Malaysia Public Transport
2 months ago

Malaysia Airports has published the tender/request for proposal (RFP)/pre-qualification (PRE-Q) notice 25/2023.

Interested party can apply via this link:

(Image is from Malaysia Airports)

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List of tenders, request for proposal, and pre-qualification, in the notice 25/2023.
3 months ago



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3 months ago

「第11回研究提案募集(RFP)公募説明会」 を公開しました。

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Doug Parker 🕸️
3 months ago

Are there any sites which track #web #conferences / #meetups with an open #RFP? Could really use some help finding a good conference to present some cool new ideas at. 🙏

3 months ago

#WMATA has a new #RFP out for....bathroom facilities! The #Metrobus system is expansive and the agency's staff need places to go.

Doug Parker 🕸️
3 months ago

Are there any good #web conferences / meetups with an #RFP open in the #BayArea or virtual?

There are a few projects I've been working on which I'd love to give talks about and share with the community (not Angular related). Could be talking about any/all of:

1. #HydroActive - A different take on hydration in an HTML-first world.
2. #rules_prerender - A #Bazel ruleset serving as a fast and scalable #StaticSiteGenerator.
3. #HTMLFragments - A no-tooling, web standard-based approach to HTML over the wire.

Greatly appreciate boosts for reach!

Jeremy Foutz
3 months ago

I just can't with dumb and inequitable RFQ/RFP processes anymore. Y'all are making choices and showing your real values.

If you don't include a budget, don't lie to me about your (organizational?) reasons. Just say that a) you have a person in mind and you need a third proposal or b) your organization is knowingly choosing to support White supremacy culture and business as usual. It'll save everyone time.

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On 8/14/2023 11:19 a.m. M wrote:
Please find a request for quotes for an informal education program needs assessment for the national ocean sciences bowl.

If you are receiving this email, you and/or your firm were suggested by science education staff member at the University of atmospheric research (UCAR).

I hope you will consider submitting a quote and support of this evaluation study. Please note, the deadline for clarifying questions is September 18, 2023 and the deadline for quotes is September 25, 2023.

Hello M,

Thank you for sharing this rfq, at the moment, I have only one question: what is the expected budget range for this work? This is an important part of both equitable practices and properly scoping our quote and proposal. Additionally, since the selection team will use the budget as one of the evaluation metrics (weighted at 15%), it seems appropriate to include that central information.

Many thanks,
Thank you for your response, Melissa. I don't know the situation at the organization, so please read my assessment below as a critique of the process, and not a critique of your personal practice and understanding.

Unfortunately, hiding the budget is the very opposite of competitive and is inherently inequitable. Just as hiding the salary range and compensation for any job strongly privileges people with significant resources and White people, hiding the budget during an RFQ process does the same. There is a large body of research that supports the statements.

In addition, it's impossible to properly scope any proposal without a budget range. It becomes a guessing game. In fact, only those with inside information about the organization and its past work can have any idea of the resources that might be available.
Finally, I have no idea how any of this promotes a competitive environment - unless by "competitive" the organization actually means exploitative.
It's deeply disappointing that the organization has chosen this path. Again, I understand that you may be constrained on an individual professional level to do anything about that - so please know this isn't a personal criticism of you. 

In short, my company will not participate in this process, and I'll be advising anyone in my network likewise. I have no interest in supporting inequitable practices, and it's a shame that a project with such potential seems to have hypocrisy at its very foundation.

I hope that in the future, the organization reverses this policy and enacts it's publicly stated values.


#OAFC Request For Proposal: Chief Officer Peer Support Service Program

The OAFC invites you to spread the word as we seek proposals from prospective mental health services providers.

#firesafety #fireservice #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #rfp #ontario #canada

#OAFC Request For Proposal: Chief Officer Peer Support Service Program

The OAFC invites you to spread the word as we seek proposals from prospective mental health services providers.

#firesafety #fireservice #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #rfp #ontario #canada

#OAFC Request For Proposal: Chief Officer Peer Support Service Program

The OAFC invites you to spread the word as we seek proposals from prospective mental health services providers.

#firesafety #fireservice #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #rfp #ontario

#OAFC Request For Proposal: Chief Officer Peer Support Service Program

The OAFC invites you to spread the word as we seek proposals from prospective mental health services providers.

#firesafety #lifesafety #publicsafety #fireservice #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #rfp #ontario #canada

Cloud Beard
4 months ago

Sales: Let's respond to this RFP! It will be great!
Me: They contradict themselves multiple times in incompatible ways!
Sales: Just figure it out

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Dana Foundation
5 months ago

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Opportunity to host a Civic Science Fellow in Neuroscience and Society

The Dana and Kavli Foundations seek to support TWO host partner organizations to each host a Civic Science Fellow. Fellows will be given the opportunity to explore the ethical and societal implications accompanying developments in neuroscience.

More details can be found here:

#CivicScienceFellow #RFP #neurosociety #neuroethics

5 months ago

📢 Attention all!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to submit your questions for the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the official Mautic trial provider!

