186 (US$23.77 / €22.15 / £19.20)!

Please just stop!

Pizza Hut Hong Kong's snake pizza, featuring snake meat, wood ear mushroom, dried tangerine peel, ham, shiitake mushroom, ginger, bamboo shoot, cheese, chicken, abalone sauce, chrysanthemum, and lemongrass.
Karsten Johansson
1 month ago

@itsfoss Alligator Pizza with Pineapple!
#pineapple #pizza #pineapple #apple #pen #ohcanada

1 month ago

X Generation and Pizza the Hut

Remembering pizza hut
noah Ⓥ
1 month ago

my homemade #vegan #pizza! i made everything from the dough, to the sauce, vegan cheese and vegan ham :)

a 10 inch pizza with melty vegan cheese, sliced vegan ham, and pineapple chunks. the pizza is cut into 4 slices on a wooden cutting board
1 month ago

Neues Handy = Weitwinkel-Pizzafotos 🤤😏

#food #Pizza

Aufnahme einer dreieckigen Pizza auf einem weißen Teller. Auf der Pizza sind Tonatenscheiben, roter Zwiebel, gehackter Knoblauch, Basilikum, Pfefferoni und Käse.
Marc Hurwitz
1 month ago

News -- Mario's is planning to open in Jamaica Plain, and the person behind it used to run the now-closed Mario's in Roxbury.

#restaurant #pizza #jamaicaplain #boston

If you think the #Boba #Pizza with #Chocolate #StuffedCrust from #DominosPizza #Taiwan I posted last Sunday was not crazy enough, may I present to you…

#PizzaHut #Taiwan's 2023 #Halloween Pizza!

featuring ghostly #BarbecuedPork rice noodle rolls (a.k.a. #CharSiu #CheungFan 叉燒腸粉), marinated #ChickenFeet (a.k.a. #PhoenixClaws 鳳爪) as toppings, and dressed in Korean #HotSauce

On sale for just NT$399 (US$12.35 / €11.64 / £10.14)!

I wish I was kidding!

Pizza Hut Taiwan's 2023 Halloween Pizza, featuring ghostly char siu rice noodle rolls, marinated chicken feet, and Korean hot sauce
1 month ago
1 month ago
online pizza order form with cheese and sauce to none. Beef to left side of pizza. And the resulting photo of a horror of a pizza that was delivered.
1 month ago

Time for a little mushroom and fontina cheese #pizza. (And then POSTCARDS to VOTERS!)

Joey Day
1 month ago

I’ve made the holy ATP pilgrimage to Bleecker Street. You guys, Casey is right: it’s phenomenal. (I’m so sorry I’ve just made you hungry and I can’t share.) #nomnom #newyork #pizza #atpfm //cc @caseyliss @marcoarment @siracusa @atpfm

My wife and myself on Bleecker Street in front of a sign that says “John’s Pizzeria” above an awning that says “Since 1929”
Myself in front of a window with a neon sign that says “John’s Pizzeria”
My wife, myself, and my wife’s uncle seated at a table in the restaurant with a delicious pizza in front of us
Myself enjoying a slice of pizza with melty cheese stretching from the pizza to my mouth

#Toronto peeps that enjoy #pizza: the brother of one of my best friends just opened up a Detroit-style pizza joint near Trinity Bellwoods. I went there recently and the pizza was amaaaaaaaazing:

1 month ago

@wurzelmann sieht sehr gut aus 😋 habe Pizzaschnecken mit Zucchini gemacht #pizza #food

Pizzaschnecken mit Zucchini
2 months ago

Ich nenne sie "Garlicalypse" 🤤

#food #pizza

Nahaufnahme einer Pizza auf einem runden Teller, auf der Pizza sind Tomatenscheiben, viel Käse, roter Zwiebel und unzählige Knoblauch-Häufchen.
Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
2 months ago

Don't put #sesame on #pizza