A note about the name "𝕏itter":

The "𝕏" is pronounced "sh"

The more you know!

#Twitter #𝕏 #PublicServiceAnnouncement #PoopToot

The words "The More You Know" ride a geometric star, trailed by a rainbow. The words fly off, and the star flashed when it reaches the center.

"If Trump wins the next election, he's planning to turn the US military against American citizens, while prosecuting the lawmakers and officials who brought him to trial for his crimes."
#trump #fascism

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If you include "𝑭𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒚" text in your name, you're forcing screenreader users to sit through "Mathematical Bold Italic Capital F, Mathematical Bold Italic Small A, Mathematical Bold Italic Small N, Mathematical Bold Italic Small C, Mathematical Bold Italic Small Y" every time you post.

Or to just block you.

Please be considerate. Thanks. :)

#Accessibility #PublicServiceAnnouncement

@cindyweinstein here you go. #giftArticle link for the Judge Chutkan article, if you want to, go ahead and edit it into your toot 🙂

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From @washingtonpost The gargantuan carbon footprint of billionaires and top corporate polluters, vs the rest of us.

no paywall with this link:

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PS: mastogizmos is under maintenance today but it will be back soon, I am told.

Thanks for all you do ❤

Ian Gregoire (Author) ☑
3 months ago


No, my #books are NOT available on #KindleUnlimited, nor will they ever be as long as #authors are forced into “accepting” the #Amazon exclusivity condition that forbids my work being sold at any other #ebook retailer.

#Bookstodon #BookToot #Readers #WritersLife #WritersOfMastodon


If you post the results of your Wordle or Wordle-like game to Mastodon, then for anyone using a screen-reader, it will be read out as:
"black large square, black large square, black large square, large yellow square, black large square" for the first line, and then may continue:
"large green square, black large square, large green square, large yellow square, large green square" for line 2.

Etc, for several more lines.

Post, but please use a Content Wrapper?

I'll update to the latest version 0.11.9 this week.

New features contain boosting of posts.

Pixelfed is an instagram like social network, which is compatible with mastodon and the rest of the fediverse.

#pixelfed #pixenlfur #PublicServiceAnnouncement

3 months ago

Back to School

Well, the kids are due to have gone back to school on September 4th, meaning that once again we can start working with some purpose.

#Applications #CareerGirlsWanted #Interviews #PublicServiceAnnouncement #SecretDiary

#PublicServiceAnnouncement #PSA

If you don’t go to polling station & vote in PE2023,
You CANNOT vote during GE2025.
Your Name & I/C number will be struck off the electors roll.
To reinstate back, you have to PAY $50.

That's how the pap regime disenfranchise voters.

Go cast a blank vote, vote for all 3, or vote for one.
It's your right and your duty to vote, i don't give a shit who you vote for or if you spoil your vote, just #vote.

Don't waste your $50

#singapore #singlish #kopitiam

All my buddies who have beards: I'm pretty sure you think that if you ever shave you'll wind up looking about twelve years old, but it turns out beards are great for hydrating the skin, and by holding the moisture in a beard keeps you looking young.
Also, if you have a beard, you can do this...

#Beards #Metal #Hydration #PublicServiceAnnouncement #LaughOfTheDay

Brushing your teeth while listening to metal.
Images are of a bald guy with a big metal beard, brushing his teeth. As the images unfold, there's more and more toothpaste over the beard until it's completely covered in foam.

The webhost of is doing maintenance. I haven't received a mail, but I will subscribe to their RSS now.

so unexpected downtime for

Maybe this will solve the recent hiccups we have as well.

#Pixelfur #PublicServiceAnnouncement

4 months ago

Deposits Reviews and Wrath

This post was designed to be informative and give us the opportunity for a rant. Please read all about our Deposits, Reviews and Wrath.

#ClientNotices #PublicServiceAnnouncement

5 months ago

Here's 2 more UK mobile scammer phone numbers, tied to the same scammer.

Attempting to convince me (male) that I'm their mum and they broke their phone and got a new phone number and I need to call them urgently.

Do people actually fall for these? I guess they must because they keep trying them.

