Steve Dustcircle 🌹
2 days ago

Why the #ProLife Movement Wasn’t Ready for a #PostRoe World

#Dobbs represented a remarkable legal victory, but the #antiabortion cause has struggled to win hearts and minds.

3 days ago

GOOD! I'd MUCH rather THIS happen then for my MACHINE GUNS (not my pistols or other guns) to be TAKEN AWAY! #ProLife #SaveTheChildren!

Bruce Mirken
5 days ago

@invicticide @BigAngBlack But they're "#ProLife"! 🙄

"Pro-life" people have consistently refused to hear this argument, because the "pro-life" movement is essentially about controlling women and their reproductivity — not about "saving life." It is about imposing some folks' moral (and pseudoscientific) views on everyone else by force of law. It is impossible to rebrand this movement as "pro-choice," because in its very foundations it is precisely the opposite of that.

And religionists think they know better….

#abortion #ProChoice #ProLife

The clear and persuasive argument Will Saletan makes for a pro-choice ethic is one many of us have tried to make to "pro-life" folks to no avail. Saletan notes that no one is closer to the situation than a pregnant person, and if you are going to argue that states should decide how to handle abortion because they're closer to the people, then you must go further and say that a pregnant person is closer than anyone to the situation.

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Just going to leave this link here.

"Arkansas Ranks First on Americans United for Life’s Annual 'Life List' for Third Straight Year"

#Arkansas #Medicaid #healthcare #ProLife #GOP

Benjamin Hardy reports,

"Arkansas kicked another 72,519 people off Medicaid in August, including at least 23,000 children."

By the reckoning of the newspaper Arkansas Times, for which Hardy writes, Arkansas' post-pandemic Medicaid purge is the harshest in the nation.

Other data show Arkansans as among the most resolutely "pro-life" voters in the country, in a state heavily dominated by white evangelicals.

Go figure.

#Arkansas #Medicaid #healthcare #ProLife #GOP

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
1 week ago

#News #Breaking #BreakingNews

Pseudo Journalist Kristen Welker Allowed Inmate P01135809 Donald Trump To Lie Repeatedly With No Pushback Whatsoever...

Welker Failed...
To Call Trump Out On His Firmly Held Abortion Stance That...
"There Has To Be Some Punishment For Women Who Have Abortions!"

#InmateP01135809 #DonaldJTrump #DonaldTrump #Trump
#MSNBC #NBC #NBCNews #MeetThePress #PseudoJournalism
#PseudoJournalist #KristenWelker #Welker #TrumpAssKisser #TrumpAssLicker
#Abortion #Abortions #Women #Woman #WomensRights #Healthcare #WomensHealth #AbortionRights
#ProChoice Is #ProLife And #ProBaby

2 weeks ago

„Abtreibung erlauben, um Frauen zu schützen, ist ein Narrativ, das wissenschaftlich nicht gestützt. Frauen müssen über Komplikationen und Folgen einer Abtreibung informiert sein. Es braucht alternative Unterstützung für Mutter und Kind.“

Susanne Kummer, Direktorin des Wiener Bioethik-Instituts IMABE

#abtreibung #fedikirche #katholischekirche #lebensrecht #prolife

Sampath Pāṇini ®
2 weeks ago

As a #GirlDad I remember when I learned that human baby girls are born with all the ovules they will ever have.

In that context, #ProLife meant something radically different.

Our built environment, priorities, and the latent societal value of #PartusSequiturVentrem are interwoven and dissonant.

J Davis 🫂🕊️
2 weeks ago

@InfoMgmtExec @jaykuo

#GriftersGonnaGrope #LaurenGropert #BimboBobo

Also, #bigot and #ChristianNationalist #KristiNoem was revealed to be having an affair with a Trump aide for at least 3 years.

#GOPDoItInFrontOfChildren #GOP #Maga
#ProLife is BS

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
2 weeks ago

Good Luck With Your #ProLife “Rebranding,” Dummies!
The #antiabortion movement has grown too radical to be tamed by a bunch of #Washingtonelites playacting as marketing consultants.

2 weeks ago

Das Engagement gegen Abtreibung ist kein rein religiöses Anliegen, sondern eine Frage der Menschenrechte. Zum christlichen Anliegen der Bewahrung der Schöpfung gehört auch der Schutz des menschlichen Lebens. Wer sich um die Umwelt, den Lebensbedingungen und die Zukunft der Schöpfung sorgt, wird dies auch um das Lebensrecht des ungeborenen menschlichen Lebens tun.

#abtreibung #menschenrechte #katholischekirche #fedikirche #prolife #marschfurdasleben

J Davis 🫂🕊️
2 weeks ago


I'm not sure what I'm disgusted by more, that she blew off a pregnant woman who asked her to stop vaping or this trashy sh!t.

Anybody got a clip of Morgan Freeman talking about people who talk in the theater? I can't find it.

#ProLife when it's convenient
#MAGA losers

"If you vote for Sanders to run your state, then your punishment could very well become Sanders running your state. Now Arkansas has a governor who’s world-famous not for her keen mind or nuanced policy stances, but for her dedication to being the most prolific bullshit factory in politics."

