Thomas King
2 days ago

Our team successfully migrated 1006 customer ports at DECIX Frankfurt, transitioning from old Nokia XRS40 devices to the latest Nokia SR14s FP5-based routers. This was done to meet the high demand for 100GE and 400GE ports and support future growth in Frankfurt. The team's passion, expertise, and determination played a crucial role in the project's success, with effective communication and teamwork being critical factors. #proud #peeringfamily #interconnection

6 days ago

We are very close to 600 life time viewers to the blog in just 16 days
and that makes my little heart so freeking happy!

Someone, well, many someones out there are looking at the blog and I just hope they're enjoying it! I only post it to a couple places and I know I could get more eyes on it if I posted it to Reddit or something too but for now its doing great things daily and i'm so proud of that.

#proud #blog #writing

Jimmy Biscuits 🧻
1 week ago

I’m not saying I shit my pants when Tool brought Alex Lifeson on stage during the first Toronto show.

Thing is, it was all piss. Zero feces.


IFR (she/her)
1 week ago

#Day185 of #365HappyDays : I realised I’ve done just over 6 months of this now. Quite #proud of myself for sticking with it. I think I’ve missed two days, one quite recently actually, but then picked it up again the next day. So whilst technically this could be #Day187, I’m being honest with it. I hope.

Anyway. I dropped The Boy off with his mama this evening and soon after they arrived home, I received this from her.
So it seems he was #happy #today too.

#grandson #JDG

Joel's just asked him if he had a nice time,
Joseph said “nice time grandma, nice time
grandma viv, nice time Ben Ben, nice time Kevin” 😂

Well at least you know he had a nice time!
Terry Lingwood
1 week ago

#tunetuesday #mastomusic #musicmastodaoine #AntiRacism I have quite a few #songs on #youtube the majority of which are either original or parody but this is probably the one I'm most #proud of

Mathew Thomas
1 week ago

#Sad that #India did not win today.

#Australia played brilliantly.
#Head and #Labuschagne just soaked up the pressure expertly
#Congratulations #Australia and #PatCummins on winning the #CricketWorldCup2023.

#TeamIndia, Coach #RahulDravid and Skipper #RohitSharma, you can be #proud of the way that you have played and given us #fabulousentertainment
Winning all matches in the tournament, except this one, is a #tremendousachievement.

#IndiaFanForever #SupportTheMenInBlue #WeLoveTeamIndia

Thomas King
2 weeks ago

It brings me great joy to witness the joyous expressions on the faces of our team members as we celebrate the incredible achievement of a traffic peak of 16.6 Tbps in Frankfurt! The trust and support we receive from our customers directly result from our unwavering commitment, passion, and dedication to our work. Seeing the fruits of our labor benefiting us and our valued customers is truly gratifying! #greatteam #proud

Todd Wells
2 weeks ago

My 13-year old installed Linux on his gaming PC today #NerdDad #Proud

Thomas King
3 weeks ago

Running workloads in different clouds reduces outages and allows you to leverage the best cloud services. The @decix Cloud ROUTER provides a secure and high-bandwidth connection between different clouds, ensuring low latency and high bandwidth. The Cloud ROUTER is offered as a service, eliminating the need for hardware purchase. Introducing the "Route Table" view in the @decix portal, which simplifies operation by monitoring the IP prefixes announced to the Cloud ROUTER. #cool #feature #proud

Chip the Android 🌈🤖
3 weeks ago

when I was in secondary school, an #art teacher told me I was horrible and that I wouldn't amount to anything. didn't matter too much because I knew it wasn't my strong suit. but fast forward to now and I've been commissioned to make art for a studio motion picture and I scripted/wrote two porn movies 😁 #proud #artglowup #glowup #accomplishments #SmallAccomplishments 💙

redhero :taito:
3 weeks ago

First thing eldest did when she got home was grab a book and head to the toilet.

#proud #blessed

Thomas King
3 weeks ago

Using multiple clouds is expected nowadays. Connecting the different Clouds (e.g., Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM, Oracle) via a private and dedicated connection guarantees high bandwidth, low latency, and increased security! By using the virtual @decix Cloud ROUTER you don't need any hardware to make this a reality. You also get: pay as you go, APIs, and self-service portal. The team improved the monitoring capabilities and launched a new dashboard showing the Cloud ROUTER traffic statistics! #proud

Ich bin seit 2006 operativ-angeglichener Transsexueller, gesetzlich Frau und das muss man akzeptieren! ♥ 🏳️‍⚧️ So muss das. 🏳️‍🌈 #proud #Selbstbestimmung

#AFDnee #ScheissNazis #Kalifatnee

#ScheißNazis #AfDnie #noNazis #nieWieder-NaziZeit #nieWieder-Holocaust

Amazed how fast seaming is. Managed to finish all the seams today while the kids were playing. Now only to knit the collar and sew in the ends -- not too many.