Scammer phone numbers

UK +44 7729 751055

UK +44 7950 861185

Add them to all of the block lists.


Vickie :CApride: 😷
5 months ago

Today I saw a video of a seagull eating a squirrel... whole...I can't unsee that shit! I thought to myself.. "how bad can it be?"'s bad. If it comes across your timeline, keep scrolling. #PublicServiceAnnouncement

6 months ago

The Seventh Heaven Returns

We would like to announce the long-awaited return of a 'golden oldie' as the Seventh Heaven returns to Midlands Maidens.

#Bookings #PhotoPost #PublicServiceAnnouncement #RegularClients

6 months ago

#pronunciation #publicserviceannouncement

Ladies, gentlemen or any other identification, it is worth noting that the term, "date" comes directly from the Latin, "datum", literally pronounced DAY-tuhm, which literally means "to measure." We use the word, date, as a measure of time, therefore Day-ta is _NOT_ an "American pronunciation", it is an English pronunciation. It's not DAR-tuh, it's not DAT-tuh, it's DAY-tuh.

Thankyou, #thaiIsall

6 months ago

Midlands Maidens Guaranteed Wage
A guaranteed wage? Just for being available? Incredible! Once again we take the lead by offering the Midlands Maidens guarant…
#Applications #CareerGirlsWanted #Interviews #Jobs #PhotoPost #PublicServiceAnnouncement

Midlands Maidens Minimum Wage Lead
Midlands Maidens Minimum Wage Lead
Midlands Maidens Minimum Wage Lead
6 months ago


Many years ago I created a public holiday. Every year, the first Sunday in June is Cognac and Cigar Day

That would be this Sunday, June 4th this year.

The point of holiday is to set aside time for yourself, do something you enjoy, and celebrate you.

So join me with a Brandy/Cognac & a Cigar. Or whatever you smoke and whatever you drink. (Or a wheatgrass smoothie with a wholesome cereal bar. Whatever works for you.)

#CognacAndCigarDay #SundayJune4th #CelebrateYou

Nona Rose
7 months ago

Public Service Announcement

If you call someone “kid” on the internet, it’s tone is sometimes condescending.

“You’re a sweet kid” is probably not condescending.

“You got that, kid” is probably condescending.

I don’t care if you’re old enough to be their parent or grandparent, don’t do it unless you want to be condescending.

It’s the equivalent of an Aussie calling you “mate” … you aren’t their mate, they think you’re an idiot … or an American calling you “champ.”

#tone #TonePolice #condescending #kid #mate #champ #PSA #PublicServiceAnnouncement

7 months ago


You'll probably be wondering what this BIG RED X is that we've plonked on the website. Simply put, it's an ESCAPE button!

#MidlandsMaidensNews #PublicServiceAnnouncement

8 months ago

Miami Connection is starting on Kino Cult #publicserviceannouncement

detached spork
8 months ago


The racist named pizza place has advertised churros and so I ordered churros and THEY ARE NOT FUCKING CHURROS OH MY GOD it's like the plastic version of churros and I do not know how anyone can fuck up fried dough so completely

Ash Doyle
8 months ago

Before anybody sees something online and freaks out, let me point out that today is Mother’s Day in the UK but not here in the US. Calm down, you didn’t forget. #PublicServiceAnnouncement

Ruth Mottram
9 months ago

Don't know who needs to hear this, but in #Denmark if you find a wild #Bird you suspect has died of #BirdFlu , #Fødevarestyrelsen would like to know about it. You can report finds in their App

#PublicServiceAnnouncement #PSA

9 months ago

140323 is not pi.
230314 is not pi.
031423 is weird. And not pi.


9 months ago

FBI Warns About Cryptocurrency Theft Scams Using Play-to-Earn Games - The FBI has issued a public service announcement (PSA) warning on the utilization ... - #publicserviceannouncement #cryptocurrencywallet #decentralizedfinance #recommendation #pigbutchering #playtoearn #security #fbi #psa

why not
9 months ago

FYI, WD-40 makes a silicone spray that smells like a hamper of dirty clothes that was left in the mudroom where a family of raccoons peed on it.

