Apologies: My webhost had made a change yesterday that I didn't notice until just now and it prevented the forecasts on the website from updating. Now updating again!
#troubleshooting #webpage #PortAlberni #BCStorm

A screenshot of the Vancouver Island Inland sections forecast.

#bchwy4 is open but they have people and signs staged all along. Looks like they are ready to close it at a moment's notice. Hopefully nothing happens and a closure isn't needed but definitely on alert as the rain continues. Thankfully the wind has not been bad at all in #PortAlberni overnight and there weren't any branches down on the highway so it must not have been too bad on the East side either. #BCStorm

Woke up to the sound of heavy rain on the roof. One of my favourite sounds. #PortAlberni #BCstorm 🌧️

#BCStorm Rain is starting to pick up. One thing about owning a house, especially an 80yr old one, is you need to know and trust a good roofer. This sag appeared this spring. The roofer came a couple weeks ago and checked for issues and sure enough the vent on this side of the roof was cracked. He replaced it in an hour and now we can sleep soundly knowing this sag won't turn into a major headache. Maybe one day we'll redo the ceiling in here....
#House #Renovations #PortAlberni

A view of a white ceiling tile that looks bowed . There are some depressions in the tile where I has pressed it with my fingers when it was wet. It is now dry but permanently deformed. It is sagging enough that there is a shadow on the wall in the background.

When Mr. Bear wants your grapes fences don't matter much. This was an hour ago down at the creek about 4 blocks from our place. 🍇 🐻

(I swear we are only giggling because this has happened to us 😂)
#Bear #PortAlberni #video 🔊

A video of a bear getting into trouble in a local yard.

The first fall storm... pretty weird to see nearly 18°C and winds from the NE. Plenty of energy out there for some ⚡️ #bcStorm #PortAlberni

Data screenshot from the website.

It begins.
No rain yet and winds are light in #PortAlberni but there are large thick grey frontal clouds. Looks like the south Island will get the first bit. #bcStorm

a radar image showing extensive green echos across the southern part of the Island.

Low (circled in yellow) getting more distinct off the West Coast as the first bands of rain come into view on radar. #BCStorm #PortAlberni #Rain #Wind #Thunderstorm #PNW #WestCoast #Tofino #Ucluelet

A satellite picture from 17:10UTC (10:10 Pacific) shows many bands of white cloud and orange areas of precipitation. At the left is a small area where clouds are in a clear circle. I have circled it with yellow high lighter.
A radar image of Vancouver Island. There are green echos of rain in the blue ocean area just south of Barkley Sound and Tofino/Ucluelet areas.

Stormy Sunday Night and Monday –

Close Looks at time and amounts Saturday felt like the first day of fall as the weather shifted and the winds picked up. It's getting us ready for what's to come. A strong storm in the Pacific that is now approaching the coast and deepening. Right now it's forecast to be that 98.6 kPa low directly west of Washington and Oregon states.

#BCStorm #CameronLakeFire #BCWildfire #AtmosphericRiver #BCPoli #Weather #Storm #PortAlberni

It is a morning sky that portends dramatic weather may be on the way. Welcome to the first day of fall. #PortAlberni #Morning #bcStorm

A dramatic photo of the sky as a bright layer of high clouds arranged in lines of puffs are illuminated by the low sun that is still behind the mountain. The larger low clouds are below, dark with a patch of orange to the left.

And so it behind again. The last of the concorde grapes 🍇 have been picked. Another 5 gallon pail. 🪣 Should make eight 1L jars or so. No play by play tonight though. If you'd like to see the process, check out the full thread from a few nights ago linked below. :)
#Canning #Juice #Grapes #Homemade #PortAlberni #Preserving

A stand overtop the pail full of dark blue grapes. beside it between my fewt is the silver hopper from the boiler/juicer.
Two silver sinks from above side by side (but arranged vertically in the photo with the tap to the right). The top sink is full of water and six clear canning jars are on their sides in the water not quite fully covered. The bottom sink is empty of water but has seven more jars standing upright.

@vickietorious for sure. Or in my case in #PortAlberni a "Go Swimming" bag. ;=)

1/ Thread A nice person came over today and picked some of the (Concorde) grapes. This is probably about 1/3rd of the total on the vines. 5Gal 🪣 +

Time to start making juice before the fruit flies get at them!