I think I can finish it on time for the birthday on Saturday!

#proud #knitting

(Picture while I was half-way through the seaming)

Knitted rainbow cardigan still with finishing to do.
Mathew Thomas
1 month ago

Big salute to #SheetalDevi.
What a great #sportswoman.
Only 16 and she is an #inspiration indeed.
Wishing her many more laurels, awards and accolades to come.
#proud #India #JammuandKashmir #archery #AsianParaGames

Bostjan Laba
1 month ago

Z veliko spodbude in poguma, končno!
S prijateljico ilustratorko Katjo sva izdelala nekaj prelepega!

Novembra na policah!


Paul Eggleston
1 month ago


Matthieu V.
2 months ago

Premier cluster #proxmox monté et live !

Matt Parrino 🤖
2 months ago

Never stop chasing your dreams! #proud

2 months ago

Our #goal has always been to make it possible for people who don't know much about #cryptocurrencies to find their way in the otherwise overwhelming world of crypto trading.

Easily. Like a walk in the park. 🚶‍♂️🌲🏞️

#Happy and #proud to have achieved what we set out to do.

Try Ovoro 👉🔗

#userfeedback #Ovoro #simplifiedcryptoinvesting Anyone else notice they got the chant right?! #Proud

Cap'n Transit
2 months ago

Just what we need, giving away more city land for free parking!

RT @cmbrookspowers New bill would find home for big rigs | #Proud #Transportation and #Infrastructure cc ⁦@JustinBrannan⁩

Mathew Thomas
2 months ago

@tim Amen. Still have last year’s inquirer front page when they made the World Series framed on my studio wall. #proud #baseballdweeb

Vanessa Krauss/Bubbly Brain
2 months ago

We have hippos! I repeat. We have hippos!

I wasn't lying. This is really a thing. It's really in a book.

#Canadian #horror #author #proud

Lia [she / her] 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Two weeks ago, I did one of the scariest things of my life: I went up on a stage at #IARC and talked about #ableism and discrimination in the #AnimalRights movement. Never before had I talked about something so personal in such a public way. I underestimated how scary it would be, what an emotional toll it would take (my inner ableist was really strong that day).
But it was worth it! For everyone who learned something that day. And for all of you who finally felt seen!
#Proud #DisabilityPride

2 months ago

I had the honor of supervising the smartest Masters student at the TU Delft and she mentioned me in her thesis!! 😭❤️

She just did her defense, and it went so well!! I'm so so proud. 🥹 Determining her grade with her uni supervisors rn. #thesis #proud #academic

2 months ago

It’s not even #autumn, but the #pumpkinspice #gays are #out, #proud & #onthe

Put away your #reusable #icedcoffee #straw and pick up that reusable #hotcoffee #cozy: It’s officially #PumpkinSpice #Season. (Or maybe just keep those straws on hand: The weather is still warm, and iced pumpkin spice lattes are a thing.)

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Seasons #Fall #Representation #Culture

They’re #excluded from many #job #programs; #limited to certain #housing #areas; and mostly #shutout of #participation in coveted spots that help with #socialization.

It might not be #officiallysanctioned, but it is no less #real and happening. Those who are brave enough to live “#out and #proud” are often the #target of #violence, #sex, and #extortion.

My daughter Alisa (in pink) is a face of
@extinctionrebellionnl !! #Proud #mother “For the utopia of climate justice to be achieved, it must be achieved with social justice.

It is counterproductive to blame the champions of a movement for the fact that justice has not yet arrived.

XR is a self-organized action movement.”

Alisa with pink umbrella & Thalia with yellow fan at XR demo in The Hague
IFR (she/her)
3 months ago

#Day118 of #365HappyDays : editing this email to anonymise it has taken away all context. 😏

The daughter of a friend got her #NMC PIN today. She has completed her training and is now officially a #RMN. I was with her at the very start of her journey, have been around in required moments throughout it, and to be with her at the end of it and see her achievement makes me swell with how #proud I am of her.

Her values are amazing. She’ll be such a good nurse.

H/T @garethmarlow

Graham Knapp
3 months ago

From the first lockdown and over the following year or two I built, rebuilt, extended and strengthened a swing set for my kids. #proud #happy

Two swings suspended from a thick hazel log spanning two A-frames assembled from hazel branches, climbing frame sections with red and yellow plastic swings hanging in the middle. The connections are made with bicycle axels, nails, string, rope and other such.  Setting: a slightly overgrown suburban garden.

