Programming Quotes
5 hours ago

Nine people cant make a baby in a month.

— Frederick P. Brooks

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Programming Quotes
21 hours ago

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

— Linus Torvalds


I like to write. Usually about technology, health and wellbeing.
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New issue coming Monday.
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HoneybeeTime 🐝
2 days ago

Submitting timesheets on time can make you feel like a superhero!
The bees are at work to make you all superheroes🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ Join the wait list today at

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Doing a deep dive with #raycast
There's some funky stuff I'm learning all the time #productivity

Aya J
2 days ago

So, I'm back with my old flame, focus to-do. The inbuilt pomodoro, lifetime payment, and dashboard features are just too good for me to stay away

#Productivity #pomodoro #insights

James House-Lantto (He/Him)
2 days ago

how-to-geek article makign a case for using a MMO or MOBa style mouse for day to day productivity needs. the article covers a few talking points

- Built for Long-term Comfort
- Programmable Buttons up the Wazoo
- Customizability

and of course some links to the more popular models available

#Productivity #computermice #Comfort #Ergonomics #Logitech #Razer #Corsair

Upol Ehsan
2 days ago

With the promise of boundless productivity powered by AI, we often miss the question:

*Who* is the increased productivity serving?

Is it:
- us
- employers (that will discard us when convenient)
- an exploitative labor market (that can exploit a race to the bottom)?

#productivity #AI #labor

3 days ago

Tip of the day: There are certain situations where you may need to fully uninstall #DEVONthink. Maybe you are switching jobs and will be returning a company-issued computer. Or perhaps you are selling your current Mac and want to make sure you have cleaned off your #DEVONthink installation. Whatever the reason, here is how to do a full uninstall of #DEVONthink. #pkm #productivity #tipoftheday 📚
3 days ago
Option to work from the office: Cool!
Mandate to work at the office for xx% of the time: Tell me your company sucks without saying your company sucks.

#RemoteWork #Productivity
Lenz Grimmer
3 days ago

"People are dedicating large fraction of their screens to a never-ending conveyor belt of conversation pile-ups. The mental overhead, and repetitive visual switchbacking, is exhausting. It’s repression through over-communication."

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3 days ago

Assign more meaningful names to your saved items using the Niphtio extension. Effortlessly organize your library without interrupting your current workflow.

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Edit title via the Niphtio extension
3 days ago

Before using DayQuest, I struggled with completing everyday tasks and became so overwhelmed! 🥺

However, with DayQuest, I have found that I am able to be more productive and identify areas where I can improve.

As someone who has #ADHD I find DayQuest to be more neurodivergent-friendly than planners! 😍

#gamedev #Productivity

Jason Self
3 days ago

Got my first task of the day done and now I'm ready to take on the next one! #Productivity

Paul O'Malley
3 days ago

📁 Create New Files in Google Workspace Faster than Ever 📁

💼 As people, we understand the value of time. That's why I'm thrilled to share this incredible timesaver with you all! ⏰✅
There are many ways that you can create new documents in Google, from inside Google Drive to directly from the Google Docs etc homepages. But there is an even faster way with a URL that you can head to that directly creates the new file for you.

👇 Watch the video to witness the magic yourself and learn how to use this game-changing tip. 🎥🔗

Don't forget to #boost and share this post with your followers and help others save time too!

#Productivity #GoogleWorkspace #TimeIsMoney #EfficiencyMatters #BoostYourWorkflow #WorkSmart #GoogleDocs #GoogleSlides #GoogleSheets

YouTube Thumbnail highlighting the Google Logo with the caption "New Docs in No Time!"
Danie van der Merwe
3 days ago

I did not realise portable monitors were a thing: Best portable monitors in 2023 for laptops, smartphones, or tablets

To think, I had a second monitor for my laptop at my own office, and one at each of the two clients I spent time at during the week. Once you get used to working with two monitors, it is really difficult going back to a single monitor from a productivity poin ...continues


#monitors #productivity #technology

Danie van der Merwe
3 days ago
To think, I had a second monitor for my laptop at my own office, and one at each of the two clients I spent time at during the week. Once you get used to working with two monitors, it is really difficult going back to a single monitor from a productivity point of view. So, I did not lug monitors around, but three were dedicated for my use when I could have just had one portable one.

