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Tasmania has just four support schools. What would their closure mean for students with disabilities?
By Ashleigh Barraclough

The Disability Royal Commission was divided on the future of support schools, with half the commissioners recommending they close by 2051. But some parents are worried about the ability of governments and the mainstream education system to transition without leaving students with disability behind.

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4 days ago

"And I thought, holy [expletive], this woman is out there doing something, and I'm doing nothing. And I know I'm only in my 80s, for heaven's sake. And here's this woman fighting for young people to be able to read the #books that she read and I read … that in many ways change our lives and make us know about the world we live in." #BookBans #PublicSchools #PublicLibraries

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Passionate teacher going home in tears as job conditions leave her questioning capability

Hannah Blackmore says unruly students are making her reconsider her choice of career, but there are hopes a training program will give teachers the tools to better manage in the classroom.

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Passionate teacher going home in tears as job conditions leave her questioning capability

Hannah Blackmore says unruly students are making her reconsider her choice of career, but there are hopes a training program will give teachers the tools to better manage in the classroom.

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'Right now, 1 in 10 public school students are effectively unfunded, and I see the effects of this every day.

That’s why we're calling on the Prime Minister to fully fund public schools.

Please sign the petition.


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1 week ago

A new report from the Australian Education Union (AEU) has highlighted the extent of the funding gap between #private and #publicschools.

It found about 1% of Australian public schools are meeting minimum funding standards, compared to 98% of private schools.
#auspol #dumbingdown #EducationForAll

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Australia’s 100 wealthiest schools earned almost $4.8bn in 2021, data reveals
#Education department figures reveal the #privateschools received about $767m in government money amid a #publicschools funding shortfall. #auspol

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1 week ago

When I taught school, few Mondays passed without co-workers bragging about visiting weekend sales and how they had "jewed" somebody down. I always loved the kids, but am glad to be quit of most of the adults. #bigotry #Antisemitism #publicschools

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In our magazine: Historically low-budget, non-partisan school board #elections have been turned into expensive, highly-politicized battlegrounds, thanks to the influence of outside money and professional Republican political consultants.

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“I believe in my heart that using taxpayer dollars to fund an entitlement program is not conservative, and it’s bad public policy.”

Friday: The #Texas House of Representatives fought back Greg Abbott's agenda on #education—again—as rural Republicans and Dems came together to take #vouchers out of an omnibus spending bill:

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As funding gaps widen between public and private education, advocates fear kids are 'falling through the cracks'
By Isabella Podwinski

A new report reveals the extent of the funding gap between public and private schools over the next five years, with Tasmanian public schools underfunded by $118 million this year alone.

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2 weeks ago

“Is this the conservative thing to do to create another entitlement program, in effect to create a third education system?”

Rural #Republicans teamed up with House Dems to reject #vouchers from the massive school spending bill, HB 1. It's the latest embarrassing blow to the governor's agenda, according to Reporting Fellow @josephinelee:

#TXlege #politics #USpol #education #schools #news #PublicSchools #GregAbbott

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Earlier: Right-wing activists have increasingly framed #climate through culture war rhetoric, often downplaying the consequences of global warming and spreading misleading and false claims about its causes ... now they're coming for the #science textbooks.

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“I hope this goes out and sends a message to the rest of the companies that are looking at us and want to make us a sacrifice zone.”

Judges ruled that the #Texas Commission on Environmental Quality illegally enabled Port Arthur LNG to avoid air #pollution control requirements. New from Dylan Baddour at @insideclimatenews:

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SERIOUS Ron Filipowski posted this video by Brevard, FL School Board member Jennifer Jenkins talking about the threats of violence she's faced from MAGA crazies.

#maga #fascism #Publicschools

"We need our public education allies on both sides of the aisle to hold firm, and that means they need to hear from us MORE than big-money voucher lobbyists. Enter your information and click through to send a letter to 24 anti-voucher House Republicans, as well as members of the House Select Committee on Educational Opportunity & Enrichment and the House Calendars Committee."

#txlege #texas #education #schools #publicschools #vouchers #labor

“We are on strike not just for ourselves, but for our students,” said Angela Bonilla, the president of the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT).#topic:CapitalMatters #topic:Education #topic😛olitics&Policy #topic:TheEconomy #NRPLUSMemberArticles #Portland #PublicSchools #TeachersUnions #section:Article #PremiumContent
Teacher Strikes Should Be Illegal
1 month ago

The state's takeover of Houston's school is going about as well as expected.

