Tomorrow is our last Webinar for the season!

Will Gadd is an awesome adventurer AND speaker and we have him for One Night Only! Sign up below to watch him tomorrow live from 7pm -- this one won't end up on Youtube!

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We’re wrapping up our winter series in style with Will Gadd!

@Gilwad an athlete, entrepreneur, author & Father with a wildly successful career spanning 30+yrs of advent…

@LeftistLawyer I'd prefer #health and to have a serious #prevention and #mitigation of #COVID (for human beings, not for greedy corporations)

Leftist Lawyer
2 days ago

"If it's #Covid ... we give no shits about #prevention, #mitigation, or #efficacy. Just give us your #money.

#Cash > #Life in the #USA

Screenshot of new Pfizer commercial saying "If it's Covid, Paxlovid."
3 days ago

What are you doing this Caturday?

✔️ Register by tomorrow.

📆 Submit a pitch by March 19
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


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A retro-modern design.

"For Caturday: Lounging... while considering a critical thinking game idea."

"Submit your pitch by March 19th"


Critical Thinking Cat is lounging while considering an idea for a critical thinking game.
3 days ago

❓ Can you design a non-violent video game about critical thinking?

📆 Register by March 19th
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


#VideoGames #ProSocial #CriticalThinking #Progressive #GameDesign #GameDev #Education #Edutooter #Communication #Students #Teachers #FollowFriday #PublicHealth #Prevention #Nonprofit #EdTech #StPatricksDay

Critical Thinking Cat on a green background. 

Above: "Meow, man ... Meow."

Das 5-20% aller Tumorerkrankungen beim Menschen auf Virusinfektion zurückzuführen sind ist wohl der großen Maße der Bevölkerung nicht klar oder ?

Aber „There is no glory in prevention!“

#Medizin #Virus #Prävention #Prevention #Forschung #Science #Biology #Biologie #Biochemie #Health #Disease #Cancer #Tumor #Illness #Krankheit #Germany #Deutschland

GDC has been kind enough to make my 2015 presentation available to watch online free.

I discuss some of the work our nonprofit org does with video games to prevent violence. Also, why we believe video games are the best solution to engage & persuade young people about sensitive issues.


[CW: death]

#GDC #GameDev #Advocacy #GameDesign #Prevention @stopTDV @gamingagainstv @communicationscholars

The title slide from a presentation:

Gaming Against Violence
Using videogames to stop teen dating violence

Drew Crecente
Executive Director, Jennifer Ann's Group

Game Developers Conference
Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA
March 2-6, 2015
Bruce Smith
4 days ago

When her 17-year-old daughter Natalie took her own life, Leslie Lesoon devoted herself to suicide prevention...

#musictherapy #suicide #prevention

4 days ago

Critical Thinking & Violence Prevention

▪️ Applying critical thinking to real-world problems will help learners improve their social skills & problem-solving skills.

▪️ Improving decision-making & problem-solving skills will increase learners' resilience to violence.


@publichealth @sociology @edutooters
@communicationscholars @stopTDV #Violence #Prevention #PublicHealth #Education #GameDesign #GameDev #CriticalThinking #Resilience #ProblemSolving #SEL

A modern-retro design asks: "How might Critical Thinking help with Violence Prevention?" 

A heart is over Critical Thinking Cat's head.

In the bottom-left, a URL:

"Eleanor Williams case has made abuse victims reluctant to report, says charity"

This is frustrating but completely predictable.

❤️ We think it is important to be very vocal right now about supporting -- and believing -- those who have been assaulted.

⭐ The reality is that false claims are far smaller than those who never file a complaint out of fear they won't be believed.


@publichealth @psychology #consent #prevention #PublicHealth #abuse

📚 Child Deaths by Gun Violence in the US During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For children, the increase in indirect deaths associated with COVID-19 might have been greater than deaths from COVID-19. One such indirect impact is gun violence.

"One potential indirect health outcome for children is gun-related deaths owing to increased psychological strain in families in combination with school closures, which lead to greater time spent by children at home, where guns are often kept. Although studies have documented increased gun-related deaths during the pandemic, only few studies have considered children and those focused on early stages of the pandemic."