These can also be useful as display units for a Raspberry Pi system as well.

Portable monitors are a great way to resolve this problem since they're more compact and easy to carry around. These smaller displays connect via USB-C and mini HDMI, meaning you can use them with almost any device, from the best gaming laptops to tablets, smartphones, and standard work laptops. Some monitors even come with their own batteries, so you can enjoy consistent productivity and media playback without impacting your laptop's battery.

See Best portable monitors in 2023

#technology #productivity #monitors

Boost your efficiency with these smaller displays.

4 days ago

Tip of the day: In customer support, we receive many questions every day on different topics and it is not uncommon for people to ask the same question others have asked before. Therefore we offer another form of support for quick access: a FAQ section on our website. Here you can learn more about it. #devonagent #devonthink #devonthinktogo #pkm #productivity #research #support #tipoftheday #websearch

4 days ago

I did not realise portable monitors were a thing: Best portable monitors in 2023 for laptops, smartphones, or tablets

Laptop with a second screen connected by a cable To think, I had a second monitor for my laptop at my own office, and one at each of the two clients I spent time at during the week. Once you get used to working […]

Laptop with a second screen connected by a cable
Christian Alder 🌱
4 days ago

I’m having an existential crisis when it comes to settling on a productivity/todo app. I’ll choose one then tell myself I need to try another then end up dissatisfied with that and loop around again.

I’ve revisited Tick Tick at least four times now. And yes I’ve even tried the “screw technology” approach and used pen and paper, that didn’t last long.

#ToDo #Productivity #ProductivityApps

Freelance Freedom
4 days ago

What it is and how it helped my freelance life "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown"
#freelance #essentialism #productivity #mentalHeath

desk with laptop, phone and a copy of essentalism by greg mckoewn
4 days ago

7 ChatGPT plugins to enhance productivity - Boost your productivity with ChatGPT plugins and streamline your workflo... - #productivity #optimization #enhancement #efficiency #workflow. #features #chatgpt #plugins

Colin Gourlay
4 days ago

Paul Hammant is interviewed on the latest Software Engineering Radio #podcast

In this episode he discusses trunk-based development and how it can help improve #collaboration, reduce complexity, increase #productivity and the #quality of #software

With a book and several talks on the subject matter, Paul is considered an authority in this area. Sharing his insights, he discusses the challenges and benefits of this approach.

I regret not having taken notes of what I’ve learned during the first 7 months on my new job. I regret not having taken notes the past ten years as a professional.

This week I started taking notes on all that I noticed. It’s already 20 more notes this week, from own experience. Better late than never, right?

#PKM #obsidianmd #obsidian #productivity

Focus App
4 days ago

For everyone who loves to use the #iPad for work, Focus for iPad is now better than ever!

The new iPad app dynamically adapts and works great in Stage Manager, Spilt View, Slide Over, or full screen. You can place your Focus timer next to other apps, and make progress on your tasks!


#iOS #Productivity #Apple #Work #RemoteWork

Screenshot of the new Focus for iPad
Jeff Haluska
4 days ago

My biggest programming productivity gain from ChatGPT is asking it to name variables for me. It's often my biggest mental roadblock.

#chatgpt #productivity

Keith Agius
4 days ago

I do like Alan Kohler & his dry sense of humour when it comes to 'productivity'. He is of course on the money here! Loss of hope & care factor has much to do with our work life. Lose hope lose productivity. #work #pay #happiness #hope #productivity #auspol #wfh #AI #wages

4 days ago

Ever feel like your todo list is more of a todon't list?

We're working on a game-like task management system for helping you have fun finishing your tasks!

Turn projects into dungeons and fill them with monsters (tasks) then slay your day!

