11 minutes ago

Ich habe dem Podcast Cover für "Teetied mit Andy und Uke" ein Update verpasst. Da die beiden gern immer mit individuellen Artworks für die einzelnen Folgen gespielt haben, habe ich ein modifizierbares Cover in drei transparenten Versionen geliefert.


#teetied #andystrauß #ukebosse #rbtv #rocketbeans #podcast #artwork #mastoart #characterdesign

Podcasts and Vodcasts
12 minutes ago

Kein Extremismus im Klassenzimmer - Vom Umgang mit radikalen Gedanken #Wissen,Jugendliche,Methoden,Radikale,Erziehung,Eltern #SWR2WissenVodcast #podcast #bot Jugendliche müssen lernen, die perfiden Methoden der Radikalen zu entlarven. Erwachsene sollten ihrerseits Position beziehen - in der Erziehung, in Diskussionen, auf der Straße.

Podcasts and Vodcasts
13 minutes ago

Pawel Mordel (POL): Polenwitze, Yale & After School Hustle by Frank Joung (hauseins) #halbekatofflVodcast #podcast #bot Pawel Mordel kommt 1983 in Lublin, Polen, auf die Welt. Bei Halbe Katoffl erzählt er, wie ihn seine Jugendzeit in einer Berliner Plattenbausiedlung prägte, was er in Yale gelernt hat und warum sein Projekt "After School Hustle" seine biografischen Lebenswelten perfekt vereint.

01:30 Passkontrolle
03:00 Klischee-Check
07:50 Familie…

Podcasts and Vodcasts
14 minutes ago

Episode #40- Was There a Real Atlantis? (Part III) by #TalkRadio #OurFakeHistoryPodcast #podcast #bot In the world of Atlantis research there are many who believe that ruins of the lost city can, and will, be found. By carefully considering the details in Plato's dialogues some researchers believe that fabled sunken city can be accurately located. Is there anything to the many theories about Atlantis' real loca…

Podcasts and Vodcasts
15 minutes ago

Skeptoid #41: The Alien Invasion of Phoenix, Arizona by Brian Dunning #phoenixlights #lightsoverphoenix #ufo #dilletoso #SkeptoidPodcast #podcast #bot Despite what many UFOlogists want, the famous Phoenix Lights were not alien spacecraft.

Podcasts and Vodcasts
16 minutes ago

The Skeptics Guide #43 - May 17 2006 #SkepticsGuideUniversePodcast #podcast #bot Interview with Ray Hyman; News: Bosnian Pyramid update, Mormon cult leader hits FBI list; E-mail: Paranormal mysteries, Science education, Scientology super powers; Name that logical fallacy; Science or fiction

28 minutes ago

The latest Otaku in Review #podcast is live!

Episode 249 - An Apple and a Toilet Walk Into an Isekai

I reach into the very darkest world of Isekai, Shannon buys a piece of her childhood, and Scott is mad about Star Trek.

You can also find us on most podcast streaming platforms!

@ScottSpaziani @PerfectSerenad3


#anime #Otaku #OtakuinReview #StarTrek #SailorMoon

I was interviewed on the #BeatSeeker #podcast about #music, #piracy, #copyright, #AI, #P2P, #streaming, and related stuff. Good conversation with smart folks. Check it out here:

🎙️ ✨ A new episode has been published on @ITSPmagazine

Show: Audio Signals With @Marcociappelli and @seanmartin 
Episode: A Conversation About Podcasting with The Shared Security Show Podcast Host

Guest: Tom Eston @agent0x0

Podcast format: Video & Audio

Enjoy, share, and subscribe! 😬

📻 👉

📺 👉

#cybersecurity #podcasting #podcast #video #tech #technology #infosec #infosecurity

40 minutes ago

Promo still for my upcoming Podcast/Youtube series "ORANGE you glad?" #aiArt #midjourney #podcast #oranges

AI image of an old woman dressed in black sitting at a table that is filled with oranges.  Around her are nondescript camera type objects.
45 minutes ago

Geektown Radio 375: ‘You & Me’, ‘Challenge Anneka’, ‘The Crown’, ‘Unforgotten’ Reviews, TV News & UK Air Dates!

