Les comparto el nuevo episodio de mi #podcast llamado "Contrapensamientos". Ojalá les cope!
y Sai no more

Leonardo Fabián Sai
3 minutes ago

Les comparto el nuevo episodio de mi #podcast : "Contrapensamientos".
Espero les guste,
Sai no more

Leonardo Fabián Sai
5 minutes ago

Les comparto el nuevo capítulo de mi #podcast... Se llama "Contrapensamientos"

Jay Hannah
10 minutes ago

At 35m: Michigan will try a 15 year old as an adult and send them to prison. Years pass, that prisoner is an adult now, they still won't allow them to listen to Parental Guidance rated music. #podcast

Christopher (Podcast host)
11 minutes ago

Meant to post this days ago…
Coming soon to Time Shifters, TRANSCENDENCE (2014)

Has anyone seen this metaphysical sci-fi flick? Drop your comments below!
#Podcast #Podcasting #JohnnyDepp

Wiki of the Day
17 minutes ago

Today's episode of featured Wiki of the Day is on the article Abishabis.

Listen to the new episode here:

See our archives or subscribe here:

#Abishabis #podcast #wiki #Wikipedia

50 minutes ago

I have been listening to episode 333 of Media Indigena with Rick Harp. @KimTallBear , Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, features in the episodes I have heard so far.

Worth checking out.

#podcast #indigenous #FirstNations

2 hours ago

2024 is around the corner and I'm available for ttrpg APs and Podcasts! Hit me up! Let's tell awesome stories together!

Paid or unpaid. Guest or regular. Let's gooooo!

DMs open, email in bio.

#ttrpg #tabletop #dnd #dice #podcast #ap


Estoy aprendiendo en vivo pronto otra vez! Se me unen!? :) Estou em direto brevemente de novo! Unirme? :) #Multilanguage #Stream #Podcast #Tartamudez #learninglanguages #Babbel #Discord #autismo #psicología #aprenderjuntos #aprender

Marco Raaphorst
3 hours ago

Hoe Nancy Updike verhalen vertelt

Een analyse van haar kenmerkende stijl in vier vormen

#podcast #podpraat #storytelling #ThisAmericanLife

Brian Gettler
3 hours ago

I really enjoyed this - a carefully crafted meditation on faith, humanity, and modern society in the form of a horror serial.

#podcast #AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #AudioFiction #horror

3 hours ago
Le siège de Nicée est la première opération militaire de la Première Croisade menée contre l'armée d'un royaume musulman. Le siège de cette ville se déroule entre le 14 mai et le 19 juin 1097. Cette victoire des Croisés alliés aux Byzantins marque le début de la reconquête byzantin de l'Ouest de l'Asie Mineure.
Écoutez le #podcast du siège

📻 Exclusive interview with Professor Timothy Snyder, historian | Ukraine: The Latest

#Podcast #RussianInvasion #RussianWar #Ukraine

The End - Fiction Podcasts
4 hours ago

Lots of great fiction podcasts and other audio fiction shows are coming back with a new season next week.

Add this one to your queue for #AudioDramaSunday and get caught up before Season 2 of Armageddon Series, a dramatized fantasy series from Terry Tibke, starts on the 1st of December.

On a planet of feuding dragon tribes, a young dragonrider journeys to discover the secrets surrounding his country. Watch this episodic audiodrama, with its charming innocence and skilled voice acting and sound crew, pump out RPG styled fantasy storytelling at its best.

• 1 season, 30 episodes currently available
• Listening time: 13h 40m

Listen to the trailer, find listening apps, get more info and more at:

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #AudioFicion #RadioTheater #RadioPlay #Audiobook #Podcast @AudioFiction

Gregory B Sadler
4 hours ago

Continuing on with Sadler's Lectures podcast episodes on Ursula K Leguin's second Earthsea novel, The Tombs of Atuan, here's one on the main character, Arha the young priestess of the Nameless Ones
#Leguin #Podcast #Earthsea #Fantasy #Religion #Character

Jim Lawless
4 hours ago

Rick Lundeen returns to the podcast to discuss "Wild Blue Yonder" ... the second #DoctorWho special. Beware that there are spoilers in this discussion.