Proud Boys are GOP's 'neo-fascist foot soldiers' — and have GOP's full support

The #Proud #Boys may have seen their leaders sentenced to hard time, but they still hold a great deal of power in some corners of the Republican Party — and #GOP leadership seems content for them to effectively be serving as a #militant #wing.

This is what various groups like the #KKK were back in the 1920s. They were an armed part, a violent part of a political faction.

3 months ago

Goed zo, de leider van de #Proud#Boys, aka as #scum, verdwijnt voor 22 jaar achter de tralies. Nu #Trump aka as #trumpmeltdown nog.

3 months ago

Sturm auf das Kapitol: 18 Jahre Haft für weiteren Ex-Proud Boys-Anführer

Wegen des Sturms auf das US-Kapitol ist ein weiterer ehemaliger Anführer der rechtsradikalen Proud Boys zu 18 Jahren Haft verurteilt worden. Ein anderer ehemaliger Proud Boy muss zehn Jahre ins Gefängnis. Von Nina Barth.


#Proud Boys #Kapitol

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
3 months ago

I have to say I am always #proud when I go to the #ESO ( webpage to see that one of my #nightscape #photography is used in the frontpage...

See the same picture on my #Flickr gallery:

#astronomy #night #startrail

Screenshot of the ESO webpage
Cooner :raccoon:
3 months ago

Woo! Figured out how to verify in my profile here on Masto. Woohoo :) #proud

Sean Riley
3 months ago

My littlest leaves for her senior year in college tomorrow morning. We are making homemade pasta and pesto for her final meal with us here until she comes home for Thanksgiving.

Feeling #proud #grateful and a little #sad

Grey Matter
5 months ago

we heard #caturday is over.

#sundog #proud #love

tattooed man sitting on steps, smiling and hugging his two tan chihuahuas, with some fun colorful filtering over the top that says "stay proud" and "love wins".
:autobot: Glen the dog ☠
5 months ago

My niece said that everyone thinks she's the funniest one in group therapy.


5 months ago

Here are (almost) all the resources around the #wallabag ecosystem.

Not so bad 😊


5 months ago

Ok, my mind is officially blown: My 9 year old just showed me what he’s been working on for the last few weeks: a game where you are the policeman and need to catch a robber.

Completely taught himself by googling his questions. But also very notable in the code he didn’t just copy and paste answers (unless those answers where written by 9 year olds without programming experience 😁)

Still work in progress, and I can’t wait to play it!

All HTML, JS, CSS, so I told him he’ll have to put it on the web when he’s done.

#proud #parenting #html #css #js

5 months ago

TIL that there is a "Bacon Centre of Excellence" in Winnipeg.

This is the proudest-to-be-Canadian I've been all year 😂

#bacon #canada #proud

Brian Enigma
5 months ago

@lisamelton Congrats! Now I understand why the RSS feed to a particular blog I’ve been following is going dark. May your new internet (and heck, LIFE) endeavors be just as great! #proud

maxmoon 🌱
5 months ago

I finished a #crochet project and even if it took me a week, I am #proud of it.

It is a bag for paper tissues.

Explanation: I tried to figure out a more #sustainable way to clean my nose, because those tissues are always coming with plastic. There is a way to buy tissues without a plastic (or even double plastic) packaging and it's to buy those tissues in paper boxes and just take as many you need with you in a small bag.

The bag is made out of yarn leftovers/second hand yarn and the material is cotton (Wool is bad!).

And I want to create 3 of them to have one at my desk, one in my car and one in my backpack. So there are at least 2 more projects on my crochet list for this year 🙂

#crocheting #diy #success

AmiW Streetart 🍂
6 months ago

🩰 Artist: #Smankiboy in City: #Hamburg Germany 🇩🇪 - Title: "Clothes have no Gender (Kleider haben kein Geschlecht) (via #Konzertgruppe5001 ) #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Pasteup #Proud #Pride 🌈#PrideMonth #TragWasDuWillst

Pasteup. On a white wall is a white small pasteup with a dancing, bearded man in a ballet skirt.
The text is: "Clothes have no Gender".
Wear what you want!
6 months ago

#proud : feeling or manifesting pride, in a good or bad sense

- French: fier

- German: stolz

- Italian: orgoglioso

- Portuguese: orgulhoso

- Spanish: orgulloso


Fill in missing translations @


| He/Him/His | O/Ele/Dele |
#Proud #gay cis man | 2% Neanderthal | Physics Teacher 👨‍🏫
 — PhD Science Education | Born (1967) and raised in beautiful #Lisbon, Portugal | #Queer #activist 🏳️‍🌈✊🏽 | #feminist #antifascist #antiracist #lefty #atheist | 
#dogdad 🐕‍🦺🦮| Likes 📖📷🎥🎭🎼🧶🫖🚴🏾🥾✈️🏙
 | Languages 🇵🇹🇬🇧🇫🇷🇪🇸 | #keto and #fasting for my #health | Be kind to others |

7 months ago

Spend some time adding stuff about me to my #profile on #GitHub... it's a really nice way to see that I already did a lot of things and that I can be totally #proud of myself!

