1 hour ago

Our “flowering” bush, cassia. Sigh. Spotted a second flower! Unfortunately, you must look close. It’s been a year now from the 10” twig I found here when we moved and saved from my son’s planned decapitation. Wish I could figure out how to get it to bloom. #Botany #Plants

Tiny yellow flower is about 1/4” diameter but down inside a giant 4’ tall round bush.
4’ round cassia bush has fine,feathery green leaves.
Plants EFSA
2 hours ago

RT @erleellis: Did maize domesticate people?
People domesticated maize?


On the Coevolution of Crops:
Hotspots, Pathways, Ecosystems @CurrentBiology
@dqfuller #plants #domestication #agriculture #agroecosystems #Archaeology


Mac Berg
3 hours ago

No chili plants this year, but instead an overall improvement. Hopefully I'll get this balcony more green next year. And those concrete walls need covering.
#balcony #decorating #homeimprovement #plants

A very bare concrete balcony with some young chili plants. A sad chair sits in the middle of the floor. Old mountainbike tucked away, disassembled under a shelf.
Same balcony, no chili plants but a wooden floor covers the concrete and a lounge set sofa with some pillows makes it much more cozy.
The Secret Life Of Plants
6 hours ago

Jetzt ist es wirklich #Sommer auf
#Balkonien 🌻🦋🐛🌱🌿🌼🦋🌻🍵🐞🪲🐝 #flora #flower #plants #Pflanzen #Balkon #Clematis #Wildstauden

Taubenkropf-Leimkraut, Achillea nobilis, Rosmarin, Salbei, Minze, Caryopteris clandonensis, eine Fee aus Eisen
Aconitum napellus und Clematis
The Secret Life Of Plants
6 hours ago

#Hach #Balkonien 🌻🦋🐛🌱🌿🌼🦋🌻🍵🐞🪲🐝 #flora #flower #plants #Pflanzen #Balkon #Clematis #Wildstauden

Balkonien mit diversen Clematis und Wildstauden, links Alcea rosea und Eisenhut, der noch nicht blüht, rechts eine Rose, Taubenkropf-Leimkraut, Achillea nobilis, diverse Kräuter, ein Vogelhaus das von Blaumeisen bewohnt wird
Clematis 'Betty Corning' an einem verzierten Eisenstab
Alcea rosea die bald blüht, dahinter Campanula, rechts Storchenschnabel, links Clematis
Ein Geranium/Storchenschnabel der sich selbst ausgesät hat
15 hours ago

Made some more floral #pollinator pots for some local plant buying customers. I only sell very healthy plants, in enriched soil & feed them before selling so buyers don't need to do much except transplant & keep up regular watering. I gift extra #plants to many regulars too.

#Wsanec #AsianMastodon #GardenersOfMastodon #SDFgardeners #SDFgardeners #FoodGardener #vanisle #VancouverIsland #VictoriaBC #yyj #PNW #healthyRoots #RootSystem #GrowItEatIt #FoodSecurity #SelfSufficiency #MyPlants

Zinnia plants & strong, healthy root systems.
17 hours ago

Bright red berries against a bright, cloud filled sky, dripping with dew. One of my first spring photos with my Olympus camera

Get Vermillion Against the Sky for your home or office here

Or as a digital print here

#ArtistonMastodon #MastoArt #Art #Fediart #ArtBooster #AYearForArt #mastoart #Artist #ArtMatters #BuyIntoArt #photography#nature #red #berry #berries #plants #botanical

Bright red berries against a bright, cloud filled sky, dripping with dew. Thorny branches warn away all but the birds that would eat the berries. Strands of spider silk stretch between a few branches
Murdo Eason
17 hours ago

twilight / night shift

#plants #Twighlight

glitch photo of fatsia japonica plant at twilight
glitch photo of fatsia japonica plant at twilight
20 hours ago

The mango stone has germinated! Beautiful leaves #gardening #plants #florespondence

Close up of a small new plant emerging from pot of compost. Couple of shiny red leaves with green veins
21 hours ago

I can't tell if my parlor palm is doing better or worse. The day I brought it home I noticed some of the tips were a little dull and they slowly turned from brown to yellow. I guess it's about the same and they are slow growers, plus my cat keeps using it as a snack, so maybe that's why I can't tell. 😅 I'm just watering it and fertilizing it as instructed. But my maranta is rapidly growing a leaf! Pretty exciting to watch. Two days ago it was barely peeking through.


