Harald Sack
8 hours ago

In the last #ise2023 lecture we learned about the subtleties of the RDF Turtle serialization format which we will also need as the basis for SPARQL and OWL encoding.

#knowledgegraphs #semanticweb #lecture #rdf #turtle #creativeAI #stablediffusionart #AIart

Section Title cover for the RDF Turtle part of the Information Service Engineering lecture No. 7, Knowledge Graphs 2. The picture was created by ArtBot with the following prompt: "In this comic book-style illustration, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are depicted meeting Mr. Spock, the science officer of the USS Enterprise. The image shows information about each turtle, including their names, abilities, and relationships to one another, using RDF's standardized method for describing and linking resources." 
Sampler: k_euler_a
Model: ProtoGen
Model version: 5.3
‌Seed: 233420496
Steps: 50
Guidance / cfg scale: 5
‌Karras: true
Hi-res fix: false
CLIP skip: 1
tiled: false
18 hours ago

@Edent @trwnh
OGP is based on #RDF.
Just use community driven, tested and proven vocabularies like #FOAF

19 hours ago

Heute wieder mit der Stud-Gruppe XML und RDF gelernt. Ich habs mir über die Übungen und Altklausuren beigebracht und bringe es jetzt den anderen bei und lerne nebenbei noch was, wenn die anderen auch ihr Wissen beitragen. Wir unterstützen uns also gegenseitig. #studium #hsh #hochschule #hannover #informationsmanagement #berufsbegleitend #xml #rdf

CarK :python:
23 hours ago

Who wants to join me in developing a web service which uses #LLM|s and #KnowledgeGraphs to debunk #climate-related desinformation?

(I mean, if these technologies are around anyway, they can also do something useful)

#AI #GPT #MachineLearning #NLP #KnowledgeRepresentation #RDF #OpenSource

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
2 days ago



Another update for the #VirtuosoRDBMS (Open Source Edition) is here! Keep in mind that all my live demonstrations, whether they use #SPARQL or #SQL to fine-tune #ChatGPT, are also compatible with this edition (for example, the 100 billion+ #Uniprot instance-related demos at:

#RDF #GraphDatabase #SPARQL #LinkedData #SQL #GraphQL #SemanticWeb #KnowledgeGraph

jaymerryfield :mstdnca:
4 days ago

Look I'm not usually a mark for new technology announcements (yes I am) but honestly, the new Apple Vision Pro caught my interest in a significant way (I'm fully caught in the RDF) and I'm excited to actually get my hands on one some day.

It'll never come home with me at that price, but... well I'M INTERESTED!

#apple #visionpro #rdf

James Hare
4 days ago

I have launched "Wikibase World," a spiritual successor to the #Wikibase Registry: a Wikibase of Wikibases. Contributions welcome:

#Wikidata #rdf

5 days ago

Frage an die XPath-Experten: kann mir einer erklären, warum mein Prof einmal die Ausgabe in [ ] und ' ' setzt und einmal nicht? Ich kann es mir selbst nicht erklären und würde es gerne für die Klausur verstehen. #Studium #hsh #Hochschule #hannover #Informationsmanagement #berufsbegleitend #XML #rdf

Saphire Lattice
1 week ago

Overall JSON-LD is...

No, not nice. It's more of a supplementary "this will map to this well known schema this way" thing, and maybe, MAYBE a way to figure out what this unknown object represents.

Except you still won't really be able to do much with such an object unless its type derives from one you do know how to parse and display and operate with.

And also the different ways to present JSON-LD data makes it rather difficult to operate with it?

I get the idea, really... But the flexibility of representation makes it rather difficult to consider using it, nevermind implementing it.

But the biggest issue is that, well... There's no big enough providers to actually create some kind of "network" of links. There's almost no benefit right now compared to just using a few well known APIs... But I can kinda see where it might be useful..? Hmph

#jsonld #semanticweb #rdf

Dylan Van Assche
1 week ago

Also Mathijs van Noort from IDLab was awarded at #ESWC2023 for the best PhD symposium paper!

#streaming #reasoning #KnowledgeGraphs #RDF

PhD symposium award for Mathijs van Noort
Dylan Van Assche
1 week ago

Congratz Pieter Bonte and Femke Ongenae for the best poster award at #ESWC2023 !

