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A good start: ( thanks LifeHacker !) #privacy #security

26 minutes ago

Malicious Chrome extensions with 75M installs removed from Web Store

"Google has removed from the Chrome Web Store 32 malicious extensions that could alter search results and push spam or unwanted ads. Collectively, they come with a download count of 75 million."

#privacy #chrome #security #malware #datasecurity

Avoid The Hack!
33 minutes ago

Microsoft is killing Cortana on #Windows starting late 2023

Finally. I had to go into the registry to disable it permanently on my Windows machine.

Being replaced with Windows Copilot.

#technology #privacy #privacymatters #tech

Jerome (He/Him)
47 minutes ago

This is insane. As if cookie banners aren’t already bad enough.



A screenshot of a cookie consent modal “processing” a cookie preference change while a giant CANCEL button is shown to encourage the user.
Aida Akl
48 minutes ago

This is only a good thing if it respects health #privacy laws. And to expect every health provider to protect the data of every single patient is naive.

#GPT #AI Has Arrived in the Doctor's Office @business

Shared Security Podcast :verified:
1 hour ago

🎙️ Exciting Podcast Episode Announcement! 🎙️

🔥 Listen to the latest episode of the podcast where we discuss three captivating stories shaping the world of technology, cybersecurity, and surveillance. 🔥

📺 Netflix's Battle Against Password Sharing 📺

Netflix plans to crack down on the widespread practice of password sharing. We explore their new verification feature, balancing security and user experience. Tune in to explore the implications and ongoing debate surrounding password sharing.

👨‍⚖️ AI, Misinformation, and Accountability 👩‍⚖️

Uncover the shocking case of a New York lawyer who faces a court hearing after relying on ChatGPT for legal research. We discuss the risks of AI-generated misinformation and bias, raising questions about accountability and the future of legal research.

🔍 Digital Espionage: Unmasking Surveillance Firms 🔍

Did you know your chats on Discord, WhatsApp, and Reddit may be under surveillance? Join us as we discuss threat intelligence firms using fake online personas to gather data. We examine their role in monitoring potential threats and their connections to law enforcement and government agencies.

🎧 Don't miss out on this thought-provoking episode! Listen now on your favorite podcast platform! 🎧

Watch on YouTube:

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Computer literacy, #privacy hygiene, the use @signalapp and other #encryption tools: for the French prosecutor in the "8 December" case, all that points towards conspiracy and terrorism.

French #humanrights NGO @LaQuadrature denounces the criminalisation of digital practices at the heart of our day-to-day work and the manipulation to which they are subjected in this court case.

A frightening story about the slippery slope of #surveillance

2 hours ago
Russia-Ukraine Daily News
2 hours ago

🇺🇲 Four US senators are scrutinizing Twitter’s #privacy practices and questioning whether the platform under CEO Elon Musk may have flouted consumer protection laws following widespread layoffs and resignations — an inquiry that could highlight vast legal risks for Twitter and potentially for Musk himself.

#socialmedia #twitter #elonmusk

2 hours ago

So day 2 of testing out #Vivaldi as my main web browser and so far it is going pretty well. It's chromium based so visiting websites obviously works fine. The mobile browser feels responsive and has lots of options including a built in ad and tracker blocker. Installing websites as web apps works great. I know they did it because Vivaldi accounts already existed, but I kinda like that the encryption password for my bookmarks and such is separate from my Vivaldi account password.


Beides sind berechtigte Gründe.


Pour finir :

- un article en anglais proposant quelques pistes de réflexions sur des outils :

- un article en français sur l’hygiène numérique :

#privacy #opensource #Technopolice #surveillance #NiPigeonsNiEspions

Bref par les temps actuels, et avec le regain des bruits de bottes et des démagogues populistes tant au gouvernement qu’à l’assemblée nationale ou au sénat, il est plus que temps de s’inquiéter de protéger nos intimités et vies privées.
#opensource #privacy

3 hours ago

Doctors to sue the Government over plans that could hand NHS patients' medical records to a secretive US tech giant
#NHS #Privacy #Palantir #DoctorsSuingNHS

Garry Knight
4 hours ago

A host of malicious Google Chrome extensions with 75 million installs have been removed

'Late last week, Google confirmed removing 34 malicious extensions from its Chrome Web Store. The extensions were capable of injecting ads into pages and exfiltrating sensitive data from compromised endpoints. In total, the extensions were downloaded more than 75 million times.'

