1 hour ago

While I hate to see people lose their jobs, I am at least glad to see that Spotify’s ham-fisted podcast strategy has been a big dud. Gimlet should have never sold out to Spotify. It decimated a once-great podcasting company.

#Spotify #Gimlet #Podcasts

The Times Of India :press:
1 hour ago

#Spotify to cut 200 staff working with #podcasts

The Sweden-based company said it had recently "embarked on the next phase of our podcast strategy," and was moving to a "tailored approach optimized for each show and creator."

#JobCut #Layoffs #press

VGM Podcasts Bot
2 hours ago

Viper's VGMture has a new episode!!

Viper’s VGMture – E56 – Stream Crossing: Familiar Horizons (02 June 2023)

Find it at or wherever you get your podcasts!

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The Storycast
3 hours ago

The story is taking shape slowly, please stand by! Hopefully it will be done by the end of summer 😅

#Podcast #Podcasts #podcasting #AudioPlay #audiotheatre #audiodrama

4 hours ago

Spotify Trims Podcast Workforce By 2%, Merges Gimlet and Parcast

Check it out! 👇

#Spotify #Podcasts #Layoffs #Streaming #Business

I'm listening the current episode of the Origin Story podcast, discussing atheism. This quote's just been read out, from Philip Larkin's poem Aubade. I found it hilarious in context.
"This is a special way of being afraid
No trick dispels. Religion used to try,
That vast, moth-eaten musical brocade
Created to pretend we never die,
And specious stuff that says No rational being
Can fear a thing it will not feel .."
Read the whole thing here:
#Atheism #Podcasts #Poetry

Greatest Trek :veritrek_gold:
5 hours ago

On today's #GreatestGen, it looks like BLT is DOA when a shuttle crash lands her on the Barge of the Dead with her mom! The EMH brings her back but BLT demands to go back through Death's door to save mom from Klingon Hell.

Listen to the full episode at

#GreatestGen #StarTrek #GreatestTrek #MaxFun #MaximumFun #Podcasts #FriendsOfDesoto #Fod #Comedy #StarTrekVoyager #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Podcast


Partage Noir
8 hours ago

Demandez le programme de #RadioLibertaire 89.4 MHz Paris du 5 au 11 juin 2023 - #podcasts #RSS #Stream --->

Alex Nedelcu ☕️
9 hours ago

Reminder: #RSS / #Atom feeds are still the best way to consume #web articles or #podcasts, and even to subscribe to #YouTube channels.

My personal preferences:

‣ Newsblur, as my online RSS reader, or FreshRSS when desiring self-hosting;
‣ Reeder app, as the macOS client, can work offline, doesn't necessarily need an online service;
‣ Pocket Casts for podcasts (Android, iOS, web).


The Groove Yard
18 hours ago

A 12" mix from the 1980s is Today's Track Of The Day. The astounding Trevor Horn produced Two Tribes from Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Very Scary when you consider the voice over is actually being read from UK advice on what to do when the sirens go off.

Two Tribes at Wikipedia:

Don't forget to listen to The Groove Yard at

#Podcast #Podcasts #Music #TrackOfTheDay #FrankieGoesToHollywood #TwoTribes #Rock #1980s #TrevorHorn

VGM Podcasts Bot
19 hours ago

CRT Soundsystem has a new episode!!

018 - Richard Jacques - Masters of VGM 2023

Find it at or wherever you get your podcasts!

#vgm #podcast #podcasts #gaming #videogames #games #music #bot

I'm tinkering with adding existing video chats on my @YouTube channel to new podcast feature available on @YouTubeCreators
Any other #podcasts had experience with this?

VGM Podcasts Bot
1 day ago

KVGM "The Last Wave" has a new episode!!

KVGM “The Last Wave” (6/4/23)

Find it at or wherever you get your podcasts!