#LesbianVisibilityWeek: 29 incredible #lesbians who are #loud, #proud and making the world a better place

Founded by #DIVA #publisher #LindaRiley “both to celebrate lesbians and show solidarity with all LGBT+ #women and #nonbinary people in our community”, Lesbian Visibility Week runs from 24 April to 30 April.

I think you can only fully understand the #US soul after going through this #brainwashing phase yourself.

#ModeratelyConfused sums it up with:

#USA #nationalism #proud

8 months ago

I am the cautionary tale my conservative childhood friends now warn their kids about. #proud

Michael Simons
8 months ago

Only missing piece is the converter now. #happy and #proud

Steven Saus [he/him]
8 months ago

From 21 Mar: Proud Boys Tried to Terrorize an NYC Drag Queen Story Hour, Got Beat Up Instead - I don’t know about you, but where I’m from, you punch Nazis. Apparently, some Proud Boy fascists di... #drag-queens #new-york-attorney-general #proud-boys

9 months ago

I am king of the tree.

#CatsOfMastodon #Cat #proud

Colin, an orange cat, sitting on the top plinth of a cat tree.
Nona Rose
9 months ago

I love choreographing routines for my gymnastics teams. The only problem is I tend to get carried away and forget that my kids only train 2-4 hours a week, and are not able to do the skills the same way I see them in my brain. The routines will still be awesome for their ability level and amount of training they do, and I am always super proud of them - especially when I throw a change at them to see if it will work and they have a go based purely on my belief that they can do it.

And today, one of my teams finally realised my vision for their routine (after thinking it was too “easy” for them) and it sparked renewed excitement because they understood the expectation - it’s not the individual elements but how the skills come together, and new ways of doing old skills.

An “easy” routine put together well can be more entertaining and score higher than a “hard” routine the kids struggle with.

#kids #sport #gymnastics #teams #choreography #vision #expectation #ability #change #proud

Steve Portigal
9 months ago

I just replaced the heating element in my old old dryer! #Proud

9 months ago

Well done: „Die Berliner Polizei ermittelt in den eigenen Reihen: Eine Kriminalpolizistin soll beschlagnahmtes Kokain unterschlagen und zusammen mit Kollegen konsumiert haben.“
Die Story von der #BerlinerPartyPolizei geht weiter. #G20 #Proud

New scam in Australia

Just got a call from an Australian #mobile number saying had 2 transactions on my #visa card one #international from #Amazon for $1300 and one on #eBay for $300.

The auto call then asked me to press 1 to speak to visa.

The woman from the #subcontinent then asked me to install #TeamViewer on my phone to get a cancel code.

Please #boost the shit out of this. This will hit a lot of senior Australians because they don't ask #questions.

To finally get rid of the call I said TeamViewer had put a sign on my phone not to let sub continent c***s on this phone. Click okay or cancel.

She then called me a number of #French words and I asked if her #mother was #proud of her?

Happiness is when your teenage son compliments your playlist

10 months ago

just triggered the termination of a meeting of about 20 people by un-muting to say "right, well, that's enough awkward silence for me, i'm off, byeee" in response to which everybody else followed suit #proud

Managed WP hosting
11 months ago
Darren he/him
11 months ago

What's something you did recently that you're #proud of? (Please reply with your answer!)

I got an #award for an event I #designed and then collaborated on as part of a local festival that features community-created gatherings that bring together arts, humanities, and/or religion. It was the #Award of #Awesomeness . It felt really validating, and I'm still riding the wave of recognition for my hard work.

#provocations #answerthequestion #tellmemore #pleaserespond

AmiW Streetart 🍂
1 year ago

🏳️‍🌈Artist: #ACERone - in City: #WestonSuperMare , on a Bar, UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "PROUD" (📷 by ep8urbanart ) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork #Proud 🌈 #LGBTQ #Fifa #WM2022 #BoycottQatar

Arthur CARANTA 🏳️‍🌈
1 year ago

Well let’s add the first toot, an important one 🤗
That’s an #introduction 🤗
So ....
#Geek #engineer #Freelance in the #clouds
#catlover #gaymer #lgbtq #gay and #proud #bear :)

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m NOT