#DoctorWho60 #podcast #podcasting

The End - Fiction Podcasts
5 hours ago

We’ve another suggestion for a great tale for #AudioFictionSunday this week, and it’s once again a favorite of our curator, @evoterra:

😱😢💀 • My next recommendation is Fulmar's Folly, a dramatized scifi series from Static Airwaves.

Tense post-apocalyptic drama set aboard the Cooper family’s small sailboat, Fulmar’s Folly.

Two years after civilisation has collapsed from a zombie like pandemic, the Coopers fight extreme pressures to survive against hostile survivors, the infected and the sea itself.

Each episode told from a different member of the families point of view - giving their personal and unique perspective on the events, past trauma, current fears and search for hope.

• 9 current episodes
• Listening time: 8h 34m
• Next season status: TBD

Listen to the trailer, find listening apps, get more info and more at:

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #AudioFicion #RadioTheater #RadioPlay #Audiobook #Podcast @AudioFiction

NYC Glue
5 hours ago

Listening to a #PersonPlaceThing #RandyCohen #podcast (while chopping up a pumpkin) with the daughter of #WalterChandoha who was famous for photographing cats. Lived for a while at Riverside Drive and 101st though this wikipedia article doesn't say that.

Randy interviewed his daughter who still lives on Riverside Drive (but not at 101)


The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
5 hours ago

#Rechtsmedizin - Dichtung und Wahrheit: Achtung, giftig! - Einblicke in die Forensische #Toxikologie

Wir begeben uns ins Labor und in die Asservatenkammer des Rechtsmedizinischen Instituts in #Frankfurt und schauen Dr. Silvana Petzel-Witt über die Schulter. Sie arbeitet in der Forensischen Toxikologie. Hier werden Proben von Organen, Urin, Blut und Haaren auf giftige Substanzen in Bezug auf strafrechtliche Fragestellungen untersucht, und tatverdächtige Personen be- oder auch entlastet. Dabei kann ein kleines Haarbüschel mehr über die Konsumgewohnheiten einer Person aussagen, als es in der Vergangenheit dem ein oder anderen bekannten Fußballtrainer lieb war. Mit Silvana sprechen wir über Nachweismethoden, und wie lang sich verschiedene Substanzen überhaupt nachweisen lassen. Zusammen klären wir, ob der perfekte Mord durch Insulin oder Kalium möglich ist, ob Frauen wirklich meist Giftmörderinnen...

Webseite der Episode:


5 hours ago

Covid, again! Host Brandon Starr discusses it. Episode 377 is available on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and #podcast #nonfiction

The CryptoBiography logo, a close-up of an old-fashioned key.
Jay Hannah
5 hours ago

At 35m: Stunned that you're not supposed to tell kids "it's not your fault" #podcast

Juha Keränen
5 hours ago

Juha ja Mats puhuvat SGH Podcastin kuudennessa jaksossa suomalaisesta klassikkopelistä, Pekka Kana 2 (2003).

#peli #podcast #tasohyppely

Mahara Portfolio Platform
6 hours ago

Terry Rhodes (AAC&U) highlights agency, integration, and enquiry as his 3 main words for #portfolio work. Listen to his interview for 'Create. Share. Engage.' in your #podcast app or at to find out why these are important to him.

Word cloud of the three words or short phrases that interviewees associate with portfolio work. The top ones are create, reflect, story, curate.
The End - Fiction Podcasts
6 hours ago

Word of mouth goes a long way in podcasting, and that’s what #AudioDramaSunday is all about! If you need something new in your ears this week, here’s a personal recommendation from our curator, @evoterra:

🇬🇧🧪⛈️ • My first recommendation is Everyone’s Happy, a dramatised scifi series from GravyTree Media.