We are back with a new episode of the Geektown Radio podcast, and I'm joined by our "film reviewer" Gray in the co-host chair to chat through and review the week on UK TV, film and gaming, alongsi

#MovieNews #Podcast #TVNews

Adriana Villela
48 minutes ago

Don't forget to check out this week's episode, and subscribe for more awesome chats with awesome folks!

#podcast #podcasting #techpodcast #devrellife #ocmmpodcast #peacelovecode

Roll Britannia
1 hour ago

Don't miss the next episode of Roll Britannia coming your way at 8am GMT. Make sure to catch up on all previous episodes before then. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #podcast #indiepodcast #ttrpg #dndpodcast #british

Annalee Newitz 🍜
1 hour ago

New podcast alert! Over at Slate Future Tense, the inimitable Maddie Stone is hosting a series about the science in fiction -- a combination of professionally-read short stories and interesting conversations with authors. The first episode drops this week, and it features my story "When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis". #podcast #scifi #science #futurism

Erik H. (ring2)
1 hour ago

Was ich auch cool finde: #friendica lässt mich einen Kalender für unseren #FCSP #Podcast pflegen...

How NOT To Make A Movie
1 hour ago

What happened when an American TV show took its act on the road - to England? Did everything "translate"?

Of course not! Call this episode "How NOT To Make A TV Series' Final Season".

#movie #movies #film #filmmaking #tvseries #podcast #England #London #horror #horrormovies #talesfromthecrypt

Three919 Studios
1 hour ago

#Podcast #bloopers #introduction

TBMS podcast (s3e1) Bloopers - March 2023

Three919 Studios
1 hour ago

#Podcast #music #funk #introduction

TBMS podcast (s3e1) Teaser - March 2023

Omar Moore
2 hours ago

🎙NEW EPISODE (Monday) - THE POLITICRAT daily #podcast Season 4, Episode 65: Civics And “Civility” (In The White House Press Briefing Room) #ApplePodcasts #BlackMastodon

Heute Abend Podcasten - wieder mal zu dritt. Das Tribünengespräch mit Unwahrscheinlichkeitsdrive. "Hürzi, wohin führst Du uns" - die #FCSP Call-in Show ;)

Pooly :mastodon:
2 hours ago

50 Jahre "The Dark Side of the Moon" - WDR5 Podcast.

#podcast #pinkfloyd

VGM Podcasts Bot
2 hours ago

barSILENCE: A VGM Podcast has a new episode!!

Ridge Racer: Time Extended

Find it at or wherever you get your podcasts!

#vgm #podcast #podcasts #gaming #videogames #games #music #bot

3 hours ago

John Shutt, Smart Contract Engineer at UMA, on Encrypted Messaging Systems, DAO Governance, and Off-Chain Voting Decisions | Ep. 214 - In an exclusive interview with, John Shutt, Smart Contract Engineer at UMA... - #podcast

3 hours ago

Welcome to the debut episode of the Thunderbird podcast, which we're affectionately calling the ThunderCast!

#Thunderbird #Podcast #OpenSource #Email #Mozilla

EPP Group
3 hours ago

In our latest #podcast, we welcomed MEPs @KubiliusA and @SeanKellyMEP and British security expert and writer @edwardlucas.

What are the consequences of #Brexit on the UK's response to Russia?

What's the future of EU-UK relations?

Tune in: 🎧


3 hours ago

Episode 24 of my podcast, ‘The Matt Kollock Show,’ is now live! It features a very vulnerable conversation with my sweetie, Annie Sanchez. Check it out! 🎙️🎙️

#Podcast #Podcaster #Podcasting #Conversation #Interview #Vulnerability #Creativity

3 hours ago

Hey Babes!

Die neue Folge @resonanzen ist raus!

Diesmal sprechen Karol @krlksmnt und ich über Macht.

Geht alle Macht vom Volke aus?