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nonlinear banana
1 day ago

#introduction I am mostly here to follow the accounts of my favortei #podcasts like @incomparable and @atpfm I also love guitar and music and am an overall tech news nerd. I am also a teacher and a former engineer #guitar #stem #tech

Science Blue
1 day ago

And in the universe of completely random things, Mary Trump (yes, that Mary Trump) is going to co-host a podcast on the politics of Star Trek! And Terry Matalas and Jeri Ryan are going to be the first guests.
#StarTrek #podcasts #politics

Trek Politics with Mary L. Trump and Bob Cesca

Ralf Stockmann
1 day ago

Mein - etwas ernüchterndes - Fazit der #Ganzohr2023 : Kaum Leute die HEUTE #podcasts machen, kennen , @ultraschall , @podlove , @auphonic ,, die #sondersendung oder das #sendezentrum.
Alle kennen hingegen die Springer-Ermöglicher Podigee.

These: hier bricht der deutschen Szene jahre-, wenn nicht jahrzehntelang erworbenes Praxiswissen weg.

William Bell
1 day ago

@AntennaPod I have been struggling with the world of podcast apps for 20 years and am absolutely blown away by how good #Antennapod is. Every feature I always wanted captured in one app. #podcasts have become the curated radio stream and thanks to private RSS and Patreon you can support the ones you want.

Great work 👏👏🎉 Antennapod community!

Lydia Conwell
1 day ago

You know, the thing about #SocialMedia, #Podcasts, #VideoEssays is that I'm always reminded how little I know about the world. There are so many things, concepts, cultures, that exist and how much of it I know nothing about.

Some of it, I don't care about - you know, TV shows, Movies - but there's so much in the world in regards to lived experience and jobs and hobbies that I don't know well.

There's a lot of stuff really.

That is all.

I've just been reminded of this episode of the Memory Palace podcast, which was the first I ever listened to, several years ago now. I've been subscribed to it ever since. San Franciscans might recognise the name of the bar.
I'm posting it for #PrideMonth #Podcasts 🌈

Robert Kingett
2 days ago

So Apollo Podcasts App for iOS & Android has nothing but #AudioFiction but I encourage you to give it a try. Link at end, but I would also like to caution that if you do use a screen reader, the app is not screen reader friendly on iOS. It can be used if you are patient and willing to work through the barriers but I’m trying to start a dialogue with them about accessible design. I wonder how accessible it is for disabled android users? #Android #IOS #Podcast #Podcasts @AudioFiction

The Groove Yard
2 days ago

This Track Of the Day is a tribute to Cynthia Weil who died on June 1. She, together with her husband Barry Mann, wrote many greats including this one from The Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.

Cynthia Weil at Wikipedia

Don't forget to listen to The Groove Yard at

#Podcast #Podcasts #Music #TrackOfTheDay #TheAnimals #CynthiaWeil #WeGottaGetOutOfThisPlace #Pop #Rock

The Groove Yard
2 days ago

To 1995 for this weeks album. It is a masterful outing from Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory?

(What's The Story) Morning Glory? at Wikipedia

Listen to The Groove Yard at

#Podcast #Podcasts #Music #Rock #BritPop #Oasis #WhatsTheStoryMorningGlory #Album #Albums #AlbumOfTheWeek

2 days ago

Play/Pause in Apple’s #Music app: just press Space.

Play/Pause in Apple’s #Podcasts app: just press… ⌥Space.

Sure. No muscle memory problem here whatsoever.

Bonus! Panelist @DisnerdBob is ready for a month of #Pride comics as DC, Marvel and other publishers release special issues, one-shots and variant covers featuring queer characters, artists and storytellers. It's Pride across the multiverses! #GPCDCultureClub #Comics #podcasts #podcast #popculture

Panelist @drkmkt is heading into the first weekend of #PrideMonth with the disco-infused vibes of Jake Shears new album #LastManDancing. Celebratory and fun, just like the month itself! #GPCDCultureClub #JakeShears #Pride #Music #NewMusic #Podcast #Podcasts

