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I’m surprised at how little I’m enjoying the Road To Tar Valon video on S2E6. I guess the only newbie/non-book reactor I really enjoy is Aisha Wilson. Listen to a wht guy saying he’s not interested in any of the plot lines for the WOC but he could watch Rand with Logain for hours, is such an empty trope. #WheelOfTime #Racism

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POR FIM, falaram-me que o corpo do playboy, a pericia levou e os corpos sem vida das duas mulheres, alguns falaram-me que a #police da região os levou e os queimou.

Mas outros disseram-me que foram entregues ao #crime que controlava as drogas e o venda de mulheres para os hoteis da região.

Qual a verdade das mentiras que nos contaram? A máquina de lavar, o Diabo ou Deus que sabe!


#Brasil #brazil #law #crime #stj #stf #g1 #sc #racism #religion #nazis #ethics #unesco #justica #leaks

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Started reading Hans Kundani's Eurowhitness tonight. V/ interesting so far. #Europe #EU #Racism #Xenophobia @bookstodon

"It may be more helpful to think of the far right across Europe in terms of a mixture of nationalism and civilisationalism […] In any case, the crucial point here is that the far right in Europe does not simply speak on behalf of the nation against Europe, but also on behalf of Europe—that is, on behalf of “a different kind of imagined community, located at a different level of cultural and political space”, than the nation. In a sense, therefore, the far right is also “pro-European”.
The response of mainstream “pro-European” parties to the rise of the far right has been to challenge it—and even to claim to stand for the opposite of the far right—while also adopting some of its framing and positions. In particular, while rejecting the nationalism of the Eurosceptic far right, the “pro-European” centre-right has adopted its idea of a threatened European civilisation. Thus the distinction between the centre right and the far right has become increasingly blurred. Indeed, it has sometimes seemed as if the only thing that clearly differentiates the centre right from the far right in Europe is its attitude to the EU itself. In that sense, it is possible to speak of “regional populism”: a “pro-European” version of “national populism”."
"Perhaps more worryingly, however—and harder even to see–is the more subtle way in which white replacement theory is influencing thinking about the EU itself and producing a “pro-European” version of it. Whereas nationalists emphasize the “replacement” of a particular nation or people such as France, some “pro-Europeans” have “Europeanised” this trope and worry about the “replacement” of a Europe defined in ethnic/cultural terms. Indeed, for some, the fear of replacement is precisely what should unite Europeans. This can be seen particularly in debates about immigration, which is seen as a threat to the “European way of life”, but also in debates about the need for a European foreign policy to prevent the “disappearance” of Europe."
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@AliceMarshall Horrible! Sorry to see the vandalism, but so glad the owners are safe and unhurt!

Here's their website:

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Today in Labor History September 24, 1906: The Atlanta massacre ended on this day. Rioting by white mobs began on September 22 after newspapers published several luridly detailed and unsubstantiated reports of black men allegedly raping 4 local women. The racist mobs destroyed black businesses and homes, killing at least 25 African Americans (official reports). However, the actual death toll may be closer to 100. Black men, including university professors, met to organize defense committees and began arming themselves. However, police and state militias raided their meetings and disarmed them. One cop was killed in the fight. W. E. B. Du Bois, who was teaching at Atlanta University at the time, purchased a shotgun when rioting broke out. "I bought a Winchester double-barreled shotgun and two dozen rounds of shells filled with buckshot. If a white mob had stepped on the campus where I lived I would without hesitation have sprayed their guts over the grass." The massacre was not publicly marked in Georgia until 2006, its 100th anniversary, nor made part of state's curriculum for public schools until 2007.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #atlanta #georgia #racism #Riot #massacre #police #PoliceMurder #PoliceBrutality #kkk #BlackMastadon

The cover of French magazine Le Petit Journal in October, 1906, depicting white man brutally attacking African Americans during the Atlanta race riot. By Unknown author - This file comes from Gallica Digital Library and is available under the digital ID bpt6k7167163/f1, Public Domain,
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Nazi advocate Ron DeSantis says Republicans lack the ‘confidence’ to be labeled ‘racist’

'They don't like to be called that.'

#RonDeSantis #Florida #Nazis #NotBrave #Confidence #Racism

Dale Reardon
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Pioneering Travel Blogger Kicked Off American Airlines For Speaking Out Against Racism by View From The Wing blog : #racism #discrimination #Travel

6 hours ago

@glightly It’s a current world wide crisis sadly, not just the US. The racist world tour that Bannon did, was very well attended. #USPol #Racism

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If my elaborate red & gold paper envelopes with $20 inside, addressed directly to your children and *not you*, threatens your view of yourself as a good parent, you have massive problems that don't involve the red envelope.

The fact that I'm not welcome to visit in-person because *you* are *too busy* for the most important holiday in the East Asian calendar is enough of an insult.

See you at Christmas.


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Strive to live in your own imagination, not someone else's. Ruha Benjamin speaks about "The New Jim Code?"

#FacilitatingChange #technology #bias #racism #power #imagination

live in your own imagination: An illustration of a woman's head, full of images of life and experiences. In the center is a vague, grey image of a person.
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#Musk #AntiSemitism #Racism #SouthAfrica #Apartheid: "Isaacson writes that Haldeman had come “to believe that the Canadian government was usurping too much control over the lives of individuals and that the country had gone soft.” One of Haldeman’s sons has written that it may have simply been “his adventurous spirit and the desire for a more pleasant climate in which to raise his family.” But another factor was at play: his strong support for the brand-new apartheid regime.

An examination of Joshua Haldeman’s writings reveals a radical conspiracy theorist who expressed racist, anti-Semitic, and antidemocratic views repeatedly, and over the course of decades—a record I studied across hundreds of documents from the time, including newspaper clips, self-published manuscripts, university archives, and private correspondence. Haldeman believed that apartheid South Africa was destined to lead “White Christian Civilization” in its fight against the “International Conspiracy” of Jewish bankers and the “hordes of Coloured people” they controlled.

