Eternel Fantasme™
3 hours ago

#Geppetto est un #pauvre bougre âgé et seul. Il a dédié sa vie à offrir les joies du s*xe aux femmes esseulées, aux veuves, aux vieilles, aux moches.
Pour quelques #pièces, il leur faisait se sentir femme et aimait son métier, cela toujours avec le plus grand #respect pour elles !
Quand Cerise, la menuisière du village lui donne un bout de bois magique dans lequel il sculptera le corps de #Pinocchio, un homme de bois ayant le corps d'un jeune #adulte de dix-neuf ans.

😍 😍

Steve Goodier 🐢
18 hours ago

Would you like this as a daily text? Text JOIN to (970) 696-7814.

#quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #life #quotestoliveby #living #livingwell #meme #respect #friendship #culturewars

Meme: I don't have to agree with you to like or respect you.

Anthony Bourdain, chef and author
Eternel Fantasme™
1 day ago

#Geppetto est un #pauvre bougre âgé et seul. Il a dédié sa vie à offrir les joies du s*xe aux femmes esseulées, aux veuves, aux vieilles, aux moches.
Pour quelques #pièces, il leur faisait se sentir femme et aimait son métier, cela toujours avec le plus grand #respect pour elles !
Quand Cerise, la menuisière du village lui donne un bout de bois magique dans lequel il sculptera le corps de #Pinocchio, un homme de bois ayant le corps d'un jeune #adulte de dix-neuf ans.

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True Quotation
1 day ago

Growing up in northern California has had a big influence on my love and respect for the outdoors. When I lived in Oakland, we would think nothing of driving to Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz one day and then driving to the foothills of the Sierras the next day.
— Jay Weatherill
#quote #respect

Steve Wyche 🤖
2 days ago

The College Football playoff is set, but I am more about The between 🦬 and 🐍MEAC vs SWAC. Two Great Universities. Let’s Go! #HBCUlove #Respect #YouKnow!

3 days ago

Can’t stop thinking about the chilled man I met last night, waiting at the Darwin waterfront lift for someone to come along and push the button because his disability prevents him from doing so. He had travelled from London, and after a brief chat he said goodbye and zoomed off on his wheelchair. Ofc, it’d be incredibly frustrating to navigate ill-considered built environments. But I had never considered the courage it would take to do so alone, half a world from your home. #respect #idpwd2023

Amadeus Paulussen
4 days ago

Do you think that as #humans (and #musicians or any kind of artistic or professional work) we should stop using services that #disrespect us, even though there may be a significant audience on such #platforms? I am thinking of #spotify, #applemusic, #instagram, #facebook, #youtube and the likes. Or is it maybe enough to just not use such services for our own #consumption? #fairness #respect

Trollup 🐾
4 days ago

Straight up: I’m a slut, submissive, service slave. I like being reminded of my place as a faggot. Indeed I revel in it. I am Autistic and have ADHD. All that said, there is this nuance between degradation and still being respected.

So I’m having this increasingly excited conversation. With a man I’d really like to be abused by in the very best ways. And then I get “oh so you’re autistic and retarded?”

Full. Stop. Buzkill. 🛑😡

I instantly blocked him. Right or wrong it took me to a very bad place. I might tolerate it once there was an understanding and trust but not right at the start. Sigh.

#BDSM #submission #neurodivergent #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD #ADHD #respect #trust #degradation #boundaries #PowerExchange #slut #faggot #ENM #CNC @actuallyautistic

4 days ago

A new paper from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is out.

Titled "Privacy First: A Better Way to Address Online Harms", has the goal of proposing an alternative to the "often ill-conceived, bills written by state, federal, and international regulators to tackle a broad set of digital topics ranging from child safety to artificial intelligence."

The EFF states that "these scattershot proposals to correct online harm are often based on censorship and news cycles. Instead of this chaotic approach that rarely leads to the passage of good laws, we propose another solution."

#EFF #Privacy #Respect

Hebrew by Inbal
5 days ago

🌟 Understanding the noun for Honor, Respect, and Dignity in Hebrew🌟

In the heart of Hebrew language lies the powerful concept of כָּבוֹד /ka-'vod/.

More than just a word, it's a guiding principle that encompasses honor, respect, and dignity.

It's about acknowledging the intrinsic worth and moral integrity of every individual 🌿

כָּבוֹד /ka-'vod/ represents the deep esteem we hold for others, recognizing their rights, values, and merits.

#respect #honor #dignity #wisdom #hebrew #languagelearning

Peter M 🎯
5 days ago


Zijn moeder 'liet zich niet kennen' door mij en vele anderen. Zij hield altijd afstand in de afgelopen 11 jaar gedurende haar ziekte.

En morgen gaat blijken dat velen om haar geven, want velen begrijpen het. Als je niets liever wil dan #afscheid nemen van het leven, #euthanasie dus, neem je afscheid van velen en wil je de ander dat niet aandoen. 🙏

Morgen gaan wij haar eren met velen. Met veel #respect en met velen. 🙏 🙏

Gorka Bereziartua
5 days ago

Shane McGowan #respect

5 days ago
Stitch Media
6 days ago

PP has not been elected to run the country. Apparently, common sense means no respect for the system. If the bill fails, he should immediately resign.

