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If you left ArtStation (or Behance, etc.) after the N*F*T & A*I mess & still don't have a portfolio replacement, YSK about Semplice: a by-designers-for-designers website-builder for Wordpress.

I've used it for my site for nearly a year & love it.

They do a sale only once a year — NOW!

(Not sponsored, just a tip!)

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Screenshot of

#Art by Olena Shmahalo
Timothy Andrew
1 month ago

Ok so I was just searching for an old toot of mine. I didn’t find it.

But I did find that a bot or whatnot curated a lovely little portfolio for me. That was so nice of nobody to do that. I’m flattered.

I’m going to carefully place this potentially sketchy URL at the bottom.

It must scan for hashtag activity. I’m curious to know.

#AI #SoftwareDevelopment #steeds #photography #PortfolioDay

2 months ago

late #portfolioday post.

I'm currently attending a 1-year animation program at a vocational school, working on a short film based off my scifi graphic novel series, "The Anaether."

#mastoart #animation #scifi #lgbtq #nonbinary #drawing #digitalpainting #digitalart #drawing

animations and digital paintings of my characters from The Anaether
2 months ago

It's #PortfolioDay and have a little look at my #wimmelbild #illustration work:

2 months ago

Zoe / Gina Torres, Firefly.

Rewatched the series and Serenity a couple of weeks ago. Id forgot how gorgeous all the lighting was. Still waiting for that season 2.

#art #digitalart #Firefly #ginatorres #digitalpainting #PortfolioDay

Travis Southard
2 months ago

Late post about my #webdev portfolio for #portfolioday!
I am a #softwareengineer with three years of experience in #civictech and #geospatial projects!

Fourth Woods Games
2 months ago

#100DaysOfGameDev Day 18. I've got the butterfly taking off and landing. I need to tweak the movements and I want to blend the animations when switching from flight to idle yet. Looking better!
#GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGameDev #IndieGames #GodotEngine #Godot4 #PortfolioDay

Butterfly taking off and landing
Romanina Cozzolino :eit:
2 months ago

I'm super late but still in time for my first (particular) #PortfolioDay ever 🙃

I'm an English to Italian translator specialized in video game localization 👾

Open to commissions in the #gameloc industry (any #IndieGameDev out there?) and #webcomics field as well!

Let's keep fighting for #TranslatorsInTheCredits 👌

Lynnie Lang Art
2 months ago


It happened fast, it's over quick
A little dust and the engine kicks
Did your hands drift down off the wheel?
Roll out, hit your windshield
An eyelash or a little bit of sleep? Time stands still
Just call it now and you're on your way
- R E M



#PortfolioDay #MastoArt
#mastodon #art #artistsonmastodon #artist #abstract #abstractart #music #lyrics

Framed textured minimalist abstract. Fiber texture with mushroom tan top and white bottom. Folds in the fabric and the weave picking up heavy texture. Ragged edges
Sarah Allen Reed
2 months ago

@lizzard hand drawn, but yup. :) here's most of the original art pieces in the binders, as well as some bonus joints. could not find the Strawberry Girl piece i did for that Band Of Bards anthology in the studio anywhere (we just moved cross country) so here's the original art for the Hexagon magazine cover i included in my full-color work #portfolioday post instead

I'm late :blobfoxhyper: but still doing some #drawing for #inktober

And for #PortfolioDay peoples, see more on my profil if you like my style :bunhdlurk:

N.10 - #fortune

#inktober2023 #MastoArt #art #illustration #DigitalArt #artwork #graffiti

some guy who looks like a fortune teller or with bills in his hands.
La Bête Nwar
2 months ago

Hello! I'm Flo, a freelance illustrator.

I'm specialised in toony animals but I'm ready to fullfilled all your challenges.
I can create both traditional or digital piece of art.

D'ont hesitate to contact me if you think I'm the good match for your project or commission. 💖💖💖


Sojung Kim-McCarthy
2 months ago

Ohh was it #PortfolioDay already! Dear kidlit editors & art directors, can I illustrate your Korean/ East Asian mythologies & folktales please✨

Agent: Lydia Silver @ Darley Anderson Illustration Agency

#KidLitArt #MastoArt #illustration

Samshin, Korean goddess of birth, is sending babies out to the world and into the arms of expecting mothers. Babies carry flowers of life from the garden of her mansion.
Ung-nyeo (Bear Woman) is holding hands with Hwan-ung, a son of god under a pine tree over a cave. In a cave underneath them, a Bear, Ung-nyeo’s former self, is eating herbs so she could turn into a human. A tiger who’s given up becoming human is running away.
Baridegi, Korean goddess of death, is shedding tears over her king father’s coffin. Her three sons are standing by, holding the elixir and the flowers of life she brought back from her long quest in order to save the king’s life.
A huge, mean tiger is walking into the Granny’s kitchen where she’s cooking a pot of red bean soup for winter solstice. Tiger is excited to eat the granny and the soup, but her kitchen friends-chestnuts, a turtle, a punch and a grinding stone are ready to attack him.

