Paul O'Malley
2 days ago

How would you like to ace your next presentation in #MicrosoftTeams? 🚀
You can do it with the help of #PresenterCoach, a smart tool that helps you improve your presentation skills by giving you instant feedback on your speech, pace, tone, and more. 🎤

You can use Presenter Coach not only in PowerPoint, but also in Teams meetings. Just turn it on when you are presenting using #PowerPointLive and get private tips on how to make your presentation more impactful and captivating. 🙌
The best part is that the feedback is visible in real time but is private to you. And you even get a full report at the end to help you develop your skills.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enhance their confidence and wow their audience in Teams meetings. 💯 Check out my short video to see how to set up and use this great feature!


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YouTube Thumbnail Image featuring the Microsoft Teams logo with the caption "Speaker Coach inside of Teams?!"
Michael Friess
3 days ago

Excited to present tomorrow at our internal #IBM Spark Design Festival.
Unlike most of my #Toastmasters speeches it’s a longer talk, with carefully crafted visuals – heck, it’ a design conference – and jointly with a great colleague.

We talk about the power of conceptual modeling.

I already enjoyed our speaker rehearsals today giving lots of evaluations and feedback to my fellow speakers.
#Design #PublicSpeaking #IBMSparkDesignFestival #Toastmasters

Conference cover of IBM Spark Design Festival happening September 26 – 29, 2023.

Ooo, #PyGotham schedule is out! It's online and free to register.

My talk, PEP Talk, is scheduled for Oct 7. Add it to your calendar! 📆

#Python #conference #publicspeaking

N Jay Sorensen
6 days ago

🎤 Crafting a captivating speech opening takes skill. 📰 Use current news, ask thought-provoking questions, or make bold claims to grab your audience's attention. 🌟 Add a personal touch with stories or compliments. Engage, inspire, and pique curiosity! #PublicSpeaking 🗣️👏

Drupal Belgium
2 weeks ago

📣 Are you speaking or attending
DrupalCon Europe in Lille? 📣

Nervous? Do you have your story prepared? Attend the free professional speaker training on Monday 16th of October and get ready to rock the stage in Lille or another local Drupal event! Seats are limited.

#Drupal #DrupalBE #publicspeaking #training

📢 If you've been waiting for the last day of CFP to submit your talk to @pyladiescon, well that day is today!!!

⏳ CFP closes in less than 24 hours! Let's go!


#PyLadies #Python #CFP #PyLadiesCon #publicspeaking

Thanks @brianokken for chatting with me for @pythonpeople. It was fun sharing about my passions with you all: bots, APIs, food 😋 and hashtag#TypoOfTheDay 😃

Listen to it here

#Python #community #podcast #publicspeaking

Joe Taylor Jr.
2 weeks ago

On "Search and Replace," explore the relationship between self-esteem and communication, and how our brain's response to social interactions affects our ability to communicate effectively.

Read more 👉

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Erissa Duvall
2 weeks ago

I got my first acceptance to an international tech conference today!!! My Accessibility Testing 101 talk was accepted to NDC London. I am beyond excited. I had started submitting to international conferences and viewed it as kind of the next step in me doing talks.

It is all thanks to the amazing support that I have received from those around me. #Thankful #PublicSpeaking

Nicolas Fränkel
2 weeks ago

Yet another #speaker’s guide. But proofed by 100+ talks

Some good (and not so good) #publicspeaking tips and tricks

3 weeks ago

Are you any good at Public Speaking?

My pet peeve is those who ask how you can hear them on the microphone before they start, and that's the last time you do hear them. Using a microphone is more important than your ability to speak.

IN CLOSING, I'd like to say....

#PublicSpeaking #Speech #Closing

a speech bubble

"in closing is always followed by the other half of the speech."
3 weeks ago

Agile Testing Days (

How to speak at conferences?
This session is about understanding the process of public speaking at tech conferences, from the call for papers all the way to the follow-up after the conference is over.


#AgileTD #PublicSpeaking

Nick Byrd
3 weeks ago

I need fresh ideas for my slide deck.

I’ve one #Powerpoint file for all my talks, organized by topic.

Some love it, especially the list of topics in the sidebar.

Others cringe as much as I do (e.g., because my name and website are on every slide).

How do you organize and present all of your #slides?

What formats, templates, or designs work well?

(Is it safe to assume our slides will never again be on a 4:3 display? Can we finally go #widescreen?)