Don't spray it on your squeaky task chair... like I did.


Gemma Sarracenia
9 months ago

By the way, just in case any American out there needs to know this, food stamps can be used to buy seeds and food bearing plants.

#publicserviceannouncement #psa #food #gardening

9 months ago

Interview Partners Required at Midlands Maidens

In addition to looking for new staff, we are also putting out feelers for interview partners to join us when an applicant wishes to sign up.

#Applications #CareerGirlsWanted #Interviews #Jobs #PhotoPost #PublicServiceAnnouncement

Fiona MacNeill
9 months ago

Today I learned, courtesy of Ofcom, that the SMS spam reporting number, 7726 actually spells ‘Spam’. Classic ‘escape the room’ logic there and now much easier to remember! #PublicServiceAnnouncement #spam

Phone keypad screenshot showing the sequence of the digit 7 twice followed by 2 and 6.
VM (Vicky) Brasseur
10 months ago

A quick #PublicServiceAnnouncement:

_Please_ offer condolences to the thousands of people in our industry who are losing jobs because their company leadership can't do theirs.

But please do _not_ say, "Don't worry, you'll find something soon!"

That's not up to them. Hiring processes are a wreck at a good time and there are a lot of people on the market now.

Ensuring them they'll "find something soon" hits hard later when they've not landed a new job through no fault of their own.


Nona Rose
10 months ago

Some people have the ability to separate the physical from the emotional. I am not one of those people.

Online, I can harmlessly flirt, I can talk about sex, I could tell you step-by-step what I’d do in any given situation, and it won’t mean a thing - we’re just two adults having a conversation.

In real life, if we are physically intimate, you’d better be prepared to love me enough to not break my heart because I will want more than some casual booty call. I’m not saying that I’ll want to marry you but I will want to see where it goes and I will allow myself to fall for you.

I have been there, done that, got the trauma to prove it and I am now at the point in my life where I am turning down sex.

So, if you’re someone who can separate physical and emotional intimacy, make sure you ask potential partners if they can because it gets very messy very quickly when there’s a disparity.

#PSA #PublicServiceAnnouncement #Sex #Intimacy #love #physical #emotional #reality #fantasy

hey uh, abled people. if you're going to hold the door open for someone using a wheelchair and we tell you we got it that means we got it. it also probably means that you're in the way and are rushing getting run over if you stay where you are and keep trying to "help".

better yet don't help unless we ask you to. #EverydayAbleism #PublicServiceAnnouncement #PSA

11 months ago

Friendly reminder, Unlike other social networks, the content you see here isn't presented to you based on an algorithm. If you want others to see what you post, ensure that you boost such posts. The hashtag is the way that content becomes searchable, so use them lots. Favouriting content is similar to liking on other platforms. Last but not least, don't forget that when uploading photos remember to use #altText. #mastodonAdmins #PublicServiceAnnouncement #BoostPost

11 months ago

Protip #2: If you put them back together and don't reconnect the heads, they won't work. #PublicServiceAnnouncement #DontAskHowIKnowThis

Nona Rose
11 months ago

It’s illegal to punch people who are wilfully ignorant. It’s illegal to punch people who are wilfully ignorant. It’s illegal to punch people who are wilfully ignorant. It’s illegal to punch people who are wilfully ignorant.

And breathe …

#SelfControl #NotGoingToSocialMediaJailToday

PSA: if you offer someone with bad breath gum and they refuse it, don’t tell them “it’s not optional” because you will come across as rude.

Bodily autonomy exists. Allergies exist. Sensory issues exist. Other ND issues exist. Plus, it’s none of your business why they don’t want your gum.

And breathe …

#PublicServiceAnnouncement #PSA

Trivial things can show major toxic traits.

11 months ago

Ok, listen beehatch, Royal Copenhagen Musk (or regular non-musk) is not a fragrance, it is trash bin remnant geech water. If you are wearing this to attract other people (doesn't matter what kind) just stop.


