3 hours ago

Ooh, almost ready to #Render the SSD drums programming (That I've spent months polishing)(along with everything else) down to individual tracks in #Reaper.
Then it's time to bring everything back into one audio only project and start mixing my solo track no.2! I can't wait to hear it finished and ready!

I can't praise Reaper enough, very powerful with the capacity to go as deep as you like, or deeper still as it's #OpenSource and it's very affordable, therefore accessable. Could it be the people's DAW? They seam to be cool ethically so we'll see.
As a newbie to DAWs its not unfathomably difficult to get what you want, especially with the help of the very helpful and extremely useful YouTube videos by #ReaperMania who has saved me a lot of stress.

Re the months of drum programming, yes I am a brutal perfectionist with myself when it comes to music, but actually all the AI talk of late has led me to embrace off the grid deeper than I was and and letting go of the small and not so small imperfections of being a human being creating something.

I'll be getting an electronic drum kit that I'll run through SSD drums before the years out so I'll be able to play it all in live from track #3 onwards, well, once I've brushed the dust and cobwebs off my sticks!
Playing it in will save me a lot of time and it'll be more fun, though I do love playing around with grooves, so yes, no doubt there will be lots of editing but if done playfully, it throws up lots of interesting, different approaches and I'm all in for that.


3 days ago

Best part of yesterday’s master class:

Guest speaker: “…and if you’re not using #Reaper, you really should be…”

Me (to students): “And what have I been telling all of you for the last three weeks?”

I think we’re going to see a lot more Reaper and a lot less Logic sessions in the future…

James Scholes
3 days ago

Hmm. It seems that I accidentally left #Reaper recording for three days, and can't remember what I was even aiming to capture in the first place.

David Kirkham
4 days ago
Sarah A
4 days ago

I really wish freezing tracks in #reaper would not take for ever. It took 40 minutes to freeze a 5 hour long mic track with goyo on it a few days ago. and my machine is a beast. and yes I do have render settings set to 2048 what ever that is in prefs.

victor tsaran
5 days ago

I wonder if some #reaper experts can help me out here a bit. Trying to figure out the best Elastique Pro settings to use to raise the pitch of the guitar by 30 cents with no artifacts. Also, I assume that the changes are non-destructive?
Thx for any help!

Marco Raaphorst
1 week ago

Superglue is an SWS action for Reaper for "NONDESTRUCTIVE/REVERSIBLE GLUE

It's like a mix between grouped items and glue.

A must have (free!) for anyone doing #sounddesign, #podcasts , #musicproduction in #Reaper.


Adrian Bruce
1 week ago

Simple Minded Na​ï​ve Jam, with synths and guitar..
If the Naivety gets to me, I will revise the track and replace this version. That is the way we roll on Bandcamp 😀

#music #jam #guitar #synths #reaper

Sarah A
1 week ago

Yep. this will take a while. Complete: 19% Elapsed: 9:34 Remaining: 40:11 (5.4x realtime) wow! #Reaper

Sarah A
1 week ago

Yipe. I'm freezing a 4 hour mic track with goio on it. It will probably take a half yhour to do and my poor system is not pleased right now. I still want this plug though, I can't remember when the orders take place for said plug. #Reaper

Steve Duncan
2 weeks ago

32bit float recording is great. Except when I load the track into #reaper and it looks like a flat line because I unknowingly bumped the mic 15min in. Sometime a limiter works better. #fieldrecording #mixpre6

Maxim Lebedev
2 weeks ago

yes, you can paint amogus in #REAPER MIDI-editor

ferrie = differentieel :mfrl:
2 weeks ago

@janboddez may i introduce a #reaper developer to you?

LED Patrick🚥
2 weeks ago

And he's mudded up😅 What a mess to handle all the monster mud but it's an actual cool result 😎🎃

Next steps after the mud has dried, electrical wiring for the lantern, spray paint the "face" black and add an extra coating of transparent spray paint for extra water-resistants 😁

#diy #reaper #halloween2023 #weekend #fun

LED Patrick🚥
3 weeks ago

I love how this turned out 🤩🎃 Only the monster mud is missing. After that it's ready for the front yard.

Started to work on this today, now it's time for a cold drink 😎🧊

#diy #reaper #halloween2023

Nearly finished reaper
Inner frame
MuSociety(Bam Dorner):flute:
3 weeks ago

The Haunted Toy! – FREE VSTi Instrument – Make spooky tunes!