• 8 current episodes
• Listening time: 4h 48m
• Next season status: Slated for Dec 2024

Listen to the trailer, find listening apps, get more info and more at:

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #AudioFicion #RadioTheater #RadioPlay #Audiobook #Podcast @AudioFiction

Watch and listen as we discuss our admiration for #gaming, #gadgets, and #technology both retro and modern with your host @jameswoodcock, the owner of Pixel Refresh. Our podcast features special guests from the industry, providing unique insights.

Co-hosted by @tonywarriner, one of the founders of point and click adventure creators Revolution Software best known for the Broken Sword series of games.

#retrogaming #retrocomputing #podcast

6 hours ago

Ik luister maar naar 1 #Podcast maar wat voor één 😎.
#nerdlandpodcast #nerdland @jbaert @nerdlandbe (en de rest kan ik hier nog niet taggen 😟).

Mijn favoriete podcast van 2023! #pocketcasts #playback2023

W. Keith Tims :podcast:
6 hours ago

There are a lot of great shows out there. I want to highlight some names that I don't see as often on this sub, and indie shows of all kinds. These are shows that feature Artificial Intelligence as a main theme or have an AI as a significant/main character. These shows also ask questions about A.I. and its role in humanity to various degrees. No ranking here, just 10 shows you might like:

#audiodrama #audiodramasunday #audiofiction #ai #scifi #sff #writingcommunity #indie #podcast

7 hours ago

My #podcast statistics for 2023 is here. Looks legit.

My top 5 podcast (apparently by number of episodes, not time spent listening).
The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
7 hours ago

#AlleZeitderWelt: #Faschismus -
Oswald Mosleys
"British Union of Fascists"

Heute werfen wir einen Blick nach #England und schauen uns die Lebensgeschichte von Sir Oswald Ernald #Mosley an, einem britischen Politiker, aristokratischen #Faschisten und Gründer der British Union of Fascists (#BUF).

Webseite der Episode:


7 hours ago

This week's episode of #ttrpg #ActualPlay #AlphaCentauri: Chronicles of Chiron:

As they prepare to head back to Data Haven with their prizes, Mariah, Cleve, and Corazon share some pieces of their pasts.

In #podcast or #novelization form.

#DiceyStories #genesys #genesysrpg #scifi #writing #SocialCombat


The End - Fiction Podcasts
8 hours ago

This #AudioDramaSunday, get ready for Season 3 of ENKI: Tales from the Past, a narrated/dramatized scifi history of the world from Mario Portela, which starts on December 1st.

Based on the Ancient Aliens theories with a clear unique vision and take by the author, you will learn an alternate history from the protagonists themselves. This is heavily researched and detailed, so you have the best of experiences as if you were there.

• 2 seasons, 53 episodes currently available
• Listening time: 11h 44m

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #AudioFicion #RadioTheater #RadioPlay #Audiobook #Podcast @AudioFiction

The End - Fiction Podcasts
8 hours ago

Let’s do that again! This show recently wrapped, so consider adding it to your listening queue for #AudioDramaSunday:

🔮🧙‍♂️🧻 • The Wizard Scroll, a dramatized sword & sorcery #scifi #comedy from Chris RR Bauso & Fable & Folly, which, according to the creator, “ain't yo momma's Tolkein!,” posted the Season 3 finale the 25th of November.

Tales of high fantasy, of trials and triumph, of quests both epic and mundane, as well as the occasional musical number. The realm of Yyrgsland is filled to the brim with all manner of folk that would perhaps have made even the late and great Tolkien himself snicker in delight.

• 37 current episodes
• Listening time: 18h 35m
• Next season status: Slated for Mar 2024

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #AudioFicion #RadioTheater #RadioPlay #Audiobook #Podcast @AudioFiction

8 hours ago

Episode 65 is here, We finish up our review of Deep Purple (III) by Deep Purple! What will the second side bring us? Hey, who hit the wrong button?#rockrouelttepod #deeppurple #rock #podcast #prog #richieblackmore #hardrock

9 hours ago

Eingeschneit? Ich hätte da etwas Hörmaterial für euch ;)

Mikroökonomen: Mikro281 Klimaschutz und Russland-Sanktionen sind eine globale Aufgabe #podcast #cop28
Mit Marco Herack und #yourstruly

Sharon Murphy
9 hours ago

This is a very lovely #podcast exploring what #music means to musicians in both their working and personal lives.
Aaron TBone Murphy is a responsive, reflective and light-hearted host.

