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Ars Technica: Deadly drug-resistant yeast gained ground, more drug resistance amid COVID #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #Infectiousdisease #fungalinfection #candidaauris #publichealth #COVID-19 #pandemic #Science #c.auris #fungus #yeast #CDC

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Deadly drug-resistant yeast gained ground, more drug resistance amid COVID - Enlarge / The director of Germany's National Reference Centre for Invas... - #infectiousdisease #fungalinfection #candidaauris #publichealth #covid-19 #pandemic #science #c.auris #fungus #yeast #cdc

Gregg Gonsalves
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"The public's health is intimately linked to politics and policy. In order to advance understanding of the drivers of health in an era of emerging infectious disease and global pandemics, more political scientists must begin to do what we are uniquely well situated to do: analyze in a contextualized way the pathways and mechanisms through which power configurations cause illness and inequity." From the great Julia Lynch. #publichealth #epidemiology

Philip N Cohen
8 hours ago

Also, AAPSS is having a launch webinar for the issue, Thursday at 2pm ET, with five researchers and moderator Jason DeParle. Registration:
#publichealth #opioids

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COVID Virus Ventures Beyond the Lungs, Often Lodging in the Brain

Activation of endothelial cells brings platelets that stick to the blood vessel walls, causing clots and leakage…the tight junctions between the endothelial cells get disrupted, causing leakage…immune cells …may come to repair the damage, setting up inflammation. This causes damage to neurons.

#Covid19 #PublicHealth

Fast 1.000 Teilnehmende (online), abwechslungsreiche Referent:innen & Grußworte von Gesundheitsminister @Karl_Lauterbach
Auf unserer jährlichen Tagung im Vorfeld des #Welttuberkulosetags gab es heute Vorträge zu #Tuberkulosekontrolle & -versorgung sowie zu #PublicHealth-Aspekten. #YesWeCanEndTB

Gruppenfoto von den Referentinnen und Referenten vor Ort auf der  Tagung zum Welttuberkulosetag 2023 – TUBERKULOSE AKTUELL
Bundesgesundheitsminister Karl Lauterbach bei seinem Grußwort auf der Tagung zum Welttuberkulosetag 2023 – TUBERKULOSE AKTUELL
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To prevent another pandemic what needs to be done:
Shut down the wild animal markets and farms.
Stop the trafficking in exotic animals.
Practice strict biosecurity for factory farming.
Limit and regulate small/backyard farms.
Fund #publichealth
Fund basic research.
After the example of SARS, can we expect any limit on exotic animals being exposed to novel viruses to end in China? From what I can see, biosecurity in China is not enough. It needs to be like preventing fire in an oil refinery.

18 hours ago

"It is imperative to conduct comprehensive investigations on the source of COVID-19 by tight international collaborations. Otherwise, the
world remains vulnerable to future pandemic of serious infectious diseases."

This is obviously nonsense. That doesn't stop it being repeated like prayers on a rosary. The whirlpool that is funding/publishing is a baptism that converts researchers into hucksters.

#OriginofCovid #virology #Science #publichealth #infectiousdisease

Shaula Evans
1 day ago

What is one thing you wish people understood about the pandemic?* One solitary specific thing.

For me, right now, it's that pathogenic diseases are driven by exposure to pathogens, not by stranger danger.

I'm not sure we ever collectively learned that lesson during the AIDS crisis and it doesn't look like most people understand it today, either.

*Science-denialists, anti-vaxxers & conspiracy theorists are not welcome in my mentions. You will be blocked.

#Pandemic #PublicHealth #Covid

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Migrants being picked up in the Channel. There are growing concerns among Tories over the new bill’s impact on children and trafficking victims. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images.
2 days ago

Tracking carbon emissions 🎯

Total Carbon Emissions by Nation 🆚 Total Carbon Emissions Per Capita

There's plenty of room for smaller countries to reduce their carbon footprints.

#scientists #climatechange #Nature #climate #development #gasemissions #ClimateEmergency #climatejustice #climatecrisis #wildlife #ClimateAction
#photo #photography #GlobalWarming #pollution #publichealth #news #biodiversity #earth #planet #biofuel #carbon #emissions #carbonemissions #Science #academy #sos #picture

Tracking carbon emissions: Total Carbon Emissions by Nation vs. Total Carbon Emissions Per Capita.

