3 hours ago


We have to get away from the very idea of systematic individual motor vehicles.

#Bikes and #ebikes, efficient #publicTransport (both for commuting and travelling, and with as much #rail as possible) and a #carsharing / #carclub system for the occasional times when one needs a car.

Carsharing app: locate a car next to you, select which size you want, book it with app (for 1h or 6 days?), open it with the app too: ignition key is in the car for you to drive off!

I see there are calls for Glasgow buses to be run by SPT again.

I’m minded when I worked with a Glasgow design agency, as an #AfterEffects animation consultant, on the SPT “Joining Up Journeys” campaign.

Seems very sensible and logical to me.

#SPT #PublicTransport #Glasgow #Scotland

The 29-euro transit ticket is coming back to Berlin. And is, as you might expect, in all the mediocre glory of German policymaking.

#PublicTransport #Berlin #politics

I Like Books
7 hours ago

"A green energy boom is keeping 1.5C in sight"

"Brazil’s highest court found in favour of Indigenous land rights"

"Manchester was abuzz about public transport"

"Scientists made a long Covid breakthrough"

"A safer drug consumption room got the go-ahead in Scotland"

"The world biggest free photo competition announced its winners"

"Cartoonists penned a warm welcome to refugees"

"A study revealed how water fleas could help us clean up our act"

"‘Give people the power to plant trees in public spaces’ – report"

#GoodNews #WhatWentRight #Environment #Climate #Brazil #Indigenous #Scotland #Safer #Photography #Refugees #Water #Trees #PublicTransport

9 hours ago

'Rishi Sunak is to prioritise the interests of millions of car owners with a series of measures that will provoke environmentalists and curb the power of local councils.'

'The move would be hugely controversial, setting ministers on a collision course with local authorities, who rely on their powers to keep bus lanes traffic free.'

#cars #motorists #environment #ActiveTravel #cycling #walking #bus #buses #PublicTransport #RishiSunak #Sunak #UK

The Transportation Historian
12 hours ago

I will never understand Amtrak's habit of building new "stations" (sometimes literally a bus shelter and a platform), when the original train station is still standing.

In Elyria, OH, using the old station would allow for transfers to Greyhound buses. In Bryan, OH, the old station is literally across the tracks, almost mocking the tiny old Amtrak station. In most cases, the old station is closer to the center of town too.

#Amtrak #PublicTransport #rail #railroad #train

Brendan Jones
1 day ago

One for the car-centric-country inhabitants.

“There is more housing for each car in the United States than there is for each person.”

#cycling #cars #publicTransport #renewables

Martin Rundkvist
1 day ago

#Publictransport apps really make your movements across town incredibly efficient. I could never have come up with these combos back in the days of paper time tables.

Derek Brauders
1 day ago

@luas of all the accounts I'd thought I'd see here on #Mastodon, I really didn't expect to see this automated account.
There's someone human involved (or a really really good AI 😜) as they're using the #mastodaoine hashtag.

#publictransport #dublin #ireland

2 days ago

I'd forgotten how slow and infrequent radial transport is in Sydney. Richmond to Campbelltown takes over 2 hours. This is Sydney's most significant non cbd north-south transit route.

#transit #Sydney #publictransport #trains

@milesmcbain when we moved to our suburb it was an area with great public transport but over the years the service has diminished greatly. It's an old old story - spend loads of money on a rebrand and then steadily decrease the service.
#Canberra #TransportCanberra #PublicTransport

Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
2 days ago

Little perk of getting older 😉: I am getting a #free #bus pass valid for the whole of October!
If you are in #Bristol, go for it!

Get your #birthday month bus pass here:


Patrick O'Beirne
2 days ago

#Gorey #Wexford has some way to go to be #AgeFriendly. In #StormAgnes people waiting for a bus have to take shelter under a tree from the driving rain and wind. I understand that Main St traders objected to a #bus #shelter for the only bus stop in Gorey.
#Arklow has four bus stops, three with shelters.
#publictransport will have to be less of an endurance test, particularly for older people.
#Wexfordbus #buseireann #love_gorey (I miss being able to message them on Twitter.)

Waiting for a bus in the driving rain in Gorey
2 days ago

Today my four kids went full Enid Blyton, packing themselves a picnic lunch, taking some coins from the change jar and catching the bus to the beach for the day. It was all kinds of wonderful to see them heading off down the street to the bus stop...