#StitchedInkMedia #Politics #Canada #Respect #Climate #Senate #Environment

True Quotation
1 week ago

I've always wanted to work with Blair, and finally the timing was right. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. I think he's a hugely underrated actor in Hollywood.
— Carol P. Christ
#quote #respect

Claude Trudel
1 week ago

Le Monde diplomatique : un journal non aligné
👍 « Le parti pris des directions éditoriales découle moins d’une intention sournoise que d’un aveuglement sincère. Leur reprocher un « deux poids, deux mesures » reviendrait à déplorer l’écart à une norme, celle de l’égalité de traitement ou de l’égale dignité des humains, qu’ils ont depuis longtemps abandonnée. »
#liberté #démocratie #presse #média #journalisme #information #respect

Iban Zaldua
1 week ago

Geordie Walker (1958-2023), Killing Joke taldeko gitarrista #respect

Iban Zaldua
1 week ago

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie (1929-2023). Historialaria, garai bateko Annales eskolakoa #respect

Ida Tschichoflos
1 week ago

#vision #noafd #nofascism #destruction #environment #love #respect #utopic
I think it is really important not to stay reactively within the discussions started by the fascist right. We simply have to get out our own positive visions of where we want to go to convince others not to give in to a feeling of doom in regard to the climate crisis! Fascism is always about a resigned desire for death and destruction.
Here is an example of what I mean (created with ai-art):

1 week ago

Whoever thought of those custom combination PFD / goonbags for the #blockade is a genius

Pic: @RisingTideAu
Mustafa Kulle
1 week ago

New episode of the Moon Podcast:

The need for kindness and politeness.

#podcast #moon #mustafakulle
#kindness #politeness

1 week ago
Darlan M Cunha
1 week ago

Pensar dói. Por isso, deixei para trás este monumento, eu vim ser moderno também, outra sombra fingindo felicidade, pelo que é certo que espero recompensa de bom porte, de boa cepa, ou seja, de origem bem duvidosa, como é quase tudo o que há numa sociedade do tipo Sociedade Mãe Pressa.


Thinking hurts. That's why I left this monument behind, I've come to be modern too, another shadow pretending to be happy, so it's certain that I expect a reward of good size, of good stock, in other words, of very dubious origin, as is almost everything else in a society like the Society of Mother Haste.


#society #ModernWayOfLife # psychology #respect #behavior
Translated from Portuguese by

Manni_P :mastolove:
1 week ago

0:08 Name
0:12 The attraction of #Aikido
0:19 #Teaching abroad
4:34 #Japan representative
5:05 #Ukemi
7:12 Accept #energy at the center of your #body
8:00 Ken and Jo *Weapon techniques
12:49 #Training
17:16 #Practice 1
19:27 student's voice
21:07 Sitting techniques
23:17 Teaching children's classes
24:08 Practice 2
26:55 About YouTube
27:05 #infinitepossibilities
#letztegeneration #fridaysforfuture #Infinity #darkenergy #bekind #humankind #wehrhaft #respect #climate #fff

Ziel des Aikidōs ist es, einem Angriff dadurch zu begegnen, dass man die Angriffskraft leitet (Abwehr) und es dem Gegner unmöglich macht, seinen Angriff fortzuführen (Absicherung). Dies geschieht insbesondere durch Wurf- (nage waza) und Haltetechniken (osae waza oder katame waza). Der friedlichen geistigen Haltung des Aikidō entsprechend geschieht dies ohne Absicht zum Gegenangriff, sondern vorwiegend durch die Einnahme einer günstigen Position und ständige Kontrolle des Kontakts mit dem Gegner.[1] Zur Übung werden Angriffs- und Verteidigungsformen aus der Menge standardisierter Aikidō-Techniken vorher ausgewählt und, einer vorgegebenen Form folgend, ausgeführt. Mit zunehmendem Fortschritt der Ausbildung kommen auch die freieren Übungsformen Jiju-waza, Jiyu-waza und Randori[2] vor. Es folgt damit dem japanischen Sprichwort: „Trete [sic] durch die Form ein, und trete [sic] aus der Form heraus.“[3]
Mike Nelson Pedde
2 weeks ago

We've added a new blog post: "It’s Our Birthday!!!!"

Remember to hug the ones you love today...and every day!!

#birthday #blog #celebration #gratitude #hugs #kindness #respect #thanks

An image of the flamingo at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. The caption reads, "This is YOUR Day!! Strut Your Stuff!!
Marcia Nelson Pedde
2 weeks ago

We've added a new blog post: "It’s Our Birthday!!!!"

Remember to hug the ones you love today...and every day!!

#birthday #blog #celebration #gratitude #hugs #kindness #respect #thanks

An image of the flamingo at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. The caption reads, "This is YOUR Day!! Strut Your Stuff!!