Photo of a sprouting maranta leaf.

I grew a cherry tomato and a marigold from seed. When my toddler snapped the marigold in half, I was sad. My ‘cherry tomato’ here trying to cheer me up with a marigold flower. 😂 🤦‍♀️


I grew a cherry tomato and a marigold from seed. When my toddler snapped the marigold in half, I was sad. My ‘cherry tomato’ here trying to cheer me up with a marigold flower. 😂 🤦‍♀️
Claudia Zahn
22 hours ago

Dinner promenade at Angorogoro Crater, #Tanzania, #Africa.
The birds follow the elephant because the pressure created when the elephant steps force insects out of the ground and the birds eat them.
Photo: Braden Tucker
By #AnimalPhotography
#Nature #NatureLovers #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer #Video #Science

Lisa Hamilton
1 day ago

I am trying to get 4 tomato plants in pots out on my back patio to survive the awful bugs that kill them every year

I read that peppermint is a good bug deterrent so I wiped a little peppermint oil on the edges of each pot

I plan on buying netting to keep birds away too and I will look for other bug repellent plants to set near my pots

What else should I do to minimize bugs pls? There's so many types in huge numbers near this 100yr old WV house
#gardening #plants #tomatoes #horticulture

1 day ago

A deer visiting my sister's garden yesterday afternoon.

While it's an unusual and photo-worthy sight to behold, the droughts we're experiencing in the midwestern US are driving hungry animals into closer human contact in search of food.

#nature #climatechange #worldenvironmentday #drought #animals #outdoors #deer #wednesday #mittwoch #garden #gardening #plants #wildlife #photo #photography #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #suburbs

Photo of a young male deer standing in a garden
1 day ago

We're spending the morning with these quiet, meditative drawings by Yuria Okamura that meditate on the sacredness of #plants through delicate symmetries #drawing #art

A symmetric drawing of plants and geometric shapes in an ornate motif

It’s my birthday week so I spoiled myself with plants. They got potted up today.

My mum and a friend are coming to visit this weekend and I can’t wait to show them all my plants.

The newbies are:

- Echeveria Doublette
- Echeveria Calico Cream
- Echeveria Zanadoo
- Echeveria unknown bumpy (the mother plant was stunning)
- Echeveria Flying Cloud
- Echeveria Hakuhou (if anyone knows how to pronounce that I’d appreciate the help)
- Echeveria Lotus Lantern?
- Echeveria Black Rose hybrid?
- Echeveria Blue Peacock
- Echeveria Winter Jasmine
- Conophytum Bilobum

#echeveria #conophytum #succulents #SucculentsOfMastodon #SucculentsOfTheFediverse #plants #gardening #GardeningAU #GardeningAus #GardeningAustralia #BirthdayWeek #BirthdayTreats

Clockwise from left:
Echeveria Doublette has rounder, thick leaves in a tighter rosette that blend from green in the centre to purple at the frilly edges. 

Echeveria Calico Cream has brighter green leaves in the centre and more khaki outer leaves. They have orange frilly edges and are in a loose rosette shape. The leaves are rounder with a couple of larger leaves across from each other. 

Echeveria Zanadoo has large purple/brown leaves that are lighter green at the very centre. There are a few newer, smaller leaves in the centre and a number of larger leaves in the outer layer that all form a loose rosette.
Clockwise from top:
Echeveria unknown bumpy has bright red leaves on the outside that become more maroon and then green at the centre. The leaves are frilly and in a rosette. There’s also a small baby plant to the right of the mother plant growing off the same stem. 

