Statistics Globe
11 hours ago

Hey, I've created a tutorial on how to draw a barplot with standard error bars in the R programming language. The tutorial also compares Base R vs. the ggplot2 package:

#ggplot2 #RStudio #VisualAnalytics #tidyverse #Package

Lars Willighagen
4 days ago

For some reason Ctrl+Meta (which I use to switch virtual desktops) also de-indents the current line in #RStudio and I cannot find out how to change that.

1 week ago

niche #rstats / #rstudio question. am working on an internal pkg function that generates a new rstudio project from a template, then opens the project (via rstudioapi).

Q: can it open the page when that project opens for the first time?

(dumb) ideas spitballed:
- add .rproj.user file that says was previously open in this project (?)
- add an rprofile inside the project folder that runs rstudioapi::openDocument (mehh)
- is there some sort of callback function somewhere?

R-Ladies Rome
1 week ago

📣 R-Ladies Rome is hosting:
Ten tips for better text: typography meets ggplot and friends. 🤗
Make sure to attend it on November 30, 2023 at 6:00 PM CET
🗣️Speaker: Cara Thompson

@fgazzelloni #datavisualization #rstats #rstudio #datascience

Statistics Globe
2 weeks ago

New guest video on the StatistikInDD YouTube channel!

I talk about analyzing football wages using dplyr & the tidyverse:

#RStats #R #Rstudio #DataScience #Statistics #DataAnalysis #football #soccer

Jim Gardner
3 weeks ago

I must wash my mouth out with soap!!

In my latest blog post about zsh I erroneously stated that while VS Code supports changes to the terminal, RStudio doesn't.

That's a load of horse shit. Of course it supports it, and it takes all of 3 clicks to make zsh the default terminal, including with your Oh My Zsh setup etc.

Post updated to show how it's done.

#RStats #RStudio #zsh #eza

Screenshot of the Terminal pane in RStudio. It shows a terminal using zsh, instead of the RStudio-provided default bash. The commands "bat" and "eza -TL=1" have been run and the results are displayed. Different elements of the commands and results have been colourised by Oh My Zsh and eza.
Data Quine
3 weeks ago

Finally finished my Data Analysis course, just red-tape odds and ends to do with SQA submission to go. Now I can get back to doing more coding for pleasure. All through the course I was itching to install R on my own VPS but didn't have time. If you know your way around a #Linux server it's relatively straightforward to get #R and #RStudio on your own server and run things like #RShiny apps.
Got it working on #AlmaLinux 9.3 using the #RedHat 9 version.

boB Rudis 🇺🇦
3 weeks ago

If you use #RStats #RStudio dailies (let's be clear; their appeal to the snakes is severely misguided tho may bring in 💰) and are missing ligatures (like all sane coders would)…

i use for my RStudio theme and modified it, thusly:

.ace_scroller {
font-variant-ligatures: discretionary-ligatures;
font-feature-settings: "dlig" 1;
to get the attached with the awesome new Monaspace fonts.

Luke Pembleton
3 weeks ago

Has anyone managed to get the new monaspace font 🔠 and the ligatures from GitHub working in RStudio? 🧑‍💻#RStats #RStudio #MonaspaceFont

4 weeks ago

Emacs is not reading files from other partitions #emacs #rstudio

Statistics Globe
4 weeks ago

Hey, I've published an extensive video introduction on how to apply a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) using the R programming language. The tutorial was created in collaboration with Cansu Kebabci:

#RStudio #Analysis #datasciencetraining

Statistics Globe
1 month ago

Hey, I've created a video tutorial on how to create a data frame containing columns with unequal lengths using the R programming language:

#RStudio #datastructure #statistical

Statistics Globe
1 month ago

Hey, I've created a video tutorial on how to draw a ggplot2 barchart that shows the mean of each group in the R programming language:

#tidyverse #Package #ggplot2 #RStudio #datascienceeducation #Analysis #datavisualization

boB Rudis 🇺🇦
1 month ago

S W E E T new indicator in the #RStats #RStudio dailies

indicator letting you know exactly why the R session is running and what it’s doing
Statistics Globe
1 month ago

Hey, I've created a tutorial on how to handle missing data using the function in the R programming language:

#DataAnalytics #RStudio

Statistics Globe
1 month ago

Quick R Quiz - Creating Vector Objects!

