"Stories and songs enable us to locate ourselves in other people's experience and they increase our compassion. But these things in a vacuum are useless. A story doesn't cultivate empathy just by virtue of having been thought up; it must be engaged with to become powerful; the story must be read, the song must be listened to, in order to acquire its full power."
~ Kae Tempest
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In the desert
I saw a creature,naked,bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, “Is it good, friend?”
“It is bitter—bitter,” he answered;

“But I like it
“Because it is bitter,
“And because it is my heart.”

Stephen Crane
#everynightapoem #poetry

Yahia Lababidi
7 minutes ago

📖 #Today's #meditation :

Each time we betray our conscience, we strangle an angel.

And, yet, it's not certain we are allotted an infinite supply of winged pardons.

#spirituality #faith #wisdom #ethics #writing #poetry

Haim Schlesinger
12 minutes ago

Wanting a lot
And not acting
Addicted bot
Only reacting

Energy whirling
Belief hiding deep
Illusion spinning
Time beats skip

Fluffy selections
Devotion unreached
Nows are inflections
Integrity breached

Flurried intentions, entropy stamped
Trying salvation, still, till unclamped

#poem #poetry

Haiku Diem
47 minutes ago

day 521

thought bubbles
rising from the deep

Please also check out my #pandemic #picturebook:

Daily haiku by Freeman Ng, the author of BASHO'S HAIKU JOURNEYS, a haiku picture book.

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Poetry News
54 minutes ago

Hail, the people of Hillsborough
Lost too young on that day
Our hearts are still aching
But we'll be strong and stay
We mourn the tragedies
That made life so hard
But we will honor their memory
By standing guard

#hillsborough #facup #stadium #memorial #ode #poetry

Yahia Lababidi
1 hour ago

Social Contagion

In order to develop antibodies
to strengthen our spiritual immunity
against viruses of our time—
cynicism, despair, nihilism—
we must risk partial exposure

Still to protect ourselves
from these perversities
of mind, body & spirit
we must wear a mask
& practice social distancing.

#poetry #WritingCommunity #spirituality #Monday #today #culture #mentalhealth #media #politics

2 hours ago

im schatten zu frisch
doch in der sonne zu warm
ein schöner haiku

#haiku #poetry #art

Joel Pedersen
2 hours ago

An amateur has
such a pleasant openness
ready to learn more

#haiku #poetry

Marjolein Rotsteeg
2 hours ago

I wish I could put
jasmine's perfume in a spray
for dull winter days

#575Prompt - spray



Jasmine bush in full bloom. Very fragrant in the evening, especially after a sunny day.
StoryDragon, Child of the Harp
3 hours ago

Sometimes when reading a poem by Oscar Wilde, it feels like it could apply to our modern day world just as well...

#Poetry #OscarWilde

Vicki Ziegler
3 hours ago

"Blessed are your floral shorteralls, your deeply pink fanny pack with travel-size lint roller just in case.

Level of splendiferous in your outfit: 200."

#TodaysPoem #poetry
Summer by Chen Chen (2021 Poetry Magazine)

Sharon Cummings Art
3 hours ago

do we dare exposure
must we lurk in the shadows
of ever changing cultural norms
the genuine self always knows
no matter what lies we spray on
for others to see and believe
we can never truly hide
we can only seek...

#MastoPrompt - self
#575prompt - 159- spray


#art #artwork #fediart #mastoart #artist #artists #artistsofmastodon #beauty #beautiful #self #selflove #selfcare #design #fedigiftshop #AYearForArt #poetry #poem #poet #writing #writingcommunity #smallpoems

Collage art spelling out "You Are Beautiful" with hearts and butterflies by artist Sharon Cummings.  Poetry in post.