#technology #tech #Google #Chrome #security #privacy #hacking #malware #phishing

« Affaire du 8 décembre : le chiffrement des communications assimilé à un comportement terroriste »

L’État n’accepte pas que le Citoyen exerce son droit à la vie privée, à l’intimité, à la confidentialité et à la tranquillité.
Étant barbu, libriste, utilisant des logiciels #opensource, ayant organisé un Café Vie Privée, je suis terroriste aussi ? #privacy

Open Rights Group
4 hours ago


Join us at 7pm BST for the online launch of our report, Data Privacy and the ICO During a Crisis.

Register now to find out how your medical data was handled during the pandemic and what the future of data protection looks like in the UK.

#GDPR #dataprotection #ukpolitics #privacy

5 hours ago

@EU_Commission wants to make better use of our medical info with the European Health Data Space. This shouldn't be at the expense of our #privacy. Decisions over our medical records belong to us! MEPs must protect patients' privacy in the #EHDS proposal.

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #22/2023 is out! It includes, but not only:

➝ 🇺🇸 🪖 Air Force denies running simulation where AI drone “killed” its operator
➝ 🇺🇸 🏂 #Burton Snowboards discloses #databreach after February attack
➝ 🇺🇸 🧪 Enzo Biochem #Ransomware Attack Exposes Information of 2.5M Individuals
➝ 🧠 🤖 Introducing Charlotte AI, #CrowdStrike’s Generative AI Security Analyst
➝ 🐍 🦠 Malicious #PyPI Packages Using Compiled #Python Code to Bypass Detection
➝ 🇰🇵 🎠 N. Korean ScarCruft Hackers Exploit LNK Files to Spread #RokRAT
➝ 🦠 📱 New Zero-Click Hack Targets #iOS Users with Stealthy Root-Privilege #Malware
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇸 #Russia says U.S. accessed thousands of #Apple phones in spy plot
➝ 🇯🇵 🚗 #Toyota Discloses New Data Breach Involving Vehicle, Customer Information
➝ ☁️ 👻 Organizations Warned of #Salesforce ‘Ghost Sites’ Exposing Sensitive Information
➝ 🔐 👀 #Amazon faces $30 million fine over Ring, Alexa #privacy violations
➝ 🔐 🧱 Active Mirai Botnet Variant Exploiting #Zyxel Devices for #DDoS Attacks
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Russia’s ‘Silicon Valley’ hit by cyberattack; Ukrainian group claims deep access
➝ 🦠 🤖 #Spyware Found in #GooglePlay Apps With Over 420 Million Downloads
➝ 🦠 🚪 #RomCom malware spread via Google Ads for #ChatGPT, GIMP, more
➝ 👛 Southeast Asian hacking crew racks up victims, rapidly expands criminal campaign
➝ 🍏 #Microsoft finds #macOS bug that lets hackers bypass SIP root restrictions
➝ 🦠 🚪 #Barracuda zero-day abused since 2022 to drop new malware, steal data
➝ 🇬🇷 Worst cyberattack in #Greece disrupts high school exams, causes political spat
➝ 🇮🇳 🎠 Sneaky DogeRAT Trojan Poses as Popular Apps, Targets Indian #Android Users
➝ 🇺🇸 U.S. Department of Defense releases 2023 Cyber Strategy
➝ 📱☝🏻 New BrutePrint Attack Lets Attackers Unlock Smartphones with Fingerprint Brute-Force
➝ 🇯🇵 🎠 New GobRAT Remote Access #Trojan Targeting #Linux Routers in #Japan
➝ 🦠 📂 Clever ‘File Archiver In The Browser’ phishing trick uses #ZIP domains