“Instead of the Government’s attitude keeping me out of South Africa, it had precisely the opposite effect—it encouraged me to come and settle here,” he told a reporter for the South African newspaper Die Transvaler shortly after his arrival. The far-right Afrikaner newspaper treated Haldeman’s arrival as a PR victory for apartheid. (“PRAISES ACTION OF NATIONALIST PARTY REGIME: Canadian Politician Settles in South Africa,” the headline read.)"

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Just unbelievable. I genuinely thought this was a joke at first...then it just kept going, and there are articles confirming? How hard is it to #JustSayNo to #Racists?

#substack #racism #substackNotes #contentModeration #moderation

A vertical, TikTok watermarked, and subtitled video of two people who are at remote podcast recording stations, with headphones on and microphones in front of them. Sometimes the video only shows one of them, sometimes it shows the interviewer above the person being interviewed, who is the CEO of Substack.

The interviewer, as he says, is a POC, and the person being interviewed is white. Both have stubble to a short beard and short hair with a small pompadour.
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Excellent to see that dozens of #MetropolitanPolice officers are refusing to go out on armed patrols. Innocent dark-skinned citizens will, for a while at least, be less likely to be murdered by the institutionally #racist #police force.

#racism #PoliceBrutality

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The President it the European Commission has just paraphrased the most reactionary Australian Prime Minister ever to have served that role:

Von der Leyen, September 2023: “‘We will decide who comes to Europe and under what circumstances.’”

Howard, August 2001: “We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.”

#Asylum #Migration #Racism #DogWhistling #Europa

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@kentborg @Dianora I’ve also been comparing my #TwitterMigration to my #MastodonMigration.

Why have I continued to use #Mastodon in spite of:
* the platform’s own challenges with #racism & #sexism?
* the #culture sometimes being less welcoming to #newcomers?
* the #Fediverse’s complexity?
* challenging technical issues, like learning about 20+ clients for different OSes?

The people. The people help me stay. I also have a faith in Mastodon’s ability to do some good.

(Oh, and #Caturday.)

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
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@kentborg @Dianora (I’m on a plane & the WiFi is spotty.)

I’m going to #TPDL2023 and will not live-tweet it like past conferences. I’ll post to #Mastodon and #Bluesky, but not #Twitter.

But I ask myself, why didn’t I quit when #Musk:
* made using the word #cisgender grounds for suspension?
* was promoting #antivaxx, #antisemitism, #racism, #sexism & hurting #BlackTwitter?
* suspended #journalists?

I stayed for the people who stayed. I stayed to help promote & support them.


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@parismarx Walter didn't want Xitter to suspend him for 4 weeks, because he just couldn't shut up writing about Musk's racist Herrenmensch granddad.

#Mastodon #SocialMedia #LeaveTwitter #LeaveXitter #MuskSuX #AntisocialMedia #Racism #Discrimination

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From 23 Sep: A Black student was suspended for his hairstyle. Now his family is suing Texas officials - HOUSTON (AP) — The family of a Black high school student in Texas who was suspended over his dreadlo... #ap-top-news #education #general-news #houston #lawsuits #race-and-ethnicity #racism #texas #tx-state-wire #u.s.-news

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This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Masks Are Bullshit
Masks Are Bullshit

Last week, I made a poor choice in choosing to review “Masks are Bullshit” for my new segment about crazy books to get this blog going. I think I wrote nearly 5,000 words taking down his personal attacks and bullshit arguments in his book. However, we’re not quite done with the introductions yet, since Kevin wrote two separate introductions.

So, let’s double down on a bad bet and continue reading this grifter’s book on why masks are bullshit. But one thing I want to ask is… why didn’t he have some other grifter write a forward to this steaming pile of bullshit?

Kevin J. Johnston Doesn’t Understand Induced Demand, Blames Multiculturalism for Traffic Jams

The introduction goes a whole page before saying something crazy. As crazy as claiming that the California wildfires are caused not by climate change but rather, Jewish Space Lasers. A new record for Kevin. He talks about when he wrote this heaping pile of bullshit, “the second, third and fourth week of September of the Year 2020”. Which is a bit odd, as he claims that:

North American Media started picking up on the story in December of 2020, but sparsely.

Kevin J. Johnston, Masks are Bullshit, page 18

Whatever. He also makes it clear that at this time, he was still living in Mississauga, nearly one year before he would lose the Calgary mayoral election. But as the next page starts, he gets back to his hateful, nonsensical bullshit.

These highways have more traffic on them than most cities in Canada combined and are hell on Earth to drive on because Canada has a ridiculous Multicultural policy which aims to import the most useless, uneducated, unemployable, disrespectful and incompetent drivers in the world all of whom congregate in the Toronto area and drive on these highways with both their eyes closed.


Kevin J. Johnston, Masks are Bullshit, page 15

The first issue is that this isn’t actually a true story. Not even remotely. Rather, Canada takes advantage of failings in the U.S. immigration system to pick up high skilled workers the U.S. lets slip through their fingers. In fact, high-skilled immigrants are a much higher percentage of the immigrants Canada accepts than in the United States.

Furthermore, Johnston’s claim that immigrants are “unemployable” runs contrary to his claim in the last introduction that it’s impossible for white guys to get jobs in Canada.

The problem isn’t multiculturalism, why the hell would it be? The problem is car-dependency. That’s why we see the same problem south of the border in the less multicultural United States. You know where we don’t see this problem, though? In cities that actually favor modes of transport that can move more people, like Amsterdam.

It’s not immigrants that create traffic. Rather, it’s prioritizing infrastructure for cars and creating car dependency that creates traffic.

