Hynek Schlawack
2 months ago

hey look, I’m giving my legendary subclassing talk at @PyConUK with another 45mins for discussion at the end:

If the subclassing/composition open space at #PyConUS is any indication, it will be both thought-provoking and fun!

It’s September 22nd–25th in Cardiff and tickets are still available:

Mario Munoz
2 months ago

Woah, that's good timing!

Just found out that my PR to Awesome AZD Templates just got merged!

What that means is: You can now start a project using the Azure Developer CLI (azd) and use my "Music Binder" template.

Music Binder is a Python web app, built using htmx and TailwindCSS (see my #nbpy talk for an intro, or my #PyConUS tutorial for in-depth approach).

You can then deploy it to Azure using "azd up"

(Here's the PR:

#python #htmx #azd

3 months ago

RT @: Don't forget to catch all #PyConUS 2023 recordings via the PyCon US YouTube Channel!! Get more details and a full recap of PyCon US 2023 here:

Thank you to all who helped make PyCon US 2023 a success We can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh in 2024!

PyCon US
3 months ago

Don't forget to catch all #PyConUS 2023 recordings via the PyCon US YouTube Channel!! Get more details and a full recap of PyCon US 2023 here:

Thank you to all who helped make PyCon US 2023 a success💛 We can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh in 2024!🐍

JR Rickerson
3 months ago

Exciting to see that @PyConUS has posted the videos from #PyCon2023, which includes my very first lightning talk at #PyConUS! Nothing fancy but I hope it's a good start to pushing myself toward my goal to give more talks and presentations at conferences. You have to start somewhere!
Here's my talk, which starts around 34:47, but I recommend browsing the other talks as well - there were some fantastic speakers there this year.
#python #pycon #lightningtalk

4 months ago

Really enjoy to watch all sorts of videos from #PyConUS 2023. Simon Willison made a really interesting talk and a great motivation to to more SQL in general (without an ORM). -> check out datasette!

and personal stories about #pydantic and #fastapi with @mkennedy


Cheuk Ting Ho
4 months ago

Update from me
1) I wrote a blog post about how to besome a speaker: (ES version coming soon)
2) Recording of my talk and tutorial at #PyConUS is out:
3) I am avaliable for the next role - do you want a Python developer that is also an advocate? I can do 50/50 developement and community work - let's talk

Bastian Venthur
4 months ago

The recordings of #PyConUS 2023 are trickling in ( -- very nice! thank you @pycon and all the contributors.

And once you're done watching all the talks, it would mean a lot to me if you'd watch the conference closing video too (

As a parting gift to this special 20 years of PyCon, I (with help from @georgically) prepared something that's never been done before at PyCon: an ending credits to thank everyone involved. You all should feel like superstars! 🤩

Thank you @pycon, @ThePSF, and everyone for giving me this privilege to serve you as the #PyConUS 2023 conference chair. 🥰

I know y'all are now binging on those #PyConUS 2023 keynotes and talk videos which are now released on YouTube, but your experience won't be the same unless you also watch the welcome message from your conference chair 😊 (

We shared our 20 years of @pycon flashback 🤩.
I get to introduce my #IceCreamSelfie tradition. 🍦🤳
I shared how PyCon has changed my life, and thus I wish for you to experience the magic of PyCon too ✨

#Python #PyConUS #PyCon #conference

Neil Stoker
4 months ago

Great talk on packaging binary wheels from Laszlo Kiss Kollar at PyCon US, opening with the immortal line "Well we're not going to have fun here"! 😆
#PyConUS #Python #videos

Paul Everitt
4 months ago

The "Build Yourself a PyScript" #PyConUS talk that Nicholas and I gave is now up. Including the funniest moment I've had in speech giving.

Mario Munoz
4 months ago

@lig Actually, speaking of package management, my PyCon US talk has been posted...

It was about dependencies... and I even did a little (tiny) demo of pdm!

