Vikki :verified:
3 weeks ago

Day 9 of the #30DayMapChallenge was hexagons.

After an honestly pretty tiring day I opted to save some energy by recycling my day four data and plotting a hexbin map showing the worst affected areas for mass shootings in the US between January 1st and November 7th 2023. The worst area was the slot containing Chicago, with 42 incidents.

#DataScience #DataVisualization #Plotly #Python

Vikki :verified:
4 weeks ago

Day 6 of the #30DayMapChallenge ended up taking me a couple of days due to a lot of bugs, and producing a code file too big to be committed to GitHub without being zipped first...

The theme for day 6 was #Asia, and I decided to plot the provinces of Thailand according to how much tourist revenue they pull in.

As usual you can find all my code, data and the interactive version of the map on my challenge website at the link below.

(please note - this is quite a heavy duty map, so it will probably need a few seconds for the page to load)

#Python #Pandas #Plotly #Matplotlib #Geopandas #SQL #DataScience #DataVisualisation #GIS

Choropleth map of Thailand showing Bangkok with the most tourist revenue
Vikki :verified:
1 month ago

Running a little bit late to the party this year as I've been juggling some tough personal circumstances and a busy workload however I've decided to take part in the #30DayMapChallenge again this year, and this year I'll be sharing my maps both through Github and through a little website I built specifically for the project:

Day 1 had the theme of points, so having felt inspired by all the travel videos I've seen on Instagram lately, I thought I'd plot the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountains.

#Python #Plotly #HTML #CSS #MatPlotLib

Map of the North West USA and Canada showing points where the tallest peaks of the Rocky Mountains are situated.
Coding Gardener
1 month ago

Feels like a long week playing with #Plotly and failing - hate to give up on it, though I seem to have a talent for making things that don't quite work

Switched back to #ggplot and the Plotly wrapper with a couple of filters from crosstalk package

My brain hurts, but it's so addictive

At some point I'll invest more effort into learning #Javascript

Coding Gardener
1 month ago

After several days of map-making with #Plotly in #RStats, I managed to get different traces for the fill values, and a dropdown menu for each of the trace options...

But the values don't update correctly for each category selected. It seems to be a common problem.

Might have to resort to crosstalk and #ggplotly to do what I want.

Coding Gardener
1 month ago

Making a UK map in #plotly with #R would be so much easier if the UK features were available like the USA features.

Coding Gardener
1 month ago

Had an amazingly productive day discovering all the things I don't know about building interactive choropleth #maps with crosstalk in #RStats

Finally got something to work with #plotly but it wouldn't knit into an HTML file for pandoc reasons

There is a considerable absence of tutorials on this topic; if I figure it out I'll write my own

Elias Dabbas :verified:
2 months ago


sources for many projects, and the amount of data (and sources) is only going to increase. Sign up here if you’re interested, and get full details, or DM me for any questions you may have:

#DataScience #Python #SEO #DigitalMarketing #advertools #pandas #plotly

Elias Dabbas :verified:
2 months ago

Announcing a new cohort for my course:

Data Science with Python for SEO 🎉 🎉 🎉

🔵 Absolute beginners
🔵 Cohort starts October 30th
🔵 Make a leap in your data skills
🔵 Run, automate, and scale many SEO tasks with Python like crawling, analyzing XML sitemaps, text/keyword analysis
🔵 In depth intro to data manipulation and visualization skills
🔵 Get started with #advertools #pandas and #plotly
🔵 Make the transition from Excel to Python

Anand Philip
2 months ago

t-SNE of #embeddings of about 15k poems scraped from poetry foundation #DataViz #InfoViz with #Plotly

Coding Gardener
2 months ago

#Plotly works as expected in #SharePoint... Nice!

Elias Dabbas :verified:
2 months ago

Sharing the first version of an SEO audit and analysis template in #Python, #advertools, #pandas, #networkx, & #plotly

🔵 Notebook meant to be a starting point
🔵 Low code, highly customizable
🔵 Can be converted to an HTML file shareable, emailable
🔵 Interactively explore the elements you want
🔵 Expecting, hoping for suggestions, improvement (code and non-code)

Full video/explanation here (with link to the code and data):

#DataScience #DataVisualization #dashboard #SEO

Elias Dabbas :verified:
3 months ago

What's the minimum number of clicks needed to go from page A to page B?

Shortest Path Length

What pages B and C, D and F, ... ?
What about all pairs of pages in the whole site?

I'm working on a new chart to evaluate this. The image shows counts for a few websites, and how they're distributed.