First need to clean the jars and get them hot.(we don't fully can/process the jars. Just make sure everything is hot so they self seal)
#food #homemade #grapes #garden #PortAlberni

Two buckets of purple grapes sit on the floor in front of a small white stove/oven. There is a tall juicer boiler on the stove.
A dozen Bernardin jars sit waiting. Still partially wrapped in plastic in their box

This article reminds me: I have noticed areas of Cathedral Grove where Douglas Fir trees are looking very stressed. Brown needles on the ends of their branches. It seems to be mostly the younger ones. But the ancient ones are so tall it's hard to see if there is brown in their canopy. I'll have to take a closer look.

It adds to the cedars that have been dying by the dozens over the past few years due to the drought. They are often on the edge of the forests, more and more are brown. Entire rows and groves.

Cedars have shallow roots and like wet areas. So they were the first to be impacted. To see Douglas Fir with their deep root structures stressed is very very concerning.

All of the mountains around #PortAlberni are bare of snow. Mt. Klitsa, whose indigenous name I believe means “always white” is bare but for a few tiny patches. The only other time I've ever seen it bare was after the last major drought in 2016.

Our ecosystems can't keep up to this rapid change… what are we doing?!

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #EndFossilFuels #ZeroCarbon #BCPoli #CanPoli

Went out to see my old high school band teacher play a couple sets of 1920s Dixie. He's on the piano with the Louis Armstrong-tribute voice. He's 85. Started playing this stuff when he was 12. A treasure. Diana Krall learned her craft from his good friend.

#PortAlberni #Music #Jazz #Dixie

In a dimly lit venue (an old church) The phone is restong on a shiny wood table. A stand up base player is playing beside a man on a grey hoody and a full brim hat playing a black piano.

Significant 5.8M quake just now in Queen Charlotte Strait between Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii.
Tsunami not Expcted.
"Category: Information
Bulletin Issue Time: 2023.09.17 11:32:04 UTC
Preliminary Magnitude: 5.8(Mwp)
Lat/Lon: 51.058 / -129.818
Affected Region: 130 miles NW of Port Alice, British Columbia
Note: * An earthquake has occurred; a tsunami is not expected."
#Earthquake #Tsunami #PortAlberni

A map showing red star where the earthquake occurred
Catherine Babault
2 weeks ago

#Tofino #Ucluelet and #PortAlberni on Vancouver Island’s West Coast have been hard-hit this summer by road closures due to wildfires. You can help these communities recover by signing up for my photo retreat from Oct. 2 to 6 in Tofino. We will be staying and eating there for 5 days, there are shops with beautiful art from local artists as well. All that while exploring and photographing the wild landscape of the West Coast with me.
Help BC recover #exploreBCnow

Speaking on the action we have taken and must take to #EndFossilFuels and save our way of life. Go to a #DayOfClimateAction rally today near you. Demand immediate, massive, action. All political parties, all people, together.

There is a rally in #PortAlberni outside City Hall at 5PM.
#WarEffort #FridaysForFuture
#BCPoli #CanPoli #WWII #WWI #Pandemic #ActionNow #ReorganizeTheEconomy #Together

Apparently this chonky old bear has been hanging out eating salmon at Stamp Falls Provincial Park near #PortAlberni and I need to go see him! That is the chonkiest looking black bear I have ever seen! #chonk #bear #nature #salmon

A very rotund black bear stands on flat top solid rock. There is green river water at his feet. He has a patch of grey fur on his forehead.

Wow. I've seen this boat often around the harbour in #PortAlberni. It was caught by the DFO last summer illegally fishing Albacore Tuna.
#fishing #bcPoli #CanPoli

Oopsy. I just cleaned out some of the gunk from the basket in the skimmer and Forgot to turn off the pump first. Which is ironic because just last month I installed a new electrical plug right beside the pond so I could do this much more easily. Duh. Water is a liiittle murky now. 😆 😬 It should clear up in a couple hours. The fish seem quite intrigued by the influx of material but I imagine the oxygen levels will be depressed for awhile. #pandemicPond #PortAlberni #Gardening #Pond #Water #Oops

A very brown and murky pond with some lilly pads and other plants growing in the water.

"It's full of racists and trolls but that's where the people are, so I posted it there. Then someone commented somethibg awful and it all got taken down".

Said someone who posted a climate related event announcement on a community Facebook page.

Corporate Social Media is a failure and a danger.