I'm listening the current episode of the Origin Story podcast, discussing atheism. This quote's just been read out, from Philip Larkin's poem Aubade. I found it hilarious in context.
"This is a special way of being afraid
No trick dispels. Religion used to try,
That vast, moth-eaten musical brocade
Created to pretend we never die,
And specious stuff that says No rational being
Can fear a thing it will not feel .."
Read the whole thing here:
#Atheism #Podcasts #Poetry

katherine montalto
5 hours ago

pull of gravity
maintains its spherical shape
formed from a dust cloud

prompt No. 149- curvature

#WritingCommunity #haiku #prompt #575prompt #poem #poetry

5 hours ago

if you can, please do
treat this person mindfully
and with care: your self

#haiku #575 #poetry #writing #WritingCommunity #MastoPrompt #self


6 hours ago
Take Anything
June 4, 2023

few things are as satisfying
as cool rain on a cool day
falling on a clean dump

our town recycling
as much to each other
as to industrial waste

cabling runs done back home
speakers for the elderfolk
leaving some food for others

having eaten there myself
dragging home lentils and coconut
a sweet dahl, non-traditional

plants planted in shared pots
going back in the spring
something for everyone

in this ever-cleaner community
where I was raised from small
by the folks who said take anything

and when you’re done
share it on

* * *

#poem #poetry #writing

Written on the road, because passenger time is writing time. No art, because passenger time is *not* painting time.
6 hours ago
We Are Not Human Yet
June 4, 2023

really, the best part is getting back out of the city
which, while somewhat chillier than it was last week
still has that particular city stink about its bulwarks
ensuring that unless one eats inside, surrounded
by a population who’s forgotten there’s a pandemic on
maskless, abrasive, sixteen tropes brown bagging it
even that extraordinary bagel with the proper cheese
everything on it, cuts of raw salmon sliced thin within
tastes a bit like exhaust in three layers, and human
in various stages of perfumed and cleaned, and bag that

where you can look as you drive by, seeing the ocean
right there, cemeteries and statuary broadcasting warfare
nationalism in concrete and stone-washed thoroughfare
no longer an invitation to either the tired or poor
though some yearning still remains to cry freedom
letting slip the fetters of that particularly processed water
scenting, mouth open, denied entirely that sea-fared breeze
dubious newsies arguing yet more about how far sunk
one’s landed fragment has become, water up, storm up
home away from nature slipping under some unknown

while we, packing our fill in baba ganoush, drive in turns
two bridges, a confusion of boroughs, a spare city
then three hours beyond our projected seven, because
once outside that abscent, one starts looking for almost anything
a hill to climb, a peopleless confoundity of trees and shrubbery
anywhere to lean back, still mostly strangers, and say –
well, that sure was a thing, not the remembered skyline –
still burning under raincloud and discount malicious hunting
and dear gods, paid in full, good to know the food stays right
two cold packed hundred-quart coolers frozen full of goodness

we are not human here, we are not human there, we are not human yet
we can go home at last, to remember to forget, and eat the very best

* * *

#poem #poetry #writing

Written on the road, because passenger time is writing time. No art, because passenger time is *not* painting time.

The spellings are that way on purpose.
Lee “Batman” Brown
6 hours ago

I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with the regular nine to five. I want to write until my fingers bleed and the pages are soaked with my emotions.

#Writing #Poetry #Life

6 hours ago

No Spatial Isthmus
June 5, 2023

in the thousand screens wearing camera-ready
there are no masks who hold standard
invisible bandages wrapping perception
while we who are crippled
who breathe careful that others
may still breathe careful

of those no-mask wanderers

say nothing, for they
speak everything for us
in mouthless


* * *

#poem #poetry #writing

6 hours ago

Vector Issues
June 3, 2023

on rainy tarmac
friction welcomes travesties
sideways or forwards

* * *

#poetry #poem #writing

6 hours ago

In Shallow Desperation
June 5, 2023

road poems incoming
because these days
being on the road
doesn’t mean silence
it’s just delay

listening to rain
listening to tires

to the back seat dog
happy as anything

venting cream cheese
venting salmon

it’s just delaying
all the writing
while we breathe

in shallow desperation

* * *

#poem #poetry #writing

Poetry News
6 hours ago

Cause clear, undisclosed
Trauma, loss of life
Ashwini Vaishnaw speaks

#india #train #derailment #ashwinivaishnaw #cinquain #poetry

7 hours ago I was not expecting an owl and a pussycat to appear on the radio, a charming #poetry reading!