I had errands to run in town later, so they caught the bus back and met me there. I said to Kid4, 'Did you have a good time? I was so impressed that you took the bus!'

And he said, 'It was so great! I went swimming, and then I put my towel down on this rock, and I lay down on it and... read my book. It was awesome.'

Must admit I felt a little jealous that I had to work.

#parenting #beach #springtime #PublicTransport #LivingTheirBestLife

Noticed that these tram network maps in refurbished B-class trams are slightly different to the official version.

They seem to be 'stripped back' with all labels and key destinations removed, other than railway stations, water bodies and tram-related features

#MelbourneTrams #Melbourne #YarraTrams #PublicTransport #Maps

Photo of a map of Melbourne's tram network inside a tram
Daniel Waxweiler
2 days ago

"The popularity of discounted #publictransport schemes across Europe shows that the public is crying out for solutions such as Luxembourg’s – to help with cost of living crises, traffic congestion, pollution and climate emergency targets."

3 days ago

It takes approximately 40 minutes to get across from West -> East Reading by bus.

The same journey is ~ 15 by bike (if you disregard the hill in the opposite direction) and similar by car.

Reading is generally good for public transport, but the combination of slow buses that all go via the station, and resulting connections, make this painful.

Can't we have trams (again)? Or just more, better buses with better route connectivity (not hub and spoke!)


SubtleBlade ⚔️
3 days ago

From the brains behind #Brexit: an #HS2 for the #north that doesn’t actually go there

Ballooning costs, a kneecapped route ... the #Conservatives have turned a promising national upgrade into an absurdity
#ToryPoliciesInAction #PublicTransport #Infrastructure

SubtleBlade ⚔️
3 days ago

Tragic death of the #TicketOffice: the inhuman, isolating change that could ruin #train travel

Along with nearly 1,000 other railway stations in #England, Ryde is set to lose their facility, part of a recent £10m transformation. Both locals and tourists are incensed
#ClimateCrisis #Sustainability #PublicTransport #ToryPoliciesInAction

Mojo ♻️
3 days ago

The City of Stirling in #Perth has taken delivery of what it says is Australia’s first electric “trackless tram” which will undergo a trial to determine its viability for operations in the city. #publictransport

Kay Elúvian
4 days ago

I live near Manchester, I periodically need to be in London. It's 200 miles / 330km away.

To take the train: £192 (220 EUR) + 3 hours each way.
Bus/Coach: £24 + 5h out, 7h back.
Fly: £127+ 3h each way.
Drive: £40 in petrol + 4h each way.

In France, to go from Paris to La Rochelle (300 miles) would take *3 hours* and cost *£90 / 100 EUR return* by train.

There's literally NO GOOD OPTION.

#britain #ukpolitics #publictransport

4 days ago

Just some impressions of yesterdays hike with my wife.
As expected great views. As hoped for not too much people on the trails and really nice weather.

We started at 6:15 and came back at 21:45. A long day. All connections worked flawlessly. Thanks SBB, BLS, ZVV and STI for stress free traveling.

#hiking #switzerland #sigriswilerrothorn #publictransport

Lake Thun in the center of the image and Thun on the upper coast line. The mountains on the other side of the lake are barely visible due to clouds over the lake.
looking downward a steep wall onto a hiking trail.
over dead, dry trees the big bernese mountains: Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, partly hidden by clouds.
looking from the summit of the Sigriswiler Rothorn to the mountain line with Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau strating from the center of the image to the right.
Michał Górny
4 days ago

As we all know, renovating railway lines takes time. Especially if they were literally cut through when roadbros were building express roads cheaply and the railway line was in the way, and now a completely new viaduct needs to be built.

However, this doesn't mean that people can't start benefiting from #PublicTransport while that's still being done. So today you can already take a #KolejeDolnośląskie bus from #Rawicz or #Bojanowo train stations, and reach #Góra Śląska stop — where trains are expected to arrive again by 2025/26. What's really important is that the buses follow regular railroad fares, so you can buy one ticket that covers both the train and bus. Or you can just go there if you have a #rail pass.

Unfortunately, the transfers from the direction of #Poznań aren't perfect — they usually involve waiting up to an hour in Bojanowo. The bus drives roughly 20 minutes from Rawicz to Bojanowo, and another 20 minutes from Bojanowo to Góra.