I'm a VTuber. As you do, I can solder the electric circuits, play a dance game at arcade and do a DIY projects. 3D avatar is not a limit for the expression on video and even on live streaming!
Visit my YouTube channel!
#PortfolioDay #PortfolioDay2023

Carl Winberg
2 months ago

Today is #portfolioday, so here's a reminder of that time we made a little film for the BBC that pissed off Farridge so much, he wrote an angry leader in the Torygraph.

A headline from the Telegraph, "The BBC is poisoning our children's minds with pro-immigration claptrap". A picture of Farage, looking like he's been slapped in the face with a dead cod, is next to it.
IonAnthos Photography
2 months ago

Oh, yesterday was #PortfolioDay and I missed it.
My name is Jolanta and I'm a photographer from Poland. I mainly photograph flowers, plants and still life. Photography gives me a respite and lets me see things I could not see without a camera. It allows me to stop for a moment and enjoy what surrounds me. I am truly touched every time someone buys my photographs to hang them on the walls of their homes.
Prints of my photography are available at or on request via DM.

Portfolio of my photography - a collection of Dahlia photographs.
2 months ago

Hello! I'm late for #PortfolioDay !!!

I'm Nina, I'm a pixel artist, and I do lots of stuff including small icons, but lately I've been doing a lot of portrait kind of stuff! I'm a queer artist who's trying to get more consistent work, so if you ever have needs, take a look at ⭐ ⭐ and contact me for anything you need!

If you'd like to support my art journey ⭐⭐

#PixelArt #CharacterArt #Portraits #Pixaki #MastoArt #Digital #ドット絵 #Pokemon #GameDev

Pixel art rendition of Miku and Pikachu from the MV Volt Tackle. They are in a ready to battle stance.
A blonde girl with messed up curly hair in a ponytail is asleep, holding a white fluffy cat who is also asleep. They are on a very 80s floral couch.
A portrait of Nina, blonde to blue hair, has heterochromia, and a crystal on her chest. She is looking somewhat sultry like.
Harald Surkemper
2 months ago

Celebrating #PortfolioDay, a showcase of diverse creativity! Let creativity inspire mental well-being on #WorldMentalHealthDay. And on #Welthundetag, let's cherish the comfort our furry companions bring.

Owl New Worlds
2 months ago

Looks like it's #PortfolioDay ?! My #gamedev journey has started only recently but I've made a first platform / puzzle game for a game jam named Love You UP! You play with only the keys U and P from the keyboard! Available for free on itch:

2 months ago

Hello, I am Khaller and this is my my entry for #PortfolioDay I have ommited.

I am making weretober this month, so there will be a lot of furries, but don't wory, it will be only worse :spookybutt:


2 months ago


A collection of some of the best rendering of #SimulatedUniverses I produced in my career so far using the cosmological ENZO code (almost all ended up in journals, or in the their cover picture).


9 colorful images of the simulated cosmic web, used for different scientific publications over the years
Dr. Victoria Grinberg
2 months ago

Oh, apparently yesterday was #PortfolioDay and I missed it! I am Victoria and I am doing #SciArt, mainly focusing on astronomy & astrophysics (#astrodon) and on #academia
& research commentary.

You can fine more of my doodles here:

And an introduction to my process & an encouragement for other researchers to do art here:


Mostly black and white digital drawing of the JWST space telescope, with gold highlight for the mirror and some of the electronics
My black and white and grey digital sketch of Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin. Above it, a citation from her thesis: 'The application of physics in the domain of astronomy constitutes a line of investigation that seems to possess almost unbounded possibilities'. Slightly in the background sketches of the energy levels in the hydrogen atom (orbital co-sketched) and a star with sun spots and loop/protuberances. Name and citation underlines in red, everything else is black and white.
A black & white stylized sketch of things falling into a black hole: a cat, a whale, a star, an apple, a physics book, a bowl of pasta, an astronaut ... And the final black hole only has mass, angular momentum and charge (marked as words).
A stick figure balancing on an unicycle on a wire above a canyon, biking towards a sign saying 'a job (maybe)' while the wire is fraying apart. The figure is carrying a precarious amount of boxes, labelled bureaucreacy, two-body problem, anxiety, childcare, finances, living in a foreign country, loneliness, impostor syndrome, depressopn, career insecurity. Next to it title of the session 'Healthy Careers in Astronomy', the names of the two convenors (V. Grinberg, M.S. Pawlowski) and a list of speaker names
Bob Nicholls Art
2 months ago
2 months ago

(Reposting for gore/horror section)

I'm a freelance digital artist who likes drawing silly, gore, and horror stuff.
I'm open to doing cover art, illustration, and creature art.

#mastoart #CreativeToots

2 months ago

Heyo I'm a freelance digital artist who likes drawing silly and gore/horror stuff looking for work related to stream assets, fantasy, TTRPG/D&D, & gore/horror. ;U

Also open to do PNGtuber model, character/creature design work, cover art, colouring, & VN sprites.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

2 months ago

I'm spill, and the thing I like to draw the most is doomed non-couples that repel and attract each other in equal measure, often violently. My art is mostly in black and white because I like inking best. I take commissions and make handcrafted merch!

store, portfolio, commission terms, tip jar, contact info:

#portfolioday #yaoi #mastoart

Ao no Rokugo fan art. A collection of drawings of Mutio, a short humanoid creature with long hair, large pointy ears, claws and a pair of tendrils on its chest covering its breasts. It has dark markings somewhat similar to an orca's from its neck to its bum and on its forearms and shins, and red pupils and eyelids, and Tetsu, a tan man with shaggy short hair that sometimes covers one eye. Depending on the drawing he wears pants with suspenders and no shirt, a dark jumpsuit, or an oversized submerging suit.

