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I attended the SC oral arguments in
United States v. Virginia, 518 U.S. 515 and I keep waiting for Trump's lawyers to be lead down the primrose path;


"So the women's campus would provide the same instruction, same instructors?"
" Yes."
" But in buildings on a different campus close by?"
"Yes, exactly!"
"So it will be separate......"
"Ummm well....."
"But equal?"

* The row of VERY TALL men in front of me #Facepalmed

**My row of #WashingtonAndLee grads snickered quietly

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RBG stamps are available at

Mine arrived today 😊


Full sheet of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stamps.
Frederik Elwert
2 months ago

All rise! Finished my #crochet Ruth Bader Ginsburg #RBG. #crocheting #needlework #OutstandingWomenInHistory

A crochet doll showing an elderly lady with a black robe and white collar.
A detail shot of the head of the crochet doll.

@RubyTuesdayDONO #DianneFeinstein may even run for re-election.

Message approved by #RBG.

@dustcircle Another horrible, and avoidable, repeat of #RBG, #DianneFeinstein .

Destroying your legacy because you didn't want to have an orderly transition.

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@nickw @decitect

#Senate #Feinstein #RBG

There have now been two powerful liberal women -- Feinstein & RBG - who refused to resign their office, while obviously in poor health, & who died in office, with dire consequences in RBG's case.

Fortunately, Feinstein's death will not have such consequences but why these powerful women didn't "do the right thing" & resign when they obviously could not carry out their duties of office, is puzzlingly.

Apparently, powerful women feel the need to cling to their power as much as powerful men do. Power is addictive.

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But some #JudicialEthics experts criticized Justice #RuthBaderGinsburg for affiliating herself w/an advocacy group.

13 #Republican lawmakers, including #MikePence & #MarshaBlackburn, who now sits on the #Senate #Judiciary Cmte, went further, calling on Ginsburg to #recuse herself from any future cases related to #abortion. The justice brushed off the criticism: “I think & thought & still think it’s a lovely thing,” she said of the lecture series. (#RBG died in 2020.)

Cynthia Hanrahan
3 months ago

Perfect way to start my day. #coffee #RBG

White coffee mug with a drawing of Ruth Badger Ginsburg giving the finger with the words, “I Dissent” written below the image. Mug filled with coffe.
John Autry
4 months ago

On this day 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was sworn in as the U.S. Supreme Court's 107th justice.
#JusticeGinsburg #RBG

RBG Swearing In
4 months ago

Vor dreißig Jahren wurde Ruth Bader #Ginsburg als Richterin vereidigt und vor knapp drei Jahren starb sie.

Wenn mal Gelegenheit habt, schaut euch den Film "RBG - Ein Leben für die Gerechtigkeit" an.

#RBG #SupremeCourt

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
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Ex-Goatwhore Bassist James Harvey IV Passed Away
Our deepest condolences to his friends, family, and fans. The post Ex-Goatwhore Bassist James Harvey IV Passed Away appeared first on MetalSucks.

#GoatWhore #JamesHarveyIV #MetalSucks #HeavyMetal #RBG #RestInPower #RIH #MetalFamily

“If we start the process of trying to expand the court, we’re going to politicize it maybe forever in a way that is not healthy, that you can’t get back.” --Joe #Biden.


Somebody tell the octogenarian executive here that #SCOTUS got politicized in a way we can't get back when #Democrats didn't pressure #RBG to retire and let #McConnell ratf*ck #Obama's Garland nomination.

I mean, we _could_, but Drug War Joe here is smothering that baby in the crib. /1

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A little video of the blinking chaser happening for my ART LOVE MONEY sculpture topper. The fast speeds are nice for the sense of urgency when the timer is on... I think a slower fade between the colors will be nice for non timed modes.

The bottom will also be RGB- but out of sync with the top- so there should be a bit of color mixing.

#neon #workinprocess #sculpture #nyc #brooklyn #light #animation #signage #wholesale #handmade #blinky #circuit #mess #muranoglass #glass #production #rbg #rbg

ART LOVE MONEY in Red, blue and green italian colored glass neon spinning in a skeleton frame with a messy desk
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Dear Minneapolis DFL, dancing on people's graves is not a good look.

But Republican Party of Minnesota, stop acting like your party is on some high road. I remember the disgusting behavior of ELECTED Republicans when #RBG passed. You guys are not saints.

@NPR 's #NinaTotenberg is at The Lincoln Theater tonight in D.C. to see "All Things Equal: The Life and Trials of Ruth Bader Ginsburg." I know this because I am here, too!

#NPR #Theater #RBG

Photo from across the seating area of the theater of NPR reporter Nina Totenberg. Totenberg is wearing a pink floral top under a dust pink blazer. Shr has on her signsture pearls. She is talking to someone, but is looking my way.
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People said it was sexist to ask #RBG to resign, she didn't resign and now #RoeVWade is gone.

Courtney Cantrell
7 months ago

OMR I LOVE THESE 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍


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Courtney Cantrell
7 months ago

#Today's #gym visit was: very stretchy #yoga and, for the first time single Feb 28th (right before #covid) #weightlifting.

I shall be sore, but oh my Ruth does it feel good to be getting back into my life.


