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The Cleanup of Seattle’s Only River Could Cost #Boeing and #Taxpayers $1 Billion.

Talks Over Who Will Pay Most Are Secret.

The company once described the Duwamish, one of the country’s most #contaminated waterways, as “a natural collector” for its wastes.

The Port of #Seattle and Boeing accuse each other of failing to pay their fair shares for the cleanup.

#Washington #PNW #Environment #Pollution #Water #CleanWater #Rivers #News

Aboumael ⏚ 🔻
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[Libération] - #PollutionDesEaux par des #gravières en Ariège : «Tout est légal et tant pis pour les générations futures».

Dans la région toulousaine, les réserves d’eau de la plaine de #Saverdun et #Montaut font l’objet d’une extraction de plus en plus intensive de graviers. Les industriels assèchent la #NappePhréatique, qu’ils remblaient parfois avec des déchets du BTP.


The Global Voice
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🕐Z At the top of the hour it's Radio Ecoshock (repeat) Presented by Alex Smith. A weekly program about the Latest #science, authors, issues - from #ClimateChange, oceans, forests, #pollution, solar storms, the #economy, and #peace. #audio #TGVRadio #EnvironmentalScience #Talk #Environment 🍃♻️🏞️🌱💚🌍🌡️📈

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L'air pollué est la première menace pour la santé, pire que le tabac et l'alcool
Publié mardi 29 août, un rapport de l'Institut de politique énergétique de l'université de Chicago (Epic) indique que la pollution aux particules fines, émises par le trafic routier, l'industrie et les incendies, représente « la plus grande menace externe pour la santé publique » mondiale, devant le tabac et l'alcool.
#politique #Santé #Pollution

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#Reminder that six out of nine #planetaryboundaries had been broken because of human-caused #pollution and destruction of the natural world. We are "well outside the safe operating space for humanity”.
#lastgeneration #climatecrises #acidification

Seven stones are stacked on top of each other. On top of the fragile balance, a hand places an eighth stone.
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Black leather recliner armchair on a beach.  Yep!
Orange Menace
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‘The lough isn’t just dying, it’s been killed’ - a curdled mess of pollution chokes Lough Neagh

Meanwhile, a local farmer told me “we’ve got to get rid of a load of slurry, we’re only allowed to spread it till the end of the week” and today, with the rain, they’re all out spraying, so the rain will wash it away.

Intensive dairy farming is killing our island, grants and regulations need changed now.

#slurry #loughs #pollution

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"The idea that some people may freely poison others is one of the most astonishing but least contested aspects of modern life. It’s time we saw past the lies and the culture wars. It’s time to stop accepting our daily poisoning on behalf of corporate profits"

Good article from George Monbiot on the powerful corporate lobbies behind the many types of pollution devastating people’s health.
#Pollution #AirPollution #Rivers #ULEZ #Farming #Agriculture #Lobbies #Environment

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Allen Stenhaus
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Why don't we fight plastic pollution by giving tax breaks to corporations for using biodegradable packaging like wax paper, untreated paper, hemp, etc.? Often we talk about taxing them so using plastic hurts, but they fight that tooth & nail. We're taking the wrong approach.

Flip the script & manipulate them the way you would a stubborn teenager. Phrasing it as a benefit & giving a tax rebate would make them think they're saving money, all the while, humanity & the environment gets another win.

I know, it's a complex problem, & no single simple solution will fix it, but I feel like this is a good start. If corporations are people, then it's time to start treating them like people. This could be a step towards winning the Climate Wars™️.

This post was inspired by opening a pack of wooden shims wrapped in plastic instead of paper, natural fiber twine, or other biodegradable packaging. It's made of wood! Don't wrap it in plastic!

#Climate #Plastic #Pollution

The Japan Times
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Eww... 🤮

"Treated and untreated sewage greatest threat to river biodiversity, says study"

Pollution from treated and untreated sewage is the greatest threat to river biodiversity, causing more damage than runoff from farms, according to research.

The findings were published in the journals Global Change Biology and Ecological Solutions and Evidence.

Treated sewage released by water companies into rivers and raw effluent that is dumped in rivers via storm overflows is the primary driver of increased nutrients, algae, and sewage fungus in rivers, according to the study.