From top to bottom left to right:
Mutio raises its head above water to offer Hayami a fish. He stares, lying at the edge of the sea, one arm inside the water.
An unconscious Hayami falls deeper into the sea, losing air. Mutio circles him.
Hayami struggles to hold back a despairing, struggling Mutio in his arms.
Mutio leans over Hayami, who lies on his back, cigarette in his mouth.
A worried Hayami carries a choking Mutio into the water.
Mutio and Hayami smile at each other.
Kamen Rider Zero-One fan art. AU. Jin is a young man with short fluffy black hair. He wears a short black school jacket over a hoodie. His right ear is adorned with an elaborate piercing in the shape of a wing that covers the edge of his ear and ends on the lobe with a long thin pendant. Horobi is a man with light wavy short hair. His sideburns are a darker color, as are his eyebrows. There's a piercing with a simple slick design on his left ear, covering half the edge of his ear. He wears a dark dress shirt under a light vest, as well as black gloves.

Jin violently grabs Horobi, his left hand on the back of the man's head, a tight grip on Horobi's hair, his right hand doing the same on the front of Horobi's vest, veins bulging on his closed fists and up his neck. Jin leans down into Horobi's space, tears of anger and heartbreak falling on the other man's face. Horobi stares in silence, expression almost neutral, the shape of his eyebrows giving him a sad air. He puts a gloved hand in between their faces, palm against Jin's mouth.
A photo of a charm made of see-through acrylic with a solid silver coating as background color that gives the color design printed on the charm a shining finish. The design is of two characters floating together, a man in an office suit and a man in casual wear. The man in casual wear is making the pair float with supernatural powers, creating a brilliant aura around them, while the man in the office suit holds on to him nervously.

The charm has a heart-shaped clasp.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack fan art. A drawing divided in half. On the left is Amuro, a man with short dark curly hair, hard angled eyebrows and long eyelashes, wearing a dark suit. He stares down to the person in front of him, eyes blazing with anger, veins popping on his forehead. Amuro's face is sweaty and he grimaces at the one beneath him as he chokes Amuro with a death grip, right arm rising to grab at Amuro's neck.

On the right of the drawing is Char, a man with slightly long slicked back blond hair, a scar that crosses the middle of his eyebrows diagonally, wearing a light suit with a dark necktie. Char appears upside down, being the one under Amuro. His hair is disheveled from the effort of fighting the other man, and he's shoved back to the floor by two strong hands, Amuro's, gripping the lapels of his suit violently. He gives Amuro a venomous stare, baring his teeth back at him. Drops of sweat have fallen from Amuro's face to Char's cheeks.

It’s still #PortfolioDay! Check it out, I’m an animator as well as a game dev!

ZuN :blobcat:
2 months ago

It's #Portfolioday :pika:
Hi, I love drawing cats, and now commissions are open.


#mastoart #digitalArt #illustration

Jenny Lam
2 months ago

Happy belated 15th(!) anniversary to #Dreams of a City! This was the very 1st #postcard I received, postmarked on this day in 2008. (This was also one of the 1st #postcards I made before I started using blank index cards, & back then, I called my labor of love Postcard Project // #Manhattan #Map.) And get this: I was about to #travel to #Egypt myself. I considered this a good sign for my soon-to-be passion project, and it was.

For the uninformed:

#PortfolioDay #MastoArt #FediArt #NYC #Inktober

The very first Dreams of a City (then called Postcard Project // Manhattan Map) Jenny Lam received in 2008,  postmarked on this day 15 years ago

Why yes, I, too, have a portfolio this fine #PortfolioDay. #Portfolio


Sam Santala
2 months ago

Bit late for #PortfolioDay, but hey everyone, I'm Sam, a concept artist specializing in creatures and fantasy art 💛

A large therapod like creature covered in flints with a large club-like tail
A dragonborn dances as he plays an instrument and special notes float by
An anatomical diagram of a bird-like dragon, including muscular and skeletal systems
A warrior thrusts his spear at the camera as a spectral dragon warps down his arms and along the spear
2 months ago

Happy #PortfolioDay everyone!

I'm Whey, and I love making sci-fi and fantasy digital concept art.

I also have a NeoCities page:

Gage Stone 🖌😈 Coms Open!
2 months ago

Hello, #PortfolioDay! I'm a freelance artist, available for commissions and small projects. I love doing portraits and character illustrations.

Batcave Illustration (Batman 66) by Gage Stone
Ghost girl pinup illustration by Gage Stone
Portrait of a girl by Gage Stone
Digital painting of a hitman by Gage Stone
2 months ago

oof, not having fallen for the art school grift that is one of my points of pride, but #portfolioday is always a real bummer for me, as I always get very jealous of art students who's artwork very clearly demonstrates that they are indeed very specialized.