How to create a vector x with values 1 to 5 in the R programming language?

#rstats #RStudio #codingquiz #datascience #vectors

Jesse Onland
1 month ago

My #rstudio theme is now available via GitHub repository:

Beware: Contrasts may be too low for some displays/eyeballs.

Screenshot of my RStudio theme.
Statistics Globe
1 month ago

R vs. Python Speed Comparison - Running for Loops!

Which programming language is quicker for running for loops?

#rstats #RStudio #python #pythoncode #codingchallenge #codeefficiency

Richard Lent
1 month ago

Common Ringlet (Coenonympha tullia), Petersham, #Massachusetts. Photo taken June 2019.

See "Habitat structure and phenotypic variation in the invading butterfly Coenonympha tullia" (

#butterfly #butterflies #lepidoptera #nature #naturephotography #insects #pollinators #ecology #r #rstudio #rmarkdown #rnotebook

1 month ago

#today I have done several hours of stats lectures and workshops (Social Data Analytics), and feel nearly comfortable with #R and #RStudio! (Proficiency level: beginner.)

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

ChatGPT Coding - Adding New Column to R Data Frame!

See how to add a new column to an R dataframe with the help of ChatGPT!

#rstats #RStudio #ChatGPT ##artificialintelligence #AI

Robyn :antifa:
2 months ago

Help. How can I install #tidyverse on #RStudio ?

How can I install

It seems this package is needed.
My OS is #opensuse #tumbleweed

libxml2-devel is installed but it fails anyway. 😕


Screenshot R Console:

Error : read_xml.Rd:58: unable to load shared object '/home/robin/R/x86_64-suse-linux-gnu-library/4.3/00LOCK-xml2/00new/xml2/libs/': cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Screenshot Terminal

libxml2 is installed.
Screenshot of terminal.
Statistics Globe
2 months ago

R vs. Python Code Comparison - Creating Data Sets!

Which programming language is better for initializing datasets?

#rstats #RStudio #python #pythoncode #dataset #datascience

Chase W. Nelson|倪誠志
2 months ago

Anyone working in #RStudio notice that view() fails to sort column values correctly beyond column 50? #RStats

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

ChatGPT Coding - Draw Scatterplot with Regression Line in R!

Check out this ChatGPT R tutorial for drawing a scatterplot with a regression line!

#rstats #RStudio #ChatGPT #AI #scatterplot #openai

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Hey, the pre-sell registration of the Statistics Globe #rstats online course is closing in 3 hours.

The topic of the course: "Data Manipulation in R Using dplyr & the tidyverse"

Make sure to secure your seat now:

Thank you so much and see you soon.


#rstudio #rprogramming #datamanipulation #datahandling #datacleaning #datascience #statistics

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Quick R Quiz - Assignment Operators!

Which of the following symbols is used for assignment in R? Do you know the answer?

#rstats #RStudio #rprogramming #datascience #codingquiz

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Hey, I've created a tutorial on how to calculate summary statistics for the variables in a data frame using the R programming language:

#datascientists #programming #rstudio

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Base R vs. ggplot2 - Histograms!

Drawing histograms using Base R vs. the ggplot2 package. Which method do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

#rstats #RStudio #datavisualization #ggplot2 #datascience

2 months ago

Handy RStudio addins for reshaping and navigating in code: #rstats #rstudio @_lionelhenry

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Yesterday, I opened the pre-sell registration for my online course on "Data Manipulation in R Using dplyr & the tidyverse" with a 50% early bird discount for the first 30 participants.

Course description:

Now, there are already 22 registrations! :)

This also means that there are only 8 spots with an early bird discount left. So if you would like to take part in the course, make sure to reserve your spot now.

#rstats #rstudio #dplyr #tidyverse #datascience #statistics

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Hey, I've created a video tutorial on how to break the axis of a plot using the R programming language. The tutorial also explains how to apply the gap.plot function of the plotrix package:

#analytics #datavisualization #rstudio #statistical

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

R Programmer Tries to Install a Package in Python!

Installing packages in R vs. Python - Why is this so difficult?!