From a friend:

Something I been realizing lately: people who act entitled are actually insecure and even incompetent. They have risen (so to speak) above their place and ability, unconsciously know where and who they are is a delusion....and are handwaving and screaming for attention and respect...that they know inside is all a pretense.

People with real substance rarely act that way: they generate, through their actions and presence, a sort of gravitas-tional wave that makes people want to know them, to work with them. For them, respect just happens. They don't pull rank, they don't need it or need to; people just respond.


--Stewart Dean, Kingston, NY

#entitlement #insecurity #incompetence #competence #substance #respect

:earth: Peter :fedi: 🌍
2 weeks ago

16 Tage gegen Gewalt an Frauen – #respect auch am Arbeitsplatz!

Die internationale Kampagne „16 Tage gegen Gewalt an Frauen und Mädchen“ zwischen 25. November und 10. Dezember soll jedes Jahr im gleichen Zeitraum auf die erschreckende Gewaltbereitschaft gegenüber Frauen, weil sie Frauen sind, aufmerksam machen. Diese Gewalt findet zumeist dort statt, wo frau sich eigentlich in Sicherheit wiegen will: zu Hause. Fälle aus der Beratung der Arbeiterkammer OÖ zeigen, dass auch der Arbeitsplatz zum Ort des Martyriums werden kann und Frauen Opfer von sexueller Belästigung und (sexualisierter) Gewalt werden.

2 weeks ago

Happy 80th Birthday to Billie Jean King. She is DEFINITELY one of the #heroes in #NamingGotham. Researching and writing the chapter about her was inspiring! I got to relive watching her wipe the floor with Bobby Riggs as a kid. Plus I learned how she has been a leader on #payequity #TitleIX and #LGBTQIA+ rights #Respect #nyc #history #tennis #newyork #newyorker #newyorkcity #historyfacts #historybuff #awardwinning #book #booktok @histodons

black and white image of a very young Billie Jean King in tennis gear, holding a tennis racket sitting on a bench in front of lockers.
Franck Rageade
2 weeks ago

"Le groupe c'est le lieu de tous les dangers ; c'est le lieu de tous les possibles." Catherine Pamphile captive #AgileGrenoble avec une #keynote sur le risque psychologique. #respect #tolérance #sapiens #culture #peur

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 weeks ago

Seriously the best festival I've ever attended ❤️

Wonderful venue. Superb sound. Water dispensers. Lovely staff. Was nice to be treated like a human being. Pretty wristband too. 🇸🇪 is expensive for me, but another lineup like the Saturday one and... oh, well!

#metal #metalfestival #concert #sweden #norrland #umea #extrememetal #live #liveislife #respect

2 weeks ago

Nothing but love for the guy who introduced himself on #SNF as being from "THE something or other High School".


2 weeks ago
Catherine Ivers Norton
2 weeks ago

It is important to know and be our authentic selves, so we can resist the pressure to conform, please others, or be anything else than who we are.

We honor our spirit by walking away from those who act as if we aren't good enough. Likewise, we should want to see, appreciate, accept, encourage, and love others exactly as they are.

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mentalhealth #mindfulness #presence #intention #authenticity #integrity #respect #love

A girl’s contemplative face is reflected in a mirror. The caption reads, "Be your authentic self."
2 weeks ago

Ik wou dat dit me verbaasde… #vvd #respect #nieuwsuur

We #misremember #marriageequality as '#easy' #fight. But it paved the way for #trans #rights.

If we continue to harness the power of our #stories, #respect the #journeys that people are on, and make sure a variety of #voices are heard to reach the cross-section of #America,
we will prevail.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Activism #Representation #Culture

3 weeks ago

Oh, those poor, persecuted #Christians! They're such #victims! Those mean #LGBTQ people are destroying #Christianity with their #agenda... to be treated with #respect and #dignity!

What a bunch of assholes. In their mind, Christianity simply cannot exist alongside people who are attracted to members of same sex. Because #Jesus!

Fuck Christianity, and fuck Christians who embrace this bigoted mindset. I celebrate the diminishment of this cancerous #ideology.

Le #respect usuel des #recruteurs... surtout le temps de réponse a mes questions...

Iban Zaldua
3 weeks ago

Agustín Ibarrola (1930-2023). Euskal margolaria eta eskultorea #respect

Carl Spies
3 weeks ago

Great session with Dr Cynthia Malinga from #SASOL at the #WestCol #4IR lab I designed. She's a legend in tech education in SA and busy with so many projects - #RESPECT
#edtech #4ir #AI #resolutioncircle

#Miscommunication between people can be easily forgiven if the miscommunication is easily explained or resolved and not a representation of deceit.

A lack of #communication on the other hand, often represents a lack of respect, especially if you do everything in your power to earn the respect you should be given. If you can quantify that lack of communication—the absence of respect—the way forward is through a door labeled "Exit".

There is no shame in seeking mutual #respect and #trust.

