Sex Ed for Bi Guys :heart_bi:
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#Sex can be intimidating when it's with someone that has a different sexual equipment than yours, especially when you've never done that. Or maybe you're a guy with a clit / t-dick and a bonus hole, and you want to learn more about your sexual body. Here's part 1 of my Sex with #Women and #AFAB People miniseries!

#bisexual #men #trans #nonbinary #queer

A bowl of red cherries.
James Finn
3 hours ago

Is it true that #transgender and #gay kids are indoctrinated? We #LGBTQ people know that isn't true. Join us this week for an issue of @prismnpen that focuses on indoctrination, #humanrights #philosophy, and genuine #queer lives.

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Mon ami Corentin cherche une #coloc ou un appart solo à #Strasbourg très rapidement suite à des problèmes avec son proprio actuel. Ca serait pour emmenager mi octobre-mi novembre. C'est un super mec #queer, drôle, fiable et qui cuisine super bien. Il est vacataire en médiathèque et s'investit beaucoup dans son travail.

Il met aussi en vente des meubles ici :

- discord : sloth_h
- tel : 0646106558

Repoueter aide aussi
#aide #urgent #lgbt #eurometropole #logement

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#AliceWeidel hat erklärt, sie sei nicht #queer, obwohl die #AfD-Chefin lesbisch lebt. Bullshit? Selbstbestimmung? @‌ meint: Es ist die beste Gelegenheit, uns im Angesicht des Feindes selbst zu erkennen. 👉

Ist Alice Weidel wirklich nicht queer?
5 hours ago

Today in Labor History September 24, 2018: Syrian Civil War: The International Revolutionary People's Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF), in Syria, officially broke up. The IRPGF was an international collective of anarchist fighters that formed to defend the social revolution in Rojava in northern Syria, and to spread anarchism. The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army (TQILA), was a queer anarchist subunit of the IRPGF who fought alongside the Kurdish People's Defense Units (YPG).

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #syria #anarchism #rojava #IRPGF #Revolution #CivilWar #queer #lgbtq

TQILA fighters in Raqqa with a banner that reads: These faggots kill fascists (with circle A’s), as well as a rainbow flag, and an anarchist banner with a machine gun and a circle A. By IRPGF, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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6 hours ago

Julius Boris, an asylum seeker, discovered the LGBT Asylum Task Force in Worcester after experiencing difficulties after being arrested and sexually attacked in another country.

The Task Force provided housing and food; they also offer emotional support and a road to financial freedom.

Read more:

#interpride #pride #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqiaplus #queer #humanrights #LGBTAsylumTaskForce #ChosenFamily

Feygele Ⓐ Ⓥ🏳️‍⚧️
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Looking for a good #tattoo artist in the south sound to turn my dog’s paw print into a permanent memorial. Ideally #queer and closer to #Tacoma.

A stack of 3 papers each with an inked dog’s paw print.
neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
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im still offering colorful pinup sketch commissions! 4 slots open, id love to draw some goth chars... or goth ur oc up!!!

35€, paypal upfront, dm me to claim <3

#commission #commsopen #furry #furryart #queer #nsfw #pinup #digitalart #mastoartist

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"Sword Dance" is a trilogy of very #queer books set in a fictional Greco-Roman fantasy world with a bit of mystery by A.J. Demas.

It all starts with Damiskos, a rather grizzled retired soldier visiting a seaside resort where he meets a eunuch named Varazda, who is more than he seems. The two form an unlikely relationship that takes them on quite an interesting series of adventures.

Cover illustrations done in ink on parchment of two men wielding swords. One is a slightly grizzled man in a greek tunic while the other is a long-haired femme.
7 hours ago

Being #queer means I’m always finding the gayest brunch spots in and out of town. 🥙

8 hours ago

I love #queer love. 🥺💛

8 hours ago

Turning Red is about white colonialist erasure of queer identities.

The big red panda monster represents queerness. "In modern times, this is… inconvenient" (cough), so they lock it away deep in cultural ritual. They still retain access to it, but keep it hidden beneath the surface.

The ritual involves crossing a threshold from lush, vibrant nature to a dark, closed-looking space. Meilin refuses to go back in the closet.

Her mom chalks this up to society's bad influence. Miriam and Jin prefer seeing all of Meilin, seeing how happy she is when she embraces this part of herself.

And at the end, when she asks Sun Yee if she'll regret her choice… the answer is joyful and sublime.