#rstats #RStudio #python #pythoncode #Programming #funny

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Hey, I've created a new website called Data Hacks containing 1000 quick R & Python tutorials. Solutions are shown without unnecessary talk, so you may use it to quickly find code snippets for specific problems:

#coding #rstudio #advancedanalytics

Neil :emacs: :orgmode:
2 months ago

The pain! building #RStudio from source on #Arch and its only using one core by the looks of it.

This would never happen on #Gentoo !

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Daily Morning Routine of a Programmer!

Have you ever wondered how the morning routine of a programmer looks like?

#rstats #RStudio #morningroutine #programmerlife #Coding #memes

R Consortium
2 months ago

📢 Attention RStudio Enthusiasts!

Thomas Mock (@thomas_mock), Ph.D., of Posit PBC, delivers an enlightening webinar on Copilot's capabilities in RStudio. From code predictions to tools like {chattr} - gain insights for a smoother coding experience.

🔗 Dive in:

#RStudio #RStats #DataScience #OpenSource

Statistics Globe
2 months ago

Hey, a few days ago I asked for topic suggestions for the first-ever Statistics Globe online course.

Based on all the answers, I found the following possible topics for the course:

1) Introduction to R Programming for Beginners
2) Data Visualization in R Using ggplot2
3) Data Manipulation in R Using dplyr
4) Statistical Analysis in R
5) Principal Component Analysis in R

What's your favorite topic?

#rstats #rstudio #datascience #statistics #programming

Living with Machines
2 months ago

Yann Ryan wrote 'LWM Digital Residency: Accessing and Using Historical Newspaper Data' describing his work updating and publishing his online guide to accessing and analysing newspaper data

Accessing and Using Historical Newspaper Data is a great example of how to use R to work with digitised newspaper data for topic models, machine learning, n-grams, word embeddings and finding text reuse

#R #RStudio #newspapers #howto #Tidymodels

Jonathan Carroll
2 months ago

Today's adventure in learning more programming languages (#exercism #12in23) involved trying to install a recent version of #ruby in Pop_OS which was failing due to some SSL library inconsistency, a workaround for which uninstalled my #RStudio 🤬

I abandoned 2 different install managers before finally getting one working. I have it running now, but not off to a great start.

Doing my prelim reading while I waited... "python, but with full OOP" and "parentheses are *optional*"!?!

R Consortium
2 months ago

🔥 Big News! Dr. Max Kuhn from @rstudio will be a keynote speaker at #LatinR2023, Oct 18-20, in Montevideo, Uruguay 🇺🇾! Dive into groundbreaking insights on R and data science with one of the industry's giants. Deadline to register is this Sunday, Oct 1st. Register now: #RStudio #RStats #DataScience

Adam Austin
2 months ago

You asked, and @thomas_mock answered -- GitHub Copilot integration with RStudio is coming!

Give RStudio some context (be simple and specific) about your analysis in a comment. You get a ghost text suggestion that you can instantly accept to add that code to your script.

With more context and lines of code, you'll start getting better completions, even in the line you're typing.

Available as a preview feature in the 2023.09 build! (Copilot subscription required.)
#PositConf2023 #rstudio

Joyce Robbins
3 months ago

@hadleywickham You asked on Twitter last fall for #rvest examples that don't work. This used to pull the latest version of #RStudio but doesn't work anymore (unless I save the page first)

spans <- xml2::read_html("") |>
rvest::html_element(".mt-\\[40px\\].body-md-regular") |>
rvest::html_elements("span") |>
rvest::html_text() |>
stringr::str_extract("Version: .*")

rstudio_latest_version <- spans[!] |>

Dr. Dan Killam
3 months ago

I've been doing my small amount of beginner python coding via reticulate in #Rstudio. Am I insane? Seems to work pretty well for pushing plots to a folder and have been able to run the libraries I need so far without issue.

Ewan Donnachie
3 months ago

So, I'm using #RStudio 2023.06.1 and it can't find it's own installation of pandoc.

RStudio ignores any environment variable set in the Renviron file, or system-wide, and always sets RSTUDIO_PANDOC to "c:\\Program Files\RStudio\pandoc\bin" (i.e. the old location, which I don't have defined anywhere). Consequently, rmarkdown::pandoc_available() is FALSE.

I have no idea why it is doing this. Any ideas?