Domando Al Lobo
3 weeks ago

Pues ha subido notablemente este post del #blog estos días y es que hoy #16nov es el #DiaMundialParaLaTolerancia #DiaMundialDeLaTolerancia.
Os agradezco mucho la acogida a pesar de no publicar periódicamente.
#Tolerancia #xenofobia #racismo #política #DerechosHumanos #DDHH #libertad #diversidad #convivencia #respeto #paz #peace #respect #freedom #tolerance #mastoblogs #Mastoblogger

#193 "Pura sangre" los caballos, no las personas

Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 month ago

Do you believe that prioritizing kindness, respect, and empathy get in the way of progress?

If so…who hurt you, bro?

#kindness #empathy #respect #FirstPrinciples #ProductManagement

1 month ago
the roamer
1 month ago


Excellent advice for all online communication, including for our conversations here on Fedi.

#MastodonCulture #conversation #etiquette #respect #BeConsiderate

@CoachMark @RickiTarr Couple things:
1. This is definitely an embarrassing song deep cut. Gawds, thinking about the video now.
2. I love that it's here just to give would-be hipsters the shivers. lol

@stellewd 129 now, because i #respect #women

Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
1 month ago

A friend of mine, a really smart, top lawyer, drives an old Prius. He’s not a guy who cares about showing off, and the car does the job and saves him fuel. I get the feeling I’m getting dropped off in an Uber but #respect to the man for not wanting to keep up with the Joneses (which he and his wife are more than capable of doing) and knowing he doesn’t need a flash car when he has mana and can be judged by his mahi.

As a leader, how important is it that people like you? I want to suggest that it is more important to be respected and trusted by your team, rather than just liked.

#leadership #respect #trust #lovableleadership

As a leader, does it matter if people like you? Well, it matters in the sense that if they like you, people tend to be more responsive. But to be an effective leader, people don't actually have to like you. They do have to respect you. And part of lovable leadership is eschewing being liked for instead being respected and trusted. So if you put your emphasis on caring about the people that you lead, building a sense of trust with them and creating safety for them, even if they don't like you, there's a good chance that they'll respect you and will be willing to follow you. So just a quick tip for today and for those of you who are people pleasers or really want to have deep-seated trauma about managers that you really hated so you want to really be liked, just keep in mind that if you put that off to the side, you'll likely be more effective and they'll probably wind up liking you anyway.
Steven Saus [he/him]
2 months ago

From 18 Oct: You Can Identify The Hypocritical Patriots By How They Treat The Flag. - I have more respect for those who would burn the US flag in protest than I do for those who fly it incorrectly or, worse, combine it with the (incorrect) flag of traitors. #politics #flag #respect #united-states

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 months ago

@dangillmor @themarkup Elon is playing in his $44 billion sandbox, shoveling heaps of sand over his twitter-addicted masochistic victims' heads as much as he pleases.
Do we have to feel pity for them? Is X/twitter the crack or meth of (anti)social media followership-junkies need to get to the next day?
Musk's twitter is the parading banana-Republic of epochal microblogging flops.

#Mastodon #FreeSpeech #SelfDetermination #Freedom #Equality #Community #LeaveTwitter #LeaveX #Respect #RespectYourself

Tossed the new text-graphic on Instagram, but thought I'd share here too.

Wearing a mask is a consistent way to keep yourself and the people around you safer from the harsh realities of covid and long covid.

If you want mask recommendations, I am happy to share. I mostly use 3m aura's but i point people towards a lot for really affordable verified masks.

#WearAMask #CovidIsNotOver #Kindness #Respect

Death & hospitalization are not the only serious consequences of COVID. 
Each infection carries a ~30% Long-COVID risk! 
COVID ruins lives with permanently disabling symptoms, and costs people their jobs, housing, & relationships. Don't risk your life, or the lives of people around you! Wearing a mask (kn95 or n95) is an effective way to protect yourself from the ongoing pandemic. [More info in the description]
Tom Lorenz
2 months ago

@dancinyogi I'd love to meet the Tom guy who had an entire branch of foolery named after him. #Respect

Stefano Marinelli
2 months ago

Early morning thoughts. If you call me at 19 to ask for a non-urgent, two-hour task and I confirm I'll do it, you can't call me the morning after at 8:30 asking if I'm done.

#communication #respect #timemanagement #IT

Catherine Ivers Norton
2 months ago

The best way to begin a harmonious relationship is to demonstrate respect and consideration from the start. This sets the stage for compromising on important issues later.

Read the full blog post here:

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mindfulness #presence #calm #patience #engagement #relationships #respect

A couple embraces at the center of a stone bridge. The caption reads, "Respect and consideration lead to epic romances."
Elizabeth Grey ⚙️
2 months ago

I effin' love the 80s, coolest generation by far ✌️

#80s #Erasure #Respect #MadeInThe80s

2 months ago

@starlily I always find posts like this so #heartwarming. They illustrate the #respect and #consideration that everyone has for viewpoints that might be different from their own.

3 months ago

With All Due Respect

When someone starts a sentence with “with all due respect,” you know what’s coming.

#comedy #insults #respect #shortcast #YourAutisticLife

3 months ago

@csilverman truly impressive! #respect 🙌🏽

Michael Marek
3 months ago

I am sorry that people are experiencing racism and other harassment in Mastodon.