Host Eric brought an appetite for #DragMeToDinner on Hulu! In each episode, pairs of #DragQueens compete to prepare food, drink and entertainment for themed dinner parties. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka EP and co-judge with drag legend Bianca Del Rio! #GPCDCultureClub #podcast #podcasts #drag

Panelist @DreSouffle is back in her hometown of #Muskegon, MI where the queers are THRIVING! With events almost every day in June, Muskegon Pride Center is kicking it off with #Pride Festival on the 3rd. This year even includes a #PARADE! #GPCDCultureClub #Pride2023 #PrideMonth #Podcast #podcasts #MuskegonPride

It's #GPCDCultureClub! Panelist Kevin saw #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse! A beautiful #film from a design/visual effects standpoint. Miles' story goes deeper, and we get more Gwen in a meaningful way. It's bigger than the first and boy does it hit! #SpiderVerse  #SpiderMan #podcast #podcasts #movies #PopCulture

Gracjan Nowak
2 days ago

@axbom Preach! The main appeal of #podcasts for me is their open nature. Listeners can choose whether they want to listen to a podcast in Overcast (me), Pocket Casts, Castro, AntennaPod, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or something else. Podcasters can choose how they want to host their creations plus if and how they want to monetize them. We’re free of any single company’s terms of service, surveillance and lock-in. Let’s not ruin that!

André Claaßen
2 days ago

Einer der besten #Podcasts, die ich seit Langem gehört habe. Wäre die #FDP so wie Gerhart Baum, ich wäre Parteimitglied.

Verantwortung dem Menschen gegenüber vor der unbedingten Freiheit.

Gerhart Baum, was wird aus Ihrer FDP? Alles gesagt

The Groove Yard
3 days ago

Turn off your mind, relax and get ready to be astounded by today's track. It is the album version of
The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today lifted from the 1967 album of the same name.

Wikipedia on the album:

Wikipedia on the single:

Listen to The Groove Yard at

#TrackOfTheDay #Podcast #Podcasts #Music #ChambersBrothers #TimeHasComeToday

#Psychedelic #Rock #Soul #AcidRock

3 days ago

"... even more so now than ever in the past it's crucial that we have the independent critics that can cast an eye over things that are happening and give the public the reality."

#DrMikeJoy, 2023

#RNZ #podcasts #afternoons #AcademicFreedom #CriticAndConscience


Joel at Seldon Crisis
3 days ago

Podcasts present a barrier to hard of hearing individuals. The solution? An #ActiveTranscript. We've transformed a captivating Story Worthy Podcast episode with the legendary Larry King into a dynamic, inclusive experience. Check out this new way to enjoy #podcasts while ensuring #accessibility for all! Thanks to Christine Blackburn for allowing us to showcase this amazing episode. #a11y

3 days ago
The latest episode of The Cromcast features Jim Zub and discussions on Conan comics, D&D and geek culture.

#comics #Conan #DnD #podcasts
IT News
3 days ago

Hackaday Podcast 221: The Future of the Raspberry Pi, Sniffing a Toothbrush, Your Tactical Tool Threshold - Editors Elliot Williams and Tom Nardi are back in the (virtual) podcast studio to ... - #hackadaycolumns #podcasts #podcast

Tech news from Canada
3 days ago

Wired: Robert Asprin Was One of Sci-Fi's Most Colorful Characters #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Culture/CulturePodcast #Geek'sGuidetotheGalaxy #Podcasts #Culture

IT News
3 days ago

Robert Asprin Was One of Sci-Fi's Most Colorful Characters - - #culture/culturepodcast #podcasts #culture

K. Tempest Bradford
3 days ago

Given the intensity of discussions around Generative AIs (which aren't actually "intelligence") and the objections to them from creators, Aleen and I decided to discuss the issue with maker of things on the internet @andybaio to try and get some clarity.

#AI #GenerativeAI #LLM #podcasts

episode logo, title, and number along with an AI generated image of guest Andy Baio
3 days ago

"DuMont auf Sendung – Der Podcast mit Büchern" #Literatur #Verlag #Podcasts #BookContent

Lisa Hamilton
3 days ago

This seems timely: podcasts and audiobooks for travel days
#travel #audiobook #podcasts

Daryl Baxter
3 days ago

Putting this signpost up now:

If there are any #WWDC-focused #podcasts that may be looking for a #guest toward the end of next week, I'm game for appearing.