Echeveria Flying Cloud has long, thin, pale pink and green variegated leaves that curl up loosely towards the centre of the plant. 

Echeveria Hakuhou has thick, pale yellow/orange outer leaves and pale green inner leaves. They’re more spade shaped and tend to grow in pairs on opposing sides, with the next pair filling the gaps.
Clockwise from top:
Echeveria Lotus Lantern is in a tight rosette with small leaves that are green with thick, red edges. It appears to be a towering succulent, where rather than growing a long stem, the leaves grow in ever increasing layers. M

Echeveria Dark Rose hybrid is much darker in person than the camera captured. It is also in a tight rosette and has dark purple leaves with “claws” on the tips of each leaf. 

Echeveria Blue Peacock is again a tighter rosette. It has paler purple outer leaves and darker purple and white centre with an almost gelatinous look in some spots.
Top: Echeveria Winter Jasmine has chubby, pale peach coloured leaves in the outer layers and pale green in the centre. The leaves are more spear shaped and form a looser rosette.  

Bottom: Conophytum Bilobum is a cluster of small plants that are mid green with a reddish line across the top. The line is broken by a dip in the top of the plant that makes them look almost heart shaped. There are nine plants in the cluster.
Hari Tulsidas :verified:
1 day ago

Plants have body clocks that regulate their growth and responses to the environment. Light-sensitive proteins reset their clocks daily, affecting their interactions with pests and diseases. Consider these clocks when cultivating and managing plants.

#plants #bodyclocks #circadianrhythms

damian entwistle
1 day ago

There is no photo today.
Instead, this album I created yesterday has been garnering al the attention. The balcony plants making a show of it.

#balcony #nelson #pendle #lancashire #flat #plants #summer

1 day ago

I’m sure you’re sick of seeing it, but I’m just so happy with my portulaca summer arrangement this year 🥰 #summer #plants #frontporch

Portulaca with orange, yellow and pink flowers. A pale green vine is sending out tendrils from the front of the plant is a brown cement dachshund
2 days ago

Feed Store employees forgot to water their Starts; had to have a clearance sale to try and recoup losses. Brought these 16 babies back from the dead and it only cost me $16 and a two gallons of cistern water. Now to see where they are going.
#Lifesaver #Plants

An assortment of various blooming plants.  There are yellow, pink, blue, and white flowers amongst differing shades of green.
2 days ago

Tiny fly on yarrow. I think this is a Margined calligrapher, but open to being corrected! Love them, so much fun to watch. 💕🪰

#insects #pollinators #plants #flowers #garden #photo

Close up, but not macro, photo of a tiny fly that looks similar to a bee, with some yellow-ish stripe-like marks on the back of its abdominal section. Its body is smooth and shiny, and it has beautiful, transparent and somewhat iridescent wings extended out to each side. The fly has alit on a head of white yarrow flowers.
2 days ago

Newest addition is a watermelon peperomia.


Photo of a watermelon peperomia on a bookshelf.
Marlene Breitenstein Art
2 days ago

🐞 Just saw it's #TextureTuesday and thought I'd submit this specimen for your consideration. I shot this vertical photo in Wissembourg, France, a tiny garden almost entirely covered with greenery, that's hanging over a small brook. If you zoom in, you'll see four small #insect houses.

🎨 More sublime nature at: #BreitensteinArt

#photography #nature #plants #vines #garden #france

Photograph of the side of a medieval, tile-roofed french house with a downspout. It is almost completely obscured by vines and other greenery of many textures, which cascades down (starting from the roof), and hangs over an unseen brook. Fruit and flowers hang from limbs and vines, four pickets of a fence are barely visible in the dense green, and here and there red leaves peek through. There is an opening in the building's wall, through which we get a glimpse of an old storage shelf. Visible among the wall of vines, are four insect houses with peaked roofs, stuffed with short twigs and little door-like panels. The entire picture is incredibly dense.
Chris Shaw
2 days ago
antoine 3,141592...
2 days ago
2 days ago

All four of our Devil's Tongue babies are growing. I am very excited. 😊

I love these odd plants.
They're all foliage in the summer but, in the early spring, they produce a single giant dark red flower that smells like death. (It's related to the corpse flower.)