#GunViolence #PublicHealth #Prevention #Research @publichealth

A chart indicating the daily number of children killed by gun violence from January 1, 2014 through January 1, 2022. A vertical line marks the date of March 16, 2020. 

Before this date, the number comes close to, but never exceeds 4 per day. The numbers range from a low of roughly 1.5 per day to a high of roughly 3.8 per day. Most deaths are between 2 and 3 per day. 

After this date, the number of deaths is generally higher, reaching 4 per day shortly after March 16, 2020 and surpass 5 per day during 2020 and again in 2021. The numbers never go as low as 3 per day again.
1 week ago

“One in two #BritishColumbians will get #cancer in their lifetime, so it is a system-wide problem and yes, primary care factors importantly in that,” he said. “Not just in the #screening and #prevention world, but also as patients go through their [care] management, they rely on their #FamilyDoctors to be quarterbacks.”

Do you teach game design?

If so will you please share this info with your students:

A game design challenge run annually by a nonprofit charity since 2008.

▪️ Topic: Critical Thinking
▪️ Registration: by March 19th
▪️ Prizes: $10,000 USD
🌐 Contest website:

Download & Print a contest flyer [PDF] here:

⭐ Thank you in advance for sharing / boosting this information!

#GameDesign #GameDev #IndieDev #CriticalThinking #PublicHealth #Nonprofit #Education #Prevention #Videogames @stopTDV @gamingagainstv

Dr Antonis Kousoulis
1 week ago

#Prevention’ in mental health has become a buzz word in recent years. But, judging by the actions that follow the buzz, very few people and organisations actually understand what this means in practice.

Here is my guide on how to define prevention in #mentalhealth by bringing in a #publichealth understanding.

#blog #medium

Jesse F Ballenger
1 week ago

"Take all of the risk factors that we as individuals, or nations through their policies, might improve, and potentially 40% of cases could be prevented or delayed. We would not eradicate dementia, and many people who did everything to keep their brains healthy would still succumb to the disease. We could, however, dramatically reduce the risk, meaning more years of sound thinking, intact memories and independent living."

#dementia #prevention

This frustrating story has echoes of the Trump Administration's disastrous efforts wrt research funding for abuse prevention.

The misplaced focus on "Stranger Danger" here is just one of the problems.

And, while understandable, it's also frustrating to see NPR dedicate so much space to this purported "documentary" while valid prevention efforts receive no coverage.

🌐 #PublicHealth #Prevention #Abuse #DigitalAbuse @publichealth

Laurent Espitallier
1 week ago

Maître Pandaï sur Twitter : "La sensibilité des autotests sur des infectés "Omicron" asymptomatiques est malheureusement dérisoire (autour de 25%)." / Twitter #covid19 #dépistage #prévention #autotest #sarscov2 #1st_revue #0_archivebox #2nd_frm

'Crossing Boundaries'
Rating: 12+

Crossing Boundaries is a free globetrotting video game exploring consent from a variety of perspectives. Eva, Alice, and Joe have just graduated from school and are ready to explore!

Where do you want to go? Morroco or Berlin? Mumbai or Moscow? Will you get all 40 achievements? And most importantly: will you become a master of 'Snog-A-Frog'?

⭐ From the Gaming Against Violence Program (@gamingagainstv). Developed by Testudo Studios (UK).

❤️ Free. No ads. No in-app-purchases. No privacy tracking.

Play this award-winning game about consent in your browser:

⭐ Also available to download on the App Store and Amazon.

#Consent #Videogames #Education #PublicHealth #Prevention #Nonprofit #Indie #EdTech #Education @edutooters

Crossing Boundaries
A globetrotting game about consent. 

Four screenshots from the video game Crossing Boundaries are shown:

(1) An image of three teens in NYC talking "I'm Eva Jones, and school is out... forever! Time to party. Time to get out and see the world. Joe, Alice, and I saved up. Now we're leaving the Big Apple to go... Around the world!"