Roma Komarov
3 days ago

Decided to finally get back to reading #RSS (after like 6-7 years?), and also use a proper app for #podcasts (not the awful apple's one).

As a way to reduce the number of choices to choose from decided to look only at the apps that have their accounts on Mastodon.

Chose @NetNewsWire for RSS (its also free and open source, which is nice), and @overcastfm for podcasts (good case for the universal apps, using an iPad app on Mac).

Laura M Castro
3 days ago

Sei que as @womansplainers non son moi activas no fediverso, mais aínda así o seu podcast é moi recomendable (

Ademais, no penúltimo episodio estivo @aidawhale con elas falando de IAs, podedes escoitalo aquí:

#podcasts #galego #womansplaining #IA #divulgación #mulleres #mulleresEnTech #mulleresQueExplicanCousas

Andreas Streim
3 days ago

Auch heute ist mein kleiner Tech-Newsletter "Undisruptable Technology" erschienen - er ist wieder ein bisschen #KI-lastig geworden, aber es geht auch um #Health, #Security und gedruckte #Podcasts (also so ähnlich). Ich freue mich über jede und jeden, die oder der reinschaut:

3 days ago
3 days ago

i want to do more sound design/audio editing and would especially love to work with fellow #queer #trans #lgbtqia people :blobcat_box:

#PrideMonth #AudioFiction #podcasts

Submitted a #FediverseIdea for a #FOSS Rescue bot.

Inspired by @mitexleo tooting about the reel2bits #Fediverse app where 3 years of an open request for help didn't yield anyone taking over the great work of @dashie

#Reel2bits: Self-hosted Soundtracks and #Podcasts sharing, with #ActivityPub federation.

(Note: fediverse-ideas is a new initiative for posting fedi-related ideas that may inspire people to start projects for)

The Groove Yard
5 days ago
5 days ago

David Seymour's attitude reeks of middle class privilege. I'd like to see him living in emergency housing, on a benefit-level income, for 3 months. Then see if he's still keen on putting location tracking bracelets on kids:

#podcasts #FocusOnPolitics

(webdev Tory) :emacs:
5 days ago

I used to listen to #podcasts through Google, then through Spotify, then Spotify Lite, and now I just love listening to them raw through #firefox and the RSS feed (#elfeed on my pc, #feeder on my phone). There are tradeoffs -- can't share as easily, don't have playlists of them, can't cast. But I also don't have things getting paused accidentally by the service or by others on my account (there are no accounts at all!), and I don't need to worry about things tracking/sharing my listening data. At least, not for podcasts. It's the way podcasts were meant to be!

Christian Alder 🌱
5 days ago

I haven't listened to a podcast in so long I wasn't even aware that Hello Internet (a podcast I used to enjoy) went on 'HI-atus', with their last episode being February 2020 - a few other podcasts I use to enjoy have also since ended.

I need to get back into this - it sure does make tasks like cleaning the office a bit more enjoyable.

Open to recommendations if anyone wants to drop some - Educational content, tech, a dash of humour - just no horror or crime stuff please.

#Podcasts #Podcast

George Laskowsky
5 days ago

Can someone recommend me interesting #podcasts on #gamedev and #programming? Hopefully really technical.

5 days ago

The future of #podcasts is getting written about in print: if you’re going to make a print magazine about the various modern forms of podcasting, perhaps it would be fitting if initiatives like @Castopod and the broader movement got a profile made about them in some issue down the line.

Definitely would be interesting to see… ahem… read, rather.

Dan Staples
6 days ago

I’m bored with my current #podcasts, who’s got recs? I’m into infosec, science, leftist politics, and stuff like Hidden Brain and Radiolab

VGM Podcasts Bot
6 days ago

Game That Tune has a new episode!!

