Mary Beth Frezon
13 hours ago

Today while sitting out in the smoke... now it's just dark and murky out. The #peonies are in full swing and they look like big white pompoms unless you're viewing them up close and personal. #watercolor #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #pleinair #garden #peony #peonyseason #june #summer #yardpainting #flowers

Watercolor painting of the peonies in my front garden. Lots of greens in the garden and a lot more in the background view with suggestions of different plants and trees.
1 day ago

Little plein air while i camp out at silver springs on the white river

#mastoart #traditionalart #watercolor #camping #mtrainier #tahoma #pleinair

A watercolor painting of a big orange camping tent in the white river. Lots of big trees and leaves.
1 day ago

Sonnenuntergang - und viel zu viel nachgebessert. Immerhin bilde ich mir ein, bei jedem Versuch etwas zu lernen - haha.
#USK #Watercolour #PleinAir #Ayr #Schottland

Kolorierte Zeichnung, Sonnenuntergang am Meer. Text im Bild: 6.6.2023, 21:09 Sonnenuntergang in Ayr, Schottland
Hand hält Skizzenbuch mit Sonnenuntergang vor Sonnenuntergang.
2 days ago

Doppelte Größe, vierfache Dauer - ich muss beim kleinen Format bleiben, sonst komme ich zu nichts anderem mehr …
#USK #Watercolour #Ayr #Schottland #PleinAir

Kolorierte Zeichnung eines Straßenzugs aus bunten Häusern mit dunklen Wolken. Text im
Bild „6.6.2023 15:40 Ayr Schottland“.
Hand hält Skizzenbuch vor einen Straßenzug, das Bild zeigt ihn.
Mary Beth Frezon
3 days ago

Bird-bath project, check. Zoom meeting about august poetry postcard fest, check. little wine, check. geranium painting while watching hummingbirds, check. #watercolor #watercolorpainting #stilllife #geranium #pleinair #pleinairpainting #yardpainting #dothework #process #flowers

watercolor painting with many red geranium flower heads and buds and green leaves.
4 days ago

Heute gegen Abend ruhige Stimmung auf unserer Terrasse

#ink #aquarell #sketch #sketchbook #pleinair #watercolor #MastoArt

Terrasse mit gelblichem Abendhimmel. Im Vodergrund ein Tisch mit einer sictbaren Stuhllehne, hinten eine Launch mit einer sitzenden Frau, und sträuchern lins und rechts. Im Hintergrund einige Häuser und ein Fabrikkamin. Ein Sonnenschirm überdacht die Szene
Lineare Fineliner-Zeichnung der Terrasse
DenSmith Art
4 days ago

All packed for #PleinAir yesterday and then it rained…

The pallet of watercolors that I use for pleinair along with two sketchbooks, water, bottles, brushes, tape, paper towels, and all the necessary pieces. After the event was canceled, I did notice that I forgot to take my waterproof, black pen!
5 days ago
Jan Gaska
5 days ago

I was painting Pyrtle Spring near Princes Risborough today. Oil on gesso panel, 15 x 30 cm.
#chilternsaonb #princesrisborough #landscapeoilpainting #oilpainting #chilternhills #pleinair #oilpaintingonpanel #Artwork #landscapepainting

Mary Beth Frezon
6 days ago

#watercolor #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #pleinair #geraniums #june #summer #yardpainting so hot... how do I reset my inner clock to be out painting when it's cooler?

View from my porch chair. Porch floor in foreground with steps down to yard just visible. Dark blue put at right holds dark red geranium. Various potted geraniums and plants sit on right edge of steps and along walk. Mottled greens in mud ground and light green beyond. Behind the closest geranium on porch the corner of the house shows white wood siding. Below it a dark knobby shadow of flowers.
6 days ago

Une autre peinture fait en plein-air. Je crois que c'est meilleure cette fois-ci. Le nom de cet endroit est «The Plane Tree Way». #mastoart #pleinair #painting #gouache #planetrees #autumn

A gouache painting of a small path called the plane tree way. It is lined on both sides by tall plane trees. Most of the leaves have fallen onto the ground. In the middle in the distance is a little black cat walking away.
1 week ago

I went to Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden again, this time with paints 😊 but didn't paint very well 💔 . #mastoart #pleinair #gouache #painting #ginkgo #garden

A gouache painting of ginkgo trees over a pond covered by the golden fallen leaves. There are a few bridges.
Mary Beth Frezon
1 week ago