#Film #Movies #Disney #Pixar #TurningRed #Queer

9 hours ago

Julius Boris, an asylum seeker, discovered the LGBT Asylum Task Force in Worcester after experiencing difficulties after being arrested and sexually attacked in another country.

The Task Force provided housing and food; they also offer emotional support and a road to financial freedom.

Read more:

#interpride #pride #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqiaplus #queer #humanrights #LGBTAsylumTaskForce #ChosenFamily

Snowflake 🥶
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So müssten alle Politiker*innen, unabhängig ihrer eigenen sexuellen- und Geschlechtsidentität, denken und handeln.

#queer #lgbtq #lgbtqia #pride #politik

#Sleep #naked and thank me in the morning. Idk how yall sleep in clothes 🤷🏾‍♀️😵‍💫 #mastodon I wanna know do you sleep naked or in PJ’s? #Gay #Queer #Poll #imNosy

#Sleep #naked and thank me in the morning. Idk how yall sleep in clothes 🤷🏾‍♀️😵‍💫 #mastodon I wanna know do you sleep naked or in PJ’s? #Gay #Queer #Poll #imNosy

"Why do you latch onto any sort of #queer representation that's at all positive, regardless of its actual quality?"

"Have you seen what we were fucking raised on? Seasons of Waylon Smithers gay jokes and Parker and Stone being the shit-knuckled bullies we all remember, except hey, they have a TV show! Friends and Frazier and a hundred cartoons and sitcoms and movies where the punchline is 'hey, they're not cishet!' and we were lucky if that wasn't followed by an actual punch."

"But things are better now!"

"Tell me that when the Wachowski Sisters aren't misgendered and deadnamed in the credits of every streamed copy of the Matrix."

19 hours ago

Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna announced the establishment of a fund to defend the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community at the annual General Assembly on the 15th anniversary of an LGBTQIA+ group at the United Nations.

The two million euros fund will be used “for our embassies to support those who are defending LGBTQIA+ rights daily around the world, sometimes at risk to their lives".

Read more:

#interpride #pride#lgbtqia #lgbtqiaplus #queer #humanrights #France #UN

20 hours ago

Hey, if you have the chance to share or donate, you would really be appreciated by a poor queer family escaping oppression and discrimination.

#queer #fundraising #needhelp #trans

you can also just straight up donate money to Ken Cougar/Ken Sample here for his amazing catalog of work:

if you want to, you know, thank him for inventing the #fursona. no big deal or anything. he's a #black #queer man who deserves your money. he makes a lot of fantastic artwork for free.

he's also opening for commissions:

Tucker Teague
21 hours ago

Judith Butler: "Who Is Afraid of Gender?"

I found this lecture excellent. It's long, it's academic, but it's also rich and thought provoking. I believe it's worth the listen — introduction, lecture, and Q&A, the whole thing.

#gender #JudithButler #lgbtqia #queer #fascism #freedom #socialism

If you’re #Bi, I see you boo! I luv ya too! #BiVisibilityDay #Bisexual #Queer :flag_bisexual:

Can I just say I love how shiny my silver bag was today! #mastodon #MichaelKors #Handbag #purse #queer #Gay

Princess Viola
21 hours ago

Any other trans folk on here so goddamn sick and tired of seeing cis people, especially so-called 'allies', throwing us under the bus because they really don't give two shits about us? And then they get mad at /us/ for being sick and tired of this shit?

#transgender #LGBT #LGBTQ #queer

#LGBTQ / #Queer #News, #Brooklyn, #NYC:
Today's Cortelyou Library Drag Queen Story Hour was relocated due to a bomb threat

I learned of this via a Google Alert. That pointed me to an article in the NY Post (which I won't link to). I can find no other info about it.

I've reached out to Drag Story Hour NYC to see if they have a statement, news, or press release.

If anyone has other info about this event, please LMK.

#FightFascism #ProtectOurLibraries

Lir (she/they)
23 hours ago

I wish all bisexuals a purrfect bi visibility day! ❤️💙💜 #MastoArt #FediArt #BiVisibilityDay #Bi #Queer #Pride

A black cat sleeping on clouds in front of a pink, purple and blue sky with stars and the word "bi".