But hey, once I made an album worth of music and forgot to back up, lost the album but managed to salvage a rough demo of a song and posted it to youtube and then burnt out and stopped making music. So at least I got that going for me.

Eugene Parnell
2 months ago

Apparently it’s #PortfolioDay again so here is an older #sculpture of mine. “Life in the Seas Part 1: The Cambrian”, 2004. Wood, urethane foam, polymer clay, found objects, acrylic, 70 x 62 x 18 inches.
#PaleoArt #ContemporaryArt

A museum diorama showing a wonky recreation of a prehistoric underwater scene. Yep paper lip ammonites float in the water over a bed of coral, while crinoids and other odd creatures crawl on the sea bed beneath.
Closeup of the odd creatures in the diorama. A scant creature with wing like projections and no eyes. Another like a small worm. Another looks like a flower.
Broad view showing that the diorama is housed in a wooden and glass vitrine which is quite large and has a light installed in its top like an aquarium.
2 months ago

Hey y'all, hope Im not too late for #PortfolioDay

I'm Igor, character design who likes designing characters mixing folk culture and fantasy art, I've done work for card games, TTRPGs, books, etc.


Abel M'Vada
2 months ago

My handlers have informed me that today is #PortfolioDay and have allowed me out of my cage long enough to share the following with you: 1) My name is Abel M'Vada. 2) I make #digitalart and #animation 3) Help me! They're keeping me prisoner in ... ack! [TRANSMISSION JAMMED AT THE SOURCE]

Is it the 3rd Tuesday after the start of a new season? Already? Well then it must be #PortfolioDay — sorry to be joining in so late.

I'm Rob, an abstract expressionist painter, humanist, writer, and video maker. For more of my work see my links:

Mental wellness is the primary aim of all my work, more so than producing, marketing & selling decorative or useful objects. Though I've sold to dozens of collections, I now consider all transactions to be donations or trades.

An abstract expressionist painting by RMiddleton titled "Balancing." (Measures 30 x 20 inches or 76cm x 51cm.) I paint non representation to free my mind from processing things. Relatedly, I prefer to describe the feelings of my images and not the physical appearance. The feeling I seek when creating and looking at abstract painting is comparable to 
the free flow of thoughts when I close me eyes in the presence of wind or while listening to wordless music. What appears in the image is less important than what is not in my paintings. The real world is absent. References to the physical are minimal. Yes it’s made up of colors, lines, and shapes on a flat rectangular surface, but there’s no horizon, rarely a definite up or down. The intent of my visual art is to encourage a viewer to go inside their mind to anywhere.
An abstract expressionist painting by RMiddleton titled "Happiness Is..." (Measures 24 x 36 inches or 61cm x 91cm.) I paint non representation to free my mind from processing things. Relatedly, I prefer to describe the feelings of my images and not the physical appearance. The feeling I seek when creating and looking at abstract painting is comparable to 
the free flow of thoughts when I close me eyes in the presence of wind or while listening to wordless music. What appears in the image is less important than what is not in my paintings. The real world is absent. References to the physical are minimal. Yes it’s made up of colors, lines, and shapes on a flat rectangular surface, but there’s no horizon, rarely a definite up or down. The intent of my visual art is to encourage a viewer to go inside their mind to anywhere.
An abstract expressionist painting by RMiddleton titled "Relax." (Measures 30 x 24 inches or 76cm x 61cm.) I paint non representation to free my mind from processing things. Relatedly, I prefer to describe the feelings of my images and not the physical appearance. The feeling I seek when creating and looking at abstract painting is comparable to 
the free flow of thoughts when I close me eyes in the presence of wind or while listening to wordless music. What appears in the image is less important than what is not in my paintings. The real world is absent. References to the physical are minimal. Yes it’s made up of colors, lines, and shapes on a flat rectangular surface, but there’s no horizon, rarely a definite up or down. The intent of my visual art is to encourage a viewer to go inside their mind to anywhere.
An abstract expressionist painting by RMiddleton titled "Humanism 2." (Measures 72 x 54 inches or 183 cm x 137 cm.) I paint non representation to free my mind from processing things. Relatedly, I prefer to describe the feelings of my images and not the physical appearance. The feeling I seek when creating and looking at abstract painting is comparable to 
the free flow of thoughts when I close me eyes in the presence of wind or while listening to wordless music. What appears in the image is less important than what is not in my paintings. The real world is absent. References to the physical are minimal. Yes it’s made up of colors, lines, and shapes on a flat rectangular surface, but there’s no horizon, rarely a definite up or down. The intent of my visual art is to encourage a viewer to go inside their mind to anywhere.

If you would like to know more about me or my work then you can also check my portfolio

And if you read all of that, thank you ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ☆

#PortfolioDay #Illustration #GraphicDesign #DigitalArt #MastoArt #publishing #gamedev

I have a Kofi account ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ☆

And I just opened a Redbubble account too!

With all sorts of LucasArts doodle love in there 😊

#PortfolioDay #Illustration #DigitalArt #Drawing #Doodle #MastoArt #fanart #LucasArts

I love to doodle as well, so I spend my personal time indulging in the things I love

That means LucasArts stuff most of the time ❤️

#PortfolioDay #Illustration #DigitalArt #Drawing #Doodle #MastoArt #fanart #LucasArts

'Tis #PortfolioDay!