#reasoning #rust #knowledgegraph #RDF @eswc_conf

RoXi best poster at ESWC
Dylan Van Assche
1 week ago
RDF2Vec steps
1 week ago

Incase you missed it, Simon in our latest #TechTalk blog post talks about his experiences implementing a GraphQL API for a Graph Database using Kotlin and an RDF graph database like Fuseki.

#TechTalk #GraphQL #GraphDatabase #SPARQL #Kotlin #RDF #Fuseki.

Decorative graphic - dark pink background with Tech Talk hashtag text in bold textured dark grey with offset white outline
1 week ago

Check out our latest #TechTalk post "implementing a GraphQL API for a Graph Database" using Kotlin and an RDF graph database like Fuseki.

Learn how to build a generic GraphQL API implementation that uses SPARQL queries to retrieve data from the graph database. Simon talks about his experiences and provides some code examples.
#GraphQL #GraphDatabase #Kotlin #RDF #GraphDatabase

Decorative graphic - coral background with Tech Talk hashtag text in bold textured dark grey with offset white outline
Huber Digital
1 week ago

On this #DayOfDH2023 we're delighted to announce the addition of over 2,000 editions to the #OpenScholarship and #DSE platform #PRISMS. Read more about the project here:

@DayofDH #DayofDH #SemanticWeb #LOD #RDF #SPARQL #ontologies #KnowledgeBase

Screenshot of a PRISMS workbench at
1 week ago

@Natureshadow @steve

hi, I heard about #Vocata these days. Sounds very exciting at first glance. We should meet in a videocall. #rdf-pub # LOA

Dylan Van Assche
1 week ago

Julian Arenas-Guerrero from OEG (UPM) is presenting #SQL views over #CSV files with #RML in Morph-KGC.

#ESWC2023 #RDF #KnowledgeGraph #SemanticWeb @eswc_conf

Joins and more joins!
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

IDLab is like everywhere! Mathijs van Noort is now presenting his #PhD on stream reasoning!

#ESWC2023 #SemanticWeb #Decentralized #KnowledgeGraph #Reasoning #RDF @eswc_conf @pietercolpaert

Mathijs van Noort presenting his PhD about decentralized stream reasoning
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

Sitt Min Oo, another IDLab colleague, is also presenting their #PhD at the #ESWC2023 PhD symposium! He is working on integrating streaming data with #RML and any-to-any data format #mapping!

#RDF #SemanticWeb #LinkedData #KnowledgeGraph @eswc_conf @pietercolpaert

Sitt Min Oo presenting his PhD around multiple views of Linked Data
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

My colleague at IDLab Jonni Hanski is presenting his #PhD at the #ESWC2023 PhD symposium! He mainly focusses on optimizing link traversal #query processing over #distristributed #LinkedData like #Solid

@eswc_conf @pietercolpaert
#RDF #decentralized #SemanticWeb #LinkTraversal

Colleague Jonni Hanksi presenting his work for the upcoming years at the PhD symposium
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

Towards a Mapping Framework for the Tenders Electronic Daily Standard Forms by Alexandros Vassiliades is now live at the Knowledge Graph Construction Workshop!

#ESWC2023 #KnowledgeGraph #RDF #SemanticWeb #RML #R2RML #SPARQL #SHACL @eswc_conf

Towards a Mapping Framework for the Tenders Electronic Daily Standard Forms by Alexandros Vassiliades
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

What a blast! The second #reseach paper is already up: Designing NORIA: a Knowledge Graph-based Platform for Anomaly Detection and Incident Management in ICT Systems by Lionel Tailhardat (Orange) at the Knowledge Graph Construction Workshop!

#ESWC2023 #KnowledgeGraph #RDF #workshop #SemanticWeb @eswc_conf

2nd research paper: Designing NORIA: a Knowledge Graph-based Platform for Anomaly Detection and Incident Management in ICT Systems by Lionel Tailhardat (Orange)
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

The first research paper at the Knowledge Graph Construction Workshop is being presented by Alex Randles: 'Perserving the Alignment of LD with Source Data'. Come to the Hermes room for more research papers around #KnowledgeGraph construction, #RML, #R2RML.