Episode 337: Johnny Sixers

Find it at or wherever you get your podcasts!

#vgm #podcast #podcasts #gaming #videogames #games #music #bot

Tomtit & Baobab
1 week ago

If you: a) Love the Spelling Bee b) Wonder where Nanobots come from c) Have ever used Spelling Bee Solver or d) Are looking for a new word game recommendation, you won't want to miss this week's episode of T&B, featuring @sbsolver. Listen at or wherever you get your #podcasts! #NYTSpellingbee #nytsb #SpellingBee #hivemind #nytgames #nytwordplay #wordnerds #wordplay #Typeshift

Here Comes the Shunn, Tomtit & Baobab: A Bee-Inspired Podcast May 29, 2023, "It's summertime, the sun is shining, and T&B is ready for VACAY! In this final - episode of Season 3, we're going BANANASs over CIVETs, putting NANOBOTs under the microscope, and having a grand old time with Spelling Bee Solver's William Shunn. We'll BEE back in the fall. Until then, visit us on social, keep in touch at, and catch up on old episodes wherever you get your podcasts."

#Lysten just received a new #TestFlight update. You can now download any episode, not only episodes from followed #Podcasts. And you can choose to only see downloads in the Episodes view.

Now I need to download at least 11 hours of podcasts to cover our entire flight 😅

You can join the beta here 👉

#podcast #SwiftUI #iOS

Dan Jacob
1 week ago

Just added a Private Feeds option to my podcast app

If you have a private feed (e.g. as a subscriber to a Patreon channel) just copy/paste the RSS url into a form and you're done. The private feed will only be visible to those who have access to that unique URL.

#opensource #podcasts #rss

Robert Kingett
2 weeks ago

In the beginning, #Foretold host Faith Pinho thought Paulina was giving her a hot news tip about psychics and scams. Years of investigation revealed something else.

Listen and follow “Foretold” wherever you get your #podcasts. #press

2 weeks ago

I have been listening to a few new podcasts and have been put off by their reliance on Twitter as a source of information and communicating with fans. So much so that I stopped listening to a few.

Is there any point in communicating this to them?

#Twitter #Podcasts

Blake Patterson
2 weeks ago

The Sawbones podcast would be so much better without the annoying husband sidekick. #podcasts

Pinning by way of an #introduction
No More Fairy Stories! We need to write #Thrutopian futures that really work - and that inspire everyone to paradigm shift in the shortest possible time.
#Accidentalgods #Podcast with #podcasts #writing #WritersSupportingWriters
#climatechange #ClimateWriting

Tom Resing
2 weeks ago

Read "Podcasting for Newbies for £20 a Month Or Less" if you're on the fence and just need some encouragement to do your podcast!

Top tip for me. Squarespace makes hosting your podcast easy! This has always been my #1 challenge when I've thought about pursuing a podcast. Maybe I'll do one.

Article by @nodunayo CEO of @thestorygraph

#BlackOwnedBusiness #Podcasts #ContentCreators #Makers #Books

Danie van der Merwe
2 weeks ago

12 Podcasts That Will Make Anyone Fall in Love With Podcasts: Audio Podcasts can Fill so many Idle Gaps in your Day

Driving, gardening, walking, shopping, travelling, and so many more activities are often ‘dead zones’ as far as learning or entertainment goes. Podcasts are a great way to help fill those voids with thought-provoking informational or learning, or even grippin ...continues


#audio #entertainment #podcasts #technology

2 weeks ago

12 Podcasts That Will Make Anyone Fall in Love With Podcasts: Audio Podcasts can Fill so many Idle Gaps in your Day

Purple filtereed scene showing a road into the distance with telephone poles and cactus alongside, and a sign saying Welcome to Night Vale a Friendly Community Driving, gardening, walking, shopping, travelling, and so many more activities are often ‘dead zones’ as far as learning or entertainment goes. Podcasts are a great way to help fill those voids with thought-provoking informational or […]

Purple filtereed scene showing a road into the distance with telephone poles and cactus alongside, and a sign saying Welcome to Night Vale a Friendly Community
The Groove Yard
2 weeks ago

Get on up! ---- It's James Brown and Papa's Got A Brand New Bag.