@Posit #RStats

Ken Butler
3 months ago

@necrosis if you're doing pure LaTeX, then overleaf. If there is #rstats in there, learn Quarto and run it on #rstudio

3 months ago

Phew, had a really productive but exhausting #Rstats day today. It's a report that works with #quarto and #knitr and I created something like a "create_graph()" function, because the graphs a very similar and it saves a lot of copy paste.

I really want to make one thing clear: Without #Rstudio and #ggplot and #dplyr and all things #R I could not do my job. Neither Excel, nor Stata, nor SPSS could help in that specific way. I wouldn't get anything of the non-data tasks done...

Tim O'Connell
3 months ago

#R #RStudio #data #visualization #analysis peeps:

Let's say someone knows a bit of #Excel, @SQL, and #Tableau but has been asked (to potentially land an interview) to prepare an analysis with provided data in R. Quickest way to get them up to speed, and... GO!

4 months ago

my illness-addled brain can't concentrate on work, so i went off and played with some dumb data about songs in the hot 100 charts instead. in the process i found something really interesting. i wrote about it -

#datascience #r #rstudio #music #data

4 months ago

#RStudio wish: Open the same file up in two panes so I can view different parts at the same time.


Statistics Globe
4 months ago

How to Confuse an R Programmer!

How to confuse a programmer in the R programming language. Why does this happen when you extract only one column from your data frame?

#rstats #rstudio #datamanipulation #coding

Jesse Onland
4 months ago

Why does #RStudio make it so annoying to get a 1x3 panel layout?

If you use Rstudio and rmarkdown. How often do you press "Session -> Restart R" in the menu?
#RStudio #rmarkdown #RStats

4 months ago

Great #Rstats #Rstudio tip from :
command+shift+0 to restart R session and command+option+b to "rerun to here" in your script.

Jim Gardner
4 months ago

Any recommendations of comfort-boosting keyboard shortcuts in RStudio, for beginner and intermediate users?

Currently whipping up a blog post. Got stuff like multiple cursors/carets, moving around on lines, find/replace, search in files, assignment & pipe operators.

#rstats #rstudio

Sharon Machlis
4 months ago

Are you an R/RStudio interested in trying out LangChain for generative AI apps? Here's an idea on how to do that with minimal Python, in RStudio, using R to look at code results step by step.

#rstats #RStudio #python #LangChain #InfoWorld #GenerativeAI @rstats

Henning Deters
4 months ago

#Quarto notebooks in #Emacs are a headache. I just can't get code block execution to work properly. So I find myself editing them in #Rstudio or using #Jupyter notebooks instead. Not ideal.

#rstats #python #literateProgramming #help

Frank Hänel
4 months ago

@smach @rstats 📢 Exciting read! 💻 "Code snippets" are like productivity boosters for developers! They are indeed time-savers and make coding a breeze. 📊 #CodingTips #ProductivityHacks #RStudio #DataVisualization

Sharon Machlis
5 months ago

I got Python working to run LangChain document loaders in VSCode on both my Mac and Windows machines - plus in RStudio with {reticulate}! 🎉 I feel like I ought to go buy a lottery ticket 😀

#python #LangChain #reticulate #RStudio

James Wade
5 months ago

📣 gptstudio v0.3 is on CRAN!

Plenty of new models & features:

🤗 HuggingFace, PaLM, Azure OpenAI, & Anthropic
💅 Customize prompts & app config
🔨 Extensible API classes
🐛 Plenty of bug fixes


@michelnivard #rstats #gpt4 #llm #rstudio

Sharon Machlis
5 months ago

If you use RStudio to write R code but aren’t using code snippets, you may want to check them out. They can be a big timesaver!
I did a tutorial article & video a few years ago:

#Rstats #RStudio #InfoWorld @rstats

Prof. Sundar
5 months ago

@smach @jimhester
People help.
I am invested too heavily in #Rstudio to change. Is there a way to get copilot for it.
I pay for #chatgpt4 and #OpenAI.

5 months ago

rphylopic: An R package for fetching, transforming, and visualising PhyloPic silhouettes #sciart #rstudio #biology #science #illustration

Robert Fromont
5 months ago

Anybody out there seriously use #RStudio for non-R stuff?

I mean, it's got a shell sitting there, seems to know about Python, JavaScript, HTML. Is it the best kept secret IDE that I should invest some time in scratching the surface of?