' Both teachers and parents say [state-appointed Superintendent Miike] Miles’ NES program is setting students up to fail, especially emergent English language learners and students with disabilities. They say they are not getting extra support, services, or accommodations for these students as required under federal and state laws. '

#Texas #PublicSchools #Houston

1 month ago

#MikeJohnson was for #Trump’s #MuslimBan.

He is anti-#abortion, & supports a federal #AbortionBan.

#Johnson INTRODUCED the 2022 Stop the Sexualization of Children Act, which would prohibit federally funded institutions, including #PublicSchools & #libraries, from even mentioning #GenderIdentity.

He wants *Christian* prayer in schools (no other religions can pray tho).

#MaleSupremacy #racism #ChristianNationalism #Heterosexism #Extremism #MAGA #House #speaker #Congress #Republicans #GOP

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1 month ago

Most #PublicSchools Face Challenges in Hiring #Teachers and Other Personnel Entering the 2023-24 Academic Year

#Teaching is hard. The work is hard. But also, the hiring and retention side of teaching is unnecessarily brutal and stupid. School administrations handle attracting and keeping good teachers so much worse than private sector companies do. I left the profession because I had zero job security, even with good evals. That's widespread, and this is the result.

1 month ago

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (#FFRF) is doing #God's work 😁 Consider #donating to their efforts to enforce the #FirstAmendment and keep #unconstitutional #proselytization out of our #publicSchools. #Students have the right to be free from #religious #indoctrination in the public schools.

Interested in donating? >>

Oklahoma voters also reaffirmed their constitutional commitment to keep religious organizations from draining public schools funding.
#FreedomFromReligion #Oklahoma #PublicSchools

Here’s the kind of #grassroots organizing does. #find your local group. It’s #urgent #jacksonville #florida #publicschools

1 month ago

Whelp, I did my part to keep republicans out of our school district.
Time for the other 45,000 residents of #Pennsyltucky to step up to the plate.
#vote #voteblue #publicschools #mailinballot

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1 month ago

We will be monitoring the #Texas House of Representatives this week as they take up the debate over school #vouchers.

Our articles on the special session so far ...
Abbott Demands Vouchers, or Else!
Abbott’s Voucher Fight Isn’t About Kids. It’s About Money, #Politics, and Religion.

#news #USpol #schools #education #PublicSchools #children #Republicans #corruption #TXlege

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2 months ago

From the archives: “In reality, it’s a subtraction from a student in the public school. Then, you’re never going to have an equitable system where every kid can access quality #education.”

By looking at #Arizona's troubled history with #vouchers, we can learn more about the harms they might cause closer to home. From @josephinelee ...

#schools #TXlege #politics #USpol #children #PublicSchools #GregAbbott #Republicans #inequality #news

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2 months ago

Parents, there is a better way.

Bring your children home! #DEI #publicschools #education #schools #teachers

"Although HISD serves nearly 200,000 students spread across 274 schools, and had an overall B rating in 2022, the poor performance of just one campus (Wheatley High School, in Fifth Ward) allowed the TEA to oust the elected board. Texas Education Agency commissioner Mike Morath, an appointee of Governor Greg Abbott, replaced the trustees with a handpicked board of managers, and installed superintendent."

#publicschools #education #texas #houston #houstonisd

"On at least 17 occasions, Morath has waived expansion requirements for charter networks that had too many failing campuses to qualify...The state’s top education official also has approved five other waivers in cases where the charter had a combination of failing schools and campuses that were not rated because they either only served high-risk populations or had students too young to be tested."