Does this make sense?
How would you improve it?

#techseo #linkbuilding #SEO #DataVisualization #DataScience #Python #Plotly

Elias Dabbas :verified:
3 months ago

Happy to announce a new cohort for my course:

Data Science with Python for SEO 🎉 🎉 🎉

🔵 For absolute beginners
🔵 Run, automate, and scale many SEO tasks with Python like crawling, analyzing XML sitemaps, text/keyword analysis
🔵 Intro to data manipulation and visualization skills
🔵 Get started with #advertools #pandas and #plotly
🔵 Make the transition from #Excel to #Python
🔵 Online, live, cohort-based, interactive
🔵 Spans three days in one week

Sharon Machlis
4 months ago

How to add labels to your ggplot2 and plotly graphs in R: examples and code by Jānis Stūris

#rstats #ggplot #ggplot2 #plotly #DataViz #DataVis #R @rstats

6 bar charts with text on the labels. Several have the bars' numerical values printed above the bars. Others show the numbers at the top inside the bars, in the middle inside the bars, or at the bottom inside the bars. One chart is horizontal, the rest are vertical.
Gabrielle Schroeder
4 months ago

I’ve started experimenting with interactive #DataViz using #Plotly. Here’s a “map” of different foods that I made using plotly in #RStats. The foods are embedded in two dimensions using t-SNE. I also had fun trying out {tricolore} to make the ternary colormap.

The interactive version with food labels (+ calorie and macronutrient information for each food) is on my website:

A “map” of about 1500 different foods. Each point in the map is a type of food from the USDA food database, and nearby foods have similar calories and proportions of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and protein). The points create an approximately triangle shape, with high carb foods in the upper right corner, high protein foods by the middle left side, and  high fat foods on the bottom, left of centre. Points between these extremes correspond to foods with a mix of macronutrients. The macronutrient content is further encoded by colour (pink for protein, cyan for fats, and golden yellow for carbs), with intermediate colours indicating a mix of macronutrients. Point size indicates the amount of calories per 100 g, with larger points corresponding to higher calorie foods.
Elias Dabbas :verified:
4 months ago


Happy to announce my course:

Data Science with Python for SEO 🎉 🎉 🎉

🔵 For absolute beginners
🔵 Make a leap in your data skills
🔵 Run, automate, and scale many SEO tasks with Python like crawling, analyzing XML sitemaps, text/keyword analysis
🔵 In depth intro to data manipulation and visualization skills
🔵 Get started with #advertools #pandas and #plotly
🔵 Make the transition from Excel to Python
🔵 Online, live, cohort-based, interactive

Elias Dabbas :verified:
4 months ago

Styling tables with #adviz

New function/chart:

🔵 Style columns as text, category, bar, or heatmap
🔵 Set table title, width, height
🔵 Set relative column widths
🔵 Hover to see long text
🔵 HTML file
#DataScience #DataVisualization #Python #Plotly

4 months ago

ShinyProxy now supports Dash.jl apps (for a demo: and #Streamlit apps (for a demo:

Also, ShinyProxy’s mobile experience is improved, the support of admin users (next to admin groups) is added as well as passing of time zone information to your #datascience apps.

More information about the release:

#opensource #plotly #rstats #python #kubernetes

ShinyProxy 3.0.2 with logos of Dash by Plotly, Julia and Streamlit
5 months ago

Unveiling a detailed walkthrough on visualizing #SQL queries with Plotly, a versatile #visualization library, using the #Ploomber package in our latest blog post.

Gain insights into the process from ground zero- starting with package installation, #data loading, creating, and loading tables onto a Python-SQL Jupyter Notebook, to the grand finale - visualizing data via various plots.

🔗 Google Colab:

🔗 JupyterBook:

#DataVisualization #Plotly

Elias Dabbas :verified:
5 months ago

First steps at visualizing tables in a clear and (hopefully) beautiful way.

Get/edit the code here:

#DataScience #DataVisualization #Plotly #Barchart #Heatmap #Python

Need to deal with a "%" symbol in your #Pandas input data file? Or need to scale your y-axis? Here's a demo #Jupyter notebook which shows you how, with links to open it in #Colab and #Callysto. #Python #Plotly

5 months ago

The importance of data storytelling is growing in today's data-driven environment, and we have just the toolset to help you become top-tier data narrators - #SQL, #Seaborn, #Plotly, and #Matplotlib!

