Text blocks are now a thing in #hsml :ablobcatattention:

They can be used to write rich text *like longer lorem ipsum stuff* or **embedded** #css or #javascript!
The text will **not** escaped (#pugjs does this), so you can do stuff like:

<span class="closebtn">Γ—</span>
<strong>Danger!</strong> Indicates a dangerous or potentially negative action.

This would result in valid #html (*by design*)

I have some project ideas, but don't know if they are worth to make them.

One would be a theoretically rewrite of #PugJS in #Rust called #hsml (HyperShortMarkupLanguage). It wont have all features that pug has, but only support native #html syntax without the template engine stuff. So it could be used in #vue or #angular, and it would have some special features over pug like comments in attributes and support for more complex tailwindcss classes, but wont have support for e.g. mixin.