(2) An image in Berlin with an on-screen notice: "Achievement Unlocked! Ein Berliner - You've been to Berlin." The character Alice is saying: "Wow Berlin's hot!"

(3) Alice and Eva are playing an in-game called Snog-a-Frog and Alice asks: "Who can kiss the most frongs, and get the most points?!"

(4) The backdrop is in Africa, "The camels spit and sway through the sand dunes, and by the end of the first day we reach the oasis under the stars surrounded by date palms. We gather round the fire... to cook on it."

Ottawa city council declares intimate partner violence (IPV) an epidemic

⭐ IPV, among other impacts, is Canada's #1 reason for women's homelessness.


#IPV #PublicHealth #Prevention #DomesticViolence

Sven Ruppert
1 week ago

Lesson Learned with #SBOM - what das it mean for us? @jfrog #devsecops #prevention #cyberattacs #sast #dast #rasp #iast

Dr A. Capolongo :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

What is the painful condition called #shingles?

📌 For older adults, the population most likely to develop shingles, the best treatment is #prevention


The YWCA in Greenwich, CT is encouraging teens to share their understanding of healthy relationships in order to help them avoid unhealthy ones.

⭐ "Parents and other caring adults shouldn’t wait to have a conversation about healthy relationships until they suspect abuse."


#HealthyRelationships #Teen #Parenting #Student #PublicHealth #Prevention #TDVAM #DomesticViolence @playhoneymoon

2 weeks ago

A printable flyer [PDF] for sharing the Critical Thinking Game Design Challenge with schools & other groups is now available to download.

⭐ Please share with school design programs, indie dev groups, and anybody else who wants to help make a difference through video games (and/or wants to win the prize money).


@edutooters @academicchatter @communicationscholars @stopTDV @gamingagainstv
#VideoGames #GameDev #CriticalThinking #Tech #Programming #EdTech #Gaming #Media #Education #Nonprofit #Knowledge #ScientificThinking #Prevention #Gaming #CatsOfMastodon #RetroGaming #Indie

A retro-styled rocket flies in front of a large yellow moon. 

"Critical Thinking Game Design Challenge Launched!" 

"Submit your pitch by March 19th. $10,000 in prizes."

"What will YOU make this Spring?"

"Visit the website for rules and registration."


Critical Thinking cat, an illuminated light bulb overhead, looks directly at the viewer while sitting on the URL for the website.

"Gaming Against Violence is an evidence-based prevention program from Jennifer Ann's Group"
Michael Cosentino 🤌
2 weeks ago

It’s #Thursday Mar. 9 – and Happy National Meatball Day to those who celebrate! 🤌 Here’s what’s happening in #SoCal today:

🚔 #LAPD officers shot in confrontation with parolee
#Newsom cancels #Walgreens contract, company expresses 'deep disappointment'
🚒 Lawmakers urged to increase funding for #wildfire #prevention

👉 Listen & subscribe to The L.A. Report at or wherever you get your #podcasts

👉

#LosAngeles #California #Local #News

A Walgreens in Oakland on March 6, 2023. (Martin do Nascimento/CalMatters)
2 weeks ago

Just because you lack the vision to usher in the changes needed for a healthy, sustainable, secure, intelligent, upwardly mobile world doesn't mean it's not possible. It means YOU lack creative vision. Those who have it are here for a reason, that reason will NEVER be abuse. We are here to be the change needed in this moment. It's time for humans to grow up! #Class1ToClass3 #PANDORASBOX #pandora #ICOG #COG #reform #transparency #accountability #oversight #education #prevention #intervention @un

📚 Interparental Coercive Control and Child and Family Outcomes: A Systematic Review.

The ongoing dangers of coercive control:

“CC [coercive control] was associated with increased parental psychopathology, poorer family functioning, harsher parenting and higher levels of child abuse, strained parent-child relationships, children used as tools and co-victims of CC, increased risk of child internalizing and externalizing problems, limited socializing opportunities, increased bullying, poorer perinatal outcomes, limited access to healthcare, and increased risk of child mortality. Evidence identified CC as a unique contributor to adverse child wellbeing outcomes, independent of exposure to IPV more broadly.”

