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Red Hat’s RHEL 10 will Phase Out Xorg in Favor of Wayland

RHEL 10’s plan reveals Wayland’s dominance in future Linux releases, focusing on enhanced display features. Here’s more on that!

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Make it so 👉

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 10 Dropping The X.Org Server Except For XWayland
"This decision will allow us to focus our efforts starting from RHEL 10 solely on a modern stack and ecosystem. This means we will be able to tackle problems such as HDR, increased security, setups with mixed low and high density displays or very high density displays, better GPU/Display hot-plugging, better gestures and scrolling, and so on." #RHEL #Wayland

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@csoriano tl;dr: #RedHat removes Xorg in #RHEL 10 (coming out 2025), and continues supporting Wayland and XWayland.

Linux Magazine
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The latest version of @rockylinux is available and brings back cloud and container images for ppc64le along with plenty of new features and fixes #RockyLinux #RHEL #EnterpriseLinux #OpenSSH #EMS

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Red Hat OpenShift
Używał ktoś tego?
#RHEL #Linux #Kubernetes #OpenShift #RedHat

Iridium Browser
1 day ago

Version 2023.11.119 builds have just been released for Fedora 37, 38, 39 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 7, 8, 9.
All releases are based on Chromium 119.0.6045.123.

learn more

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Drew Naylor
2 days ago

The fact that you can install rpm on #Debian-based distros is so cursed. Probably useful, but cursed regardless.

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asopposedtowhat :acabkitty:
5 days ago

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Good food truck Samaritans. Yummy!

I don’t want to just complain and complain but it is wild to me that I need to specify that I need internet access for a new ec2 server running RHEL considering that you need to register it with Red Hat before you can do literally anything.

It is so frustrating and exhausting.

#RHEL #RedHat #AWS #EC2

asopposedtowhat :acabkitty:
6 days ago

@enigmatico I had an Uncle who played Second Life and a childhood friend who got a PhD in #GPU architecture. I am looking forward to #AR and and advanced #VR like the Navy's SPAWAR. Hopefully some cool imagination comes out of all that #data and #tracking. #webgl #canvassing can mess up video if it is related to the Evil Oogle. How does #Google #youtube sabotage video? #games #fun #RHEL #Raleigh #At Ari #brainInterface #TBI #TMI

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Enhance your operational foundation with #RHEL 8.9 and 9.3! Simplify image management and deployment across multiple environments with RHEL's image builder tool. Ensure security-focused operations and reliability, leveraging a standardized foundation. #RedHatAccelerators

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Achievement Unlocked:
Remote attestation with Keylime on RHEL. Whew!

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Steven Rosenberg
1 week ago
House Panther :verified:
1 week ago

@Benfell As they say, I cannot fight city hall but they did approve #PostgreSQL and probably because of its maturity. I suppose I can tolerate #RHEL. 🤷‍♂️

1 week ago

Rocky Linux 9.3 Is Out Now and Brings Back Cloud and Container Images for PowerPC 64-Bit LE Architectures and a Unified Kernel Image Variant

@rockylinux #Linux #OpenSource #RHEL

Rocky Linux logo
1 week ago

Rocky Linux 9.3 Released, Here’s What’s New

Rocky Linux 9.3 is here with highlights on enhanced security and refreshed development and system tools. Read on for further details!

#linux #opensource #rockylinux #rhel

1 week ago

Fedoras in Space!
Red Hat helps with #NASA
's Artemis Lunar missions by @sjvn

#RHEL and #OpenStack are helping us return to the moon.

1 week ago

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3 delivers more container support than ever by @sjvn

@redhat invests every more into containers and clouds and thinks you should, too, with its latest version of #RHEL.

Ilkka Tengvall
1 week ago

Yay, managed to bolt my edge devices into board. Now we can take the edge/AI demos on the road! Still need to go and buy shorter cat cables. This board is running RHEL Edge, micro shift, single node OpenShift, and Fedora-IoT on raspi with Microshift too. All hooked up to ACM in datacenter with Openshift AI.