Learn more:

#DataScience #SQL #DataVisualization #Python

For those trying (and failing like me) to set the background of a #plotly choropleth map with the `plot_bgcolor` property of a template object, set the `geo_bgcolor` instead.

The former is overwritten by the later. 😑It's obvious now but that's 2 hours I can't get back...

#python #tips

Pedro J. Aphalo
5 months ago

#rstats package #ggpmisc version 0.5.3 is now on CRAN. 'ggpmisc' is now fully compatible with #gganimate and partly compatible with #plotly. A gallery of animated ggplots with code ( is now online. (

Scatterplot animated to alternate between two data sets.

The Plotly Dash docs are actually really nice! It's not often you find documentation that goes beyond listing function calls but also explaining the "why" and proactively describing some potential pitfalls along the way. I'm very pleased and can't believe I haven't tried Dash until now!


#python #dash #plotly #docs

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
5 months ago

@chrisremmel excellent point. To be honest, #plotly was what I initially considered, but I was open to other new alternatives. Your comment about being diffieto customise is the type of feedback I was expecting, because it is difficult to see from the documentation

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
5 months ago

Probably this is one of those questions that could be better done using a poll:

> Hi #python users. Which data visualisation library would you recommend to an #rstats user who loves #ggplot2 customisations (and #plotly for interactive plots)? I'm looking for something very customisable to produce interactive #dataviz.

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
5 months ago

Hi #python users. Which data visualisation library would you recommend to an #rstats user who loves #ggplot2 customisations (and #plotly for interactive plots)? I'm looking for something very customisable to produce interactive #dataviz. Should I go for #altair #bokeh #plotly #seaborn or none of them?

Madison Python
6 months ago

This Thursday, join us for a workshop on visualizing data with #python, #streamlit, and #plotly. We'll have facilitators from the University of #Wisconsin #DataScience Hub lead us in a participatory workshop, building and customizing a demo app deployed onto the cloud. Bring your laptop!

Meeting at the #Madison library central branch. (No pizza this time. Sorry!)

6 months ago

The root problem was #plotly plots not appearing in #jupyter lab. Before going down rabbit holes I thought I’d try the classic notebook first. Plots appeared without an issue. Sorry jupyterlab, you’ve been trying hard for a long time, but you’ve done everything right to make me dislike you.

Jonathan Carroll
6 months ago

I spent a bit too long trying to figure out how to determine which plot I clicked on in #rstats #shiny #plotly so to save the next person some trouble, here's a writeup

7 months ago

First post here on Mastodon!
Wanted to share some updates on my #godotengine addon here too!
Easy Charts is a plotting and data visualization library inspired by some of the major libraries (matplotlib, plotly) and frameworks for @godotengine 3 and 4.
Feel free to use it and contribute.

#opensource #plotly #matplotlib #ui

Jörg Kantel
7 months ago

Neue Werkzeuge: P5, Jupyter und mehr online

Nicht nur ich bewege mich wieder zurück und weg von den reinen statischen Seiten vom Desktop ins Web. Das Neue daran ist, daß die neuen Werkzeuge (meist) ohne dedizierten Server auskommen. Der dynamische Content wird per JavaScript im Client (das ist in der Regel der Browser) erstellt. Ein paar Beispiele, die mir in den letzten Tagen untergekommen sind: #P5 #Processing #Plotly #JupyterLite #Docsify #Markdown #Quarto

Madison Python
7 months ago

Announcing our June meetup!

Join us for a workshop led by our colleagues at the UW Data Science Hub. Bring your laptop & dive in on #visualization, #plotly, and #streamlit in #python. We're meeting in the downtown #Madison library. Please join us! (Still working on identifying a sponsor for pizza. Reach out if you or your company are interested in helping us out.)

Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH
7 months ago

This is part 5 and the final part in this series. Please enjoy, steal the code and modify for yoruself!

• Choose between entering your own data or selecting from one of several built-in functions

• Select the type of plot you want to see (density, quantile, probability, QQ, or MCMC)

• Choose to use Plotly for interactive visualizations


#r #rstats #opensource #shiny #tidydensity #ggplot2 #ggplot #plotly #dt #innovation #technology #distributions

Warrick Ball
8 months ago

I hope to write more about some details another time but in short, several lines of thought have recently converged on the notion that #Quarto looks like an excellent tool for creating #OER.

It hasn't taken me long to start experimenting with this great Tufte-style template. I even added interactive plots with #Plotly in HTML and equivalent static plots in PDF!

After working with #python #plotly #dash for a few days, I'm annoyed.

