Cecile is a rando
11 hours ago

geez it's when I've finished the game that they decide to make an update to improve the performance xD

#SteamDeck #PlanetOfLana

screenshot of a news of the game "Planet of Lana"

What's new:
Performance improvements
Minor bug fixes

Let us know if you find any issues.
2 weeks ago

Two more noteworthy others: #Tren, the incredibly clever train puzzle game within #Dreams, and the beautiful but not too original #Limbo-like platformer #PlanetofLana.

🦋 Niklas
2 weeks ago

Endlich Zeit gefunden das wundervolle #PlanetOfLana durchzuspielen. Eine rundum zauberhafte kleine Perle.

Planet of Lana Screenshot: eine grüne Landschaft. Ein Mädchen kniet vor einem kleinen schwarzen niedlichem Wesen/Tier mit dünnem Schwanz
Planet of Lana Screenshot: eine grüne Landschaft mit See. Ein Mädchen steht und schaut in die Ferne.
Planet of Lana Screenshot: eine Insellandschaft. Das Mädchen streichelt das kleine Wesen neben einem Floß.
Planet of Lana Screenshot: ein Sonnenaufgang über einer Wüste.

Découverte d’une nouvelle planète… 😍


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3 weeks ago

Hubs is in a lot of meetings today so I put my headphones on to blast some music and tune him out...I've also been working on editing videos. Currently editing my playthrough of #PlanetOfLana. #gaming

Matt Bailey
3 weeks ago

Just finished the beautiful #PlanetOfLana on Xbox, a hand-drawn puzzle platformer in the style of Inside. It's less disturbing than that, but it does get dark at times. Lovely music too. #XboxShare

3 weeks ago

Started playing #PlanetofLana on the Xbox at the weekend. What a gorgeous game!!! Stunning visuals, a lush soundtrack and an emotional story. Please bring it to Switch as my kids would love it 🙏

Still from Planet of Lana game
1 month ago

It is time...for more #PlanetOfLana! Let's gooo! #VTuber

1 month ago

I'll be streaming Monday/Wednesday/Friday around 8PM EST. The plan is #PlanetOfLana tonight and then more #LostArk on Wednesday/Friday. Hubs has to go into the office on Tuesday/Wednesday so I might be streaming during the day as well on those days. We'll see!

1 month ago

I had a blast playing #PlanetOfLana yesterday. Such a gorgeous story rich side scrolling puzzle platformer game. I'm going to try to stream more of it today.

1 month ago

Checking out #PlanetOfLana which looks gorgeous. I can't wait!

Chris Paduan
1 month ago

Planet of Lana tonight. Such a lovely game with a Ghibli-esque art style and an amazing score by Tekeshi Furukawa! Noelle and I were pretty stressed by the end of the last puzzle, but it worked out eventually. Highly recommend if you like pretty platformers/puzzle games.

#Xbox #Videogames #Platformer #PlanetOfLana

Lana and Mui stand at the edge of a forested cliff. A large moon can be seen in the distance on the horizon.
Chris Paduan
1 month ago

Ok, I can play Starfield as on 5pm 8/31.
Games I've started that I'd like to finish before then:
Planet of Lana
Citizen Sleeper
Vampire Survivors
Jedi Survivor
A Short Hike

Games I've installed, that I've not started:
Bramble the Mountain King

This doesn't even count the games I've been thinking about buying e.g. Inscryption, Sifu, Immortals: Aveum

Or some of the games I bought recently because they were on sale.

#Starfield #Xbox #GamePass #PlanetOfLana #Stray #CitizenSleeper #VampireSurvivors #Toem #JediSurvivor #Chicory #BrambleTheMountainKing #Maquette #AShortHike #Inscryption #Sifu #ImmortalsOfAveum

Unknown Universe
2 months ago

Im in a really weird mood right now dunno, might play some #windwaker might play some #PlanetofLana, might do some #art

eh, I might stream it later, idrk

2 months ago

Planet of Luna was an unexpected delight! A #puzzle #platformer launched in May of 2023 and developed by indie studio, #WishfullyStudios.The art in this game is great, everything looks painted, the story is delivered mostly by observing the environment, and the soundtrack is not only well delivered and original, but also is integral part of the game (as in, it's part of some puzzles).

#game #PlanetofLana #indie #xbox #gamepass

2 months ago
3 months ago

Tried two new games via #PSPlus on my #PlayStation.