Jeremy after 2 wks of antibiotics 💁🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️✨
#Alttxt #Alttext #mastodon #queer #Black #mexican #Gay #Hashtag Whore💁🏾‍♀️💜
#instagram: BrassNuckolls_ Just in case you accidentally find yourself there and craving something cute 💁🏾‍♀️💜😝

Me showing my bag and shirt at the entrance of a parking garage
Prisma System
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hier sind einige Programmtipps für die nächsten Tage (4/4):
und am 27. September 2023 gibt es auf ARTE den Dokumentarfilm 'Trans - I got life' um 21.55 Uhr.
#Trans #Transition #Queer #LGTBQ #Dokumentation

Guten Empfang wünscht

Blake Hamilton
1 day ago

Happy #BiPrideDay* to all my fellow bi-tastic people❣️💗💜💙🌈

*a.k.a. Visibility Day, Celebrate Bisexuality Day (CBD), Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day, Bisexuality+ Day

#bisexuality #bipride #bisexualpride #bivisibilityweek #bisexualawarenessweek #bisexualmenexist #celebratebiwomen #celebratebinonbinary #biweek #bimen #biwomen #bihistory #biawarenessweek #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqpride #queer #queerpride #biaf #queeraf

Blake Hamilton
1 day ago

Happy #BiPrideDay* to all my fellow bi-tastic people❣️💗💜💙🌈

*a.k.a. Visibility Day, Celebrate Bisexuality Day (CBD), Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day, Bisexuality+ Day

#bisexuality #bipride #bisexualpride #bivisibilityweek #bisexualawarenessweek #bisexualmenexist #celebratebiwomen #celebratebinonbinary #biweek #bimen #biwomen #bihistory #biawarenessweek #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqpride #queer #queerpride #biaf #queeraf

Blake Hamilton
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Happy #BiPrideDay* to all my fellow bi-tastic people❣️💗💜💙🌈

*a.k.a. Visibility Day, Celebrate Bisexuality Day (CBD), Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day, Bisexuality+ Day

#bisexuality #bipride #bisexualpride #bivisibilityweek #bisexualawarenessweek #bisexualmenexist #celebratebiwomen #celebratebinonbinary #biweek #bimen #biwomen #bihistory #biawarenessweek #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqpride #queer #queerpride #biaf #queeraf

Blake Hamilton
1 day ago

Happy #BiPrideDay* to all my fellow bi-tastic people❣️💗💜💙🌈

*a.k.a. Visibility Day, Celebrate Bisexuality Day (CBD), Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day, Bisexuality+ Day

#bisexuality #bipride #bisexualpride #bivisibilityweek #bisexualawarenessweek #bisexualmenexist #celebratebiwomen #celebratebinonbinary #biweek #bimen #biwomen #bihistory #biawarenessweek #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqpride #queer #queerpride #biaf #queeraf

"taco, how can i go about this?"

ask about how #AffirmativeAction is being accomplished by the teams that are running your conventions!

and don't settle for "we're a diverse team of queer people", most of the #furry #fandom is #queer. we need more #bipoc voices explicitly, or we're going to fall prey to the clutches of #whiteness and #christofacist sanitation. ask why there isn't more information talking about race in the fandom and talk about why it's important!

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 day ago

My wife & I are intending to continue streaming our multiplayer Subnautica playthrough (using the Nitrox mod) tonight from 19:30 (BST; UTC+1) on Twitch 🎮

We'll probably be gaming for a good few hours & you're welcome to come watch us :TransHeart:

#streaming #Twitch #queer #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #neurodivergent #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #PCGaming #Subnautica

i fear we, as "intersectional "allies"" are falling into this same exact trap of #whiteness with #fursonas in the #furry #fandom. more and more #white people who are affluent purchase fursuits, and we forget that the creation of this key piece of fandom history, the #fursona, is a product of #black #queer history.

we need to make sure this is corrected at an #institutional level. and by the #institutions, i mean the #conventions that we host and the 501c3s that we run to host them.

...which are mostly run by #white people.

if we, as an "#inclusive community", wish to make our conventions less... pale, we really need to start talking about the #black and #queer history of the #furry #fandom loudly. i am really proud of the documentation done on the fandom, but most of the participants i see in video documentaries, interviews, and other media are desparately #white.

#fursonas were literally invented by a black queer man, Ken Cougr. i fear we are forgetting the racial side of the roots of our creativity just like we have with other mediums, see: #rap and #hiphop.

we can do better.

lee :Fire_Trans:
1 day ago
Lee looks up and away from the camera. ze's standing in front of a nonbinary flag and wearing a collar and a white crop top with pink sleeves that reads "boypussy" in the Barbie font. also behind hir is a decorative paper rack and some pride/anti-racist/autistic posters.
Lee now looks towards the camera and reaches up to scratch at hir neck.

To all the lovely bi, pan, and polysexuals out there,

Happy Day Of Visibility!