Sewage discharge radically alters plant, animal, and microbe communities and increases the abundance of harmful species. While runoff from farmland has negative impacts on river water quality, the research reveals that sewage discharge into rivers has a greater impact on water quality and the animals and plants that live in rivers.


#Science #Environment #Pollution #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

Overhead shot of discolored liquid being discharged into the River Thames. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images
Bread and Circuses
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Everyone here knows that Earth's atmosphere is polluted by greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. We also know our oceans are heating up at an alarming rate, fueling storms and floods and un-natural deadly disasters like we saw recently in Libya.

But that's not all. Because even our rivers are getting warmer, damaging biodiversity...

Rivers are warming and losing oxygen faster than oceans, according to a Penn State-led study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The study shows that of nearly 800 rivers, warming occurred in 87% and oxygen loss occurred in 70%.

"We know that climate change has led to warming and oxygen loss in oceans, but did not expect this to happen in flowing, shallow rivers," said Penn State Professor Li Li, corresponding author on the paper.

"If you think about it, life in water relies on temperature and dissolved oxygen, the lifeline for all aquatic organisms," said Li. "We know that coastal areas, like the Gulf of Mexico, often have dead zones in the summer. What this study shows us is this could happen in rivers as well, because some rivers will no longer sustain life like before."

She added that declining oxygen in rivers, or deoxygenation, also drives the emission of greenhouse gases and leads to the release of toxic metals. "This is a wake-up call."


#Science #Environment #Pollution #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

Dead fish floating in the Rouge River near Detroit.
Flipboard Science Desk
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How wildfire smoke is erasing years of progress toward cleaning up America's air.

NPR reports that "pollution levels of health-damaging tiny particles have dropped by roughly 40% since 2000." But wildfire smoke "has erased roughly 25% of those air quality gains."

#Wildfires #Smoke #AirQuality #Pollution #ClimateChange #Climate

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Once a paradise, the valley of the Po is now hell #Italy #pollution #LaxRegulation
While the opening of the article blames the factories of Milan and Turin, a quote buried far down has another truth: cars are the main source of pollution

“If we know that the main source of pollutants are cars, then why is there not a strong intervention on sustainable mobility?” said Michele Arisi, from Stati generali Clima Ambiente e Salute, a Cremona-based environment association. “While you see a lot of bikes in Cremona, it is also the city with one of the highest ratios of cars per citizen.”

Arisi’s association has come together with others, including Critical Mass, launched last year by a group of young people to raise awareness about environmental issues, to fight plans to build a new shopping centre and motorway.
Lorena Rosaleny #AúnEnPandemia
3 days ago

The Po Valley is the most polluted region in Western Europe says the European Environment Agency

#AirQuality #Pollution #AirPollution #AQI

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#Mexico: Land, territory and #environmental #defenders are being criminalized for exercising their right to #protest

September 13, 2023

"The disproportionate use of criminal law is one of the main threats facing the right to protest peacefully in defense of land, territory and environment in Mexico, Amnesty International said today upon publishing a new report. Mexico: Land and Freedom? Criminalizing defenders of land, territory and environment documents the disproportionate use of the justice system to deter, punish and prevent defenders from protesting in demand of their rights.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights. It is alarming to see that Mexico ranks among the countries with the highest number of murders of environmental defenders and yet, far from the State addressing and preventing this violence, other serious human rights violations are also being committed such as stigmatization, harassment, attacks, assaults, forced displacement and disappearances, said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International.

"This report focuses on four cases: (i) Colonia Maya in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, where a diverse group of people came together to protest against the construction of residential housing in a protected area where it would cause #environmental damage; (ii) #Zacatepec, where Miguel and Alejandro, #Nahua communicators and defenders, opposed the construction of a drain in Ciudad Industrial Huejotzingo, Puebla, that would flow into the Metlapanapa River, polluting it; iii) Chilón, #Chiapas, where César and José Luis, Tseltal defenders, were criminalized for opposing the construction of a National Guard barracks in their territory; iv) Sitilpech, Yucatán, where residents such as Jesús Ariel, Arturo and Juan Diego are opposing the activities of a mega pig farm in their territory because of the #pollution, water contamination and health problems it is causing.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights.