#OpenShift #MicroShift #RHEL #Edge #Intel #Dell #fedora

Wooden board with many edge computing boards.
Michael T Babcock
1 week ago

On top of that, I reboot and add my two ~18TB disks for the #RAID1 storage set I'm creating, mdadm them, luksFormat them, pvcreate on that, and then can't add them to the existing volume group because "Devices have inconsistent logical block sizes (512 and 4096)."
Who on earth decided 512 was still a relevant block size when initializing a physical volume in the terabyte storage era? Stop using less than 4k. Please!
Now I get to redo my install again.
#RockyLinux #storage #rant #RHEL #Anaconda

Michael T Babcock
1 week ago

I install a lot of systems with #RHEL whether official or the old #CentOS or now Rocky. For most systems, I install without #encryption enabled and then add it to the logical volumes that need it post-install.
Today I chose to encrypt the system from the disk tool in Anaconda and was very annoyed by getting a bunch of UUID-named #LUKS objects, one for each LV instead of having the option to just encrypt the whole physical volume.
#rant #Linux #sysadmin

ricardo :mastodon:
1 week ago

How to Download and Install #RHEL 9.3 for Free :redhatalt:

@Cyb3rrunn3r ich persönlich nutze @ubuntu auch nur weil's funktioniert.

#RedHat will ich wegen deren Arschlochtum kein Geld geben - noch weniger #Oracle und #SLES / #SLED wollen jetzt auch nen #RHEL - Klon machen...

@opensuse hatte ich in der Vergangenheit genutzt aber leider ist das eher meh...

Linux TLDR
2 weeks ago

What is DNF5 (How to Install and Use It) in Fedora Linux
#Linux #Fedora #RHEL #Tech #DevOps #Security

2 weeks ago

Oracle Linux 9.3 Brings Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R7U2

Oracle Linux 9.3 is out now, featuring DNF enhancements and automatic reboot options. Here’s more on that!

#linux #opensource #oracle

The installation (or the upgrade) of a RPM package on #RHEL or another rpm-based #Linux distribution can fail with a conflict error when a specific path is already "in use" by another package.

Here's an example how to fix this in the package's spec file.

@lihis @matsuzine Update postponed to tomorrow - updated my development system from #RHEL 8 to RHEL 9 so I could use newer packaging features and made some mistakes along the way 😅 All good now, but it's 4am... 😴

2 weeks ago

🎁 AlmaLinux OS 9.3 Is Here as a Free Red Hat Enterprise Linux Alternative

「 Codenamed “Shamrock Pampas Cat”, the AlmaLinux OS 9.3 release is here almost six months after AlmaLinux OS 9.2 and promises to improve flexibility and reliability, enhance security across hybrid environments, simplify automation and system management, as well as to offer enhanced security and compliance 」

#AlmaLinux #RHEL #Linux #Opensource

@RichieRich @mailbox_org @maxschrems @noybeu Letzteres ist inhärent unmöglich!

Selbst wenn wir davon ausgehen würden dass #CloudAct mit #DSGVO & #BDSG kompatibel sein könnte...

Was ich mehr als bezweifle...

Sonst würde #Microsoft bei #Office365 das anbieten was #RedHat, #SUSE & #Ubuntu bei kommerzielle Lizenznehmern tun und die #Rechtskonformität garantieren...

Oder auch nur ansatzweise gegen #Datenverlust zu versichern (gibts bei #RHEL als Option!)...

2 weeks ago

"@redhat revolt coming"

Not just #RHEL, all #OpenSource is ripe for a reckoning.

This repeating pattern (cf @Elastic @MongoDB @HashiCorp) exposes a critical flaw in for-profit #FOSS.

Per McGrath, "#OSS is now built from people that are paid full time"

Markus Feilner :verified:
2 weeks ago

#followerpower! Is #RedHat #EnterpriseLinux #RHEL still #opensource? I doubt it.
#linux #openwashing.