11 months ago

Everytime you forget to add #AltText to your #image, something happens to a #kitten. #Caturday #PSA #PublicServiceAnnouncement

11 months ago

No judgement zone here, but if you do use, please, please, please -- test your drugs! There is #Fentanyl everywhere, and even fake forms of #LSD that are deadly out there! #PSA #drugs

Test Kits and Risk Reduction
Reduce your risk with DanceSafe testing kits!
We sell a full range of testing kits for all the most popular substances.

11 months ago

@bkm wins Best #PublicServiceAnnouncement Award - thank you 👍 😊

so glad I decided to run yesterday and got over here, because #WinterStormDiaz is making an absolute mess. per the company-wide message from my work.

I80 closed in WY. I25 closed in WY north of Cheyenne.

I70 and I25 in CO covered with snow and ice, travel strongly discouraged.

NE all highways north or west of North Platte closed.

conditions bad in the western half of SD.

and so on and so forth. stay home if you can. #PSA #PublicServiceAnnouncement #SafetyFirst #Weather #WinterStorm

the road got a lot better once I got to Utah.

that being said, the best advice for winter driving that I can give?

if you don't have to go anywhere, stay home.

doubly so for long distance trips. the fewer people on the road, the safer it is for the big trucks who do have to be out there.

check the road conditions before you go and along the way, because conditions can change rapidly during a #WinterStorm such as #WinterStormDiaz. #PSA #PublicServiceAnnouncement #SafetyFirst #TruckingLife

Jonathan Perkin
1 year ago

I'm sure none of my lovely followers do this, but in case someone reads this who does, please please please don't ever flash your car lights at full beam in an attempt to say "thank you"!

Blinding the person you are thanking does not make for safer roads.

If you really must do something, consider very quickly switching to sidelights and back. As an added bonus, it comes across as nod or a doff of your hat, and is far more polite.


Aoibhe O'Sunlight 🧛‍♀️
1 year ago

Did you know it's international "Hug a Vampire Night" tonight?
#vampire #hugAVampireNight

Joseph Galbo
1 year ago

We posted about our new PSA Archive today. If you're a fan of older TV shows, you'll spot some old friends!

I'm very excited to finally get these PSAs back out into the world. Studying history is how we learn and find ways to inform our work in the present. It's been so fun to see how our unconventional social media connects to a legacy of interesting gov comms. about product safety. #publichealth #publicserviceannouncement #history #archives #government #foundfootage

Darnell Clayton :verified:
1 year ago

@diligentcircle Thanks! I am removing the 🚧 Content Warning 🚧 in my response as I think this is important.
We should use regular text on Mastodon, in order to allow those who use screen readers to read our messages.
This has been a #PublicServiceAnnouncement (have a nice day!)

Mary-Anne Boermans
1 year ago

#PublicServiceAnnouncement Looking for a Black Friday bargain on Amazon?
Search the item you want from the website, and it will show you the price history & whether it's really a bargain.
I searched a Kenwood & it was cheaper a month ago. 🤷‍♀️

1 year ago

@SheDrivesMobility Ich musste TERF nachschlagen: anti-Trans. #PublicServiceAnnouncement

matiu bidule
2 years ago


Putain elle va être longue cette campagne, elle me fatigue déjà.

Et un des trucs qui me fatigue le plus ce sont les "militants de l'abstention", ces gens politisés-mais... qui ont tellement-tout-mieux-compris-et-que-ce-ne-sont-pas-des-moutons-eux

Du coup voilà l'image qui pop dans mon esprit à chaque fois que j'en vois un débouler dans une TL ...

Dessin :
Un personnage miséreux portant un fagot de bois sur son dos "we must improve society somewhat" 

second personnage cynique "yet you participate in society. Curious !
I am very intelligent."
Manjaro ARM :manjaro:
4 years ago

Quick update.
Some might have noticed new qt5-es2- packages have hit the repo.
Do not update or install them unless your other Qt5 packages are also at version 5.14.1.
If you do, it will break #Plasma.

If you already updated you need to either downgrade the es2 packages, or switch them for the regular Qt5 packages until Arch Linux ARM gets qt5 5.14.1 in the repo.