Pizza Enthusiast 🍕
6 hours ago

The Iron Sheik is dead, and with him goes the very last connection I had with the Bird Site.

His account was perhaps the very epitome of why Twitter was fun in the first place. His commitment to the bit was legendary. But you'd expect that from a pro wrestling legend.



Sam Morreel
7 hours ago

#RIP the #IRON Sheik

a.d. 
9 hours ago

The #IronSheik passed away. God bless him .. thank you for the timeless entertainment in the WWF* #RIP

Moment Musicale
Once almost synonymous
Ambient Winston
#haiku #RIP #Piano #Solo #Ambient

George Winston Autumn Piano Solos

As a kid, The Iron Sheik (i.e., Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri) was one of my favorite Pro Wrestlers.

I even had a toy of him.


#RIP #IronSheik #TheIronSheik

R.I.P. Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri a.k.a. The Iron Sheik.


#RIP #IronSheik #TheIronSheik

11 hours ago

Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri

One of the last links to the OLD TIME-y Wrestling. The heart of Twitter. A man of few words. A man of passion and grace. RIP.

#TheIronSheik #Wrestling #RIP

A man's face fills the frame. His mustache is beautiful.
Michael Phillips
12 hours ago

@Apple is there a reason my macbook air can seriously only load 2 instruments on Logic pro x other than the fact that it’s a mac book air or is somethin up? cause I cannot create #music #logicprox #broke #rip

Rest In Paradise
12 hours ago
Paul Ickovic
Mark Taylor 🇳🇿
12 hours ago


Via Super 70s Sports @super70ssports

Super Sky Point to the Iron Sheik. I have no doubt St. Peter is in the Camel Clutch as I speak. Make him humble, Sheiky. #RIP

Seth "Football Collector"
14 hours ago

Oh wow. I am heart broken to hear of the passing of Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, aka the Iron Sheik. He was one of my favorites in 1980's when I watched what was then called the WWF.


Masked Scheduler
14 hours ago

The #IronSheik was the bridge between Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan
Peace to him on his journey beyond


Rest In Paradise
15 hours ago

Jim Melchert, an artist and educator considered an inspiration by many in the San Francisco Bay Area arts scene, died at his home on June 1 at 93. #obits #rip #sfba #arts #obituaries #restinparadise

John voor luisteraars
15 hours ago

#Hoorspel / #RIP

In herinnering aan Elias van Praag.

Amsterdam, 7 juni 1884 – Mauthausen, 16 december 1942.
Bereikte de leeftijd van 58 jaar.
Beroep: hoorspelacteur, toneelspeler en regisseur.

Portretfoto van Elias van Praag, ca. 1941.
Peter Stolmeier
16 hours ago

I don't know much about wrestling. I've never seen #IronSheik fight but I have seen him completely own people from every walk of life with his ice cold rhetoric.

You put life in the camel clutch, sir. You make us all humble. #rip

andres musta
16 hours ago
image of shirtless Iron Sheik on yellow background with right hand on hip and left hand pointing up.
Doug Smith: Raptors 🤖
16 hours ago

Man, that's tough, tough news
The Camel Clutch was one of the all-time holds and few played the heel as well

WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik has passed away at the age of 81.
Jack Laridian
16 hours ago

#RIP to a REAL ONE. I stopped watching the #WWE a long time ago, but THIS guy was one of my favorites of the old guard. Always the entertainer, #TheIronSheik was one of a kind, and DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT IT, JABRONI!!! 😎

16 hours ago
Wrestling legend Iron Sheik
Babs E. Blue
17 hours ago

Don't @me for not knowing who the Iron Sheik is...but I like one of his quotes on Bird from 2018:



Rest In Paradise
17 hours ago

Hossain Khosrow Ali Vaziri, better known as professional wrestler The Iron Sheik, died on June 7 at his home in Georgia at the age of 81. #obits #rip #entertainment #wrestling #obituaries #restinparadise

The Iron Sheik aka Hossain Khosrow Ali Vaziri
☆ joene ☆
19 hours ago


Today, 65 years ago, #Prince Rogers Nelson was born in #Minneapolis, #Minnesota on Turtle Island. He became ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ the most talented musician and entertainer of our time! Although he had the right to retire today, he unfortunately died April 21th, 2016. 😢 #RIP

If you don't know Prince' music, just go to …

💿️ your local recordstore

Prince' passport from 1986.
19 hours ago

Alan Turing
1912 - 1954

Founder of modern computer science, WWII hero, assassinated by the British government for failing to conform with normality.

#RIP #AlanTuring

andres musta
21 hours ago

#RIP article includes map of 279 mass shootings this year in the USA, mostly in republican states. 345 dead and 1114 injured... #gunviolence

22 hours ago

Actions speak louder than golf. Golf is dead to me.