Was meint ihr?

#Resonanzen #Podcast #podcasting #Macht


RB Bijan Robinson (Texas) gives Pros, Cons and a Grade Score! 🔥


🎧 :

#NFL #FantasyFootball #Cover1 #Podcast #NFLTwitter #Football #NFLDraft

Jim Ambuske
3 hours ago

Today on The Green Tunnel Podcast, we bring you the story of an infamous crime along the (kinda) mid-point of the Appalachian Trail.

Get out your detective hats and listen now!

#podcast #lawandorder #history #hiking #americanhistory #publichistory #crime

Roll Britannia
3 hours ago

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then Keth still won’t know that there’s one on his head. Will it make our favourite ranger a sitting duck? Waddle he do now? Make sure that you have a quack at episode 95 of Roll Britannia! #DnD #Podcast #DnD5e

3 hours ago

Listening to The New Abnormal (Trump’s Arrest for Stormy Case Is ‘Beginning of the Fall’):

MSNBC legal analyst Katie Phang joins the show and gives co-host Danielle Moodie insight into why Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment against Trump for a Stormy Daniels case, and not Jan. 6, is the first one to catch up to him. She also shares why this indictment is the “beginning of the fall” and her prediction for what’s next, or in her words, the indictment that will really “break the dam.” Also on this episode, co-host Andy Levy predicts whether or not Trump will have a perp walk and surmises whether House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in love with Trump, or afraid of him. Plus! Jeff Sharlet, author of The Undertow: Scenes from a Slow Civil War, tells Andy what he learned while writing about the post-Trump world—like how right-wing grandmas have nasty things to say about Hillary Clinton—and why he doesn’t actually care about Trump like other Trump-era writers. Hosted on Acast. See for more information. #politics #podcast

3 hours ago

Listening to The PoliticsGirl Podcast (Hope for the Homeless: Big City Leadership with LA Mayor Karen Bass):

Today’s pod is a Candid Conversation with the Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass. On day one the newly elected mayor declared a State of Emergency in LA  to deal with the crisis of the unhoused, and 100 days in she’s tackling the problem with the urgency it deserves, and the heart and humility of a new kind of leader. So far the program, which is aligning every level of government, is truly making a difference, and if the second biggest city in America can pull it off, these are programs that can be rolled out across the country. Successful policies are contagious. Whether those are negative policies like abortion bans or trans bans, or positive programs like dealing with homelessness or expanded school lunch programs, once they’re working they can spread. That’s why it’s essential we put the right leaders, with the right values, in positions of power.  Guest social: Twitter: @MayorOfLA Insta: mayorofla Please RATE and SUBSCRIBE so we can grow the show, open the dialogue, and inspire change moving forward!   All show links here!:   Thank you to today’s sponsors! PromoCode: PoliticsGirl Learn more about your ad choices. Visit #politics #podcast

Roll Britannia
3 hours ago

Get ready for the brand-new episode of Roll Britannia! Don't miss out, catch up on all previous episodes now on your favorite podcast platform. Tune in at 8am GMT for the latest episode. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #podcast #indiepodcast

Zuri Berry
4 hours ago

In today’s #podcast episode from The Guardian, you get more skepticism than the NYT’s Daily on a potential #tiktok ban. Hard to justify a ban when Facebook and Twitter exist.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 hours ago

The episode where it's revealed that MajorLinux is a brilliant Fortnite tactician.

Tech Talk Thursdays Episode #83 (03/16/2023) by Tech Talk Thursdays

#Podcast #Gaming #Technology #Streaming

The Tech Talk Thursdays logo with the date (March 16, 2023).
heise online
4 hours ago

#heiseshow: Mehr Tech-News-Themen, mehr Unterhaltung und eine neue Uhrzeit

Die #heiseshow zieht auf eine neue Uhrzeit um. Doch damit nicht genug: Am Donnerstag ab 17 Uhr gibt es noch einige weitere Neuigkeiten.