#cyberattack #ai #security #google #cyber

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Fancy Bear Goes Phishing: The Dark History of the Information Age, in Five Extraordinary Hacks" by Scott J. Shapiro

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Testing shows that if you block an iCloud account in iMessage, the account can still annoy you by sharing their location with you. Even though the account is blocked, you'll get a FindMy notification and the blocked account is immediately added to your FindMy list and you're one touch away from sharing your location with this blocked contact.
Note that the redacted text in the screenshots can be an email address tied to the sender's iCloud account. If the attacker uses an email familiar to you such as your.friendName@something, you might mistakenly share your location.
Cher Scarlett reported this issue to Apple and got the "it's not an issue" response.

Do you agree with Apple Product Security team?

#cybersecurity #infosec #security #privacy #Apple #iOS #cybersecuritytips

Screenshot of blocking an account in iMessage
FindMy notification prompting the user to share their location with a blocked account
The blocked account is immediately added to the user's FindMy list and a prompt to share location is shown.
Jan Penfrat
8 hours ago

If you want to be asked for your permission before corporations get access to your private #medical records in the #EU, there is a big petition for you to sign that demands exactly that:

#WeMove #EHDS #healthData #medicalrecords #health #privacy #dataprotection

gualdo :fsf: :cc:
9 hours ago

#Amazon è stata sanzionata per 30 milioni di dollari

Il motivo è che il "campanello intelligente" Ring è stato usato per spiare i clienti, soprattutto donne, e che #Alexa ha spiato pure lei i clienti

Dal #capitalismo della #sorveglianza a quello dello spionaggio: basta che la raccolta dei dati entri nella vita reale

La notizia si trova qui:

#surveillance #gafam #privacy #rights

🕵️ SR136 has landed with your weekly #privacy & #security news!

Amazon playing loose with your data
New never-before-seen zero-click iOS spyware
Mainstream-worthy data breaches

Tune in now:

jbz :catjam:
19 hours ago

:bongoCat: Why I no longer use a VPN (most of the time) and nor should you
➥ Sun Knudsen

#VPN #Privacy #Cybersecurity

21 hours ago

Day 3 of running #CalyxOS on my phone and notwithstanding any unforeseen problems, I'm probably going to keep it for the foreseeable future. It's more responsive, has much less built-in spyware, all of my regular #Android apps work properly (I was able to find the issue with my Samsung Smart Things app) and even has a few extra additions, like the ability to force Hotspot clients through my VPN connection. After my test driving, my wife has decided to take the plunge as well.


A stock photo of a CalyxOS phone, taken from the CalyxOS website.
22 hours ago

Sur le projet ChatControl visant à scanner l'ensemble de nos communications privées :

"Quand bien même les autorités accepteraient le coût énorme en termes de vie privée d’un tel système, la vraie question est de savoir s’il fonctionne correctement ? « Non », tranche le chercheur qui cite deux autres études, une l’université de Georgetown et l’autre de son équipe à l’Imperial College, montrant la facilité avec laquelle ces algorithmes peuvent être déjoués. Grâce, une fois de plus, à l’intelligence artificielle."

#ChatControl #privacy

Why the hell can't this "which #cookies do you want" thing be a *#browser preference*? Am I really going to be forced to answer this question on every website from every platform I visit? Make the madness stop. #web #privacy

Fiacre Ó Duinn
1 day ago

This is terrifying….the government calls it the “compliant environment”.

“In the UK, asylum seekers are detained - often for a long time - while their claims are processed. If they’re not deported, they get released, but many have to wear an ankle tag which the Home Office can use to follow their movements 24 hours a day.” #surveillance #privacy #tech #immigration #uk #homeoffice

1 day ago
1 day ago

There are 5 things you need to know about me:

1. I'm into #privacy

Diego Pappalardo
1 day ago

@jbzfn Damn. I had taken #brave because it's so easy to switch profiles, without the #google 's #privacy invasion. I guess I'll have to ditch brave and find a way to contain my profiles in #firefox . Which I love btw!