Hand Hollow Conservation Area, New Lebanon NY, has two new picnic tables with a view. A #dragonfly visitor while painting #watercolor #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #pleinair #landscape #landscapepainting

Watercolor painting showing  bright grassy area in center Area with a small stream meandering through it. Shadow area in foreground with suggestion of of big bush at right. Dark piney area in background. At the top left corner, on white tape, an actual damsel (dragon) fly sits, head pointing down, as though inspecting my work.
Jan Gaska
1 week ago

Today's plein air painting of Bradenham, West Wycombe in the distance. Oil on primed panel, 23 x 30 cm.
#bradenham #westwycombe #chilternsaonb #chilternhills #landscapeoilpainting #oilpaintingonpanel #pleinair #oilpainting

Frank Gregory
1 week ago

Painting the Backyard Bees #bees #pleinair #mastoart

Several scenes of a backyard with a beehive, cut with images of me making a painting of the scene
Mary Beth Frezon
2 weeks ago

My goal for June is going to be working on stopping and waiting. Aka patience? #watercolor #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #pleinair #birchbox #may #summer #yardpainting #mailbox #landscape #landscapepainting

Watercolor painting of the view from my front steps. A sliver of road with yellow line goes horizontally through scene. In foreground a red hummingbird feeder disk hangs above birdbath and metal garden bird. It hangs from a big old multi-trunk birch. To the right my mailbox stands at the edge of the road and driveway
Jan Gaska
2 weeks ago

Painting on the side of West Wycombe Hill today, looking towards High Wycombe. It was hot and sunny day. Oil on gesso panel, 23 x 30 cm.
#westwycombehill #highwycombe #landscapepainting #landscapeoilpainting #oilpainting #oilpaintingonpanel #pleinair #pleinairpainting

Erica Lee 🧸
2 weeks ago

A little place in Tamsui from my trip to Taiwan~ I wished it was open then; didn’t know I was craving Yakult until I saw it!

#pleinair #illustration

Plein air painting of a closed Yakult store
Shari Emerson
2 weeks ago

Good morning tooters!

still trying ta wrangle younger teen back to health, deal with upcoming graduation stuff, and power ahead on a few layouts.

Got to have a productive but (sadly) limited chat with super-editor @StephanieZvan so I at least have some organized thoughts about the next two layouts - WOOT!

How's everyone doing? Getting #allergies under control? Using sunshine days for #pleinAir painting or sketching? Trying to plan a late spring #picnic ?

Seriously - what's happening, kids?😀

Mary Beth Frezon
2 weeks ago

Sat painting with the plants tonight waiting to see if the hummers would check out the new feeder and they did!

#watercolor #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #pleinair #geraniums #may #summer #yardpainting

Watercolor painting of a pot of dark pink geraniums. Lots of green leaves. To the left of the pot, there's something else with a small lavenderish flower suggested. The edge of the pot is seen curving behind the plants. The background is a pale runny area of light green.
Jan Gaska
2 weeks ago

Painting from Sunday morning, looking from Fingest wood towards Bolter End. It was quite windy up there. Oil on gesso board, 20 x 25 cm.
#chilternsaonb #chilternhills #pleinair #landscapeoilpainting #landscapepainting #pleinairpainting #oilpainting #oilpaintingonpanel #artwork

2 weeks ago

Tried a new setup for plein air painting! This is at home so I can be more used to it and see how I can improve the setup. I quite like it so far so I'll need to try outside later!

#art #painting #gouache #mastoart #pleinair #pleinairpainting

gouache painting of leaves and a house
plein air setup
Marc Prill
2 weeks ago
Jan Gaska
2 weeks ago

I sqeezed in a one and a half hour oil sketch on Saturday morning looking east on the high street, before going to the weighing of the mayor event. Painted in a limited pallette, oil on gesso panel, 18 x 24 cm.
#highwycombe #oilpaintingonpanel #landscapepainting #oilpainting #pleinairpainting #pleinair #artwork

Global Museum
2 weeks ago

Vincent loved to paint outdoors, but it wasn’t without problems. As you can see in these photos, branches, sand, and even insects left their marks on his canvases. 🔭 Want to discover more about Vincent's paintings? Click here #art #VanGogh #pleinair

Painted a few roses plein air at the San Jose rose gardens today. Really nice day

#watercolor #MastoArt #pleinair

Watercolor painting of 4 peach colored roses.