With our luck, they'll all flower next January and stink up the house. 😄

#DevilsTongue #Konjac #KonjacRoot #tropicalplants #amorphophallus #amorphophalluskonjac #garden #plants #gardening #smellyplants #coolplants

Photo of four Devil's Tongue plants growing from a single garden pot. The one on the right is taller than the other three. The plants have long stalks that branch out at the top. Pointed oval leaves cover the branches. The stalks have a rubbery texture and are light brown with pale green spots.
I Care About The World
2 days ago

A "weed" I saw on my walk today. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (vertical)

#Plants #Nature #Photography

Closeup of flower fronds curled at the ends into a fractal spirals similar to a fern fronds. Little delicate purple flowers with long wispy purple stamens reach out from their centers. The background is a nice haze of blurred color and reflection.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
2 days ago

Like all Serious Married Couples™, we have Serious Morning Discussions.

Today's Serious Morning Discussion: half the mint I'm trying to propagate looks a touch sad, so we tried to find it a better sun spot + kitchen buddy. (We did! It's now by the green onion that's growing at warp speed.)


かわ kawa
2 days ago

#植物 #plants



How does #botany shape our world? 🍎 How are we surrounded by #plants all day long, even when we’re inside with not one house plant in sight? 🌿 Why is it so important to understand the power of plants on our planet? 🌍 #Shelter, #clothes, #medicines, #food, the #oxygen we breathe, and the civilizations we’ve built are all possible because of plants. 🏡 Forager and cook Alexis Nikole Nelson describes all this and more in the first episode of #CrashCourse Botany.

#video #science #plant #trees #agriculture #womeninstem #BlackandSTEM #flowers #pollination #education

The Wee Owl Studio
2 days ago

Fresh green colour for a hot day here is Scotland.
I do like succulent and cactus plants. They are fun to draw too, they have lovely shapes.
Original watercolour painting - Echeveria via @Etsy
#plants #succulent #gardening #painting #watercolour #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original watercolour painting - Echeveria
A painting of a green rosette shaped succulent with pink tips to the leaves. 
Width: 21 centimetres
Height: 15 centimetres
Bosque Bill
2 days ago

Buffalo Gourd Blossoms

I returned to Calabacillas Arroyo this weekend. Apparently the dragonflies and hummingbirds only come out when I'm not carrying my camera.

I did manage to capture a native gourd (that can be found all over the area.) The gourd itself will be spherical and about fist-sized.

#photo #plants #nature #NewMexico

Dark green, spear-shaped leaves fill the image with yellow trumpet-shaped blossoms.
2 days ago

Covered the 220L reservoir of the Kratky Hydroponic with woods I salvaged from a pallet

Used the staple gun and part of the optical cable left over from the installation last year to tie them together.

I might paint the wood with protective paint to keep it from rotting but at least, it is keeping the nutrient rich water cool during the hot sunny days that are coming.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants

2 days ago

One kind of underground fungi absorb up to a third of our fossil fuel emissions. But don't get your hopes up, as another more populous type release far more carbon in decomposition.