"The code is still available to Red Hat customers, as well as developers using free accounts, though under conditions that forbid redistribution of the source code.[8] As of September 2023, it is unclear if these conditions that forbid redistribution of the source code violate the GNU GPL, which forbids companies from preventing redistribution of GPL licensed code.["

Nick Danger 💀💀💀
2 weeks ago

setsebool -P httpd_execmem=on && systemctl restart httpd php-fpm Voila. I think I deserve a drink tonight for this one. #php #oracle #rhel #php-fpm

snip of phpinfo() showing OCI8 is loading.
Nick Danger 💀💀💀
2 weeks ago

Ok, didn't find a 100% solution. Seems now if I do a echo phpinfo() | php in bash, I show the library loading and I get information about the library. I can echo oci_connect() | php in bash and get success connecting to the DB. BUT: phpinfo() in http served web page shows no oci8. It says it parsed /etc/php.d/90-oci8.ini at the top but shows no OCI8 information on the page! What did I do wrong??? #php #oracle #rhel

#AlmaLinux 9.3 Is Here as a Free #RedHat #EnterpriseLinux Alternative
This release improves flexibility and reliability, enhances security across hybrid environments, and simplifies automation and system management. #RHEL #RHEL9

Linux Magazine
2 weeks ago

New release of @almalinux is built from the CentOS Stream repositories for upstream and will not rely on RHEL source code #AlmaLinux #RHEL #EnterpriseLinux #OpenSource #upstream #CentOS

Markus Eisele
2 weeks ago

Podman Desktop Integration with MicroShift in a RHEL Virtual Machine
#redhat #podmanDesktop #rhel
Via @OpenSource_DACH

3 weeks ago

Looking for info #alma #rocky #rhel in AD and using as a file server.

RHEL docs seem to say #sssd is the preferred way to join domain, but they don't explain how to use sssd and NOT #winbind for #smb

Can you use smb file shares with WIndows permissions and not use the winbind method to join AD?

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
3 weeks ago

Updating my private #RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server from 9.2 to 9.3 with a simple dnf update. Oh, and thanks to the Red Hat individual developer subscription that's all for free:

The Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals is a single subscription, which allows the user to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on a maximum of 16 systems, physical or virtual, regardless of system facts and size. Those 16 nodes may be used by the individual developer for demos, prototyping, QA, small production uses, and cloud access.

@Linux_Is_Best I think @opensuse really needs to find it's firm nieche and commit to it.

Yet another #RHEL clone won't cut it and @ubuntu does work quite fine if not provides a better offering than #SLES / #SLED for most SMEs and professional users...

ricardo :mastodon:
4 weeks ago

#OpenELA Publishes Initial Source Code For Building #RHEL Derivatives :redhatalt:

The recording for this talk is now available.


ricardo :mastodon:
1 month ago

How to Install #Apache Kafka on #RHEL-Based Distributions

ricardo :mastodon:
1 month ago

How to Install and Configure #VNC Server on #RHEL 9 :redhatalt:

A little while back I posted about doing both a talk and workshop at LinuxFest Northwest this year. As you may have heard, the conference had their original venue cancel on them and had to downsize. The new venue didn't have room for any workshops, but my regular talk is still happening. Check it out to hear about our journey to EPEL 9, with a sneak peek of EPEL 10.


Promo banner with the following text:

LinuxFest Northwest
I'm speaking at LFNW2023
The Road to EPEL 9
Carl George

@Vincent392 @n3m3s1s @Linux_Is_Best Well, I do myself do stick with @ubuntu as well since they are the only #Freemium #Enterprise #Linux Distro that doesn't want ne to cough up triple digits per year just for the privilegue of using their Software.

Some people would do that for #macOS since they do #creative #work with that but for them it's like with people paying for #RHEL or #SLES / #SLED and those paxing for #Adobe's Crapware: It's a #BusinessExpense!

Brodie Robertson
2 months ago

Here's why #GNOME absolutely should drop Xorg support, GNOME is the default #Linux desktop for #Ubuntu, #RHEL, and these are very popular distros for business use, this is the kick in the balls #NVIDIA needs to fix the drivers, business partners won't take NVIDIA's shit for long.

Peter Czanik
2 months ago

I just finished doing my weekly syslog-ng git snapshot compiles. Google #pubsub support is now available in many of my @opensuse / #SLES & @fedora / #RHEL packages:

Unfortunately for now it's unavailable on #FreeBSD, RHEL 9 and old distros.

Maxi 8x 💉
2 months ago

»#Gnome's next move should be hiding their sources behind a paywall like #RHEL. That would show the leeches and freeloaders behind Budgie, Pantheon, and the Ubuntu desktop who the real boss is.« XXD

Steven Rosenberg
2 months ago

I guess it's not a coincidence that I recently unsubscribed from the Red Hat security mailing list. I didn't need all that mail, and my interest in RHEL is low right now.