#heiseshow #Podcast #news

Ongoing Box
4 hours ago

Cut Pathways
“Futures of Artificial Intelligence”

Listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts:

In this special episode, we hear from computer scientists about their hopes for the next ten, twenty, and fifty years of the field. Joseph Newcomer, Tom Mitchell, Manuela Veloso, José Moura, Roger Dannenberg, James Morris, Pamela McCorduck, and Alex Waibel—all well-known for their research in AI—discuss the potential of the field and the ethical, sociopolitical, and environmental impacts we may see in the coming years.

#artificialintelligence #podcast #machinelearning #oralhistory #listen #chatbot

Image: Pamela McCorduck, interviewed by Katherine Barbera

4 hours ago

I learned yesterday that @tentaclesofpentacles has not only been making the Oops All Apocalypses podcast, he has also been making the music for the podcast itself. That's amazing to me, but I also don't have a musical bone in my body.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out the podcast, you should. It's an actual play of the Apocalypse World system and it's tons of fun. #ttrpg #pbta #podcast #music

Sonar 105.3FM
4 hours ago

¡Guarda la fecha! La cuarta edición de Podcast Fest Latam llega con todo este 26 y 27 de abril, con conversaciones en formato digital y actividades en vivo desde el @centrogam.

Presenta @emisorpodcasting
Invitan @AmazonMusiccl y @Wonderymedia
#Podcast #Podcaster #PodcastFest2023

Team-Up Moves
5 hours ago

We’ve got a new episode today! We’re finishing up our run of @potatocubed’s See Issue X with a Back Matter episode.

We’re joined again by our guest for this run, the remarkable Connor Goldsmith of the Cerebro podcast.

In this episode we talked with Connor about his history with comics and RPGs, and then deep-dive into analyzing how See Issue X’s mechanisms tell superhero stories. And we end with some quality comic book recs!

Find us in your podcast places!

#TTRPG #podcast

The War on Cars
5 hours ago

A reminder that if you want ad-free versions of our regular episodes along with exclusive access to bonus content, please become a Patreon supporter of The War on Cars. It really does help us keep the podcast going and growing.

#TheWarOnCars #Patreon #podcast

5 hours ago

New Artificial Tango! “Visions from the Fire Caves” @cbryanjones and Matt Rushing discuss #StarTrekPicard S3 Episode 5, “Imposters,” the surprising appearance of an old friend, the evolving nature of the Changeling infiltration, how the core story relies heavily on #DS9, and share our theory for what is really happening with Jack. #StarTrek #podcast

C Bryan Jones
5 hours ago

New Artificial Tango! “Visions from the Fire Caves” Matt Rushing and I discuss #StarTrekPicard S3 Episode 5, “Imposters,” the surprising appearance of an old friend, the evolving nature of the Changeling infiltration, how the core story relies heavily on #DS9, and share our theory for what is really happening with Jack. #StarTrek #podcast

Flavien 🔻
6 hours ago

💫 Capturés par un livre, les trois protagonistes évoluent à l'intérieur de celui-ci alors que Trine leur donne des informations sur Sarek.

🎙️ #ListenToTheGame est un #podcast #Podcut.

6 hours ago

@frederic j'adore ce #podcast! :beetheart_eyes:

Marvin von Papen
7 hours ago

Am I to late to the docker-party? 🤨

If you want to listen to the history of Docker and what they plan to change... spoiler: Nothing good...

#docker #linux #podcast

Les Technos
7 hours ago
7 hours ago

Comme quoi, on peut avoir du pognon et en faire un truc bien/utile :

« C'est en Eure-et-Loir que Patrick Violas a créé ce lieu singulier destiné à tous les #animaux ayant subi des sévices, animaux de laboratoire, de cirque ou de trafic. Tous ont leur place à la Tanière ! » 😻

#Podcast #Antispécisme

metkcom 🏹
8 hours ago

Sinds zondag, via Podium Klassiek, ben ik bekend geraakt met de #muziek van Connie Converse (vooral One by One) maar ook met haar bizarre verhaal en verdwijning 😱 ...