It makes really cool "hello world" examples. Anything larger is extremely bulky.

It's a state-less web thing, so I need redis/whatever-the-fuck/massive time/net hits just to, like, *store information in variables*.

Except there are no non-toy examples of this. Does anyone outside of medium articles use this thing?

OK, it begins to make sense. These things just return back dictionaries. Probably to hand to the #plotly #javascript engine that actually displays in the browser.

As a bonus, if #dash can do grids of text as well as it seems to do plots, I might be able to ditch a work frenemy. And there's no reason it shouldn't--it's just #flask


Is there a simple explainer for #dash vs #plotly vs plotly express? (I already read the confusing half-truths Google finds)

In particular, why is it easy to find "hello world" graphs from dash, but impossible to find a 3d one other than plotly express?

And what am I getting into dependency-wise if I start using this thing? I don't *want* pandas.


I just discovered this #rstats package called plotly with which you can plot interactive 3D plots in ggplot2 aesthetics:
#ggplot2 #plotly

Thomas Feliciani
9 months ago

#GameOfLife, again, this time with an 8-glider synthesis of the Gosper glider gun.
Z-axis shows time, from the starting configuration with 8 gliders (bottom) to the first three new gliders running off (top).

Rendering is done in #rstat via rgl, which for some applications seems to be easier to work with than #plotly (which I previously used).

Thanks to @jkanev & @mrdk for suggesting the idea!

#CellularAutomata #generative

This is a 3D plot rotating 360 degrees in a looping animation. It shows 130 iterations of Game of Life, with time shown on the Z-axis. This Game of Life starts with 8 gliders that come together to create Gosper glider gun. The glider gun emits a new glider every 30 iterations. Visualized in this 3D plot, the Gosper glider gun synthesis looks like some sort of scaffolding with three arms extending diagonally from the center of the scaffold into the sky (the three gliders running off to infinity).
Thomas Feliciani
10 months ago

2D #CellularAutomata: #GameOfLife.

The Z-axis shows time, from the starting configuration at the base (an R-pentomino) up to generation t=1200 at the top.

You can see some gliders running off by t=200. By t=1103, near the top, all activity has ceased, and we are left with a few "blinkers" and "still lifes": these appear as vertical lines because they don't move anymore as time passes.

#generative #rstats #plotly (and wishing for a 3D update of #ggplot2)

A 3D visualization of the evolution of an R-pentomino in Conway's Game of Life.
The emerging structures are shown to branch off the origin in an organic manner; to give a sense of "depth" in the plot, the tree-like structure is rotated in this looping gif.

@blub as I trained as an architect and sometimes I teach architects I'm always looking into learning #QGIS, thinking about how to write plug-ins, but failing to put the necessary hours into it :-S

Maybe something that works on #Jupyter like #Plotly will have to do.

I wish I had just a little bit more low level knowledge so I could integrate it in sketches outside Jupyter, like I used to do with unfolding on Processing. It is such a thin line to walk these things I'm wishing... I want control but not too complex and hard low level stuff... I'm sure I have a lot to learn before I can teach any of it.

11 months ago

This week's #TidyTuesday data is from FeederWatch, a citizen science program that asks participants to identify and count the birds that visit the area around their home.


#RStats #DataViz #R4DS #RSpatial #Plotly #MapPromptMonday

A map of USA where the yellow dots represent the daejun bird species sighting. Maximum birds were sighted over Pennsylvania.
Jisell Howe
11 months ago

🤖 I finally tried ChatGPT after some hesitation.

Here are my takeaways (so far):
1️⃣ Asking good questions is important.
2️⃣ Learning is still a rewarding journey.
3️⃣ Creativity is not automated; it’s enhanced.
4️⃣ “Output” is not the be all end all.
5️⃣ You can draw a line, or you can be open to adding any tool to the toolbox.

Blog Post & Data Viz ▶

#ChatGPT #DataVisualization #DataViz #dataviz #RStats #Plotly #Python #Coding #Learning #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

Colin Cowie
11 months ago

I wrote a blog on using #ChatGPT to visualize #ransomware leak site data!