Join the quest at

#gamedev #games #productivity

5 days ago

Tip of the day: One of the fundamental strengths of #DEVONthink is the various ways of organizing documents. But as the databases grow, you may find it a little harder to put your documents in the appropriate locations. Here are seven simple ways to move documents around inside their databases. #pkm #productivity #tipoftheday #workflow

Focus App
5 days ago

Focus on the Mac

Starting with #macOS Ventura 13.3, the new Mac app features a modern sidebar navigation, a new dashboard, and a ton of other enhancements.

Discover here:

#Mac #App #Apple #Productivity

Screenshot of the new Focus app version for the Mac
5 days ago

"We found that (a) music generally impaired complex task performance, (b) complex music facilitated simple task performance, and (c) preference for external stimulation moderated these effects. Therefore, the data suggest that music's effects on task performance depend on the music, the task, and the performer"

#Focus #Productivity #Stimulation

Ric Raftis
6 days ago

Just published a new article and video on tracking time in Obsidian and integrating with your Daily Note. #obsidian #timetracking #productivity

Eva Wolfangel
6 days ago

Lasst euch also von den Beratertypen keinen Unsinn erzählen: wir können nicht immer mehr Produktivität in einen Arbeitstag packen - auch wenn uns immer wieder magic Tricks und Techniken dafür verkauft werden.

So we know the UK has a problem with #productivity caused by under-#investment; likewise we know all sorts of public & private services are being starved of investment....

Meanwhile #Germany is recording record levels of #ForeignDirctInvestment (FDI), and what do you know, the third highest source of that FDI is the UK... not least by firms looking to maintain a foothold in post-#Brexit #Europe...

Where's our investment gone?
Well looks like some of it is helping the German economy!

chart: US, Switzerland & UK drive record levels of FDI in Germany; Greenfield & expansion projects by country, 2022.

USA has around 270 investment projects; Switzerlans around 200 and the UK around 175.

China & Turkey have around 140 each, Netherlands 110, France 100, Austria 85, Sweden 50 & Japan 40
6 days ago

"Those problems sound like they come from something deeply wrong in the organization related to work expectations, work distribution, and valuing "busyness" over output. Sure, you can slap an AI bandage on it, but your organization will still be highly inefficient underneath."
#AI #Work #WorkBetter #Productivity #tech

Nicolas Fränkel
6 days ago

#DevEx: What Actually Drives #Productivity. The #developer-centric approach to measuring and improving productivity

#metrics #KPI

rick :maybe_verified:
1 week ago

What are the best places/services to #learn new skills and capabilities? I am particularly interested in #productivity and #creativity, and with that comes an interest in #artificialIntelligence (#ai).

#learning #training #personalmba

Where are all the #TaskPaper nerds? It's very quiet over on Reddit.

Coo-ee! I'm looking for my tribe of people who don't expect me to speak org or emacs. People who love keeping their projects and tasks in a single document, as simply as possible.

@matadan is doing some interesting things with TP which I'm following with interest.

#productivity #ToDo #GTD

Tao of Mac
1 week ago

Stage Manager Should just Exit, Stage Left

I have been using Stage Manager on my Macs on a daily basis for well over a month now, and I have… feelings about it.(...)

#ventura #missioncontrol #macos #ux #taskswitching #stagemanager #productivity

Stage Manager Should just Exit, Stage Left
Jos Schuurmans (EN)
1 week ago

I'm testing

on the free plan one gets 300 minutes of real time transcription per month.

Otto can also otter can also transcribe audio that has been recorded previously I'm wondering if the 300 minutes count against such previously recorded audio

I'm also wondering if otter is the best solution the best transcription solution

#OtterAI #SpeechToText #AI #transcription #notetaking #interviewing #meetings #KnowledgeManagement #KM #productivity #curation


Eric S Burdon
1 week ago

Productivity seems like a simple concept, but there is a lot of nuance to it that many brush over.

The reality is productivity by definition is different from job to job, industry to industry, and person to person. And yet we act like there is just one pure definition and measurement for it.

Here's an article I put together to talk about some of the nuances and how we're dropping the ball on productivity.

