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Today in Labor History December 3, 1984: A methyl isocyanate leak from a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, killed over 3,800 people and injured up to 600,000 more. Up to 16,000 people died, in total, over the years following the disaster. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has paid compensation to family members of 3,787 of the victims killed. Numerous local activist groups emerged to support the victims of the disaster, like Rashida Bee and Champa Devi Shukla, who won the Goldman Prize in 2004. Many of the activists were subjected to violent repression by the police and government. Larger international groups, like Greenpeace and Pesticide Action Network also got involved. The disaster has played a role in numerous works of fiction, including Arundhati Roy’s “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness” (2017) and Indra Sinha’s “Animal’s People” (2007). It has also been referenced in music by the Revolting Cocks “Union Carbide” and the Dog Faced Hermans ”Bhopal.”

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #bhopal #india #ecology #disaster #environment #PoliceBrutality #police #greenpeace #ArundhatiRoy #punk #author #writer #fiction #books @bookstadon

Victims of Bhopal disaster march in September 2006 demanding the extradition of Warren Anderson from the United States. By Obi from ROMA ,LONDON - BHOPAL, CC BY 2.0,

Gabriel was spokesperson for the community of #Kanesatake during 1990 #OkaCrisis. The 78-day standoff between Kanesatake, #Sûréte du #Québec provincial #police & #Canadian #military was over a contested area of land known as the Pines northwest of #Montreal. Supplies to the community were cut off; reports of police beating community members during interrogations.

"We were denied our food, medicine, free passage for our people," said Gabriel.

#Mohawk #Indigenous

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Quando fomos abduzidos para #sc brusque, os nossos algozes, talvez os mesmos covardes, fdp lá fora agora, pressionaram um membro da #family para nos pressionar a comprar um terreno, no nosso NÃO!

Os algozes mandaram, obrigaram ou fizeram o familiar sentir ou fingir dor de cabeça, pressão alta e até febre.

Quando decidimos pela compra do terreno, todas as doenças passaram, ou talvez pararam de o pressionar, a nos pressionar na comprar o terreno.

Eis que no cartório, observei que o valor acertado foi alterado para mais, disse-lhes: "não foi esse o valor que acertamos."

Os ADVENTISTAS da sétima ganância falaram-nos: "não podemos vender pelo valor que ontem acertamos!?"

Então disse-lhes: "muito obrigado pelo seu tempo", e nos retiramos, na rua a esposa falou-me da rapidez com que disse-lhes: "Adeus!"

Voltando para o bairro do Maluche de Brusque, eu e ela, lembramos e mui, muito falamos da sofrência e das maldades que fomos vítimas quando a diretoria do IPAC era ADVENTISTA, assim aquela atipicidade era normal, mas não era normal, EU NÃO!

Em casa, a desgraça da dor de cabeça e a pressão alta voltaram com força, mas 3 dias depois, numa manhã os ADVENTISTAS nos ligaram e falaram que venderiam o terreno pelo valor que havia sido acertado.

Lá nós fomos ao fórum de Brusque, mas os ADVENTISTAS queriam que pagasse o valor acertado, com um valor muito mais maior no documento, EU NÃO!

Para completar, no Bradesco, um caixa e o gerente exigiu-nos saber o objetivo fim do valor!?

Por fim, no verso do recibo, o fdp do caixa do Bradesco, escreveu de caneta vermelha "Kleber/IPAC"

Este era o nome de um dos ADVENTISTAS da diretoria do ipac.

#Brasil #brazil #law #crime #stj #stf #g1 #cops #nazis #sc #police #fbi #twitter #ia #court #eu #uk #mastodon #humanrights #ai #ia #onu #racism #religion #café #ai #legal #politics #conspiracy #coup #texas #leaks #ethics #unesco #lawyer #justica

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Paris attack near Eiffel Tower leaves tourist dead, two injured

The previously convicted 25-year-old attacker went after a German couple with a knife, killing the man, and then used a hammer to injure two others.