#PyConUS #pdm #Python

Brett Cannon
4 months ago

With the #PyConUS talks now up, I can publish my new blog post on my proposal for a struct-like syntax for #Python:

Thanks to @glyph , @hynek , and Bruce Eckel who accidentally had a hand in making this blog post happen without realizing it. 😁

Hynek Schlawack
4 months ago

Speaking of subclassing, the recording of my #PyConUS talk “Subclassing, Composition, Python, and You” just dropped: #Python

PyCon US
4 months ago

The day you've been waiting for is finally here!! The #PyConUS 2023 recordings are now available on the PyCon US YouTube channel 📺👀

Head to to watch the recordings today and be sure to subscribe to our channel for notifications of any new content 🐍

Mario Munoz
4 months ago

Oh cool! Just happened to be on youtube and looks like PyCon US videos are going up!

Get 'em hot off the ... press?


PyLadies Bot
4 months ago

@krayola yes I was quite inspired after meeting you and @kattni at #PyConUS

North Bay Python
4 months ago

It's the last day we're accepting talk proposals! We don't need to extend our deadline, so we won't.

What does that mean? If you want a chance to be on stage at North Bay Python, you need to get a talk in TODAY.

#nbpy #python #cfp #conference #sfba #sonomacounty #PyCon #PyConUS

North Bay Python
4 months ago

It's the last week to get a talk proposal into North Bay Python 2023!

If you want to share your ideas with the world (or at least, whoever joins us in Petaluma in July), let us know on or before Friday.

All the details at

#Python #nbpy #PyConUS

Mario Munoz
5 months ago

In case you caught Trey's interview from PyCon US, you can also check out my interview with Jay Miller as well. @treyhunner @kjaymiller

Last year, I went to PyCon a bit timidly, not knowing much of anything about the Python community.

This year, I was involved in quite a few things:
- helping with the online platform
- PSF booth planning/setup
- 3.5 hr tutorial
- 30 min talk
- Lightning talk
- hosted an open space

Check it out!

Trey Hunner 🐍
5 months ago

I always love chatting with Jay Miller. 💖

@kjaymiller interviewed me at #PyConUS during the first day of sprints.

We chatted about:

• interacting with folks without discussing #Python
• playing (my version of) #Cabo
• how great chatting with other teachers & learners is
• getting feedback and validation
• contributing during sprints

Jay also interviewed @AlSweigart @pythonbynight, @ericholscher, @sethmlarson, Aseda Addai-Deseh, and @freakboy3742. Check the playlist!

Sumana Harihareswara
5 months ago

At #PyConUS2023, @davidism facilitated an open space discussion of "maintainer #burnout, how to survive it, and maybe how to prevent it." Our notes, my analysis, and useful links in a new blog post:

#PyCon #PyConUS #PyCon2023 #FLOSS #opensource #freesoftware #sustainability #maintainer #maintainers #leadership #volunteering

Purple card pinned to a board.

Maintainer burnout
Strategies for surviving and preventing
David Lord @davidism

#PyConUS 2024-2025 will be in Pittsburgh!

P.S: Who wants to help me organize the #PierogiCon there?

4) Final #PyConUS 2023 slides
Fun fact: There's photo of Darren Hayes (and myself) and nobody booted me off stage 😝

PyCon facts:
- 77% first time attendees!!
- $1M in sponsorships 🤑
- Zen side of the moon went for $3K
- Regional PyCons

3) #PyConUS 2023: Sunday morning

(Almost done with the conference), extending the posters session to 3 PM, and congrats @treyhunner and @melaniearbor for the #IceCreamSelfie 🍦🤳

2) #PyConUS 2023: Saturday happenings
Highlighting PyLadies Auction item: the Zen Side of the Moon, PyCon Active, and congratulations in order to @amethyst for proposing a PEP during #PyConUS 🤩 +5 challenge points!

Huh turns out "collections" in Speakerdeck is private to me 🫤 so the above link doesn't work.