Isle of Man TT: Raul Torras Martinez dies after crash in first Supertwin Race of the year
The 46-year-old had competed in 21 TT races and earned 18 trophies during his racing career.

#RIP #iomtt

Pierre Mesure
1 day ago

Twitter (13/6/2019):

Popularised by the #GiletsJaunes movement, the term and the idea of a petition-triggered referendum without needing any action from the institutions is now well-known in France. After the #granddebat, this first #RIP will be another good test for citizen participation.

Pierre Mesure
1 day ago

Twitter (13/6/2019):

Ironically, the acronym for this procedure is #RIP. And many already predict how much this new hurdle would hurt Macron’s capacity to continue his reforms. But many citizens already seek a more direct way to express themselves: the #RIC (citizen initiative referendum).

1 day ago

Astrud Gilberto – [Take me to] Aruanda

#music #BossaNova #AstrudGilberto#rip 💔

Michael Fenichel
1 day ago
Ryan Jessurun
1 day ago

Ryan Jessurun
Off 2 bed.... with Astrud Gilberto (1940-2023). #RIP #bossanova

Astrud Gilberto, bossa nova singer of The Girl from Ipanema, dies aged 83

#jazz #bossanova #AstrudGilberto #rip

Stan Stewart aka muz4now
2 days ago

Astrud Gilberto, “The Girl From Ipanema” Singer, Dies at 83

2 days ago

#RIP Astrud Gilberto

Backstage :musicspots:
2 days ago

In Hamburg sagt man Tschüss 💋
Mach’s gut, Astrud 🖤

#AstrudGilberto #rip

Michael Fenichel
2 days ago

R.I.P. Astrud Gilberto 🕯 💫

Perhaps best known for that fabulous voice in "The Girl from Ipanema"

#RestInPeace #AstrudGilberto #singer #legend #Obit #RIP #vocalist #GirlFromIpanema #music #musica #musique

***Dave Hill
2 days ago

Sad to read that the singer of "Girl from Ipanema," Astrud Gilberto, has passed away. Thanks, ma'am! #RIP

Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
2 days ago

#RIP Astrud. Sorry about the systemic sexism in your industry

Girl from Ipanema singer pay was $120
Henning Höppe
2 days ago

Ein großer Verlust. Wer sie nicht kannte, sollte ihrer Musik lauschen.

Kaija #Saariaho


Eines meiner Lieblingsstücke… Orion. Jetzt ist sie selbst zum Sternbild geworden.

2 days ago

Astrud Gilberto #RIP

Always loved her “Corcovado” as much as her more famous “…Ipanema”.

Ingrid Kerr
2 days ago

Astrud Gilberto heeft ook haar muziek vertaald naar het Japans en daar uitgegeven. Haar invloed, samen met de jaren 60 Ye-Ye muziek, laten daar nog steeds sporen na.. bij bands als Tricot en deze YeYe bijv. <3 #Rip #astrudgilberto #yeye #music

2 days ago

Astrud Gilberto, Who Sang ‘The Girl From Ipanema,’ Dies at 83 #bossanova #RIP

RIP Mr. Gaye

Editor of #Montreal's only newspaper for #Black community, #EgbertGaye, has died at 67.

The editor of the newspaper he founded 31 years ago that serves Montreal's English-speaking Black and #Caribbean populations was a hands-on newspaperman who delivered the twice-a-month paper along with his son.
He was an active promoter of #CommunityJournalism and dedicated to those he served. 

4 days ago

went out clubbing last night in #berlin and going thru security at 2am THEY THREW AWAY MY SANDWICH #RIP

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
5 days ago

Hannah Lia / Tributes Pour in for the young ex-Fallen Mafia Singer
Remembering Hannah Lia: Fallen Mafia Singer's Legacy Lives On Through The Beautiful Chaos Corporation's Debut Single Release, Dust. Photo: @ericduvetphotography @beautifulchaoscorp @fallen.mafia The post Hannah Lia.

#RIP #hannahlia #FallenMafia #exFallenMafia #metalcommunity #metaltalk #singersongwriter #youngexubranst #tributes

5 days ago

Cynthia Weil, Grammy winning lyricist dead at 82. She wrote the #lyrics to so many great songs. #rip #music

9 o'clock Hashtag Games
5 days ago


David, our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

#GoFundMe #MutualAidRequest for final arrangements and #funeral expenses for @hashitout
David Davis's grandmother who lost her battle with #Cancer

#RIP Patricia Laurella🦋 :butterfly1:

Please consider helping if you can. David's #HashItOut hashtag games brings so much joy to so many.