#KGCW #ESWC2023 #RDF @eswc_conf

Perserving the Alignment of LD with Source Data by Alex Randles
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

Ana Iglesias Molina is now giving the yearly progress update of the @w3c Knowledge Graph Construction Community Group at the @eswc_conf #KnowledgeGraph Construction Workshop. The next generation of #RML is being developed and presented!

#SemanticWeb #RDF #ESWC2023 #W3C #R2RML

Ana Iglesias Molina is presenting the yearly update of the W3C Knowledge Graph Construction Community Group
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

@ontopic @eswc_conf Really interesting keynote around #virtualization vs #materialization in #KnowledgeGraphs and a wishlist for the next generation specification of R2RML, interesting for the @w3c Knowledge Graph Construction Community Group!

#SemanticWeb #W3C #R2RML #RML #RDF

Wishlist for the next generation of the R2RML specification. Calls for nested data, missing database constraints, data transformation functions, and still aim for an interoperable standard to avoid vendor lock-in.
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

The #KGCW started at @eswc_conf ! A full day of #KnowledgeGraph construction!

#RDF #SemanticWeb #workshop

A selfie of the Knowledge Graph Construction Workshop organizers with the audience in back.
Dylan Van Assche
2 weeks ago

I will be at @eswc_conf 2023 as part of the organizing committee of the #KnowledgeGraph #Construction #Workshop!

However, I'm not alone! Check out the papers of #KNoWS at #ESWC2023:

#RDF #RML #SPARQL #reasoning #streaming #querying

Miel Vander Sande
2 weeks ago

I talked about the meemoo
#knowledgegraph at the MMC Seminar:
- create universal, application-independent access
- #metadata is a graph
- #datamodelling is a lost, but essential art
- #RDF ecosystem suits #audiovisual archiving
- compose a good #data toolchain

Does anyone know a "fast" local RDF store that can do SPARQL queries (or expose a SPARQL endpoint for queries + endpoint for adding triples)? I have a small tool using rdflib that needs to parse and query several very large graphs and I'd like to avoid deploying a dedicated triple store service.

#rdf #sparql #turtle #rdflib #python #elixir #rust
René Voorburg
2 weeks ago

Created a tool and a set of shell based functions to make it easier to load RDF in the Virtuoso triple store:


Mauve 👁💜
3 weeks ago

IMO any project using #RDF and #SemanticWeb should have a path to exposing their data as Triple Pattern Fragments so that it can be actually usable. Without it we get into a situation where everyone needs to duplicate everyone's data and increase resource usage. It also cements large centralized databases into power. Having a lightweight query layer is essential for having lightweight clients.

Hrefna (DHC)
3 weeks ago

(The application of this to #RDF and #ActivityPub is left as an exercise for the reader *cough*)

Let's take a silly example of working with #dates and date formats.

If I am presenting 1-2 years of sorted data to a human in, say, a spreadsheet then MM-DD-YYYY makes a _ton_ of sense. Especially fiscal data of any sort.

But if I am storing astronomical data in a columnar database then YYYY-DDD makes sense. Fiscal data in a relational database? YYYY-MM-DD. Planning a trip? DD-MM-YYYY.

3 weeks ago

New #rdf and #sparql stuff in the works. 😄😄😄

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
3 weeks ago

Comparative web page crawling exercise, taking into account the following factors:

[1] The emergence of a #SemanticWeb where web pages increasingly embed RDF-based structured data islands as enhanced metadata.

[2] The web crawling functionality provided by #ChatGPT, #Bing, and #Bard.

[3] #SPARQL-based fine-tuning of #GPT #LLMs


#VirtuosoRDBMS #LinkedData #RDF #HowTo #Comparison

Crawling a Semantic Web fused with LLM language processing functionality that's fine tuning using SPARQL
James Hare
4 weeks ago

I am in the early stages of setting up Librarybase, a #Wikibase for all the publication and document metadata in the world.

I am looking for pilot projects. If you have a large corpus of bibliographic metadata (messy is fine!) and would like to experiment with incorporating it in an #RDF dataset and/or cleanup through a collaborative interface, let me know.