Well if people still want to see my #PyConUS slides, here they are:

1) Welcome to #PyConUS 2023
Introducing #IceCreamSelfie
and.. If you read closely, you'll earn 1 challenge point for spotting uppercased f-string

I didn't actually give a "talk" during #PyConUS 2023, but I did get onstage multiple times and faced like 2,000 people live 😱 (and maybe 700 online viewers) and told them about things. I don't know what that's called 🙃
Anyway, the slides are here:

@nedbat #PyConUS

Why not use that contrast as inspiration: there's plenty of regional PyCons you can plan to attend. If you've left PyCon thinking there's something you could have shared with the conference, it's a great opportunity to speak without having to wait a whole year longer.

North Bay Python*, for instance, has a CFP open right now!

(*shameless plug, I know)

Ned Batchelder
5 months ago

If you didn't see my #PyConUs keynote, I have a text-and-slides version up:

No video yet, but I understand that will happen soon.

5 months ago

I hadn’t signed on here in a while and tho I’m very behind it’s still nice to see all the #PyConUS happiness posts :)

JR Rickerson
5 months ago

@benb @PyConUS I don't suppose you got any of the photos of the Sunday morning (4/30) lightning talks? Happened to be my first #PyConUS one. Thanks for the generosity with the licensing too!
EDIT: 4/23, not 4/30. That's what I get for trying to read a calendar this early.

Paolo Melchiorre
5 months ago

I wrote an article on how to quickly (13x speedup) convert an #H265 video to #VP8 using #FFmpeg and #Vaapi to upload it to #Mastodon respecting its restrictions 🎬

Thanks to Michael Kennedy @mkennedy , Samuel Colvin @samuelcolvin and Sebastián Ramírez Montaño @tiangolo for the interview they did at #PyConUS 2023 🇺🇸

Ned Batchelder
5 months ago

The thing they don't tell you in the #PyConUs brochures and marketing materials: when you get back, you will at some point find yourself back in the Real World, feeling like PyCon Was Fun and This Is Not So Much. It's not PyCon's fault, but the contrast is stark.

Marc Gibbons
5 months ago

Human connection, empathy, and awe: some takeaways from #PyConUs #PyConUs2023 #PyCon

Chris is.
5 months ago

Post #PyConUS I find myself home, happy, and healthy. Many thanks to the organizers for holding the line on #masking and #vaccination requirements and for prioritizing the health of the amazing #Python community.

I loved seeing all of you, meeting some new people, reconnecting with good friends, and generally reminding myself that while I may write Ruby professionally now, my heart is always going to be whitespace-delimited.

Sumana Harihareswara
5 months ago

And, as of today, a negative PCR test, nearly a week after I left Salt Lake City. Looks like #PyConUS's #COVID mitigations, and my precautions, worked for me!

More on what I did: & . I did find that the CO2 levels in some indoor spaces were ~500-600ppm, near outdoors levels, and thus was ok with lowering my mask to sip something indoors, which I did ~15-20 times.

Clear mask I wore on stage:

#PyCon #PyConUS2023 #PyCon2023

5 months ago

Post-conference notes from my experience at PyCon 2023. I think I am squeaking under the wire for these to still be relevant…

@PyConUS #PyConUS

Hynek Schlawack
5 months ago

On one hand, Twitter’s downfall was unequivocally demonstrated at #PyConUS where I’ve exchanged numbers with more people than at a speed dating party (conferences used to RUN on Twitter).

OTOH I’m seeing an immense outflux from Mastodon towards BlueSky because people don’t want to deal with middle-aged pedants (yes, I’m probably both) & the results of their loud influence anymore.

It’s hard to predict the future, but this feels like a fumble of an one-in-a-lifetime chance for the Fediverse. 😐

Now that I'm back home from #PyConUS, we can resume family mahjong night. 🀄 #mahjong #FamilyLife

Scene with a square table for playing mahjong. Four people are seated around the table with mahjong tiles in front of them, playing mahjong together.
Mike Johnson
5 months ago

Thanks to #pyconus masking, I didn't even get the usual conference crud. It's beyond surprising that the CDC didn't mask

Florimond Manca (en)
5 months ago

Lots of nice and interesting discussions happening on the « PyHAT » stack repos after #PyConUS. 1 / 2

Hynek Schlawack
5 months ago

Goodbye #PyConUS, hello road trip.

A highway with snowy mountains in the background.
Sumana Harihareswara
5 months ago

I have gotten a negative on an antigen test and a Lucira rapid molecular test since leaving #PyConUS2023 a few days ago, in addition to my negative tests while in Salt Lake City, so things are looking good so far re: #COVID. Hope others have also remained uninfected!

#PyConUS #PyCon2023

Lucira test in foreground: Electronic device showing "Done" light and "COVID-19: Negative" light. Test tube with purple fluid is in the top of the device. Background: instructional brochure with words "Lucira" and "Important" visible.
5 months ago

Version 7.2.4, with four fixes from the #PyConUS sprints!
Thanks to @marcgibbons @kevinbrownsilva @grohe43 and Ricardo Newbery.

Text Adventure
5 months ago

@serialtwo_six They reply: "I find that paizo has pdfs: tho i kinda feel american holiday. the anniversary of the club juggling that happened at #pyconus? i saw some on phones, but i regularly get emails from desperate people asking my opinion about that."

Thomas Wouters
5 months ago

Final post-#PyConUS, pre-travel COVID test. Still negative! Thank you to everyone for vaccinating and following the mask guidelines we had in place, it made me a _lot_ less anxious!

(Obviously will test after travel as well, but at that point it'll be more likely picked up at the airport...)

I finally had time to sit down and look at after @meg's #PyConUs talk - what an amazing resource! Papers, spaces and news about a whole range of ethical AI topics all in one spot!

Ned Batchelder
5 months ago

Rambling disjointed thoughts about #PyConUs on the flight home:

Naomi Ceder
5 months ago

This past weekend at PyCon US I received this - sort of the Python community lifetime achievement award.

The projects that lead to this award were never solo efforts, they were all team efforts, so for me the significance of this award is as a reminder of the things we built together more than as a personal thing.

(Some have already made fun of me for saying that ("oh, how Hollywood of you"), but it's the truth and I refuse to let those clowns bring me down. 😝)

#pyconus #python #pyconus2023

clear Lucite plaque of my Python Software Foundation Distinguished Service Award, with text that says"In recognition of your sustained and revolutionary service; growing the Python community, transforming PyCon US, and strengthening the Python Software Foundation"

Is there any readymade tool available to tell me the #build #dependencies of a given #Python package/project?

#PyConUS #pyconus2023

Trey Hunner 🐍
5 months ago

Upon learning that @pradyunsg works on pip, @shauna asked "has anyone ever said pip pip hooray to you?"

They had not.

pip pip hooray! 🐍📦🎉

#PyConUS @PyConUS

Sumana Harihareswara
5 months ago

I have left #PyConUS2023 but I bet #PyConUS people would enjoy FOSSY in Portland, Oregon in July! Call for talks open till May 14th.

"Our track organizers put together an incredible list of tracks including FOSS For Education, #OpenSource AI + Data, Science of Community, #FOSS in Daily Life and much much more."

Joe Kaufeld
5 months ago

Okay so I didn't actually get around to giving my lightning talk at #pyconus, so instead, I wrote up the long-form version on my site as a blog post! Enjoy this dive into zipapps, why they're cool, and why you should totally take a look at this tool called `shiv` from LinkedIn! #python #pycon #deployment

erin mikail staples
5 months ago

@andypiper ahhh thanks!!

Also this was my first #PyConUS - I’ve been to some local meetups but nothing further.

Definitely got the itch to do more and learn more!