Why does Kevin think “Masks are Bullshit”? Simply put, “Nobody has COVID-19”

Kevin prattles on about an irrelevant point about Lester B Pearson International Airport, Canada’s biggest airport. Then, he leaps to one of the most illogical conclusions that I’ve ever seen.

My point? Nobody here has COVID-19!

You know what that means? COVID-19 is bullshit. You know what else that means? Masks are bullshit!

Kevin J. Johnston, Masks are Bullshit, page 15

This was, at the time, manifestly untrue. According to Public Health Ontario (archived), there were 50,232 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with the highest number of cases being in the area Johnston lived in. So, we are able to debunk this claim of Kevin’s… because of math. He claims that nobody there had COVID but we can point to 50,000+ confirmed cases of the disease.

He also got COVID-19 himself after he moved to Alberta. However, he tried to deny it and claim it was pneumonia, but everyone in the house he lived in caught it. He may claim masks are bullshit but clearly, Kevin’s claims about not having COVID are bullshit.

Kevin J. Johnston doesn’t just think he’s an investigative journalist. He thinks he’s the “best social commentator and investigative journalist”.

My name is Kevin J. Johnston, Canada’s best social commentator and investigative journalist. I am the type of guy that believes absolutely nothing that anyone says to him, does not believe that authority exists and does not believe that any Canadian politician has an intelligence quotient above 83. Naturally, I will investigate everything that is said to me making me the worst customer you could ever possibly have because if you lie to me once, you’re fucked.

Kevin J. Johnston, Masks are Bullshit, pages 15-16

Considering that Kevin was a political candidate himself (and thus, is a politician), I think he’s projecting a bit here.

But the thing is, Kevin is a terrible journalist if we take him at his word that he is one at all. He quote mines like you wouldn’t believe to support his own nonsensical arguments. He accepts as true any sort of right-wing conspiracy that strikes his fancy, hence this book.

And as for his claim that he “believes absolutely nothing that anyone says to him”, that’s not necessarily true. He believes many things that he picked up from other grifters and bigots. His anti-vax nonsense comes from a “Dr.” James Sears, who writes the most infamous Neo-Nazi newsletter in Canada and who was found guilty of the willful promotion of hatred.

Kevin J. Johnston claims his 2020 conviction was about his reporting on COVID.

As a social commentator I began talking about Coronavirus everyday and all I would do is report on what I knew to be true at the time. However, because Canada is both a Marxist and Communist country, my efforts to expose the Canadian government’s incompetence in handling the Coronavirus problem landed me in handcuffs. I had to watch the world falling apart on a single television set only a couple of hours a day from a super maximum security prison. That is correct, if you have a dissenting opinion in Canada, the Canadian government will put you in jail and they did that to me for six weeks between February 1st and March 14th of 2020.

Kevin J. Johnston, Masks are Bullshit, page 22

Honestly, I’m not sure if this is true or not and I’m leaning towards the likelihood that it probably isn’t. I tried to look up details on this arrest and I couldn’t find anything. The only prison time I know that Kevin J. Johnston was serving or was sentenced to was for his hate speech against Muslims in Ontario in 2017. Additionally, the court sentenced him for his contempt of court for continuing to defame Mohammad Fakih in 2021. To put it simply, he makes a career out of spreading hate and lying.

But as for his early 2020 conviction, there is enough evidence to suspect that Kevin’s conviction was for harassing the prosecutor in his hate crimes case at a grocery store. Not for reporting on COVID-19. It was only after the government started taking the pandemic seriously here that the right-wing started politicizing it.

However, we do know that Johnston’s claim that he was calling out the Canadian government’s incompetence in handling COVID is nonsensical. In fact, in early 2020 (yes, I made sure to take a backup of the video to archive it), he was advocating for the liberal use of masks and sanitizer. Futhermore, he supported the shutdowns and heavy lockdowns in Italy. He knows that those lockdowns were the government abiding by its duty to protect its citizens.

Good move. No, it’s not an over reaction, it’s a very, very good move

Kevin J. Johnston, in this video, at 3 minutes 12 seconds in about the Italian government implementing a lockdown.

Which, and I truly can’t believe I’m saying that, Kevin J. Johnston was right about. Countries that locked down and locked down hard fared better than those that did not.

Don’t move to Canada if you’re going to be a shitbag like Kevin

Kevin gives arguably the best advice he’s probably ever given in the following paragraph.

If you’re ever thinking about moving to Canada, please reconsider. If you offend somebody or you disagree with our treasonous Prime Minister Jihadi Justin Trudeau you will go to this prison or one just like it, WIHTOUT [sic] A TRIAL, NOR A CONVICTION like I did.

Kevin J. Johnston, Masks are Bullshit, page 24

Yes, don’t move to Canada if you think it’s okay to harass or intimidate a prosecutor working on your case. I assume this is what Kevin means by “offend somebody”. Don’t move to Canada if you’re going to spend your time writing hate speech like Kevin does. And certainly don’t move to Canada if you’re going to defame innocent people like Kevin has. The courts in Canada take hate speech seriously.

If the court can’t trust that you’re going to abide by the conditions of your release, why shouldn’t they lock you up? Bail and release conditions are all about making sure that you’re going to show up for court and not be a shithead on the outside while you’re waiting for trial.

Kevin J. Johnston whines about facing to consequences of his own actions

In fact, he pisses and moans so much about the state of Canadian prisons and having to face the consequences of his own actions. He goes on for three pages about prison until we finally get to a point relevant to his thesis statement that “masks are bullshit”. As he was waiting for a court hearing to try to get release conditions, all the sports leagues were cancelling their games in response to the pandemic.

In short, the pandemic was so serious that multi-million, if not billion, dollar organizations like sports teams were shutting down their operations.