#MycorrhizalFungi #SaprotrophicFungi #CarbonEmissions

#plants #ecology #fungi #carbon_cycle

3 days ago

Ladybug (one of several) on the lemon thyme

#insects #plants #herbs #garden #photo #beetle #ladybugs

A spotted ladybug on a thyme plant with many tiny, pale, purple flowers
3 days ago

as i was weeding the other day, i found what i think is a tiny #papyrus plant! i must have planted it & forgotten.

it looks just like the larger papyrus i have elsewhere (pic 3), including the distinguishing "tall bit with more leaves coming out" (pic 2).

i still haven't figured out exactly where papyrus wants to live in our climate, but these ones aren't dead yet!

they're meant to grow in water, but the air is water here, so they can grow in soil maybe

#plants #tropical #TropicalAg #PlantID

small papyrus i found among the weeds
the "tall bit with leaves coming out" part of papyrus.
the larger clump of papyrus that i have
3 days ago

in the town nearest to me, they hate trees. last year they cut down two giant lychee trees. in another part of the parking lot (the town is mainly parking lot), they cut down a bunch of conifers, but left the cell phone tower disguised as a tree.

and now this. the tiny post office cut down this perfectly fine plumeria. what is the reason? what did the plumeria do to them?? drop leaves??

even the buddhist temple does it! they killed a huge monkeypod tree on their lawn.

#plants #trees

4 foot tall stump left from a cut plumeria in front of the local post office.
Cascade Pine
3 days ago

A carpet of fawn lilies in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

#flowers #wildflowers #pnw #bloomscrolling #hiking #plants #lily #fawnLilies

Dappled sunlight spills over a forest floor. The ground is covered with small fawn lilies. Each lily has a pair of thick green leaves sprouting from the ground, and a single flower stalk capped with a yellow flower with large petals that curve backwards. Some of the fawn lilies are in the shadows and some are highlighted by spots of sunlight.
Khurram Wadee ✅
3 days ago

It’s a hot late #spring day and I was sitting the conservatory as #birds were flitting around the back #garden. Here’s a verdant scene of the #flowering #potato #plants I took while waiting with a #telephoto lens for any #sparrows to show up.

#MyWork #MyPhoto #CCBYSA #DSLR #Nikon #D7000 #Spring #Horticulture

Potato plants.
3 days ago

New young leaves in early spring. This is another old photo of mine that I've never stopped loving lol

#photography #disability #MastoArt #BlackTwitter #DisabilityTwitter #BlackFedi #DisabledFedi #DisabledCreator #BlackArt #BlackMastodon #nature #plants #leaves

a group of leaves, fresh and small, growing on a red branch
3 days ago

Ohhh, my first Jolly Jester is so gorgeous today! 😍 This is 3 days after it began opening. We call her Gertrude.

#marigold #plants #gardening #flowers

A close-up of a Jolly Jester Marigold flower, a yellow center and garnet red petals streaked with more yellow.
Tradescantia Hub
3 days ago

My seedling from #Tradescantia zebrina 'Little Hill' is doing well!

#plants #houseplants @plants @houseplants

Small cup holding a very sprawly tradescantia, with dark purple and silver striped leaves
4 days ago

This friend ate up all the Clarkia elegans in one part of the garden and then got lost in the white sage, which they didn’t like at all. I moved them to another patch of Clarkia, where they are now chowing down again happily, as you can see here. This friend will grow up to be a White-lined Sphinx Moth, a.k.a. Hummingbird Moth, with a 2 to 3 inch wingspan. I hope it leaves me a few Clarkia plants because I do love their bright pink flowers. #garden #insects #Caterpillar #Photo #moth #plants

A photo of a plump green caterpillar with a black line along its back and black markings in two rows, along inside, munching on flower buds
4 days ago

i'm using some #aloe to heal a cut on the side of my toe. every time i use aloe, i'm just amazed. the aloe plant uses the healing properties of its juicy insides to heal its *own* wounds, and the same stuff heals *my* wounds. if that doesn't tell you how much us & the plants are related, then i don't know what will!

do any of you grow/use aloe?

#plants #ecology #environment #nature

using aloe to heal my toe.

toe's identity has been blurred for privacy.
4 days ago

as someone who likes to grow orchids, i enjoy seeing how they grow "in the wild". it helps me understand the conditions i'm trying to create for them in cultivation.

observing orchids in the forest led me to creating "forest floor mix" medium (using stuff i find on the forest floor), & now "forest canopy" medium (using stuff that is found in the canopy: moss, leaf litter, dried branches, etc.). yay learning!