There's plenty of  room for smaller countries to reduce their carbon footprints.

🎯Caring for our community takes a collective efforts

The temps will drop overnight and
I am grateful to be one of many volunteering at the Malden Warming Center🧤

✅Recognize each guest’s inherent dignity

Please support warming centers.

#volunteer #warmingcenter #homelessness #foodbanks #boston #maldenma #northshorema #communitysupport #publichealth #giveback

MaksiSanctum he/him
2 days ago

In This Texas County, There's No Such Thing as Moving on From COVID-19

Nearly one out of every 100 people living in Lamb County, Texas, died of COVID-19, one of the highest death rates in the nation.

#Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #PublicHealth

Chantal Blouin
2 days ago
field notes
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"Unwelcome a teacher as may be, the pandemic offers lessons we ignore at our peril, personal and social. Dare we hope we are up for the learning?"
#COVID19 #COVID #LongCOVID #KeepThePHE #Pandemic #SeeYouSafer #PublicHealthEmergency #Disability #Solidarity #DisabilitySolidarity #PublicHealth #SocialWork

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What are you doing this Caturday?

✔️ Register by tomorrow.

📆 Submit a pitch by March 19
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


#Caturday #VideoGames #ProSocial #CriticalThinking #Progressive #GameDesign #GameDev #Education #Edutooter #Communication #Students #Teachers #FollowFriday #PublicHealth #Prevention #Nonprofit #EdTech @stopTDV @edutooters @communicationscholars

A retro-modern design.

"For Caturday: Lounging... while considering a critical thinking game idea."

"Submit your pitch by March 19th"


Critical Thinking Cat is lounging while considering an idea for a critical thinking game.
Thiago Carvalho
3 days ago

Based on data collected in Uganda between 2003 and 2018.

"This study suggests that male-targeted HIV programs to increase HIV suppression are critical to reduce incidence in women, close gender gaps in infection burden and improve men's health in Africa."

#Preprint #publichealth #hiv

Ross of Ottawa
3 days ago

A testament to our health care system.
Less than 24 hours after a painful attack, I had surgery, seen 8 doctors and had caring treatment from more than 10 nurses, and there were no charges other than parking.

Now if they only could've not called me "Anita" the whole time.
#publicHealth #OhCanada

A drawing shows a specimen Ontario public health card. The sample has the sample name Anita Jean Walker.
JuneSim63 💚
3 days ago

Very good, basic, informative article on gut health and how to keep your bowels in good order. However, given the increasing levels of poverty in the UK and soaring food prices, a healthy diet is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain in the #UK.
#GutHealth #Nutrition #PublicHealth

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❓ Can you design a non-violent video game about critical thinking?

📆 Register by March 19th
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


#VideoGames #ProSocial #CriticalThinking #Progressive #GameDesign #GameDev #Education #Edutooter #Communication #Students #Teachers #FollowFriday #PublicHealth #Prevention #Nonprofit #EdTech #StPatricksDay

Critical Thinking Cat on a green background. 

Above: "Meow, man ... Meow."
4 days ago

If you have any interest in #COVID19 you may have heard of new data suggesting that Raccoon Dogs were infected w Covid, suggesting an animal origin, not #LabLeak

People: Please: this is a rapidly evolving story where the science sounds a bit odd

Probably best to hold off commenting for a few weeks, till the experts have a chance to analyze and digest this


#Wuhan #China
#science #PublicHealth #epidemiology

Adam Retchless PhD
4 days ago

Job: a microbiologist position in Atlanta supporting the CDC's "Coronavirus and Other Respiratory Viruses" program.
#microbiology #job #publichealth

4 days ago

Anyone know any #TTRPG or #LARP that deals with the topic of #PublicHealth? Anything related to food insecurity, access to medical care/medicine, or related topics?

This is a call out for my brother in law who working public health and loves games and is very interested in the crossover with using them for learning and education.