My biggest pet peeve of using #jupyternotebook (coming from #rstats / #rstudio ) is that you can't see all the dataframes that you have either loaded or have wrangled and created in this session.

It is a big positive of using RStudio. You can quickly take a glance or scroll through if needed.

Is there a way to do this in Jupyter Notebook?

#python #programming #datascience #analytics

Dr. B Learned Hand
5 months ago

#rstats #email #RSTUDIO
IF ANYONE ELSE is tired of waiting for the output to run and constantly checking in for large datasets and programs.
example of R code to send an email through OUTLOOK with an ATTACHMENT. has worked so far all day! the key for me has been keeping OUTLOOK open. NOTE: i am not using two slashes etc. Just the simple path that you can copy from the IDE. I am using R STUDIO: "Mountain Hydrangea" Release for windows

Lorena Rosaleny #AúnEnPandemia
5 months ago

@eheisman @keyboardpipette
I think spyder IDE does this for python libraries, I do not know if Rstudio could do that #rstats #rstudio

Romain François
5 months ago

✅ I’m proud of my share of designing, maintaining and promoting #dplyr, a little #rstats 📦 to manipulate your data with style.

✅ I also had the pleasure to get involved in the early days of the Apache #arrow R 📦.

✅ Last year I had such a 💥 being ambassador of the #tidyverse in the #rstudio ide team. Being able to make (modest) changes to a product I have so much 🖤 for was so cool and weird and challenging and fun.

✅ and many other small and big things.

Adam H. Sparks
6 months ago

@abhi @mikelech I think of it as more of a chef's knife for R and less of a Swiss Army Knife for several languages. Yes, both work with R and I use both VSCode(ium) and RStudio, but I still gravitate to RStudio for my R work... #RStats #RStudio

Sharon Machlis
6 months ago

Video: Intro to Version Control using git and RStudio - presentation by Ryan Johnson, data science advisor at @Posit, at @NHSrCommunity

#rstats #git #RStudio @rstats

Title slide: Intro to Version Control (using) git and RStudio
Sharon Machlis
7 months ago

Git Version Control and RStudio
@NHSrCommunity webinar on Thursday, May 25
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm BST / 10:30 am EDT
With Ryan Johnson – Data Science Advisor, @Posit

#rstats #RStudio #git

Can someone with #RStudio test this?

list(x = lubr

Do you get any sort of autocomplete for lubridate (assuming you have it installed)? Can you get any package you have installed to show up in the intellisense?


Nathaniel D. Porter
8 months ago

Looking for a truly novice-friend intro to #rstats and #RStudio? Join Virginia Tech's R101 and R102 workshops 4/20 and 4/27 (on Zoom, open to anyone). Based on Software Carpentry, no programming or data analysis experience is necessary; you'll learn foundational skills you need to get started and keep learning yourself.

Register at and

Joyce Robbins
8 months ago

I've been using #git (mainly in #RStudio) for a long time and got this message for the first time... maybe due to a new computer. What should I choose? Everything used to work just fine but I have no idea what the setting was. #rstats

Tom Mock
9 months ago

@Posit The RStudio User Guide at: is an aggregation of dozens of resources!

Too many to link out to, but kudos to the #RStudio dev team on a wealth of blog posts, support articles, one-off guides and other resources that were aggregated into this guide.

#RStats #PyData

Tom Mock
9 months ago

@Posit We believe that quality software documentation is a superpower for new and experienced devs.

As such, a cross-functional team put together brand-new user guides!

RStudio IDE:

Posit Workbench:

#RStats #PyData #RStudio

Sharon Machlis
9 months ago

My RStudio code snippets to get an object from a character string and get the object name as a strong from the object:

snippet string2obj
eval(parse(text = "${1:obj_name}"))

snippet obj2string

#rstats #RStudio #CodeSnippets

Sharon Machlis
10 months ago

If anyone besides me is having trouble with RStudio *terminal* not finding git on a Mac, even though RStudio *IDE git pane* and Mac terminal find it just fine, changing the default RStudio shell from bash to zsh worked for me. (Tools > Global options > Terminal > New terminals open with )
#RStudio #git

Jesse Onland
10 months ago

How can I get #ggplot plots that expand when clicked on web pages generated from #quarto documents? #knitr #rstudio

Dave 🦔
10 months ago

@peter_mcmahan If anyone wants to comment directly to #RStudio / #Posit about this #Palantir collaboration, somebody has raised the issue on their forums and you can share your own concerns there as a user:

Ian Bowns
11 months ago


In the last month, all my shiny apps have stopped finding teh path for data files.