#plants #orchids #epiphytes #ecology

4 days ago

i found a baby #orchid growing in the bark & moss of a dead 'ohi'a lehua branch.

i'm guessing the seed landed in the moss patch on the bark (many 'ohi'a have moss growing on their bark). the moss provides a stable, moist, cool, shady env't that still has airflow. the orchid's root burrows into the flaky outer bark bits of the 'ohi'a & then grab onto the tree itself.

anyway, i kept the whole thing together & found a new tree nook for it to live in ^-^

#ecology #hawai'i #plants #orchids @plants

tiny orchid growing in a dead branch covered in moss
view of the orchid and its root, showing how the root grows through the moss & flaky outer bark.
i put the whole bark/moss/orchid ball into the nook of a strawberry guava. (the baby orchid is on the upper right of the ball)
Peter Sketch
4 days ago

Its always a red letter day when I see Goatsbeard in flower. Not that it's at all rare, just that it only flowers in the morning, closing up after just one morning per flower, and I'm really not a morning person. At
#Wiltshire #WildlifeTrust
#BlakehillFarm on Wednesday. #WildflowerHour #Bloomscrolling #botany #plants #flowers #wildflowers #plantscience #photography

A yellow flower shaped a bit like a dandelion, with small black flecks among the yellow petals. Behind the petals is a ring of 8 green sepals, about half as long again as the petals.
Cascade Pine
4 days ago

The mountains in the Pacific Northwest are full of fawn lilies right now.

#plants #pnw #flowers #wildflowers #bloomscrolling #hiking

A pretty yellow flower is growing in dry reddish soil. Its curved petals are curling backwards.
robyn 🌱
4 days ago

Woke up to a much higher humidity than we normally get in these parts. Feels a bit icky, but I am really enjoying all the lil dew drops on our #plants! 😄

#gardening #GrowYourOwn @plants

A bright green Alchemilla plant ("Lady's Mantle") with small dew drops along the edges of each leaf, and the occasional larger drop sitting in the centre of a leaf.
A bright green Alchemilla plant ("Lady's Mantle") with small dew drops along the edges of each leaf, and a much larger drop sitting in the centre of one leaf.
Small dew drops along the edge of a tomato plant in a planter. In the background you can see some wood chip mulch around the base.

come and enjoy these garden columbines with me

#plants @plants #gardening #bloomscrolling

Garden columbine flowers. Pink / white columbines are in the background and a bright yellow columbine is in the foreground.
Nika Shilobod
5 days ago

I made a small #python script that identifies genus/species/common name on a folder of images of #plants and #wildflowers and spits out a table of possible IDs with confidence intervals and file path. Each image will list several results, but it is very good. Some folks may find it useful/fun:

@plants #florespondence @houseplants @ecology

The Wee Owl Studio
5 days ago

Does your Dad grow cactus and succulent plants?
If so these little drawings would make a really cool Father's Day gift, just £30 each.
Go get 'em😄👇
Original mixed media drawings - Cactus and Succulents via @Etsy
#Cactus #succulent #plants #drawing #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #CreativeToots #MastoArt

Original mixed media drawings - Cactus and Succulents
This one is a drawing of a little barrel cactus in an old terracotta pot. 
5 x 5 inches on buff coloured paper.
Original mixed media drawings - Cactus and Succulents
This one is a drawing of a snake plant in a black and white pot.
5 x 5 inches on buff coloured paper.
The Wee Owl Studio
6 days ago

⭐️Pick of the Month!⭐️
3rd of my featured artworks this month is a larger scale work of one of my favourite shrubs, Californian Lilac. A real statement piece.
Original oil pastel painting - Ceanothus -Californian Lilac via @Etsy
#Painting #flowers #OilPastel #Plants #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original oil pastel painting - Ceanothus -Californian Lilac
A painting of a flowering shrub, full of blue flowers. 
Materials: oil pastel, black pastel paper
Width: 30 centimetres
Height: 38 centimetres
6 days ago

🌿 Hemlock, a highly toxic plant that looks harmless, was found growing in Texas. The plant was once used in political executions in ancient Greece, most notably that of philosopher Socrates:

#news #houston #texas #botany #plants #history

A picture of Hemlock growing in a field beside a road in England.
Dezene Huber 🌻
6 days ago

Welcome, new followers!