Don't forget to listen to The Groove Yard at

#Podcast #Podcasts #Music #Funk #Soul

A boost would be much appreciated!

Kristian L.T. :calckey:
2 weeks ago

Are there any good podcasts about the fediverse?

#fediverse #podcast #podcasts

Tomtit & Baobab
2 weeks ago

On today's episode of T&B we're getting social! C's mom makes a CAMEO and NYTimes Spelling Bee Facebook group admins Keith and Pat join us for a delightful Wild Card convo. Listen at or wherever you get your #podcasts. Like us? Leave a BLURB! #NYTSpellingbee #nytsb #SpellingBee #hivemind #wordplay #wordnerds #nytgames #nytwordplay

Greatest Trek :veritrek_gold:
2 weeks ago

This week's #GreatestTrek Spring Break edition will be our loudest show yet when we watch @jontaffer again try to save another business from permanent last call on @BarRescue S4E24 with DS9's Alexander Siddig.

Listen to the full episode at

#GreatestGen #StarTrek #GreatestTrek #MaxFun #MaximumFun #Podcasts #FriendsOfDesoto #Fod #Comedy #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Podcast

katherine montalto
3 weeks ago
an illustration of a microphone.
Stefan Dillinger
3 weeks ago

I am so happy that the @epigenetics_pod Project has come this far. Today we are celebrating the release of our 100th Episode. I would have never thought that I could interview 100 researchers from the field of Epigenetics, talk to them about their work and that so many people will be downloading this and listening. #epigenetics #podcasts #scicomm

You can find it here:

Reymond Aguinaldo
3 weeks ago

Reasons behind a multiverse: inflationary cosmology, string theory, and quantum mechanics offer theoretical foundations. Fine-tuning and cosmological evidence contribute to the puzzle. The quest for truth continues!

Stream the latest on @QuantaMagazine’s #TheJoyofWhy now on #ApplePodcasts.

#SpaceMastodon #Spacedon #Space #AstronomyMastodon #Astrodon #Astronomy #ScienceMastodon #Sciencedon #Science #Multiverse #InflationaryCosmology #StringTheory #QuantumMechanics #Podcasts

Decided to look for #podcasts about #trans people or topics surrounded their life 🏳️‍⚧️ As I am looking around and searching in the internet, Would any of you folks in #fedi give me any recommendations what to listen? I'm fairly new to this topic.
​:boost_requested:​​ Boost appreciated for visibility. ​:boost_ok:​

My wife and I are big cartoon watchers, which is something we bonded over when we first met. Several years before we met, I had started a cartoon blog just for kicks and to talk about my favorite shows (I still write on it sometimes:

When wifey and I first met, we especially bonded over things like The Simpsons, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, and American Dad. We even did a podcast together last year where we recorded and released a new episode every day in October that covered *every* Treehouse of Horror episode so far, with a segment-by-segment breakdown (

My favorite Simpsons episodes change a lot, and I like the later seasons too (including the current one- I've seen every episode of the show to date multiple times 🤣). One of my top favorite episodes is season 12's "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes". It's such a bizarre and hilarious episode with so many facets- Homer buying his first computer, starting a website (see the still of 'Homer's Web Page' below), and then being whisked away to a weird island because they think he knows too much.

It also has what might be my favorite chalkboard gag of all time, as Bart is writing 'I will only provide a urine sample when asked'. 🤣🤣

I love weird animation so much.