It doesn't matter whether you or I have seen this or not. It simply should not be tolerated.

If you see racism, hate, lack of respect, report it to your server moderator/administrator (whether or not it is directed at you, personally).

If you see these things, rise to support the people at whom it is directed and let them know they are appreciated and welcome here.

#News #Racism #Mastodon #Harassment #Hate #Respect

Can the Mapuche teach us to transform fear into respect?

"Respect your fears: what the Mapuche approach to fear can teach us about transforming our biases and fighting prejudice.
When we further probed parents and elders about these beliefs, they told us that fear isn’t useful and shouldn’t be felt.
They argued that fear is debilitating and paralysing, and should be replaced with unconditional respect for all life."

#Mapuche #Fear #Biases #Prejudice #Respect

@w7voa Much #respect for the small woman who made "big" men quiver with fear.

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

If the thing you’re making wouldn’t exist if people had to opt in instead of having to opt out, maybe the thing you’re making shouldn’t exist.

#technology #humanRights #consent #respect

Airplanista 🇺🇦
4 months ago

I have even more #respect today for #wildland #firefighters after trying to work outside in #Eugene #Oregon when the smoke from numerous small/medium fires descends on the southern #WillametteValley.

Even with a KN95 mask, breathing in this level of smoke is a chore. I cannot imagine what breathing while fighting the fires must be like.

In this screengrab from you can see the readings from private sensor stations. Anything over 150 is rough, some are now hitting 300.

Tim Chambers
4 months ago

#Threads officially added its first Fediverse integration today adding “rel=me” verification support. I reached out three weeks ago suggesting that would be an early trust building step. And they did it….
Props to them for that first step. #Respect to @jessel for this work. And for listening.

Now everyone can use your Mastodon account (or Wikipedia or Gavatar or Flipboard or Medium) account to verify your Threads, and vice versa.

cc: @fediversenews

*% Oxjessel you can now set rel=me links on threads! this means you can verify your threads profile on platforms like Mastodon. i had some fun learning about this obscure HTML attribute and wanted to share more what this is and what it means.. ® mosseri 2 We've also rolled out Threads support for rel=me links to help you verify your identity on platforms like Mastodon. You can now add your Threads profile
“ Oxjessel 2h - for folks outside of the Fediverse this might not mean much, but my hope is that folks take this as a sign that we're embracing open standards seriously. fun fact, it all started from this post by @timothyjchambers 3 weeks ago and one night i finally decided to hack it together :)

@ timothyjchambers @0xjessel & team: am sure this is far down on your “to do list", but a small, but disproportionately helpful addition would be to ...
Cab T. Hanks
4 months ago


Großartiges Foto

Es zeigt sehr deutlich den Unterschied zwischen #Populisten und guten Politikern. Die einen Schwatzen leere Worte, auf Kosten des Volks, der andere hält dem Volk den Schirm.


ᴚ uɐᗡ
4 months ago

I see what you're doing here James @rephlex00 #respect 👀 🐐

james has stopped after 666 posts
Kent Brewster
4 months ago

Met some stupendous badasses the other night: Team Antigua Island Girls, who had just completed a 2800-mile row from Monterey to Hanalei Bay in 41 days. See for details on the route; for more on the team. #kauai #antigua #pacific #badass #respect #strongwomen

The Team Antigua Island Girls long-distance rowing team strike a pose, chins up, hands on hips.  They stand against a tropical background of palm trees, wearing bright headdresses and long, colorful dresses that reveal strong shoulders.  Left to right:  Kevinia Francis,  Elvira Bell, Samara Emmanuel, and Christal Clashing.
OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
5 months ago

"Can a Symbol Help Stop the Harm – Disability Designator ID and Disability Deaths" –PART TWO:

This piece was expected to be two parts. With the number of stories about people with disabilities being harmed by police, it will require more. A STRONG CONTENT WARNING (CW): the events and linked videos may be disturbing to some.

Reasons for Disability ID Programs:

The nonprofit Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) started the National Disability ID (NDID) for obvious reasons. For individuals that may need additional assistance, the NDID card may be beneficial. In the words of IDA:

"Because people living with invisible disabilities are often looked upon with misunderstanding or disbelief when asking for help, IDA wants to change the experience of millions living with invisible disabilities. Instead of spending time and energy having to explain their disability and validate their need for assistance, it is our desire and goal that they can simply receive the support they need when they display their NDID Card."