#Medium #Writing #writer #productivity #hustle

Carol Lee
1 week ago

New paper on arXiv! Check out the results of our intercept study conducted at #LeadDevNYC with ICs, managers, and leaders on how their orgs currently measure success and how they wish their orgs would measure success.

Turns out orgs aren’t really focusing on #productivity but on performance and production. What do folks want? Well, productivity and performance.

Check the full results here:

#SoftwareEngineering #DeveloperProductivity @seresearchers

Roni Laukkarinen
1 week ago

I asked about what people use for tasks on Mastodon.

Surprisingly many

- do not use ANY task management and store things in their brain (that's crazy from my perspective)
- do not use any kind of mobile task management
- use pen an paper (see two previous)
- use some hacky terminal/code based task management methods (again, no mobile or cross platform)
- do not use any time blocking methods (seeing tasks in calendars with estimated times to complete)

I couldn't live my life like that. :blob_smile_sweat2: #Productivity #Tasks #TaskManagement #Apps

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 week ago

#AI #GenerativeAI #Productivity #Automation: "In a world where the cost of producing content, correspondence, research, and code approaches zero, it stands to reason that the forces of capitalism would respond by demanding as much of it as possible. And even if humans aren’t the ones producing every solitary word, phrase, sound, or string of numbers, humans will be tasked with generating, editing, and corralling all this synthetic media. If artificial intelligence is coming for our jobs, its plan is to turn us all into middle managers of overlapping, interacting AI systems. The only problem? Middle management is stressful, grinding, usually thankless work. People speak derisively about middle managers because their outputs are hard to define and monitor—they are viewed, sometimes unfairly, as a mere link in the chain."

1 week ago

「 Elixir’s concise syntax and functional programming paradigm can lead to reduced development costs. While the overall development cost is not solely dependent on lines of code, Elixir’s simple syntax can make it easier and faster to write code, leading to cost savings 」
via Robin Demuth

#Elixir #MyElixirStatus #Productivity

2 weeks ago

The anti-wfh/remote work thing blows my mind when it comes from VPs/execs.

I recall a VP at a previous company who didn’t allow any of his team to wfh, but he worked from home 1-2 times week because he lived an hour away and that was a crazy commute.

The hypocrisy 🤦🏽‍♂️

#wfh #remotework #productivity

Danie van der Merwe
2 weeks ago

Best Free (not all open source) Microsoft Office alternatives in 2023

LibreOffice probably still remains the most complete set of features and a pure open source option, but I can see why the free SoftMaker FreeOffice is also given a lot of credit: It opens very quickly, has a pretty slick more modern user interface, it has exc ...continues


##msoffice #alternativeto #productivity #technology

2 weeks ago

Best Free (not all open source) Microsoft Office alternatives in 2023

Desktop with some open text editor windows and the title of the post in text LibreOffice probably still remains the most complete set of features and a pure open source option, but I can see why the free SoftMaker FreeOffice is also given a lot of credit: It opens very […]

Desktop with some open text editor windows and the title of the post in text

Ok, my latest project:

Send voice messages to #gpt4 via a #free #telegram bot while driving, jogging, cleaning etc:

(DM for an invite)

#chatgpt #openai #productivity 📚
2 weeks ago

#Stickies is a #macOS app that can help you keep track of certain things. Here's how to use this handy #productivity application on your #Apple Mac.

Fred Markle
2 weeks ago

I wrote up a post about my current personal knowledge structure. Not an in-depth post at this point, but a quick summary of some of the productivity apps I have my eye on and what I am currently using. I plan to do a deep dive into my structure and each app over the next couple months.
#pkm #notes #productivity

note taking illustration

What simple #productivity advice would you give to someone who's having trouble sticking to the usual apps, refuses to use #Obsidian for to-do lists, and who wants an effective system that transcends apps and is fun to use?

For Medium members (please):

For everyone else:

Roni Laukkarinen
2 weeks ago

What is your way of managing tasks?

#Productivity #Apps #ToDo #GTD #TickTick #Todoist

2 weeks ago

I'm trying to get away from using #GoogleCalendar.

Does anyone know of a good #calendar app that runs on #Linux and has a compatible #Android app?