The instrument can be used to produce spooky, creepy and scary tunes, for halloween videos, silly horror games or low-budget horror f

#Bells #chorus #free #FreeDownload #Halloween #House #MacOS #Maize #NoLongerAvailable #organ #PublicDomain #Reaper #Rompler #sampler #Samples #StudioOne #VSTI #VSTI3 #Windows #x64 #x86

The grim reaper on his day off.

#aiart #ai #reaper #grimreaper #bingai

Tory Anderson
3 weeks ago Insightful #twitch stream, educating me about fighting #Reaper with #Moira. I also felt some schadenfreude at ArX losing streak... #arx_uk #overwatch #MoiraWatch

Every once in a while you have to roll up your sleeves and make manual volume curves, no matter how well you programmed your algorithmical synth... #musicProduction #reaper #supercollider

3 weeks ago

the last batch of art fight pieces from July. The stained glass window was an ambitious experiment for me but it turned out great ☺️

characters belong to (in order) -

#artfight #artfight2023 #digitalart #mastoart #demonOC #stainedglass #reaper #clipstudiopaint #bodyhorror

digital art of a brightly colored stained glass window depicting a humanoid character with orange and brown fur, digitigrade feet, and a tail lined with small wings. The character is posed like a saint and holding a small green orb. The window is glowing
digital art of a muscular female character with white hair, wearing tattered and dirty clothes, crouching down on one knee and aiming a rifle. her left leg below the knee is a metal prosthetic
digital art of a male character with purple skin, long white hair, and jagged branching horns. The bottom half of his face and nose are missing and whats left is just clean white bone. He's wearing a long sleeveless coat and bandages on his arms and legs, and he has a floating wooden scythe by his side
Stewen Corvez
4 weeks ago

Composé et réalisé avec #reaper sous #linux en utilisant les instruments de Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Core, Abbey Road One (notamment pour les bois) et la V Collection 9 d'Arturia.

Degrowth series, part 6: now that I moved most of my workflow to plain text, I struggle to understand why I relied on proprietary locked-in formats for so long.

Bonus: a quick comparison between Logic Pro's and Reaper's file format, with a geeky production anecdote.

#degrowth #sustainability #workflow #reaper

Polynomial C
1 month ago

#Audio compression explained on the basis of your mom😂
#Music production #Ardour #Audacity #Reaper

B de Bob Podcast
1 month ago

Ya tenéis disponible el nuevo episodio del podcast sobre síntesis modular en linux

#reaper #sintesis #linuxmint #musica

Martin Smaxwil
1 month ago

… habe bisher nur #Audacity, #AdobeAudition und #Reaper genutzt. 'Cakewalk by Bandlab' ist nicht gerade unterkomplex, aber ein Wochenede reicht zur Einarbeitung - und für das ganze Geraffel, bis auch wirklich alle Eingangssignale (Amp, Audio Interface, MIDI-Controller, …) dort ankommen, wo sie sollen.

1 month ago

Quick Take: Death’s Door

You're a Reaper, a crow searching for souls to power the whole soul-taking operation in his souls-like with a sense of humor.

#Blaugust #Blaugust2023 #QuickTakes #crow #reaper #soulslike

Banner for Death's Door, with the name of the game superimposed on a dull, monochrome office setting where crows work at desks in the afterlife.
James Ryland Miller
1 month ago

@me not sure of #audacity can do it and #reaper isn’t technically open source but has a full featured demo for free but could probably help you do that.

Kailee ♾️
1 month ago

3. Well, that just means that when the #CIA's MQ-9 #Reaper finally puts an #AGM-114 into some seemingly random car in Mali, then the Russian MoD won't have too much to say about it.

Ok, let's opine together ...
Prigozhin owns 4 private jets => M-SAAN , VP-CSP (Linburg) , M-VITO , Embraer Legacy 600 M-ABEC

In the explosion 2 Embraer 600 were involved of which 1 has crashed.

I don't advocate alive or dead, I deal only with known facts. Here is an analysis based on the facts leading to the plane crash. I don't know whether he is alive or dead. We need a dead body or DNA proof.

Remember Prigozhin admitted election interference in our 2016 election to help criminal defendant Donald.

Wagner Group hacked Clinton's emails and used bots to help Trump's campaign

Alive or dead, tbd.

1 month ago

Dieses Tutorial zeigt dir, wie du ganz einfach mit Reaper deine ersten Gehversuche machst und das Programm dazu bringst, tatsächlich Klänge auszugeben.

Zuerst musst du dir Reaper von der Website herunterladen. Du findest Reaper unten bei den Downloads auf

Installation und Download

Auf dem Mac kannst du REAPER auch über Brew installieren, wenn du magst. Unter Arch-Linux findest Du REAPER im AUR und sogar Windows unterstützt eine Installation über Scoop, aber der normale Download über die Website funktioniert tadellos.