ANy suggestions?


#shiny #Rstats #R #RStudio

Lorena Rosaleny #AúnEnPandemia
11 months ago

Also, Palantir has more than one or two ethical problems... Palantir has a lot of problems with human rights issues. I'm really dissapointed in Posit.

#palantir #posit #rstudio

Peter McMahan
11 months ago

Wow. RStudio (recently rebranded as Posit) is partnering with Palantir. Yes, the same Palantir with ties to Cambridge Analytica. The same Palantir that partners with and actively supports ICE and other oppressive surveillance.

This is really not ok ethically, and can only mean a bad direction functionally for the company's software going forward. I never use RStudio for research myself, but it looks like I'll stop using it in teaching.

#rstudio #palantir #posit #ice

I saw this news doing the rounds and, wow, it's a problematic partnership to say the least. Palantir is not whatever company, take a look at the list of controversies on Wiki:

As an instructor who used #R and #Rstudio a lot, this may be the end of it.

11 months ago

Apparently #RStudio now partners with #Palantir and will be integrating their platform. So does anyone know what I should recommend as an alternative #R IDE??? #RStats

11 months ago

Phew, it was a lot of tinkering, but my #flowchart|s for my #thesis came out really nice. Made with the #rstats library #DiagrammeR and #graphviz and rendered with #knitr, #bookdown and #latex via #rstudio .

The #mermaid integration is just broken for latex-based pdfs, which is sad because mermaid is just really nice with its easy syntax. graphviz has at least more power and is embeddable as a vector pdf file.

Coding Gardener
11 months ago

Just uploaded the first iteration of my website made with #Quarto #RStats #RStudio

I am looking for a job and/ or to collaborate on projects with a focus on #MentalHealth #DataScience #statistics #DataViz #maps

Justin Lind
1 year ago

@drdrago this is excellent.

Now I’m crossing my fingers that #RStudio will also make using #OKLCH as easy to integrate as possible, or better yet, start to make it the default in certain areas.

Dr Daria
1 year ago

As someone that wants pretty graphs 100% of the time, I am enjoying the new #RStudio update

In-editor preview for colours, that works with both #Rstats color names and hex codes

Video of a RStudio script being edited, a quoted string changes colour to match the one written, from slategrey to purple, and  finally to match a series of hex colour codes
1 year ago

@smach @elianhugh @mattdray I believ the R package was an attempt to fill a gap in visual editor of RStudio IDE.
But in the visual editor you can do that directly.
#QuartoPub #RStats #RStudio #Posit

Jörg Kantel
1 year ago

RStudio heißt jetzt Posit: Talks von der RStudio::conf 2022

Im Juli dieses Jahres fand – ungeachtet der Tatsache, daß RStudio nun Posit heißen will –, die RStudio:conf 2022 statt. Wegen meines Vorhabens, dieses Blog Kritzelheft zukünftig mit Quarto herauszuschreiben, wäre ich (nachträglich) gerne dabeigewesen (aber im Juli wußte selbst ich noch nichts von meinem Vorhaben). #RStudio #Quarto #Publishing

Jonathan Horowitz
1 year ago

Let's do an R debate. If you are a sociology student with no programming background (ino other words, the people I teach), is it better to learn Base R or Tidyverse first?

Please tell me why, too. Let's get a discussion going.

#R #RStats #RStudio #sociodon #sociology #demography

I occasionally have to restart #RStudio because it becomes unresponsive and this black square appears. I just lost analysis results that took all night to run.

This has happened over many years across multiple computers. It's never predictable. And it has never happened to me in any other program.

Anyone else?

Black box in RStudio

You can find my shit-posting account. This is my more slice of life, interesting stuff, etc account. My more academic stuff goes on my scholar account.

Obligatory list of hashtags of stuff I dabble in so people can find me:
#chess #orthodox #orthodoxy #statistics #ml #ai #datascience #statistician #datascientist #academic #esperanto #discgolf #running #powerlifting #strongman #sanskrit #linux #rstats #rstudio #ggplot #emacs #ess #rmarkdown