But today I learned that RH is ending the mailing list.

Now this info will be restricted to those who have an active Red Hat account.

#RedHat #RHEL

2 months ago

Rocky Linux Is the Most Preferred Enterprise Linux Distribution

According to metrics tracked by the EPEL Special Interest Group, as of September 2023, Rocky is a leader in the Enterprise Linux segment.

#linux #opensource #rocky #rhel #centos

Christian Stankowic
2 months ago

Seems like using 802.1x with NetworkManager under #Fedora and #RHEL only works if #SELinux is disabled. In Enforcing mode it simply asks for the passphrase and can't use the key/certificate. No denials are logged.

Does anybody else also have this issue? Can't find hints in the documentation. #followerpower

"Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.9 and 9.3 Beta are generally available"

- the announcement RHEL consumers would not need to wait for if they adopted continuous integration with CentOS Stream 8 and 9 :)

Just saying.


Christian Stankowic
2 months ago

Freudscher Typo in #RHEL 9.2 🤡


Screenshot des RHEL 9.2-Installers, die Software-Gruppe für Headless Management wurde als "Kopfloses Management" übersetzt
🆘Bill Cole 🇺🇦
2 months ago

Just curious, for #Linux admins with long-lived #CentOS machines that really need to be migrated, where you going?

(Boost for reach!!!)
#Alma #Rocky #8Stream #9Stream #RHEL #RedHat #IBM

@jwildeboer @SUSE @ubuntu @opensuse @SolarisDiaspora I think "Just clone #RHEL!" is kinda bad and unsustainable as a business.
Killing #CentOS and barring #OracleLinux was more of "glock-leg" / "shooting themselves in the foot" of #RedHat and IMHO it should get RHEL to decline in adoption similar to #grsecurity when they #paywalled access to their #SourceCode.

I think it's a bad move even tho no #GPL version demands said sourcecode to be publicly accessible to everyone.

@jwildeboer Personally, I think it's kinda bad that #RedHat was kinda becoming the de-facto monopolist.

Tho it's not as if @SUSE and @ubuntu could've made better offerings before, and I still think that unless one has a harsh #Vendor #LockIn #Ubuntu and @opensuse are the better options.

I just wished #SUSE and espechally #Canonical were more commited of building good distros than weird shite like this...

Not that I excuse RedHat from doing an #Oracle #OpenSolaris with #RHEL! @SolarisDiaspora

Our #flocktofedora experience has felt very positive. So many productive conversations both from stage and in the "hallway track" as stakeholders of various enterprise Linux communities came together to talk face to face, build relationships, and work to establish a shared vision for the future. Sincere thanks to the Fedora community for holding space for this necessary work. #rockylinux #almalinux #centosstream #rhel

Matthew Miller of Fedora moderates panel of reps from Rocky Linux; Red Hat; CentOS; and AlmaLinux

@fedora @rockylinux now out of date since IBM took down source access to RHEL

#redhat #deadrat #ibm #geek #linux #rhel

Last batch of sessions for the day! Watch LIVE. #Fedora #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #AlmaLinux #CentOS #RHEL #RockyLinux #FedoraCoreOS

Panel: Upstream collaboration & cooperation in the Enterprise Linux ecosystem:

Design Clinic with the Community Design Team:

Autotesting in Fedora:

Hands with CoreOS Assembler:

[Panel: Upstream collaboration & cooperation in the Enterprise Linux ecosystem]

We wanted to make sure this Flock session didn't get lost in the weeds. Primarily focused on upstream collaboration in Fedora, this conversation will be moderated by Project Leader with representatives for @almalinux, @centos Stream, RHEL, and @rockylinux.
#Fedora #AlmaLinux #CentOS #RHEL #RockyLinux #FlockToFedora

Watch live at 3:30 PM local time (10:30 AM EDT):

Up next in Flock To Fedora... Watch live! #Fedora #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #RHEL #FedoraDocs

RHEL development in public:

Fedora Docs plans and how to contribute:

SPDX vs Fedora:

Roundtable on packaging issues:

4 months ago

So, what does Red Hat want to do with Fedora and @centos? It's an important question, and one that @bexelbie will tackle in our first keynote.
#Fedora #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #RedHat #RHEL

Watch live:

"An old maddog’s view" on #redhat #ibm #opensource #rhel #clonewars

"Red Hat and IBM are making their sources available to all those who receive their binaries under contract. That is the GPL."

ricardo :mastodon:
4 months ago

A Beginner's Guide To Dual Booting #Windows :windows: And #RHEL :redhatalt:

4 months ago

One thing about the #RHEL debate around #backports and #CentOS that isn’t being talked about a lot in the #Linux community is that the value of a super-long lived distro is shrinking in value, not growing.