~ Hunter

#SarahHuckabeeSanders #Republicans #Arkansas #gaslighting #CultureWars #PoliticsofDistraction #racism #homphobia #ProLife #WhiteChristianNationalism

@georgetakei Also, the Republican Party* thinks the way to make forced-birtherism (reproductive slavery) appealing is to find a nicer name for it. People aren't buying their bullshit.

* (I refuse to use the conventional, convenient initialism. There's nothing "Grand" about the party, at least ever since the Southern Strategy. As someone observed, the erstwhile party of Lincoln has done a 180° and become the party of John Wilkes Booth.)

#RepublicanParty #Republicans #abortion #ProLife #proForcedBirth #AntiChoice #AbortionRights

2 weeks ago

Pro--life people!

I guess the exposure was too much!

Wisconsin school-board president who backtracked on canceling free school lunch says it opened his eyes: 'I eat every meal every day. I cannot relate to being hungry.'…

  • Waukesha was the only school district in Wisconsin to opt out of Biden's free-lunch program.
  • This week it opted back in, as board members said they were unaware of the hunger in their district.
  • But it was a 5-4 vote, and some members likened free lunch to mask mandates.

#ProLife #Politics #SchoolLunch #Conservatives #Wisconsin

“The plain truth is that when the next Republican trifecta hits Washington, many of them will be pushing hard to pass a nationwide abortion ban.

This is the biggest problem that those who are so desperate to ‘rebrand “pro-life”’ face right now: This is a movement that’s largely defined by the zealots in its ranks.”

#abortion #ProLife #Republicans

Regina Granat
2 weeks ago

Well if this ain’t the truth….. #gop #prolife #cats

As is being widely reported now, Republicans have shot themselves in the feet by capturing the Supreme Court and using its right-wing Catholic bloc to rip away from women the right of abortion.

As Tori Otten reports, they're now facing a branding problem vis-a-vis abortion, and it's a difficult one, since they have for so long relied on calling themselves the "pro-life" party.

When they're anything but that…. And now the mask is off.

#abortion #Republicans #ProLife

#Trump #ProChoice

🚨 #Republicans trying to find a new term for #ProLife messaging on #Abortion to stave off more damaging electoral losses! 🚨

Sen. Cramer: "People see being pro-life as being against all abortions at all levels"

Sen. Hawley: "The polling made it clear that more specificity is needed in talking about #abortion"

And here's me thinking the GOP were all about personal freedoms & liberty for all? 🤔

It seems this only counts when they agree with the issue.

Abortion Rights march in the United States

Jill Filipovic adds,

"Over and over again, the worst states for children are clustered around the 'pro-life' Bible Belt, and the map of the states that are the worst for children looks a lot like a map of red state America."

#children #US #Republicans #ProLife

“Children in the US can be legally married in 41 states, physically punished by school administrators in 47 states, sentenced to life without parole in 22 states, and work in hazardous agriculture conditions in all 50 states.”

~ Human Rights Watch, cited by Jill Filipovic

#children #US #Republicans #ProLife

3 weeks ago

"one child employee dies roughly every three days..

According to a 2018 Government Accountability Office report, more than half of work-related fatalities for children in the US happen in the agriculture sector, "

by Edward Helmore in Colorado

#uspol #ProLife #EatTheRich

3 weeks ago

So, when does an artificial fetus deserve to be protected by the pro-cell police.
#ProChoice #ProBirth #ProLife

3 weeks ago

Idaho "lawmakers refused to extend the tenure of the state’s #MaternalMortality Review Committee, an expert panel... that investigated pregnancy-related deaths...

That was a bridge too far for Dr. Amelia Huntsberger, the #Idaho obstetrician who helped lead a push to create the panel in 2019. She recently moved to #Oregon.

“Idaho calls itself a quote ' #ProLife state', but the Idaho Legislature doesn’t care about the #death of moms,” she said."

Text from article:
But lawmakers refused to extend the tenure of the state’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee, an expert panel on which Dr. Gustafson served that investigated pregnancy-related deaths. The Idaho Freedom Foundation, a conservative group, testified against it and later called it an “unnecessary waste of tax dollars” — even though the annual cost, about $15,000, was picked up by the federal government.

That was a bridge too far for Dr. Amelia Huntsberger, the Idaho obstetrician who helped lead a push to create the panel in 2019. She recently moved to Oregon. “Idaho calls itself a quote ‘pro-life state,’ but the Idaho Legislature doesn’t care about the death of moms,” she said.

Most significantly, the Legislature rejected a top priority of Dr. Gustafson and others in her field: amending state law so that doctors would be able to perform abortions when the health — not just the life — of the mother is at risk. It was almost too much for Dr. Gustafson. She loves living in Idaho, she said. But when asked if she had thought about leaving, her answer was quick: “Every day.”

"Catholics United for Life became one of the country’s most vocal anti-abortion groups, protesting outside of clinics and operating a pro-life printing press. But it’s now the subject of multiple lawsuits and former members of the community say sexual abuse and violence permeated their lives."