My name is Say and I'm a business graduate who loves marketing and illustration ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ☆

In publishing, I have been the digital artist that exists between graphic design and digital artwork. In development, I have created characters and worlds 💕

#PortfolioDay #Illustration #GraphicDesign #DigitalArt #MastoArt #publishing #gamedev

Trevor Hamer Music
2 months ago

Apparently I DID make a new demo reel for #PortfolioDay but forgot to upload it to YouTube? Also, I forgot I made it? 😅

Hello #PortfolioDay ! I'm Tea. An illustrator and character designer looking for either freelance or full-time work. Feel free to DM me for portfolio and email.

#art #portfolio #art #MastoArt

Turnaround of 4 poses of Tippy the chicken
3 outfits for Mimi Mouse
Fanart of Link from Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Character owned and licensed by Nintendo
character of Tippy Chix
2 months ago

I see #PortfolioDay is trending and wanted to take the opportunity to throw my "mostly" mushroom skewing body of work into the ring.

I've spent the last year and a half crawling around like a weirdo in the woods, for my ongoing project "In the Morning, I'll be Gone," and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences.

I also want to take the time to say I sell prints of my work at
#Sporerespondence #Mushtodon #Mosstodon #LichenSubscribe #photography #BlackAndWhite

A black and white film photo of a Trident Maple bonsai tree in front of a white wall with sharp angular light cutting across the tree and wall.
A black and white film photo of a snail on top of several mushrooms
A black and white film photo of several mushrooms
A high contrast black and white photo of crown-tipped coral in front of a white background

Hello, #portfolioDay! Here's some of my favourite recent illustrations, plus my new webcomic is launching on Monday!

Autumn illustration of a girl with a coffee mug surrounded by faling leaves and pumpkins
Alex and Ethan from Quantum Entanglement lying in a field with butterflies
Varden and Lei'ella from Inverloch making a getaway after stealing a noble's purse
A girl in a library surrounded by books

Here’s a proper #PortfolioDay post!

I’m Johanna, a fantasy illustrator for TTRPGs, games, books, & comics! My debut YA graphic novel THE GHOSTKEEPER comes out next year 👻

I’m available for:
⚔️ Spot/splash illustrations
🕺 Char designs
👧 Kidlit/picture books
📕 Covers
🎮 IP work
🎨 Comic colors & interiors
📚 Anthology art

A comic page montage of two Victorian men, baking, and eating scones with the ghost of an old woman sitting in an empty chair next to them
An illustration of six magic school teens in a dungeon, escaping a man eating plant
An illustration of several adventurers browsing a textile souk
An illustration of a water genasi bard pirate performing for a Kraken and the sea monsters amidst a shipwreck.


Big improvement since my first portfolio day three months ago.

Hi! I am John and I still draw soft bara art and cute lil characters. Here are some of my recent projects and commission work. ❤️

a digital drawing of a boy sitting in a train. the boy has short hair, kind eyes, and is wearing a white t-shirt and a red shorts. the train's interior is yellow.
a digital illustration of husbands holding hands in a sunset background
a digital portrain of a handsome man inside a coffee shop holding a yellow cup of coffee.
a digital photo of a man built like a strongman in a brown overalls.
2 months ago

heyo, I'm tt and I animate weird abstract stuff and also scenes with #blender3d #b3d and sometimes I make pixelart.

I also make music but for this #PortfolioDay I'll post some 3D renders... they are all still images from otherwise animated shorts.

Hope you like those colorful images :)

abstract glowing form render :)
cyberpunk overpass with moody light and lightstreaks from passing cars (made for a competition)
entangled glass material with sick colors
sandstone hallway with glowing orbs and growing flowers and a statue

Participating in my first #PortfolioDay! :MOULE_Happy:

I'm MOULE (pronounced "MOOL" or "MOOLY" - don't mind which!). I make multi-genre #ElectronicMusic and #Cartoon #Artwork for a #MultiMedia #WorldBuilding project I call the :MW: "MOULE WORLD", documenting the chaotic lives and lore of the animal characters in it! :MOULE_Happy:

All my #music, #art, #merch, and socials:

:RainbowLogo: https://MOULE.WORLD :RainbowLogo:

#Artist #EDM #Artwork #MastoArt #ArtistsOfMastodon #FediArt #FediMusic

The cover artwork of my first album "Enjoy the Ride", depicting several anthropomorphic cartoon animal characters riding a rollercoaster towards the bottom-right of the cover artwork.

The cover artwork has a colour scheme of yellow, orange, light blue, dark blue, black, and white. Most characters look excited. In the background there is fire, an explosion, and some jets.
The cover artwork of my track "Quokkium" showing three anthromorphic quokkas in lab coats on the beach with their hands raised in the air and smiling, looking up at a golden atom with a golden quokka's sparkling face in it with red, orange, and yellow bands around it.
The cover artwork of my track "Waterslide" showing seven anthropomophic cartoon animal characters sliding down a waterslide on two yellow rafts, with an eighth character riding a surfboard. More waterslides can be seen in the background.
The cover artwork of my track "Here For It" showing ten anthropomorphic cartoon animal characters posing for a selfie taken by Mei, a panda, in two rows of five. The background is again on fire with war planes, explosions, fire, jets, and tsunamis.
2 months ago


Hi! I'm Ivy, and I'm an illustrator and blogger residing in arid southwestern United States. I have #graphicnovel projects with main one in the work being Piper's TreeHouse. Outside graphic novel projects, I usually draw and make watercolor of nature, especially supercell thunderstorms.