Marjolein Rotsteeg
8 hours ago

image dans miroir
la chatte, sait-elle qu'elle se
voit soi-même?

#MastoPrompt - #self (soi)



8 hours ago

#MastoPrompt - #self

My self,
Was it the only thing
I truly ever owned
Or did it as well escape
Moment by moment?
Was it not mine
From the beginning?
The me
A 'fleckerlteppich'
Of all my ancestors.
The sum of all
That has become one - I
I am, still
I am.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Jay Lonnquist
9 hours ago

Paint bends
Thereto the plate
Unmade, somehow amends
The slate

Where once a creak,
A crack, a symphony
Of ivories peak
From out noctiphany

Or peach,
A birth of leaf of litter
And earth, a blade a breach
Of sweet embitter'd

Reminds of seeds-man's cap awash
In odd old cloth under gourdy squash.


Marjolein Rotsteeg
10 hours ago

I just posted my 'bird haiku of the day' on the website of haikudailypodcast. Today it's about the hummingbird.

tiny, colourful
ninety wingbeats per second
hummingbird power



Marjolein Rotsteeg
10 hours ago

image in mirror
does the cat know she's
looking at herself?

#MastoPrompt - #self



10 hours ago

#AYearForArt #ArtMatters #LoveArt #Photography #poetry
#environment #painting #bookbinding

#JohnClare and a sea of buttercups.

How sweet when weary dropping on a bank
Turning a look around on things that be
Een feather headed grasses spindling rank
A trembling to the breeze one loves to see
& yellow buttercups where many a bee
Comes buzzing to its head & bows it down
& the great dragon flye wi gauzy wings
In gilded coat of purple green or brown
That on broad leaves of hazel basking clings

Marjolein Rotsteeg
10 hours ago

the cold and wet spring
put the potager on hold
flourishing at last

#dailyhaikuprompt - flourishing



Poetry News
10 hours ago

A grand jury in DC
Is hearing evidence, we see
Against former Trump
For his handling of documents
Criminal charges could be on the rise
Unless he can devise compromise

#trump #grandjury #investigation #doj #poetry

Poetry News
10 hours ago

For a San Francisco dream come true
A six car garage, what to do?
Tore it down and built three homes
Each for six-hundred grand, no roams

#sf #housing #realestate #poetry

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
12 hours ago

The #MastoPrompt for Monday 5th June 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Bogi Takács
15 hours ago

The latest free reviews on Bogi Reads the World: a fantasy graphic novel that was a pleasant surprise, a small volume of queer prose poetry, and a vintage YA science fiction book!

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17 hours ago

Working next week's newsletter.

Thinking about the immensity, the mystery, and memories that lie in wait on either side of every door...

Subscribe below if you'd like to give it read it when goes out on Wednesday:

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A darkened door barely cracked open, light from the other side leaking through

Our social media person was off this weekend for some family time but we posted several great articles today on @medium Take a look!

#Poetry, #prose, #stories, oh my!!

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My Truth

I stepped up
my soapbox
but others were
than me,
so I farted.

I couldn't
get them to
but they had to
my truth.

#Mastoprompt #Poetry #speech #humour #humor

23 hours ago

who need
the proofread?

who need
the copy editor?

who need
the red-pen corrector?

you need
the proofread!

you need
the copy editor!

you need
the red-pen corrector!


Rainbow of sages
Fledgling scrub jay on the move Summer's calling you

#TodaysPoem #Poetry

1 day ago

The desert

it so, that
we can not share love...
Introspection finding peace...
yet indebted to this cup of water

#Poem #poetry #writing #writingcommunity #shortpoem #shortpoems

Ben Deutsch 🌊
1 day ago

#MastoPrompt #speech #poetry

His speech went on a long time.
I heard other people laugh sometimes,
But the words flowed past me,
Never really making contact.
To be honest,
That man had already had
Way too much
Of my attention.