*Disclaimer: myself and @sivemusic feature on an episode, but I'm only exploring other episodes now and it's very good!
#Mastodaoine #IrishMusic #Creativity #Inspiration

Souls In Harmony Podcast

The End - Fiction Podcasts
9 hours ago

Looking for something recently completed to listen to next on this #AudioDramaSunday? Here’s another:

👁🎙🏳‍🌈 • Radio Other, a dramatized surreal horror comedy from Finley Cole, posted the Season 1 finale on November 26.

In a new story-rich audio drama blending horror, weird fiction and comedy, comes Radio Other.

Note from creator: I'm a transgender, asexual and queer creator, and the casting choices and characters reflect POC, neurodiverse, and LGBT+ identities.

• 20 current episodes
• Listening time: 4h 53m
• Next season status: Slated for Dec 2023

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #AudioFicion #RadioTheater #RadioPlay #Audiobook #Podcast @AudioFiction

9 hours ago オリンピック・ボランティア用の弁当受章 . 事務局が事実関係認める。【ニュース】平井理央×荻上チキ オリンピック・ボランティア用の弁当受章 . 事務局が事実関係認める。【ニュース】平井理央×荻上チキ 東京オリンピックの会場で取材をする、 TBSラジオ・東京オリンピック報道リポーターの平井理央さんに、現地の様子をリポートして頂きました。(2021年7月27日(火)TBSラジオ 「荻上チキ・Session」ニュースコーナーDaily News Sessionより。) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit ( … #announcer #podcast #tbs #tbsラジオ #アナ #アナ美人 #女子アナ #女子アナ美人 #平井理央

オリンピック・ボランティア用の弁当受章 . 事務局が事実関係認める。【ニュース】平井理央×荻上チキ
9 hours ago 特集「激闘のプロ野球日本シリーズを制したヤクルトスワローズ !去年、最下位だったチームはなぜ日本一になれたのか?」長谷川晶一×山本萩子×荻上チキ 特集「激闘のプロ野球日本シリーズを制したヤクルトスワローズ !去年、最下位だったチームはなぜ日本一になれたのか?」長谷川晶一×山本萩子×荻上チキ 2021年12月1日(水)放送分 【特集】「激闘のプロ野球日本シリーズを制したヤクルトスワローズ !去年、最下位だったチームはなぜ日本一になれたのか?」長谷川晶一×山本萩子×荻上チキ(わいわいモード) 【出演】 ノンフィクションライターの長谷川晶一さん キャスターでタレントの山本萩子さん Learn more about your ad choices. Visit (… #announcer #podcast #tbs #tbsラジオ #アナ #アナ美人 #女子アナ #女子アナ美人 #山本萩子

特集「激闘のプロ野球日本シリーズを制したヤクルトスワローズ !去年、最下位だったチームはなぜ日本一になれたのか?」長谷川晶一×山本萩子×荻上チキ
The End - Fiction Podcasts
9 hours ago

It’s another #AudioDramaSunday, so it’s time to toot about the shows featured & highlighted in the 65th issue of The End and our companion podcast, The End Last Week, This Week, and Next Week!

We’ll start off with a show that recently reached a conclusion last week:

🎥🧣🎙️ • Crews Control - Dramatized improvised comedy series from Ari Goldberg, Pete Broderick, Jason Guss & Asylum Podcasts.

The cast has gone home and the crew's in control, welcome to Crews Control! The only podcast that dives deep behind the camera at the totally real and not in the least bit fictional J.A.M.P. Productions to showcase the amazing world behind the scenes.