#podcast #story

8 hours ago

Listening to The MeidasTouch Podcast (Trump ATTACKS MeidasTouch as Indictment Date Approaches):

On this episode of The MeidasTouch Podcast, we dive into the latest developments surrounding former President Donald Trump. With an expected indictment looming, Trump is on the offensive, riling up his supporters and even using the MeidasTouch platform to attack his rival Ron DeSantis. Meanwhile, House Republicans are trying to obstruct justice in the prosecutions against Trump, and the Fulton County investigation into the former president continues. We also cover Trump's attorney's meeting with federal prosecutors in Washington DC (along with his attorney’s attorney), a strange event held by Republicans in South Carolina, and more updates on this ongoing saga. New full-length episodes of the MeidasTouch Podcast featuring the brothers are released every Tuesday & Friday morning. The rest of the week, enjoy our short-form content we call ‘The Mighty.’ If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to rate, review and subscribe. DEALS FROM OUR SPONSORS: Henson Shaving: Visit to pick the razor for you and use code ‘LEGALAF’ for 2 years worth of free blades! AG1 by Athletic Greens: Visit and get a free year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs with your order.   Remember to subscribe to ALL the Meidas Media Podcasts: MeidasTouch: Legal AF: The PoliticsGirl Podcast: The Influence Continuum: Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: The Weekend Show: The Tony Michaels Podcast: American Psyop: Majority 54: Political Beatdown: Lights On with Jessica Denson: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit #politics #podcast

Roll Britannia
8 hours ago

A massive thank you to our amazing #Patreon supporters who all helped to make this week's episode possible!

If you want to support Roll Britannia, check out our @Patreon here

#dnd #dnd5e #dungeonsanddragons #podcast

Dr Annetta Mallon
8 hours ago

Curious about home funerals and green burial in Australia? I talk with Sarah Crews on her podcast A Path Home - part of the National Home Funeral Alliance in the USA - about what's new, what's hoped for, and what's important in a home funearl.

Listen on your usual podcast provider or click here:

#GDEP #AskAnnetta #podcast #HomeFuneral #GreenBurial #NaturalBurial #EndOfLife

A variegated blue and purple background with a stylised house outline with leaves and flowers in white. Text at the bottom of the image reads "A Path Home. A National Home Funeral Alliance Podcast"
Frau Nora 🦋
11 hours ago

Im "Haken dran" #Podcast wurde die Funktion "Notify me" vorgestellt und gefragt, wer das braucht, eine Notification, wenn ein Tweet zitiert wird. Nach meiner Erfahrung ist das eine essentielle Funktion, wenn man Shitstorms monitoren möchte oder muss. Denn so bekommt man mit, in welche Communities ein Tweet reingetwittert wird und kann womöglich früh reagieren. Oft werden ja so Personen geflagged.
Oder hab ich die Funktion falsch verstanden? Gab's das nicht eh schon?
@gavinkarlmeier @dennishorn

hpkomic 👻
12 hours ago

If you want to shitpost with me or talk #comics, #film, #books, or more to the point, weird shit, I hang out more or less exclusively on the @supernatpod #discord and even have my own room for @cosmicdash and @rgbots. We have a few areas focused on the #podcast and such, but a lot of fun general chat areas and chill vibes.

Feel free to drop in:

VGM Podcasts Bot
13 hours ago

Game That Tune has a new episode!!

Bonus Episode: Instruments of Destruction Mixtape!

Find it at or wherever you get your podcasts!

#vgm #podcast #podcasts #gaming #videogames #games #music #bot

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
14 hours ago ⚡️🇬🇧Xi visits Moscow and Putin is heckled in occupied Mariupol | Ukraine: The Latest (The Telegraph News VIDEO Podcast) #Ukraine #Podcast #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

Michael Rowe
16 hours ago

So excited to hear my question on one of my favorite podcasts thank you #upgrade #podcast

The Conversation U.S.
18 hours ago

20 years later, Iraqis are telling their stories of conflict and trauma as they move towards healing

🎧The latest podcast of The Conversation Weekly examines the impact of the Iraq War on the lives of Iraqis.