At 4 p.m. another guard that I had never seen before announced that the courthouse was going to be closed at 5 p.m. due to COVID-19 and was not going to reopen for 6 months and within a couple of minutes another guard announced that the Maplehurst Prison was also closing down which meant that I was going to have to stay in the courthouse jail cell for up to SIX WEEKS. Now I was really pissed off. The way this was being sold to us is that the end of the world was around the corner and I was stuck in a cage for speaking publicly about COVID-19 instead of being at home protecting my family FROM COVID-19.

Kevin J. Johnston, Masks are Bullshit, pages 27-28

Why would he need to be “protecting [his] family FROM COVID-19” if he believes it didn’t exist? Also, if “protecting [his] family FROM COVID-19” was so important to Kevin, why did he choose to harass that prosecutor?

And when he got released, he whines about his release conditions given to him by “the Crown Attourney [sic]”. Including the prohibition against going to mosques, which seems like an unintentional slip in his narrative. If this were truly about his “reporting” on COVID-19 and not the hate crimes charges any reasonable person would suspect they’re about, why would it be such a big deal for him not to go to mosques?

Though, the release condition about not being able to use social media does neatly explain why he didn’t make any videos until October 2020.

Kevin claims he has a good lawyer

Kevin claims that “because [he has] a good lawyer, [he] can tell [us] all the reasons why masks are bullshit”. No, Kevin, you don’t. You’ve lost nearly every legal battle you were in. The only one that you’ve come close to winning is when Dawson Creek allowed you to plead guilty in the case against you for assaulting Dave at the No Frills and serve no jail time for it.

In short, your attorney is the Canadian equivalent of Lionel Hutz. If I didn’t know he actually exists, I’d think you made him up. The tragic reality, however, is that this dude does exist. Someone wasted so much time going to law school only to be so pathetically bad at lawyering, he only defends right-wing nutters. He’s so bad at his job, if given the choice between remaining unrepresented or having Kevin’s lawyer, I’d rather remain pro se.

“Fake News”, a/k/a Kevin J. Johnston has his nose so far up Donald Trump’s ass, he’s tickling Trump’s prostate.

Donald J. Trump, the greatest president the Americans have ever had, has all but destroyed the left-wing media by pointing out that most of them are fake news… which they are! CNN, Buzzfeed, Vice, New York Times, CBC, CTV, City TV, The Toronto Star, Huffington Post, National Post and others are all losing money because the public has caught onto the fact that they are LIARS. Bullshit can only be peddled for so long before your customer base catches on and you start losing money. These sad and useless media outlets MUST have you tune in to be able to sell a couple of commercial spaces to left-wing businesses and they only way to get a FED UP public to pay attention is to CREATE FAKE PANIC!

Kevin J. Johnston, Masks are Bullshit, pages 18-19

It’s always amazing seeing someone so fringe that they think CNN is “left-wing media”. The thing about traditional media (which includes everything but Huffington Post, Vice, and Buzzfeed, which I’ll come back to later) is that they’re getting lower viewership. With more people cutting the cord and with lower cable TV subscriptions, we’re starting to see a shift away from traditional media. In fact, the CBC predicted this all the way back in 2015.

Also, I wonder if he considers any business that took the pandemic seriously to be “left-wing”. Apparently, you need to be “left-wing” to take efforts to protect your employees and customers. It’s somehow “left-wing” to reduce your legal liability. I honestly thought this was the action of any responsible business owner. If Kevin ever ran a successful business, he would know this. However, like his idol Trump, all his businesses fizzled out.

Kevin J. Johnston claims masks are bullshit, but tries to make it all about the fear.

He claims that the real concern is the public “ACTUALLY PANICKING”. However, I think the COVID denialism that people like Kevin promoted helped encourage the spread of COVID and kept the pandemic alive. On pages 19-20, Kevin lists “really stupid shit” he claims people did during the pandemic. He attributes it to this fear he alleges people had. However, nothing on his list could be considered “stupid shit” at all. Hell, one of the things he listed likely wasn’t happening at all.

Enforcing mask wearing

For the sake of brevity, because I’m already sensing that this is going to be another long post, I’m rolling “Swearing at people who don’t wear a mask”, “Scream at the top of their lungs in public places at people who aren’t wearing a mask”, “Shouting at 10 year old kids who aren’t wearing a mask”, and “ASSAULTING people who are not wearing a mask” into this.

Again, how is this irrational or “stupid shit” in any way? Especially given that this is a respiratory virus. A mask is the best way to control the spread of the virus. Especially before we can develop and release a vaccine. Wearing a mask is a reasonable measure to take to control the spread of this virus. If someone adamantly refuses to do so, they are showing contempt for the safety of everyone around them, including you. In short, they have chosen to be a threat to you. In which case, swearing, screaming, and “assaulting” (which, in reality, is a form of self-defence because they’re trying to get you away from them) are perfectly logical responses.

Stocking up on supplies

He wrote it up as “Buy 600 rolls of toilet paper and then realizing that you have no money left for rent.”, but the thing about stocking up on supplies is that in the early days of the lockdowns, we didn’t have a great understanding of what we would need. This isn’t “stupid shit”. It is, instead, the result of panic buying.

Misdiagnoses of COVID

Kevin wrote it up as “Watching your son bleed to death in front of you
from an accidental gunshot wound to the throat, and then believing your local hospital when they tell you the cause of death was COVID-19.” However, I’m writing it as “misdiagnoses of COVID”. Either way you slice it, I’ve seen no proof that this is actually occurring and Kevin has provided no proof.

Believing politicians

Even though I don’t trust politicians like Kevin, there was a good reason to trust politicians here. COVID-19 was infecting innocent people all across the country. People knew people who died from this pandemic. Others were severely injured by this pandemic. And the people who claimed that “masks are bullshit” only made it worse.

