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Der Sänger von COR geht auf Solo-Tour.
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John Cooper Clarke's 'I Wanna Be Yours' is apparently the world's favourite poem. He's a good bloke is Mister Clarke. I saw him at that gig at the Ally Pally in Crystal Palace in 1980 (pictured in the article). He was brilliant; but also really friendly and down-to-earth, happy to have a chat and give me an autograph (which I lost about 5 mins later, of course). Good to see his work getting the appreciation it deserves. 😀

#poetry #poem #poems #poet #punk #punkpoetry @historyofpunkrock

Dan Robotham
7 hours ago

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but I just realised that the hardcore punk band Despise You did a Possessed cover.

I'm not posting the video here because to LP artwork has some triggering/graphic imagery, but you can find it on youtube. Needless to say that it sounds amazing.

#punk #hardcore #deathmetal #possessed #despiseyou

Regan Harris
7 hours ago

I’ve got Two Times the Shows, this Month!
Classic Alternative and New Releases by:

Killing Joke
Susanna Hoffs

On XX Radio!
5PM (2PM PT) & 8AM (5AM PT)
On The Web:

#DoubleX #goth #ska #alternative #WXXP #80s #XX #2tone #newwave #punk

8 hours ago

Show Me the Body are legendary, but if you haven't heard of them, they're a hardcore punk band from New York City. An absolute must listen

#punk #hardcore

PUNK irratia
8 hours ago

ESKUPE - nada importa ya una mierda

Banda punk barcelonesa nacida en 1998

Entzun / Listen (streaming):


Irrati pirata ESKUPE:
(egun baterako / for 1 day)

#eskupe #punk #irratiaskea #freeradio #radioslibres #fediradio @punkirratia

8 hours ago

Scowl has a female lead and she fuckin rocks. They're punk with some pop vibes. Really good stuff


8 hours ago

Man, I went to such a great show last night. It's great to see how diverse the punk and hardcore scene has become. I saw Zulu, Scowl, Jesus Piece, and Show Me the Body.. absolutely incredible performances

#punk #hardcore #music

Anja Lorenz
9 hours ago

🎙️ Staatsbürgerkunde: Freiräume

über #Punk sein in der #DDR.


#podcast @staatsbuergerkunde

Speed of Light. They’re teenage siblings playing rock/punk stuff, but with a fresh vibe.

#Music #Rock #Punk #Bands #FemaleLead #GarageRock #AltRock #Siblings

9 hours ago

Heute wieder PunkRockFilter auf #Radio #Stadtfilter ab 22:00 Uhr auf 96,3 MHz in #Winterthur oder per DAB+ oder #Stream. Live aus dem Studio 1 mit @punk und HC-#Punk aus Osteuropa.


Logo: PunkRockFilter auf Radio Stadtfilter in Winterthur
Halloween Every Dave Higgins
10 hours ago

There is only one Sensible choice.

The Damned, “Beware of the Clown”:

#rock #punk

10 hours ago

It always makes me tear up a bit hearing a #Punk song "M.I.A." by 7 Year Bitch, because it reminds me of Mia Zapata, murdered without justice.

The artists are kinda right. There's no real justice in this world.

And most of us ain't getting none of that.

Herr Günni
10 hours ago

Dirk "Diggen" Jora erzählt seine Lebensgeschichte: von den Anfängen der militanten Anti-AKW-Demonstrationen über den Beginn der Punkszene und der legendären Band "Slime" , dem Besetzen der Hafenstrassenhäuser bis zum "Auf-Links-Drehen" des FC St.Pauli.
Neue Folgen, jeden Dienstag um 18 Uhr auf dem Missglückte Welt Youtube Kanal!
#slime #fcsp #Hafenstraße #punk #antifa #punkrock #Hamburg #antiakw #antiatom
:mastocheeky: :antifa: :AFD: :anarchy:

10 hours ago

Hello, world. My #introduction here.

Studying political science in #Poland. Proud owner of three wonderful #pet #rats, so there'll be plenty of contributions to #ratsofmastodon and #animals.

I'm that guy who prefers to sit on the ground, so the others may have space on bench.