Listen here:

#podcast #Iraq #news #iraqwar

Auschwitz Memorial
21 hours ago

The Auschwitz II-Birkenau gas chambers and crematoria never became targets for Allied bombing.

Listen to our podcast in which Dr. Piotr Setkiewicz from the Auschwitz Museum Research Center who talks about the issue of bombing the camp.

#Auschwitz #history #allies #bombardment #podcast #boms #education #Holocaust #Jews #Shoah #ww2 #war

The aerial photo of Auschwitz II-Birkenau from 13 September 1944. Bombs that targeted a nearby chemical plant visible in top right corner.
21 hours ago

Die @Batgirlkiel und ich haben mal wieder gepodcastet ☺️ ich durfte etwas über das #Melodifestivalen sprechen und über das #FestivalDaCancao schwärmen. Daniela hatte es schockierender weise nicht gesehen 😱 ... hört mal rein 🎧 #Eurovision #Podcast

23 hours ago

Oh, das ist schon eine Ehre: X-Raym, absolutes #REAPER Urgestein, hat unser Projekt sehr wohlwollend auf #realinks gefeatured:

#podcast #daw #cockosreaper

Anja Lorenz
23 hours ago

🎙️ Staatsbürgerkunde: Freiräume

über #Punk sein in der #DDR.


#podcast @staatsbuergerkunde

The War on Cars
1 day ago

Big episode coming tomorrow! Follow us wherever you listen to your podcasts to get it when it's available.

Remember that Patreon subscribers get ad-free versions of all new episodes.

#TheWarOnCars #podcast

FlipScreen Games
1 day ago

We're recording the FlipScreen Games #Podcast today and will be talking #DiabloIV beta impressions, #gaming remakes, and more…

Send us your questions!

crossgolf_rebel on Calckey
1 day ago

Gerade wo wieder so viel #NeuHier im Fediverse aufschlagen.

Denkt bitte daran, das
#Fediverse ist nicht gleich #Mastodon sondern Mastodon ist nur einer von ganz vielen verschiedenen Diensten im Netzwerk.

All das, was Mastodon kann, kann auch jeder andere Dienst. Meist noch mit mehr Features als Mastodon. Seien es mehr Zeichen, längere Umfragen, Chat usw. (auch DrüKo wie immer wieder verlangt wird
🤮 wobei wir hier super ohne auskommen, aber das werdet ihr auch noch lernen wie entpannend das sein kann).
#Pleroma #Misskey #Calckey #Akkoma #Friendica #Hubzilla

Zudem hat das Fediverse auch noch spezielle Dienste wie
#Pixelfed, das ähnlich wie Instagras oder TikTak ist (ja, es gehen auch kurze Videos dort).
Aber auch Audioinhalte kann man hier nutzen bei
#Funkwhale oder #Castropod für #Podcast.
Videodienst ala
Bücher besprechen mit
#Bookwyrm usw.

Für all das braucht ihr als Konsument, nur einen Account und könnt auf allen anderen Diensten Kanälen oder Menschen folgen, liken und auch kommentieren.

Einen kleinen Überblick bietet euch diese Sammlung an Beiträgen:

Macht euch schlau und schaut euch andere Dienste an, wenn ihr mit irgend etwas nicht zufrieden seid. Im Fediverse gibt es für jede/n den richtigen Dienst.

Gesendet für euch vom Dienst Calckey und wenn ihr neugierig seid, schaut euch den hashtag
#calckey_experience an, denn ich schreibe und mache Videos, was ich hier auf diesem Dienst kennenlerne

This week on my #podcast, I read my recent @medium column, "#GigWork Is the Opposite of #Steampunk," about the worst-of-all-worlds created by #bossware, where an app is your boss, and you live at work because your home and/or car is a branch office of the factory:


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


A woodcut of a weaver's loft, where a woman works at a hand-loom. Out of the window opposite her looms the glowing, menacing red eye of HAL 9000 from Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey.' On the wall behind her is the poster from Magpie Killjoy's 'Steampunk Magazine' that reads, 'Love the machine, hate the factory.'