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
1 month ago

Q: Can I fine-tune #ChatGPT using #SPARQL such that it basically becomes a #SmartAgent capable of querying across the massive #LODCloud #KnowledgeGraph, using natural language?


Read: -- which covers a basic example using #DBpedia (#Wikidata content in machine-computable and queryable form).

#SemanticWeb #LinkedData #JSONL #RDF #LLMs #DBpedia #VirtuosoRDBMS #JSONL

Klampfradler 🎸🚴
1 month ago

My obsession with #RDF is slowly turning into a mental illness (i.e. I am starting to understand the #Protege ontology editor).

Frederik Elwert
1 month ago

I had an idea (that I guess is not necessarily new): Build a #MinimalComputing collection website like #wax but using a #LinkedArt #JSONLD file as a data source instead of a CSV. Has anyone built something like this yet? Any recommendations for a usable #RDF #StaticSiteGenerator?

1 month ago

Benjamin Cogrel, the CTO of Ontopic, will be the keynote speaker at the Knowledge Graph Construction Workshop ( at ESWC 2023.

Benjamin will present our take on building a Knowledge Graph from existing sources and building a company on that approach.

Thanks to Prof. Anastasia Dimou, David Chaves-Fraga, Umutcan Serles,
@dylanvanassche and Ana Iglesias Molina for the invitation.

#knowledgegraph #semantics #rdf

Klampfradler 🎸🚴
1 month ago

I am creating some ontologies that I will use for both my knowledge graph and for my #ActivityPub server.

(In general, I will define ontologies for general #RDF purposes, but I will make them compatible with AP as well.)

Where should I root these namespaces?

* Under one of my own domains?
* Under some umbrella others in the #Fediverse are using?
* Under my own domain, with a PURL redirect?

Ha! Yesterday, I learned how to do SPARQL queries to do funny things with turtle data. I'm not a data-minded person, but it feels like my world is a bit more semantically shaped now :hal:

And this is an excellent set of libraries to deal with RDF/SPARQL in Elixir

#devlife #elixir #sparql #rdf #turtle #dles
Ed Howland
2 months ago

@J12t wow, it's based on #RDF.HowDidINotKnowAboutThis?ThanksForTheLinkToTheArticle.

2 months ago

A recurring #LinkedData / #RDF question: In German, French and many other languages, names for roles, occupations etc. encode the genus/(grammatical) gender, e.g. "Autor"/"Autorin" for "author". Lots of controlled vocabularies contain such roles. Is there a best practice to mark different labels (m, f, gender-neutral) in RDF, especially #SKOS?

2 months ago

On Tuesday, we went to the Computerspielemuseum in Berlin. There was one "room" from the 1980s with a C64 running "Moon Patrol" and I remembered playing the game as a child. Looking at some pictures and videos of the game afterwards, I noticed that the moon buggy also gets attacked by #RDF triples!

Thr C64 room at the Computerspielemuseum with someone playing Moon Patrol with a Joystick.
A screenshot of the game "Moon pazrol" with attackers flying above that look a lot like the blue RDF logos.
2 months ago

Patrick Stickler, in the #w3c #RDF core working group, 2002-09-25, a time when search engines were not the only imaginable option for organizing the web:

I think it all boils down to whether we want inference engines to function more like Google, with potentially lots of false positives which might be useful, or like a reasoning engine where a positive result can be trusted (insofar as the quality and integrity of the knowledge base) and the inability to obtain a result simply means more information is needed.

I myself have always presumed that SW agents would exhibit the latter behavior. Otherwise, where would we find any semblence of trust or authenticity by which non-trivial decisions would be made by SW agents on our behalf. If we are to have a future where we deploy SW agents to do real-world tasks for us, I'd prefer that they wouldn't be guessing.

Miel Vander Sande
2 months ago

First time putting #ChatGPT to actual use. I needed #SPARQL to create an #URL slug, but was to lazy to think. It was incomplete at first, but after asking to add more chars, it turned out to be a huge time saver. #rdf #knowledgegraph

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
2 months ago

Everything is changing all at once!

Cool #WebAssembly app for describing files in machine-computable form using #RDF.