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 day ago

This #vulnerability was addressed on the *opening day* of the 2022 conference where it was presented. The #NoScript extension bundled with @torproject’s #TorBrowser protects against it, and #Tor #Browser users would have received it as an automatic update.

I don’t understand why #Wired is tweeting this old article. Unless a person pays attention to the publication date they might think this is a current threat.

#InfoSec #security #privacy

Jacob - Challenging Apathy
1 day ago

I finally got around to tidying up my login and cookies setup in both Brave and hardened Firefox (my two main #browsers). Now, only certain sites can save #cookies long-term, everything else gets cleared on exit, and all third-party cookies are blocked. #privacy

jbz :catjam:
2 days ago
2 days ago

Super enlightening interview with the CEO of @Vivaldi

@hen and @jon discuss #privacy #security #FOSS #opensource #federation and a LOT more!

Watch it now:

2 days ago

#introduction post


I'm a #Gentoo Linux and #SwayWM user. I'm learning to program and I selfhost a Nextcloud instance.
Digital #privacy is important to me.

I enjoy reading #scifi and #selfimprovement books. I'm always looking to improve my self.

I love drinking #espresso and play #tennis regularly. I've settled on playing #CounterStrike from time-to-time too. #StarWars is my favourite movie genre.

Hope to interact with you soon 😀

2 days ago

GmsCompatConfig (sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer configuration) version 56 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

#GrapheneOS #privacy #security #gmscompat

Linux ☑️
2 days ago

::: System76 developers have managed to DISABLE Intel ME? (A backdoor) :popos:

It is recently claimed that System76's Coreboot open firmware manages now to disable Intel ME for Raptor Lake processor.

Are they on to something bigger towards the realm away from Intel's "Big Brother" practices?

This could be huge in near future! What do YOU think?


#System76 #Coreboot #Intel #ME #IntelME #privacy #backdoor #microkernel #microcontroller #Linux #CPU #processor

Privacy commissioner finds COVID-19 programs protected rights | National Post #PrivacyCommissioner #COVID19 #DataPrivacy #Coronavirus #Privacy #Vaccination #COVIDCanada #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Autonomie und Solidarität
2 days ago

Smartphones richtig verschlüsseln

"Was ist BFU und AFU und warum sollte das Smartphone im Falle einer Beschlagnahmung bestenfalls ausgeschaltet sein?

Mit fast jeder Hausdruchsuchung kommt ein Durchsuschungsbeschluss, der die Beschlagnahmung quasi aller technischer Geräte beinhaltet. Die mit Abstand wichtigste Waffe gegen diese Maßnahme der Repressionsbehörden ist es, keine belastenden Daten auf den Geräten zu speichern. Dennoch finden sich auf diesem immer irgendwie - zumindest teilweise - wertvolle Informationen für Cops und Staatsanwaltschaft, weshalb die zweite Waffe die bestmögliche Verschlüsselung ist.
Auch diese ist nicht unknackbar und auch diese kann nicht verhindern, dass das Gerät schon zuvor mit einem Trojaner infiziert war oder anderweitig abgehört wurde. Dennoch sollten wir es den Cops so schwer wie möglich machen."

#privacy #Polizei #Repression #Justiz #antireport #Datensicherheit #Datenschutz #Smartphones

Beware that #Matrix is fiddling with archiving public (world-readable) chatrooms and publishing that in a searchable manner at

This already happened, while opt-out is still being discussed. Bad.

The bot that does this is:

@ archive :


Tech Professor
3 days ago

Today logged into my #mastodon account on web and revoked all the past sessions and also revoked complete access given to many apps that I have tried in last two months! #privacy #onlineprivacy #mastodonapps #technology #socialmedia

"A free-to-use, locally running, #privacy-aware chatbot. No GPU or internet required."


Future of Privacy Forum :vf:
3 days ago

@aral @batalanto Oh just what is "privacywashing" anyway? Or " #privacy ?" These terms are contested, and difficult.