#dumpZuck #dumpMusk #DeleteFacebook #society #democracy #community #PortAlberni

Volunteering in a small town is spending 8 hours, 2PM to 10PM at a booth at the fall fair and you see friends, family, say hi to random people and strike up conversations about community and climate and family and all the rest. Oh and you listen to Chilliwack on the Main Stage sounding a little rough but who cares. Tickets for all this were only $10.
#SmallTown #PortAlberni #Community #Volunteering #Chilliwack

People gather around our booth. There is a red awning providing shade from the sun and clear sky. There are some small brown buildings in the background

The band playing at the fair tonight was actually pretty good. Singer had a good voice. The band is called "Wet Future" 😂 😂
#fallfair #PortAlberni #SmallTown #RocknRolll

A small stage with the words "Five Acre Co" stands diagonally on the left. There is a large building to its right with large garage doors. Seats are arranged in front. There are some people dancing in front of the stage.

Didnt expect to wake up to rain this morning. ☔️ #PortAlberni

Five new fires popped up in the mountains just to the south and west of Port Alberni today. Likely all remnants of lightning strikes from earlier in the week.
Whole bunch of fires in a line up the Island where the lightning tracked.
Hope they stay small.
#PortAlberni #BCWildfire #fire

4 red spots indicate fires. They are in mountainous terrain according to the elevation map. There is one yellow dot as well indicating a fire that is being held.

Bambis and Mom in the City.
#PortAlberni #urban #deer

Two young deer follow their mom down a wide street.

This looks promising. And no lightning with it. #rain #PortAlberni #Drought #VancouverIsland #wxtooter

A radar image showing a large mass of green indicating rain approaching and starting to
move overtop Central and West Coast Vancouver Island.

Back in the day there were 7 large Pulp and/or Paper Mills on Vancouver Island. They were the major employer in Port Alice, Gold River, Powell River, Campbell River, North Cowichan/Crofton, Nanaimo (Harmac), and Port Alberni.

Gold River closed permanently 20 years ago.
Campbell River closed permanently 15 years ago.
Harmac was sold to the employees 15 years ago, it continues.
Port Alice closed permanently 10-15 years ago.
Powell River closed permanently this year.
Crofton has been 'curtailed' for last 3 months due to 'market conditions’ (see link). The outlook is not bright.
Port Alberni is the last “company mill” on the Island and has avoided most of the turmoil at least outwardly.

Other than Harmac, the last 3 mills were the final ones owned by one entity. That entity, Paper Excellence, is owned by a member of the Wijaya family who run a huge conglomerate in Indonesia: Sinar Mas.

It's just numbers on a spreadsheet now.

I expect Port Alberni's mill to be closed within 5 years.

There are lots of reasons for the shutdown, but I believe the major one is company consolidation and offshoring of global pulp and paper production.

#megaCorps #Billionnaires #Forestry #PulpandPaper #PortAlberni #Nanaimo #CampbellRiver #Canada #CanPoli #BCPoli

Just saw a flash of lightning over the Beauforts. The strike was actually in the waters of the Strait just off of Qualicum Beach (red dots). Love the Lightning app! I get an alert about 5-10sec after I see the flash. Amazing.
#VancouverIsland #bcstorm #PortAlberni #Qualicum #ThunderStorm

A cluster of red dots in the top right of the image.

The current lightning map on Vancouver Island is impressive and intense. Fingers crossed we don't see too many fires!
#CanadianWildfires #Lightning #SevereThunderstormWarning #VancouverIsland #campbellriver #PortAlberni

A line of red circles stretches from Victoria to Port Alberni and all the way up the Island to Port Hardy.

Bought these 2 years ago. probably the best investment properties I have right now. If you want it, call me. not kidding! lol
#wood #DIY #buysell #PortAlberni #Inflation

A 8x4 sheet of 1/2 plywood and a 6ft piece of tongue and groove fir floor board

1/2 It makes me sad and mad every single time I see an old growth tree on a logging truck.

I say that in the singular because I am pretty sure this one truck is carrying one tree. It's that big. This is common.

#EndOldGrowthLogging #CanPoli #PortAlberni #ClimateCrisis #Forest #CanadianWildfires #wildfires

A logging truck in line
It's a orange hued hazy view.