📅 The deadline is fast approaching - this Friday is your last chance to get your queries in. ⏰

If you're considering submitting a tender for this exciting opportunity, make sure you visit the following link for all the details:

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Jason Butz
5 months ago

Calling all solutions architects and folks in the same kind of role, what methods, techniques, and tools do you use when estimating RFPs and proposals? I've been using PERT via an excel template a predecessor created. It works pretty well overall, but I can't help but wonder if there is something better.

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Mark Vanderbeeken
6 months ago

#RenewEurope’s existential ambiguity is manifest by looking at its member parties in #Finland: the Swedish People's Party (serving the Swedish minority, #SFP/ #RFP, 4.3% of the recent 2023 vote) is part of Finland’s right/far-right government that is pushing an anti immigration and welfare cuts agenda, while the Centre Party (#Keskusta, 11.3%) is in the opposition.

Team Dime
7 months ago

Comings And Goings Remake Hotel Request For Proposals Tech Field

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8 months ago

Today, I have spent time reviewing work from a #legal team, #agile stories, code from #SoftwareDevelopers, and an #RFP

What struck me is that each of these domains use they own unique language constructs to provide clarity, but each requires some specialist knowledge and context to comprehend

Mark Dunk
8 months ago

Request for proposals – The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), with generous support from the Walton Family Foundation, seeks to fund rapid research to understand the impact of Covid-19 on high school students and recent graduates.

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Rolf Kleef
9 months ago

#RFP for a #facilitation team for the Online Progressive Engagement Network [OPEN] Global Summit in Warsaw, May 29-June 1.

The quotes are in. Now we REALLY need your help to fund the new website design! Please donate today.! #J2DW #GoFundMe #NewWebsite #Fundraiser #Overhaul #custom #RFP #PleaseDonateToday #onpoli @onpoli

City of Barrie may be forced to rethink RFP for downtown transit terminal redevelopment #Barrie

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1 year ago

#EMGToot #EmergencyManagement City of #Malibu requesting bids for consultants to update its Emergency Operations Plan and #EOC checklists. #EM #RFP


‘The City of Malibu is requesting written proposals from qualified professional emergency management consutants to update the City's Emergency Operations Plan, including the Basic Plan, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Section checklits, Appendices and Annexes.

Proposal Deadine: Friday, January 27, 2023, 400 PM

Publication DaterTime:

1211312022 12:00 AM

Closing Date/Time:

112712023 4:00 PM
NYC Glue
1 year ago

#Ontario is moving ahead with the first-ever #2+1 highway pilot in North America.

They’ve issued an #RFP for the pilot along #Highway11, bringing them one step closer to moving people and goods more safely across #NorthernOntario.


Debra Wexler
1 year ago
Grant Opportunity - Call for Proposals
What is the relationship between politics and nuclear weapons? Apply today or share with people who might be interested.
Bryn Williams-Jones
1 year ago

RT: Have a research proposal that will help resolve an emerging or unanswered bioethics problem in clinical, biomedical, or public health decision-making, policy, or practice? Our Spring 2023 Making a Difference #RFP opens today. LOIs due 1/3/23.

Eric Kansa
1 year ago

If you have experience with #opensource #opendata #civtech #libraries #culturalheritage and other areas of #publicgood technology, please consider this #RFP for consulting with the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI)

The GCI seeks a consultant with experience in #opensource projects and community-led governance to advise on the Arches Governance Initiative. Submit a proposal by November 30:


Miss Sir Joel
1 year ago

I'm hoping to find teachers, authors, illustrators, booksellers and librarians to follow who share my love of #graphicnovels and #middlegradefiction
#middlegrade #mgfiction
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Classroom bookshelf with lots of graphic novels and Middle Grade novels.
Die Parlamentswahl in dem kleinen Königreich im südlichen Afrika hat unerwartet der Politneuling Sam Matekane gewonnen. Seine erst vor wenigen Monaten gegründete Partei verfehlte die angestrebte absolute Mehrheit knapp.
Diamanten-Millionär gewinnt Wahl in Lesotho | DW | 10.10.2022
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#LibreWolf und der nervige Witz10-UserAgent... ich habe aktuell den Verdacht, das hängt mit "Resist #Fingerprinting" zusammen. Das könnte man zwar abstellen, ist aber natürlich nicht empfohlen (Disable #RFP (Resist Fingerprinting)).

Das bedeutet aber eben, daß man etwa in general.useragent.override eintragen kann, was man will... LibreWolf wird es ignorieren.

Und nervt dann mit einem #UserAgent
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0
auch auf einem #Linux-System.

Adrian Roselli
4 years ago

This FAQ is a great example of how some people hear ‘web site redesign’ and think it means just changing graphics and colors, while those in the biz recognize the (unfortunate) euphemism for the integrated systems, process, i18n, etc. project it really is.

RT @w3c
The #RFP for our website redesign is open until December 13. See the 32 frequently asked questions design Web agencies and Web designers asked us: https…

Geoffrey Crofte ☕
4 years ago

The W3C is accepting proposals from outside vendors to redesign the existing W3C website (

More info: