Santi Soler
6 months ago

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to give a lightning talk at #pycascades2023 about Pooch 🐶

You can watch it in Fatiando's YT channel:

If you want to know more about Pooch, visit its docs !

Ben Berry
6 months ago

not-so-secret bonus to sprints day: free bonus swag (we always order a little extra so we're prepared to fix mistakes) #pycascades #PyCascades2023

A table with various PyCascades swag - several black t-shirts with magenta pycascades logos; round, square, and odd-shaped stickers;  and tote bags with logos for Pycascades, Microsoft, Real Python, Automattic, APIMetrics, Na the Python Software Foundation
Sam Edwardes
6 months ago

I gave my first-ever tech talk today. It was a 5-minute lighting talk at #PyCascades2023. “How to do everything with Pydantic.” Thank you for the opportunity, @pycascades!

Here is a link to the GitHub repo:

Lightning talk at PyCascades 2023.
Dr. Sarah Kaiser
6 months ago

@pycascades Stickers, magnets and mugs oh my! #pycascades2023 swag is 🔥🔥🔥

Conference swag bag contents on a white table: metal much with a carabineer handle, stickers, a magnet and keychain in laser cut wood
7 months ago

Can you believe it, #PyCascades 2023 is only *3 short weeks away*!! Come join us in Vancouver this year for another excellent weekend of talks, sprints, and Pythonista fun. Tickets are limited! 🐍🏔️
#Python #PyCascades2023