Maybe we should give them all up. We think "data protection" applied to "personal information" is much more useful.

With consent, we can support #innovation fueled by data without being hamstrung by vague, expansive worries about "privacy!"

Dave Mackey
3 days ago

interesting move by #Brave in releasing an #API for their #SearchEngine with an emphasis on it's use in training #AI. I expect this to be a controversial move, imho, it rubs a bit against the grain of the #privacy / #security centric ethos of the Brave ecosystem.
Full announcement from Brave:


Future of Privacy Forum :vf:
3 days ago

@aral @ellenor2000 It can be hard to tell what is satire with the " #privacy -conscious," who we think can be somewhat tiresome. But we think our message is clear. When you have to face the real world, you have to compromise---including on core values, sometimes. You have to work with the system, /collaborate/ with it as it exists today. All funding is dirty, in the end, isn't it? We can't really afford to discriminate.


Future of Privacy Forum :vf:
3 days ago

With regard to the growing controversy about #RightsCon sponsorship, we would cite @aral, a #privacy advocate, who came to his senses on similar issues. We couldn't agree more! There's nothing wrong with support by Facebook or Google!

#nolimitsfunding #freshprivacythinking

Wendy M. Grossman
3 days ago

This week's net.wars, "Microsurveillance", visits the world of workplace #surveillance and finds some pushback: #NetWars #privacy #workplace

CryptoParty Berlin
3 days ago

Swap an old password for a new passphrase.
“Accept all” for “More options”.
A strange gut feeling for hands-on tips.

At our next FLINTA* CryptoParty

for female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people

on Wed, June 7th 2023

at 7 pm CEST

online via BigBlueBotton

Find more info here:

#Berlin #privacy #CryptoParty #password #workshop

Jørgen fra Europa
3 days ago

Reading about governments different digital strategies, or lack thereof. So many go to #bigtech for their systems, like #M365 with risk of lock-in and privacy violations.

Others, like Schleswig-Holstein, develop digital strategies based on principles of #privacy and #environmental impact and the use of government funds and data in the public interest instead of giving it to the tech giants. Actual fundamental policy-building in the digital arena.

Luis Falcon
3 days ago

It's been years using #Cryptpad and I love it. ❤️
It provides a Libre, privacy-oriented collaboration suite. A great alternative to the existing corporate spyware crap. @cryptpad #privacy #freedom

Screenshot with the Cryptpad logo  and the differnt icons depicting the type of documents to create.
Flagship instance of CryptPad, the end-to-end encrypted and open-source collaboration suite. Administered by the CryptPad development team.
Open Rights Group
3 days ago

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill threatens to weaken our data rights.

Our report into data privacy during the pandemic points us in the other direction: we need stronger protections and accountability over our data. #DPDIBill

Have a look:

#GDPR #dataprotection #ukpolitics #privacy

Typographic image with a patterned background with a quote from Abby Burke, ORG Policy Manager: "With the government attempting to weaken data protection rights through the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, it is more important than ever that the UK has a strong and independent data protection authority that is willing to stand up to the government, public bodies and corporations."
3 days ago

In today’s world, AI systems are used to decide who gets hired, the quality of medical treatment we receive, and whether we become a suspect in a police investigation. While these tools show great promise, they can also harm vulnerable and marginalized people, and threaten civil rights. Unchecked, unregulated and, at times, unwanted, AI systems can amplify racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.

The Algorithmic Justice League’s mission is to raise awareness about the impacts of AI, equip advocates with empirical research, build the voice and choice of the most impacted communities, and galvanize researchers, policy makers, and industry practitioners to mitigate AI harms and biases. We’re building a movement to shift the AI ecosystem towards equitable and accountable AI

#ajl #privacy #AI #Algorithm #Discrimination

4 days ago

#Business #Releases
Blacklight updated with new tracker lists · The popular website privacy inspector now detects even more trackers

#Privacy #Scanner #Advertising #Website #Blog #Development #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Tracker

Jeri Dansky
4 days ago

Reuters, slyly making a comment on the effectiveness of most fines to companies the size of Amazon:

“FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya told Reuters the settlements should send a message to tech companies that their need to collect data was not an excuse to break the law. ‘This is a very clear signal to them,’ he said.