"Criminal prosecution and stigmatization

"Our report highlights the use of vague or ambiguous offences that ignore the principle of legality, such as rioting, obstruction of public works and variations on the offence of attacks on roadways. It was also noted that events occurring during protests have been conveniently adapted to fit other crimes through broad interpretations of criminal offences and statements that misrepresent the facts. The accusations are largely fabricated on the basis of statements made by public servants and company workers directly related to the events being denounced by the communities. There is no hard evidence in any of the criminal files that would enable any crime to be established.
#AmnestyInternational observed some alarming similarities in these cases. The complaints filed are overwhelmingly directed at people who are considered leaders, or those who are most visible in the protest movements, and they are being prosecuted for vague offences, without hard evidence and solely on the basis of their peaceful actions. The proceedings often drag on for various reasons, and there is a constant worry that cases could be revived or new crimes fabricated.

"Criminal proceedings against defenders are intended as a deterrent to others advocating for the same causes as it leads them to fear that their legitimate demands may end in stigmatization, repression or threats to their lives and safety. While we’ve observed the hope and dignity of some who are being unjustly criminalized when they enjoy the support of their communities, we’ve also seen others who have decided to abandon the struggle to demand their rights, said Edith Olivares Ferreto, executive director of Amnesty International Mexico.

"Differential impacts of state pressure

"These processes are often accompanied by a stigmatization of defenders and serious problems for their security and physical and mental health. This situation also affects their legal representatives and people who support them on an ongoing basis. The use of the criminal justice system against those who dissent or speak out in relation to local government projects and #corporate interests takes place without consequence and with complete impunity. Other violations that occur in the context of protests have also not been investigated, such as violations of the right to liberty and security of defenders, as well as the excessive use of force.

"The unjust #criminalization of defenders who protest peacefully has both individual and collective impacts. Some of the most common effects on an individual level are physical, psychological and economic, such as illness, physical pain as a result of blows received, fear, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, stress, impotence, feelings of injustice at what has happened to them, and effects on their work defending their rights.

"Collective impacts include the intimidation or repression of demands for rights to land, territory and the environment among people advocating for the same causes.

"The unjust criminalization of #HumanRights defenders draws attention away from the root causes and challenges facing land, territory and environmental defenders. The right to protest must be handled in such a way that recognizes that punishing those involved in social conflicts generally only exacerbates the problem rather than resolving the substance of the issue. Defenders’ demands must be properly heard and analysed and their right to protest guaranteed.

"Amnesty International’s report offers a number of general recommendations for addressing the disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters, in addition to other recommendations specific to the cases documented in the report. Among the former, the authorities must recognize the valuable work done by land, territory and environmental defenders; refrain from stigmatizing them; guarantee their participation in issues affecting their communities; strengthen the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists; and refrain from using militarized security forces, such as the National Guard, to monitor protests.

"Among its specific recommendations, Amnesty International calls on the state to immediately cease the criminalization of protest and to properly investigate the human rights violations in the cases documented in the report in order to ensure that the defenders receive full reparations.

"The report accompanies the launch of the campaign #ProtestarNoEsUnCrimen, which seeks to raise awareness of the problem of the unjust criminalization of human rights defenders and its impact on the defence of land, territory and the environment."


#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

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A Black Community in #WestVirginia Sues the #EPA to Spur Action on Toxic Air #Pollution
Institute, WV, one of two majority-Black communities in the state, was left out of a regulatory effort earlier this year to tighten limits on cancer-causing chemicals.

#Lawsuits #Cancer #News

How can we safely transport kids to school while reducing #pollution, promoting #exercise, boosting confidence, and building strong #community bonds? 🌲🚸🌳

In #Glasgow, #Scotland, #children ride to #school together in a bike 'bus' or 'train' – a group of young commuters guided by #cycling parents and teachers. 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️💨🍂

👉 Learn more:

🙋‍♀️ Want to get this idea started in your neighborhood? Here's how:

🚲 How to Set Up a Bike Bus at Your School
🚲 I Started a Bike Bus, and You Can Too
🚲 Bicycling to School Together: A bike train planning guide

#tksst #eco #climate

A "bike bus"
Bob Jamieson
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Revealed: almost everyone in Europe is breathing toxic air

Guardian investigation finds 98% of Europeans breathing highly damaging polluted air linked to 400,000 deaths a year
The measurements refer to PM2.5 – tiny airborne particles mostly produced from the burning of fossil fuels, some of which can pass through the lungs and into the blood stream, affecting almost every organ in the body.

