Joseph A. Langley
46 minutes ago
This is an ink drawing of an imaginary waterfall. There is a pond at the base with a small stream leading away. There are actually 3 separate falls into the pond. There are several trees at the top, one on an outcropping, and one on each side of the stream.
James Guilford
18 hours ago

Mallard Duck dealing with hard water this morning.

#mallard #duck #pond #ice

A mallard Duck stands on the surface of a pond that has iced over. The ice reflects the blue of the sky and the dark underside of the duck. The mallard’s bill is yellow, its head is iridescent green, its breast appears brown, and the side of the duck, beneath his dark folded wing, is white. Small tail feathers are curled upward and the bird’s legs and webbed feet are orange.
PoliticalPuffin in the UK
22 hours ago

#MehdiHasan has lost his show!!! #Newsnight to be cut to 30 minutes??! WTF?? 😠 On both sides of the #pond catastrophic changes are being forced on anyone that gives the slightest shit about quality journalism, interviewing and truth.

I guess I had wondered if a 'call' would be made to #NBC & some chinless wonder would pull Mehdi Hasan aside and say 'cool it would ya?' With, I can imagine, the politest of 'fuck offs' in reply.

Newsnight was the last serious hour of TV in the UK :rolling_eyes:

Martin Liebermann
1 day ago

Pond with Snow

Reflctions on old farmers pond surrounded by snow covered trees

ssnow #pond #trees #rural #reflections#landscape #Germany

Photography of an old pond surrounded by snow covered trees. The lower half shows the reflections of the trees in blue water. To the right, a willow hangs above the pond. The foreground shows frost covered twigs and nettles. The background consists of young trees and reeds, all covered in snow.

Walking around Centennial Park in Nashville. #nashville #tennessee #tn #walk #view #centennialpark #tree #pond #fall #autumn #water

A tree grows low out over the pond. It’s a cold and cloud day. The last touches of color on the tree leaves around the pond in Centennial Park.
Pots & Trowels
3 days ago

Our latest podcast features @lincspplants who give Martin a tour of their nursery as well as some super advice!

New Podcast episodes every Sunday, new gardening videos every Thursday!

#podcast #garden #gardening #autumn #fall #pond #landscaping

Janet Dane
3 days ago

It's cold out there today. #SpringWaterLakes #Mulmur #Pond #nature

The hazy moon is going down above the trees beside a pond, partially covered with snow. It looks cold and is cold.
Gryph the Gryphon
4 days ago

^v^ the Gryphons can swim even in all kinds of the ponds . n this Gryph the Gryphon wud like to see these rly nice Gryphons too ^V^

#pond #swim

Hejsa, it's Nele!
4 days ago

"Because of reasons I couldn't post the final image of the month two days ago. Theme was nymph or fairy. Wasn't exactly sure how to do a nymph, so I just kinda tried. But because I am so late I made both~"

#ai #aiart #stablediffusion #kemonomimi #nymph #fairy #nelevember #forest #pond #dress #wings #nele

Nele at a forest stream with a flowing white dress
Nele as a fairy in a shallow forest pond
George Steffanos
1 week ago

🧵 1/3
September 2, 1983: The initial mile of trail was a meandering stroll through the forest on assorted trails and logging roads, after which the AT cut through a farm, crossing a pasture and going past some outbuildings before turning onto a dirt road. The next mile was all on dirt and gravel roads, at one point approaching Upper Baker Pond:

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #NewHampshire #nature #forest #mountains #pond #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails

Beneath a clear, soft blue sky we are standing beside a lake. Brilliant green water grasses and aquatic plants grow along and near the shore in front of us, and along the heavily wooded shoreline to our left. A pair of low wooded ridges running right and left of a gap rise from the far shore. That shore is also wooded, but the immediate shore has a handful of vacation cottages scattered around it.
or ephem for short.
1 week ago

Here are a few #iphonephotography pictures this morning for the #Fediverse to enjoy! A week ago, my family & I took a trip to our local arboretum & had a friendly competition on who could take the best photo!
Obviously there was no real winner, just a new way of bonding together in nature.

#trees #nature #fall #PhotoMonday #photography #arboretum #pond

A close up of a green branch in the middle of yellow-green branches that are slightly out of focus while the sun softly peaks through.
A yellow, orange, & red tree sits on the right side of the frame with a small pond in the background. The trees in the background are all green & the sun creates a reflection on the pond & the trees.
Two trees sit on the right hand side of the frame, one small yellow one & to the right an orange one. A pond sits in the background & is lined by green trees of various sizes.
Sean Murthy
2 weeks ago

6.6km walk today in fantastic walking weather. Happy with both the pace and HR. Plus, it was great to see the neighborhood pond after nearly a month. The fountain looked especially nice.

In the pics, I love how the colors, sunlight, and shade come through. I also like how the water particles stand out in the second pic but feel I could've done better.