“The fines, totaling $30.8 million, represent a fraction of Amazon's $3.2 billion first-quarter profit.”

h/t @coolgrey
#privacy #Amazon

Topher 🌱🐧💚
4 days ago

Also, feeling safe and like your privacy is respected is absolutely 100% a part of #UX.

Disrespecting and/or disregarding user #privacy is an insanely fast way to instantaneously decimate user experience for a large portion of your user base.

It also brings you a bunch of negative PR and repels a good deal of existing and prospective users essentially forever, no matter how good your product may be otherwise.

Respect user privacy.

The Calyx Institute
4 days ago

Happy #Pride Month! Thank you so much to all our #LGBTQ members, staff and community members for working with us to make digital #privacy more accessible for all worldwide.

Future of Privacy Forum :vf:
4 days ago

Super excited to promote the #privacy champions at #RightsCon . All those privacy scholars and practitioners look great in those great big color glamour shots, and we're sure Costa Rica is beautiful this time of year!

Big thanks to all the great, privacy-conscious sponsors for making all this possible!

#freshprivacythinking #nolimitsfunding

4 days ago

"It would be almost impossible to talk about privacy in 2023 and not consider the effects that #ArtificialIntelligence is having and will have on #DataProtection & #Privacy" - states in his #Speech #APF2023 available now!bwqMG7

Person in front of an audience delivering a speech, surrounded by icons, such as a lock, a cloud, charts.

iOS allows apps to access the motion sensors without a permission. This article addresses how this unrestricted access might impact your privacy:

Will #iOS17 fix that?

#infoSec #privacy #cybersecurity #cybersecuritytips

Frederik Borgesius
4 days ago

!? 'The Norwegian DPA imposed a ban on the national statistical institute's planned real-time mass-processing of nearly all purchase data in the country, including linkage to bank accounts and birth dates, for the purpose of providing official statistics.'
#privacy #law #politics #dataprotection #gdpr #eu #norway

Wow. #Amazon does it again, this time violating the #privacy of CHILDREN and getting slapped with a laughable fine.

$25 million? For a company that nets BILLIONS every quarter. What a fucking joke.

5 days ago

I just absolutely do not want a camera inside my car that sends stuff to the cloud. Tesla has already shown that no company can be trusted with this kind of data. I’m fact, I want to build my own EV that doesn’t send ANY data to anyone. I’m almost to the “going back to a dumb phone” part of my life.

#privacy #ev

From: @electrek

5 days ago

Democracy SOS! Political parties should have to abide by Canada’s privacy laws. But #Canada is trying to make the #privacy wild west permanent! Sign the petition to stop them:

I'm hiring a research assistant for next academic year! 🎓 Come work with me at Oxford from September, research how we can audit #privacy technologies, and study algorithmic risks for research in social and health science.

Looking for profiles with CS, ML, or statistics experience in priority but other background welcomed to enquire.

Apply by June 19th or please share around!

To find out about my research: check and

5 days ago

🚨 NEW: Today, CDT is releasing recommendations for companies (especially smaller ones) to protect the #privacy of people seeking or providing abortion care. Many types of companies, not just medical providers, collect and share info that can reveal a person’s #health / healthcare choices - like online search queries, browsing history, message content, data shared with personal apps, & a person’s location #data:

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
5 days ago

We all have preconceived notions about #privacy on our desktop operating systems. But how much data does #Windows, #macOS, and even #Linux really collect?

Let’s look at all the things they know about you, what they do with the data, and how you can disable most, or all of that:

An interesting #privacy proposal for partitioning `:visited` links history: "On the user's end, this will mean that the browser styles links as `:visited` if and only if they have been visited from this site and frame before."