I am an #ecologist mainly working with #insects, although I've published on #archaea, #bacteria, #fungi, #plants, and (of course) #animals. Work in my lab and with collaborators ranges from #genomes to #organisms to landscapes and ecosystems.

I'm a #professor in the #Faculty of #Environment at the #University of #Northern #British #Columbia in beautiful Prince George, BC:

I'm particularly concerned about #biodiversity and #climate change.


Claudia Zahn
1 week ago
1 week ago

#Belgium #botany #plants #gardens #flowers #BotanicalGardens

'The new website – a global first on this scale – makes 83,000 plants belonging to 25,000 different species and varieties from 25 botanical gardens and arboretums available at the click of a button. Visitors can view technical data sheets on each plant which detail their main characteristics, their origin and their location in the botanical garden in question.'

Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

Found this beautiful Banksia in someone's garden the other day. The shapes and colours of the flower, and the structure of it, are just lovely! 💚

#BloomScrolling #Flowers #Nature #Gardening #Plants #MacroPhotography #NaturePhotography #FlowerPhotography

Closeup of a yellow bottle-brush-shaped flower with red curls and furry tips to the stamens. It's on an angle, with the tip of the flower column showing green and unopened.

(Retoot/modified toot of @Adrenochrome)

An extremely rare atmospheric phenomenon called a rainbow bridge or circumhorizontal arc: when the sun is at least 58º above the horizon and ice crystals in clouds form rainbows...

... Or the Bifrost? Where Thor does that swishy thing and goes between realms and Idris Elba has to stop him?

#Nature #NatureLovers #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer #Video #Science

Beautiful rainbow swirls above a sunset and tree silhouette
Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

Our thalictrum flowered so well this year - the best it's ever done. I haven't cut down this Summer's stems yet, but am already looking forward to it coming back next year...

Vertical pic

#BloomScrolling #MacroPhotography #Macro #Thalictrum #Flowers #FlowersOfMastodon #Plants #NaturePhotography #Gardening @plants

Closeup of a spray of small pink flowers with red-purple stems and many pollen-covered anthers bursting out from the centre
Jai 🍜🥟
2 weeks ago

Hey, love this hashtag!

These are from my friend's garden, and she took the time to take these lovely photos. 😊

The pink one is a Ranunculus and the blue one is a "Love in a Mist".

#BloomScrolling #Flowers #Plants

A pink flower called Ranunculus, in a garden, with greenery in the background.
A blue flower called "Love in a Mist" in a garden, with green and brown background.
2 weeks ago

Last summer we had an anole #lizard that lived on our #sunflower #plants in the front #garden. It was there night and day, sleeping, catching bugs, hanging out, for many weeks. Maria Eva decided it needed a name - Lorenzo. Now we have a new set of #sunflowers growing and have been waiting for the return of this year’s Lorenzo. Yesterday, there he was, or possibly an offspring, so Maria Eva dubbed this one El Niño.

#gardening #UrbanWildlife #photography #nature #MacroPhotography #suburbia

Close up macro color photo of an anole lizard clinging to an upright green sunflower stalk covered with short hairs. The lizard has a bright green back with tiny scales and a creamy white belly.  The area around his eye is blue-greenish in color.
Close up macro color photo of the head and upper body of an anole lizard clinging upside down to a white surface. The lizard has a bright green back with tiny scales dotted in places with blue-greenish spots, and a creamy white belly.  The area around his eye is has the same blue-greenish color as the spots. (This is a different lizard from the other two photos.)
Close up macro color photo of an anole lizard clinging to an upright green sunflower stalk covered with short hairs. The lizard has a bright green back with tiny scales and a creamy white belly.  The area around his eye is blue-greenish in color.
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

I love the blue colour on the central bits of Osteospermums. Then there's the surrounding ring of yellow anthers if you see them at just the right time, and finally the petals. They can be intense and near-perfect when you look up close...