We are NOT questioning, we are NOT confused. We are REAL and we are VALID - no matter how we look, how we dress, or who our partners are, have, or have not been!


:heart_bi: :QueerCat_Bisexual:

Love forever,
Ren 🏳️‍🌈
One of them-there they/them bi-pans.

#bisexual #pansexual #queer #lgbtq #nonbinary #gay

Bisexual Day Of Visibility Graphic
Early Twix
1 day ago

Hier für zeig ich Gesicht.

Noch 7 Tage Crowdfunding für die Realisation dieses Buches. Damit könnt ihr eine Vorbestellung machen und dem Verlag helfen das Buch zu realisieren. Literatur wichtig für uns und unsere Kinder. Nachhaltig produziert

#joannestle #queer #elderqueer #lesiban #HerstoryArchieves

Eine Frau hält eine gephotoshopt überdimensionales Buch in die Kamera. Das Buch ist von Joan Nestle und heißt Begehren und Wiederstand. Auf dem Cover ist eine Frau mit dunklen lockigen Haaren in einem schwarzen Negligé 

Darunter steht:  Noch 7 Tage. Sei Dabei.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 day ago

Major swelling today 😅

Doesn't hurt, but my top lip is pulled a bit tight, slightly affecting my speech & ability to drink from a cup.

Totally worth it though.

#electrolysis #HairRemoval #EvieElectrolysisExtracts #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+

CW: direct eye contact: red swelling

A selfie of my face with my head tilted slightly to my right, showing off my left check. There's visible upper lip swelling & redness on my chin.
A selfie of my face roughly head on. There's visible upper lip swelling & redness on my chin.
A selfie of my face with my head tilted slightly to my left, showing off my right check. There's visible upper lip swelling & redness on my chin, plus on my right cheek where hairs were zapped there.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 days ago

Yeah... face is definitely swelling up after this session 😅

#electrolysis #HairRemoval #EvieElectrolysisExtracts #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+

CW: direct eye contact

A selfie of me sat on the sofa. My hair is in a loose ponytail, swept forward. I'm wearing my cat eye glasses. My top lip & chin are red & noticeably swelling.

#instagram says they have reason to believe I am under the age of 13 and my account is likely going to be deleted I am 36. These days I think I look older than that😅 ain’t no way anyone thinks I’m under 13. ithink this is just a way to suppress Black and Queer voices who are constantly speaking up against #whiteSupremacy
I’ve been called all sorts of #racist, #homophobic, and #transphobic and nothing ever seems to come of it. If I report them they’ll just decide it doesn’t go against community guidelines. If I clap back, I’ll get reported and thrown into ig jail. Something I’ve experienced many times. The only reason I’m sad is bc I have so many memories and experiences and instagram is the only place I can see them. Images of dead loved ones, or places I can no longer visit. I say all of this to say I think this may be the only space I turn to as a form of social media. I’m tired of fighting to exist in a space that was never actually welcoming to me anyway. #Queer #Gay #Black #GayMastodon #BlackMastodon

Et voilà a peu près comment ça fonctionne sur libre office : en saisissant la combinaison de caractères qui va bien, une ligature inclusive se forme.

Pour le choix des caractères inclusifs et des combinaisons de touches, je me suis basé sur les recommandations de læ QUNI (Queer Unicode Initiative)

Je ferai quelques tests et vérifications et sortirait la fonte prochainement en licence libre.

#typographie #queer

Le texte du pouet précédent en train d'être tapé sur libre office. On peut remarquer que lorsque je tape des combinaisons avec un point médian, les caractères sont remplacées par des ligatures ou caractères fondus pour l'inclusion.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 days ago

Any trans women / fems in London this Sunday 14:00 to 16:00 (2023-09-24) looking for a little free electrolysis?

My electrologist needs another 1-2 folks for a BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) Gender Affirmation Care course.

Full details here:

#London #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #electrolysis #HairRemoval #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 days ago

Whilst my face probably looks super sore, it's actually only feeling a bit warm right now.

I feel like I did a better job at exfoliating & cleaning my face today before applying the numbing cream, as the session hurt a lot less, even on sensitive areas.

#electrolysis #HairRemoval #EvieElectrolysisExtracts #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+

CW for photos: direct eye contact

Selfie of me immediately after the session, sitting in the car. I'm wearing sunglasses & cat ear headphones.
A selfie of me back home. You can see redness & the beginning of swelling around my lips (particularly the top & bottom) & chin.
A selfie of me with my head to my left, showing my right cheek, where lots of hairs were zapped.
2 days ago


35,1 % der Transgender-Jugendlichen in den Vereinigten Staaten leben in Staaten, die ihre Existenz illegal gemacht haben. Keine andere Gruppe von Menschen in den Vereinigten Staaten hat so viele Gesetze, die ihr Existenzrecht direkt verbieten.

Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 days ago

Face exfoliated & scrubbed ✅
Strong numbing cream applied ✅
Area covered in cling film (aka plastic wrap) ✅
Strong painkillers taken ✅

Today is session 13. It's another 2-hour session, which will bring my cumulative total up to 21 hours.

Wish me a good session? :PleadingFace: :TransFemHeart:

#electrolysis #HairRemoval #EvieElectrolysisExtracts #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+

CW for photos: direct eye contact

Photo of my face, showing the facial hair that's grown over the week.
Photo of my face after I've applied a thick layer of numbing cream (lidocaine 5%, prilocaine 5%) over the areas that may be zapped today.
Photo of my face with cling film (aka plastic wrap) over my face to help the cream absorb deeper into the skin, with an area cut out for my mouth.
Early Twix
2 days ago

Last Call:
noch 8 Tage könnte ihr das Buch jetzt schon vorbestellen und 2024 bekommen.
Wer noch am überlegen war - gebt euch einen Ruck. In einer Welt in der rechtes Denken immer mehr an Gewicht gewinnt ist dieses Buch noch viel wichtiger

#queer #lesbian #joannestle

und wie immer mit Katzenphoto diesmal mit dem coolen Major Tom der jetzt hoffentlich woanders glücklicher lebt als er bei mir war #CatsOfMastodon

eine sehr regelmäßig getigerte Katze sitzt auf Fliesen. Die Vorderpfoten stehen nah beieinander und sie schaut mit strahlend gelben Augen frontal in die Camera. Die Sonne beleuchtet ihre weißen Schnurrhaare. Der Hintergrund ist unscharf
Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 days ago


If a partner wants you to choose between transitioning & staying with them, they don't truly love you.

If they did, they'd want you to be the real you & be happy, even if it potentially caused your relationship to end.

No truly loving partner would prioritise their needs over yours.

Please choose to be yourself: not what a partner wants you to be :TransHeart:

#trans #transgender #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

"We must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately." posted this on Bluesky and I asked if I could share it here.


The 'Join, or Die' American Revolutionary War propaganda art of a snake divided into segments, edited to feature 'LGBTQIAP' and their respective pride flags on each segment instead of the initials of the American Colonies.
3 days ago

Oh, and one thing: Please never say (or vocally disagree when others say) that you don't know any #queer or #trans people.

You do.

But in the current climate (or maybe just around you), these queer people don't feel comfortable being themselves, so you may not see them. Being invisible is bad enough, but don't deny our existence.

I am queer. But my colleagues, my neighbours, parts of my family, even some (distant) friends don't know that I am queer. Some may have their suspicions, others will have no idea. But I'm not openly queer around them because I don't feel sufficiently safe.

3 days ago

According to new research, #queer hate is gaining ground in #Germany:

16% said that they were 'disgusted' when people of the same gender kiss in public (up from 9% two years ago).

17% see it as 'ridiculous' when a person starts living their real gender rather than the one they were assigned (almost tripled from 6% in the previous survey). (The actual wording was: 'It's ridiculous/silly when a man wants to be a woman or vice versa.')

Germany is still one of the better countries in the world to live in as a queer person. (I'm queer, I currently live in Germany, but I'm hardly ever openly queer in public.)

But 1 in 6 people now agree with statements that show nothing but ignorance and hate towards queer and specifically trans people. And right-wing extremism is on the rise, too.

We the queers badly need you, who may not be queer or trans but who disagree with these statements, to make your voices heard. Speak out against the hate. If only queers do it, we're not loud enough.

Joscelyn Transpiring
3 days ago

Any #LGBTQ, #Trans, #Nonbinary, or #Queer people in #SanDiego, CA that would be interested in practicing or learning martial arts?

I've been thinking I would like to get back into practicing martial arts and would love to maybe host an informal group so I have people to practice and learn with! I practiced Taekwondo and Judo for over a decade, once upon a time, and used to teach back in my early 20s....but I am really out of practice and out of shape, so I need folks I can feel comfortable exercising and learning with.

I have a space in my garage and could easily get some mats and a punching bag. I would host and teach for free, and would be happy to adapt what we do to anybody's accessibility or disability needs. Not a sure thing yet, but would there be anyone interested in these parts?