• Series complete as of Nov 30, 2023
• 1 season,
• 175 episodes
• Listening time: 141h 57m

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #AudioFicion #RadioTheater #RadioPlay #Audiobook #Podcast @AudioFiction

Ich habe fuer MeTacheles uebrigens 2 Messenger-Kanaele eingerichtet, ueber die ich u.a. auf die neuen Ausgaben aufmerksam mache:

👉 Telegram

👉 WhatsApp

Und ab und zu haue ich da auch Updates zu meinen Taiwan-Abenteuer raus 😎

#MeTacheles #Newsletter #Podcast

Cover meines Podcasts. Rechts ein halbes Profilbild von mir und links der Text:

Einmal Tech mit Allem


I thought I knew that #UK calls lemonade "lemon squash".

However, the #OffMenu #food #podcast has referred at various times (sometimes in a single episode) to "squash" (as a drink), "lemonade", "juice" and "orange juice". So now I don't know what to believe.

WTF is "squash"?

Patrick Stewart
10 hours ago

#goodmorning to everyone! If you are interested, I do a weekly live stream about Taoist #philosophy. Stream begins in 30 minutes on youtube. Recordings are available on #spotify #apple and #google #podcast systems.

Starry Time Podcast
10 hours ago

Some of our first impressions: headless long jumper, EVAAAA (from Wall-E), box with lines...

how about you, what do you see in this #constellation??

Hear the rest of our first impressions & learn more about the #astronomy of this constellation here:

📷 :

#AstroDon #space #science #IAU #constellations #Stars #podcast

The official IAU constellation for the constellation Hercules. The constellation chart shows the boundaries of the constellation Hercules by shading the area around it a slightly darker gray. Stars with magnitude 0-6 are identified and green lines connect the mains stars of the constellation. Around the outside of the constellation are other constellation stars.
11 hours ago

😏 Do you know what’s better news?

According to the latest episode of the #FalloutLorecast #podcast, the #Fallout #AmazonPrime #series is going to be #cannon with Fallout #game #lore!
🎮 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) 👍

11 hours ago

Superyachts and private jets: the carbon impact of the ‘polluter elite’ #podcast

A new report from Oxfam has found that the extravagant carbon footprint of the 0.1% – from superyachts, private jets and mansions to space flights and doomsday bunkers – is 77 times higher than the upper level needed for global warming to peak at 1.5C.

Emma Newman
13 hours ago
Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
15 hours ago

A very inspiring podcast

(The Telegraph) Ukraine: The Latest - interview with Professor Timothy Snyder

The #history professor is raising funds towards a situational alert system for Ukraine’s Air Defence Forces. Protect Ukrainian towns from terrorist attacks 🔗

Apple Link🔗



#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraini #RussiaIsATerroristState
#СлаваУкраїні! #StandWithUkraine #Podcast

The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
17 hours ago

Alle Zeit der Welt: Die Familie #Rothschild II: Reichtum & #Verschwörungen

Im zweiten Teil zur Geschichte der Familie Rothschild geht es um ihren sagenhaften Reichtum und die Verschwörungen, die sich im 19. Jahrhundert beginnen, um diesen Namen zu ranken.
#allezeitderwelt #antisemitismus
#rothschild #geschichte #früheneuzeit #zeitgeschichte #frankfurt #napoleon #waterloo #rotschild #europa #deutschland

Webseite der Episode:


The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
18 hours ago

Wie Russland den Bart verlor

Eine Geschichte über die Bartsteuer und ihre Geschichte
Wir springen ins Ende des 17. Jahrhunderts, Ort ist das #Russland des jungen Zaren Peter des Großen. Seine Begeisterung für den Westen zeigt sich nicht nur in seinem Interesse an den Kriegsmarinen Hollands und Englands, sondern auch in Sitten, Kleidung und Aussehen der westlichen Adligen.