#Crime #Terrorism #Police

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Tobacco shop named in cigarette flyers appears to shut doors day after investigation launched

After an Adelaide suburban tobacco shop was featured in flyers advertising cigarettes for less than half the normal price, health authorities launched an investigation — and the shop now appears to have shut its doors.

#Smoking #Police

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Boy, 15, dies in car crash on Stuart Highway, south of Darwin
By Samantha Dick

Northern Territory Police say a 15-year-old boy has died and two other teenagers have been injured in a single-vehicle car crash about 30 kilometres south of Darwin.

#RoadAccidentsandIncidents #Police #Crime #SamanthaDick

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Victorian police warn drivers of speed cameras as part of wide-ranging industrial action

Victorian police and protective services officers begin industrial action as part of an escalating pay dispute with the state government.

#Police #IndustrialAction

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Booze law backlash in Top End as NT government accused of turning police into 'political pawns'
By Matt Garrick

The Northern Territory government is describing itself as "dynamic and agile" for its snap decision to tighten liquor laws. Others say NT Labor's only taking action to win an election, writes Matt Garrick.

#StateandTerritoryGovernment #StateandTerritoryParliament #Crime #Alcohol #Police #CrimePrevention #GovernmentandPolitics #MattGarrick

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Man, 91, arrested after 85-year-old wife found dead at home in Adelaide's west

Police say they are expecting to charge a 91-year-old man with murder after his 85-year-old wife was found dead in Findon.

#Police #DeathandDying

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Today in Labor History December 2, 2016: Thirty-six people died in a fire at the Ghost Ship, a converted warehouse in Oakland, California, serving as an artist collective. At the time, the warehouse was hosting a concert. However, the warehouse was zoned for industrial purposes. Residential and entertainment uses were illegal. Of the 80 to 100 people attending the concert, 36 died, making it the deadliest fire in the history of Oakland. The authorities arrested Ghost Ship's master tenant Derick Almena and his assistant Max Harris and charged them with felony involuntary manslaughter. After a series of mistrials, Harris was acquitted. On January 22, 2021, Almena pled guilty to 36 charges of involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. With time served, he was expected to be able to serve his sentence in 18 months of home confinement while wearing an ankle monitor. A building inspector, a Child Protective Services agent, six members of the fire department, and three police officers had been to the building several times, but never mentioned any violations. Building owner, Chor Ng, plead the 5th, and never served any time. PG&E eventually paid some damages, as the fire originated with faulty electrical.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #fire #police #rent #housing #art #collective #GhostShip #oakland

12-2-2016 Ghostship warehouse fire in Oakland, Ca.By Janna487 -, Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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Réforme de la police + soutien quartiers populaires (plan #LFI de fin juin)


publiées le 04/07/2023

commission des finances (quartiers)
admissibilité : pas de limite

commission des lois (police)
admissibilité : 5k en 6 mois

Il reste un mois pour faire +5k 😁
sur la réforme de la #police

✅ Votez (les 2) et faites voter 🗳️


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Pour #mémoire.

05 décembre 1986, des escadrons de police s’acharnent sur un passant et le battent à mort. C’est Malik Oussekine, étudiant de 22 ans.

22 heures 30 : À la Courneuve, #Abdelwahab Benyahia, 19 ans, tente de faire cesser une bagarre. Un inspecteur de #police hors service et visiblement ivre dégaine une arme et le tue d’une balle dans la poitrine.

Pour éviter un embrasement, la mort d'Abdelwahab fait l'objet d'un black-out total.

N'oublions pas.

Police file charges against 46 people over unrest outside the stadium as Villa and Legia trade blame.

Police file charges against 46 people over violence outside the stadium, with Villa and Legia trading the blame.#Sports #Courts #Crime #Football #Police #Europe #Poland #UnitedKingdom
Legia Warsaw fans appear in UK court over violence before Aston Villa match

EL¡AS 🇧🇷 🇵🇸
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Em casa, falei, pintei o quadro de terror que presenciei!