When I started the OS and the physical server were extremely linked. OS upgrades were massive projects that took months, so the value of a long-lived distro made sense. Now though, it just doesn’t seem to make much sense for most people.

Obviously there are exceptions but I would bet one of the reasons #Redhat and #IBM did this is their data is showing a trend away from the type of product RHEL is. If you migrate to containers there is zero reason to ever use something so static as the base OS.

Even if you don’t, VM virtualization software has gotten much better at evacuating VMs and allowing you to upgrade hitlessly. So even for the datacenter model it stops making sense.

Christian Stankowic
4 months ago

Nichts wurde in den letzten Wochen hitziger diskutiert als die Zukunft der #RHEL-Downstreams - zusammen mit @jwildeboer erarbeiten wir uns im heutigen Special ( häufig vergessene Details.

#focusonlinux #rhel #podcast

My new article, a bit more generic than the previous one

"I know people who imagine distribution development as the process of piling up the code in the git repository for 6 months and then building it all in one go at the end of those 6 months, so that it can finally be shipped. This is very far from reality. And it is impossible to explain things like CentOS Stream without addressing this confusion."

#ELdevelopment #RHEL #CentOS

Slide which says: 
Linux distribution is continuous

* Incremental atomic updates
* Bootstrap the buildroot once, continue building forever
* Circular build dependency on itself

Bonus text: I wanted to create an article following the content of the talk I gave at the Open Infra summit. As I started to write it, I realized that I can spend so much time on slide #3, that getting to the rest of the content within a single article is impossible.

There are 12 more slides there, so more articles are coming.
Gabriele Svelto
4 months ago

I had missed this line from RedHat's post about limiting access to the #RHEL sources:

> Simply rebuilding code, without adding value or changing it in any way, represents a real threat to open source companies everywhere

Yeah, that's exactly what corporations have been doing with hundreds of #FOSS projects for decades. Extracting money from code they contributed nothing to. But I guess when they do it against independent developers that doesn't count, does it?

4 months ago

「 AlmaLinux's Vasquez emphasized later that "We're just going to build Enterprise Linux. Red Hat has done a great job of establishing a fantastic target for all of us, but they don't own the rights to enterprise Linux. We can make this happen, without forcing an uncomfortable conversation with Red Hat. We can get around this." 」

#Redhat #RHEL #Opensource #Linux

Scott Williams 🐧
4 months ago

If #RedHat is the #Linux Catholic cathedral, the downstreams of #RHEL are mainline Protestants, #SUSE and #Slackware are branches of Orthodoxy, #Debian and #Arch are Anabaptists and Baptists, and #BSD flavors are atheists. #Christianity #humor #religion

Steven Rosenberg
4 months ago

@mairin @vwbusguy @cloudguy None of these things are being done to make me feel better or worse about #RedHat, #RHEL and #Fedora, but those feelings are there.

It would really help Red Hat if the company were to make a concerted, continual effort to highlight the various work it's doing/funding upstream.

Maybe the company feels like the work speaks for itself, but that is not the case. RH needs a lot of good PR (and should learn to get ahead of itself on PR regarding these policy shifts).

Steven Rosenberg
4 months ago

I listened to Bradley Kuhn of the Software Freedom Conservancy talk about the #RedHat #RHEL source code situation, and it only confirms for me that what RH is doing in trying to lock up the code is wrong. I love the #Fedora Project and community, but does participating in Fedora in effect condone what RH is doing?

Status update on the whole RHEL iperf3 saga...

The patch by @jonathanspw has been merged into @centos Stream 8! The c9s patch state is a bit different as the maintainer would rather backport than rebase.

This comes after Red Hat has now rated CVE-2023-38403 a Important, the second highest rating.

#redhat #rhel #centos #centosstream #community #cve #vulnerability