As mentioned, several states use the IDA invisible disabilities symbol as part of their disability identifier laws. To be clear, the IDA is a private nonprofit organization and the NDID symbol is their own creation, not a government program. A confidential symbol program has positives for some with disabilities but, protected information should not be in the hands of the DMV or appearing on drivers licenses. A separate card presented along with the license may be a better idea. Much like a "handicap" placard , such cards issued via doctors recommendation, would keep medical information in the hands of doctors. It is important to mention that the various state Disability ID programs are voluntary, not mandated but, the compiling of information and formation of a database for people with invisible disabilities, is a paramount concern. DMV information can be accessed by many. **

Encounters with Law Enforcement and First Responders:

Because an individual with invisible disabilities may avoid eye contact, speak quickly/slowly or appear to be anxious, law enforcement reactions may often include: judgments or assumptions that a person is "acting guilty", "under the influence" or "up to something". Many disabilities are accompanied by: anxiety, avoidance, difficulties focusing, restlessness, trouble understanding instruction, and a variety of communication limitations. Symptomatic reaction, heightened fear and/or emotion may manifest during the simplest of interactions with any first responder. Any of these factors could cause situations to escalate quickly, to the detriment of the person with disabilities. These, combined with lack of understanding about invisible disabilities and aggressiveness on the part of law-enforcement, can make a simple walk to the neighborhood store very dangerous, even deadly for anyone with invisible disabilities.

The IDA presents a few real-life scenarios on their website as an example of the lack of understanding by authorities:

In Ohio, a man with autism was pulled over by police, presented his license but, did not make eye contact. When the man started fumbling around in his car the officer made an assumption he was intoxicated, pulled him out of his car and handcuffed him. The officer later found out the man had autism. Would a disability ID card, have prevented this from happening?

After using an electric scooter to do grocery shopping, a Colorado woman with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) went to her car parked in a handicapped spot. Police then blocked her car in with their vehicle lights flashing. The woman presented an MS ID card, explained her health issue and advise them she DID have a valid handicap placard. The officer responded, "You're not disabled, I saw you walk into the store".

As disgusting and unnecessary as these two examples on the IDA website are, they pale in comparison to some of the other stories:

January 2021: Rochester N.Y. police responding to a call about "family trouble", used unnecessary force on a nine-year-old girl having an obvious mental health crisis. As the child cried, "I want my father", police handcuffed her, put her in the back of the cruiser and pepper sprayed her. Another similar incident occurred in 2022 when El Paso Texas police used a stun gun on a 10-year-old girl experiencing a mental health crisis.

September 2019: a Rio Arriba County New Mexico Deputy tasered a student with developmental disabilities for sassing him. School officials stood by and watched. Former deputy, Jeremy Barnes was fired and charged with "child abuse, false imprisonment and aggravated battery"; however, I see no mention of additional charges specific to abuse of a person with disabilities.

February 2021: A Kansas Sheriff's deputy "hogtied, tasered and used painful compliance techniques" on a 12-year-old autistic child who ran away from a foster home.. The child was handcuffed behind his back, shackled on his ankles and the handcuffs were then connected to the shackles. This "hog tying" tactic has been banned in N.Y., California and other states. The US DOJ warned police departments across the country that this tactic could interfere with the ability to breathe and cause death decades ago. According to the "order of reprimand" that was made public, the Kansas Deputy also use threats and profanities telling the child to “Cut it out. Do you understand? Fucking quit,” adding, “When the other guy gets here, you’re going to hurt more.”

With the boy obviously restrained and not a threat, the report says the officer “...struggled with, shoved, elbowed, applied pressure points, carried, pulled, ‘hog tied,’ and ultimately tasered (the boy referred to as) L.H.” The officer was fired and reprimanded but the Kansas commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training elected not to prevent him from becoming a police officer again. That doesn't seem to be a mention of charges against this officer whom, the report indicates was well aware the child was autistic.

January 2020: An autistic teen who was experiencing "a sudden sensory outburst” related to his autism, died as a result of police in Louisiana sitting on him for nine minutes and six seconds. His parents witnessed the event. Police handcuffed, shackled his ankles and held him facedown on the pavement of a parking lot "putting immense pressure on his back".

November 2015: A six-year-old autistic boy from Louisiana was shot and killed by police after his father, Christopher Few failed to stop for police. The officers that fired their weapons killing the child were Derek Stafford and Norris Greenhouse. After the vehicle came to a stop, body camera footage shows the father Mr. Few, had his hands in the air and it was determined by the investigation that he posed no threat. A Police Lt. on the scene also said Mr. few presented no threat, that's why he did not fire his weapon. No weapons were found in Mr. Few's vehicle and initial reports claimed there was a warrant for his arrest but, Louisiana State Police confirmed this was not true. There were numerous other instances of conflicting information in the case.

One of the officers, Derek Stafford, said he feared (speculated) Mr. Few would backup and hit him with his vehicle. Stafford's attorney claimed that Mr. Few had actually rammed into the vehicle of Officer Greenhouse. The video, and subsequent investigation of the incident refutes these claims. CBS News reported that Investigators say "that was a lie". In total, the two officers fired 18 shots into the vehicle where the man and autistic child were.
Stafford was sentenced to 40 years for manslaughter and 15 years for attempted manslaughter to be served concurrently. Greenhouse was sentenced in total to seven years but, was released in July 2021 after only 21 months. This is 25% of his seven year sentence.