Given Mastodon is mindful for those uncomfortable with blood, here's part 2 of my portfolio day submission behind a content warning for those curious how dangerous these events get.

I carry my own safety equipment. You can trust me around your sharp stuff. Hire me.

#blood #portfolioday #photography #wrestling #deathmatch

Neil Diamond Cutter dives through a tube bundle on to Matt Tremont
Doctor (Redacted) with a koppu kick through glass into Mo "Hoodfoot" Atlas
Rina Yamashita diving onto Colby Corino in a death match
Jess Moss rakes barbed wire on Deklan Grant
John Porter
2 months ago

Hi #PortfolioDay! I'm John Porter, a Scottish artist and writer who's launching the first in a series of expanded / remastered editions of my comic book series "Corinne Morgan, Corbie" this weekend. I'm available for freelance and commission work - check out my Ko-Fi for more details! You can also find me on Twitch hosting my nightly #art livestream series, "Club Corbie".

Website (back soon!):


Cover variant A for the Expanded and Remastered edition of Corbie issue #1. Corinne stands in front of her estate home Stonydawn, the spirit of her ancestor the Morrigan looming in the sky.
A recent pin-up showcasing Aurelie and Mona, two high school students who will appear in future issues of Corbie. Aurelie stands on a stack of books to accurately gauge the height of the much taller Mona with a measuring tape.
Cover variant B for he Expanded and Remastered edition of Corbie issue #1, a close-up of Corbie against a hot pink background, her hands extended outward.
Promotional art of Corinne wearing the "Read CMC" T-shirt, an item available to purchase via the Corbie store.
2 months ago

Oh, is it #PortfolioDay ?
I'm a cartoonist and illustrator from Norway.
Mainly working on some longer comic projects, but I do enjoy the occasional cute fanart as well.

#art #artist #artistsonmastodon #MastoArt

Fanart of Karlach from Baldur's Gate 3, swinging her greataxe in the middle of a fight.
Fanart of Lum from Urusei Yatsura.
She's floating in the night sky, holding a star.
Redraw of the Rakkan 5 cover illustration, showing a magical girl in pink, mid transformation, being surrounded by small green dumb seabirds.
Fanart redraw of an illustration found in the Link to the Past manual, showing a female Link guiding the male Prince Zelda through the sewers.

For consideration on Portfolio Day - I shoot action. I've developed my twitch reflexes to be ready to be ready to photograph or dive for cover when athletic or adrenalized people are about to do something cool. I go into hazardous environments and dodge or full on take danger head on just to get a shot all while staying low so the crowd can see. I'm for hire.

#portfolioday #photography #wrestling

Mach10 aka Danjer Hawk mid moonsault onto Abby Jane
Kristian Ross tackles Jordan Oliver
Kamen WK gets a forearm blow on Hijo de (Spanish for "son of") Stompadon
Persia Pierce with a mid air arm bar body scissors on Trish Adora
2 months ago

It's #PortfolioDay again already?!

I'm Paul, and I mostly do character art—mainly #fantasy illustration with hints of #victoriana and #steampunk.

Most things I draw are posted on my website:
A more curated portfolio can be found here:
You can e-mail me here: ravanon [at] outlook [dot] com.

I mainly do my own thing, but I'm open to interesting freelance opportunities, especially #illustration, #gaming or #ttrpg related.

#mastoart #digitalart

A young woman with flame-red hair and backwards curving horns sprouting from her temples looks up at the viewer from below, as if the viewer is up on a balcony. She is standing on a tile floor, as if in a ballroom. She has vivid yellow irises, pointed ears decorated with ear-clasps and jewelled earrings and a reptilian tail poking out from under her dress. Her long, burgundy-coloured dress hangs off her shoulders. She is wearing black stilleto heels.
A flame-haired young woman with horns standing before the path to a distant shrine (full length version). The path winds behind her up a few flights of damaged stone stairs. The woman herself is wearing a dark green corset-robe tied with red-orange sash. Her eyes are golden, she's wearing jewelled earrings.
A red-haired young woman with golden eyes and horns growing upwards from her temples grins manically at the viewer. She has her hands planted on her hips. She's wearing a suede corset vest over a long red dress with green undergown. She's wearing a couple of golden necklaces, and a couple of golden bangles on her left wrist. She has a reptilian tail slipping out from behind her, from which hangs an iron ring of keys. The backdrop is of thick blue-grey mist.
A blonde-haired young woman with curved horns and blue-grey feathered wings, dressed in a sleeveless brown-and-burgundy leather bodice and skirt. She has one green and one orange eye, pointed ears, and has a faint smirk on her face. The feathers of the wings are all tinted slightly differently, giving a stained glass effect. She has various leather pouches tied to belts around her waist and hips. Her left arm is bare but for a leather wrist/hand guard, while her right arm is covered by an iron pauldron. She has black leather thigh-high heeled boots, and a tail snakes out from behind her to wrap around her left leg. The tail is reptilian, starting pinkish in colour but turning grey-blue like the wings. The background is a simple burgundy haze over black.
Spencer Magnusson
2 months ago

Sure, I'll jump in for #PortfolioDay:
I'm a programmer by trade and 3D generalist as a hobby. Delved back into art this year and made an animated short! Check it all out on my Artstation:
#b3d #blender #blender3d

Karen Kaspar
2 months ago

Hi #PortfolioDay!