Paul - Grumpy Old Man
5 days ago

This Train Station Has No Business Being This Good
Not Just Bikes
#Trains #PublicTransport #Netherlands

Jonathan Wright
5 days ago

Locally controlled buses return to Manchester after 37 years

#Manchester #PublicTransport #Buses

Marcus Jenkins
5 days ago

@kim_harding Remember when public transport was a service, not a business? Ah, those were the days!

#Tories #privatisation #publictransport

Jeepers Transperth - why on earth are you running W Pattern services for the Joondalup/Mandurah on a Sunday, when there’s the Royal Show, Australia II celebrations, and at least one music festival happening today.

And worse, the W up to Whitfords are departing Perth near absolute empty.

Run All Stops on everything with 8min (~7 tph) frequencies, and you’d make everyone happy plus get out faster.

#PublicTransport #Trains #Perth #TimetablePlanning

I dream of an America in which I can bike 2 miles to the train station and get into a major population center within a couple hours.


#publictransit #publictransport

Gabriele Pollara
6 days ago

Very handy new express #bus routes to speed up transport across outer #London
#TFL #londontransport #publictransport #superloop

> Transport for London says two new Superloop bus routes will serve Harrow and Walthamstow from North Finchley.

Light bulbs
6 days ago

1/ Pros and cons of trams—15-min. video:

Pros of trams (vs. buses):
– More durable
– Higher capacity
– No need for fossil fuels or batteries

Above-ground trams are also cheaper to build and maintain than underground trains such as subways.

#PublicTransport #Urbanism

Helen Czerski
6 days ago

Today in transport:

Me: "I'll get the bus to the train station"
Helpful person 1: "Oh, but we can give you a lift".
Me: "There's a direct bus, no need for an extra car on the road"
Helpful person 1: "But it's an electric car"
Me: "..."
"Thank you, but no thank you".
Helpful person 2, 10 min later: "We'll give you a lift..."

#cars #roads #PublicTransport #attitudes

TransJakarta CEO claims the organization will maintain the privacy of customer data collected through its Accounts Based Ticketing system which links an individual’s government identity number with their bus passes that record their journey across the Jakarta bus network.

When even the National Data Center can get breached, why should we trust anyone else in this country claiming to keep our data safe? Not to mention this is large scale public tracking and surveillance

#Indonesia #TransJakarta #PublicTransport #Jakarta

Daniel Bowen
6 days ago

High rise construction near to Macaulay station. At some point soon the Upfield line needs more duplication to support trains every 10 minutes, not the substandard 3 per hour (including peak) it currently gets. #Melbourne #PublicTransport

Building under construction

TransJakarta wants to profile each and every passenger on the bus network by linking their government issued identity numbers with their tickets under the guise of targeted subsidy scheme so the haves will not be paying subsidized ticket fares. They also want to know exactly how you travel each day on the network as individuals. If you’re a non Jakarta resident they want to charge you a different fare.

I don’t even know where to begin my outrage

#Jakarta #PublicTransport #TransJakarta #Indonesia #Privacy #DataCollection

Ruth Mottram
1 week ago

@yosh YUP.
Especially given all the investments the city has made in making is a #cycling #walking #publicTransport city - why not carrot AND stick...

David Bureš
1 week ago

This is great: all bus stops in my home region have this sign that includes not only some fare information, but, more importantly, a QR code in the bottom right. When you scan it, it shows you all the buses that go through that particular stop, along with their delays.

#mobility #publictransport

1 week ago

So many good things seem to have been scuppered by COVID...

"The business case details four scenarios of a rapid rail service between the Hamilton and Auckland CBDs, with travel times ranging from 1 hour 53 minutes to a pulse-quickening 69 minutes."

#AaronLeaman, 2020

#Aotearoa #NZ #PublicTransport #PassengerRail #RapidRail

Iain Roberts
1 week ago

Sunak's Net Zero surrender is bad, but the previous plan wasn't enough. When it comes to cars, it isn't enough to just replace every petrol & diesel with an EV.

That would still give us air pollution (from tyres), congestion and road deaths.

Instead we need more e-bikes, public transport, car clubs and car hire.

Lots of people will still need to own a car - that's fine. But many won't, and they'll save money as a result.
#cars #urbanism #ebike #cycling #transit #PublicTransport

Bob Jamieson
1 week ago

Finnish Trains Are What the UK Could Have If It Gave a Shit
Crisps from the snack trolley? Try an omelette from the pub carriage.