#pollution #health #AirPollution

4 days ago

"....Some research has already suggested that #wildfire $smoke can be worse than other sources of air pollution. In studying hospital admissions in Southern California, Tarik Benmarhnia, an environmental epidemiologist at the University of California at San Diego, and others found that smoke from wildfires can be up to 10 times more harmful on human health than other #pollution particles."

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
4 days ago

Geweldig. Kunnen wij, die nu lijden aan allerlei ziekten veroorzaakt door #milieuvervuiling de #hoogovens nu aanklagen en vergoeding ontvangen? Enkele keren per jaar sta ik doodsangsten uit, omdat mijn longen weigeren adem te halen. En da's chronisch: daar is geen medicijn tegen. #asthma #environment #pollution #tatasteel #netherlands

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
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"Cutting in half the amount of pork, beef, chicken & milk that humanity eats would halt net #deforestation & other loss of natural lands almost entirely & reduce #GreenhouseGas emissions from land use by nearly a third"

#GoVegan #HabitatLoss #agriculture #pollution #ClimateCrisis

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
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experts say car&truck tire emissions are a significant source of air & water pollution & may be affecting humans as well as killing #wildlife

78% of ocean #microplastics are synthetic tire rubber, according to one estimate

#pollution #salmon #water #air

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I’m a bit confused by #Apple’s #environmental claims.

The new #FineWoven material that replaces #leather for example:

Leather is biodegradable and cows grow back. FineWoven is plastic and does not biodegrade. Yet, FineWoven is recycled material and growing cows is not carbon neutral.

Is Apple trading carbon emissions for #plastic #pollution?



Ana McKellar
1 week ago

More proof of how essential is a strong Green Party presence in UK politics. Green Party peers Natalie Benn and Jenny Jones with Labour support acted to stop the government removing regulations on house building which would permit increasing pollution of watercourses. We need proportional representation so badly. Recent poll shows that 19% would vote Green if votes counted.
#GreenParty #ProportionalRepresentation #ElectoralReform

Poll showing increase in minority parties share with PR, main parties both drop
Bread and Circuses
2 weeks ago

💀 Car culture poisons the environment.

💀 Car culture destroys wildlife.

💀 Car culture kills children.

The issue known as “car bloat” and “autobesity” refers to vehicles bought today being bigger than the ones they replace. This affects parking and raises concerns about safety for other road users.

A US study showed that children were eight times more likely to die when struck by an SUV compared with a normal passenger car. Bigger vehicles also have a greater impact on the climate and air pollution.

Tiny particles from the wear of vehicle brakes, tires, and roads already make up about half of the air pollution particles from traffic. This will be getting worse because our car fleet is getting heavier and there are no clear policies to control this pollution source.


#Environment #Climate #Pollution #WarOnCars #BanCars

Marketing photo of a huge 2022 Chevy Suburban SUV, shown in a driveway next to two happy young girls dressed in soccer gear. Caption (which I added) says: Compare the size of the kids to the overwhelming size of the SUV.
Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

Once again, the #Texas government is pushing full-steam ahead while ignoring scientists, this time in the roll-out of undersea carbon capture and sequestration facilities, which the #oil and gas industry hope will halt the effects of carbon #pollution Experts warn this #tech may not be ready for widespread use in the undersea floor:

Via our friends at @insideclimatenews.
#news #environment #ClimateChange #GulfCoast #OilAndGas #energy #Science

Ray Cunningham
2 weeks ago

Absolutely massive changes proposed to Dublin city centre transport. Closing Bachelors Walk and Aston Quay to private cars, redirecting traffic at Beresford Place and Westland Row, and more. Why? Because 60% of the private car traffic in Dublin city is through-traffic, bringing nothing to the city except pollution, noise, and danger to pedestrians and cyclists. This will need your support to implement, have your say here
#transport #Dublin #climate #pollution

Graphic from the proposals showing a redesign of Bachelors Walk to make space for pedestrians, cyclists, and trees.
LM Little
2 weeks ago

"Only 20 countries, led overwhelmingly by the #UnitedStates, are responsible for nearly 90 percent of the carbon-dioxide (#CO2) #pollution threatened by new #oil and gas fields and #fracking wells planned between 2023 and 2050. If this oil and #gas expansion is allowed to proceed, it would lock in #climatechaos and an unlivable future" .