When we got an Elderberry bush and they said they were "vigorous" growers, I never thought that meant 7ft tall and looking like a bunch of angry bats. 🦇 We had it by the fence up until this spring then moved it to its current location and I think it has grown at least 3ft since. We will clearly need to devise a pruning strategy. Especially since the plan is to have a much taller fruit tree (plum or apple) right in front of it! #Gardening #berry #edibleGarden #PortAlberni

A very tall oddly leaved deep purple bush
Stéphanie Pageau
1 month ago

McLean Mill National Historic Site!

#PortAlberni #BC

Main sawmill; the entire site is in situ, with only a few things restored. It was all steam powered
An old car, taken over by moss and vegetation in a forest
An old restored train
A steam donkey, a mechanical machine to take trees down
Stéphanie Pageau
1 month ago

Fish and prawn tacos at Porto Taco in #PortAlberni for lunch. It was super tasty!

Two soft tacos with breaded fish and prawns, topped with slaw, salsa and beets.

Air Quality continuing to worsen. Judging from the Satellite it looks like this smoke is coming from the Fraser Canyon #Kookimin fire near Boston Bar. We thought maybe it was from the fires in Strathcona Park, but the upper level winds appear to be Easterlies, pushing the smoke straight to the West over the Pacific. We've been very lucky this year compared to others. This is our first real smokey day since June. #PortAlberni #BCWildfire #CanadianWildfires #CanadaWildfires #VancouverIsland

Air Quality readings around Port Alberni
Satellite image of Vancouver Island shows multiple plumes of smoke.

Been wanting to do this ever since we went out a couple weeks ago. Woke up to ash on the car and smoke in the sky. But it was still well worth the solo paddle. The smoke is likely from the fires in Strathcona park to the west northwest at the end of the lake. But may also be drifting over from the Interior. #canoe #GreatCentralLake #PortAlberni #CanadianWildfires #BCwildfires #VancouverIsland

A silver aluminum canoe is in most of the bottom right of the picture with the long bow extending ahead. There are two paddles on the bottom of the hull. The water around is lightly ripple. The sky is dimly lit orange with a bright point of orange light on the horizon just above the mountain range. The sky is rippled light yellow and orange cloud and smoke.
The bow of the canoe is to the right. The sun is to the left still a point of orange light now reflected in the calm water. There are dark trees around the edge of the lake.
No canoe. Just a smoke whispy sky with the sun an orange spot. The lake is almost a perfect reflection of the sky and trees and mountain ridge line.
Looking west down the long narrow lake there are layers of ridges.

I think this is the 5th bloom in the top pond this spring/summer! The lilly in the bottom pond has bloomed 3 times, including just last week at the same time as the 4th top pond bloom. #pandemicPond #pondlife #gardening #PortAlberni #Bloomscrolling #lilly

A bright pink lilly blossom sits on top of the water flanked by two bright green lilly pads.

The all time, all station, record for August 16 is 37.2ºC set on this day in 1927 at the original Port Alberni station (in the City). The forecast is for a high of 36 today. We'll see if we'll beat that, and the record. Yesterday the Airport reached 38.7ºC which was less than 1 degree from breaking 39.4ºC set in 1933 also at the Port Alberni City station. The high at Alberniweather was a stunning 40.2ºC

#BCHeat #PortAlberni #records #climatechange

At Alberniweather just hit 40.2°C with a Humidex of 45 and there is still room to rise further. Multiple other personal stations in the Valley are at the same highs. The official 3PM temperature at the Airport was 37.8°C. I expect it to be higher at 4PM.
#BCHeat #Heatwave #PortAlberni

A temperature readout shows 40.2

I believe we’ve hit our highs at Alberniweather:
Outside Temperature: 37.6°C
Humidex: 43.2°C
Heat Index: 39.0°C
#PortAlberni #BCHeat

We may have hit our high of the day, we just came down from 37.6ºC to 37.4ºC. The airport high so far is 36.5ºC as of 3PM. The Humidex is 40 at the Airport and 43 at Alberniweather.
#bcheat #heatwave #PortAlberni

A screenshot of the temperature readings.