As early as the mid-1800s, the country began importing rolling stock from England, at the time the global leader in rail technology. Two centuries later, we’re practically still riding steam trains – while Finns are steaming straight into the future.

#Finland #trains #travel #PublicTransport

Tom Andraszek
1 week ago

All #PublicTransport (trams, buses, metro, and SKM, WKD, KM trains) in #Warsaw and vicinity (KM trains from Skierniewice to Dęblin) will be free on Friday, 22 September, for #WorldCarFreeDay.

1 week ago

"Rather than sardining passengers into cramped carriages built to maximise ticket sales, Finnish trains are built for living. Childrearing, work calls, hot meals, having a pint with your mates – all are possible on the Finnish train. The result is that while Brits endure countless hours of mute suffering, Finns actually enjoy travelling by train"

Rivkah Brown on removing the profit motive from rail travel.
#Finland #RailTravel #Railways #PublicTransport #Transport

And #Musk even admitted that his #Hyperloop investments were just meant to sabotage #CHSR aka. #CaliforniaHighSpeedRail because like all #Car #industry members, he hates #PublicTransport because otherwise he'd invested in the building #Buses, #Trams and #Trains instead of #Tesla|s...

Tim Richards
1 week ago

Now free for all to read... When I arrived at Lyon's Part-Dieu railway station, I headed to the Metro - and had a revelation which catapulted me back to my youth:

Image of the week: Lyon's funky futuristic Metro

#Lyon #France #Metro #PublicTransport #Travel #Europe

1 week ago

Today's shoutout goes to @mattcaff, who makes excellent videos about the need for better public transport, and sustainable urban planning based on people instead of cars:

➡️ @heartlandurbanist

If your server hasn't noticed their videos yet, you can see them all at:


They also run a PeerTube server with videos around the world about urbanism and transport:


#FeaturedPeerTubers #PeerTube #Transport #Urbanism #PublicTransport #Cycling #MidWest

Michał Górny
1 week ago

Oh, just great!

#Poznań has introduced a new #PEKA (#PublicTransport card) website. As part of the migration, all users are required to perform a password reset. However, the password reset form rejects (server-side) e-mail addresses with "+" in them, so I can't access my account anymore.

European governments have “systematically” shrunk their #railways and starved them of funding while pouring money into expanding #roads network. For every €1 governments spent building railways, they spent €1.6 building roads.

Small investments into bike lanes and railways were heavily scrutinised, while investments in roads were taken for granted.

#PublicTransport #ClimateChange #GovernmentSpending #JustStopOil

There can be little doubt that #publictransport (mass transport) must play a role in the drive to #NetZero & this has been clear for some time.

But once again when we look at what Governments have actually been doing behind their pious words on the #climatecrisis, what we find is they've been starving #railways of money, while extending the #road networks across #Europe.

Our political class (not just in the UK) just cannot seem to grasp the seriousness of the problem!

Sarah O'Connor asks in the FT, why don't people leave rubbish (exploitative) #jobs... & suggests some answers:

Fear the next job will be worse;

The sunk costs of building a relationship with a manager who allocates hours (in #zerohours contract);

#publictransport limits the choice of locations you can feasibly work;

fear of disrupting vital #benefits payments while shifting jobs;

Benefits rules also declare leaving a job due to low pay is not a 'good reason' leading to 3 month 'sanction'!

2 weeks ago

A really great overview of the only tram line in the west of Melbourne. The 82.

#Melbourne #Footscray #trams #PublicTransport

Fonts In Use
2 weeks ago

Talking about #Metra: did you know that the #logo uses a #typeface named Crillee?

The italic wordmark is in use ever since the commuter rail system for the #Chicago metropolitan area got a unifying identity in 1985.

#FontsInUse #Fonts #PublicTransit #PublicTransport #Trains #Railway

The Metra logo spotted on the METX 193 in 2005. Photo by Tripp (Creative Commons CC BY)

@CelloMomOnCars EXACTLY!

What is known to work is to make #PublicTransport work...

Because even the most space-and resource-efficient low-occupancy vehicle will get sqashed by #EconomyOfScale a working #MassTransit system with #Buses, #Trams and #Metros can do without even changing much of it's core workings...

2 weeks ago

Do you use ride-hailing apps like Uber, Grab, Gojek, Angkas, etc? (Please boost for higher reach.)