This is where I was painting at yesterday... Ridiculously picturesque.
#pleinair #mastoart

A white two-story house, a tall lush tree, and snow capped mountain range in the background. Incredibly blue sky.
4 weeks ago

Hangershell Rock 20230514. Graphite and pastels on reclaimed card. I ran out of time. #pleinair #pastels #drawing

A rock is drawn on the back of an old, pink folder.  The folder lies on a white book and grassy ground.

The sky is a scrawled pastel blue, the foreground is a blend of greens.  The rock is delineated in grey and black.  A smaller rock stands to the left.
Yiming Wu ✅ Use OurPaint
4 weeks ago

How does anyone do grass anyway...

#CloudTravel #PleinAir @MastoArt #ArtistOnMastodon

1 month ago

Plein-air painting of the mesmerising fountains, done while lurking in the dark, with the paper barely illuminated by the dancing lights of the fountains. This shows how unprepared I was with painting at night... #gouache #pleinair #painting #fountain #mastoart

A plein-air painting of the fountains at night with the water jets illuminated by golden lights.
Mlle. Lowell
1 month ago

Another painting study/exploration from my cemetery trip back in April 🪦❄️

#lifestudy #pleinair #artstudy

Hi Fedi! For Earth Day I gathered up some plein air (AKA outdoors-made nature art) and thought sharing them here would be a nice way to make my new account homey.

#MastoArt #PleinAir #NatureArt #FountainPens #AcrylicNewbie

Artwork of a coastline held in front of the coastline. The art has a dreamy color scheme with swirling textures and rocks fading into lavenders, with pine trees in the foreground. It's a sunny day on the oregon coast in the background.
two color artwork of a winter pond, with brown reedy cattails and an icy blue lake texture. More minimal and with some smudges.
Mini-artwork (about business-card sized) of Lake Tahoe in the snow, with a vibrant lake framed by pale mountains
Selfie with a plain air easel and small acrylic painting of conifer trees on the side of the mountain. I have dark blue eyes and pale skin with dirty blonde hair and eyebrows here. The piece is very textured and more realistic than the previous artworks
Kim Herbst 🍂
1 month ago

One quick #pleinapril study before April officially ends. Via a quick snap of the SF Botanical Gardens from last week. ⚘️🪻🌻🌿🌱
#MastoArt #illustration #pleinair #digitalart #digitalpainting #digitaldrawing #art

Digital painting of a lush field of wildflowers with spot of sun dappling the ground
1 month ago

Was sketching at Live Oaks Park in Berkeley, CA, sitting on a bridge/path above a stream. Drawn with Ferris Wheel Press Beaver Dam Brown and Peter Moss Green ink, and Platinum Sepia Black ink, and a Kakimori nib.
#drawnbyhand #nature #pleinair #MastoArt #EastBaySketchers #sketch #drawing #sketching

Drawing oak trees with ink and dip pen in Berkeley’s Live Oak Park.
Drawing in ink of old growth oak trees, creek, and green leaves.
Drawing oak trees with ink and dip pen in Berkeley’s Live Oak Park.

I was out painting again today. Too windy to set up the easel so painted on my lap. Still a good day. I needed this.
#MastoArt #fediart #pleinair #pastelartist

A travel easel without a board standing in the shade. Mountains in the background. A board with a painting lying in the foreground.
A pastel painting of the said mountains on a white board
Mary Beth Frezon
1 month ago

NaPoWriMo 2023 Day 28

the light is fading •
the robins take to the shrubs •
reciting their day

#birds #dothework #haiku #NaPoWriMo #plants #pleinair #poetry #process #watercolor #watercolorpainting

watercolor painting of a pink pot holding a geranium plant with a bright red flower and some buds. Alongside it to the right is a black pot holding some spiky purple flowers at the end of leafy stems. This purports to be cat mint. The geranium pot sits on a silvery gray tray. There is a scattering of bright multiple color small dots at the top center of the painting.
A view of an epimedium plant with a cluster of tiny yellow daffodil-like flowers against their classic heart -shaped leaves, bright green with red edges and markings.
1 month ago

Je viens de peindre à la gouache en plein-air. Le jardin était très beau en automne. #pleinair #painting #gouache #tree #garden #mastoart

A plein-air gouache painting of a golden tree in Autumn.