Kingsley Uyi Idehen
2 months ago @atomicpoet,@photocyte ,

Screenshots from the SPA that will soon be released to a #Github repo.

1. Post login it figures out the hyperlink that denotes the users #ActivityPub outbox

2. Authentication is multi-protocol courtesy of #OpenIDConnect which provides an open mechanism for loosely-coupling a variety of Identity Providers across a variety of protocols (including #OAuth)

3. #ActivityStreams objects input directly

#RWW #SemanticWeb #SocialMedia #LinkedData #RDF

Sebastian Lasse
3 months ago

I enjoy it very much to use the multilanguage knowledge of the world and its properties in #ActivityPub
If you come from an RDF world there is a mapping #wikidata to #rdf

3 months ago

OK here's another half baked #MastoDev idea for #LinkedData:

a URL can be used with a preceding hashtag to refer to some specific entity, whether it's a well-defined #RDF object or not:

identifiers can be given shortnames like this:

or with wildcards, eg. for this podcast:

so then when I search #CriminalPodcast I also get all posts that use that URL. shortnames can be retained and reused either just by the account that declared them, or by the instance.

shortnames can be used like prefixes, so eg if I do:

I can then do

So then I can declare types like this:
and make triples like this, eg. in case someone used a different hashtag:

so then when you search a hashtag, at the top you would be shown all the links that have been declared for that and who declared them, so you could eg. browse to find more things with the same type, or more hashtags that are related to each other, etc.....

3 months ago

The new release of Ontop 5.0.2 adds

- six more data sources (Trino, PrestoDB, AWS Athena, AWS RedShift, Google BigQuery, DuckDB)
- an option for accelerating the materialization into triples
- better support for developing new connectors.

More details on

#RDF #SemTech #SPARQL #KnowledgeGraph

Dylan Van Assche
3 months ago

Visiting #UPM in #Madrid this week to exchange ideas about #KnowledgeGraphs #generation. Really excited to meet the team and look into future collaborations!

Thanks to #COSTAction of the #EU to make this possbile!

#research #RDF

Mauve 👁💜
4 months ago

I think I've finally seen the light of the #SemanticWeb.

I think web browsers should give users a way to register apps to handle displaying certain #RDF schema types.

E.g. if I open an ActivityStream URL, the browser should load my preferred client in the same way that clicking a PDF in my filesystem will open up my PDF viewer.

Users would then be able to bring their own interfaces to data instead of relying on some closed source proprietary app interface.

Also opens the door to mixing data

wobweger :verified:
4 months ago

Cool URIs don't change.
- Tim Bernes-Lee


Thomas Bergwinkl
4 months ago

@rauschma I'm glad you have had a look at the #rdf model. Did you give #turtle a try? Some people from the JSON/YAML world may complain about handling namespaces, but they get reimplemented many times, like in #k8s.

wobweger :verified:
4 months ago

#DEXPI the 😎 -est about this open standard for data exchange is, #rdf is already integrated and shipped with, so #KnowledgeGraph #SPARQL already here 🥰

wobweger :verified:
4 months ago

#wroBookMark #KnowledgeGraph #rdf

The Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) is an RDF vocabulary for representing semi-formal knowledge organization systems (KOSs), such as thesauri, taxonomies, classification schemes and subject heading lists.

4 months ago

My research over the past 6 years has focused on applications of #CategoryTheory to the #WorldWideWeb.

Categories are generalizations of Graphs and the Web is a giant (hyper) graph.

I came across CT using #scala while programming hyper-apps using #RDF, where CT showed itself to be very helpful.

The hope is that CT can help Web folks herd cats more effectively:

See links to topics and papers on the subject of #webcats here:

5 months ago

"Decentralized Evolution and Consolidation of RDF Graphs" #rdf

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
5 months ago



BTW -- I just used #gptChat to generate a machine-computable description of "La Terminal" using content from its webpage.

Result, which you can just embed in said page using <scrip/> within <head>:

/cc @Mastodon

#RDF #LinkedData #UseCase #SemanticWeb #SEO #SSEO

Depiction of GPT-Chat generated Software Application description using JSON-LD notation and terms from the vocabulary. 