#Polls #Apps #Transport #Poll #PublicTransport #RideSharing #RideHailing #Uber #GrabApp #Gojek #Survey #Commuter

2 weeks ago
The Ferenc electricity converter station and Laci bácsi (the tour guide and former employee) are pretty damn great! Too bad they don't do regular tours (the station is still operating) :(

#Budapest #electronics #HighVoltage #PublicTransport
Engine-Dynamo used for electricity conversion
Control panel of the Ferenc station
Mercury rectifier (2250 A)
Silicon rectifier (2000 A)
Ruth Mottram
2 weeks ago

Taking kid and 4 friends for birthday treat today. Half the other parents have cars but I'm taking them on the bus (hard to fit 5 kids in a normal car legally even if I wanted to). It will take maybe 15 mins longer than driving. We're lucky to live in a city with good public transport but even so it wasn't my first choice, in spite of never owning a car, maybe because I grew up with cars as first option? Normalising this stuff is hard even in #Copenhagen.

#PublicTransport #LivableCities

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 weeks ago

So we ran into an exhibit of old timey trams on the Szabadság Bridge. I took some photos for all y'all who followed me for the training tram pictures 😆

This one was made in 1908 and restored in 1987.

#trams #PublicTransport #Budapest #vehicles #PublicTransit

Billboard with info (translated from Hungarian)
European Week of Mobility
611 wood frame trame, type S
Manufactured in 1908 in the Schlick factory
Altogether 130 trams like this were made
This car was salvaged in 1975 and restored in 1987
Photo of an old wood frame tram, painted brown, white and orange, with the number 611 on the front. Doors are a waist-high metal lattice that open and close by hand. In the background part of the green metal bridge structure is visible, and behind it Gellért Mountain.
Photo of the inside of the tram, drivers window. Very few parts, one bell button, two hand cranks, wood frames on the windows. Beyond, the bridge and the mountain are visible.
Daniel Bowen
2 weeks ago

Blog: Comparing Melbourne travel demand data with PT timetable data shows weekends are woefully under-serviced compared to weekdays. #Melbourne #PublicTransport

Streets Alive Darebin
2 weeks ago

➡️ Streets Alive Darebin Newsletter September 2023

◾New Tram Stops in Northcote/Thornbury
#CriticalMass North - Call to Action
◾Hansard transcript: Inquiry into the impact of road safety
◾Supporters meet-up
#KidicalMass & September Critical Mass


#naarm #Melbourne #Cycling #8to80 #activetransportation #publictransport #Darebin

Yarra Transport Action Plan survey open for feedback

✔️ Encourage sustainable transport
✔️ Create a more accessible city
✔️ Promote a healthy and active lifestyle
✔️ Reduce transport emissions

Survey open to 9am Monday 16 October 2023:

#naarm #Melbourne #8to80 #cycling #ActiveTransport #transport #publictransport #sustainabletransport #yarra

2 weeks ago

Crowded trains are a government choice. Trains are really efficient and cheap to run. You have to severely under fund trains for them to be crowded.

#Victoria #SpringSt #PublicTransport

Anna Kukka
2 weeks ago

the color of mundane things

#photography #color #bus #PublicTransport #Öffis

Bus entrance and door with a step marked in yellow, a red handle, and a blue demarcation of the door
2 weeks ago

EU travelling friends: would anybody like some tickets for the public transport in Brussels?

I found these 3 multi-journey tickets, which between them have 10 rides left. I'm not sure if they are still valid (they're a few years old).
Happy to post them out!

#Brussels #Bruxelles #PublicTransport

Three tickets, fanned out, on top of a wooden desk. The tickets are paper with a magnetic stripe, top half mostly yellow and bottom half with writing and a red arrow pointing down.
3 weeks ago

It's always worth bearing in mind that industries always put their own spin on anything related to mitigating #ClimateChange

The #Climate Denier's Playbook podcast asks will Electric Cars Will Save Us?

Spoiler alert at the end of this post.

Episode webpage:

Media file:

#climate #ev #transportation #technology

Will EVs mitigate climate change? Yes! If we don't have too many of them.


The Transportation Historian
3 weeks ago

I made a longer-form article on the #electric #interurban lines that were once found all over the #USA. I felt that a lot of people don't know about them, so this #article talks a bit about their #history and role in the US.