A #family disse-me que tudo era coisa da minha cabeça e dos outros +21 estudantes.

A feia #stalker seguiria-me até nos almoços do IPAC de 1997, na J.J. Seabra, 151.

Antes do IPAC um vizinho, Marco Antônio #Fascist me indicou para um trabalho numa barraca depois do #IRDEB, trabalhava para #nazis OLINDINA, vulgo LINDA.

Por vezes avistei as mesmas blazer passar devagar, tipo #police, MEDO!


#Brasil #brazil

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1 day ago

Après l'enquête récente de @disclose sur la #reconnaissance faciale utilisée illégalement par la #police depuis de nombreuses années ( ) on a maintenant @LaQuadrature qui nous parle des #algorithmes de contrôle de la #caf visant les plus défavorisés pour 25€ par mois d'erreur

Plus on avance et plus le basculement de notre société vers une société de
#surveillance policière et dystopique est prouvé et documenté. Il va devenir compliqué de continuer à traiter celleux qui alertent de gauchistes paranoïaques.

Financez les média d'investigation et les associations de veille, partagez les informations et investissez vous dans les collectifs de lutte, associations ou partis.

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Health authorities investigating multiple complaints of unlicensed tobacco stores

SA Health is looking into complaints of unlicensed tobacco stores in Adelaide, as leaflets advertising cheap cigarettes were found in suburban letterboxes.

#Smoking #Police

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Driver charged with assault after teenage pedestrian injured by car at Strathalbyn

A driver will face court charged with offences including aggravated assault after a 15-year-old boy was struck by a car south-east of Adelaide, police say.

#RoadAccidentsandIncidents #Police #Assault

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Driver charged with assault after teenage pedestrian injured by car at Strathalbyn

A driver will face court charged with offences including aggravated assault after a 15-year-old boy was struck by a car south-east of Adelaide, police say.

#RoadAccidentsandIncidents #Police #Assault

Barrie police inspector faces discreditable conduct charge following OPP investigation #Corruption #Police #Barrie #PoliceCorruption #BarriePolice #OPP #Charges #onpoli @barrie @onpoli

A disgraced detective of the Barrie Police.
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Health authorities investigating multiple complaints of unlicensed tobacco stores

SA Health is looking into complaints of unlicensed tobacco stores in Adelaide, as leaflets advertising cheap cigarettes were found in suburban letterboxes.

#Smoking #Police

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Health authorities investigating multiple complaints of unlicensed tobacco stores in SA

SA Health is looking into complaints of unlicensed tobacco stores in Adelaide, as leaflets advertising cheap cigarettes were found in suburban letterboxes.

#Smoking #Police

2 days ago

*How about, fuck NO. These were the cops that helped those #FreeDumb convoy ppl takeover Ottawa.*

The #Ottawa #Police Services Board has approved a draft operating #budget for 2024 of $415.5 million — a $13.4 million increase.

#GreedyCops #Ontario #FreedomConvoyEnablers #OttawaPolice

2 days ago

#Texas Judge Orders Release of #Uvalde Shooting Records

For more than a year, the state Department of Public Safety has blocked the release of records that could offer more clarity into the police response.

The agency can appeal the ruling.

#Police #MassShootings #News #Lawsuits #Transparency #DPS #TexasRangers

Photo of Texas Department of Public Safety officers outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, on May 24, 2022. 

Photo credit: Marco Bello/Reuters
2 days ago

“I can confirm we are conducting an #investigation on behalf of Elections BC,” #PortMoody #Police spokesperson Const. Sam Zacharias told Global News.

#ElectionsBC has also confirmed the investigation.

“We identified potential spending irregularities during a compliance review of Mark Sager’s campaign financing disclosure statement for the 2022 General Local Elections,” the non-partisan organization said in a statement.

#Vancouver #VanPoli #Financial #discrepancies

EL¡AS 🇧🇷 🇵🇸
2 days ago

Eu na feira de ESPLANADA comendo brincava de não perder de vista meus avós.

Mas os #police #militar #nazis ao passar, mexiam no nosso cabelo e falavam "cadê seus pais? ou "o doce está doce ou amargo?" No IPAC99 ouvia "qual o doce mais doce?"

Mãe Véia, vinha correndo e dizia-nos, para não falar com ELES pois ELES não eram gente.

ELA, algumas vezes nos mudou de box, mas na desgraça da capitá de cada 10, nove era ligado a #police ou era militar, #OMG, porque?


#Brasil #brazil #family #nyc

Peter Nimmo
2 days ago

To be fair, George #Santos isn't the worst criminal in the #US #Congress. There are members of Congress who continue to support Donald #Trump, even after he encouraged a mob with his election lies to a violent insurrection at the #Capitol itself, putting members, staff, Congressional employees and #police in deadly danger, causing millions of dollars in damage, and leading to at 5 deaths and at least 4 subsequent suicides

Police arrested 46 fans of the Polish club after clashes before a Europa Conference League game at Villa Park.#Sports #Crime #Football #Police #Europe #Poland #UnitedKingdom
Aston Villa file complaint to UEFA over Legia Warsaw after fan violence
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 days ago

"For nearly two decades, a loose band of sheriff’s deputies roamed impoverished neighborhoods across a central #Mississippi county, meting out their own version of #justice.

Narcotics detectives & patrol officers, some who called themselves the #GoonSquad, barged into homes in the middle of the night, accusing people inside of dealing drugs. Then they handcuffed or held them at gunpoint & tortured them into confessing"

#Police #Guns #Torture #ACAB #USA #News #NoPaywall

News headline:
How a ‘Goon Squad’ of Deputies Got Away With Years of Brutality
by Brian Howey and Nate Rosenfield November 30, 2023
Ben Rowswell
2 days ago

At Toronto #Police HQ this morning I saw this memorial to the missing and murdered in our community, 13 people whose deaths did not receive the attention they deserved. They don’t break down which are #indigenous women but we know they are among the most neglected in our society. May we never commit this act of neglect ever again #mmiw

Brève | #Police : traditions bien ancrées

Une vidéo tournée à l‘école de police de Oissel montre une recrue subissant un simulacre de noyade, puis un coup à l’abdomen.

Le formateur n’en était pas à son coup d’essai. Des enquêtes avaient été menées dans le passé sur les méthodes controversées de la direction de l’école. On voit avec quel succès.

Ces méthodes avaient cours lors de la sale guerre d’Algérie. Il n’est pas exclu qu’elles puissent resservir un jour aux forces de répression de l’État.

2 days ago

*McFee's notoriously abusive.*

#EdmontonPolice Service’s defensive response to a recent case in which an officer tackled & injured an innocent teenage girl exemplifies why #PublicTrust in #police is being eroded under Chief Dale McFee, according to both a prominent #criminal defence #lawyer & a #criminologist.

Police in north #Edmonton recently detained 17-year-old Haylie Nahamko-White because of what a police news release claimed was a case of mistaken identity.

EL¡AS 🇧🇷 🇵🇸
2 days ago

POR FIM, Sampaio, Lazaro e outros falaram-me que o corpo do playboy, a pericia levou e os corpos sem vida das duas mulheres, alguns me falaram que a #police da região os levou e os queimou.

Mas outros disseram-me que foram entregues ao #crime que controlava as drogas e o venda de mulheres para os hoteis da região.

#OMG! Qual a verdade das mentiras que nos contaram? A máquina de lavar da #Bahia Wish e o Diabo que sabe!

cac 18|18

#Brasil #brazil #racism #racisme #religion #justice #justica #uk

Koos Looijesteijn
2 days ago

#Police in #Berlin: trying to get a few activists off one of the car lane, they block two bicycle lanes at the same crossing

Many police officers standing around three activists sitting on the tarmac. The driver of a black BMW tries to squeeze its big SUV through.
View from the other side: two police vans expertly parked on bicycle lanes
Nils Wilcke
2 days ago

Soutien à nos confrères de France Bleu Alsace, visés par une alerte à la bombe au siège de la station à Strasbourg ce matin. Un mail menaçant a été reçu par la rédaction. Le personnel a évacué les lieux et une équipe de déminage est en route, précise la station.

#Medias #Alerte #Terrorisme #Menaces #FranceBleu #Alsace #Strasbourg #Police

2 days ago

Chiffres à l’appui, Paul Rocher réfute les fondements du « mythe policier » : contrairement aux idées reçues, donc, la police n’empêche pas le crime et son emprise croissante sur la société est avant tout motivée par « la réorganisation autoritaire du pays et le maintien d’un ordre inégalitaire ». Non content de contester les propositions de rénovation de l’institution policière et sa nécessité même, il propose des voies possibles pour s’en passer.


Performance of #police across states of india
#uttarpradesh is at bottom

BC Info Bot
3 days ago
3 days ago

A #Florida woman claims the state’s #GOP leader—a former county commissioner #elected on a “#familyValues” platform—raped her early last month, according to a heavily redacted investigation report filed by Sarasota #police.

What can you even say at this point? #Republicans are the villains they accuse everyone else of being.

#GOPfascists #GOPLies #RepublicansAreTheProblem #ChristianNationalism

3 days ago
Autonomie und Solidarität
3 days ago

Brighton, #UK: Call For An International Anti-Repression Gathering

"In the UK as elsewhere, murderous #police kill with impunity whilst politicians make way for a vast prison building program that will affect the poorest and most marginalised parts of society. Anarchists, activists and environmentalists are targetted as “extremists” and “terrorists” with special police teams designed to infiltrate and dismantle their campaigns and organisations.

Our communities are increasingly turned into open prisons, “a prison society”, through new technologies of social control. It’s time to stop wringing our hands and instead get organised. What do we have in common and can we build a common platform of action and discussion that helps us build a better world."

#Repression #Authoritarian #England #Gathering #Antireport

Brighton, UK: Call For An International Anti-Repression Gathering. March 29th-31st, 2024

In the face of escalated attacks against workers, young people, migrants and the living conditions of prisoners, we call for an encounter to learn how we can combine our struggle and understand how to advance our fight for a world without police, prisons and borders.
Stéphanie Pageau
3 days ago

How to avoid car theft? #Ottawa #police has the answer!!

Buy a second, crappier, car to hide your nice car. Genius!!

-- Block your vehicle in tightly against a second less sought-after vehicle --

3 days ago

Mort de Mohamed Bendriss à Marseille: la version du Raid contredite par l’image

Touché par un tir de LBD en pleine poitrine, dans la nuit du 1er au 2 juillet, cet homme de 27 ans est mort d’une crise cardiaque. Les images des caméras de surveillance, d’une riveraine et de la #police, récupérées par Mediapart, permettent de reconstituer le face-à-face entre son scooter et la colonne du #Raid.

Mort de Mohamed Bendriss à Marseille : la version du Raid contredite par l’image
3 days ago

Today in Labor History November 30, 1999: Thousands of activists, students, union members, environmentalists and others shut down the World Trade Organization (WTO) summit in Seattle. It was the first large-scale demonstration in the United States to protest “globalization” and the beginning of many similar protests. The WTO protest raised awareness of corporate greed while simultaneously promoting the delusion that, with a few reforms, capitalism and democracy would serve the needs of the people.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #wto #BattleOfSeattle #police #PoliceBrutality #FreeSpeech #protest #activism #globalization #seattle

A police officer sprays pepper spray at the crowd. By Steve Kaiser from Seattle, US - WTO protests 10, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Suzanne Rent
3 days ago

Lots of news in today's Morning File: #AffordableHousing, #police budgets, Carters #Beach, and #pickleball noise.