However, I would argue that politicians used this opportunity – though not in the way Kevin thinks. This was an international tragedy that helped bring people together and helped politicians connect with people on a legitimate cause for concern. It was like every politician in the world had their Rudy Giuliani moment. I just hope they don’t throw it away for a grifter… like Rudy Giuliani did.

In Conclusion, Masks are not Bullshit

We got through the introductions, people. Thirty pages in, Jesus fucking Christ. Thankfully, I was able to skip over three pages in covering this review because they were just him whining about the conditions of his release. And I’m also thankful that this response is nearly half the length of last week’s response to his first introduction. Which, to be fair, is a problem in the unlikely event that the things he’s saying are actually true. I’m definitely more of a fan of a European prison system that seeks rehabilitation rather than pure punishment. This is another thing Canada and the US get wrong and other countries get right.

However, Kevin does not strike me as the kind of person who learns from the consequences of his actions. He refused to wear masks, claiming that masks are bullshit, even after he caught COVID-19. He refused to stop defaming innocent people, even though the court punished him for doing so. In fact, he chose to cross the US-Canada border illegally rather than face accountability for his continued defamation of Mr. Fakih in Ontario. He’ll piss and moan about the consequences of his actions but he won’t once reflect on them and how he can avoid those consequences in the future. In short, he’s unwilling to learn from his actions, choosing instead of whine about them.

I am reminded of how people on the right referred to masks as “face diapers”. Which I think is a bit more projection than anything else. After all, if you spend your time spewing as much bullshit as Kevin does, it makes sense that your view that a barrier to your shit is seen as a “diaper”.

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a woman in a face mask using her cellphone, contrary to Kevin's claim that masks are bullshit.
Adrian Segar
1 day ago

Strive to live in your own imagination, not someone else's. Ruha Benjamin speaks about "The New Jim Code?"

#FacilitatingChange #technology #bias #racism #power #imagination

live in your own imagination: An illustration of a woman's head, full of images of life and experiences. In the center is a vague, grey image of a person.

in So You Want To Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oulo proposes:

#AffirmativeAction is a crucial tool if we want to mitigate some of the effects of systemic #racism and #misogyny in our society. It should not be rolled back; in fact, I argue that it should be expanded to other groups that suffer from systemic oppression as well. Why? Because it works. No, it doesn’t work wonders, but affirmative action can do some good for those who need it, and it can do some good for a society that wants to value #equality and #diversity.”

1 day ago
Steve Thompson
1 day ago

"A Black student’s family sues Texas officials over his suspension for his hairstyle"

"The family of a Black high school student in Texas on Saturday filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state's governor and attorney general over his ongoing suspension by his school district for his hairstyle."

#1A #race #racism #texas #education #law

1 day ago

Azeri faacist mentality calling for genocide and extermination of all Armenians in Artsakh

The FB page is once again open for comments and none of these disgusting calls are being removed by the moderators or the FB police.

#Azerbaijan #Artsakh #Racism #Genocide #Armenia #Politics #StopAliyev

1 day ago

Azeris on social media angry at the fake humanitarian help Azeri military giving to injured and displaced Armenians calling for deportation of all Armenian from Karabakh/Artsakh

They have blocked comments on their FB page.

#Azeebaijan #Artsakh #Karabakh #EthnicCleansing #Racism #Armenia #StopAliyev

The United States is becoming a nation of rich and poor, with few families in the middle.

In "The Vanishing Middle Class" MIT economist Peter Temin argues that American history and politics, particularly slavery and its aftermath, play an important part in the widening gap between rich and poor.

Temin employs a well-known, simple model of a dual economy to examine the dynamics of the rich/poor divide in America, and outlines ways to work toward greater #equality so that America will no longer have one economy for the rich and one for the poor.

Many poorer Americans live in conditions resembling those of a developing country—substandard #education, dilapidated #housing, and few stable #employment opportunities.

And although almost half of black Americans are poor, most poor people are not black.

Conservative white politicians still appeal to the #racism of poor white voters to get support for policies that harm low-income people as a whole, casting recipients of social programs as the Other—black, Latino, not like “us.”

Politicians also use mass #incarceration as a tool to keep black and Latino Americans from participating fully in society.

Money goes to a vast entrenched prison system rather than to education.

In the dual justice system, the rich pay fines and the poor go to jail.

Christian Testa
1 day ago

Friends don't let their friends use the outdated term "Caucasian"!

This is a friendly PSA— the term "Caucasian" stems from and was perpetuated by an incorrect theory from the 1790s that the human species originated in the Caucasus Mountains that has no scientific validity whatsoever.

Use White, European, American, White non-Hispanic, etc. as appropriate within your work instead!

Encourage your peers, mentors, mentees and others to do the same!

#Race #Racism #Eugenics

1 day ago

@redrozalia @ErrorCrater With bigots it doesn’t help to “confront” them. Confrontation only fans the flame & makes them feel they’re your equal & entitled to your time & their ugly behavior. To diminish their power, show solidarity w/ the person they’re being creeps to & basically ignore them. Learn to say, “I got your back, they’re a jackass” in as many languages as you can & smile & laugh w/ the person they’re targeting. It’s weirdly effective. #Racism

Raymond Scott Pert
1 day ago

Muslim student takes abaya ban in France to United Nations | UN complaint filed over Islamophobic discrimination in France

> A 15-year-old Muslim student residing in Lyon filed a complaint with the UN Rapporteur on Combating Racism, Ashwini K.P., citing "discrimination based on her religious beliefs" as the reason for her action. #France #Hijab #islamaphobia #racism

the photo of a few Muslim girls wearing their hijabs
1 day ago

white nationalists prepare for war

Neo-Nazi Fight Clubs Are Growing Rapidly, New Research Shows

A new report shared with VICE News outlines the massive growth so-called Active Clubs, neo-Nazi fitness and fight clubs, have experienced in both the United States and internationally.