- #Prey: I can see why it’s good, but the control sensitivity feels off, and it’s clearly not for me.

- #LegendsofEthernal only shows how good #PlanetofLana’s storytelling and presentation are. Very basic, tedious writing. Plays quite smooth though.

3 months ago

Après une semaine à faire le garde malade, je suis de retour ! Cette semaine, dernier stream sur #ForzaHorizon5, #Hitman en mode Freelance, fin de #PlanetOfLana et début de #Dordogne. Hâte de vous retrouver sur ma chaîne #Twitch 👇

3 months ago

@mrpablington @Azurakumo

Finishing up the current season pass in #Destiny2 on #PS5
#MLBTheShow23 My RttS dude is heading into season 3 (prob the last I'll play) on #SeriesX
#Ascender on the #SteamDeck
Thinking about starting #Scorn, #PlanetOfLana, or #HighOnLife.

Le voy a poner a mi sobrinillo el juego este de #PlanetOfLana. Le va gustar tela y le puedo echar una mano para determinados momentos. También pensé en comprar el #Spyro que está ahora a diez euros en #Steam. A él seguro le gusta. A mi, no creo... Nunca he jugado al #Spyro (la play apenas la toqué en esa época). Tiene pinta de plataformas clásico de aburrirse a la media hora de recoger corazoncitos.

Terminado #PlanetOfLana. Es corto, cinco horas y media en mi caso. Según #howlongtobeat yendo al turrón y siendo espabilado te lo terminas en cuatro horas y cuarto. Duración muy adecuada para este tipo de juego estilo #Inside. Plataformas y rompecabezas con alguna sorpresa. Historia sencilla y emotiva. Música excelente, estilo visual muy disfrutable. Está a 20€ en #GOG ahora. Si te gusta este tipo de juegos, muy recomendable. Yo, aunque me gusta, esperaría a una rebaja. Juegas, disfrutas y ya.

3 months ago

J'ai terminé à l'instant #PlanetOfLana.
Le jeu est un régal pour les yeux, mais la maniabilité est beaucoup trop rigide, source de frustration par moments, et certains gimmicks reviennent un peu trop souvent dans les énigmes.
Cela reste un agréable moment pour un aprem à tuer

EighthLayer | Jamie
3 months ago

Just started playing #PlanetOfLana. Looks stunning so far!

I took a screenshot but it really doesn’t do it justice without HDR.

#Gaming #Xbox #GamePass

Screenshot from Planet of Lana. It shows Lana standing in the middle of a grassy meadow with the bottom half a large moon filling the night sky. There are trees either side of the meadow which slightly overlap the moon.
3 months ago

Planet of Lana é um sucesso surreal, afima dev
O diretor criativo de Planet of Lana comentou sobre o sucesso do game no Xbox e no PC, expressando gratidão pelo feedback positivo.
#PlanetofLana #GamePass #Xbox #Gamerscore

3 months ago

#PlanetOfLana is like Limbo but without depressing horror. Don't know why it was marked as 12+ for a strong language, since all characters are speaking an artificial language.

3 months ago

Gerade #PlanetOfLana fertig gespielt. So ein schönes und emotionales Spiel. Jetzt irgendwo den Soundtrack noch besorgen.
Holai Mui!


The Pixel Post
3 months ago

Notre Noodles reprend son stream sur #PlanetofLana dès ce soir à 20h30 ! Avec vous ?

3 months ago

Planet of Lana;

My first 2 hours of experience is that it is a successful game. They have done an excellent job in terms of the color palette. Congratulations to the art team of all levels. Puzzles are not difficult. It's a game that feels good to play.

#planetoflana #game

3 months ago

So ein fauler Tag bis jetzt. War nur einkaufen und habe mein Trakt Record weiter korrigiert und #PlanetOfLana gezockt. Und trotzdem bin ich müde.
Diese 5 Tage Wochen sind nichts mehr für mein Alter. Ich sollte ab jetzt in Aktien machen.

Chris Paduan
3 months ago

Played some more Planet of Lana tonight. Noelle did not appreciate the big ass spider monster. Here are some lovely night scenes.

#PlanetOfLana #Xbox #Videogames

Mui leads Lana across the edge of the desert at night.
Lana and Mui sailing across the sea at night.
4 months ago

What are your favourite games you played in 2023 so far?