Cryteria (modified)

CC BY 3.0
Andy Piper
1 day ago

If you didn't know that I co-host a weekly #podcast we just posted episode 409 of @gamesatwork_biz with lots of chat about GPT, metaverses existing / old, and current, and light sabers!

W. Keith Tims :podcast:
1 day ago

I'm humbled and grateful to all those who have supported The Book of Constellations and voted my show one of the "Best Existing Story-Based Production" in the Audio Verse Awards.

Thank you so much!

#AudioFiction #AudioFictionPodcast #podcast #podcasts #AudioDrama #AudioDramaSunday #awards2022 #sciencefiction #sff #scifi #hopepunk #alien #indie #audioverseawards #writing #writingcommunity

A splash screen for an award. It reads "Audio Verse Awards 2022, Est. 2013. Winner. Best Existing Story-Based Production. The Book of Constellations."
1 day ago

Was really pleased to hear @Paulatics on the CanadaLand #Podcast on this morning's run talking about her work against Bill C-11.

Eberhard Wolff
1 day ago
Eva Amsen
1 day ago

For BiteSize Bio I've been hosting the Cryo-Talk #podcast, in which I interview researchers working with #cryoEM
The first episode of season 2 went up last week so this is good time to catch up. #science

1 day ago

Shirley Page war eine Angestellte bei Kodak und zierte die von Kodak verschickten Normaufnahmen mit deren Hilfe Entwicklerlabore ihre Geräte und Prozesse ausrichteten.
#fotogeschichte #podcast

1 day ago

Guten Morgen - wie wäre es mit einer neuen #Podcast Episode zum Thema #Eurovision? Da habe ich was für Euch #ESC

Cogwheel Gaming
1 day ago

Cause & Effect Ep 21: Burning Man

#Podcast #TabletopRPGs #CauseandEffect #DnD #DungeonsandDragons #TTRPG

The burning zombies need dealing with after they've been ... dealt with. And then there's the matter of what's controlling them.

Follow this series on…


Jeri Dansky
2 days ago

I listened to this #podcast with @neilhimself last night. It did *not* put me to sleep, but it did make me literally LOL a couple times. Thoroughly enjoyable, even though I don't care the slightest about water kefir grains!

"Neil Gaiman is perhaps least-known for his interest in SCOBY-s. ... When the world was in lockdown at the start of the pandemic, Neil was alone on the Isle of Skye mastering the art of making sourdough #bread and #bagels."

2 days ago

#Podcast type of Sunday. I'll share as many as videos on the web since everyone listens to podcasts on different apps.

First up, We Met at Acme, with artist and author Timothy Goodman (who I mention in my book), which gets a lot into therapy, relationships, vulnerability, and what media we take in.

Mark Beekhuis
2 days ago

Ontluisterend. Zelfs als je het meeste eigenlijk al wel wist

Shock and War: Iraq 20 Years On

Why did the US and UK really go to war in Iraq? And what is the legacy?

#podcast #luistertip

Podcast-logo van BBC Shock and War

Latest #3CR #podcast Tina McCarthy #WheelWomenRide: designing inclusive bicycle infrastructure, creating rides for women, skills, confidence, future goals, #WestGateTunnel #veloway, personal safety in public space & improving city design

#cycling #Melbourne #naarm

Collin Donnell
3 days ago

I’ve managed to get my little #podcast recording booth sounding acoustically dead. I still have to experiment to make sure there is no weird stuff going on at lower frequencies that will make things sound weird, but I’m optimistic.

Priscilla Stuckey
3 days ago

For me, when I learned I was autistic, it finally all made sense. I'm fitting the pieces together with a VERY late in life diagnosis.

Here's the audio version of an interview that autistic art therapist Jackie Schuld did with me, in her series of interviews with late-identified autistic folks.