Mike Kuketz 🛡
5 days ago

Was viele schon gefühlt/vermutet haben: Twitter ist tot. Wer dort noch ein Konto hat, sollte wirklich nochmal in sich gehen und darüber nachdenken, ob es okay ist, auf solch einer Plattform vertreten zu sein. 🐦🚫

#twitter #fediverse #mastodon #rip #fail #musk #elonmusk

6 days ago

#RIP Cynthia Weil, a Grammy-winning lyricist of notable range and endurance who enjoyed a decades-long partnership with husband Barry Mann and helped write “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” “On Broadway,” “Walking in the Rain” and dozens of other hits, has died at age 82.

Luca Fabbri
1 week ago

Today I was spelunking in ye-olde-school CSS frameworks. It seems that Foundation CSS is a dead project, isn't it? #RIP

Peter Mount
2 weeks ago

Watching the AmigaBill twich

after being pullied into a raid from the RMC channel.

This is good as he's remembering his Dad who sadly passed the other day.

If you can join in....

Link to his dad's YouTube channel which was mentioned earlier

#retroComputing #video #radio #rip

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

Calling her a “force,” Cher said Turner always approached life “head-on… She wasn’t about to stop. She might not have won every battle, but she fought every war. She was there fighting for all the things she believed in.”

#RIP #TinaTurner #Tina

Frankie ✅
2 weeks ago

We Should Have Never Been So Comfortable Mocking Tina Turner’s Abuse

While millions of people around the world will presumably spend the following days and weeks declaring their appreciation of Tina Turner, it’s equally important to acknowledge how repeatedly wronged she was by the communities that claimed to love her.

#opinion #TinaTurner #Rip #Abuse

Denis - The COVID info guy -
2 weeks ago

Sadly, 132 COVID deaths reported so far from just 2 states!

🔹NSW: 69
🔹Victoria: 63

Note: Other states and territories have yet to release their weekly COVID figures

#COVID19Aus #RIP #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne @Mark_Butler_MP @AlboMP


Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

“She was on top of the world at that point,” Meeker said in an interview Thursday. “She could have played anywhere in the world. But she came here because it was backwater. She was attracted by the fact that it was a quiet place, a beautiful place.”

#RIP #Tina #TinaTurner #Canada #Newfoundland

Muschelschloss 💬
2 weeks ago

Vor dem Zuhause von Tina Turner in Küsnacht (Schweiz).

Quelle der Fotos: via Stephan Richter (@RichterSteph auf Twitter) der für @ntvde und @rtl_aktuell vor Ort ist und von dort aus berichtet.
#RIP #TinaTurner

Er schickte mir die Fotos. Ich darf sie verbreiten.

2 weeks ago

Here’s the whole live medley from 1965. Those moves!

#TinaTurner #RIP

Alexander Hay
2 weeks ago

With all the sad news of #TinaTurner and #KeithAnger passing, it might be easy to overlook the death of bassist #MarkAdams, of #DoomMetal legends, #StVitus.

I saw them play #Southampton just over 10 years ago. Mark was playing bass just five metres away from me. It all seems like yesterday, and oh so very strange in retrospect.

#Metal #News #RIP

Léonie Watson
2 weeks ago

Listening to the 90s version of Nutbush City Limits:

#RIP #TinaTurner

Juno 🪐
2 weeks ago

Hasta la NASA le rinde tributo 🎇​

#nasa #tina #rip #tweet

Tweet de la NASA recordando a la recientemente fallecida Tina Turner.

NASA tweet remembering the recently deceased Tina Turner.
2 weeks ago

Wow. RIP. It's a weird feeling when a legend like this passes. Someone I've never met, but also someone who had such a profound impact on so much of the media I enjoy.

#entertainment #news #music #rip

Jai 🍜🥟
2 weeks ago

Goodbye Tina Turner, who was simply The Best ❤️

#TinaTurner #RIP

Flipboard Culture Desk
2 weeks ago

Tina Turner had a quiet period after she escaped from her abusive ex-husband. In the 1980s, she bounced back. While she had numerous hits thereafter, one stands above them all: "The Best." Here's the story of how that song was written and took on a life of its own — most recently becoming a recurring motif in "Schitt's Creek," a wedding anthem for LGBTQ+ folk, and the song President Biden played after his acceptance speech in November 2020.

#TinaTurner #Music #RIP

Coralie Mercier
2 weeks ago

RIP Tina Turner 😢
Here's Proud Mary (1971) live where Tina and Ike do the beginning "easy" and the end "rough"

#TinaTurner #music #RIP

📷 "Tina Turner" 1993. Herb Ritts.

© #HerbRitts Foundation |

#music #legends #photography #portrait #90s #RIP

sepia tone extreme close-up of tina turner with light hair. her mouth is open as if singing and her eyes are closed.

RIP, Tina Turner. No one else like her, before or after.