Aside from that, I'm very into #philosophy, #anarchism and #books - surely I'll recommend a lot here. My favourite #music genre is #punk rock.

Who am I kidding, nobody cares. Anyways, I'm looking forward to meeting y'all wonderful bastards.

This account is meant to interact in english only. For polish, see my bio.


In the picture there is a drawing of a white rat with piercing red eyes, held in hand. The hand is visibly scratched. The rat's face implies it's pissed off. In it's small hand, it holds a burnt matchstick. In the background there's a Polish Parliment building, that is burning. The sky is black from smoke. 

The picture is political frustration made manifest.
12 hours ago

#OTD Mar, 20 1981

Tenpole Tudor’s new single is “Swords of A Thousand Men”.

It’s a 7” 45rpm from their upcoming album “Eddie, Old Bob, Dick and Gary”. Great video for this song, and the “hoo-rah-ay” chorus is a real earworm. 🎶

Probably my favorite song of theirs, but the album has two other great tunes: “Wünderbar” and “3 Bells in a Row”.

#punk #NewWave #UK #music

Spencer Beswick
14 hours ago

One of my favorite archival finds: thirty demands (non-negotiable and must be met as soon as possible) from issue 3 of "FBI Zine," begun in 1999 by two high schoolers in Connecticut with the purpose to "investigate our hardcore/punk scene and our lives." #punk #anarchism #zines

Scanned page of thirty demands with way too much text to write out unfortunately! The title is "These are our demands, which are non-negotiable and must be met as soon as possible -- because we're not going to live forever now, are we?
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SATANIC SURFERS, VENEREA und SKIN OF TEARS spielen in sechs deutschen Städten.
Ox Fanzine Skaterock Tour 2023
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Fuze #99 Apr/Mai 2023
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Jetzt erhältlich: Fuze #99 kostenlos lesen
Punkrock History
1 day ago

40 years ago today
Black Flag and Minutemen support by Neigheist and Frantix, Rainbow Music Hall, Denver Colorado, March 20, 1983.

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcorepunk #blackflag #minutemen #history #punkrockhistory #otd

Punkrock History
1 day ago

41 years ago
The Clash in Thailand, March 1982. Photo shoot for their fifth album Combat Rock.

Photos by Pennie Smith

#punk #punks #punkrock #theclash #combatrock #history #punkrockhistory

Punkrock History
1 day ago

Handsome Dick Manitoba of The Dictators, Mark Perry of the punk fanzine Sniffin Glue and Joan Jett of The Runaways in London, England, November 1977.

Photo by Bob Gruen

#punk #punks #punkrock #thedictators #joanjett #womanofpunk #history #punkrockhistory

Punkrock History
1 day ago

39 years ago
My War is the second studio album by American punk band Black Flag, released in March 1984.

Because of the slower B-side, the album had a major impact on the development of sludge metal and grunge

#punk #punks #punkrock #blackflag #mywar #history #punkrockhistory

1 day ago

I found the music video for this #punk song I heard about a week ago on some random Internet radio station. Nice song, and a nice fit for people who are mad at the leaders of the world. #Ska #InternetRadio
Reel Big Fish - Pissed Off (Music Video)

1 day ago

Vier Jahrzehnte Girl-Power. Die ewig jungen #ShonenKnife aus #Osaka begeistern im #ClubManufaktur mit knackigem #Punkrock, bester Spiellaune und einnehmendem Charme.

#Konzertbericht #Schorndorf #Punk

Every Show Joe (Joe Maier)
1 day ago

Just finished #frankturner's first book of fun stories from various shows and on the road as he grew into the band you now know! #theroadbeneathmyfeet #audiobook #audible #folkpunk #folkmusic #punk #punkrock

Christina Dongowski
2 days ago

This #review #essay of a new very detailed #biography of Malcom MacLaren really helped me to see why a lot of self styled left &/or punk rock musicians or activists turn out to be so easily absorbed into right wing rhetorics (and politics). This reads in great part as if Reynolds was writing about Boris Johnson & his communications strategies. Highly recommended.
#punk #popmusic #Eighties #SexPistols #VivienneWestwood #popculture

Concert de soutien à la Collective des mères isolées
samedi 25 à 18h, Aubergine 3000, Malakoff #concert #Soutien #punk #prixlibre

Damon Thomas
2 days ago

Teen Wolf-themed punk is a pretty good idea. #80s #music #punk #florida

2 days ago

absolutely storming set from The Buzzcocks last night at ColArtscentre #punk #buzzcocks #hungover #livemusic

Punkrock History
2 days ago

CBGB Sunday Hardcore Matinee, 1984.

Photo by Drew Carolan

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcorepunk #cbgb #history #punkrockhistory

Punkrock History
2 days ago

45 years ago
The American punk rock band X (from left: Billy Zoom, DJ Bonebreak, John Doe & Exene Cervenka) on a rooftop in Los Angeles, March 1978.

Photo by Janette Beckman

#punk #punks #punkrock #x #xtheband #history #punkrockhistory

Punkrock History
2 days ago

46 years ago
Iggy Pop, Nancy Spungen, Cyrinda Foxe and David Bowie at the Ocean Club, NYC. March 1977.

Photo by Bob Gruen

#punk #punkrock #rocklegend #newyorkcity #history #punkrockhistory

2 days ago

#OTD Mar, 18 1982
The UK punk compilation “Punk and Disorderly” is released on or around this date. Or in 1981 🤷‍♂️

But it’s a classic punk compilation. A definitive retrospective on the early '80s punk scene.

I got this in ‘84 and it was my introduction to most of the bands. The sound quality is typically mediocre for the times.

Here’s my favorite track. It’s pretty muddy and flat, but it’s a true punk rocker. 👇

#punk #compilation #uk #us #80s


2 days ago

Hintergrund | Untergrund-Blättle: Punk: Eine gefährliche Utopie

Eine aktualisierende Rückschau auf die Beziehung zwischen Punk und Anarchismus

Wie ist Punk aus den Gegenkulturen der 1960er Jahre hervorgegangen, die er angeblich ablehnte?

Warum spielt Punk Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts eine so zentrale Rolle beim Wiederaufleben des Anarchismus auf der ganzen Welt? Wie hat Punk die partizipativen Medien des digitalen Zeitalters vorweggenommen? Und was kann uns Punk und sein Erbe heute lehren? (weiter)

#Hintergrund #Punk #Anarchismus #Bewegung #Untergrund-Blättle #Raven #2023-03-18 @fediversede

Ward & Co
2 days ago

#saturday starter. This week it’s a large bottle of Biere Triple Traditionnelle 6%, to kick off the evening. A Belgium style beer from Aldi. Not bad for £2.99 but then again, I’m easy to please 🤣 As always enjoy your evening. Now to kick start the sound system 😎 Prost / Cheers!

If any of the hashtags appeal, maybe give us a follow? #bowie #punk #industrialmusic#funkandsoul #poetry #musicbooks #ToriesOut #counterculture #fungi #brutalism #occulture #magick #art #attitude #collage

Wub-Fur Internet Radio
2 days ago


In addition to the *canonical* version on #mixcloud our new mix is also available on #applemusic & #youtube



And as always, Band Links & more info are available on our Tumblr blog: 🧐

#punk #indierock #garagerock #music #nowstreaming

#RadioFreeDystopia Eclectic for The People, since 1999

2 days ago

@TheMetalDog A classic one in #punk history

Wub-Fur Internet Radio
2 days ago

**EFFED UP WORLD** ⚠️ *New Mix!*

21 effed up nuggets of punky garage rock, garage-y punk, 21st century grunge, & other misc varieties of noisy indie rock to help you through another effed up day of your effed up life in this effed up world

Melvins, Quasi, Weird Omen, Gee Tee, Bass Drum of Death, Black Angels, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, CTMF, + 13 more effed up bands that know how to bring the rock



#punk #indierock #music

2 days ago

#OTD Mar, 18 1977
The Clash release their debut 7” single, “White Riot”

The song is a call to action to white youth, urging them to organize and fight back in the same way that inner-city black youth were fighting back against poverty and heavy-handed policing (as depicted in the cover art, the band being stopped and searched).

I played this on-air and with extreme irony during the “Brooks Brother’s riot” of 2000.

Total classic.

#punk #rock #uk #70s #music

Herr Irrtum!
3 days ago

[↓German Version below↓]

WHOA! Believe it or not: The next episode of my German language
#underground #radioshow RADIO IRRTUM! will be on air! Tonight, 2023-03-18 at 8:00PM (UTC+1) on Alex Berlin, at FM 91MHz or via stream:

German language? Well, apart from a rant after the first track — the focus is clearly on mostly unfairly unknown brand new
#music, so an international audience is VERY welcome!

Btw: Normally I'd have challenged the chief of the Der Spiegel™ culture-department to this place because of the rant mentioned. But he isn't on the fediverse. He is informed nevertheless so maybe he will chime in for a good and beefy discussion later. Because, when digging deeper into his Der Spiegel™ articles, he actually doesn't seem to have a bad taste in music. The less I understand the thing he did, which triggered my rant which you may experience first hand when listening tonight (show is preproduced, so I'm writing that in past tense).

NOW LETS GET TO THE MUSIC! Which will come from those areas:

#Beatmaker Beats
- (experimental)
- Experimental
- Experimental
- stoner trip-hop
#PostAnything #Industrial
- Phemale
#Punk (lots of!)
- Norwegian

Some of the artists that will be played tonight I've actually discovered here on the fediverse! Some know, some don't yet :)
So: Shouts & greets to,, and

Hear ya all tonight - and feel invited to a live discussion of the things played and said during the show in parallel within this thread if you want! I'll be there!

Playlist will be posted under this thread after the show.

[knappere deutsche Version hier]

Wirklich wahr: Die nächste Folge meiner Underground-Sendung RADIO IRRTUM! steht an! :) Heute Abend, am 18.03.2023/20 Uhr auf Alex Berlin/FM 91MHz/ Streamlink oben!

Übrigens: Hätte ja gern den Chef des Der Spiegel Kultur-Ressorts zu einer Diskussion hier herausgefordert, aber er ist leider (noch?) nicht im Fediverse. Er ist aber informiert, und vielleicht… schaut er doch noch hier vorbei.
Das würde mich freuen, denn: Wenn man schaut, was er noch so an Musikrezensionen schreibt, hat er einen durchaus guten Musikgeschmack. Umso weniger verstehe ich, warum einer seiner Artikel inhaltlich so übel ist, dass er mich zu einem heftigen Rant anfangs der Sendung veranlasst hat (Sendung ist vorproduziert).

Diesmal werden folgende Musikgenres abdeckt:

- Beatmaker Beats
- experimental Club
- experimental Bass
- experimental Noise
- stoner trip-hop Kraut
- Post Anything Industrial
- Phemale Punk (yeah, NOCH mehr als sonst!)
- Jazz Funk Fusion
- Minimalistic Ambient

Ach, und: Ihr seid alle eingeladen, live die gespielte Musik & was ich so erzähle, unter diesem Thread zu diskutieren. Ich werde da sein!

Die Playlist wird ebenfalls unter diesem Thread erscheinen - nach der Sendung.


Punkrock History
3 days ago

46 years ago today
"The Idiot" is the debut studio album of Iggy Pop, produced by David Bowie and released on this day in 1977

#punk #punks #punkrock #oldschoolpunk #theidiot #iggypop #history #punkrockhistory #otd

John Shirley
3 days ago
3 days ago

#OTD Mar, 17 1978

Generation X debut self-titled LP

The production quality is great for the times. Along with the song structure and lyrical themes (no politics), it comes across as more power pop / bubblegum pop than the punk offerings of the time. Still, it’s got some really well written and performed songs.

Here’s “Ready, Steady, Go”, which was on the album, and also released a few months prior as a single.

#uk #punk #rock #billyidol

The Metal Dog ✅🤘
4 days ago

I touched briefly on that topic during yesterday's #CrazyConcertStories with entry 1. When #Slayer was first breaking, there were a lot of clashes between the punks and the long hairs. #Destruction was also one of those bands that my punk friends introduced me to, which ended up being a thrash band.
#Motorhead was the same. Punks wore their shirts more than #metalheads back then.

I've had a foot in both worlds since the 80s. They're totally compatible to my ears.

#Punk #Metal 🤘

4 days ago

Warum nicht mal ganz altmodisch einen Post zum #followfriday #ff machen? Hier meine Empfehlungen:

@dentaku - Alter #pl0gbar0711-Genosse. IT-Nerd-Humor. I like.
@trashagogo - Konzertveranstalter aus #Stuttgart. #Punk und #Rock und so.
@radritterin - Stuttgarts Radbloggerin, auf Mastodon noch etwas zurückhaltend, aber die Blogposts lohnen sich
@BlumeEvolution - Antisemitismus-Beauftragter Baden-Württemberg. Immer lesenswert

Punkrock History
4 days ago

🍀 Happy St. Patrick's Day 🍀

Shane MacGowan on stage at Brixton Academy in London on St. Patrick’s Day 1987.

Photo by Peter Still

#punk #punks #punkrock #StPatricksDay #ShaneMacGowan #history #punkrockhistory #otd

Punkrock History
4 days ago

37 years ago today
Candy Apple Grey is the fifth album by the punk rock band Hüsker Dü, released on this day in 1986 and also includes the singles "Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely" and "Sorry Somehow".

#punk #punks #punkrock #hüskerdü #history #punkrockhistory #otd

Mark Wyner :vm:
4 days ago

Music is the best. Sharing it is bliss. I hope y’all saw my list of favorite records from 2022. If not, I’m hoping you’ll find some gems to add to your queue. It spans many genres because I love it all.

#Music #BestOf2022 #HipHop #Hardcore #Punk #Metal #Indigenous #Rap

DJM (open to jobs)
4 days ago

Pigalle - Dans la Salle du Bar-Tabac de la Rue des Martyrs

François Hadji-Lazaro - 1991

#MusicMemories #AltRock #Punk #Folk

Dipl Imp
5 days ago

#berlin #punk #postpunk #livemusic hot tip for tonight:

Lucie & the sluts
Sex Beat

at Monarch - 16/03 8pm

Three reeeaaly promising bands in one show!

😈 🎵

Nic wi​ę​cej do powiedzenia - Tribute to HOMOMILITIA

HOMOMILITIA - legend of polish DIY crust '90 scene!

#DIY #crust #punk #HC_punk #muSICK #Poland @music

5 days ago

For my next PunkRockFilter broadcast on #Radio #Stadtfilter next Monday I'm still looking for @punk & HC-#Punk and everything in between from the #Eastern-#Europe area for a musical journey in the show.

Please write your recommended #music as a comment below, thank you! :anarchopunk: :BoostOK:


Blurred shot of the radio studio and the logo of Radio Stadtfilter on a microphone.
5 days ago

I wrote this minizine a couple days after a break-up where my now-ex said “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright you are very cool and sexy”. This minizine was meant to be a reminder to myself of all of the ways that I am cool and sexy even during a time when I was still grieving the end of a relationship and feeling a little lost. Anyways, this is actually pretty lighthearted zine and I hope you enjoy it!

(P.S. still pretty new to writing alt text for comic style things and I am always open to critiques on how I write it ❤️)

#zine #zines #minizine #diy #punk #minizines

Front cover of a small one-sheet folded minizine titled “Being Cool & Sexy”. There is a doodle of a punk person with a mullet and piercings making a kissy face from a side POV. The words in the title are juxtaposed on this doodle. The word “being” is the top half of the hair in the mullet and the two letter Os in the word “cool” are the eyes. There is a symbol for “and” on the cheek that look sort of like a beauty mark. The word “sexy” is written below and the letters X and Y look like a choker.
Page 1: “Its a state of mind”. A sticker figure wearing sunglasses gives two thumbs up and says “yea” in agreement.

Page 2: “do what makes you feel cool!” there are three bubbles with tiny doodles and text. “I make zines” with a tiny rendition of the cover of my other zine titled “HEADBANGED”. “and go birdwatching” with a pair of binoculars. “Dancing freely” with a stick figure grooving along to some sick beat while wearing over-the-ear headphones
Page 3: Three boxes with tinys doodles and text in each are in the top half of the page. At the bottom, the page reads “Is sexy”. The three boxes are giving examples of what behaviors are “sexy”. “Being kind to yourself” with a stick figure looking at themself in the mirror with a heart and a smile. “rest” with a someone taking a nap in bed. “wearing a mask” with a surgical mask.

Page 4: “Personally, autism makes me very cool and sexy!” Drawings of stick figures using various mobility aids such as wheelchairs and a cane. One of them is using a probing cane. There are hearts drawn around them. “Disabled people are cool and sexy!”
Page 5: “Just be you!” in large lettering. Tiny letters below read “the ideas of “sexiness” and “coolness” are social constructs. It is time to reject them!! Being radically attuned with yourself is cool and sexy.”

Page 6: “Don’t worrry you’ll be alright, you are very cool and sexy” written in large letterin. There is a tiny stick figure in sunglasses holding their arms up happily
Punkrock History
5 days ago

45 years ago
Poly Styrene with X-Ray Spex at CBGB, New York, March 1978.

Photo by Ebet Roberts.

#punk #punks #punkrock #womenofpunk #polystyrene #xrayspex #cbgb #history #punkrockhistory

Punkrock History
5 days ago

41 years ago
The Bad Brains at the Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California, March 1982.

Photo by Edward Colver

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcorepunk #badbrains #history #punkrockhistory

fperson :dartlang:
5 days ago

Hey! I'm f-person; I build #flutter apps & packages, #neovim plugins, and other #opensource software (check out for details).

I'm also interested in #ux, #punk (not only!) music, and other stuff.

This account was created to connect with the tech community and keep my #Armenian account for personal stuff (if you happen to speak Armenian, the link to my personal account is in the bio).

I guess that's it for the #introductions :)

Peace <3

John Shirley
5 days ago

I collaborated on this short film as a VERY young man, that's me in the hat, saying "The world will have a new master--new master, but the same beer" and everything else said, and that's my girlfriend (later second wife) Jay Rothbell on the leash and in the monster mask. After me she married Robert Sheckley, the sf writer. The film was put together by Mike Lastra and other weirdos in Portlandia, Keeping Portland Weird before anyone else thought to do so. #film #punk

5 days ago

RIP Dix Denney, guitarist of one of the earliest LA punk bands, The Weirdos.

The first time I heard these guys was from their 1980 EP. “Helium Bar” is such a fun tune. I love the vocals and driving rhythms.

But my all time favorite Weirdos track is from their first 7” single. “Life of Crime”

Punk rock and roll!

#punk #rockandroll #losangeles #rip

Markk JC
5 days ago

Starting to work on some tests for a large project I’ve got coming up. Getting in to the groove with the characters and feel of the comic.

#comic #punk #mastoart #furryart #webcomic #comix #cat

“Commuter” 6 panel comic. An anthropomorphic cat punk stands next to an older business man on a train. The first 2 panels are silent. Panel 3: the old man says “you better not try anything young man” 
Panel 4: the cat responders “excuse me?” 
Panel 5: the old man continues “you know, beating me up, taking my wallet. I know you game”
Panel 6: the cat bluntly replies “I’m just trying to get to work, man. Calm down”
Brian Gettler
6 days ago
Psycho Gnostic
1 week ago

Cinema Subterfuge #17

Debut music movie from the Rubber City mutants sets the tone for future DEVO videos by filtering a blue collar ethos and aesthetic through a pure proto-punk parable of lo-fi-sci-fi distortion that exposes the plastic face of de-evolution within this country. One of many collaborations with the criminally overlooked Chuck Statler.

#DEVO #punk #rock #music #video #movie ☢️

Sequence of images depicting stills from Devo's IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE END. GIF by PG.
Punkrock History
1 week ago

The first record and nothing was the same again ⚡

#punk #punks #punkrock #deadkennedys #californiaüberalles #history #punkrockhistory

1 week ago

The Bad Times Records tour came through Denver on Saturday, the perfect way to celebrate turning 40 with my friends.

My first show in 1998 seeing The Skatalites, Let's Go Bowling and Johnny Socko at the Bluebird Theater.

I turned 40 seeing Omingone, Catbite, Kill Lincoln and We Are The Union.

It's filling my soul to reconnect with #Ska and #Punk. And this new generation of bands is so good. #NewTone

Me, a white guy with brown hair, wearing my "Claytones" jersey that my friends Theo and Jax custom ordered for me. I'm blowing out candles on a peanut butter chocolate birthday cake. Little do I know that these are trick candles that will relight four more times.
Punkrock History
1 week ago

Tina Weymouth performing with Talking Heads at the Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, 1982.

Photo by Lex van Rossen

#punk #punks #punkrock #newwave #womenofpunk #tinaweymouth #talkingheads #history #punkrockhistory

1 week ago

We saw the Covids — and Achterlicht! — live in Paradiso tonight. Great show.



#punk #rock #paradiso

Punkrock History
2 weeks ago

45 years ago today
Another Music in a Different Kitchen is the first studio album by the English punk rock band Buzzcocks, released on this day in 1978 includes the single "I Don't Mind".

#punk #punks #punkrock #oldschoolpunk #buzzcocks #history #punkrockhistory #otd

Punkrock History
2 weeks ago

44 years ago today
Joey Ramone of the Ramones performing at the Palladium in NYC, March 9-1979

Photo by Ebet Roberts

#punk #punks #punkrock #joeyramone #ramones #history #punkrockhistory #otd

Punkrock History
2 weeks ago

Women have changed the (punk rock) world to this day, no World Women's Day needs to remind us of that.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay2023

#punk #punks #punkrock #womenofpunk #womenofrock #history #punkrockhistory

Køpper :vepi:
2 weeks ago

The Reactions (St. Louis, MO) - Self-titled CD, Ambivalent Records, 2002
#garagerock #powerpop #indierock #punk #stl

Gel just dropped a new video for the forthcoming full-length. The song is fire and the video is a minimalistic treat. I love the feel of it.

#Music #Punk #Hardcore #Gel #Band

Punkrock History
2 weeks ago

The sensational Hüsker Dü perform live, unfortunately the year and location are unknown.

Photo by Steve Hengstler

#punk #punks #punkrock #huskerdu #hüskerdü #history #punkrockhistory

Fresh, frozen. Grungy, smooth.
Great new track.

Bully - Lose You (ft. Soccer Mommy)

#Bully #music #Indie #Punk #Rock #Grunge #BearTracks #USA #20s #FridayNightJukebox

It's Bandcamp Friday, which means that today bands get 100% of the money from their album sales. Here are four artists I really love. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, and these four are all punk and metal. I do like to support underground artists when I can, most of these albums are super affordable, too.

Gee Tee is an underground sensation from Australia. Lo-fi, maxed out catchy little punk snippets. Some serious earworms here.

The Scaners are from France. They make fast, catchy gonzo synth punk songs about aliens. It's great.

Bog Wizard are a Michigan band that does a lot of different things, heavy, sludgy, swampy metal stuff- this album is all instrumental. A really atmospheric vibe. I can't get enough of it.

Cerebral Rot is a pretty intense death metal band from Seattle. Not for the faint hearted, but if you like metal, you'll probably dig this. They're solid.

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Gee Tee - the cover to the self-titled debut of the Australian lo-fi garage/punk band.
Cover art of the first album by French punk band The Scaners.
Cover art for the instrumental 7 Aboard the Schackel Soundtrack by Michigan swamp/sludge/metal band Bog Wizard.
Cover art to 'Cessation of Life' by brutal Seattle death metal band Cerebral Rot.
Brindy :verifiedbynurgle:
2 weeks ago

SHOCKER: "Boris Johnson may have misled parliament about Party Gate".

Notice how they avoid just say lied. He lied, he's a liar.

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Punkrock History
3 weeks ago

Death - Before there was punk, there was Death

Started as a funk band, and after their genre change, together with Pure Hell, the first black proto punk / punk rock band in history

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3 weeks ago

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Punkrock History
4 weeks ago

43 years ago today
'Too Much Pressure' ist the first album by British ska band The Selecter, released on this day in 1980 includes the singles "Three Minute Hero" and "Missing Words".

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Green Hombre
4 weeks ago

The #MosswoodMeltdown music festival 2023 lineup was just announced. This is always a fun, small event. People come from far away and stay the weekend. #Oakland #music #punk