#publicSpeaking #teaching #graphicDesign

Change Through Play
3 weeks ago

Process improvisation is anchored in collaboration and communication. Because of this, it’s amazing for business training, sales team training, and corporate leadership training! 🧑‍💼

This joyous practise is fantastic for daily life, and we carry the skills we learn into our workplace too.

Are you looking to improve specific skills for your career?
Learn more here:
#leadershiptraining #publicspeaking #corporatetraining

Joe Taylor Jr.
3 weeks ago

To combat her own social anxiety, Diana Robertson bought public speaking books, joined public speaking courses, and started speaking publicly herself. Today, she's teaching business leaders how to become powerful speakers.

Read more 👉

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Joe Taylor Jr.
4 weeks ago

Diana Robertson didn't think of herself as who'd ever enjoy public speaking. Today, she's teaching speaking skills to business leaders around the world. Discover her story on "Search and Replace."

Read more 👉

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Joe Taylor Jr.
1 month ago

For business people wrestling with shyness or anxiety, one of our experts says that it's better to stop pretending to be someone you're not and to build a set of systems that make communication with colleagues easier, authentic and effective.

#socialanxiety #publicspeaking #Podcasts

1 month ago

Agile Testing Days (

How to speak at conferences?
This session is about understanding the process of public speaking at tech conferences, from the call for papers all the way to the follow-up after the conference is over.


#AgileTD #PublicSpeaking

🎙️💁‍♀️ Video of my closing keynote at WWCode Dev Summit BlockDataPy is now out
I really enjoyed giving this talk: "There's an API for that!"

#WWCode #Python #PublicSpeaking #API #PyLadies

Françoise Conil
1 month ago

N'hésitez pas à soumettre une proposition pour la première conférence mondiale PyLadies : en ligne 1-2-3 décembre 2023. Le CFP est ouvert jusqu'au 10 septembre !
#pyladies #pyladiescon #PSF #conference #python #cfp #publicspeaking

🎂 Today's my birthday, and if you feel like giving me a present, it'll make me so happy if you could share news about PyLadiesCon and the CFP to your network, and also submit a talk or two!


#pyladies #pyladiescon #PSF #conference #python #cfp #publicspeaking

CFP for PyLadiesCon is now open!!

Come speak at the the first ever PyLadies Conference! We welcome everyone to submit a talk, and you can present in English, Español, Português, Français, or 中文.

Please share!

Blog post:



#cfp #conference #pyladies #python #publicspeaking #pyladiescon

They really live up to the "Next Day Video" name! It wasn't even 24 hours since I gave my PEP talk at North Bay Python, and the video is now already up!

Watch, listen, and let me know what you think! 😊

@NorthBayPython @nextdayvideo

#nbpy #Python #conference #publicspeaking

Scene from this morning's AV testing. I'm supposed to say something and I said the most Canadian thing 🤪
#nbpy #conference #publicspeaking

Captioning monitor at North Bay Python conference.
CHRIS: Mariatta, could you say something?

Thanks for having me (again) at North Bay Python @NorthBayPython
It was great returning after giving the opening keynote a few years back 😊

Slides from my PEP talk from today can now be viewed here:

#nbpy #Python #PublicSpeaking #conference

I'm ready to give my "PEP Talk". Are you ready for it? @NorthBayPython
#nbpy #NorthBayPython #PublicSpeaking #Python #conference

Selfie of myself in front of North Bay Python's speaker stage

See you soon at @NorthBayPython! I'll be the first speaker tomorrow giving a "PEP Talk". There's still time to get a ticket to attend the conference and listen to my talk and other amazing talks.
#Python #PublicSpeaking #nbpy #NorthBayPython #conference #travel #YVR

Selfie video of myself seated inside the airplane, wearing face mask, and waving at the viewer 👋

I'll be at @northbaypython this weekend to give my PEP Talk, and I will have some #TypoOfTheDay stickers to share!

If you haven't get your ticket yet, now's the time to do it. Hope to see you there!

#Python #conference #PublicSpeaking #NBPy

Just finished giving the closing keynote for Women Who Code Python Dev Summit: Block Data Py🎙️💁‍♀️
Such a wonderful and supportive community. Thank you so much for having me, and letting me talk about bots, APIs, and about my Raspberry Pi aquarium/potato-cam.