This was fun to work on :blobcatnerd:​

#threatintel #CTI #ThreatIntelligence #plotly

Heatmap of Ransomware leaksite posting over the past year
Bar graph of Ransomware leaksite posting over the past year
Scatter graph of Ransomware leaksite posting over the past year
Thomas Sandmann
11 months ago

Today I learned how to create an interactive HTML report for gene-set enrichment analysis in R. It allows readers to examine set-level results & drill down into the underlying gene-level statistics interactively.
It's a static HTML page, e.g. no server (#shiny, #dash, etc) needed. Thanks a lot to the authors of the #plotly #reactable #crosstalk and #htmlwidget tools for making this so easy #til #rstats #bioconductor #gsea #compbio #visualization @lianos

Four interactive elements showing the results of a gene-set enrichment analysis are shown: At the top, a volcano plot with mean trimmed log2 fold changes (x-axis) and nominal -log10 p-values (y-axis) for all gene sets. Below, a nested table with one row of statistics for each gene set. The second row is expanded, showing a volcano plot with gene-level results on the left, and a linked table with gene-level statistics on the right. Five points are selected in the volcano plot, subsetting the table to the selected genes.
11 months ago

Finally managed to plot a trajectory on a 3D surface with Plotly.NET. That took a bit more work than expected! Wondering now how much effort it would take to draw a xmas tree that way ;) #fsharp #plotly

mathematical plot of a 3D surface with a path of points overlaid

plotly::ggplotly is FANTASTIC. Who could have believed transforming a plot from a png to an interactive widget could have this simple!

Revamped the whole project within a few hours:

#rstats #plotly #ggplot2

1 year ago

@brandewinder this was awesome Matthias. Beautiful demo of the #plotly charting features in #fsharp , numerical differentiation and a fun Xmas themed operations challenge. Now can you get local #sf government to adopt any of these optimization techniques.

Jason Weatherly
1 year ago

You cannot stop my graphs...however, this took far, far longer than I care to admit. #plotly #flask

A plotly graph displaying response times from a MongoDB on a webpage.
Noah Liebman
1 year ago

@twbrandt Yeah, makes sense. It’s not a huge deal to use d3, and might end up going that route anyway, but mostly just need quick graphs like you’d find in a math text. I’m lazy and don’t want to have to configure axes and stuff. I think I’m gonna poke around with #Plotly. Uses D3 under the hood, but seems to take care of a lot of the boilerplate.

graph of a sine wave with axes and major and minor grid lines
Mark Crowley
1 year ago

this is surprising, is there no rabbid #plotly or #bokeh fanbase? Are you really gonna let crusty old #matplotlib win? Or is it really, even after all this time, actually good enough?

Sebastian Lammers
1 year ago


Thanks for that suggestion. Never encountered #dygraphs before. Do you know how it compares to similar projects like #plotly or #vega or even observables #plot..?

heise+ | Web-Diagramme mit Python und Plotly erzeugen

Interaktive Diagramme fürs Web sind die Spezialität von Plotly. Das Framework dient Python-Programmierern als leistungsfähiges Werkzeug.
Web-Diagramme mit Python und Plotly erzeugen
Wer sich für das Erstellen interaktiver Dashbords zur Datenanalyse und -visualisierung mit Python interessiert, findet im No-Starch-Buch vielfältige Anregungen.
Buchbesprechung: Python Dash – interaktive Datenanalyse und -visualisierung
heise+ | scikit-learn, numpy und plotly: Einführung in Machine Learning mit Python

Wir zeigen an Beispieldaten, wie man ein Machine-Learning-Projekt in Python umsetzt. So kann etwa ein Programm sehr genau die Unterart einer Pflanze bestimmen.
scikit-learn, numpy und plotly: Einführung in Machine Learning mit Python
Bastien Guerry
3 years ago

Rendez-vous demain à 11h pour un atelier #BlueHats 🧢 pour découvrir les usages du framework #Dash #plotly ( dans plusieurs administrations.

Nous vous attendrons sur 🙏

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Wer in einem achtstündigen Online-Kurs praxisnah alles rund um das Thema Datenvisualisierung lernen möchte, kann für kurze Zeit 50 Prozent sparen. heise-Academy-Kurs: Jetzt Rabatt für "Datenvisualisierung mit Python" sichern!
Burkhard Maria Zimmermann
3 years ago

🤖 meep moop


#python3 #plotly #rollthedice

Burkhard Maria Zimmermann
3 years ago

I just rolled a die a hundred thousand times

How's your Saturday going


#python #plotly #datavisualization

heise-Angebot: Datenvisualisierung mit Python: Das XXL-Webinar von Heise

Am 12. April lernen Interessierte, wie Datenvisualisierung mit Python funktioniert. Wer gleich die komplette Webinar-Serie bucht, spart ordentlich Geld.
Datenvisualisierung mit Python: Das XXL-Webinar von Heise