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2 months ago

@Susan_Larson_TN Book bans rather are a plot by neo-rebellious Confederate zombies to sabotage public schools as Yankee institutions meant to promote equality, I'd say.
"Establish and forever maintain ***free public schools*** adequate to the education of all the children in the rudimentary branches within their respective limits, irrespective of sex, color, birthplace, or religions."
— Ulysses S. Grant, U.S. President & General, 7th State of the Union Address (7 December 1875) —

#RuleOfLaw #PublicSchools #BookBans #Confedereds #Insurrection #Rebellion #ProsecuteALLRebels #IndictALLRebels #DefendTheUnion #DefendTheConstitution #DefendDemocracy #EducationMatters #EducationNow

Queer Satanic
2 months ago

no longer compelling children to spend hours each day sitting in classrooms where they are essentially held hostage, constantly surveilled, and restricted in their autonomy including bodily autonomy is a worthy goal; but the modern anti-school / homeschooling movement is perfectly fine with all of the same abuses and more so long as it's done by parents — in fact, removing another check on "parental rights" (i.e. the right of parents to utterly dominate their children) is a feature not a bug of the attack on #publicSchools.

the reinforcement of wealth inequality where the burden of caring for children is further atomized and the poorest families with the least resources suffer most is a feature not a bug of the attack on public schools.

states like Iowa pushing for the return of #childLabor; states like Florida pushing teachers out to be replaced by cops and military veterans as overseers; the ubiquity of undocumented immigrant child labor in agriculture, slaughter houses, and automobile plants as a model for poor children more generally — all these are features not bugs of the attack on public schools

#Fascist #BookBans Are on the Rise in the #Gulf #South. Here’s What’s Being #Challenged in #Alabama

#PENAmerica, which #supports and #protects #FirstAmendment #rights for #writers and #journalists, reported that more than 3,300 #books were #banned in #publicschools during the 2022-2023 #schoolyear — a 33% increase from the previous school year.

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 months ago

#DearPrincipal Altschul,

On the day before Sukkot break, my children came home with a flier for a community sukkah hop sponsored by Abulafia Elementary.

This isn't the first year we've received such a flier, and each year my children beg to participate.

I don't think it's appropriate for #PublicSchools to be sponsoring events for #religious #holidays.

I am tired of explaining to my kids that we don't build a #sukkah because #Sukkot is a #Jewish #holiday and we aren't Jewish.


2 months ago

Jennifer Petersen keeps 73 school books she detests in her basement.

She ordered most from Amazon. In the last year, she read each one. She highlighted & typed up excerpts from more than 1,300 pages — of the 24k+ pgs she read — that she says depict sexual acts. Then she filed challenges against 71 of the books w/ #SpotsylvaniaCounty #PublicSchools, the #Virginia district where one of her children is a student & the other is a recent graduate.

#BookBans #BookBanning #Censorship #Education

2 months ago

@rbreich A large majority of private schools are religious schools (non-denominational Christian or Catholic/Jesuit). Not to say they don’t provide a good education. But it makes no sense to take taxpayer money and give it to private schools, while public schools are being starved for funds. … not to mention the fact, that the free school meals are a lifesaver for so many kids. #publicschools

Fighting the christofascist drive to destroy public education in North Carolina.

' “The thing that terrifies me is that at the rate we’re going now with voucher bills, with the culture wars that are playing out, our public schools in five or 10 years are gonna be unrecognizable. They’re going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen in this country because they will be completely gutted.” '

#NorthCarolina #PublicSchools #education #ReligiousRight #fascism

2 months ago

#GOP has zero in terms of policy proposals supported by a majority of voters polled
They can't win a fair #Election promoting their actual #Fascist agenda (like ending #SocialSecurity #PublicSchools & #Libraries)
So they use dirty tricks, lies, #VoteSuppression, #gerrymandering, & #MoralPanic to distract folks from the issues

Sadly for us & luckily for them, #CorporateMedia is happy to let them as long as the #Advertising 💰💰💰 keeps flowing


🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 months ago

@secminded Our interests *are* atheist interests. We want to keep #PublicSchools #TotallySecular.

Rob Carlson
3 months ago

Some updates from #BaltimoreCounty :baltco: Councilmanic District 5 including:
- Message from Councilman Marks: 95 Percent of C.P. Crane Plant Demolished
- Fifth District #PublicSchools Welcome New Principals
- Councilman Marks Works to Preserve the Perry Hall Annex
- Sewer Project to Impact #PerryHall Neighborhoods
- Task Force Nears Completion of Recommendations for #WhiteMarsh Town Center
- County Begins Work on #BirdRiver #Watershed Action Plan

Tim Newman
3 months ago

Been thinking about this a lot today - I didn't go to this school but I went to one very similar.