Plus, I wrote an essay trying to answer the question: "What is a #woman?"

Security video reveals moments OPP officer assaults woman in Orillia holding cell #OPP #PoliceAssault #OrilliaOPP #Crime #Assault #Orillia #Police #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

ACAB all day, every day!

Settlement Handed To 11-Year-Old Autistic Student Who Was Locked in A Cop Car For Hours, Hit With $25,000 Bail

#Autism #ACAB #Police #SRO

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

The cops and the media are not your friends.

NameDrop is being misrepresented by police and news agencies - Desk Chair Analysts

#Apple #AppleWatch #Hardware #iPhone #Misinformation #NameDrop #Police #TechNews

Two iPhones sharing contact information via NameDrop
4 days ago

A Retired Detective Says He’s Too Sick to Testify at #Murder Trials. Now Those Cases Are Falling Apart.

In St. Louis, murder investigations often rely on a single #detective, making them vulnerable if the detective is unable or unwilling to come to court.

But a former #homicide investigator said he has no obligation to cooperate, claiming that “retirement is meant to be retirement.”

#Police #CriminalJustice #Crime #Missouri #StLouis #Retirement #Court #News

Exterior of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department headquarters 

Photo Credit: Paul Sableman/Wikipedia Commons
Bylines Scotland
4 days ago

🆕 The public has lost patience with Police Scotland and Operation Branchform | @cluthaman

After more than two years, the police inquiry into the SNP’s finances is still unfinished. Enough is enough.

#Police #PoliceScotland #Scotland #investigation

4 days ago

#font #police #avis
Quand j'ai beaucoup d'information à afficher à l'écran, j'aime beaucoup la police "Ubuntu Condensed".
Elle est plutôt jolie et reste lisible, même dans les petites tailles.

Exemple de police Ubuntu Condensed en 18 pixels.
Exemple de police Ubuntu Condensed en taille 12 pixels
Texas Observer
5 days ago

#ICYMI, new bill turns #Texas police into border agents, seizing federal #immigration authority ...

“[It] is a usurpation of federal power, it is a condemnation of due process, and it is a repudiation of family values and family unity.”

#border #TXlege #politics #USpol #news #HumanRights #police #SCOTUS

Grant Denkinson
5 days ago

Why Is #China Defunding the #Police?
sounds like #redterror
#grid is a dangerous term in this reference
#dystopic panapticon
last time it led to cultural revolution #mao

Texas Observer
6 days ago

Featured story: “This was the choice of the school to refer to law enforcement, the choice of the law enforcement to detain the child, the choice of the prosecutor to charge him and try to trump up the charges.”

#news #politics #USpol #schools #education #children #police #prison #HumanRights #solitary

6 days ago

Louisiana Sheriff’s Department Settles Two Use-of-Force Cases, Including One in Which an Autistic Teen Died

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office will pay part of a $1.25M settlement in the case of Eric Parsa, a teen who died after deputies sat on his back for more than 9 minutes, and an undisclosed sum to the family of a second teen, Tre’mall McGee, who deputies shot in the shoulder.

#Police #LawEnforcement #CriminalJustice #Louisiana #News

Eric Parsa embraces his mother, Donna Lou, in an undated photo. Parsa’s parents recently reached a $1.25 million settlement with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and a shopping center in Metairie, Louisiana, after JPSO deputies pinned Parsa to the ground and sat on his back for more than nine minutes in January 2020. Parsa, 16, died shortly after the incident. 

Photo Credit:Courtesy of Daren Parsa
Greece's Roma minority demands answers after Christos Michalopoulos, 17, died while being pursued by police.#Features #Police #Roma #Europe #Greece
Another Roma boy dies in police chase, marking grim pattern in Greece
Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

"Police: Drone Assisted in Arrest of Repeat Shoplifter"

The shoplifter made the mistake of shoplifting the drone. The police were then able to track the drone's location. Case solved!