I'm Karen, an artist from Germany who works with traditional media such as watercolor, ink, soft pastels and acrylic.
For me, inspiration is everywhere, especially in beautiful nature. My favorite subjects are animals, flowers, landscapes and colorful abstracts.
I love creating paintings that bring joy and happiness to the viewer.

Find my work here:
and here:

#art #MastoArt #artist #painting #watercolor #AYearForArt #cats

Black cat in the green grass is an acrylic painting in portrait format painted by artist Karen Kaspar. A black cat is walking in the green grass. You see her from behind. She turns her head in the direction of the viewer and looks at you with green eyes.
Misty Mountains is a landscape format watercolor painting by artist Karen Kaspar. The landscape painting shows a mountain range with mountains in bright shades of blue, which fade into a light pale blue in the distance. A dream landscape that invites you to relax. The colour effect of the blue tones supports the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of the painting. It was painted layer by layer in different colour washes in luminous watercolours.
New Years Rose is a watercolor painting in contemporary square format by artist Karen Kaspar. It shows a delicate Rose blossom in shades of pink, white and blue on an abstracted green background with leaves.
A new day is an acrylic painting in portrait format painted by artist Karen Kaspar.
A European Robin bird is sitting up in a tree in the morning, looking to the left side and is greeting the new day with a beautiful song. The morning sky is glowing in soft pastel colors in blue, yellow and pink.
2 months ago

Hallo #PortfolioDay!

I'm NAAN and I'm a Puerto Rican comicker! I usually work on my #comic Legendary Beings Ara & Celi, and divide my time between that, designing and managing @aradiacollective , a comic collective for magical girl comics, and a pitch featuring a girls' team for American football! I also used to be a cover colorist for the webcomic "Blue Blaster."

I have no specialization, I'll do generally whatever interests me. However, I generally like horror and sci-fi, at a base level. I also have years of experience in webcomicking, print and design combined, all in self-publishing. Most of my comic work is in black and white, because I think it's cool and you should also like it. :zerotwoevillaugh:

I'm currently available to work in illustrations, coloring or on short comics. Maybe even get representation!

🗃️ Portfolio:
📨 Contact: naan AT jadinerhinestudios DOT com
📖 Comic:
🎼 Conceptual comic:
👻 Shorts:
:akko_comeatme: Aradia Collective:

#CreativeToots #MastoArt #art #illustration #comic #comics #webcomics #webcomic #FediArt #CreativeToots

Black and white toned comic page. A young girl looks worried when she looks out the window--and as her mother asks her if she's listening, the girl insinuates she needs to go to the bathroom. (In reality, she doesn't, she just needs to leave so she can transform.) The mother says "oh yeah, I was wondering, I've gone twice now!"

They're on a plane, by the way. The lower half of this comic is the girl walking down the airplane hallway as we see a variety of passengers.

Wonder how the girl's gonna transform on a plane!!
Look, there's way too many people in this very colorful Halloween picture and I don't have that much free time to describe all of them in extreme detail. Sadly, I'd be here all day.

But I'll try to do the basics and say that there's a logo at the bottom center that says SYMPHOGEAR AC: You sacrifice alone, a monster living of matter...The logo was custom made by me, where AC comes from my comic's name (Ara & Celi.)

There's two people in the background, they are more painterly than the cel shade characters in the foreground. They're the two points of the spectrum. One of them looks happy to be evil, the other one looks solemn and ready to protect.

There are four characters in the foreground, as mentioned earlier. All four are posed ready to fight.
Black and white toned page. This page features a conversation between Ara and Wyda. Ara has just been surprised by Wyda's appearance, but Wyda simply continues. She jokes at one point to Ara's dismay but Wyda points out that somebody there enjoyed: Wyda's lion, Gogol. Ara is not pleased.


Ara: Wy-Wyda!

Aside from Wyda: Again, hello!

Wyda: If you wanted to wallow in your own misery, I can think of better places than here.

Wyda: I can think of better things to do--like astral travel or watching a romantic moving picture--

Ara: No. The LAST film I saw was too depressing.

Ara: Besides, I'm fine.

Wyda: Yes, I saw that by how you IGNORED me.

Ara: You caught me meditating.

Wyda: Really? So you've converted to Buddhism now?

Gogol claps with his big lion paws. Very cute.

Ara groans.

Ara: That's not funny at all!

Wyda: I beg to differ--Gogol enjoyed it.

Gogol purrs, in a pose reminiscent of an ojou laugh.

Ara: Of course he would...

Wyda: Now--

Wyda:  It was my understanding that angels didn't need to "meditate."
Characters Halea and Phaedra from the comic "Phantomarine", in an illustration imitating early 20th century theater posters. There's a poem accompanying the image.