Nach der Installation verlangt REAPER, dass du deine Audiogeräte festlegst.

Auswahl des Audiogerätes auf MacOS

Unter MacOS kannst Du theoretisch das Standard-Device eingestellt lassen, außer du besitzt ein weiteres Audiointerface, das nicht das Standard-Gerät ist.
Unter Linux solltest Du das JACK-Gerät wählen. Die Installation von Jack ist hier beschrieben.
Unter Windows solltest Du, wenn möglich, einen ASIO-Treiber für deine Soundkarte oder dein Audiointerface installieren. Falls es keinen ASIO-Treiber gibt, geht auch ASIO4ALL, der allerdings nicht ganz an die Performance von nativen Treibern ran reicht. Du kannst auch den WASAPI-Treiber ausprobieren. DirectX und WaveOut kannst du benutzen, wenn du nicht vorhast, in Echtzeit, über ein MIDI-Gerät, Noten einzuspielen.

Midi-Instrument einfügen

Klicke Rechts auf den leeren Bereich neben der Timeline. Klicke irgendwo mit dem rechten Mausknopf, dann öffnet sich ein Menü. In diesem Fall wollen wir ein virtuelles Instrument einfügen. Da Vital kostenlos heruntergeladen und genutzt werden kann und sowohl für Linux, Mac und Windows erhältlich ist, habe ich mich für Vital entschieden. Lade Vital herunter, installiere es mit den Standard-Einstellungen, starte dann REAPER neu. Anschließend mache den Rechtsklick und wähle Vital aus.

Vital selbst hat viele Presets. Die interessieren uns jetzt gerade noch nicht, wir machen einfach was mit dem Standard-Sound. Wir fügen nun endlich MIDI-Noten ein.

Noten einfügenInsert new midi item

Klicke oben einfach im Menü auf „Insert“ und wähle dann „New MIDI Item“ aus. Anschließend erscheint in dem Track eine hellgraue Kiste, die du doppelt anklicken kannst.


Links in der sogenannten Pianoroll findest du eine Klavier-Tastatur. Wenn du mit der Maus auf diese Tasten klickst, kannst du die Töne hören. Im rechten Bereich findest du ein Gitter. In diesem kannst du per Mausklick einfach Noten reinmalen. (Ich habe eine Notenlänge von 1/8 als Standard-Länge für Noten definiert, wie du unten im Screenshot sehen kannst). Füge einfach ein paar Noten ein. Du kannst die Noten auch verschieben und sogar 2 Noten übereinander legen, um Akkorde zu spielen. Wenn dir anhören willst, wie deine 4 Takte klingen, drücke einfach „LEERTASTE“ oder auf den kleinen PLAY-Button unten links

Du siehst in diesem Screenshot auch noch unten so „Leisten“. Diese Leisten zeigen dir, wie stark die Taste gedrückt wurde. Da du die Noten nicht mit einer Klaviertastatur mit Anschlagdynamik eingespielt hast, müsstest du, um ein echtes Klavier zu simulieren, die Stärke der Anschläge regulieren.

Dieser Block, den du nun eingefügt hast, nennt sich TAKE. Du kannst die Pianoroll schließen und landest nun wieder im Arranger. Mit den Takes kannst du nun jede Menge Quatsch machen. Du kannst sie beliebig verschieben oder Kopieren und Einfügen. Wenn du das tust, kannst du den eingefügten Take auch verändern.

Wie du hier vielleicht siehst, spielt REAPER jetzt 1 Takt lang die Melodie und im 2. Takt ist die letzte Note ein wenig anders gespielt.

Arbeiten mit Samples

Ich brauche an dieser Stelle noch eine Kick-Drum. Ich lade mir deshalb bei Freesound irgendeine Kickdrum herunter und muss nichts anderes tun, als diese Kickdrum einfach in Reaper reinzuziehen. Anschließend dupliziere ich die Kick einfach bei jedem Beat neu rein.

Arbeiten mit Effekten

Du siehst dieses kleine grüne FX-Zeichen auf dem Track wo „VITAL“ läuft? Hier läuft quasi ein VST-Plugin schon als Effekt. In dem Track mit der Kickdrum ist noch kein Effekt, nur das Kickdrum-Sample. Hier wollen wir nun einen Effekt einfügen. Wir klicken also auf „FX“ und wählen dann einfach einen EQ aus.

Im Grunde kannst du nun am Equalizer herumspielen, bis die Kickdrum so klingt, wie du sie gerne hättest. Du kannst du viele Effekte hinzufügen, wie du möchtest. Die Abarbeitungsreihenfolge pro Track ist – logisch – von oben nach unten.