MaksiSanctum he/him
4 days ago

Researchers Are Getting Closer to Learning How to Treat and Prevent Long COVID

"The latest hopeful news relates to metformin, an accessible and affordable drug that’s been FDA-approved to treat Type 2 diabetes since the 1990s. Metformin, which belongs to a class of drugs called biguanides, is taken as a liquid or pill and works by controlling the amount of sugar in the blood. It also decreases inflammation in the body."

#Covid19 #LongCovid #PublicHealth

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Critical Thinking & Violence Prevention

▪️ Applying critical thinking to real-world problems will help learners improve their social skills & problem-solving skills.

▪️ Improving decision-making & problem-solving skills will increase learners' resilience to violence.


@publichealth @sociology @edutooters
@communicationscholars @stopTDV #Violence #Prevention #PublicHealth #Education #GameDesign #GameDev #CriticalThinking #Resilience #ProblemSolving #SEL

A modern-retro design asks: "How might Critical Thinking help with Violence Prevention?" 

A heart is over Critical Thinking Cat's head.

In the bottom-left, a URL:

"Eleanor Williams case has made abuse victims reluctant to report, says charity"

This is frustrating but completely predictable.

❤️ We think it is important to be very vocal right now about supporting -- and believing -- those who have been assaulted.

⭐ The reality is that false claims are far smaller than those who never file a complaint out of fear they won't be believed.


@publichealth @psychology #consent #prevention #PublicHealth #abuse

Dana Foundation
5 days ago

A recent survey reports Americans trust health and research professionals over the media for brain health information, yet most frequently turn to the internet to seek it. It’s important to listen to qualified professionals when it comes to your health. Learn about new studies to help people resists fake news online.
#brainweek #brainawarenessweek #misinformation #fakenews #neuroscience #brainhealth #publichealth

🤝 Unser Zentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz #KI in der #PublicHealth-Forschung (ZKI-PH) wird Teil des European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems @ELLISforEurope!

Was ist das ZKI-PH ...


... und was will es im Netzwerk erreichen?🧵⬇️

Illustrierendes Bild mit dem Wort AI. Dazu der Text: ZKI-PH stärkt europäische KI-Forschung.
Dr Pieter Peach
5 days ago

We are not aware when #publichealth interventions are working, and that’s the point.

We don’t come home with food poisoning from a restaurant because of food safety standards.

We don’t have to deal with measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria etc because of immunisation schedules.

We don’t worry about legionella because of building regulations.

We need the same for preventable airborne communicable diseases.
#IAQ #CleanAir

6 days ago

Please Join us Tuesday, March 21st!

Register at:

Guests include:
Dr Jennifer Kates @jenkatesdc,
Dr. Theresa Chapple @Theresa_Chapple,
and Joe Agoado @joeagoada.

#PPE #PublicHealth #PublicHealthEmergency #EndofPPE #Medicaid #Vaccines #Telehealth

Scott Murray
1 week ago

In the US, the #COVID public health emergency may lapse on May 11. That means… funding for stuff you now get for #free will disappear.

If you have insurance, your insurance is required to reimburse you for 8 #tests per insured person per calendar month.

E.g., 2 adults + 2 kids = 32 tests (16 2-packs) per month

So… you can still get 3 months’ worth FREE IF you place an order in March, then in April, then in May (before the 11th!).

#publicHealth #reminder

1 week ago

#covid19 #JohnsHopkins #DataDashboards #PublicHealth #March10

'Johns Hopkins University & Medicine's Coronavirus Resource Center ceased collecting and reporting COVID-19 data today—three years after the institution embarked on the unprecedented effort of publicly tracking and analyzing an unfolding pandemic in real time.'

ErosBlog Bacchus
1 week ago

Just sitting here in Year 4 of a murderous #pandemic, thinking I probably won't ever see the inside of a movie theater again in this lifetime, because it's an easily-avoidable risk and because the polity I live in decided to yeet #PublicHealth for the benefit of the billionaire class. And then my social media feeds melt down in bullshit about a movie industry awards ceremony deathparty, and sorry-not-sorry, I'm just NOT fucking here for it. #Oscars

Am I bitter? I sound bitter.

This frustrating story has echoes of the Trump Administration's disastrous efforts wrt research funding for abuse prevention.

The misplaced focus on "Stranger Danger" here is just one of the problems.

And, while understandable, it's also frustrating to see NPR dedicate so much space to this purported "documentary" while valid prevention efforts receive no coverage.

🌐 #PublicHealth #Prevention #Abuse #DigitalAbuse @publichealth

1 week ago

excellent lecture!: "Indigenous Philosophy & Approach to Extraordinary States (inc.Psychosis)" by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona

#trauma #therapy #recovery #psychosis #schizophrenia #psychiatry #health #MentalHealth #PublicHealth #indigenous #medicine #PTSD #bipolar #depression #HearingVoices

Dr. Jeff Gilchrist :verified:
1 week ago

Canada expecting COVID infections to be mass-disabling event

The Government of Canada announced they are investing $20M for research and $9M to develop clinical practical guidelines for Long COVID/Post-COVID Condition ( ). 🧵 1/ #LongCovid #LongCovidKids #COVID #IAQ #IndoorAirQuality #publichealth #labour #child

The one page easier to share version of this thread can be found at:

Photo of child with oxygen mask. Image from:
Timothy Caulfield
1 week ago

Wow. Cochrane revises THAT mask study.

Reality: "....the results were inconclusive."

"...scientific evidence is never immune to misinterpretation, we take responsibility for not making the wording clearer..."

"...we apologize.”

#mask #masks #publichealth #science #scicomm

2 weeks ago

@PeoplesCDC launched campaign to Keep the Public Health Emergency, asks people to share personal stories about why access to Medicare, Medicaid, free COVID vaccines, tests, and treatment is essential.

Share your story on social media about how you will be impacted using the hashtag “#KeepThePHE.”

#PeoplesCDC #KeepThePHE #COVID19 #COVID #LongCOVID #CommuniyTransmission #Pandemic #SeeYouSafer #PublicHealth #PublicHealthEmergency

On a deep purple background, yellow and white text reads, “COVID, like nearly all public health issues…” Then, in a white square, dark purple, all caps, bold text continues, “...DISPROPORTIONATELY HARMS AND KILLS LOW-INCOME, BLACK, INDIGENOUS, ELDERLY & DISABLED PEOPLE.” Yellow text below that box reads, “This systemic injustice is the overarching emergency. At the bottom, “@PeoplesCDC” is in small white text.
field notes
2 weeks ago

@PeoplesCDC launches campaign to Keep the Public Health Emergency, asks people to share personal stories about why access to Medicare, Medicaid, free COVID vaccines, tests, and treatment is essential.

Share your story on social media about how you will be impacted using the hashtag “#KeepThePHE.”
#PeoplesCDC #KeepThePHE #COVID19 #COVID #LongCOVID #CommuniyTransmission #Pandemic #SeeYouSafer #PublicHealth #PublicHealthEmergency

On a deep purple background, pink text reads, in all caps, “SHARE YOUR STORY WITH…” Then, in yellow text, “...#KeepThePHE.” Below that, pink and white text reads, “How would you be impacted if the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ended? What kinds of care and resources would you lose? Why do you want to #KeepThePHE?” At the bottom is “@PeoplesCDC” in pink with a light purple PeoplesCDC logo in the bottom right hand corner.
CDC (bot)
2 weeks ago

CDC #DiseaseDetectives serve on interdisciplinary teams to prevent and solve urgent #PublicHealth issues. Take your career on a new path as a CDC disease detective with the Epidemic Intelligence Service – apply by June 5!

Colin Sullender
2 weeks ago

FiveThirtyEight has put together a tool to visualize how abortion access could continue to dwindle for Americans as key states pass additional restrictions.

Austin (Travis County), TX is now 543 miles away from its closest provider, located in Sedgwick County, KS. This single facility now serves a region populated by over 1.8 million women ages 15 to 44.

#Abortion #Healthcare #PublicHealth #WomensHealth #USPol #Politics #FiveThirtyEight

Map depicting the nearest abortion provider for each county of the United States colored based on the distance and congestion of the providers
The Conversation Africa
2 weeks ago

The Kenya Medical Research Institute recently detected an invasive mosquito species in Kenya’s northern region.

This #mosquito, Anopheles stephensi, is native to South Asia and the Middle East.

Anopheles stephensi can breed in cisterns, jerrycans, tyres, open tanks, sewers, overhead tanks, underground tanks and polluted environments.


📚 Interparental Coercive Control and Child and Family Outcomes: A Systematic Review.

The ongoing dangers of coercive control:

“CC [coercive control] was associated with increased parental psychopathology, poorer family functioning, harsher parenting and higher levels of child abuse, strained parent-child relationships, children used as tools and co-victims of CC, increased risk of child internalizing and externalizing problems, limited socializing opportunities, increased bullying, poorer perinatal outcomes, limited access to healthcare, and increased risk of child mortality. Evidence identified CC as a unique contributor to adverse child wellbeing outcomes, independent of exposure to IPV more broadly.”

🌐 (Abstract only; paywalled research.)

@sociology #PublicHealth #Prevention #ACEs #IPV #Trauma #CoerciveControl

Chip Brownlee
2 weeks ago

You've probably heard that there are more guns than people in the United States. But just how many guns are there in America?

Data on gun ownership in the United States is scant and most available estimates have relied on surveys, background checks, or other proxies to get around the fact that there's no requirement for gun registration.

I worked with @JenniferMascia to try to get a more precise answer.

Read our investigation here:

#gunviolence #publichealth


Ontario was ‘unprepared’ for COVID, and needs to prepare: Report | The Star #onthealth #COVID19 #Preparedness #COVIDOntario #PublicHealth #Coronavirus #funding #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

🎉 The critical thinking video game design challenge is now accepting your game pitches!

⭐ You have until March 19, 2023 to submit a pitch about a video game for adolescents about critical thinking.

▪️ $10,000 total prize pool.
▪️ Finalists notified March 30.
▪️ Finalists will have from March 30 - June 30, 2023 to develop their games.

❤️ Presented by the nonprofit org Jennifer Ann's Group [@stopTDV] whose focus is on helping teens have happier, healthier lives! Their Gaming Against Violence [@gamingagainstv] program is an award-winning approach to engaging & empowering young people.

Details, rules, and more:

#CriticalThinking #GameDesign #GameDev #Prevention #PublicHealth #IndieGame #IndieDev #Nonprofit #Videogames

Didier Ruedin
2 weeks ago

Join us! 100% #Postdoc, 24 months, University of #Neuchâtel, #Switzerland

We’re hiring a postdoc to research human #migration and mobility.

You have a PhD in migration, #sociology, #demography, #economics, #publicHealth, or similar (max. 5 years since PhD). You have #quantitative skills (p.ex. causal inference, survey #experiments, big data, #TextAsData and you’re hungry to develop your own research.

Excellent French and English needed.

deadline 30 April 2023

2 weeks ago

@pezmico Capitalism -- even _better_ profits long term -- AND avoiding covid can work together. It's not some big either/or.

Implement basic, by now well-known #PublicHealth measures.

--#Vaccination. Rapidly. For everyone. So we don't have millions of people making new variants.

-- Adequate indoor #ventilation. Including buses and trains.

--#UVC germicidal lighting in all group and indoor spaces.

Yes, there are costs up front. Much LESS than the cost of covid. #DavosSafe

TrangAston :verified:
2 weeks ago

#IDMastodon #publichealth #COVID19 @bmj_latest🇺🇸studies show racial and ethnic disparities in #longcovid . Patients who developed long covid prior to October 2021 have missed out on the correct diagnosis for their condition.

field notes
2 weeks ago

"The end of the state’s formal public health emergency does not mean that the pandemic itself is over, no longer a problem, not making New Mexicans sick, hospitalizing them, making them miss school or work, or killing them."
#Disability #Solidarity #DisabilitySolidarity #COVID #COVID19 #Pandemic #PublicHealth @PeoplesCDC

MaksiSanctum he/him
2 weeks ago

These People Lost Their Hearing After COVID Months Ago. They Still Haven’t Fully Recovered

Their first COVID infection in February 2022 was a mild coldlike illness that left them with tinnitus, or ringing, in both ears. Six months later, Rye tested positive again. They were bedridden for three days with severe muscle aches and full-body fatigue, and their chronic tinnitus got worse.

#Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #PublicHealth

MaksiSanctum he/him
2 weeks ago

The clock is ticking. When will Congress fund updated Covid-19 treatments?

The reality is the rapid evolution of Covid-19 and its subvariant offspring has severely limited our arsenal of effective therapeutics, especially for the immunosuppressed.

Over the last two years, the US Food and Drug Administration has rescinded the authorization of five antibody therapies because Omicron’s subvariants have rendered them ineffective.

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid19 #PublicHealth

IT News
2 weeks ago

WHO “deeply frustrated” by lack of US transparency on COVID origin data - Enlarge / WHO's COVID-19 technical lead, Maria Van Kerkhove, looks on d... - #worldhealthorganization #covidorigins #publichealth #sars-cov-2 #covid-19 #pandemic #science #lableak #doe #who #us

3 weeks ago

Some anniversaries just sneak up on you… 2 years ago today, #TrustworthyBook came out! 🎉 Here’s to the friends, reviews, and MANY lessons
…from #publichealth communication about a pandemic, in a pandemic? ✅
…on building trust even with AI, politics, and vulnerability? ✅
…on launching a virtual book tour before THAT was a thing? ✅
Thanks to all who boosted it, bought a copy, brought me in to speak with their teams, and wrote a review—wanna add yours here?

Stack of Trustworthy books with Happy Birthday Trustworthy and Kirkus quote: “"At the heart of Bloomstein's outlook is the importance of simplicity in the flow of information. The author uses a very clear. lean prose line; marketing directors at all levels will find her insights intriguing. A punchy and stimulating look at building brands." KIRKUS REVIEWS
3 weeks ago

#drugs #advertising #TV #commercials #PublicHealth

"What we found was that only about 20 percent of drugs subjected to the most direct-to-consumer advertising in the U.S. were rated as having high added clinical benefits and the remainder were found to have low or no added clinical benefits over other treatment options."

3 weeks ago

Announcing the 2023 Life.Love Game Design Challenge: Critical Thinking

🌐 https://CriticalThinker.Games

Game pitches accepted starting March 7th, 2023. $10,000 in prizes for non-violent critical thinking games.

❤️ This is our 16th annual game design challenge.

To learn more about critical thinking and the game design challenge visit our website and follow our account here!

@stopTDV @gamingagainstv #CriticalThinking #GameDesign #GameDev #Contest #IndieGame #IndieDev #Education #Prevention #Violence #ACEs #Nonprofit #PublicHealth
@edutooters @publichealth @communicationscholars

A retro-modern design. On the left, a mod TV cannot contain the large exclamation mark issuing from the TV screen. On the right, a mod cat has a large question mark over its head. This is the critical thinking cat and is thinking critically about the messages coming from the media.
3 weeks ago

#sleep #misinformation #HealthMisinformation #video #YouTube #PublicHealth

'The researchers found content platforms like YouTube offer a vast catalog of videos on sleep health, many containing an alarming amount of misinformation.'

Jen C, MPH :verified:
3 weeks ago

We need a National Task Force on #covid to improve #PublicHealth infrastructure & pandemic response

“Three years into the COVID pandemic, more than 1.1 million people are dead, and millions more are living with long COVID. How did the nation judged most prepared for an epidemic or pandemic in 2019 suffer a death rate so much worse than peers such as Canada, Germany or Japan? These are historic failures … we need an honest examination of this tragedy and what led to it.”

Chris Allison
3 weeks ago

Hi, #PublicHealth friends. I’m kicking off a #data project on public health workforce analytics, and I’m looking for a clean, concise list of scientific and public health capabilities that I can use as a skill list of sorts.

I’ve got he 2021 update of competencies from the Public Health Foundation - so I’m looking for a more scientific list to complement it.

Any suggestions?

3 weeks ago

“Social cohesion matters more than mandates.” That realization is HUGE for how we engage and empower people through public health communication moving forward.