🌐 (Abstract only; paywalled research.)

@sociology #PublicHealth #Prevention #ACEs #IPV #Trauma #CoerciveControl

A new report finds that kids prefer movies that treat character strengths as aspirational. (Would ❤️ to see a similar study for video games.)

▪️ Strong character strength movies tend to make more $ opening weekend.

▪️ Perseverance, courage, teamwork featured most often.

▪️ Gratitude, humility, integrity featured least often.

▪️ Movies for ages 13-18 had fewer character strengths than movies for under 13.

🧐 “There is a clear gap in the industry for content directed at teens that promotes positive character strengths. . . to help youth so they can better navigate the key challenges and changes they are experiencing.”


@psychology @communicationscholars @gamingagainstv #Education #PublicHealth #Prevention #Videogames

Resilience Games :verified:
2 weeks ago

😍 UnEarth is ready to play!

In UnEarth, players seek to understand why their world has changed so dramatically. In doing so, they are challenged:

▪️ to become more flexible when navigating the chaos of their new world

▪️ to manage conflict by applying proper communication strategies

▪️to become more confident in their ability to correctly recognize, and adapt to, a variety of communication styles.

⭐ UnEarth is an award-winning game from the Resilience Game Design Challenge.

🎮Play UnEarth in your browser now:

#Resilience #videogames #PublicHealth #Prevention #education #edtech
@gamingagainstv @stopTDV @LifeLovePublish @edutooters


An award-winning game from Robin Ghosh.
2 weeks ago

Proud of my #PA Colleague @Lross246, Pres Elect of @APAC_Cardiology. Great things are happening 2023-2025.

What a great APAC presence at #acc23. Panelists in #PAD #LBCT #prevention


🎉 The critical thinking video game design challenge is now accepting your game pitches!

⭐ You have until March 19, 2023 to submit a pitch about a video game for adolescents about critical thinking.

▪️ $10,000 total prize pool.
▪️ Finalists notified March 30.
▪️ Finalists will have from March 30 - June 30, 2023 to develop their games.

❤️ Presented by the nonprofit org Jennifer Ann's Group [@stopTDV] whose focus is on helping teens have happier, healthier lives! Their Gaming Against Violence [@gamingagainstv] program is an award-winning approach to engaging & empowering young people.

Details, rules, and more:

#CriticalThinking #GameDesign #GameDev #Prevention #PublicHealth #IndieGame #IndieDev #Nonprofit #Videogames

Resilience Games :verified:
2 weeks ago

A new resilience game coming tomorrow!

'UnEarth' by Robin Ghosh (Canada) is an award-winning game from the 2022 Resilience Game Design Challenge.

We look forward to sharing this quirky and clever RPG with everybody . . . stay tuned!

#GameDesign #GameDev #VideoGames #IndieGame #IndieDev #Resilience #PublicHealth #Prevention
@gamingagainstv @stopTDV @LifeLovePublish

Title screen for the resilience video game 'UnEarth' shows a dark image of the Earth in silhouette, the title UNEARTH is at the bottom.

Teens Confront Epidemic of Dating Violence

▪️ “It’s important to talk to our children about what a healthy relationship is, what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable behavior.”


@publichealth @psychology @sociology #Healthy #Relationships #Violence #Prevention #PublicHealth #Abuse #LGBTQ #Parents #Educators #Teachers

2 weeks ago

What is Critical Thinking?

📚 "Critical thinking is a kind of thinking in which you question, analyse, interpret, evaluate and make a judgement about what you read, hear, say, or write.

"To become a better critical thinker, you therefore need to learn how to:

[1] Clarify your thinking purpose and context;
[2] Question your sources of information;
[3] Identify arguments;
[4] Analyse sources and arguments;
[5] Evaluate the arguments of others; and
[6] Create or Synthesise your own arguments."


@edutooters @academicchatter @communicationscholars @stopTDV @gamingagainstv
#VideoGames #GameDev #CriticalThinking #Tech #Programming #EdTech #Gaming #Media #Education #Nonprofit #Knowledge #ScientificThinking #Prevention #Gaming #CatsOfMastodon #RetroGaming #Indie

A modern background with modern styled shapes and symbols.