#Legend #TinaTurner #RIP #Music

Tina on in indoor stage with big hair and a bigger smile with an open mouth, wearing a blue denim jacket with various dangling buttons/ribbons over top of a black leather dress with lots of zippers, pointing to her right
Sally Strange
2 weeks ago

Rest in peace, Tina Turner. God knows she didn't get enough of it in this life.

If you only know Tina's work via studio albums, PLEASE: do yourself a favor and check out videos of her live performances. This is a full length recording of her record-setting performance in Rio de Janeiro, 1988. I particularly love her cover of "Addicted to Love," with which she opens the performance.

#Rock #Music #diva #legend #RIP #TinaTurner

Words :vivaldi_blue:
2 weeks ago

#RIP Tina Turner - truly a legend. Here she is performing an Iggy Pop song with David Bowie, and having a whale of time #TinaTurner

2 weeks ago

Aw damn. 😢

#RIP Tina Turner: legendary rock’n’roll singer dies aged 83 after a long illness, her publicist has told the PA news agency.

She had suffered ill health in recent years, being diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016 and having a kidney transplant in 2017.

Nigel M 🍿🎬
2 weeks ago
Kenneth Anger title screen
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago

Former TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA Vocalist JAMES LEWIS Passes - "You Are Loved By Us All And Will Be Missed"
Word has come down through Trans-Siberian Orchestra members Russell Allen (Symphony X) and Chris Caffery (Savatage) that former TSO vocalist James Lewis has passed away. At press time, no details regarding Lewis' death had been made public...

#JamesLewis #TransSiberianOrchestra #MusicLegacy #Memorial #RIP #MusicLoss

ChatGPT making things up about the article:
Former Trans-Siberian Orchestra vocalist James Lewis recently passed away. James was known for his incredible vocal performances, and he touched many with his amazing singing. We remember him as an extraordinary artist and a beloved friend. James was well-loved and respected by all, and we will miss him profoundly. His music lives on, and he will always be remembered by those who have had the privilege of hearing him sing. We express our condolences and send our love to the family. Rest in peace, James. You are loved and will be missed
Ross A. Baker
3 weeks ago

In Extreme Programming, we picked a new pair programmer every day. I decided that was nonsense, and adopted Pete. We paired for the next nineteen years. He preferred the title "alpha" to "principal staff," but he shared his opinions whether you wanted them or not. He logged off this morning. Rest easy, friend.

P.S., this is what he thought of YAML.

#TuxedoCat #RIP

A tuxedo cat looking at the camera and sticking out his tongue.
Yahia Lababidi
3 weeks ago

As an anxious young man, prone to melancholy and drunk on #poetry, #TheSmiths meant a great deal to me.

#RIP #AndyRourke & thank you, for the #gift of #music, which will live on 🕊️

#friday #today #JoinIn

3 weeks ago

#RIP Jim Brown, who was often called the greatest football player of his time but who gave up the sport at the peak of his career in the 1960s and turned instead to acting and activism, died May 18 at his home in Los Angeles. He was 87

Damon Outlaw
4 weeks ago

My mother always told me how proud she was of me and my accomplishments, but the truth is I was 1000% more proud of simply being her son.
#rip #ripmom #happymothersday #covid #fcovid

Khalid ⚡
4 weeks ago

November 2006: Windows CardSpace allowed #dotnet developers securely store identities on Windows Vista. 🪦 #rip #dotnet #dotnetHistory

November 2006:
Windows CardSpace
allowed NET
developers securely
store identities on
Windows Vista.
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

Frank Kozik, Legendary Visual Artist, Dead at 61
Kozik did work for Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins, Beastie Boys and countless others. The post Frank Kozik, Legendary Visual Artist, Dead at 61 appeared first on MetalSucks.

#FrankKozik #VisualArtist #Legend #RIP #Legacy #PunkRock #Grunge #RockandRoll

ChatGPT making things up about the article:
At the age of 61, Frank Kozik, long-time graphic artist and the creator of a huge array of influential visual works in the punk, metal, and rock scenes, has died. In the '80s and '90s, his sprawling artwork was seen plastering band posters, album covers, and fanzines, life-size figures and apparel, taking the music world by storm. His punk and metal sensibility ran as a thread throughout his minimalist designs and drawings, eventually leading to worldwide recognition. His impact and legacy will continue to be felt by creatives, fans, and music industry professionals far and wide. #RIPFrankKozik.
1 month ago

@feynman @elelem @kali @feynman Here Lies the Bot: Not only was it unable to understand the
migration, but it didn't even get cake. #RIP #BotsLife

1 month ago

I still miss Inbox by Gmail.

It was, by a country mile, the best email client I've ever used.

I'll never understand why the features weren't pushed to Gmail itself - which remains a truly dreadful email experience.

#rip #inbox #gmail #google