And apropos the season, the walk's trace looks like the outline of a Christmas tree. 🌲

#walking #health #nature #pond #photography #amateur

A pond with green-looking water and a fountain in the middle. Tree-lined banks of the pond on either side of the pond. Blue sky with some white clouds.
Blue-looking water in a pond with a fountain in the middle. Trees on the pond's bank in the background.
An unmarked map tracing the path of a walk in green. White text on black under the map with stats related to the walk.

I was going to work in my car while my son was in a soccer training session. But it is a new place, and I saw this a bit weird fountain. So I decided to take a walk in dark 😉

#Fountain #Pond #Soccer #YouthSports #Walking

A water fountain in a pond is lit up by a blue light at night.
George Steffanos
2 weeks ago

A silent landscape almost without color. Few birds around all day, no frogs or insects. Barely a wisp of breeze. On the threshold of spring, Lost Ponds, Mattatuck State Forest, Plymouth, Connecticut. March 25, 2019, 5:17 PM.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #spring #March #forest #pond #clouds #naturephotography #trails #springtime

A hazy sky with a few slivers of blue gray breaking through a high haze. The wooded far shore is almost a silhouette in the dim light. A giant ball of sun is burning through most of the haze, its pale yellow aura the closest thing to a bright color in that whitewashed sky. A darker mirror image of that peninsula, gray sky and pale yellow sun is reflected on the almost flat surface of the lake below. A skeleton of a dead tree is partially submerged in the foreground. Part of its trunk and the stump ends of several branches are all that show above the lake surface. A portion of a leafless shrub is silhouetted in the bottom left corner.
John Smyth
2 weeks ago

My first update since digging the new back garden pond over the June Bank Holiday this year. Plenty of wildlife, but especially dragonflies! Image is of a female emperor dragonfly laying eggs in the pond in June, just 3 weeks after I'd dug the pond! Full video at

#mastodaoine #pond #gardenpond #biodiversity #Galway #Ireland #dragonfly #anaximperator #environment #nature

A large yellow-green dragonfly is clinging to a white flower blossom with long, splindly legs. The flower is floating on the surface of brown-colured water. the dragonlfy's wings extend across the image - they are see-through with a lattice of thin dark veins and a yellow outline. In the background floats asingle, wine-coloured lilypad
Michał Górny
2 weeks ago

South #Park (Park Południowy) in #Wrocław.

#pond #autumn

A pond in the park visible through a weeping willow. The thick trunk of the tree is visible on the right, and grows leaning to the left, then zigzags back right in the middle. The leaves are green and yellow, suspended just above the water. The water is reflecting the blue sky with some white clouds that is also visible through the willow, and on the top-left part of the picture. Thick shrubs are growing inside the pond to the far left.
Another shot at the same pond. The weeping willow is now at the left edge, and a few high branches with scarce orange leaves of another tree is visible to the right. Another orange-leaved tree is visible further along the right bank, and a thick yellow shrub near the far bank. More park is visible on the other side of the bank, with trees in autumn colors further on. The pond is reflecting the blue-white sky nearby, and the trees further on. The same sky is clearly visible above.
The third photo of the same pond. A tree thickly covered by orange-red leaves is visible to the left. The yellow shrub is visible to the right. To the front, the grass is covered with orange leaves, especially thick below the left side tree. The scarcer leaves scattered to the right side are shining in the sun. The water is mostly reflecting trees on the other side, that themselves seem dark green because of the bright sunlight. There is a cloudless blue horizontal band in the middle of the sky, with brightly shining sun on the right. Behind the trees on the other edge and above it, white clouds are visible.
Atlas Obscura
2 weeks ago
Scientists try to figure out why the water dramatically changed color over one weekend.#salt #color #water #pond #algae #section-Articles
A Pond in Hawaii Has Turned a Shocking Pink
Heron&Fox Photo
2 weeks ago

A small flock of American White #Pelicans swimming in a #pond in the marsh of the #Merritt Island #NationalWildlifeRefuge. White pelicans are less common than the related Brown Pelican.

Get a print or other item with this image at

#BirdsOfMastodon, #AmericanWhitePelican, #WhitePelican, #PelecanusErythrorhynchos, #WildlifePhotography, #Photograph

An outdoor, daylight photograph of several white birds with long, yellow bills, sitting on calm, blue water with some dry brownish-green grass in the foreground.
3 weeks ago

The #pond has small green plants on it, and the #photograh ed #dragonfly rather matches them. Image by MJ, processed by me. Not recent.

Dagonfly camouflage
Dream Imaginations
3 weeks ago
Raymond Evolving
3 weeks ago

i like that it's fuzzy
#heron #lake #pond #fuzzyfocus

this is a picture of a heron on a small lake at dusk its kind of out of focus and fuzzy
Jeff Carlson
4 weeks ago

Sometimes you need to see beyond what's in front of the camera to reveal the potential of a great scene.