I was lucky, and a bit necky. I've "made it" in a way my younger self couldn't even imagine. Lots of kids going to #schools like mine will not. I'm also sure a bunch of otherwise talentless idiots at #publicschools are going to get the post COVID help they need. I'm not sure how to help, we waste a massive amount of potential.

#uk #class

Rob Carlson
3 months ago

ACLU Maryland: Know your rights before going back to school: LGBTQ+ students should be protected, and their rights respected.
#ACLU #Maryland #PublicSchools #LGBTQ

Rob Carlson
3 months ago

From The Local News Network:

While the Local News Network’s “Contracted Out” project focuses on school expenses between fiscal years 2019 and 2022, one 2018 expenditure stood out In Baltimore County — where a $1.57 million payment went to an “unknown vendor.”

In other words, district officials don’t know exactly where $1.57 million went. Charles Herndon, a spokesman for the district, blamed it on a massive #ransomware attack that hit the school system’s computers in November 2020.

#BaltimoreCounty #PublicSchools

Rob Carlson
3 months ago

I'm glad I'm a software developer and not a #journalist, this is hard work.

On Tuesday a bus driver and a parent at my kids' #BaltimoreCounty elementary school got in an altercation where the bus driver needed medical attention.

On Tuesday night the principal sent out a letter *only to the parents of the children on the bus* and vaguely alluded to "an incident" during the start Back to School night. My kids walk so I did not receive a copy of the letter directly.

Other parents started reaching out to me for info on text message since I've usually got my finger on the pulse of these things. I managed to get a screen shot of the letter from another parent who received it secondhand themselves.

I wrote to the principal and told her that rumors were going around that she ought to release a statement to all the parents in the school. She wrote back:

"Thank you for your email. We have provided letters to the families of those students who were on that particular school bus. BCPS is investigating the matter and will follow up as appropriate. We appreciate your concern and feedback on the matter. We will continue to work with transportation to ensure our students are safe coming and going."

Since BCPS was investigating, I reached out to their Office of Communications to see if they would tell me or the other parents anything about it before I shared the letter I had. I wrote to them with a one sentence email: "Will the district be releasing a general statement regarding the physical altercation between a bus driver and a parent at a bus...stop on the afternoon of August 29?"

Right before close of business one of the department's communication specialists replied to me saying "Thank you for your inquiry; a letter from [the principal] was sent to the parents of children on [the bus] advising them of this incident."

On further pressing this morning I finally got an email back from him simply saying "I am not aware of any plans to release a general statement about this incident. Thank you."

Bottom line, if there's a parent and bus driver fighting at or related to my kids' elementary school I believe the district has an obligation to communicate with me directly and not make me seek out this information and stonewall me when I do.

Actual coverage (sourced through my Facebook posts to the PTA) are up and circulating anyway, and now the rumors are flying about exactly what happened.

In an article this week, Baltimore County Public School Superintendent Myriam Yarbrough was quoted as saying, "Any time parents are surprised by something, you'll always hear me say that there's room for us to improve communication."

I couldn't agree more.

#Maryland #PublicSchools

Ruby Sinreich
4 months ago

It's no accident that NC is hemorrhaging good public school teachers. In fact, it's by design. Republicans have a supermajority in both #NCGA chambers.

"Traditional-calendar schools will open in two weeks, bringing 1.5 million students into class for the start of a new school year. But school districts say the lack of a state budget means they’re at a disadvantage hiring needed school employees when they can’t tell people how much they’ll be paid."
#NCpol #publicSchools

North Carolina House Democratic lawmakers and school board members warned Monday that schools won’t have all the teachers and bus drivers they need due to the lack of a state budget. 

Traditional-calendar schools will open in two weeks, bringing 1.5 million students into class for the start of a new school year. But school districts say the lack of a state budget means they’re at a disadvantage hiring needed school employees when they can’t tell people how much they’ll be paid. 

“Right now we can’t even tell our staff and our hires what they might be making next month with any certainty,” Wake County school board vice chair Chris Heagarty said at a news conference in the Legislative Building. “That uncertainty makes it hard to fill those crucial jobs that our families rely on to educate and transport their children.”
Texas Observer
4 months ago

From the magazine, McHam Investigative Reporting Fellow @josephinelee interviews two of Greg Abbott's key opponents about their ongoing plan to fight against #vouchers at public #schools:

#news #politics #USpol #Texas #education #TXlege #TXedu #PublicSchools #GregAbbott #privatization

Flipboard News Desk
6 months ago

“I’m not an expert. I’m not a reader. I’m not a book person. I’m a mom involved in my children’s education.” What drove a Florida woman to complain about Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb” in a public school.
#AmandaGorman #Poetry #PublicSchools

Bogi Takács
6 months ago

Demonstration in Hungary, for freedom of education in particular, and against the government in general, ongoing right now -

(text in Hungarian, but there are plenty of current photos)

The last time this happened, the police physically assaulted and teargassed high school students. So CN for the link in case it happens again.