#HomersWebPage #Simpsons #cartoons #TV #TheSimpsons #animation #weird #blogs #WordPress #blogging #podcasts #podcasting #TreehouseOfHorror

A still from the Simpsons episode 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes' with Lisa looking at a computer and Homer's Web Page is on it.
A still from the Simpsons episode 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes' with Homer standing next to the woman giving out the Pulitzer. He has a black bag with a white question mark on it over his head.
A still from the Simpsons episode 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes' when Homer had been taken to the island and has a bowl of ice cream with syringes and other drugs in it in front of him.
A still from the Simpsons episode 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes' with Homer looking up after he's eaten the dessert with the syringes, and syringes are in his face.
3 weeks ago

Allez, c'est l'heure du #filanthropocene. Tous les mardis (quand j'ai le temps), je fais une petite sélection des #articles, #podcasts, #vidéos e/ou #infographies sur l'#écologie, le #changementclimatique et l'#anthropocène.

J'essaie d'avoir un regard décentré, à savoir de ne pas parler constamment de ce qui se passe en Europe.

Si vous désirez suivre ce fil, il suffit de vous abonner au hashtag #filanthropocene

Tomtit & Baobab
3 weeks ago

Fine, so maybe we haven't PODDED recently, but we have most definitely CASTED! Check out the latest, laugh-out-loud episode of Tomtit & Baobab at or wherever you listen to your #podcasts. #NYTSpellingbee #nytsb #spellingbee #hivemind #wordnerds #wordplay #nytwordplay #nytgames

NYT Spelling Bee May 15, 2023. Word PODDED with text above "Not in word list"
Tomtit & Baobab
3 weeks ago

Want to hear something major? How about 2 bonus clips from our recent interview with The Slowdown's Major Jackson! Happy weekend, #Hivemind! Listen at and or wherever you get your #podcasts. #nytsb #spellingbee #NYTSpellingbee #wordnerds #wordplay #majorjackson #theslowdown #poetry #music #language #words

4 weeks ago

I've just updated the page of recordings on my personal site - #podcasts, videos and so on. I guess I've done a lot of stuff since I last updated it!

A lot of things about #neurodiversity, especially in #education; about being @actuallyautistic; some stuff about #politics, #science and so on.

Still only three songs.

Tomtit & Baobab
4 weeks ago

This week on T&B, we're slowing down (a little!) to talk with Major Jackson about poetry, word games, and his new gig as host of The Slowdown. Join us at or wherever you get your #podcasts.
#NYTSpellingbee #nytsb #nytimesgames #nytwordplay #spellingbee #wordplay #wordnerds #poetry #aglets #shoelaces #metgala #vocabulary #vocabularybuilding #hivemind

S.3 Ep. 14 with special guest Major Jackson
1 month ago

What #podcasts I am listening to:

What is on your list?

Podcasts : Pod Save the World, Hard Fork, Unexplainable,  Hacks on tap, STORY OF THE WEEK, SCIENCE VS, shiftF1 formula 1, the Ezra Klein show, pod save America, independent characters, serious trouble, pod save the world.
Greatest Trek :veritrek_gold:
1 month ago

Answering a distress call puts the Voyager in distress when they give aid to what turns out to be a living bomb. But when the bomb holds the ship hostage it discovers it's up against a more lethal force - Janeway!

Listen to the full episode at

#GreatestGen #StarTrek #GreatestTrek #MaxFun #MaximumFun #Podcasts #FriendsOfDesoto #Fod #Comedy #StarTrekVoyager #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Podcast


Dr. Victoria Grinberg
1 month ago

My perhaps favorite episode of 99% invisible is, by the way, the one about racoons (you totally need to listen to it, just don't try drinking anything while doing so less you want to spray half the room with coffee while laughing) 🦝

#podcasts #racoon

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
1 month ago

I don't listen to #podcasts much - but 99% invisible is one notable exception. One of their recent episodes is about while the Netherlands is such a good biking country - and no, it's not because it's flat or because it doesn't snow here much:

I've not ridden a bike from the age of 12 to the age of 34 and here I am now, happily cycling 11km to work on my ebike!