Video will be out soon, in the meantime you can check out my slides here:

#PublicSpeaking #Python #WWCode #WWCodeDevSummits #API #Keynote

Selfie of myself (Mariatta), behind my desk and monitor. The monitor shows the first slide of my presentation, titled: "There's an API for that!"
Cosima Meyer
2 months ago

@pyladies_bot @cheukting_ho thanks so much! That’s an excellent post full with tips and tricks on how to get ready for public speaking and conference presentations 🙌

#publicspeaking #presentation #conferences #tipsandtricks #technologicalconferences #pycon #positconf2023

2 months ago

Hey #podcasters - anyone got advice for how to make myself stop sounding like my mouth is stuck together? I’m making a popping like sound that I think is the result to still getting some fairly significant dry mouth when recording.
[ #podcasting #PublicSpeaking ]

Bex Markwick
2 months ago

If anyone fancies listening to me wax lyrical about how we measure stuff wrong and how to measure it properly, sign up for this freeeee webinar I'm giving tomorrow for The SASIG

I'll also mention phishing things when I talk about vanity metrics and much more cool stuff so please come along!

#infosec #securityawareness #security #training #metrics #phishing #publicspeaking

I get to be the first speaker at @northbaypython this year 🥇
I'll be giving a brand new "PEP Talk" 🎙️💁‍♀️

I'm looking forward to it and I hope you'll join me there!

#Python #PublicSpeaking #NBPy #Conference

Nicolas Fränkel
3 months ago

Replying to a #CFP: Anti-patterns. A quick glance at some reasons why your submission might not make it

#conference #publicspeaking

🎙️💁🏻‍♀️ My talk got accepted at @northbaypython!!

I'm looking forward to give you all a "PEP Talk" 😉 Come join me there!

#Python #Conference #PublicSpeaking #NBPy

Damon Thomas
4 months ago

I'll be reading at a poetry book release event tonight. And I'm ready to go! #poetry #reading #PublicSpeaking #jacksonville #florida

In Public

I've read my writings in public. Aside from a single Lake City Community College Public Speaking course I have no training. There I learned many things. The importance of dress, posture, and projection. I've ignored them all. As Jim Carroll lamented – "I'm here to give you my heart/And you want some fashion show!"
Sampath Pāṇini ®
4 months ago

For #mentalhealthawareness month, this is my write-up of training with Mental ( as part of my New Year's Resolution for 2023.

Share your life hacks!

#dothework #mentalhealth #sharing #coldshowers #brownfat #anxiety #publicspeaking #professionaldevelopment #learning #exercise #dailyroutine

Mental Gladiators: Spartacus and Downhill Vagus AF
Tobias Geyer
5 months ago

I said it before, I'll say it again.
If you're working on a talk get feedback early and from a diverse group of people.
Today I got feedback by @der_pesse that made me see all the shortcomings of my talk. Luckily I still have time to fix them!
#PublicSpeaking #Talk #Feedback

Mignon Fogarty
5 months ago

Research shows that people don't say "um" and "uh" because of nervousness.

Instead, one reason people say "um" and "uh" is that it tells listeners you want to keep talking.

The amazing thing is that we don't use them nearly as much when we're talking to a computer, like Siri, or when we're giving a formal talk—because we don't expect to be interrupted!

#linguistics #podcast #communication #PublicSpeaking #GrammarGirl

Image: The cover of the book "Like, Literally, Dude." Text: "Grammar Girl podcast. Valerie Fridland: Why We Don't Say "Uh" and "um" to Siri." 

Video Transcript: So why don't you just pause since people don't like "um"s and "uh"s?
But it's because it also serves a secondary important function, which is it acts as a signal to listeners that you need a second to finish constructing your thought, but you're not done.
Because a silent pause is part of a complex of what we call turn transition cues, which which means it's kind of a signal we can give to someone that we're ready for them to take over talking.
So if I'm in the middle of saying something and then I just stop talking, which I might think of as a pause, you might think of it as, "Oh, they're done talking."
I mean, which probably means you weren't listening very well to what I was saying because obviously you would know I wasn't done.
But what we find is people do sometimes jump in at that moment, but if you "um" or "uh," it signals to them, and it does seem to be pretty effective in that regard that I'm not done talking, I'm going to talk more, which is why we don't "um" and "uh," often, for example, when we're talking to a computer, because we know it's not going to be that.
MIGNON: Oh my gosh.
So when we're talking to a computer, like when we're talking to Siri or something like that, people say, "uh," or, "um," less because they aren't expecting to be interrupted.
VALERIE: Exactly.
MIGNON: Oh, that's amazing.
Adriana Villela
5 months ago

PSA: If you are still masking indoors (like me) and feeling pressured to unmask when giving talks, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to unmask to give a talk. I present thee, Exhibit A.

#indoorMasking #publicSpeaking