#ActuallyAutistic #masking #autism #relationships #perception #knowing #AutisticMind #values #empathy #podcast #writing @actuallyautistic

3 days ago

Possible hot take: If your #Podcast requires a specific app to listen to it and doesn't have an RSS feed, it *isn’t* a podcast, it's a promotional tool for the app.

… and I won't install the app and listen to the show as it won't show up in the podcast player.

4 days ago

New podcast episode has just been published and I go in depth discussing moving into my new home and issues I have been having in my career and making the next moves in my life. greatly appreciate your support! :) #podcast #atlanta #lifestyle #fediverse #blackpodcaster

Chris Enns
4 days ago

This #podcast episode of "It Shipped That Way" has a great conversation with @danieltiger and @apike about engineering culture at #Netflix, and developing for millions of users of your app. (* Full disclosure: I get to edit this show.*)

Robert Kingett
4 days ago

Now I can finally listen to this fiction podcast! Spotify lost another exclusive, which is good! It means you can listen to Quiet Part Loud on any podcast app of your choice. #Spotify #AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #Podcast #Podcasts

4 days ago
4 days ago

We're running a little late, but look for our upcoming podcast on B17 Flying Fortress real soon!

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Robert Kingett
4 days ago

If anybody is looking for any ActualPlay podcasts, which can sometimes sound like audio dramas, this directory is fantastic #ActualPlay #Podcast #Podcasts #AudioDrama

WPwatercooler Network
4 days ago

EP448 - Nothing is certain but CPTs & taxes

On this episode of WPwatercooler, @jasontucker @sereedmedia @boogah dive into the world of Custom Post Types and taxonomies.

From the popular CPTUI plugin we’ll explore the new Custom Post Types management feature recently added to ACF Pro. We may even get into user taxonomies!

Boosts 🚀 welcome!

Live #Stream Friday @
🕚 11am Pacific
🕑 2pm Eastern
🕖 6pm UTC

Watch video any time or as a #podcast

The End - Fiction Podcasts
4 days ago

Check out the 28th issue for links to listen, descriptions, artwork, emojis, and more at

New episodes of The End publish every Thursday. Subscribe at so you never miss an episode!

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The End - Fiction Podcasts
4 days ago

# New Seasons Coming Soon from Issue 28 #

• 👻😭🤠 Season 2 of HAUNTED: The Audio Drama, a Dramatized horror from Impala Films, starts on 16 Apr 2023 (16h 48m for S1)

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #AudioFiction #RadioTheater #RadioTheatre #podcast #FictionFriday

[cont. ⤵️]

Haunted cover
The End - Fiction Podcasts
4 days ago

# Season Finales from Issue 28 #

• 🌳💀👮 The Holland Case, Season 1 - Dramatized mystery from Kaitlynn Branco (1h 54m)

• 👦🤩⚔️ Lazarus Jones, Season 1 - Dramatized urban fantasy from The Big Dirty Monster (3h 56m)

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #AudioFiction #RadioTheater #RadioTheatre #podcast #FictionFriday

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The Holland Case cover
Lazarus Jones cover
The End - Fiction Podcasts
4 days ago

# Finished Series from Issue 28 #

• 🕵️‍♀️ 📻 🎙 Strange Air - Dramatized scifi mystery from Tony Martinez and Michael P. Greco (6h 09m)

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #AudioFiction #RadioTheater #RadioTheatre #podcast #FictionFriday

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Strange Air cover
The End - Fiction Podcasts
4 days ago

# Featured Audio Fiction from Issue 28 #

These are my personal recommendations for great-sounding audio fiction. As with all things in life, YMMV.

• 💛🧟‍♀️🖤 Hannahpocalypse, Season 1 - Dramatized horror comedy from Red Fathom Entertainment (6h 10m)

• 👧🏃‍♀️🐕 Iowa Chapman and the Last Dog - Dramatized scifi from Gen-Z Media (5h 37m)

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #AudioFiction #RadioTheater #RadioTheatre #podcast #FictionFriday

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Hannahpocalypse cover
Iowa Chapman and the Last Dog cover