#FOSS #OpenSource #productivity #PKM #Google

Ashley Porciuncula
2 weeks ago

Knowing how to learn is such a critical skill, and it doesn't get talked about enough. How to gather info, organise it, pick out what matters, recognise patterns, break big problems down into smaller ones, etc. If you can do those things, you can accomplish literally anything, it doesn't matter the topic or field.

#Productivity #LifeHacks #LifeHack

2 weeks ago

#Office & #Productivity picks of the day:

(These are all FOSS)

➡️ @bitwarden - Password management software

➡️ @XWiki - Wiki software aimed at businesses

➡️ @CollaboraOffice - Online fork of LibreOffice

➡️ @Carnet - Note-taking app synced with personal clouds, alternative to Google Keep

➡️ @joplinapp - Another note-taking app that can be synced through clouds

➡️ @hedgedoc - Collaborative markdown note editor, web-based and self-hostable

➡️ @synoforum - Unofficial forum for Synology NAS owners

3 weeks ago

Mijn liefde voor de keymap staat nu ook beschreven in de FYI nieuwsbrief. Net de deur uit dus vrij snel in je inbox. Ook hier te lezen:

#keymap #ergomechkeyboards #productivity #newsletter

3 weeks ago

Wednesday is the day when I start to feel like I can actually get things done. 💪 #WednesdayMotivation #GetThingsDone #Productivity

AJ Kohn
3 weeks ago

20 Lesser Known but Great Productivity Tools

"I come out of the woodwork to share some incredibly amazing productivity tools in a list I’ve been working on for the last 2 years, but have still narrowed down to the core tools that any entrepreneur, business owner, or agency should seriously consider adding to their toolkit."

I don't usually like lists but this one is excellent.

#Productivity #Tools #Entrepreneur

Dennis Alexis Valin Dittrich
3 weeks ago
Generative #AI is changing the way we complete tasks. While it is helpful for tasks like planning a trip or meal, it cannot replace the #creativity of humans. Its best use is for simplifying obnoxious tasks. It can support writers and other professionals whose fields cannot be replaced by AI. Yet, we should keep an eye on the revenue models of these tools and put restrictions on their monetization to ensure they are used responsibly.
#satisficing #productivity #AIEthics

3 weeks ago

I woke up at 5am today and instead of having coffee I decided to update a font on an #angular project that hasn't been touched in 3 years. Follow me for more morning routine optimisation tricks. #productivity #superhuman #notiontemplates

Our values guide the way we take care of our areas of responsibility, which are connected to the projects and tasks that fill our days.

What's the pedigree of your to do list?

#productivity #todo #life #goals

Handwriting of the text of this post on a white page. There's a hand drawn budding plant at the bottom of the page, with visible roots.
Boris Vulikh
3 weeks ago

I've written recently how a slow CI/CD kills productivity.
We got to cut both of our #CI and #CD times in half, and the difference is huge.
However, it's not yet enough.
CI/CD must be FAST.
It's not just #developer #productivity. It's also your time to recover from a #production issue.

Benji Mauer
3 weeks ago

#AI apologists keep breathlessly talking about how it’s going to improve #productivity 100x and unlock untold value but you all realize there’s a demand side to the economy as well, right?

The limit is not productivity it’s the capability and capacity of humans to meaningfully consume.

3 weeks ago

An #introduction

I'm the Head of Analysis for an online retailer.

I’m a
#productivity enthusiast. I’m interested in #tech but I’m not a developer.
I like the no-code options; IFTTT, Shortcuts, Zapier etc.

I enjoy watching TV and
#movies (not horror!)

I’m also a Cub Scout Leader.

I have a wonderful wife and between us we have 5 children.

I follow
#Formula1 My favourite team is #McLarenF1 #McLaren
I also support
#AFCBournemouth 🍒

#scouting #F1

3 weeks ago

#Business #Reviews
Arc will change the way you work on the web · “The Arc web browser is the most transformative app I’ve used in decades.”

#Arc #WebBrowser #Browser #Spaces #Sidebar #Tabs #Shortcuts #Productivity