This application description is computable by modern search engines that already understand the vocabulary.
Kingsley Uyi Idehen
5 months ago


BTW -- I just used #gptChat to generate a machine-computable description of "La Terminal" using content from its webpage.

Result, which you can just embed in said page using <scrip/> within <head>: :)

/cc @Mastodon

#RDF #LinkedData #SemanticWeb #UseCase

Depicting a GPT-Chat generated Sofware Application description that's computable by modern search engines that understand terms from
Kingsley Uyi Idehen
5 months ago

Here's a #screencast demonstrating how #gptChat generated accurate #RDF from a text snippet in a blog post about how to use the @openlink #ODBC Driver for #PostgreSQL on #macOS.

Note, GPT-Chat is integrated into a soon to be released edition of our @datasniff browser extension.

/cc @Mastodon

#SemanticWeb #UseCase #SmartAgent #Web30 #SPARQL #DataConnectivity #LinkedData

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
5 months ago

Here's another demo, this time I have #gptChat generating a #HowTo #KnowledgeGraph that's ultimately visualized using our @datasniff browser extension.

Request (or Prompt) Text:


Source Doc: -- @openlink #ODBC driver for #PostgreSQL guide for #macOS

#SemanticWeb #UseCase #RDF

Chat-GPT generating an RDF based HowTo using JSON-LD notation
OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer Browser Extension visualizing the JSON-LD generated by GPT-Chat
Kingsley Uyi Idehen
5 months ago

I visited and noticed that their #FAQ page doesn't include any modern #SearchEngine readable #metadata (the kind constructed these days using terms from the vocab). Naturally, this lead to a #gptChat exercise for QA'ing soon to be released @datasniff integration along the following lines.

Prompt text: -- via FAQ text copy & paste

Response snippet:

@datasniff extracts & presents the generated #RDF for reuse.


RDF rendered from FAQ text that I copied and pasted from an page.
Visualization by the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer Browser Extension.
Andreas Kuckartz
5 months ago


Change to #RDF please!

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
6 months ago


It does make informed guesses using non-existent terms from

Impressive all the same, since this kind of #RDF code generation is wonderful for reinforcement oriented learning.

@atomicpoet you may be interested to look at #openEngiadina by @pukkamustard which went the direction of #XMPP + #RDF and will adopt #ActivityPub as an RDF ontology and via a bridge. openEngiadina is a research project, and exploring many cool aspects for next-gen decentralized knowledge / social networks.

🗞 First Public Working Draft: RDF Dataset Canonicalization


Phil Barker
7 months ago

As it says in my bio, I do #metadata, resource description and open education (#OER) for work. Recently, more of the former, especially using #RDF based standards for #linked-data in the learning and employment ecosystem.

I engage lightly with tech and random stuff that catches my eye.

I'm always grateful for boosts, esp. when I ask a question.

I try to CW liberally, including longer posts.moved to a new instance

@otfrom @simongray

Interesting project: by @pukkamustard

Used to be an #ActivityPub project but switched to #XMPP / #RDF and may get AP support via a bridge later on.

#RDF and the rest of the Semantic Web related standards traditionally do a good job of scaring the average developer away :)

I think a lot is possible and to be explored in #LinkedData spaces, if we manage to make things more pallatable for the 99% developers.

Simon Gray
7 months ago

It's a shame that #RDF is looked at as an archaic XML format or—at best—an example of a failed dream (the #SemanticWeb).

Modern RDF actually sits at the base of a mature tech stack focused on data interoperability—kinda like #ActivityPub for data, actually... which also happens to be based in part on RDF (JSON-LD).

Many new databases pop up that try to reinvent the triplestore or rediscover #Datalog, but they rarely care for these existing #W3C standards.

Simon Gray
7 months ago


I live in #Copenhagen (#Ørestad) with my wife and toddler son. I spend most of my day either on my computer or my #bicycle.

I work in #Danish #academia within the area of #LanguageTechnology using—pretty much exclusively—the #Clojure #programming language to get the job done. I am also becoming quite familiar with #RDF #KnowledgeGraph tech.

In the not so distant past I lived in northern #China. I also speak & read #Chinese, although I must admit that it's pretty rusty now.