Das ist das einfachste Tutorial, was ich dir zu REAPER geben kann. Diese hier genannten Schritte solltest du in 15 Minuten komplett erlernt haben. Tatsächlich braucht man auch gar nicht wirklich viel mehr Schritte, um die ersten Songideen zu erstellen. Natürlich gibt’s später noch die Möglichkeit, Tracks zu verschachteln, Effekte über Busse zu verschieben, Automationskurven zu benutzen und so weiter. Aber das brauchen wir für den Moment noch gar nicht.

Viel Spaß!

#amateur #anfänger #einstieg #macOs #musikproduktion #reaper #tutorial #windows

1 month ago

Reaper V6.82:
What's new among other things?
+ Accessibility: improve labels for time signature edit window.
#Accessibility #Reaper

Brian Marick
1 month ago

#reaper audio editing trick

I frequently botch a sentence, clap to mark the spot, and rerecord it. When editing out the repeats, finding the start of the botched sentence was a problem. But turning on colorization of the waveform makes it easy. First word of bad sentence is same shape and color as first word of good one - instant recognition that a black waveform didn’t give.

I’d point to the preference if I could find it again. Maze of twisty checkboxes, all alike.

A waveform. There’s a red-then-orange-then-red blog that’s the end of the word “programmers”, then a green-then-brown blog that’s the word “say”.
Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
1 month ago

It's #Majestic #Manderville time, part three!! The last three #relic weapons for my third most beloved role jobs are got: #Summoner, #Dragoon, and #Reaper!

I'm very happy with the reaper #weapon this time around. Although the last iteration of the Manderville #scythe fit me well, it did not fit the reaper style well. This, though? It screams reaper. With this weapon in hand, you're definitely reaping some souls.

The dragoon #spear is slick. What else can I say? Damn slick.

I wish the colors on the summoner's #index were different, but I can't win them all. I'm sure many folks are loving the green phoenix fire look.

(Image CW: Spoilers for #FFXIV Patch 6.45.)

#FFXIVMiqote #FFXIVScreenshots #Joan #majesticManderville #relicWeapon #GPosers

Joan lets her Majestic Manderville index hover ahead of her as she reads magical spells from it and casts powerful summon magics!
Joan descends from the sky like a javelin with a powerful dragoon Majestic Manderville spear attack!
Joan holds her Majestic Manderville scythe aloft, ready to strike her enemy!
1 month ago

I have a #blind musician nephew willing to learn more about #Reaper used with #nvda and #osara. However, he lives in Tunisia and mainly speaks Arabic. Is there blind reaper users out there who speaks arabic who could talk with him and help? Or any forum or group where arabic language is used on this topic? Thanks! #a11y #screenreader #accessibility

Dan Gero
2 months ago

This post is dedicated to my friend @spacepup. The other day, he showed me the power of automation in #Reaper, and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Thanks man; you're the best. :-)

A reply to the excellent post by @hilljam about the need of a versioning system in the modern music production workflow.

Disclaimer: my take is based on Reaper, and I doubt it could be 'ported' to some other DAW.

#Reaper #DAW #MusicProduction #backup

2 months ago


Ютуб подкинул мне отличное вводное видео на русском языке:

#linux #audio #jack #reaper #guitar #tutorial

Roth Child
2 months ago

@jannem It does more (should you ever feel the need) but #Reaper will do all of this and has a native linux client.

2 months ago

Hey #audio engineers!

I have some clips of of a lecture from the 90's that I'm cleaning up for use in a presentation. The audio is not ideal. One stereo channel cuts out a lot and there are a lot of peaky glitch sounds.

I think this is from being recorded straight to VHS in the early 90's, and then digitized into a low-quality mp4.

What would be some straightforward ways to clean up the audio track on this? I have #Reaper but am definitely a novice.

@jazz Want this in my #REAPER in the near future

Flock of Nazguls
3 months ago

Despite having a PhD, #modular can still make me feel stupid sometimes:

For the life of me I can't figure out how to get my #Keystep 37 (connected by USB #MIDI to my MacBook Pro) to play keyboards on an #iPad soft synth when my iPad Pro, MBP, and ES-9 are part of the same Aggregate Device (and all theoretically connected by USB MIDI), which is the input for Reaper. I feel that I'm missing something in my 'Audio MIDI Setup' utility, although it could be a #Reaper thing.

Anyone have any ideas?

3 months ago

#Music #MusicProduction #Reaper #Grunge #Pop #Metal

I broke my word and am sharing a demo of another song.