May 2023: Cooma Australia: A 95-year-old woman dies as a result of being tasered by a New South Wales NSW Police constable. After responding to a call at about a woman holding a knife at nursing home, 95-year-old Clare was "urged" to drop a steak knife she was holding. According to police, she began to approach the constable "at a slow pace" using a walking frame (walker), when he discharged his stun gun. Ms. Nowland fell, hitting her head, suffering a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging. She died as a result of the injuries a week later. The 95-year-old lived with dementia and was described as "frail and unable to stand unaided", weighing only 43 kg (95 pounds). Hardly a threat to anyone, even with a steak knife. The officer was charged with multiple offenses.

Part three will cover other cases including, one of the most well-known. It will also touch on the upcoming trial of the officers that killed the man.

OutOfExile­_IDR ™ – © 2023

Rochester police tasered 9-year-old girl in mental health crisis:

Teen with Developmental Disabilities tasered by NM PD for Talking Back:

Autistic boy tasered by Kansas PD:
Kansas Deputy who tasered autistic child-still a cop?:

Autistic teen dies after Louisiana PD sit on him Https://

95-year-old woman dies after being tasered:

Louisiana officer who shot 6-year-old autistic boy gets to 55 years:
Body cam footage of the event:

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Half of People Killed by Police Have a Disability:

Image is a work of art by Nangreenly on an all black background.  A man dressed in a black suit, white shirt and brown tie with blue stripes is the focus of the image.  A derby style hat is also part of the outfit.  White and gray highlights appear on the edges of the hat and suit, as if a faint light is shining from the back-left side of the man.  Between the shirt collar and hat is an empty void where this invisible man's face should be.  Nangreenly's "Invisible Man" is an image that to me, illustrates the experience of many living with invisible disabilities.  Too often, they are made to feel as if they are invisible by authorities, legislators and even some fellow citizens..  In the bottom right corner, I added the Invisible Disabilities Association's "i" symbol that appears on their NDID and some state issued IDs.
David August
5 months ago

Good take on respect.

#respect #authority #fairness

h/t @aciannavei

Screenshot by stephaniekristensmith of a screenshot from tumblr: 

Sometimes people use "respect" to mean "treating someone like a person" and sometimes they use "respect" to mean "treating someone like an authority"
and sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say "if you won't respect me I won't respect you" and they mean "if you won't treat me like an authority I won't treat you like a person"
and they think they're being fair but they aren't, and it's not okay.

This is so well put I am stunned
5 months ago
Tim Chambers
5 months ago

@jan Huge #respect! ✊

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
5 months ago

"Can a Symbol Help Stop the Harm – Disability Designator ID and Disability Deaths" –Part one:
(Approx 7 Min. read)

In May, New Jersey passed bill S761, joining 12 other states in creating a "disability identifier" state ID program. With much of the media focus on autism, the law allows some with other disability related communication issues, to have an "official indication of their diagnosis", "notated" on their state issued ID. As a part, NJ will create "guidelines" for law enforcement to better accommodate people with invisible disabilities, through understanding and proper communication; rather than aggression, force, and unfounded assumptions of perpetration. Unlike other states, the NJ legislation appears to exclude many with disabilities and lack forethought regarding the medical privacies of participants.

Even with the positives of various state actions, some feel these efforts may be futile, or accompanied by inherent negatives. Here, I'll be providing details on some of these programs, their potential negatives and, in part two, the reasons for creating them. The focus will be on the tragic stories of some victims that ultimately inspired Invisible Disability ID programs. People, like Elijah McClain and others, whose wrongful deaths resulting from interactions with police and first responders, brought national attention to this epidemic. The harm and loss of life at the hands of those there to serve and protect, is a horrifying thought to many with invisible disabilities, their loved ones; and should be, to anyone of decency.

Alaska, was the first to pass disability ID "designator" legislation with two laws that seem to respect the medical privacies of' disabled citizens. Their "Disability Designator", is a "discrete symbol" on licenses, indicating a "medically verified cognitive, mental, neurological, or physical disability; or a combination thereof". Alaska and other states, use the Invisible Disabilities Association's (IDA) "i" symbol as the "designator". The reasoning behind this optional indicator is the same; to enlighten police and first responders, when they may view a person's communication or behavior as "different" or "unusual". Again, the goal is to prevent escalation and, as in many cases, harm to the individual with disabilities.

Utah's disability designator, is a symbol on a sticker affixed to the ID. As in other states that use a symbol, Utah's program offers more medical confidentiality. It indicates only, that the person has a disability, without revealing diagnosis or specifics. In comparison with NJ's "notation of diagnosis", this seems much less intrusive. Utah's list of "examples of disabilities" covers any physical or mental health issue "that may interfere with the ability to communicate with a law enforcement officer". The list is much more inclusive of all disabilities than the narrow scope of the NJ law, even including diabetes, heart conditions and drug allergies.

The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) in Colorado, is a nonprofit organization that spearheads the effort to create the "National Disability ID" (NDID) symbol program. They advocate nationwide with state and federal government, and were part of the 2022 federal identifier bill, HB–7217. Unfortunately, that bill died in committee. The IDA logo, a blue lowercase "i" shaped like a vertical Nike-style "swoosh", is used as Colorado's DL disability identifier as well. They began issuing their NDID–National Invisible Disability ID cards, prior to the passing of any legislation. Below, is an IDA link where people with invisible disabilities can obtain their own NDID, or "International Invisible Disability ID" card with little effort or personal information.