#USNews #drones #police #shoplifting #satire

1 week ago

🇲🇹🇮🇪 What would the graph police think of this map?

#graph #police #GrafiekPolitie #antarctica

A railway map of Antarctica, showing no visible railway lines or stations.
Hannu Ikonen, MD
1 week ago

Never once did the possibility of Neonazis get entertained by the German police.

Police and Nazis are SO aligned in being an arm of power, reinforcement for the powerful, that in this case they overlooked the shooting of a German police officer by a Nazi to chase conspiracy theories.

It took the Nazis sending them an edited Pink Panther video of the officers stolen firearm to admit it was Nazis.

Thin blue line with a Nazi symbol under it indeed.

#fascism #police #Nazis

Many end up for months on end in dire conditions in detention centres – sometimes alongside their traffickers.#Features #Corruption #Cybercrime #HumanTrafficking #Police #AsiaPacific #Cambodia #Philippines
‘Just as scared’: Cyberscam victims in Cambodia find no freedom in rescue
1 week ago

Today in Labor History November 23, 1903: Army troops were sent to Cripple Creek, Colorado to put down a rebellion by striking coal miners. 600 union members were thrown into a military bullpen, and held for weeks without charges. When a lawyer arrived with a writ of habeas corpus, General Bell, who led the repression, responded "Habeas corpus, hell! We'll give 'em post mortems!” The strike was led by Big Bill Haywood and the Western Federation of Miners, which, at the time, was the most militant union in the country, calling for revolution and abolition of the wage system.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #mining #coal #union #strike #FreeSpeech #FreePress #revolution #prison #police #PoliceBrutality #rebellion #colorado #CrippleCreek

Famous Western Federation of Miners poster entitled "Is Colorado in America?" Shows American flag, with the stripes filled with phrases like: Martial law declared in Colorado; Habeas corpus suspended; Free Press throttled; Free Speech denied. By Western Federation of Miners - Political Posters, Labadie Collection, University of Michigan, Public Domain,

Half of military sex offence cases never transferred to civilian police, despite government order | CBC News #CanadianArmedForces #Military #SexualAssault #Police #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Texas Observer
2 weeks ago

Featured story: “This legislation makes our communities less safe, codifies racial profiling, and will cost our counties millions in unfunded mandates.”

A U.S. Supreme Court showdown could be coming over this troubling new #Texas immigration law ...

#SCOTUS #politics #USpol #border #immigration #news #law #HumanRights #police #racism

Texas Observer
2 weeks ago

“Conventionally, the thought has been that #police departments do enjoy a presumption of credibility and trust. It’s the defendant’s to lose, not build in those cases.”

Criminal Justice reporter Michelle Pitcher looks at how this historic #murder trial ended inconclusively:

#CriminalJustice #news #politics #USpol #Austin #law

Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

He disappeared in 1995. His mother's search led to a mass grave and changed laws.

NPR reports on the case of 21-year-old LaMont Dottin who went missing in New York City.

#Missing #Police

sofia ☮️🏴
2 weeks ago

remember that all the instruments of violence created to be used on foreigners can and will be used on nationals as well. it's the state's capital structure: the more means of violence the state has, the cheaper violence will be for them, and the more likely they are to use it. not just machinery but also training ("human capital").

military, border control, police, the difference is mostly a coat of paint.

listen also:

#nationalism #statism #borders #police

2 weeks ago

For #Alaska Families, Questions Remain About Unsolved Deaths and “Suicides”

Local law enforcement said there was only one official unsolved #murder in Kotzebue, Alaska.

Many residents suspect otherwise.

#Crime #CriminalJustice #Police #Indigenous #Native #NativeAmerican #SexualAssault #News #LawEnforcement

Photo of Kotzebue, Alaska, Mayor Saima Chase outside her home. 