On the right is Critical Thinking Cat, who has an idea.

On the left is the question "What is critical thinking?"

In the middle are a series of hollow shapes embeded with these critical thinking steps: (1) Clarify; (2) Question; (3) Identify; (4) Analyze; (5) Evaluate; (6) Create.

At bottom-left is the URL for CriticalThinking.Games
Daniele de Rigo
3 weeks ago


#WHO on "confirmed case of human infection with avian influenza A (#H5N1)" in Cambodia:

"Based on evidence so far, the virus does not infect humans easily and spreads from person-to-person appears to be unusual"



A commentary by @saimamaysidik in Nature [2]


"there are measures that could help keep avian influenza in check" [2]

#preparedness #prevention

“If you look at how we #regulate every other technological sector,” Wylie argued, “whether it’s aerospace, pharmaceutical or automotive, we regulate through the prism of #safety and #harm #prevention first.
"That’s how we regulate technology. But when it comes to #social #media platforms, everyone seems to have moved away from the fundamental line of inquiry: Why are you designing platforms like this?
"Why is it that there are more safety regulations for the #toaster in your kitchen than for #platforms that touch the lives of billions of people?

Lydia Schoch
3 weeks ago

It makes me so happy to see all of the new #Research that’s coming out about possible #Dementia treatments and #Lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of developing it in the first place. Maybe we’ll have a cure for #AlzheimersDisease and similar illnesses someday. #Health #Healthcare #Prevention

3 weeks ago

Announcing the 2023 Life.Love Game Design Challenge: Critical Thinking

🌐 https://CriticalThinker.Games

Game pitches accepted starting March 7th, 2023. $10,000 in prizes for non-violent critical thinking games.

❤️ This is our 16th annual game design challenge.

To learn more about critical thinking and the game design challenge visit our website and follow our account here!

@stopTDV @gamingagainstv #CriticalThinking #GameDesign #GameDev #Contest #IndieGame #IndieDev #Education #Prevention #Violence #ACEs #Nonprofit #PublicHealth
@edutooters @publichealth @communicationscholars

A retro-modern design. On the left, a mod TV cannot contain the large exclamation mark issuing from the TV screen. On the right, a mod cat has a large question mark over its head. This is the critical thinking cat and is thinking critically about the messages coming from the media.
3 weeks ago

💡If you want to learn more about the role of the #PreventiveServices in a changing world of work, our new discussion paper has much to offer. It fills gaps in existing knowledge provided through the survey #ESENER 2019.
#WorkSafety #ESENER #prevention


Teen dating violence is more common and dangerous than most realize.

Fortunately, Texas has a plan to address this through new legislation requiring schools to educate students on dating violence.

⭐ We have advocated for this legislation for years and are pleased to see it go into effect.

❤️ Thank you Dr. E.L. Richeson, our advisory board chair, for her tireless work to prevent TDV in Texas!


@publichealth @psychology #TDVAM #Prevention #PublicHealth

🧐 Research Article:
'Rape Myth Acceptance and Sexual Aggression Among
College Men: Examining Perceived Peer Approval as
a Moderating Risk Factor'

⭐ "The implication is that exclusively focusing on RMA [Rape Myth Acceptance] may not be as effective as focusing on both RMA and PPA [Perceived Peer Approval for SV] concurrently, or on PPA alone ..."


#Consent #PublicHealth #Prevention #SocialNorms #SocialEcologicalModel @sociology @publichealth @gamingagainstv