Following Alaska, Colorado passed House Bill HB21–1014, making them the second state to pass "Symbolic" legislation which, also uses the wording "discrete" indicator. The law requires that the symbol on state identifications, must represent all types of disabilities under their program, in a state where history vividly illustrates the need for some type of solution. Colorado police and first responders have been responsible for causing the wrongful deaths of numerous people with invisible disabilities, attracting national attention more than once. The stories covered in part two, include several involving the same police force.

Potential Concerns:

In regard to the NJ action, the following phrase appears in the legislation:
"the chief administrator shall indicate the autism spectrum disorder or communication disorder diagnosis by notating such information on the person's driver's license ...under the column designated for restrictions".

There are many disabilities accompanied by communication limitations, that are not associated with autism, or (as NJ puts it) a "communication disorder". There are also aspects of disabilities, unrelated to communication, that can influence interactions with law-enforcement. Anyone of these may have been a factor in the known examples of police escalation causing harm or death to innocent people. NJ should consider this, designing their law to be more inclusive and respectful of the rights, privacies and protections of its disabled population.

Broadcasting diagnosis on one's license is another concern to some, and raises some questions. How much protected medical information will appear in the NJ "notation"? Will the DMV gather medical history and driver's diagnosis' for its citizens with disabilities, then add unnecessary or unfounded "restrictions" to their licenses? With varying degrees of any disability, a generalized "notation of diagnosis" could present a lot of obvious undue challenges or barriers for many drivers with disabilities.

Aside from police and first responders, there are others that may see the "notation of diagnosis" or identifier symbol on an individual's ID. Identification is shown to many people, including those at stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. Some stores even scan IDs when "proofing", essentially compiling a database of the information contained in license barcodes. Some feel that individuals could be targeted for discrimination, harassment, exploitation or abuse by corporations, employers, ablests or other unsavory individuals.

For those who do not want the identifier on their license, these reforms may do little. If an individual without the voluntary "identifier" advises police they are disabled, will they be accommodated according to said guidelines? For those with the identifier, these changes are only as good as those who implement them. Will the guidelines and training be designed to actually accommodate or, be just another hollow disability regulation, created by oblivious abled politicians.

Will police abide by the guidelines? Body cams were implemented to prevent misconduct and create accountability. However, frequent claims by police that cameras "fell off", leave many feeling they were intentionally removed to obviate the recording of their transgressions. Will a symbol on a driver's license prevent such unnecessary harm to the disabled? Colorado's designator law passed two years ago but, another murder of someone with invisible disabilities occurred last fall. The individual, experiencing an obvious mental health crisis, called for police assistance after becoming stranded and, was ultimately shot. The many recurring incidences may cause anyone to ask; is the motto to "serve and protect", or to harm and kill?

In part two, I will focus on the people with invisible disabilities, autism, mental health challenges and hearing impairment, that were harmed or murdered by police and first responders. Unfortunately, we cannot ask many of those individuals if they feel a symbol on their license would've changed anything. With all the people that have been lost unnecessarily, this is no longer a #DisabilityCommunity issue – It's something everyone should be standing against.

OutOfExile­_IDR ™ – © 2023

Identification card from IDA:

For more on "National Disability Identification" (NDID):

NJ S761 bill:

Alaska disability designator – GOVERNMENT SITE:

Utah's list of "examples of disabilities" –GOVERNMENT SITE:

Federal Bill – US HB-7217:

"Invisible Man" image by Nangreenly:

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Alt text:  Image is a work of art by Nangreenly on an all black background.  A man dressed in a black suit, white shirt and brown tie with blue stripes is the focus of the image.  A derby style hat is also part of the outfit.  White and gray highlights appear on the edges of the hat and suit, as if a faint light is shining from the back-left side of the man.  Between the shirt collar and hat is an empty void where this invisible man's face should be.  Nangreenly's "Invisible Man" is an image that to me, illustrates the experience of many living with invisible disabilities.  Too often, they are made to feel as if they are invisible by authorities, legislators and even some fellow citizens..  In the bottom right corner, I added the Invisible Disabilities Association's "i" symbol that appears on their NDID and some state issued IDs.

Link to "Invisible Man" image by: Nangreenly

Anne McNeil (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Alex Zhukhovitskiy (Chapel Hill, North Caroli-na), and Yutan Getzler (Gambier, Ohio)


ps: special thanks to the #GRC #Polymers community for being so loudly and beautifully queer that we decided to move forward with this after going back and forth about exact wording for months.

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DEE SNIDER Once Again Blasts ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME: 'They're Elitist Mothereffers'
Dee Snider has once again said that the heavy metal genre isn't respected enough by the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. In a brand new interview with Clint Switzer of On The Road To Rock, the TWISTED SISTER singer spoke about the Rock Hall's decision...