#Hungary #politics #politika #HUpol #HUNpol #PoliceViolence #demonstration #Orbán #Education #PublicSchools

Texas Observer
8 months ago

”In #Texas, Christian nationalists’ battle to undermine church-state separations has been waged on two fronts: one involving shaping what is taught in public schools, the other involving spending taxpayer dollars to pay for religious instruction in religious #schools.” via @drdrbrockman

#education #TXEdu #TXlege #Christianity #religion #news #USpol #politics #PublicSchools #censorship

Texas Observer
8 months ago

“The politicians are worried about what content is being taught or not being taught versus truly fixing the problems in #schools.”

McHam Investigative Reporting Fellow @josephinelee reveals how proposed property tax cuts and school #vouchers would strain a system already on the brink of collapse:

(📸 #Photography by Josephine Lee)

#education #TXedu #TXlege #politics #news #USpol #PublicSchools #taxes #poverty #inequality

Two blonde women protest outside government buildings in Austin with signs reading: "I've got 99 problems ... and my low salary is causing all of them!" and "My second job paid for this sign!"
Three people gather outside government buildings in Austin with signs reading: "Stop funding vouchers at the expense of our public schools" "public schools already have school choice: parents have legal rights and recourse in public schools cnot in charter or private schools" and "Class size matters in all grade levels". Property tax cuts and voucher programs threaten to overwhelm an already struggling school system.

“This is what DeVos does,” Weingarten tells co-host, Danielle Moodie. “They starve public schools of the funds they need to succeed. They then criticize them for their shortcomings. They erode the trust in public schools by stoking fear and division. And then they replace public schools with private, religious, online, and home schools.” #quote #article #publicschools

#BetsyDeVos Is Still Making Moves to Destroy Public Schools

Will Smith
8 months ago

The school board meeting last night had a great segment where a first grade parent told the board that the kids start their days by sweeping and vaccuuming rat droppings from the floor of their classroom because the district doesn’t pay enough to retain janitors.

They’re dismantling the public education system, one of the great US accomplishments of the 20th century, right in front of our eyes.

#school #California #PublicSchools

Leftist Lawyer
8 months ago

The reason there’s no pushback from the #GOP on #public #school #shooting is that they don’t believe in #PublicSchools.

Every time it happen the perception increases that public school is unsafe. It increases the likelihood that #parents will #homeschool. And the GOP is all about shifting the #burden of #education entirely on parents.

Each shooting is analogous to murdering #socialized education.

The kids are just collateral damage to their goal.

Bruce Mirken
8 months ago

@MsKellyMHayes That the right wing has been trying to destroy #PublicSchools has been clear to anyone paying attention for years. It's amazing that some don't see it.

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
9 months ago

Your family seems to have a lot of big problems with a lot of #normal #secular #school #celebrations that are common in all #PublicSchools. Perhaps #homeschooling would be a better fit for your children if you have such strong opposition to your children’s participation in secular seasonal activities.

Shavua tov,
Principal Alona Baum
Lior Peretz #PublicSchool



9 months ago

The #legislation has drawn protest from Dem pols, #education asscs, #FreeSpeech grps & #LGBTQ advocates, who say the bills will restrict educators’ ability to instruct children honestly, harm transgender & nonbinary students & strip funding from #PublicSchools.

“It shall be the policy of every public K-12 educational institution … that a person’s sex is an immutable biological trait.”
- #Florida House Bill 1223

#Indoctrination #HeteroSexism #MaleSupremacy #WhiteChristianNationalism #Florida

Jack Vance
9 months ago

It is a shame to see conservative politicians meddling in how public schools teach history. We all need access to an accurate history, even if some of it makes us feel bad. This is vital to understanding the context of our modern world.

#history #education #humanism #freethought #PublicSchools