Marjolein Rotsteeg
1 day ago

freedom of speech ends
where begin hatred, sedition,

#MastoPrompt - #speech



1 day ago

@tanweerdar ,

Words that incite
Division, hatred and riots
Are not free speech.
They are the costliest
Of all.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 day ago

The #MastoPrompt for Sunday 4th June 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

1 day ago
writing a haiku
in thirty seconds easy
fifteen seconds left...

#poetry #haiku #ThirtySecondHaiku

Marjolein Rotsteeg
1 day ago


flower here, leaf there
gather my garden salad
palate and eye feast


1 day ago

#AYearForArt #ArtMatters #LoveArt #Photography #poetry
#environment #painting #bookbinding

#JohnClare in praise of the humble daisy.

While on the sunny bank the daisys seem
With smiling charms to court the clowns esteem
Nor do they spread their smiling charms in vain
His bosom warms enrapturd at the sight
With secret pleasure & unknown delight
His swelling soul to memorys treasure flies
& strives to speak—but Ignorance denies

Rowena M.
2 days ago

...And they call again, "It's simple," they say,
"and you too have come
with light, and to shine."

~ Mary Oliver from "When I am among the trees" #poetry

@DrOinFLA @claudiamiles

I’m tryin ta think
But nothing happens. Oh, no
It’s the Three Stooges.

#ThirtySecondHaiku #poetry #poems

2 days ago

Pizza is the best.
It's delicious, and you don't
Have to wash dishes.
OK, now you folks go!
#poetry #poems #poets

"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
2 days ago

"You are loved and seen"
hits different,

For those folk rendered

By those folk who love
What was before,

More than those of us
Who are here now.

#Pride #disability #poetry

Ewan :fediverse:
2 days ago


Hey! I’m Ewan, a Spanish-born #British student who codes in #Python and writes #Poetry.

I have an obsession with #Lycanthropy, you can blame Wolfblood for that. I also adore linguistics, and i've learnt basic conversational (European) Spanish and French.

I play on #Playstation mainly nowadays, but I do enjoy #Nintendo consoles.

I’ve been bouncing around the #Fediverse.

my home page is

Damon Thomas
2 days ago

Via some reworking of my book I find I have a "new" album. Free to stream and download! #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #SpokenWord #florida #free

Joel Pedersen
2 days ago

The decima is ten lines long
with just eight syllables per line
and, like some others in it's rhyme,
the a-b-b-a is first along.
Then a-c-c-d is laid on,
tied up with a d-c couplet
like a delicate word cutlet.
Those consonants we like to chomp,
letting unobstructed vowels romp
playfully across the tonguelet.

#decima #poetry

Daniel S. Deboer
3 days ago

a small light
a small ask

sanctuary candle
thorn-crowned lamb intercede

lions have ravaged shalom
roid-brawned lions have strangled shabbat

"under this sign conquer"
it shall gain whole worlds

behold its sword-addled imposter
who takes away

and keeps

#poem #poetry

Damon Thomas
3 days ago
Drinking Perfume

We played Truth or Dare as teens. For us there were mostly Dares since in small towns you already know the Truths. Gathering at the end of a limerock road to see a first kiss. Now the Dares help mark events. "Is that the party where you drank perfume?" Nights of Sheet Cake and Vanilla Fields. All who were there still know our Truth. It was hard. With limited resources we Dared to head out into the world. No one I know ever refused their Dare.
Indigo Montoya 🥫
3 days ago

We were cut from the same cloth
But sewn into different clothes,
And now you shimmer
Afar as white starlight,
As I languish in laundry
Awash with wist.
But the scent of summer nights
Still clings to us both.

You do remember,
Don’t you?