The current study examines the independent and interactive
effects of rape-myth acceptance and perceived peer approval
for sexual violence on men’s ability to recognize sexual assault
within a written vignette, and on men’s prior sexual assault
perpetration history. Participants included a sample of 610 "rst-
year college men from a large Midwestern University in the
United States. Men completed survey assessments of rape
myth acceptance, perceived peer approval for sexual violence,
and history sexual assault perpetration since the age of 14.
Participants also rated the extent to which hypothetical vign-
ettes portraying coercive sexual activity were considered to be
sexual assault. Data indicated signi"cant main effects of both
rape myth acceptance and perceived peer approval on recog-
nizing sexual assault and for prior perpetration of sexual assault.
A signi"cant interaction between rape myth acceptance and
perceived peer approval for sexual violence was detected for
prior perpetration of sexual assault, indicating that expression of
rape myths may be inhibited when peers are seen as unsuppor-
tive. Interactive effects between rape myth acceptance and
perceived peer approval for sexual violence were not detected
for recognizing sexual assault. Implications for sexual assault
prevention are discussed, including the possibility that combin-
ing rape myth education correction of peer norms may inhibit
individuals from acting on rape myths.
1 month ago

Many Americans wrongly assume they understand what normal blood pressure is – and that false confidence can be deadly—Nearly half of Americans ages 20 years and up – or more than 122 million people – have high blood pressure. And even if your numbers are normal right now, they are likely to increase as you age; more than three-quarters of Americans age 65 and older have high blood pressure.

#hypertension #bloodpressure #prevention #heartdisease #stroke #kidneydisease

Chart showing what blood pressure measurements are normal, elevated, and high.
Gaming Against Violence
1 month ago

😀 We are pleased to see several of our program's games are included in the journal article 'Systemic literature review of digital resources to educate on gender equality' published this month.

❤️ We are happy to talk with researchers and are also open to collaborations.


#PublicHealth #VideoGames #Prevention #Research #Gender @publichealth @edutooters @sociology @communicationscholars @stopTDV

▪️Focusing on one harm seems reasonable even if other harms are not addressed.

▪️Narratives are effective for communicating about public health: "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic."

▪️In the U.S. there are ~120 firearms for every 100 citizens.

▪️As compared to guns, cars are rarely used for murder.

▪️Increasing awareness helps to promote public discourse which then helps shape public policy.


@empiricism @sociology @publichealth

If you live in the U.S. odds are that you know a victim or survivor of gun violence.

By early February, more Americans are killed with guns than are killed in other high-income nations in an ENTIRE YEAR.

This is why the first week of February is recognized as #GVSurvivorsWeek in the U.S.

During National Gun Violence Survivors Week, read survivors’ stories and share your own at:


#GVSurvivorsWeek @sociology @publichealth
#PublicHealth #prevention #violence

The White House "Proclamation on National Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month, 2023" offers a powerful statement about the need to increase awareness about, and prevent, teen dating violence.

⭐ This issue does not receive the attention it deserves. BOOSTING this will help increase awareness!

Read the entire proclamation:🌐

#TDVAM #TDVAM2023 #publichealth #abuse #prevention #domesticviolence @edutooters @sociology @academicchatter @publichealth @stopTDV

JANUARY 31, 2023 

A Proclamation on National Teen Dating Violence Awareness And Prevention Month, 2023

By recognizing the signs of dating and domestic violence, setting positive examples of healthy relationships that lift up instead of tear down, and making clear that abuses of power are never acceptable, we can build a culture where respect is the norm, dignity is the rule, and safety is the expectation — both online and offline. We can measure up to the standards of equality, opportunity, and justice that define our Nation at its best.
Pierre-Yves Comtois
2 months ago

Les #Impatients offrent gratuitement des ateliers de création aux personnes vivant avec des enjeux de santé mentale. Leur encan en ligne Parle-moi d'amour commence aujourd'hui ! 👆 Les mises seront acceptées jusqu'au 12 février : #SantéMentale #ArtBrut #ArtVisuel #prévention

Claire Beaulieu, Lune Rose, Lac Champlain VI, 2019
Aquarelle sur papier
28,5 x 28,5 cm

Nearly 120 people die, and over 200 are wounded, by gun violence every single day in America.

❤️ Their stories deserve to be heard.

Join me this #GVSurvivorsWeek in uplifting survivors’ voices by sharing their stories.

This is my story:


#prevention #TDVAM #publichealth #gunviolence @stopTDV @publichealth @sociology

February is the National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. These tips for teens & parents are intended to help prevent teen dating violence:


#TDVAM #TDVAM2023 #publichealth #prevention @publichealth @sociology

Did you know that February is the National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month?