Plein air is... interesting. It takes getting used to. This is the first of the season, so just like last year's, I ended up with just a bunch of mid-tones, no real good range of values. Interestingly, as the season progresses, I get better. Don't get discouraged; it's wonderful to just get out, is my mantra. Keep going.
#pleinair #artistsonmastodon #MastoArt

A board with a pastel painting clipped on, resting by a fence, surrounded by dry rabbitbrush.
Mary Beth Frezon
2 months ago
watercolor painting a middle ground of yellow flowers and green leaves with a big birch tree to the right side. Past that, soft greens and browns across the road. In foreground, bright green grass with three terracotta flower pots, a dark green taller pot holding my birdbath. Another shallow water dish light blue with grey rim leans against the tree.
Below a post (holds my Prius charger) many small plants with yellow flowers - epimediums or fairy wings. Some daffodil leaves and one daffodil flower.

I was out painting the last of (I hope!) the snow on the mountains.
#pleinair #mastoart #landscapepainting

A travel easel with tray of pastels set up, viewing a far mountain range with a snow cap. Sky is blue, with lots of wispy clouds.
2 months ago

Here’s part of what I drew last night (while I was sitting in a ride share parking lot for 3 hours lol).

It wasn’t the best of circumstances, but it was honestly nice being forced to slow down and appreciate my surroundings. I was right off the highway, next to a bunch of chain restaurants, but there were still beautiful things to appreciate.

More details in the alt text.

#AgericArt #MastoArt #PleinAir

Photo of a simple Watercolor painting. 

There’s a yellow bulldozer at the top. It was sitting in the grass right off the highway, and looked like it had been there for a while. 

On the left is a small yellow flower with several green buds that haven’t bloomed yet. This was the only flowering plant nearby. I think they were Brassica Rapa, but not 100% sure. 

On the right is a red-winged blackbird facing to the side. Its beak is open as though it’s singing. While I was drawing these, one of them started investigating my car. When I went back, it flew away, but was obviously curious about what I was doing. I got a penny from my car and set it on a post nearby. As soon as I stepped away the blackbird flew to it and investigated the penny. It stood next to the penny and chirped for about 30 minutes after this. I thought this was really neat, but maybe I’m just easily entertained haha😊
2 months ago

This was my first plein air this year. I liked sketching birches with oil pastels and coloured pencils. Usually I use some paints but this time I grabbed graphic materials and it was awesome experience.

#pleinair #sketching #birch #studyart #oilpastel #pencil

Two sketches of birch trees. First sketch shows three trees growing together, second one shows tree trunk in close-up.
2 months ago

I love documenting the changing of nature in these small #pleinair sketches. Here are a few more from the past days. Spring sunsets are especially pretty 😍

#PleinAirpril #watercolor

Green hills in the background. In the foreground a tin box with watercolor paints inside and a small sketchbook attached to the lid, depicting two landscape scenes: left a field of cows, right juicy green fields under a large cloudy sky.
Watercolor sketch of the evening sky in orange, pink, purple, blue and a shadowy landscape below.
Watercolor sunset sketch, with a bright red-orange sun in a yellow and purple sky, above dark silhouettes of trees
Two watercolor landscape sketches in small sketchbook. Left: in simple shapes a glowing red evening sun, over dark purple and green shapes. Right: pale cloudy sky over a detailed landscape with hills rolling in the distance and lines of trees, a fence in the foreground.
JC Little
2 months ago

Two paintings of the same massive tree, a victim of last week’s ice storm. At Parc La Fontaine with some nice people from Urban Sketchers Montreal 😊.

#watercolor #painting #pleinair #artist #uskmontreal #urbansketchersmontreal #pleinairpril #icestorm #treedown #mastoart

Small, watercolor, painting of a tree that has fallen down because of the ice storm here in Montreal. This tree is massive, and it’s located at Parc La Fontaine.
Tiny, watercolor, painting of a tree that has fallen down because of the ice storm last week here in Montreal. This tree is located at Parc La Fontaine. This painting is much smaller than the other painting. It is only 2” x 4”. I did paintings of the same tree on the same day.
Tiny, watercolor, painting of a tree that has fallen down. The sketchbook is on my lap with the pigments in the pallet and a couple of watercolour paint brushes. Sorry for this really awkward description ha ha.
To watercolour paintings of the same tree at Parc La Fontaine. This tree was falling down from the ice storm. These two paintings are pretty small. One of them is 2” x 4”. The other one is 5 x 7”. It was interesting to do two paintings of the same tree on the same day.
JC Little
2 months ago

Finally got out for some pleinair painting. ‘Twas strange to be at Parc La Fontaine without my dog Chuck. But it was time ❤️‍🩹.