"Environment Canada is predicting temperatures as high as 39 C in Kamloops, while in Port Alberni temperatures are expected to remain in the low-to-mid 30s all week."
I'm betting on hitting 36 today or tomorrow!
#portalberni #bcheat

Enjoying my last day of summer vacation. It's 32.7°C. Feels like a warm blanket, in the shade at least. :)
I hope that wherever you are you are having a good day. #PortAlberni #BCHeat

It is hot, the official high was 34.9°C at the Airport. But #PortAlberni did not break its all time, all stations since 1900, record which was set at the same Airport station in 2002 at 38.2°C.
#BCHeat #ClimateChange #BC #Canada #BCwildfire
Link goes to all historical stations for Aug 13.

A screenshot of the records page for this day at the Airport station.

We are at our high for the day. 35.2°C! The outflow wind is on, coming down the Valley instead of up the Inlet, no respite from the heat.
#PortAlberni #BCHeat #Hot

A screenshot of a display of temperature data.

It was a good day today! Short 3km paddle in the canoe on Great Central Lake with my mom and son. Always such a peaceful place. I also just love how the #EV looks pulling the trailer with the canoe on top! The canoe was my parents, bought in 1972! Aluminum, big and stable and solid! It's seen a ton of Vancouver Island rivers and ocean. #Canoe #PortAlberni #lake #family #today

The car and trailer are parked in a driveway. The canoe is perched on top of the trailer.
A map track of our paddle.
Looking back to the east over the water toward where we started. I large line of cumulus clouds loom in the distance but there is blue sky overhead. The lake has forest covered shores.
My son in the front of the canoe reaches up to touch the rockface of the edge of the lake that plunges straight down into the water

No thunderstorms developed nearby but we had one heck of a sunset! #portalberni #photo #sunset #noFilter #Photography

A blue, pink, purple, sky with intense orange shining through two fir trees.
A multi layered vista of clouds of shades of blue, purple, orange and yellow set on a dark foreground of outlined city with some points of light from buildings and one dark outlined tall fir tree.
Same but deeper
Same but a deep deep orange firey sunset on the horizon

first echos of activity have popped up in the mountains of Strathcona Park west of Courtenay. I am really hoping this is not a dry lightning event. Winds are picking up as well, gusting to 30kph. #PortAlberni #BCWildfire

The current radar picture is deceivingly clear. The skies over the central Island are hazing and some cumulus are building. We'll see if it graduates to actual thunderstorms. It looks like areas south and east of #PortAlberni are mostly likely to be affected. Large cloud cover filling over Mt Arrowsmith. #august #PortAlberni #VancouverIsland #storm #victoria #duncan #cowichan

A map of Vancouver Island. The land is green.

Got the rain gauge level at its new spot just as the first few drops of rain began to fall! Now it's raining. Yay!! #PortAlberni #drought #data #wxtooter #vantagepro2

A closeup of the top of the rain bucket with a yellow level on top showing the bubble is level.
A photo of the two weather data mounts. In the foreground is the rain gauge with a distinctive funnel shape in black plastic with silver metal spikes set around the top wide mouth. In the background is the transmitting station which has an black rain catcher as well and a white accordion section underneath that houses the temperature and humidity sensors

Hey friends! If you are on Vancouver Island or interested in chatting about the weather here, I've created a group on Signal called "Alberniweather - Weather Nerds". Signal gives a little more flexibility to have long running chats than standard social media and does it more securely, so I thought it would be a useful and fun thing to setup.
If you'd like to geek out about weather in #PortAlberni and #VancouverIsland join us at the link:

A screenshot of the frontpage of the group

The ponds seemed extra glassy today. So many reflections. They got their roughly weekly top up from the rain barrels this morning. It's not good for the ponds to fill them with tap water directly because of the chlorine. So instead I use our rain barrels (200L), and once the rainwater runs out (in May) I fill those with tap water and let it sit for at least a week to allow the chlorine to dissipate before adding it to the ponds. It has worked very well. #PandemicPond #PortAlberni #gardening

A small pond ringed with flat rocks and some decorative bushes aroubd the edge has very still water coming up to just covering some of the lower portions of the flat rocks. There are numerous lilly pads floating on top of the water of various shades of green and yellow. There are also a couple small plants in the furthest edge of the water. In the water you can see the reflection of the leaf covered branches of the rhododendron, pussy willow, and blueberry bush.
The top pond is a litter bigger. It is also ringed with flat grey slate stone. There is a large bunch of lilly pads in the left top corner and a much smaller bunch in the near right. They are green and yellow and purple. There is a large plant in the water at the right top corner that has an array of straight green short leaf branches that jut out just over the surface of the water. You can see the large and small rocks in the bottom of the pond but also the reflection of the tall leafy tree overtop.