#histodon #PublicTransport #rail #substack #train #transport

Light bulbs
3 weeks ago

Innovations for buses:
– “bus rapid transit – buses that run in dedicated lanes, with streamlined boarding systems and priority at traffic signals”
– “bi-articulated buses, which are extra-long with flexible connectors that let the buses bend around corners”
– “contactless payment systems, which speed up the boarding process”
#PublicTransport #PublicTransit #Urbanism

3 weeks ago

If we just took the money the government forces people to spend on building parking we could easily fund all the public transport anyone could ever want.
#auspol #PublicTransport #CarsRuinCities

Eg. ~20 million cars in Australia, ~3 car spaces per car, ~$20k per space. That's $1.2 trillion.

Mother & child, both newcomers to the city, didn't know to push the rear door open to get off a #bus... (They're Chinese like me. In East Asia, the exiting doors are opened by the driver. And yes, I did help them out.) I'm wondering if those driver-activated customer-operated doors have any real benefit over having the driver open the exit doors? It appears to increase the time needed to deboard, which seems too much over the supposed benefit of discouraging some fare evasion... #PublicTransport

This week, I had a second go at collecting every single one of the Taipei MRT station stamps in one day.

What are station stamps? Many places in Taiwan (museums, railway stations, temples, even some restaurants), have unique rubber stamps that visitors can ink up and collect in a notebook. If you hunt around every MRT station in Taipei, you’ll find one. They’re usually kept close to the ticket barriers nearest the staffed help desk, and most are located outside the ticket barriers in the unpaid area of the station.

When the new TPass (a travel pass which gives you access to all MRT stations, train stations, buses and YouBikes across Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung and Taoyuan for NT$1200/month) was released, I decided to try and visit every single MRT station in one day. I failed. But that first attempt made me even more sure that it was possible, and determined to give it a second shot.

So that’s how I spent my day off this week. 
It took me almost exactly 17 hours to collect every single stamp, and in the process of doing so, I travelled over 180km. It is not something I am ever planning on doing again. (But I’ve heard there will be a new stop on the red line in the not too distant future…)

#Taipei #MRT #metro #TaipeiMRT #台北捷運 #Travel #TravelTaiwan #TravelChallenge #StampCollecting #VisitTaiwan #PublicTransport #PublicTransportation #PublicTransit #travelblogger #TravelTheWorld

Jan Adriaenssens
3 weeks ago

Thanks to the person whose idea it was to put a piano in some larger Belgian train stations (“play me, I’m yours”).

They are being used.
They brighten my commute.

📍: Antwerp Central Station, Belgium

#trainstation #train #piano #publicspace #publictransport

Person playing a black piano in a train station, with people watching.
Wide angle of the Antwerp central train station, with a person playing the piano in the back of the photo.

If you're in a tram/train and you are sitting somewhere and a more preferable seat becomes free, do you get up and switch seats or just stay where you are?

#poll #publicTransport #tran #train

Speaking of problems with the Jakarta LRT, it lost power this morning because of problems with the power station at Halim. Off to a flying start

#LRT #Jakarta #PublicTransport #Railway #SkyTrain #Indonesia

Indonesia Train Company representative addressed the lack of height of the LRT carriage doors that a lot of people have complained about.

They said that the construction of the LRT carriages considered the average height of Indonesian adults to be 160cm. Anyone who’s 175cm or taller will have to duck upon entering or exiting the carriages.

The average height of all adult Indonesian men is 168, women is 159 according to the the Statistics Bureau. However, younger Indonesians are more likely to be taller.

So rather than accommodate for the taller population, they took the route of the average and annoyed thousands.

#LRT #Jakarta #PublicTransport #Railway #SkyTrain #Indonesia

Sami Määttä
1 month ago

@notjustbikes In the chapter "Kloosterveen (Assen)" it's pointed out that the public transportation is only busses and there should be a tram as well.

What makes a tram better than a bus? The benefits are not obvious to me.


If you think (rightly) that any real attempt to meet #netzero requires a major element of #publictransport then the plight of the UK's cities is indicative of our coming failure to effect anything that might plausibly look like a #greentransition.

The questions are:

how can we reverse decades of under-investment & car-focussed policies in the time we have left to have any chance of ameliorating the #ClimateCrisis?

and can our creaking #bus system take up the slack?

It does not look good!

Chart: British cities are more poorly served by public transport than those of any other wealthy western country, including the US. Percentage of each country's large cities that have trams, metro or urban light rail.

Denmark - 100%
Germany - 88%
Portugal, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, & France - between 60-80%
Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Poland - between 40-60%
Netherlands - 24%
US - 21%
UK - 16%