#Catholic #SexualAbuse #abortion #ProLife

"Nine months after Kenneth Smith’s botched lethal injection, state attorney general has asked for approval to kill him with nitrogen."

~ Ed Pilkington

Just imagine how horrific things might be in Alabama if it were not a resolutely pro-life state dominated by resolutely pro-life Christians!

(NB: extreme sarcasm here)

#Alabama #CapitalPunishment #DeathSentence #execution #ProLife

From its inception, the "pro-life" movement has been about putting women in their place, about stopping the advance of women's rights — not about serving "the value of life" and safeguarding life. Tennessee Republicans now standing on their heads to serve the interests of the gun lobby while calling themselves pro-lifers: this is the real, honest to God face of the "pro-life" movement in the US.

#abortion #ProLife

The "pro-life" movement has so patently not promoted what it calls "the value of life" or a "life-centered ethic" that it has no moral leg to stand on as it tries to posture as a moral movement. Moral movements don't stoop to lies and deceit and coercion to make moral points. They persuade via reason and logic and the example they provide of moral behavior.

#abortion #ProLife

A truly moral position is never defended by coercion, by force of law that imposes my moral values on you. The moment that's my objective — to coerce you to recognize as moral what I dictate — I have forfeited the claim to be promoting a moral cause.

From the outset, the "pro-life" movement has been about coercing a majority of Americans to accept — by force of law — a moral judgment about abortion held by a minority.

#abortion #ProLife

Mona Charen, who objects to abortion on moral grounds, thinks that pro-lifers need to change tactics and realize that the attempt to limit abortions through the law has been a failure.

What Charen's argument fails to recognize, it seems to me, is that the "pro-life" movement was a failure from its inception, because it's not about what it claims to be about. It claims to be about morality. But it's about coercion.

#abortion #ProLife

The state’s maternal mortality review committee was dissolved this summer. Research of Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) finds that 61% of Idaho residents say they oppose overturning Roe v. Wade.

#Idaho #abortion #healthcare #ProLife

Kathleen McLaughlin reports that over the past year, OB-GYNs have fled Idaho due to severe restrictions and punishments for doctors who perform abortions after Dobbs. In one Idaho town, a maternity ward that delivered as many as 350 babies every year was closed, citing staffing issues and the state’s “legal and political climate."

#Idaho #abortion #healthcare #ProLife

Wren Birdie (she/her)
1 month ago

If the #GOP was truly #ProLife they would be pro universal healthcare, and pro Headstart and pro mask wearing and against wars, against the death penalty.

They would pro aggressive gun control. They would take care of our injured and maimed veterans.

Screw these damn liars!!!


Jill Filipovic says that as "pro-life" abortion bans force child rape victims into giving birth, "the 'pro-life' movement looks an awful lot like a pro-rape movement. …

By definition, these pregnant children are rape victims. By definition, their health and their lives are imperiled: Pregnancy is the leading killer of adolescent girls worldwide."

#abortion #rape #ProLife #ForcedBirth

Texas kills an unborn child, then says it's not really a person.
"The prison agency and the Texas attorney general’s office have argued in defense of the lawsuit that the agency should not be held responsible for the stillbirth and that it is not clear the fetus had rights as a person."
#Texas #Fascists #Abortion #ProLife

"Biden officials have tried to pressure states quietly to fix the errors—including long waits to get phone calls answered and slow processing of applications, as well as paperwork errors—but yesterday released letters it had sent to individual states to warn them they might be violating federal law. Thirty-six states did not meet federal requirements."

#Medicaid #healthcare #Texas #ProLife #Republicans

"In the last three months, 4 million people have lost their Medicaid coverage, mostly because of paperwork problems. (Texas dropped an eye-popping 52% of beneficiaries due for renewal in May.)"

~ Heather Cox Richardson

#Medicaid #healthcare #Texas #ProLife #Republicans

Bill D
2 months ago

In order to prove their “pro-life” credentials, Republicans want to scuttle PEPFAR, an incredibly successful AIDS treatment and prevention program that literally saves babies’ lives. That’s right: you have to let babies and children die to show how pro-life you are.

#aids #abortion #prolife #prodeath

"The Texas abortion ban seems to have forced thousands upon thousands of women into unwanted pregnancies and births, reversed a nearly decade-long decline in infant mortality, and killed a lot of babies.

And, appallingly, according to CNN, 'Infant deaths caused by severe genetic and birth defects rose by 21.6%.'”

~ Jill Filipovic

#Texas #abortion #ProLife

"These include hidden razor wire traps, the withholding of water even in extreme heat, and orders to push migrants—including children and infants—back into the Rio Grande where they might drown.

According to the e-mail, the razor wire has already caused grave injury to migrants, including children and pregnant women."

#Texas #Republicans #ProLife #GregAbbott #migrants #cruelty

Bruce Mirken
2 months ago

#Texas women testify about the horrors they've endured due to the state's #abortion ban. Do NOT call yourself "#ProLife" when you're actually pro-torture

I feel that if #abortion was a male issue, at least one #antiAbortion organization would have been shot up by now, maybe a congressman assassinated. #proLife