Note: #bchwy4 has just closed due to high winds. Next update on DriveBC (viewable at is at 4:30PM but I would not expect the winds to abate before tonight. #CameronLakeFire #Wind #PortAlberni #WestCoast #Tofino

First Measureable rain of July last night!
#drought #PortAlberni

a black background box shows rai  data. Prominent on the left is a drawing of a rain gauge with the number 0.30 at its mouth.

This is not meant to gloat, but only to feel very thankful that we have very clear and clean air today while far too many across Canada and North America suffer through more wildfire smoke. It’s hot today though. 32ºC

#BCWildfire #climateChange #climateEmergency #thankful #WestCoast #PortAlberni

Screenshot of the live purple air reading shows 0 ug/m3 on sensor A and 4 on sensor B. They are in large green shaded boxes.

Canada Day Slo-Pitch tournament! Teams from all over Vancouver Island have come to #PortAlberni for the two-day Funtastic Okee-Dokee tournament and music festival. Can you see the ball in the air in the zoomed in pic? 🥎😊 The headliner for the Sunday night is Honeymoon Suite. 😆 🔥🤙 🌞
#baseball #softball #sun #fun

A wide shot of a big blue sky with a few clouds near a line of trees on the horizon. In the foreground is an asphalt path going right to left and beyond that a large field. There is a baseball diamond to the left with people playing their positions.
A wide shot of a big blue sky with puffy clouds to the right and the sun in the top middle. In the foreground is an asphalt path going bottom left to middle right and beyond that a large field beyond a small chain link fence. There is a baseball diamond to the right with people playing their positions.
Zoomed in shot of the baseball diamond. A player is at the plate facing away from the camera. She is crouched and there is dust behind as she swings through. The ball is in mid flight.

Crap. I saw a strike. I think it just hit the main transmission tower. The whole town and Mill and West Coast might be out of power. #CameronLakeFire #BCStorm #PortAlberni #Tofino #BCWildfire

The only good news here is there is rain associated with all this wind and lightning. It is raining hard here in #PortAlberni. EC just issued a wind warning for west coast VI Northeast 80kph. #cameronlakefire #BCWildfire #BCStorm

We haven’t had a lightning storm this active around #PortAlberni for many years. #cameronlakefire #BCWildfire #BCStorm

Lightning detected south and just east of Mt Arrowsmith. Not what we want. #CameronLakeFire #BCWildfire #Storm #Portalberni

A radar map with small red dot.
4 months ago

Greetings Mastodon! This is an #introduction Toot! And by golly I do mean Toot! 🚂 I am a lonely, almost forgotten railroad with a checkered past. Once upon a time my tracks were used to colonize and settle Vancouver Island. Today these rails are dedicated to righting those old wrongs and rolling for all once again!
Some Hashtags: #rail #Reconcilation #ZeroCarbon #BCPoli #CanPoli #ClimateChange #RailFan #Steam #Transit #Transportation #VictoriaBC #Nanaimo #PortAlberni #Courtenay

The Alberni Pacific Railway Steam Train puffing along the tracks to McLean Mill a few years ago. This was a tourist train that operated in Port Alberni for a number of years before shutting hopefully temporarily in 2018. The picture is a tight shot from the window looking forward as the train goes around a left turn bend in a forested area. There is forest ahead and to the left. There is steam coming from the locomotive’s wheels in the centre. The car directly ahead is painted green with yellow trim.
A picture of the commuter train in Montreal outside the Bell Centre. The sky is blue with some clouds. There is a large platform between two railroads with two tracks each. The train is on the left most track
A picture of the Rocky Mountaineer train in the yard in Jasper, Alberta. It is sunset. The sky is blue with a few small red and pink clouds. There are mountains in the distance beyond a rail yard.
A closeup of the old “dayliner” passenger train that used to run between Victoria and Courtenay. It has a square, flat, yellow front. The body is metal grey with blue trim. You can only see the front corner.

1/3 Time for some more spring flowers! I now bring you purple pansies, orange… somethings 😂, purple lupine and in the next post, Rhodos with two different species of bumble bees doing their thing! 🐝 🐝 #flowers #PortAlberni #gradening

A hanging basket hangs in the picture full frame. There are deep purple flowers throughout, some greenery in the bottom and some small link purple and white flowers.
A small pot of bright orange flowers sits on our grey stairs.
3 tall lupine stalks have purple flowers working their way up the stem. They are emerging from deep green leaves.
A large pink Rhodo in full bloom.