It's about falling in love with a married woman.

Really coming to terms with that at my best my music is kinda awkward pop music that is getting competent but not inspired.

Grungy pop song
3 months ago

REAPER 6.81 is available with the following accessibility-oriented updates and more:
+ Accessibility: improve description of default track record settings button in preferences.
+ Accessibility: add preference to use standard (screen-reader accessible) OS editing control for video processor code.
+ Accessibility: improve keyboard navigation of video processor presets.
#Accessibility #Reaper

Alex :artblackcat:
4 months ago

Dabbling with making some #music in #Reaper. I'm running up against how to do drums effectively.

I'm so used to Ableton and Bitwig drum racks simplifying things that I'm not sure how else to do drums. I could always plug in the Digitakt; or use Microtonic; or consider checking out XO.

My new REAPER toolbars, after I applied new icons bought from Designed by Øivind Rosvold.

#Reaper #DAW

Screenshot of a Reaper window showing 3 toolbars, one at the very top, the main default Reaper toolbar above the track region and a floating toolbar called 'WINDOWS' that I've been using on occasions.
Marco Raaphorst
4 months ago

Logic Pro voor iPad. Is dit het omslagpunt?

Het heeft toch langer geduurd dan ik voorspelde. Misschien wel een jaar of 10 jaar later dan ik had gedacht. Zeg nou eens eerlijk: een laptop met een beeldscherm en een toetsenbord dat voelt toch wat ouderwets aan?

#Apple #iPad #LogicPro #Reaper #touchscreen

Torsten Torsten
4 months ago

1/2 If you are creating #audio on Linux I can recommend #AVLinux.

In my live I did audio-recording on AmigaOS, Windows 98, Linux Ubuntu, Mint and Manjaro and I've got the feeling I've finally found the OS that fits my audio-needs. AVLinux is based upon #MXLinux (which is based upon #Debian) and comes with pre-installed multimedia programms, like #Ardour, #Reaper, #KDEnlive, #Cinelerra, #Musescore, #Hydrogen, #Blender and many others. And hundreds of audio #plugins for Ardour & Reaper.

4 months ago

It's that time again.  :)

This months #Reaper made easy Meet-up will happen on Saturday 27th May, 8PM UK, 3PM Eastern.
Join us for May's edition of "I'm Perplexed, What's Next", an open Q&A session where you can ask anything about REAPER, OSARA or #accessible recording. Questions big or small are welcome from anyone with any amount of experience. We'll be online for a couple of hours, helping as many people with as much as we can.
Details on this Q&A and other goodies can be found on
See you there. :)
Scott and JennyK

Double Tap
4 months ago

On Monday Canada is on holiday, and that means that #DoubleTap is on holiday too. We are back Tuesday talking about #Reaper, while Wednesday we discuss ongoing Apple OS bugs. Thursday we spend the hour with Robert Kingett, the blind journalist, and it’s your feedback on Friday!

5 months ago
@AlgoCompSynth by znmeb #MaskUp

Works here for #Reaper:

"Advanced UI/system tweaks. In the first window of Prefs/General at the bottom left, click on Advanced UI/system tweaks. This may or may not give you what you need but it's easy to go back. Check "Scale UI elements" and change the 1 to 1.5 or 1.75 and restart Reaper."


For me 1.1 was good enough.
Justin Macleod
5 months ago

I put together this demo for how you might accessibly create a convincing shortwave radio vibe complete with carrier whistle, static, the works. When you're feeling garbled, express it like this. #SoundDesign #DAW #Reaper #ReaperDAW

I love my new Roger Waters sticker. Whoever had this idea has my gratitude. It's a very nice representation of artistic rage.

Also featured, my beloved REAPER sticker, aptly covering the (still glowing) Apple logo of the MacBook Pro.

#RogerWaters #PinkFloyd #laptop #stickers #REAPER

A close picture of a laptop grey shell with two stickers attached: on the bottom right there's a REAPER logo (audio software) covering the computer's Apple logo; on the top left a sticker with a stylised Roger Waters hitting a gong. It mimics a famous scene from "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii", the film from 1972.
5 months ago

master_me 1.2.0 released 🎉

free and open source mastering plugin for live-streams, podcasts and internet radio

Among many improvements, there's good news for Logic and Garageband Users: We have (experimental) AU support now :)

#faust #dpf #audio #plugin #foss #stream #podcast #radio #mastering #prototypefund #logic #garageband #vst #clap #au #internetradio #obs #reaper #ardour

screenshot of the audio plugin master_me with many adjustable parameters and meters.