Three years in, social cohesion—or trust—has been the greatest driver of successful outcomes at state and country levels in the pandemic thus far. I don’t agree with all of this report, but it’s worth a deep listen. From Dhruv Khullar at @NewYorker #publichealth #contentstrategy

Illustration in red, blue, black, and white of people engaging with information about covid: with each other, in protests, in labs, on ventilators, over zoom, on home antigen tests, and in whitepapers

1/ 📅#Savethedate: am 19.3. ist #TagdesGesundheitsamtes #TdGA2023

Im öffentlichen Gesundheitsdienst #ÖGD steht die Bevölkerung im Mittelpunkt. Die Gesundheitsämter sind der lokale #PublicHealth Grundpfeiler, auch bei Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention.


Linke Seite: weißer Text auf blauen Grund "Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung"
Rechte Seite: Zeichnung von einem Gebäude, welches ein Gesundheitsamt darstellen soll, mit dem Text "Tag des Gesundheitsamtes"
Isaac Csandl
1 month ago

I will not attend any indoor event that has not taken the Public Health Pledge.

#CovidIsStillHere #CovidIsntOver #PublicHealth #pinball

info: @phpledge

Ed Hill
1 month ago


Three year vaccine modelling PDRA at @WarwickSBIDER.

▶️ Join the MEMVIE project, giving cost-effectiveness advice for immunisation policy:

▶️ The MEMVIE programme over last 9 years has modelled: HPV vaccination for boys; vaccination against seasonal flu; vaccination against COVID-19

▶️ Applications close: 20 Mar 2023


#PublicHealth #epidemiology #EpiVerse #research #academia #JobOffer #hiring @academicchatter

Warwick Uni SBIDER
1 month ago

🚨 Job alert 🚨

Applications close next week for a Reader/Professor position in Mathematical Epidemiology or Mathematical Public Health.

Joint position in the School of Life Sciences and Mathematics Institute (@WMI_research).

▶️ Application deadline: 02 March 2023

▶️ Interview Date: 10 May 2023

▶️ Apply here:

#PublicHealth #epidemiology #EpiVerse #research #academia #JobOffer #hiring @academicchatter

📖Das März-#Bundesgesundheitsblatt ist das 6. Heft zu #COVID19 & #PublicHealth.
Schwerpunkt sind Menschen mit besonderen Risiken & Versorgungsbedarfen, diese Mal mit Fokus auf
🔵Schwangerschaft & Geburt


Cover der Märzausgabe des Bundegesundheitsblattes "OVID-19 und Public Health: Menschen mit besonderen Risiken und Versorgungsbedarfen Heft 1: Alter, Krankheit, Behinderung, Schwangerschaft und Geburt".

Darauf zu sehen ein älterer Mann und eine ältere Frau mit Brille und Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung, die an einem Tisch sitzen und Schach spielen.
People's CDC
1 month ago

Welcome to the Weather Report from the People’s CDC for the week of February 13! As always, please be sure to check out the full written report, which is linked in our stories today and will be saved in our highlights. The written report includes even more information, clickable links to sources, and translation to Spanish.
#covid #COVID19 #state #capitalism #publichealth #power

A white background with orbs of light and bright orange, pink, and green has black text over it that reads, "Welcome to the People's CDC weekly update for February 13, 2023. The Weather Report from the People’s CDC sheds light on the COVID situation in the United States." There’s an orange, circular “People’s CDC” icon in the bottom left corner. Smaller text to the right of this reads: You'll find the full written report, which includes clickable links to sources and data, additional information not provided in these graphics, and translation to Spanish, on” This first slide’s orbs of light and color animate in and out of the background.
CurrentBias :agender_rat:
1 month ago

Why ending the federal #publichealth emergency status of #covid is a bad idea, and why the number of reported cases are a fraction of what they should be:

Dr. Lucky Tran :verified:
1 month ago

“Protecting the vulnerable” doesn’t mean only wearing a mask when you visit higher risk people a couple times a year. It means actively fighting for their right to participate in society every day. Leaders are not “protecting the vulnerable,” they are discriminating against them.

#COVID #DisabilityJustice #PublicHealth