Webseite der Episode:


Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
19 hours ago

Ooh excited to start listening to this podcast series that does a deep dive into each of Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache books! (I just finished Book 9) #books #podcast #mystery

The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
23 hours ago

#GeschichtenausderGeschichte: Über den Ursprung der #Seidenstraße
Eine Geschichte über eine legendäre Handelsroute
Die Seidenstraße, Überbegriff für Routen von #Ostasien bis zum #Mittelmeer, transportierte nicht nur Waren, sondern auch Ideen, #Philosophien, #Religionen und ganze #Kulturen. In dieser Folge sprechen wir über die Anfänge dieser bahnbrechenden Entwicklung und warum wir sie wahrscheinlich #Pfeil und #Bogen zu verdanken haben.
#China #Pferde
Webseite der Episode:

Laura E. Hall
1 day ago

How much do podcast producer/editors charge these days? I have a couple of projects in mind, of varying length (for example, 3 episodes and 25 episodes, vs. something ongoing), so just trying to get a baseline 🎙️

#Podcast #Editor #Podcasting

I'm curious, is there a place where people #review #writing #podcast s?

I'm wondering if we could get some more more writers' takes on the format of @SolarpunkPrompts

1 day ago

Systemrelevant: (170) Wie lassen sich AfD-Wähler*innen noch erreichen? #podcast
Komisch, gerade die #CDU-Wähler kippen zur #AFD weg. #Merz halbiert die AfD nicht, er stärkt sie, genau wie es prophezeit wurde.
2 days ago

I've added links to some of my favourite podcasts on the "Star Beast" episode:

Have you listened to any of these? Are there any I'm missing that I should add?

Or why not log in and add them yourself! 😄

#DoctorWho #podcast

The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
2 days ago

Die Rote Zora und ihre Vorfahren
Eine Geschichte über die Geschichte der #Uskoken
In dieser Episode widmen wir uns der kurzen, aber ereignisreichen Geschichte der Uskoken, deren Name nicht nur mit Piraterie und der kroatischen Küstenstadt #Senj verbunden ist, sondern auch mit einem Kinderbuchklassiker.

Webseite der Episode:


Jay Baker
2 days ago

I'm really interested in moving a podcast from Spreaker to Castopod, though I have no interest in self-hosting it at this time. Does anyone have any insight into what the pros and cons might be for such a move? Thanks in advance! #AskMastodon #AskFedi #Fediverse #Castopod #Spreaker #podcast #podcasting
2 days ago

Which podcast link should you use to promote your episodes?

Here's @mijustin's review of LinkFire, Chartable, and @podlink.

#PodCast #podcasts

Robert Kingett
2 days ago

If you missed my @doubletap interviews, you can now find them under one post! Listen to part 1 and 2 here!

#Podcast #Journalism #Disability @disability

Alvin Ashcraft 🐿️
2 days ago

Ready to go on the first #podcast to talk about my latest book #TheCommitteeWillKillYouNow

I always get such #impostersyndrome before #author #interviews and I have to hold my book in my hand to remind myself, yes, I wrote it and yes, it’s real

#bookstodon #medmastodon #books #authors #authorsofmastodon #authorlife #WritingCommunity #ReadingCommunity

A selfie of me, a woman with brunette hair and red glasses, holding my book The Committee Will Kill You Now
Christian Stankowic
3 days ago

Die nächsten 24 Tage findet ihr jeden Tag eine kurze Episode im #FocusOnLinux #Podcast #Adventskalender. Den Anfang heute macht #Fedora Silverblue:


Variation des "FOCUS ON: Linux"-Podcastcovers. Es ist mit einer gelben Weihnachtsmütze und einer Schneeflocke verziert.
3 days ago

Das erste Türchen des Kalenders in 2023 birgt ein "Handout" eines Kurses, den ich für Sprechende, Voice Over Artists und Hörbuch Aufnehmende gebe. Es zeigt euch wie ihr zu Hause ein kleines Tonstudio einrichten könnt, alles verkabelt und wie grundlegende Funktionen wie Aufnehmen, Schneiden, Mixen und Mastern in der Audio Software Reaper funktioniert.
Aus dem einstigen Zettel, wurden thematische Skripts und nun mittlerweile so etwas in Richtung eines kleinen Buchs - auf diese Reise möchte ich euch gerne mitnehmen.