#photography #autumn #fall #FallPhotography #CA #pond #PhotoPrints

1 month ago

excuse me, but this azolla pond is *occupied*

#azolla #pond #CaneToad

Janet Dane
1 month ago

Chilly walk this morning. A bit of snow falling. Lights were starting to come on. The pond was still. It was darker to my eyes than the photo. #SpringWaterLakes #Mulmur #Pond

You can see a bit of snow in the foreground, a fuzzy looking pond in the mid ground, reflecting house lights.
1 month ago

Quite a shock, hiking a long way, to our biggest Cranberry field. It's not just under water, it's deep water, with no cranberries this year.

With tears in our eyes, we went deep into bogs to find more

#Berries #cranberries #pond

A pond, where a berry field once was
Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

Come autumn, the nights grow cooler . . . and longer. But on those early evenings, those shorter days, the lights of home glow all the more warmly, inviting the traveler home.

Autumn Dreams art print --

#autumn #fall #home #farm #house #evening #trees #stevehenderson #art #artwork #mastoart #fediart #buyintoart #ayearforart #cozy #welcome #inviting #ranch #country #rural #painting #oil #thanksgiving #colorful #weather #geese #pond #travel #thoughts #nostalgia

Art print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a country farmhouse in autumn, with a large tree in the foreground.
Auschwitz Memorial
1 month ago

Ashes from crematoria of Auschwitz II-Birkenau were dumped in the nearby rivers Soła and Vistula as well as some ponds located in the camp area.

Auschwitz II-Birkenau. A pond near ruins of gas chamber and crematorium IV.


#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #pond #trees

A pond surrounded with grass and trees.
Ambigram Art
2 months ago


A goldfish rising to the surface of a pond with Lilly pads, acrylics on board

#goldfish #pond #lillyPad #SilentSunday #acrylicPainting

A goldfish rising to the surface of a pond with Lilly pads
George Steffanos
2 months ago

October afternoon above Herron Pond, White Memorial Foundation, Morris, Connecticut. October 12, 2023, 2:36 PM.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #autumn #October #forest #pond #autumnvibes #naturephotography #trails #trees

Beneath a deep blue sky with dozens of small fair weather clouds, looking down from a ridgeline several hundred feet to a large undeveloped pond surrounded by forest. Most of the pond is covered with hundreds of lily pads turning bright yellow green and gold with the season, the rest mirrors the sky. The forest is a mix of pines, hemlocks and hardwoods. The latter are beginning to turn bright golds and oranges.
2 months ago

it's called "mere anarchy" because it comes from a pond and has something to do with frogs or beavers

(go on, tell me I should be yeeted into the sun for telling this truth)


2 months ago

we found a new (to us, obviously) park today
#autumn #Fall #LeafPeepin #pond

A small pond with young white birch trees lining its edge. Behind them, autumn woods & a cloudy sky above. Yellow leaves float in patches, breaking up the otherwise calm reflection of the forest and sky in the water
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

So I’m heading towards the #pond on the #sanctuary yesterday to hang for a while with the #dragonflies while I can. But I take the less direct route to check on badger activity in the small conifer plantation we have here which was established before we arrived.

Dragonfly sits on a weathered timber sleeper wing drying before taking flight.

Playing by the pond. Another bit of an experiment. Watercolour and gouache on Bockingford paper 410x310 and yes the Bockingford gave out on me as I removed the tape from the bottom :( #art #watercolour #gouache #pond #water

A watercolour painting of two children playing by a pond
George Steffanos
4 months ago

Crooked tree, marsh, forest and beaver pond at golden hour, Marino Pond, Plymouth, Connecticut. September 9, 2019, 6:04 PM.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #summer #September #forest #outdoors #pond #naturephotography #trails #goldenhour #summertime

A large cluster of clouds is drifting across a soft blue evening sky. Left foreground: a crooked narrow tree trunk covered with patches of light green fungus. We are standing beside this tree at the edge of a marshy area covered with tall golden brown water grasses along the shore of a pond. A similar marsh abuts the far shore. A shady forest begins where that marsh ends. The pond itself is covered with hundreds of lily pads. The late day sun is casting a soft golden light on much of the scene. The crooked tree and near shore are in shade.
4 months ago

My daughter told me about this fun little seed and plant swap Library! I visited yesterday and got some plants for my little whiskey barrel pond, and a few perennials to tuck into my flower beds. There are seeds, and some supplies, and even a little book library.

I left some cuttings in exchange. The woman who runs it named it after her grandmother, Ruby. What a great idea!

#gardening #pond #BloomScrolling #plants #flowers #library

Open air shelves with pots of plants under a roof constructed of 2x4s and sheet metal. The sign says Ruby's Garden and Seed Library