The lilly pads are multiplying. They are still in the process of waking up from their winter slumber. One of the plants blessed us with a single flower last year at the very end of the season in October. Here’s hoping we get a few more this year! #pandemicPond #Gardening #lillyPads #PortAlberni

Picture of the bottom pond shows a slightly murky pool ringed by flat stones. There are a dozen lilly pads floating on the surface. There is a waterfall in the middle
To the rear of the pond. To the right is a leafy plant. A small hose is sitting on top of one of the rocks above the water.
The top pond. It is also a little murky. There are a few smaller lilly pads and a plant to the right. A waterfall from a filter is in the top right corner.

Oh West Coast weather. You do know how to test this old house… #bcstorm #PortAlberni #roof #leak

A picture of white ceiling tiles that look as if they are bulging downward. There are two small drips appearing the gap between the tiles.

The snow begins again. Predicting quite a dump today and strong winds this afternoon and evening. We’ll see what happens! #video #bcsnow #bcstorm #PortAlberni

Oddly enough it was completely dry and calm in #portalberni itself. But you can sure tell it’s angry over the Beauforts. The sun is diving behind the line of the clouds to the west. Dark and ugly to the West and North.
#bcstorm #wxtoot #northwesterlies

To the West 30m ago. Clear line of clear sky advancing slowly toward us.
To the North along the Beauforts clouds piling up on the mountain range. Like ice pellets and snow.
To the West dark clouds obscure Mount Arrowsmith while sun shines on houses in the foreground.

More dramatic pictures on the drive home! Ice pellet storm on #bchwy4 from Cameron Lake and over the Hump. A few cars stuck. #portalberni #bcstorm

A brief video of the ice pellets.
🤖Alberniweather Wx Bot🤖
7 months ago

Beep Boop. An #introduction as a humble weather bot. If you are interested in current weather conditions, this bot outputs conditions from the personal weather station serving on Vancouver Island in beautiful #PortAlberni BC Canada.

Updates occur every 3 hours since the last time the server was restarted. This may change to top-of-the-hour in future.

If you have any comments don’t hesitate to @ my owner @alberniweather or @chris

#weather #bot #currentweather #bcstorm

Screen shot of one of the updates.

1/ This is my 3rd #introduction since the #TwitterMigration. My place here has evolved. Welcome not only to my timeline, but also my own personal instance.

I live in beautiful #PortAlberni. I am a geek by trade but have dedicated my life to climate, politics, and volunteering. #TransitionTowns #domesticviolence

#EcoSocialist #unions #socialjustice #climatejustice #UBI #IndigenousRights
#bcpoli #bcmuni

My hobby is weather @alberniweather
Ocean lover, Hiker, Traveller and Family guy #cats

Some guy most people know (he's really quite hilarious and adorable and does movies and is Canadian from Vancouver and if you don't know by now it's Ryan Reynolds) throwing his head back with eyes rolled with the text, NOT AGAIN

Heads up! King Tide is on the 23rd at 10AM (3.8m) in #PortAlberni. Extreme Low is at 6:35PM at -0.14m.
Link to Canadian Tide Tables. #wintersolstice #marine #ocean #sealevelrise

A tide table snapshot l. Big wavy line! There is a link in the toot to the real thing.

New #introduction since my first one was created back in the old days, 7 days ago.

- Live in beautiful #PortAlberni. I am a tech geek by trade but have dedicated a bunch of my life to climate, politics, and volunteering. #TransitionTowns

- #EcoSocialist. So #unions, #socialjustice, #climatejustice, #UBI, #Indigenous and every leftist/progressive cause.

- Was city councillor so local politics is a specialty.

- The weather, it’s my hobby @alberniweather

- Ocean lover, Hiker, Traveller.

2/ What you will find from me is: Typos (except now I can edit!!). Also, long threads about stuff you might care about or silly stuff you might not. You will see opinions about #unionism and #climatechange and #decolonization and #war and #technology and anything else that might come across my mind. Like this picture of my little #dachshund Kady. I like to share opinions and experience about driving an #EV, or municipal #politics, or being a dad, or a volunteer, or just living in #PortAlberni.

Doggy closeup. Daschund