The Dadaist-style poem reads in Spanish:
 "la fantomarina,
 gran marina, 
mere, mare, more, 
en lealtad, 
mentirad y 

The translation for this poem is: "Phantomarine,
great marine,
meer, mear, meor,

Halea in loyalty,
and oceanity."
2 months ago

@lrhodes i always manage to miss #portfolioday every time, and my portfolio's basically nonexistent, but very decentralised at best

2 months ago

Wow, #portfolioday

Hello I am brandkopf.

I'm a random guy from southern Bavaria🍺🥨.

🎨 I work with pencil, gouache and oil paints and rarely digital. #traditionalart #digitalart #krita

🧚 My works mostly show fantasy worlds and figures.

📺 Every now and then I also do #artstream on #peertube

#art #mastoart
🔥 🎨

OIlportrait of a old grumpy elb
Pencil portrait sideview of a young woman with a hat which is hiding her eyes.
Pencil drawing of a tree on a rock.
Gouache Painting of a medival tower in a river, which is connecting two bridges.
Hondo Nguyen
2 months ago

Hello, hello #PortfolioDay

I'm Hondo, an AroAce comicbook artist who is currently working on a queer romance comic. If I'm not doing that, then I'm drawing diving helmet clad people with octopi on their heads (which is my alter ego) or other stuff🐙


#queerartist #comics #illustration #digitalartist #MastoArt

A group exploring a trail in Hawaii
A diving helmet clad person's work flow
Existential bread loaf thinking existential thoughts
A gay couple sharing a midnight kiss
Sarah Allen Reed
2 months ago

It's #PortfolioDay again. I'm Sarah Allen Reed, a professional cartoonist and illustrator. Here's a brief sample of some of my black and white work. Check out my full resume, work history, and the like at

#illustration #comicart #penandink #art #MastoArt #commissions

Cover art to the Jenn Taiga album "Plight", depicting a satyr driving a sword through a Roman soldier. The dead soldier is dropping a fasces from their hand, which is also cut in half.
Illustration from "Tentacle Head" by Rick Claypool. A large robot with a pyramid shaped head is stirring a sludge pool filled with disembodied creature corpses. Various heads of those creatures can be seen in the foreground.
Illustration for an anthology published by Band Of Bards. A young trans woman in a fur coat gazes wistfully into the distance, framed by various flowering plants. A full moon highlights her head from behind.
Cover art for "Harrowhark" by Planepacked. A woman in a very form-fitting space suit is glowing in front of a disembodied screaming skull.
2 months ago

Hello #PortfolioDay !
I'm Maki. I do illustrations and character design commissions for personal use and for indie games with over 10 years of experience in both. I currently have room for a couple more commissions this month if anyone is interested ^^

#MastoArt #AnimeArt #Illustration #DigitalIllustration #MKArt #GameDev #IndieDev #CommissionsOpen #FantasyArt #TTRPGArt #RPGArt #RPGMaker

A digital illustration of my Viera from Final Fantasy XIV, Xarann. Xarann has dark skin freckled with stars, white hair with purple accents that is cropped at an angle, and a matching set of rabbit ears and a tail. He is dressed wearing black robes with several gold pieces of jewelry draped from chains around the arms and hanging on the skirt in star, moon, and bat wing motifs. He is drawn sitting among the stars with his hands reaching between his knees to cradle one star as light spills down from it and out of frame.
A digital illustration of two characters from the Nintendo DS game, Princess Debut. Sabrina and Prince Kiefer are pictured dancing the foxtrot inside of the forest with the wildlife watching and celebrating the pair having a good time. Sabrina is wearing a blue dress with white sparkles, a large bow on the back, and a white shawl. Her short brown hair is tied up with a pink bow and you can see the star pendant from the game around her neck and bouncing up with their movement. Her expression is joyous. Kiefer is wearing his usual purple jacket with gold trim and white pants and he has shoulder length purple hair and glasses. Two birds circle the pair above, while a chipmunk rides on Kiefer’s shoulder. A fox trots (hah) alongside them and a rabbit claps its hands together enthusiastically in the back. The background is a forest sparkling with magic and rainbows illustrated with simple, cut-out shapes.
The text at the center reads, “So, is dancing really that fun?”, referencing a question Kiefer posed to Sabrina in game.
A digital illustration of two characters, Lynette and Vivica, from Izrand Allure. Vivica is a human woman with light skin and short blue hair with a braid to one side. She is wearing a matador inspired outfit with a teal vest over a one piece suit. She has visible scars on her arms and chest and one arm is wrapped in bandages. Her two shown expressions are a neutral frown and a sadistic smirk. Vivica is a tanned woman with a wide build and bright green, fluffy short hair. She's dressed in blue armour with gold sun motifs and a large red gemstone on the chest place. Her two expressions are a neutral smile and a huge grin with closed eyes.
A series of digital illustrations cropped and displayed side by side from the game All That Ales You. Each image only gives an impression of what is being shown, someone in the kitchen cooking, soft lights on a gradient, the face of someone smiling in a hug, a hand reaching through the darkness, a person turning towrds the shadows, and someones hands clinging through the hair of another.