(Please Boost to help me find people)

#MartialArts #Taekwondo #Judo

Tadzio Mueller
3 days ago

"Mitte" my ass...

"Die '#Mitte'-Studie bestätigt: Die Lage für #queer.e Menschen in Deutschland wird ernster. Die Zahl derjenigen, die sich von gleichgeschlechtlichen Küssen angeekelt fühlen, hat sich in 2 Jahren verdoppelt."

#PinkPanthers wann?

Your Autistic Life
3 days ago

I just ran across a "bash the vegan" joke about how vegans have a hard time keeping that fact to themselves.

Do you know why they speak about their veganism so "often?" That's because they are a minority.

For the record, I'm not vegan. I'm vegetarian, but a lot of the crap applies to vegetarians too.

So why do we keep talking about our choices?

"Let's eat out!"
"Let's order in."
"Let's share leftovers."

In any social situation where someone suggests that some food be ingested in a kind of common setting, the vegan has to say something if they don't want to be served something they won't eat. I've never run into any vegan or vegetarian who did anything more than this. There are probably some who do: they are oddballs. You don't judge an entire group by a few oddballs.

Do you know who does **not** have to do that? The majority of omnivores.

Do you know who else has to do something similar to the vegans? The queers. I'm in that group too. We queers don't go around declaring to the world our identity just for the heck of it. We declare it because otherwise people would assume.

Who else? Polyamorous folks. I'm in the group too. Otherwise, the world would assume that we're monogamous. Even people who know our polyamorous nature sometimes spew mononormative advice at us. (e.g. my very own father.)

I'll stop here with the examples.

In my view, "bash the vegan/vegetarian" for seeing that this is what they are is of a piece with "bash the queer" or "bash the polyamorous person" for expressing their identity and suggesting that maybe the majority forgot that they exist.

All rooted in prejudice.

#vegan #vegetarian #queer #lgbtq #polyamory #prejudice

In my group of friends and chosen family, we have this thing where if someone needs to hear that they did good, they just tell what they did and ask for praise.

I find that it's actually really healing to have people say they're proud of you, and having the safety to just openly ask for that is amazing.

#Friends #relationship #LongDistance #LongDistanceRelationship #NonMonogamy #ChosenFamily #Queer #anarchism

Texas Observer Lives!
4 days ago

Top story: “When I was growing up, that’s when [RuPaul’s] Drag Race started. So VH1 was on and my grandma called me into the room and told me, ‘Sit down and watch, this is what you’re going to be.’”

The #drag queens of #Austin share their origin stories and reflect on the rising political attacks and white supremacist threats to their art:

#LGBTQIA+ #news #culture #queer #Texas #DragQueens #TXlege #politics #USpol #transgender #nonbinary

Joscelyn Transpiring
4 days ago

Apparently, it's #BiVisibilityWeek and Friday is #BiVisibilityDay ? This is clearly a plot to foil our plans, as we were counting on our invisibility powers to accomplish a daring casino heist this week. Oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️

With bi visibility week and trans visibility day and all the other visibility And awareness days, I am far too perceivable as a bi lesbian nonbinary trans woman with ADHD and mental health conditions. This is really undermining my villain arc. 😤

#Bisexual #Bi #Trans #Queer

Joscelyn Transpiring
5 days ago

Non-binary people: Important question, do you prefer "good girl," "good boy," "good enby," some combo, or none of the above? I need to work on my Daddy game so I can make the lesbian-leaning enbies melt too 😈​

#NonBinary #Queer #Trans

5 days ago

Send in your #poems, #stories, amusing #anecdotes, #art, #joy, #frustrations, #challenges, #celebrations of #parenting

Let’s share what it means to #parent while #queer and to queer #parenthood!


Call for Submissions: Are you a queer parent? Queering the Idea of Parenting? Parenting a queer kid? Send text or art!
We’re looking for Text (poetry, fiction, reflection, personal narratives), visual art
What you get: Zines! Love and Admiration!
Tilly Bridges
5 days ago

Welcome to #TransTuesday! It’s time to dive into one of the most ambitious topics I’ve tackled. This year I fell completely in love with a show on Apple TV, and at least part of that is due to THE UNINTENTIONAL (?) TRANS ALLEGORY OF #SILO.

Someone recently called my trans allegory deep dives Tillyvision, and frankly I think that’s pretty dang great.