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A symmetrical closeup on the centre of a flower, showing an inner core of deep blue buds, surrounded by bright yellow anthers growing out of near-black stalks, then petals starting intensely pink and fading to a gentler colour as they go.
2 weeks ago

How does this work? Planted star jasmine vines two days ago in large containers by the arbors. They were about 24” tall from base and have a 15” support rod as shipped. Today they are almost 3’ tall AND each is growing in the direction on the arbor posts! I was planning on adding 40” support rods tomorrow and loosely tying them to rods to train them towards the posts. Astonished all 4 plants are going naturally to the arbors! #Plants #Vines #Phoenix

Star jasmine flowering vine in giant gray containers near the white arbors at the backyard by a block wall. Each vine is growing towards the arbor vertical posts that are 20” farther away from the plant.
2 weeks ago

Space Needles
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Against a partly sunny blue Sky, a bunch of very thin native Garlic scapes reach for the Sun.  They have small bulblets at the tops which are almost transparent enough to see the immature flowers inside.  The tops of the bulblets resemble very pointy caps.
relache ⚗️
2 weeks ago

A shrub spotted when out walking with Mom yesterday. No idea what this is, but what a showstopper!

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A close picture of a shrub covered with pink flowers. The closed flowers are bright pink with a fancy bud that reminds me of a candy from my childhood. The open flowers appear more white inside, are hexagonal, and have dark pink markings.
A closer picture of a shrub covered with pink flowers. The closed flowers are bright pink with a fancy bud that reminds me of a candy from my childhood. The open flowers appear more white inside, are hexagonal, and have dark pink markings.
Johann Grimm-Rey
2 weeks ago

🚩 Iriserie de Papon, Lot et Garonne, France.
20th May 2023.

Probably some french roses (Rosa gallica). I'm quite good at identifying genus and families of plants with the help of technology, but when it comes to ornamental plants I'm easily lost.
Huge bushes!

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Rose rose close-up
Purple roses close-up
Roses roses bush
Deb Oppermann
2 weeks ago

The Euphorbia Myrsinites or Donkey Spurge or Tail, is a sprawling, evergreen, succulent. The grey blue spiraling leaves and the chartreuse yellow flower cluster is quite attractive in the garden as groundcover.
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Close up of the yellowish flower cluster on the Donkey Tail euphorbia in vertical
2 weeks ago

@openculture These drawings of plant root systems are extraordinarily detailed.

#AltText A fine detailed cross section drawing of plant above ground and it’s root system below ground with a scale showing the depth in cm of the roots.

The sheer volume of soil covered by the combination of plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi is staggering.

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Claudia Zahn
2 weeks ago

Just a tiny prehensile-tailed #porcupine called #Wilbur eating a slice of #banana 😂🍌🙌
He lived in the #OutOfAfricaWildlifePark in #Arizona and he was very loved for his kind and gentle nature and for his love of snacks. At 12 years old, he passed peacefully and will be missed dearly and he will never be forgotten.
📷-Sarah Fredrickson
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Claudia Zahn
2 weeks ago

This exquisite photo makes a stunning seahorse look more like a dragon!

By #AmazingNature
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Claudia Zahn
2 weeks ago

Myxomycetes can move and hunt for prey or look for the best environment for them. They are born from spores, like mushrooms. They move like huge amoebas, like pulsating masses their movements seem to be dependent on microfibrils. These ′′ blobs ′′ crawl (1cm per hour) phagocusing bacteria, algae, yeasts, protozoa, and other organic material;
Credit: Sarah Lloyd / #Tasmania
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