⭐ We'd love to share what your schools are going to be during the awareness month in February!

#TDVAM #TDVAM2023 #education #relationships #prevention #publichealth @sociology @publichealth

FYI: February is #TDVAM
Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 months ago

What is missing in this discussion is #prevention is greater than cure? Don't make a people sick, obese, inflamed, and #addicted.

Unfortunately, the #immigration system into so-called developed nations is intensely #exploitative. Most would not choose to leave their child (for many years if not decades) to be placed into #servitude.

Also many conflicts are cynically engineered to produce #displacement, #derascination and #refugees.

@EricLawton @mjausson @martin_ueding

2 months ago

Scientists in British Columbia discovered that a sea sponge can help block covid infections in humans.

"Researchers have identified three compounds that prevent COVID-19 infection in human cells, derived from natural sources including a sea sponge.

"The discovery paves the way for the development of new medicines for COVID-19 variants made from natural sources."

#science #covid #prevention #nature #UBC

Thiemo Fetzer
2 months ago

Let me talk about a paper that was just accepted in the Journal of the European Economics Association.

This paper studies the cuts to #HousingBenefit, specifically, the cut to #LocalHousingAllowance.

In that paper we show that the cut drastically increased #evictions, it ripped communities apart, and came at a huge cost to councils.

We estimate that for every GBP 1 pound the central govt saved in #HousingBenefit, council #homelessness #prevention increased easily by 53 pence.

Drew Crecente :verified:
2 months ago

The recent school shooting in which a 1st grader shot their teacher raises many questions. Potential factors:

▪️ effect of media violence on kids (those younger than 8 can find it more difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy)

▪️ easy access to unsecured guns (4.6M U.S. kids live in homes with loaded unsecured guns)


@edutooters #violence #prevention #PublicHealth #media

Challenger 🩺
2 months ago


#respiratory #pathogens can be limited by respiratory mitigation measures

#communication about #airborne #transmission #prevention would safe many lifes and would reduce stress on #medical staff



Consent Games :verified:
2 months ago


Thank you for talking about this. It is important & will help others.

If people would like to learn more about consent, our nonprofit's games are free and contain no ads.

They are appropriate for a variety of ages and designed to teach consent from an early age.

Parents can use these games if they want to talk with their kids about consent but don't know how. Educators can use them in the classroom.


#nonprofit #consent #prevention @edutooters

'Crossing Boundaries'
"A globetrotting game about consent."
Four screen shots from the game showing a variety of travel locations and discussions involving consent.
"Consent Game Series"
"You are a member of an interstellar salvage crew exploring an abandoned spaceship. Appropriate for all ages."

A character in a spacesuit stands next to the logo: "ADRIFT"
'How to Blorrble Blobble'
"Consent Game Series"
"A fun, lively exploration of consent in the context of learning new dance moves. Appropriate for middle school ages (11+)."

A portrait of a funky character in orange and red is next to the title: "HOW TO BLORRBLE BLOBBLE"
Drew Crecente :verified:
2 months ago

"In the toolbox for fighting crime and violence [...] let us recognise the power tool that play can be in the toolbox. A tool that is simple in its approach, cost- effective in its implementation, and could be quite evident in its returns."


#publichealth #prevention #games #play @sociology

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

We'd ❤️ to hear about your school's plans for #TDVAM.

#TDVAM #publichealth #prevention #education #stopTDV @edutooters

FYI: February is #TDVAM
Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Lee LeFever
2 months ago

Did you know the recommended colonoscopy screening age has revised from 50 years old to 45? This is on my mind because I had one today that was clear, thankfully. #health #gettingold #prevention

3 months ago

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Interesting. It brought to mind how good public health efforts go unrecognized because nothing happens. So the public health budget is cut — nothing happened — and then all hell breaks loose.

Fire departments spend a lot of effort doing inspections and preventing fires, but they are in the news only when fires occur.

Preventing catastrophe doesn't catch the eye.