#Poetry #IndigoInk

A second #PrideMonth post for day 2 - please read my #poetry! I would deeply appreciate it! It's very personal and written through the course of my transition, and I'm still writing! :alicehearttrans:
#trans #queer #pride #TransArtist

Damon Thomas
4 days ago

"Living In An Old Country Song" #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #thrifting

Living In An Old Country Song

I thrift a lot. Never know what you might find. Once in Lake City, FL I was digging through a men's shirt rack with two 20-something guys. We were looking for different things. I mostly buy shirts with a nursing home room number. After a few minutes one of the guys said he was buying clothes because his girlfriend had burned all his out in the front yard. The other guy said that he was there shopping for the same reason. Neither seemed surprised by the synchronicity. It was just how things worked. Living in an old Country song.
Joel Pedersen
4 days ago
Panel painted with colorful rudimentary squares. Five rows of them, each divided into eight columns. The final colors have a rhyme scheme of ABAAB, consistent with a quintilla poem.
Damon Thomas
4 days ago

"A Backdrop For Stories" #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #storms

A Backdrop For Stories
In 1993 a No Name Storm of the Century hit Dixie County, FL. I somehow slept through it all in Old Town Hammock but awoke to a 40° temperature drop and a shattered power grid. A bit later some returned to school. At first it was those from the inland Cross City and Old Town but in time came those from the hard hit coastal areas.  It was only after they returned to school that we could be sure our friends were not dead. The rest of the school year was mostly a loss. Coursework provided a backdrop for stories about submerged firetrucks and a guy who dropped out of school after a house that was to be his graduation present slid into the Gulf of Mexico. We had a lot to say about interesting times.
Shaula Evans
5 days ago

“The purpose of poetry is to return that which is familiar to its original strangeness.”

Charles Simic

#CharlesSimic #Poetry #ArsPoetica

Damon Thomas
5 days ago

"Five Bloody Letters" #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #blood

Five Bloody Letters

A friend was sent off to military school by his stepdad. There had long been threats. No reason existed. The kid was a quiet dork. Stepdad just wanted him gone. That friend returned after graduation with a pile of bad habits. The sorts of things Ramones sing about. Carved his name on his chest with a knife. Five bloody letters. We told him salt would clean those wounds. He sprinkled it on. Screamed and stabbed the wall. We left. Guy had a knife. Walked around Cross City until the sun began to rise. Then hurried home before we were inspired to write poetry.
dinet 🕷️🦂🐍
5 days ago

The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts tomorrow. I still remember how Hurricane Gilbert squatted over Jamaica for three nightmarish days before leaving.

Olive Senior's "Hurricane Story, 1988" connects the other hurricane stories in the "Travellers' Tales" section of her poetry collection, Gardening in the Tropics, which is an absolute must-read.


Hurricane Story, 1988 by Olive Senior

My mother wasn't christened 
Imelda but she stashed a cache 
of shoes beneath the bed.

She used to travel to Haiti, 
Panama, Curaçao, Miami, 
wherever there was bargain

to catch — even shoes that 
didn't have match. Back home 
she could always find customer

come bend-down to look and talk 
where she plant herself on 
sidewalk. When the hurricane

hit, she ban her belly and bawl, 
for five flights a day to Miami 
grounded. No sale and her shoes

getting junjo from the damp (since 
the roof decamp) and the rest 
sitting in Customs, impounded.

My mother banked between her 
breasts, lived out her dreams 
in a spliff or two each night.

Since the storm, things so tight 
her breasts shrivel, the notes 
shrinking. Every night she there

thinking. Every morning she get up 
and she wail: Lawd! Life so soak-up 
and no bail out. To raatid!
Marjolein Rotsteeg
5 days ago
WelshPixie, ShadowFigure
5 days ago @joel tooted about a new-to-me poetry form last night, and I got so excited to try it I paused FFXIV and had a go.

Ever wouldst thou go
fast to face a foe
in pride;
turn aside my woe,
wisdom earned, and though
I tried,
stubbonly forego
what you learned, and so
I cried

#Poetry #SmallPoems #Lai