#Nazis #FightClub #WarPrep #Genocide #Racism #capitalism #paramilitary #classwar

Drop Bear
1 day ago

I'd been wondering about the rising crescendo linking the Voice to "Communism":
"The claim that the Voice is a Communist plot has become a clarion call for the anti-Voice campaigners, despite similar claims being debunked for decades."
#AusPol #VoiceToParliament #RedScare #Racism

2 days ago

Murdoch's poison press is in full racist mode here in Australia, spewing hatred and misinformation non-stop in the lead-up to our nation's Voice referendum.

#Murdoch #NewsCorp #Australia #Racism #VoiceToParliament

LA Legault
2 days ago

Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition says the N-word this week in the HoC and has not apologized to the house.

The gentlemen who he is speaking about spelled his last name “Nijjar,” which excludes all defences of confusion by a native English speaker.

Footage is from CPAC.
#cdnpoli #racism.

CPAC clip from September 18th, 2023: Pierre Poilievre in the House of Commons, standing and speaking to the hoiuse

@meowcatheorange @silvereagle

What else do we expect from that asshole?

He literally accuses EVERY :clapping: SINGLE :clapping: CRITIC :clapping: of #racism to the point that it's insulting towards not only the falsefully accused but actual victims of racism.

2 days ago

@timnitGebru and #racism is being cynically fanned through non-stop lies & distortions by the vast far right media machine to keep people angry. To spread conspiracy (CRT etc), and to both suppress the minority vote while GOTV of the bigots.

"We practice #ethnic #racism when we express a #racist idea about an ethnic group or support a racist #policy toward an ethnic group. Ethnic racism, like racism itself, points to group behavior, instead of policies, as the cause of disparities between groups.

When Ghanaian immigrants to the United States join with White #Americans and say #AfricanAmericans are lazy, they are recycling the #racist ideas of #White Americans about African Americans. This is ethnic racism."

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

"...there is another way of looking, through the lens of #biological #antiracism. To be #antiracist is to recognize the reality of biological #equality, that skin color is as meaningless to our underlying humanity as the clothes we wear over that skin. [...] To be antiracist is to also recognize the living, breathing reality of this racial mirage, which makes our skin colors more meaningful than our individuality. To be antiracist is to focus on ending the #racism that shapes the mirages, not to ignore the mirages that shape peoples’ lives."

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

2 days ago

One would think that after the #Greenbelt disaster that #DougFord and crew might back off on the #OntarioPlace scam.

They're scheduled to dismantle the #Moriyama designed Temple Bell at Ontario Place on Monday, September 25th.

This was a gift from the Japanese Canadian community to celebrate the centennial of Japanese settlement in Canada in 1877.

The Doug Ford crime spree continues.

#Ontario #OntarioScienceCentre #onpoli #Toronto #racism

"I do not use “#microaggression” anymore. [...] A persistent daily low hum of #racist #abuse is not minor. I use the term “abuse” because aggression is not as exacting a term. Abuse accurately describes the action and its effects on people: distress, anger, worry, depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and suicide.

What other people call racial #microaggressions I call racist abuse. And I call the zero-tolerance policies preventing and punishing these abusers what they are: #antiracist. Only racists shy away from the R-word — #racism is steeped in denial."

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

Bob LeFridge
2 days ago

Former National minister, now Auckland Councillor and willing racist Maurice Williamson is outraged. "Someone" put up a couple of posters in the tearoom promoting correct use of Te Reo and understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, so naturally Maurice has been tearing them down.

What a wanker.

#NZPol #Auckland #Racism

"...generalizing the behavior of #racist White individuals to all White people is as perilous as generalizing the individual faults of people of color to entire races. "He acted that way because he is Black. She acted that way because she is Asian." We often see and remember the race and not the individual.

This is racist categorizing, this stuffing of our experiences with individuals into color-marked racial closets. An #antiracist treats and remembers individuals as individuals. "She acted that way," we should say, "because she is racist."

How to Be AntiRacist, Ibram X. Kendi

#Racism #AntiRacism

Preston MacDougall
2 days ago

@TexasObserver @gabrielarana

#Racism is real and pernicious. But ALL thinking about #race is simplistic. 🤷‍♂️

"Chemical Eye 👁️ on the Race Factor" 👉

Texas Observer Lives!
2 days ago

In addition, our Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana responded with an essay of his own:

"Simplistic thinking about race—in which people and systems turn a blind eye to racism and let racist social forces run amok—actually enables #racism."

#essays #AcademicFreedom #schools #education #journalism #JournoLife #Texas #diversity #news #politics #USpol

Matthew Sheffield
2 days ago

A new episode of the @discoverflux culture and identity podcast "So This Just Happened" that I co-host with @kaliholloway is out today.

Our first topic was the country singer #MarenMorris leaving the genre in part because many of its fans get angry at the idea of racial inclusion.

Here's a clip from that segment below, you can click the link for the full episode: #racism #socialjustice #progressive #antifa

T. T. Perry
2 days ago

Ranking Twitter Clones by Racism
by Foreign Man in a Foreign Land

Watch the whole thing, but hit the last segment at the end for sure where he focuses on Mastodon.

#BlackTwitter #Racism #SocialMedia #Moderation #Federation #Mastodon #Fediverse #Youtube #VideoEssay

Ned Yeung
2 days ago

Anti-Diversity and Anti-Inclusion is HATE. I will say it as many times as necessary.

For those who aren't paying attention, the reason it needs to be said is that strong political forces in Canada are trying to change the meaning of anti-diversity and anti-inclusion to "saving" and "protecting". NOBODY is ever saved or protected by teaching them to hate. PERIOD.

Nobody is ever made safer by putting marginalized people in danger.

#abpoli #cdnpoli #racism #homophobia #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Bold white text on a black background reads: Anti-Diversity and Anti-Inclusion is HATE. I will say it as many times as necessary.
Texas Observer Lives!
2 days ago

From yesterday: “The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy and the Path to a Shared American Future” looks to the deep #history of bigotry in a policy of religious colonialism that dates back to the 1400s. At the same time, it also looks toward a less racist future.

#books #religion #Christianity #racism #WhiteSupremacy #Fascism #Colonialism

2 days ago

The authors whose #books were targeted were “most frequently female, people of colour, and/or #LGBTQ+ individuals”, read the report. It found that 30% of banned books included characters of colour and themes of race and #racism, 30% represented LGBTQ+ characters or themes, and 6% included a transgender character.

‘Eating away at democracy’: book bans in
#US public #schools rise by a third in a year | Books | The Guardian

I really want people to understand connection between #ageism and #ableism. Sort out what you're ACTUALLY against instead, and speak out about that

"Proud of everyone I see out here criticizing the politics or behaviors of public figures without resorting to #misgendering, #racism, ableism, or #fatphobia ❤" - (me)
10:32 PM-May 19, 2021

But as always, @ImaniBarbarin says it best:

"The majority of you are one Covid-induced blood clot away from the exact same situation."

2 days ago

#PEN just released its new report on #BookBans and #censorship in the US.

The rhetoric used to justify the book bans focuses on "porn in schools", "sexually explicit content", and "age inappropriate materials". But the bans themselves "overwhelmingly target books on #race or #racism or featuring characters of color, as well as books with #LGBTQ+ characters."

Tracy Rosenberg
3 days ago

For nearly four hours, former and current Black residents of San Francisco spoke at length about their own experiences with #racism in the city as well as the destruction of the #Black community experienced by family members during the 1960s and ’70s, especially in the once-vibrant #Fillmore district, which was demolished in the name of “urban renewal.”

Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

In The Origins of White, Christian Supremacy, author Robert P. Jones locates the roots of modern bigotry in the 1400s, taking the #history of hate even further back than the 1619 Project.

From our magazine, @drdrbrockman reviews this provocative new offering from Simon & Schuster:

#books #culture #politics @bookstodon #WhiteSupremacy #racism #religion #Christianity

You probably know that dogwhistles as a political tactic have a racist past, but did you know that literal dog whistles do, too?

In this latest article on Medium, I take a deep dive into dogwhistles, so that you can see how they're used…and how you can disarm their power.

#Medium #racism #politics #dogwhistle #DogwhistlePolitics

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
3 days ago

daily, there are SO many reasons i find myself despising people. ALL PEOPLE. today's reason:

Boy, 12, forgets gym clothes & is forced to run punishment laps in extreme heat at school dies later in hospital

#Racism #cruelty #murder #BlackLivesMatter

4 days ago

#Racism is #prejudice, or "judging a book by its cover" as it were. Human beings learn by observing patterns, which they use in order to make inferences about new situations. This is as much a part of us as "fight-or-flight". To help us feel safe, we make judgements about the things and people around us to know if we should get closer or stay away. This is super useful at times, especially in genuinely dangerous situations, but it gets less so when trying to get along with different people.

4 days ago

Ilhan Omar introduced the bill Tuesday. Black women and girls are disproportionately likely to go missing in the U.S.
#News #Politics #RACISM #Crime #JUSTICE

Texas Observer Lives!
4 days ago

“Diversity and inclusion in #journalism isn’t radical; it is at the core of what we do.”

MORE: TXO Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana reflects on the rise of a new era of McCarthyism at #Texas public universities, and what it means for the future of higher #education and freedom of speech ...

#news #politics #USpol #DEI #diversity #Texas #racism #journalism #JournoLife #academia #TXlege #essay

6 days ago

Today my daughter's school had to evacuate because the police were told there was an "active shooter." I wrote about this in terms of my addiction to #whiteness and becoming fully human. Knowing that parents of children who are Black (often) have to have “the talk“ with their children, and how infuriating enraging how brutal that is.

#WhitenessRecovery #BlackLivesMatter

Addendum 14

The unconscionable wealth of racist troll Elon Musk

Elon Musk, $269.3 billion USD net worth 2023-09-11 up $17.9B; #1 in world

If Musk spent $1 million/day:

* $269,000,000,000 / ($1,000,000/day) = 269,000 days
* 269,000 days / (365.25 days/year) = 736.481 years

#Musk #DefundBillionaires #plutocracy #oligarchy #meritocracy #racism #trolls #corporations #DefundCorporations #neofascism #FarRight #neoliberalism

Caroline Mala Corbin
6 days ago

Her students reported her for a lesson on race.

So basically, the laws prevent teaching public school students about America's racist past & present bc a white student can complain the lesson makes them "uncomfortable" due to race

If students do not learn about past #racism, they will never understand present systemic racism, and certainly not how to address it. But that is the point of these laws. To maintain the racist status quo.

#law #Fedilaw #lawFedi #education

6 days ago

One of the first acts of Oregon's provisional government in the 1840s was to bar Black people from settling or owning land in the region. Both Oregon Territory and the State of Oregon passed further anti-Black measures. Despite this, Black settlers came anyway. Now an effort to memorialize the homestead of one of Oregon’s first Black farmers shows the complicated history of land and race in the state.

#Oregon #Blacks #NativeAmericans #history #LandOwnership #racism

PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
6 days ago

Any #BookRecommendations for me?

I haven't read a lot of #books in my life. It was always hard for me to get the motivation, but the last 4 years, because of my depression, it was often impossible.
But now I'm able to read again, and want to read up on some important issues.

Here are some of my favorite books I read so far:

📖 #Platonic by #MarisaGFranco.
It's a great book about the importance of #friendship and how to get and maintain one. It helped me learn a lot about myself and is a big part of how I started getting out of my depression.