Photo Credit:Emily Mesner / ADN
Texas Observer
2 weeks ago

“This legislation, Senate Bill 4, is a loophole; it is a hook thrown with the intent to unravel judicial precedent.”

Last week: The #Texas legislature set up a future U.S. Supreme Court battle by giving everyday local #police the power to profile potential immigrants ...

#SCOTUS #CriminalJustice #immigration #border #TXlege #news #politics #USpol

2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 21, 1921: The original Columbine Massacre occurred in Serine, Colorado. State police and company thugs used machine guns against the unarmed miners, slaughtering six striking IWW members, all of whom were unarmed. Dozens more were injured.

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Headline on the Industrial Worker, mouthpiece of the IWW. Reads: Machine Guns Mow Down Pickets at Columbine.

#EFF to #SupremeCourt: #FifthAmendment Protects People from Being Forced to Enter or Hand Over #CellPhone Passcodes to the #Police
At stake is the fundamental principle that the government can’t force people to testify against themselves, including by revealing or using their passcodes.
Federal and state #courts are split on whether #5thAmendment prohibits police from compelling individuals to unlock their cell phones so prosecutors can look for incriminating evidence.

#Minneapolis #police what they really spend their #time on part 49,678: Harassing people trying to fix their car.

Black and white Minneapolis police SUV number 410 pulled up behind two vehicles, one of which is actively being repaired and like like it might be lived in.

We are paying hundreds of millions of dollars for a special police force that exists only to protect big oil corporations.

Since when is that even acceptable??! The images in this video are so shocking!

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Texas Observer
2 weeks ago

In March 2021, an #Austin Police Officer killed Michael Ramos after a 911 call gone wrong. The officer faced a first-ever murder trial ... that recently ended in mistrial. Criminal Justice reporter Michelle Pitcher explains how it all happened:

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Une invention sans avenir
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Mais pourquoi le cinéma aime-t-il autant la police ? Notre équipe de choc a enquêté !
Avec Clémentine ("Cinéma et politique") et Alexia Boyer (animatrice sur CISM).

RT sinon la Pat' Patrouille va venir te verbaliser 🚓🐶

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"#22 : Tout le monde déteste la police… sauf au cinéma". Image : deux policiers qui se parlent au mégaphone à 1m l'un de l'autre (tirée de "Police Academy")
2 weeks ago

The #german #police has a very rigid entry test. If your score in the IQ test is too high you will have no chance. They don't take everybody!


Texas Observer
2 weeks ago

“This legislation, Senate Bill 4, is a loophole; it is a hook thrown with the intent to unravel judicial precedent.”

From @gusbova, yesterday: A major U.S. Supreme Court case could be on the horizon as the Lone Star State takes international matters into its own hands.

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2 weeks ago

This Youth Detention Center Superintendent Illegally Locks #Kids Alone in Cells.

No One Has Forced Him to Stop.
The Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center has been punishing kids with seclusion more than any other facility in #Tennessee.

And as the laws and rules on how to treat kids changed, the facility failed to keep up.

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Photo of Superintendent Richard L. Bean, 82, walking around his namesake juvenile detention center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Photo Credit: William DeShazer for ProPublica
Texas Observer
3 weeks ago

A grand jury indicted Christopher Taylor after the 2020 shooting of Michael Ramos in South #Austin. He is believed to be the first #police officer ever prosecuted in the state capital for murder after an on-duty killing.

But this historic case has just ended in mistrial. Criminal Justice reporter Michelle Pitcher explains what happened:

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Texas Observer
3 weeks ago

“This legislation makes our communities less safe, codifies racial profiling, and will cost our counties millions in unfunded mandates.”

A major U.S. Supreme Court case could be on the horizon as the Lone Star State lege votes to pass SB 4, a precedent shattering #immigration bill, during the latest special session. From Senior Staff Writer @gusbova:

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