#biking #bike #fahrrad #mdrza #

Jarosław Dzedzej aka DJ
1 month ago

I started a new podcast (Subsurface Talks) journey this year. Hop in and listen as I talk with fellow 3d artists about art and life in all 3 dimensions and more...
#podcast #podcasts #b3d #3dart #cgi #spotify #DigitalArt #blendercommunity

Steve Bennett
1 month ago

I can really recommend the podcast "The Witch Trials of JK Rowling". This level of nuanced discussion of highly emotive topics is really rare yet so important.

I felt like I've gained something really important about being able to really hear someone I disagree with, rather than simply joining an uninformed pile on. #podcasts #criticalthinking

Tomtit & Baobab
1 month ago

What's better than a Bee week with one X? A Bee week with two! On this week's episode of T&B: our take on last week's puzzles, the best examples of LEITMOTIFs, and why compound words are confounding. Listen at or wherever you get your #podcasts. #NYTSpellingbee #nytsb #spellingbee #hivemind #nytgames #nytwordplay #wordplay #wordnerds #compoundwords #linguistics #leitmotif #opera

Tomtit & Baobab: A Bee-Inspired Podcast - May 01, 2023: X-tra! X-tra! Hear all about it! Double Xs, double Ns, and two-for-one words mean o twice as much fun here at T&B. This week we're BENEFIT(T)ING from alt spellings; leading the way on LEITMOTIFs; and getting the LOWDOWN on compounds. Oh, and Sam, we accept your apology.
Andrew Leahey
1 month ago


By way of intro:

I'm a tax and tech attorney from NJ. I'm also a columnist for Bloomberg Tax.

I'm the admin of, and I have help moderating from @jacobschumer.

The instance is about 50% user funded.

I'm also the admin for the #lawfedi-inspired legal community directory:

I co-host two #podcasts, one is called Esquiring Minds (@emp) and the other is Minimum Competence (

I'm terminally online and here to help.

Karen E. Lund 💙💛
1 month ago

When I joined LinkedIn way back in 2008 there was a "Q&A" feature--a global forum to ask questions of other users, sort of like a group (now) that everyone belonged to as soon as they joined.

I once asnswerd a question about the old saying "easier said than done" that asked if there is anything easier done than said. I suggested walking.

This reaffirms my answer.

Humans Walk Weird. Scientists May Finally Know Why

#WhatsNewWithWired #Walking #Podcasts

A graphic (red and shades of purple on an orange background) of cartoonish knobs, switches and dials, and a map of the world. Text: What's New With WIRED. Illustration from the linked podcast.
Ether Diver
1 month ago

If you are creating #podcasts, #VideoEssays and other such creations... and you need some theme music, interstitial music, or intro/outro tunes for one of your audio or video projects, please consider my work! I am eager to place music in cool media!

My licensing is easy and based on your budget (including FREE for cool projects with zero budget who are just launching!)

Have a listen to my work, and if you hear something that will work for ya, reach out!


Embedded Podcast
1 month ago

Enjoy our latest episode - 448: Little Squiggles All Around with Carl Bugeja.

Carl makes actuators out of PCBs, puts them to work flapping origami bird wings (or moving robot rovers), and takes videos of the whole process. Oh, and get this, self-soldering circuits.

#Tech #origami #youtube #electricalengineer #Electronics #robotics #Robot #embedded #Podcasts

Greatest Trek :veritrek_gold:
1 month ago

To fill the time until #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds season 2 drops we're taking side trips into other shows featuring some of our favorite #StarTrek actors. Watch along and enjoy #GreatestTrek Spring Break 2023! It all starts Friday 4/28.

#GreatestGen #StarTrek #GreatestTrek # #MaxFun #MaximumFun #Podcasts #FriendsOfDesoto #Fod #Podcast #12Monkeys

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Karen E. Lund 💙💛
1 month ago

I recently finished listening to this short podcast series from BirdNote, Grouse. Recommended!

I wasn't into podcasts until a little more than a year ago, but am rapidly making up for lost time. Except for a few news series that podcast daily (or weekdays), I find that I really enjoy short to middling series, ideally about five to 20 episodes, mostly science, literature, history, and global affairs.

#BirdNote #Grouse #Podcasts