#trans #transgender #lgbt #lgbtqia #queer

A SILO promotional poster with Rebecca Furguson as Juliette Nichols walking up a large spiral staircase with the words “the truth will surface” on the steps. On AppleTV+.
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@mutualaid @gtfomystate

Any help is much appreciated. Our clock is ticking and we need any help we can get to flee Oklahoma


#MutualAidRequest #Begpost #TransCrowdFund #gofundme #trans #queer #lgbt #gtfomystate #mutualaid #emergency #help #crowdfund #Tulsa, #Oklahoma #UnitedStates

Dorothea Zwölfer
5 days ago

#Brandmauer mit #Fragezeichen:

Wie weit nach rechts lässt sich die Union im Widerstand gegen das Selbstbestimmungsgesetz treiben? Nach will sich die Partei am 27. September mit fragwürdigen Gäst*innen zu einer Podiumsveranstaltung in Berlin treffen. Stattfinden soll die aber nicht irgendwo, sondern im Berliner Konrad-Adenauer-Haus, der Bundesgeschäftsstelle der CDU.
Doch damit konfrontiert, dass sich das involvierte "Lesbische Aktionszentrum LAZ reloaded XX" in einem politischen Milieu bewegt, welches wiederum mit querfrontlerischen Umtrieben und sogar #Hitler-Verehrung auf sich aufmerksam gemacht hat, reagierten weder das Konrad-Adenauer-Haus noch der #Generalsekretär und Vize der Bundespartei, Carsten #Linnemann. Presseanfragen vom Mittwoch blieben unbeantwortet.[...]<<
Ist eigentlich der
#Verfassungsschutz schon am Thema dran?
Warum grenzt sich eine Volkspartei nicht klar von solchen Gruppen ab?
Erst in Thüringen gemeinsame Beschlüsse gegen die Minderheitsregierung und nun das - da fragt man sich langsam wirklich, ob die
#CDU noch #Volkspartei ist oder warum hier nicht klare Kante gefahren wird...
#queer #LGBT #selbstbestimmungsgesetz

lee :Fire_Trans:
6 days ago

alright, I am reopening shirt orders! new form this time as I am trying to move away from google a bit. please let me know if you run into any issues with the form or think anything could be improved!

#trans #mastoArt #fediGiftShop #transgender #queer

A hand holds up a tight tee on a hanger. It is white with light blue sleeves and in blue G.I.Joe font reads "G.I.RLDICK"
an array of girldick and boypussy shirts on various colors and styles of shirt blanks.
a light pink cropped tank on a hanger. In pink in the Barbie font, it reads "Boypussy"
a black cropped tank laid out on a desk. In light pink Barbie font, it reads "Boypussy"

For the trans chemist in your life


A t-shirt that says "No one knows I'm Tennessine" with a periodic element cell for Tennessine which has the chemical symbol "Ts"
PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
6 days ago

Any #BookRecommendations for me?

I haven't read a lot of #books in my life. It was always hard for me to get the motivation, but the last 4 years, because of my depression, it was often impossible.
But now I'm able to read again, and want to read up on some important issues.

Here are some of my favorite books I read so far:

📖 #Platonic by #MarisaGFranco.
It's a great book about the importance of #friendship and how to get and maintain one. It helped me learn a lot about myself and is a big part of how I started getting out of my depression.

📖 #Ace by #AngelaChen.
A book about #asexuality that everybody should read, not just ace people.

📖 "The time to act is now" (original title: #HandelnStattHoffen) by @carorackete
A moving book about #ClimateJustice and lots of related issues.

Right now I'm reading:

📖 "War das jetzt rassistisch? 22 Antirassismus-Tipps für den Alltag" written by the people behind the #BlackVoices referendum.
A book about #racism in Austria and Germany.

Some books I have at home, that are just waiting for me to read are:

📖 #ClimateBook by @gretathunberg
📖 #ThreeAgesOfWater by @petergleick
📖 "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate" by #NaomiKlein
📚 and many more (most on climate justice & racism, some on feminism & socialism).

I'd love to read other works like "Ace" but themed around other #queer identities.
Another issue that interest me is e.g. #ableism (especially, but not limited to psychological disability).
But feel free to also recommend great books on other issues.
I can only read German and English, so please keep that in mind.

Thanks. 🙂

1 week ago

@josh @PeterWyrm

I’m in no position to comment —considering the closest thing #Dallas has to an official #AIDS memorial is a bed of yellow daffodils dedicated to those who died of #HIV related illnesses and their healthcare workers— but (prepares to comment) …

Was there not a single HIV+ #Queer #PalmSprings #artist to whom they could have offered this job? One would think such a background would go far towards helping distill the #LGBT community’s feelings into #art.