Mine are:
1) #JediSurvivor
2) #Norco
3) #KenaBridgeofSpirits
4) #MinuteofIslands
5) #PlanetofLana

Yeah, no #DiabloIV yet. It’s so repetitive. Maybe it will click later?


A heartfelt moment in Minute of Islands
4 months ago

It's here, the final episode of my #planetoflana let's play!

What else can I say? If you've been watching along, you already know that this is my 10/10 GOTY 2023 🎉

Do yourself a favor and play this game slowly, savor every beautiful moment 🌅

Cloud Dosage
4 months ago

Want to play popular releases like #AmnesiaTheBunker, #MinecraftLegends, #PlanetofLana and more upcoming games such as #Starfield on your #iPhone?

Here's a quick and simple step-by-step guide on how to enjoy #GamePass and #XboxCloud:

#CloudGaming #Xbox #Gaming #Videogames

4 months ago

In this episode of #planetoflana we befriend a SPIDERBOT!! SO COOL 🚀

4 months ago

Unfortunately Mui is TOO SMOL for this puzzle and keeps getting blown away by the big fans! 💨💨💨 It's time for Lana to repay all those favors and find a way to safely get Mui past the big fans


4 months ago

Lana and Mui explore Arrakis! Well.. Actually, it's just a desert. But it was way more fun than the somehow simultaneously white- and black-washed Dune film released in 2021🤷‍#planetoflana

4 months ago

My ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE gaming moment of 2023 (so far) goes to #PlanetOfLana 🌅

I had to cut the episode short because I was so floored that I couldn't carry on!

(You can skip to 12:32 for *the moment*)

Paul O'Malley
4 months ago

I'm not sure how many of my followers are gamers, but I highly recommend playing #PlanetOfLana.

It's a relatively short indie title with a similar feel to #Inside and #Limbo. The whole thing is hand painted and the story is great. Plus the music fits it immaculately.

If you push it, you could probably rip through it in a couple of nights, but the experience is well worth it.

I did one regular playthrough over a few days and then a second run to get the remaining achievements and stuff. The "Flawless Run" is actually pretty tough to get.

Currently sitting at 80 on #Metacritic. Available on #Xbox, #PC and #GamePass. #Gaming #PCGaming

Richard Hodson
4 months ago

Taking a break from #Zelda to play this indie, side scrolling, puzzle game - Planet of Lana on #PCGamePass. If you’re a fan of games like Limbo and Inside, you’ll enjoy this. It’s very similar minus the horror elements.

#Gaming #VideoGames #GamePass #IndieGames #PlanetofLana

4 months ago

This was such a great episode of #planetoflana - we leave the forest and sail across the ocean to an island! It's SO BEAUTIFUL!

🦋 Niklas
4 months ago

Das wundervolle #PlanetOfLana ist ab sofort für PC, Xbox und Game Pass erhältlich:

Planet of Lana Screenshot. Eine kleine Person mit einem schwarzen sehr kleinen Monsterchen im Wald.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 months ago

Are you ready for some football (or should I say futbol)?

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: FIFA 23, Planet of Lana, Railway Empire 2, and More - Xbox Wire

#XboxGamePass #FIFA23 #PlanetofLana #RailwayEmpire2 #Xbox #Microsoft

Coming soon advert for Xbox Game Pass featuring Massive Chalice, Railway Empire 2, Cassette Beasts, Ghost Lore, Chicory, Eastern Exorcist, FIFA 23, and Planet of Lana
Dan Johnson
7 months ago

New/imminent game thoughts!

#SteamNextFest has some real delights. I haven't had a ton of time to explore but definitely enjoyed #MikaAndTheWitchsMountain and #PlanetOfLana.

#HiFiRush makes me wish I had an #Xbox or a newer PC because it sounds absolutely aces.

And my bud Seth is game director on #PacificDrive which just dropped a new gameplay preview! Super proud of him.

#GameDev #NewRelease #ComingSoon #Games

Emanuela Zaccone
8 months ago

After a very very long wait, I can finally try #PlanetOfLana 🌿


A photo of my Steam Deck with Planet of Lana demo ready to launch
Emanuela Zaccone
10 months ago

🎮 So, what are your most anticipated games for 2023?

Mines (so far) are:

🛡️ #ZeldaTearsOfTheKingdom
🌿 #PlanetOfLana
🧟 #ResidentEvil4
🚀 #DeadSpace
🧛 #Redfall
🔪 #TheLastCaseOfBenedictFox