#pleinair #art #artist #painting #watercolour #watercolors #montreal #parclafontaine #sketchbook #mastoart

Small, watercolor, painting of the far side of the pond at Parc La Fontaine. There is snow melting on the edge of the pond, and it is reflected in the puddles of water. Shadows from the trees are cast along the bank and down into the pond.
My left hand, holding up my tiny, sketchbook and paint palette. In the distance, we can see what I’ve just painted, which is the far side of Parc La Fontaine’s pond. There is snow on the bank in the distance, and it is melting, so we can see some greenery starting to peek through. It’s always interesting to show the painting with the background of what I’ve just painted. These tiny paintings only take a few minutes to do.
Mary Beth Frezon
2 months ago

NaPoWriMo 2023 Day 12

too warm afternoon
maple raises red fists
against the still blue

#clouds #dogs #dothework #haiku #landscape #NaPoWriMo #pleinair #poetry #watercolor

watercolor skyscape and landscape painting: large cloud with lots of smaller ones fading into horizon sky. pale brown yellow hillside with line of dark trees beyond the edge of the hillside. Hint of brown brushy stuff at bottom right.
sketchbook watercolor. coil binding at top edge. landscape of brownish yellow hill below blue sky with small white clouds. brushy trees along edge of hill. indigo-blue water in foreground.
2 months ago

Day 2

With shimmer ✨

#pleinair #pleinairpril #Watercolor

Opened sketchbook on wooden desk: painted sunset scene with green fields and golden rays of sun, watercolor.
2 months ago

Anyone on here doing #pleinairpril? I'm gonna do my best, hopefully my future paintings this month will only go up from here :P

#pleinair #gouache

A small square painting rests on a boardwalk structure; the camera is pointed down to show the water reeds in the shallows of a pond - the painting is an attempt at the scene in the background
A hand holds a paint palette with a small square painting of some green plants in front of a scenic pond in the background
2 months ago

Plein Air painting season is starting again with #pleinairpril

#PleinAir #WaterColor

Blurry landscape background with green fields and blue sky. Foreground: small sketchbook held up, depicting a loose sketch of the landscape in watercolor.
3 months ago

~plein air~ watercolors today at liliuokalani park in hilo, hi :}

#watercolor #PleinAir

plein air setup at liliuokalani park. coconut island is visible in the distance. in the foreground, you can see a picnic table with a notebook and a watercolor set. the notebook shows a rough watercolor of coconut island.
James Gurney
4 months ago

Botanical art vs. plein-air painting: botanical artist is more concerned with portraying specimens removed from context with a scientist’s POV.
Plein-air artist pays attention to the whole ensemble influenced by light, air, atmosphere & spatial depth. #botanicalart #pleinair

Catherine Grace Artist
5 months ago

Over the last year I have picked up a few art books any time I visit a #UsedBookstore. I've been slowly going through them. This is a #watercolor in my #sketchbook from a lesson in the book, "The Big Book of Painting Nature in Oil". I'm hoping these lessons will help me with my #pleinair journey.

#TheCottageCreative #watercolorpainting #snow #WinterScene #PaintingReflections #PaintingWater #Artist #artistsonmastodon #PNW #PNWartist

Watercolor painting of a winter scene with a small stream along snowy banks disappearing into the distance where a forest meets the sky. The trees in the distance have lost their leaves. Blue and purple shadows fall across the snow and leafless trees are reflected in the dark stream. The sky is blue with puffy white and gold clouds.

#ArtAdventCalendar Day 18 and because I miss summer...
"July 13th"
pastel on paper - 20x8 in

Plein air on July 13th, 2022 at Davis Creek pond in Washoe City, NV. Beautiful day but I had to fight the sun... worth it! #pleinair #MastoArt

vertically long landscape pastel painting. Tall redwood trees on the hill beyond a small pond. Sun on the light colored sand, illuminating a blue-dominant scene.

#ArtAdventCalendar Day 14
"I’ll See You Again"
pastel on paper - 20x20 in

Based on a plein air piece I painted last week at Davis Creek Park in Washoe City, NV. The whole time I was there painting, I was thinking about my mom. Hence the title...
#MastoArt #artistsonmastodon #pleinair

Square impressionistic landscape painting of a pond with brush hanging over the water. Dominantly blue.