Courtney Cantrell
7 months ago

me: ungovernabl-

autocorrect: HUNGOVER

me: ruthDAMMIT


Courtney Cantrell
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When I was a full-on theist (conservative leaning-toward-fundamentalist #Christian), I deplored "taking the Lord's name in vain. "Therefore, no "oh my God" or OMG etc etc.

As an a/theist, I now feel equally squicky about that.

So I have decided from now on, I shall swear by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I don't think RBG will mind.


Over The Rainbow 🍆
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My grandma has a Ruth Bader Ginsburg #RBG #magnet on her #refrigerator. Also, please note the #HouseRules #GrannysHouse

The Ruth Bader Ginsburg magnet
The house rules 

1) call first
2) no garbage in waste basket and no burnable paper or recyclables
3) just because it’s on the floor doesn’t mean it’s meant to walk on
4) leave it as you found it
5) don’t load dishwasher
6) It may not be the right way, but it’s my way
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The #Feinstein situation is exemplary of #Democrat’s competency as a party. Rather than heed the signs of her behavior and health, Dems would rather keep the status quo. #RBG is another example of this and also how the #SupremeCourt was lost.

Keeping in line with the party’s MO- I am throwing my support behind the dem’s new #WeekendAtBernie’s style ticket! #BidenFeinstein2024! The ticket the establishment party deserves!

A bumper sticker style image that states Biden Feinstein 2024 - Aged to perfection

It’s so ironic that it fell to anti-abortion, Supreme Court Justice Alito to stay the awful ruling by a Texas federal judge. It’s only for five days but still, the irony would not be lost on his old friend Ruth Bader Ginsberg. OH HOW I MISS HER!!!

#rbg #ruthbaderginsberg #abortion #womensrights #alito #waragainstwomen #prochoice #mifepristone

Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
9 months ago

Seen at the #AnnArbor Michigan Theater on March 14th: "All Things Equal: The Life and Trials of Ruth Bader Ginsburg", a one woman show starring Michelle Azar. Went with a bunch of friends, several who came from Chicago.

Michelle was amazing, totally embodying #RBG. The sold-out audience laughed, cheered, and cried, as if RBG was there with us and we were given a gift of her reincarnation.

If you have the chance, run to see this incredible show. Info here:

George Arzt Communications
9 months ago

For her birthday, here is this fantastic photograph of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, taken by the phenomenal Kristen Blush.


#OnThisDay in 1933 #RBG #RuthBaderGinsberg was born.
"My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant to be your own person, be independent."

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Denise Aday - Content Editor
9 months ago

@ricardoharvin @mekkaokereke I was shocked to learn this in her documentary a few years ago. I shouldn't have been. I wouldn't be now.

#Racism #WhiteFeminism #RBG

Ricardo Harvin
9 months ago

@mekkaokereke #RBG, a hero to so many white women, was close, personal friends for many years, until his death, with the rabidly racist #AntoninScalia.

She was the epitome of #whiteFeminism.

Cory Doctorow
10 months ago

40% of the federal judiciary processed through the Manne Seminars when they were running, including Supremes like #RBG, who later parroted their dogma in their written opinions, which shifted measurably and dramatically to support monopolies:

Bork-driven antitrust's ghost-based foundations were so thoroughly buried that anyone who broke from its orthodoxy was considered a lunatic-fringe radical.


ChuS 水
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Las rentas básicas sientan mal al empresariado porque les hacen la competencia: evitan que trabajadores desesperados caigan por necesidad en ofertas mal pagadas e infravaloradas.
#IMV #IMG #RBG #IngresoMínimoGarantizado

Old Hippie Ⓥ
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@AdamParkhomenko Here's another real hero stamp released this year. #rbg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg stamp
1 year ago

@Teri_Kanefield so sad how not shocking this is. With our current crop of right wing scotus (plus the wife) how can we not expect misbehavior. I miss #RBG so much.

AmiW Streetart ❄️
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🐻Artist: #FNNCH - in City: #SanFrancisco USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "RGB Bear" ( #RuthBaderGinsburg ) - #art #streetart #mastoart #mural #graffiti #RBG 💕

Subtootish: Yes, courts do at times cite / reference foreign court law.

Ginsburg Shares Views on Influence of Foreign Law on Her Court, and Vice Versa

Justice Ginsburg said the controversy was based on the misunderstanding that citing a foreign precedent means the court considers itself bound by foreign law as opposed to merely being influenced by such power as its reasoning holds.

“Why shouldn’t we look to the wisdom of a judge from abroad with at least as much ease as we would read a law review article written by a professor?” she asked.

She added that the failure to engage foreign decisions had resulted in diminished influence for the United States Supreme Court.

The Canadian Supreme Court, she said, is “probably cited more widely abroad than the U.S. Supreme Court.” There is one reason for that, she said: “You will not be listened to if you don’t listen to others.”

A 2009 story, in the event you're wondering what exactly the Ghost of the Late RBG is doing giving interviews to the NYTimes, though something tells me that's precisely the sort of thing she would in fact do.

#Courts #CaseLaw #ForeignDecisions #ForeignLawCites #RBG #SCOTUS

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