/cc @fediventskalender

#Fediventskalender2023 #Audio #Ebook #Adventskalender #creativecommons #Podcast

Johannes Ernst
3 days ago

@mike asks "what role does #advertising have in the #fediverse?" on his new #podcast.

I'm surprised quite by the discussion: it came across to me as if they thought advertising of some (perhaps better) kind is not just around the corner but inevitable. They did not discuss alternate funding models, like how the fediverse is funded today (largely by donations), subscription models (like Medium's) or novel coop structures like CoSocial that @evan even co-founded and has his primary account with.

JS Party 🪩
3 days ago

🎉 New episode of JS Party!

Amal, @nicknisi & special guest @laura geek out over the remarkable growth and evolution of the #XState project and its team in recent years 🥳

Laura also tells everyone about Stately, a SaaS platform that uses AI to create seamless state management solutions compatible with various tools like XState, #Redux & #zustand 💽

#javascript #typescript #podcast


Air Adam
3 days ago

Just released the new (#174) episode of the monthly Air Adam Podcast 🎉

This month's mix includes tracks by Wu-Tang, Champion Sound, Temu, Natural Elements and many more!

Get it at;
- (last ten eps)
- Apple Podcasts
- Pocket Casts
- TuneIn

Please do spread the word...I have a lot of things, but no advertising budget 😆

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #BlackMusic #hiphop #DJ #mixtape #podcast

The War on Cars
3 days ago

Hey Patreon supporters!

For an upcoming bonus episode we want to hear about YOUR origin stories. What radicalized you into The War on Cars?

Let us know in a voicemail and we'll hopefully be able to include it in the episode.

#podcast #thewaroncars

David Lohner
3 days ago

"Make Mastodon Great Again"

Was für eine großartig differenzierte #Podcast-Folge zum Thema #Mastodon, #Twitter, #Bluesky und der Rolle und Funktion von solchen #Microblogging-Diensten für das Individuum und Gesellschaft.

Danke @Gibro und @schb von @bzt und Jochim für all ihre Gedanken dazu.

Für mich stellt Mastodon/das Fediverse die ideale Plattform für das #Hochschulwesen dar—sowohl aus ideeller Sicht als auch vom praktischen Nutzen her.

Link zur Folge:

OliverRautenberg AnthroBlogger
3 days ago

Neu erschienen: Die Waldorfsalat Salatbar #4!

Lea spricht mit Julia über ihre Erfahrungen an einer Waldorfschule mit einem Förderschulzweig mit sogenannten Kleinklassen.

Jetzt überall, wo es Podcasts gibt!

#Anthroposophie #Esoterik #Waldorfpädagogik #exWaldi #Podcast

Mignon Fogarty
3 days ago

Is it a Spotify marketing ploy? Yes.

Is it fun to see? Yes.

Thanks to everyone who made Grammar Girl part of your year on Spotify. (But these colors are killing me.)

Join all those other new followers here:

#SpotifyWrapped #podcast

A neon orange background with the Grammar Girl logo on the right. The metrics say that in 2023, listeners grew 98%, streams grew 26%, followers grew 32%, and minutes created grew 7%.
SETI Institute
3 days ago

Part of our mission is to study the evolution of life. On this week’s episode of Big Picture Science, why biological coloration has adaptive value, how color perception is a trick of the brain, and why platypuses glow under UV light. It’s “In Living Color”:

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A bioluminescent springhare, shown with vibrant red patches amid brown stripes.
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[Abandoned America] The Strange But True Story of Abandoned America #abandonedAmerica via @PodcastAddict

vignette du podcast Abandoned America. On y voit une étoile d'un blanc sale sur une plaque de métal très rouillée

#podcast #OCaml I always enjoy Yaron Minksy and his questioning style of interviews with the Jane Street team. This one’s on performance optimisation and visualisation of profiling.