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 week ago

In fairness, I have never claimed to be a typical trans woman 😅 :TransHeart:

#meme #memes #Coolyori #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #BG3 #BaldursGate3

A 2x2 grid meme, using the Coolyori (aka trans fem Drake, aka Sayori) meme template.

Top left - Coolyori looking away & putting up her hand as a "no" gesture to the text on the right.

Top right - text reads: "Typical trans fem voice goals".

Bottom left - Coolyori putting up her glasses & looking very confused to the text on the right, complete with 2 exclamation marks.

Bottom right - text reads: "Wanting to shift between sounding like the BG3 narrator & Astarion".
Jeff Byrnes
1 week ago

Boston’s only queer owned bookstore is being displaced… but not for long. Locally owned All She Wrote is moving to 75 Washington St in East Somerville. They are trying to raise $60k to help with the move. Learn more:

Copied from

#queer #books #shopLocal #LGBTQ #SomervilleMA

1 week ago

Thinking of moving instances cus I feel like ... unfortunately almost never produce any #search results. Any #neurodivergent, #queer, #sex-positive related/welcoming, #misskey instances that produce search results that include #mastodon posts?


question to speakers/users of portuguese of all parts of the world. repost welcome.

procuro textos com pronomes não binários, neo-pronomes e linguagem inclusiva (não limitada a género).

qualquer coisa, desde e-mails de trabalho, entradas de social midia até literatura e poesia.

(vivo fora da lusofonia, não tenho acesso a isto no dia a dia).


#portugues #portuguese #queer #enby #neopronome #neopronouns

BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
1 week ago

I just hate the constant reminders that I, a transgender nonbinary queer person, am living in a cisgender straight world.


At best, you'll be ALLOWED to be squeezed in somewhere that convenient for cis straight people.
That's what I've been doing all my life. Occupying space cis straight people ALLOW me to occupy. Where THEY decide.

I'm just so fucking tired of it.
Today I have no trans joy to share. Sigh.
#queer #trans #mentalhealth

BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
1 week ago

Reminder cisgender folks: This is just transgender and nonbinary peoples' everyday life.

Trans lives matter. Til you become an inconvenience. Its annoying to remember your pronouns. It's a bother to remember your name.
Using gender neutral language to describe you is 'Incorrect English'.

Oh, but it's ok to use 'tolerating trans people' as a political football against 'the Conservatives'. (/s)
I can tolerate trans people longer than you, which makes me more moral! 🙄
#trans #queer #mentalhealth

BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
1 week ago

Remember kids.
Transgender people are valid and acceptable.
Until they minorly inconvenience or embarrass you by existing.

Then you don't have to put up with that annoying trans bullshit. Cut that shit out. I thought that was a phase? Grow up.
Now's not the time or place for that nonsense.

This is what I've learned from many cisgender people. From strangers to family. Especially family. 👍🏿

#queer #gender #trans

1 week ago


Dank lieber Leute hab ich den Umzug ins CHAOS geschafft & stell mich kurz vor:

Ich bin Lili, trans femme um die 30, bin chronically online & nenne mich da Lilischote weil aeh klingt witziger?

Social Media nutze ich primär als Informationsquelle & um Aufklärung zu verbreiten. Vor allem Aufklärung & Repräsentation von #queer & #trans Themen, aber mittlerweile auch oft Gesellschaftspolitik.

Hier meine Links, wenn euch das interessiert:


I'm a disabled Indigenous queer person who exists on Jobseeker, which means almost 50% ($269/week) below the poverty line ($489/week).

After living in the same house for almost 10 years, I recently had to move as the new landlords decided to renovate so they could increase the rent.

Moving has cost me over $4000, and ended up putting me almost $2500 in debt.

I didn't get rent assistance for the first 6 weeks of living here because they lost my lease copy and they're refusing to backpay it. So I started the first 6 weeks here adding over $180 a fortnight to that debt as well.

I'm in a new house with a new landlord, and am barely able to make rent at the moment, let alone cover bills and food.

I hate asking, but please consider helping if you can - I'd be super grateful.

#MutualAid #Indigenous #Aboriginal #IndigenousMutualAid #queer #trans #autism #audhd #disability #JobSeeker #PleaseShare #Help #PleaseHelp #SettlerSaturday #SettlerSunday

A screenshot from Google:
Is jobseeker below the poverty line?
People in households relying on JobSeeker were $269 per week below the poverty line