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Cf. today: wearing N95 masks, getting vaccines and boosters, installing air purification

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Please share the work our nonprofit (@stopTDV) does to prevent violence. We produce & publish prosocial videogames for teens about issues like consent, dating abuse, & media literacy. All games & resources are free.

We follow the Socio-Ecological Model in an effort to change individual attitudes / beliefs and change cultural norms.

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We have games about healthy relationships that are appropriate for middle-school and high-school students.

HONEYMOON has educator-created lesson plans for classroom use.

It has its own website with information about the game and about teen dating violence.


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Two teens stand next to each other. Below is the title 'HONEYMOON'.
One page lesson plan for HONEYMOON. Topics addressed: Healthy relationships, Communcation, Respect

This lesson plan provides activities and discussion points for educators to use in conjunction with the video game HONEYMOON.

We do this because dating violence is more dangerous, prevalent, and costly than most people realize.

And many parents are unaware (81%) and many schools don't teach consent or healthy relationships in schools.

We help young people learn this important information through our free award winning games.

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It's encouraging to see the support for Mastodon. It is a reminder that most people prefer healthy communities & conversations.

❤️ If you are one of those people we ask you to please share & support our work.

We use technology to prevent teen dating violence. More specifically we produce and publish prosocial games about important issues.

💫 Please support our 'Gaming Against Violence' program.

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Gaming Against Violence
Preventing violence through the power of video games.

Teen Dating Violence
Healthy Relationships

“This year’s tally doesn’t even include 2022’s most visible attack — the shootings of two Duke Energy substations that knocked out power to 45,000 people in Moore County, N.C.”

This is a whole other form of gun violence - one those of us in the #GunViolence #prevention world need to be talking about much much more.

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3 months ago

I know most of you don't want to think about #COVID, but I worry that too many people are unaware of the actual #risk and current situation, so I wrote this:

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Green background with a woman in a green sweater looking up curiously and her finger on her lip, as if thinking. A drawing of a lightbulb is over her head. The title says, "We don't talk about COVID but we should." URL at the top says drkristenstuppy dot substack dot com.
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Very excited to share that Everytown has given us a grant to further our work supporting crime victims and preventing future violence!

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"Thank you for your support. Everytown Survivor Network Grant"

Below is an image of a clothesline with four clothespins holding images of four games. The game images have the titles of the games beneath them: 'One New Message', 'Culture Overlord', 'Grace's Diary', and 'HONEYMOON'.

Beneath the clothesline is: "Thank you to Everytown for their support of our work to support survivors and prevent future violence."
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An #introductions post:

🧠 I’m #neurodiverse & have #PTSD.

🎓 I have degrees in #technology & #law.

📢 I run a #violence #prevention #nonprofit.

🎮 We publish & #research small #indiedev prosocial #videogames for teens about:
#consent, #healthy #relationships, #media literacy, #resilience.

🎭 I perform in #theatre & watch #classicMovies, #BritishTV, #KoreanTV, & #ScandiTV.

🐶 I live in #Atlanta with a #super #dog.

👏 I support #good people, #nuance, & clever #ideas.

💫 I aspire for #propriety.

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This is a no brainer. We can’t be giving patients Covid when they are admitted to the hospital for other reasons. Infectious disease 101. #PREVENTION.

Please sign this petition to require masking in healthcare settings.
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Hello world,

A quick #introduction. I live in Seattle WA and enjoy #photography and #watercolor #painting (I'm still pretty new at the watercolors...)

I am also a semi-retired #cancer #epidemiologist at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center and U. Washington. and run a website describing opportunities for #prevention of #esophageal #cancer:

I love learning new things and look forward to connecting with people along these lines. Thanks for reading!

Watercolor abstract
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biologische Gefahren

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Brief introduction 👋
I’m a researcher working in higher education and government. In my academic role at #Edinburgh I am a prof of #publichealth with a background in #behaviouralscience conducting research on #prevention of NCDs. I’m seconded pt to the #Scottish government where I lead the office of the chief social policy adviser & work across government and with partners on #poverty #inequalities #populationhealth #analysis & other priorities. Also known for my love of flowers. 💐