#ArtAdventCalendar Day 13
"Sky Day 2"
Pastel on paper - 7x20 in

In the summer I did lots of plein air sessions at Air Sailing Gliderport in Reno, NV. I'd just set up my easel, then do a 360. It's a panoramic view of mountains. He flies, I paint. It was wonderful. This one was sold on the first day I took it to the gallery. Please click for the best viewing.
#MastoArt #artistsonmastodon #pleinair #ArtTherapy

Horizontally long painting of rugged mountains, some sharp lights illuminating mountains. Clouds above.
Catherine Grace Artist
6 months ago

#ArtAdventCalendar Day 5

This was my first ever #pleinair #painting which I attempted this past summer. It was very nerve-wracking painting out in public where people could look over my shoulder. I need to get #brave to do this more often.

#oilpainting #pugetsound #PNW #PNWartist #thecottagecreative #artist #artistsonmastodon

Oil painting of sailboats on the water with rocks, bushes and a log in the foreground
6 months ago

i took a painting class with the incredible Angela Sung in May this year and it really gave me an incredible insight into color and light and a passion for plein air digital and irl. i haven't painted in a while though, maybe i should start again, though the weather might lend itself to digital only.

#MastoArt #PleinAir #DigitalPainting

a painting of an entrance to an apartment building in Bucharest, Romania. thick foliage and dappled light give the scene a warm, moody atmosphere. the perspective is exaggerated with a central focus on the door itself.
6 months ago

So I’ve taken like 4 courses from @JustinDonaldsonArt this year and he just put out an awesome video about #PleinAir painting !

James Gurney
6 months ago

The Black Friar Pub in London.

I love the weird juxtaposition of elements. The wedge-shaped Art Nouveau landmark stands alone, surrounded by stark geometric forms from the postwar period.

I use two grades of graphite pencils, an HB and a 3B. I sharpened the soft pencil into a chisel tip, which helps with the treatment of the window details.

#urbansketchers #urbansketching #pleinair #pencil

TQ 🌌
6 months ago

I'm making progress! The first 5 paintings are online, all from the "Nordseeland" series. Like the two attached here!
If you like, take a look:
#mastoArt #CreativeToots #landscapePainting #PleinAir

"Nordseeland #8". A plein-air painting of a beach. Beige sand, bright blue sky and somehow, oddly, hot pink. There are gestural marks all over. The style is loose and bold.
"Nordseeland #6". Plein-air painting of a seaside landscape. It's a wild painting with lost of chaotic gestural marks. The colors are softer blues and beiges, mixed with lots of neon pink.
Catherine Grace Artist
6 months ago

Oil on linen panel, 6 x 8
This was from a photo I took on my trip to #France this summer. We rode bikes to Monet's garden at Giverny from the train station in Vernon and took a little detour so I could photograph this for a future painting. Someday I hope to go back and paint #pleinair

Hovering Mill along the Seine River near Vernon, France
Hovering Mill on the Seine River near Vernon France
James Gurney
6 months ago

Homestead in the desert. The sign says: "No Trespassing Until Further Notice."
#pleinair #gouache #gouachepainting #pleinairpainting #landscapepainting

Desert landscape with two structures, a red truck, and a weathervane.

If anybody here wants to see my art experiments but needs to keep boosts from my RL account turned off, feel free to follow @generallyCobalt instead. I'm gonna try and boost those posts from here so that people can keep good control over how much of a Fedi firehose comes with following me.

Tags for stuff I do, stuck at the end of the post to avoid straining screen readers:

#watercolor #watercolour #urbanSketching #pleinAir #watercolorArt #curatorPrompts

7 months ago
A digital painting of a white car in the carport of a pink apartment building
A digital painting of a red Porsche parked outside of a garage on a rainy day
A digital painting of an old abandoned building covered in graffiti on by a waterfront. A rusty chain link fence is in the foreground.
A digital painting of San Francisco Victorian buildings. A Black Lives Matter sign is visible in the window.
7 months ago

March Fav 4. For those that don't know me, I paint quite a bit. Definitely slowing down these days, but still doing multiple a week. It's not a race, but I love problem solving and observing. First painting is an oil of lemons (one of my favorite subjects). Second is gouache cherry blossoms. Third Sunflowers in copper kettle. Fourth is a regular everyday kitchen scene. #OilPainting #gouache #PleinAir #stilllife #painting #art #MastoArt #Landscape #Artist