📖 #Ace by #AngelaChen.
A book about #asexuality that everybody should read, not just ace people.

📖 "The time to act is now" (original title: #HandelnStattHoffen) by @carorackete
A moving book about #ClimateJustice and lots of related issues.

Right now I'm reading:

📖 "War das jetzt rassistisch? 22 Antirassismus-Tipps für den Alltag" written by the people behind the #BlackVoices referendum.
A book about #racism in Austria and Germany.

Some books I have at home, that are just waiting for me to read are:

📖 #ClimateBook by @gretathunberg
📖 #ThreeAgesOfWater by @petergleick
📖 "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate" by #NaomiKlein
📚 and many more (most on climate justice & racism, some on feminism & socialism).

I'd love to read other works like "Ace" but themed around other #queer identities.
Another issue that interest me is e.g. #ableism (especially, but not limited to psychological disability).
But feel free to also recommend great books on other issues.
I can only read German and English, so please keep that in mind.

Thanks. 🙂

Peter Nimmo
6 days ago

ICYMI- it's 60 years since the Klu Klux Klan murdered 6 children when they bombed a church in #Birmingham, #Alabama. @Deglassco tells the tragic story, and its effect on the #CivilRights movement.
#BlackHistory #history #racism ##UShistory #US

Poster in memory of 4 little girls killed in the church bombing
The GentleHacker
1 week ago

Today, in What the Actual Fuck, Tech?, I learn that OpenAI knows its model re-enforces white privilege and has negative sentiments for black women.

This is casually mentioned in their docs, rather then, say, being something they might take as evidence that their product is demonstrably harmful and choosing not to offer it as a huge, world-changing solution.

"For example, we found that our models more strongly associate (a) European American names with positive sentiment, when compared to African American names, and (b) negative stereotypes with black women."

Oh, and their commentary of this is basically "But maybe not? Check for yourself. It's probably fine."

#ai #openai #racism #sexism #wtf

Eric MacKnight
1 week ago

Some people here need to understand that racism is primarily systemic. While there are individual aspects to it (yes, what your uncle said IS racist), that just not using slurs or being a "good person" doesn't mean you're not actively complicit in racism by reifying racist tropes that these systems rely on to keep functioning.

Everything exists within a context, and nothing happens in a vacuum.

Even if you "didn't mean it like that", it's still perceived that way and still lends power to systemic racism.

Yeah, it's tiring to constantly be aware of the impact your words have. Suck it up, sunshine.

This is what we mean by "doing the work". But no matter how tired you are, I guarantee it's literally nothing compared to the tiredness felt by those people who exist under that racist system.

It never ends. It needs to be done. Stop complaining and just get on with it and stop crying about it.

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness

1 week ago

The alt-right (short for alternative right) is a far-right movement that opposes tolerance, multiculturalism, and social justice (items they file under "Cultural Marxism" and "SJW").] Their racist ideology, including Social Darwinism, #eugenics, and #ecofascism, is rooted in the ideology of Progressive Era white supremacists (and birth control activists) Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard, who their hate-ridden websites frequently extol.

The movement is largely internet-based, made up of frustrated late-blooming teens-to-20-somethings, and is the merger of traditional white nationalists, neo-Nazis, right-libertarians, and neo-Confederates overlapping the neoreactionary movement, #Gamergate, and the #manosphere. The alt-right consensus of the day generally rests at the juncture of those three groups. The term originated with Richard Spencer's white nationalist magazine/blog Alternative Right, nicknamed "AltRight".

#Rationalwiki #altright #racism #misogyny

A sign that was held up at an anti-alt-right rally, giving two definitions of "alt-right", the first describes describes "right alternative" in set theory using mathematical notation, and the second defines "alternative right" as "A person is said to be alternative right if they are a NAZI PIECE OF SHIT."

For those who want to read an enlightening deep dive into the Birmingham story, I recommend Diane McWhorter's Carry Me Home. McWhorter was raised in Birmingham, in its top social and economic echelons. As I was in the same period in Arkansas, she was taught to imagine that it was working-class whites who were fomenting violence. Then as an adult, she did painstaking study of the many currents leading from top levels of society to those committing the violence.

#Birmingham #racism #violence

In her usual masterful way as an accomplished historian, Heather Cox Richardson recounts today what led up to the KKK bombing of Sixth Street Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1960, and the deaths of four Black girls.

The bombing took place five days after Birmingham schools were integrated. The recognition of equal rights for Black citizens unleashed a torrent of hate that led to monumental acts of violence.

#Birmingham #Alabama #racism #violence

By the way if like me you're a cis white dude who qualifies for the senior discount menu at IHOP, now is the time to show your support for Black Fedi in concrete ways - send a few bucks to the project and post that you like the idea of Mastodon not actively chasing away Black people any time our fellow white people get called out for racism.

#whiteness #racism #theBadSpace

NYPD continues to stop and frisk pedestrians, despite being ordered by federal courts to drop its stop-and-frisk policy 10 years ago. Black and Latine people are 95% of the stops, and are found innocent *by NYPD* 72% of the time.

The #NYPD could only be more #racist if it were wearing white hoods. Also, its disregard for the law is atrocious. #racism #NYC #ACAB

And this happened the same day:

"At the same time, across town, another pair of white boys pulled up alongside two young black boys who were riding their bikes. One of the white boys pulled out a pistol, put two bullets into a thirteen-year-old's head and chest, and drove away."

#Birmingham #Alabama #bombing #racism #violence

Even as people gathered to pull the girls' bodies from the rubble white teens with a Confederate flag and a sign saying "Go Back to Africa" stood taunting those moving the rubble. Black teens nearby threw rocks at the white teens. Police on the scene then turned against the Black teens — not the white ones — and shot one of them in the back.

#Birmingham #Alabama #bombing #racism #violence